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Warhammer 40k Discussion / Re: 8th edition on route.
« Last post by PhillyT on Today at 07:35:08 PM »
Yeah, they must have been referring to the Indexes only!
Welcome Sjus! I think you've found the right home for sure! The amount of knowledge and professionalism is simply staggering. Plus being in the home of the Viking metal band Svarstot certainly does help if you like that sort of thing. I'm crazy about their Ravens Saga but that's me - somewhat crazy 😺
Welcome to the Empire - Help, Guides, and Rules / Help Identifying Knights
« Last post by Sjus on Today at 05:25:43 PM »
Hey ya'll,

I was recently offered some old knights and was told they were oldhammer models. White Wolfs from a time where the wolfs of Middenheim used lances and wore helmets.
I have been looking around for about a week and I can't find anything on these guys!
Could any of you in here help identifying if they are GW, Citadel, Foundry, where-ever?
I'd be most grateful!

Welcome to the Empire - Help, Guides, and Rules / Re: Introduce Yourself
« Last post by Sjus on Today at 05:13:57 PM »
Hey ya'll!

I'm from Denmark, 25 years young, been collecting for well about 5 years and playing for about 6 months. Well travelled in the hobby yet new to the game.
I mainly do Empire as they are the only faction that have managed to hold my relatively short attention span for a long enough period to collect a whole army. That is put together and paint. I've got 3, might be 4, armies of elves, brets and chaos scattered around in bits and pieces but thats a project for a later date. Or year. -s. Plural.
I've been using the forum here for some time to just look around, read up, get some inspiration but decided to join in as it's always nice to be around likeminded sigmarites  :happy:
Exited to be here! Currently working on photographing my army because who doesn't like to show what they've got once in a while?
All the best!
The Brush and Palette / Re: mottdon's Empire Army
« Last post by Rogers Kul on Today at 01:11:02 PM »
If it's a whole mm thick you can put a 0.5mm pin in it if you're careful ;)

But it is resin... I wouldn't pin any resin model, you can break it. Maybe plastic glue?
Would make a good Nagash - if you catch my drift...
The Brush and Palette / Re: Pleasant Surprise 2017
« Last post by Darknight on Today at 12:42:31 PM »
   Name      Has sent to...      Has received from...   
   Artobans Ghost      ZeroTwentythree      JAK   
   Captain Fearless               
   Commandant      EN ROUTE         
   Darknight      DELIVERED (to be picked up)         
   Duinila             warhammerlord_soth   
   fbjorn       Kirgan         
   Henerius             Padre   
   JAK      Artobans Ghost         
   King      EN ROUTE      Kirgan   
   Kirgan      King      fbjorn    
   Padre      Henerius         
   warhammerlord_soth      Duinila          
   ZeroTwentythree      EN ROUTE      Artobans Ghost   
Picked up the figure I want to use for a half-orc shaman. Another Bob Olley sculpt for Reaper. The issue I've run into, though, is that he won't fit on a 20mm base and barely fits on a 25mm base. He's tentatively on a 40mm. Not sure how I will ultimately base him yet.

Still not certain on colors, either. Quite a busy figure.

Well, I do have one paintng & basing idea...

The Brush and Palette / Re: Pleasant Surprise 2017
« Last post by ZeroTwentythree on Today at 08:59:00 AM »
Very cool. I love the idea, and it's a great addition to his, or any, army!

I'm closing in on finishing - I should be ready to ship soon!
Warhammer 40k Discussion / Re: 8th edition on route.
« Last post by Darknight on Today at 06:20:07 AM »
Oh, I have no problem with the price - I was just remarking on the hopeful rumors they would be smaller and cheaper. But it looks VERY exciting - a pretty book with background? I'll have a basinful of that, by jove!
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