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Mortus nods though she staggers when she tries to leave the support of the wall. Already her mind is whirling as she tries to force her physical body to obey it.
"how long will it take?" she asks.
She reaches into her belt pouch and takes out a flask and sips from it. The brandy seems to fortify her.
Han's first strike catches the beast under its shoulder, but the second just finds one of its wing flaps, tearing a ragged hole the thing doesn't even notice. The magical weapons of his companions are far more effective, but his expression is grim when the vampire collapses, and he nods as it dissolves into mist.

"We can follow it" says Hans, uncertainly. "I don't know how far down there it's gone. But if we leave, it will regenerate given time. Even its hand will regrow. I've heard the catacombs and old ruins are as large as the city above..."
Mortus will cast cure minor wounds on herself. She leans against the wall for a second glancing at Heinrich. He was caught in her lightening bolt though he doesn't seem too badly hurt. She thinks she needs more targeted damage spells rather than such area effect ones
Warhammer 40k Discussion / Re: Dark Stars Game thread IC
« Last post by Captain Dob Van Dwi on Today at 08:50:55 PM »

The House Troopers are still munb from the blast and don't hear their Seneschal's words, nor dose Bane, to wraped up in his own bad memories.



Petrus breaks the silence

"Well Phobis must have heard that" he remtaks "Desmond I think perhaps with one dead and others fled perhaps we should investigate the room here?" He says pointing at the now bloody entry way. You notice that he seems unaffected by all this. "While catching him is paramount, running in to more of Phobis' traps is not idea."

Petrus scratches his stubbled chin

"Side which I think we are going to need bigger guns"

Your mind drifts back to the armout hulks and you cant help but agree. 
The Brush and Palette / Yellow comparison request
« Last post by Alexis on Today at 06:33:27 PM »
Hi guys, could anyone tell me how close GW Yriel Yellow is to Vallejo Game Color Gold Yellow 007? Struggling to find a direct comparison online between the two.

I like the colour of Yriel Yellow but prefer the Vallejo bottles.

Also, how do the two compare in terms of coverage and pigment density? Does the Gold yellow leave a gloss finish? (many of my Vallejo seem to)

Any help is greatly appreciated.
This is something that people could see at Freak Wars 2017 in MAdrid.

It is nearly ready!
Hope it works out.  My other thought would be for them to be done as tattoos, yet not sure that'd look good with them raised as much as they are.
The Brush and Palette / Re: Spites Painting Blog - The Dwarfs Return
« Last post by spite on Today at 03:07:04 PM »

After taking a few days off of work, I've finally got round to do some painting. I cracked on with a Runesmith that I've been wanting to paint for a while. I really like the miniature itself, definitely one of the best Runesmith models in my book.

I find some models are a lot tougher to paint than they appear sometimes, as I struggle to pick out what areas should be what colour, often I need to look online to see how others have painted it to help me as was the case with this Runesmith. Anyhow onto the Model, he took me a couple of days to get done but happy in the end, I tend to spend longer just just cleaning up areas and adding touches than doing the main colours and higlights.

Dwarf Runesmith/Runelord (8th Edition, Metal):

As for the next batch, I'm doing another 10 Warriors with Crossbows to bump the unit to 15 total, I've still got 20 more Warriors with Hand Weapons and Shields to do, so I'm doing them in smaller batches so I don't get bored and distracted at the mass amount I need to do. Doing Characters in between helps with this (Hence the Runemsmith). I've also undercoated 10 Thunderers so looking forward to get them done, on my list of Characters that are undercoated currently are the Limited Edition BSB, Lord resting on Axe, Engineer with 2 Pistols, another Runesmith and the Mordheim Treasure Hunter.

Obivously this is a fair chunk but it doesn't look that much, the characters I don't think will take that long to paint likely a weekend per model, I'll likely spend more time on the BSB. Any comments more than welcome.

Ha, I have now!  The symbols are a problem.  If you wash them to make them fit the rest of the model, they look... odd in a way.  They look unnatural as opposed to the more realistic look of the membrane itself.

I went with the idea that my thirster leaks the blood of kings from his mouth and the symbols have been done in blood.  I tried a glowing effect but it was washed out by how light the wings were.
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