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Inspired largely by this forum I've recently started painting again, although I'm nowhere near the standard of most people here. I'm a bit ashamed of the massive heap of unpainted Empire figures that keeps growing, so I thought I'd try a couple of Blood Bowl teams first to get my eye back in as a smaller and more manageable size.

At any rate, the first team is the Red Sabres, a human team. They have a successful history in their online league, and recently purchased a dilapidated stadium in Bad Badenhof with intent to renovate. Originally known as the Bad Badenhof Recreational Ground, the stadium has quickly become known as the "Bad Wreck" by the fans, or just "the Wreck", due to its condition.

Here the Sabres pose on one of the supporter stands, in an early stage of construction. I must apologise for the lighting, which is terrible. If I can find somewhere better-lit (hard in this house) I'll try again:

The team isn't quite complete yet and some of the figures shown need some work doing to them, especially around the face. While working on the team my painting has come on rather dramatically (compare the ogres on the left and right!) and while I know I could carry on working on them forever it would be nice to get the whole lot to a consistent standard.

But I'm also missing a couple of key figures for the team. Firstly, an apothecary. I've scoured the internet but haven't found a satisfactory doctor or apothecary figure. Oddly there are plenty for orcs and goblins and even a few elves but not many humans. Those I've found are either sci-fi medics, which isn't quite what I'm after, or "sexy" nurses (and not even too many of those). I'll have a sexy nurse if I must but I'd rather not. Does anyone know of anything appropriate? I'm not a confident converter, but could probably manage some basic clipping or part swaps if necessary.

I'm also at some point going to need some fans for the stadium. Obviously I don't want these to be too taxing on the wallet so I've been casting around for plastics. So far the best-value plastics of the right sort of style are, oddly enough, the GW Empire militia box which are still about a pound per figure. Is anyone aware of anything I've missed on that front?

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Re: Deuce's Dubious Blood Bowl Plog - miniature advice needed
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A couple of decent models there - perhaps too modern? I quite like Jack the Ripper, though! :)
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Re: Deuce's Dubious Blood Bowl Plog - miniature advice needed
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The Plague Doctor from Carnevale might make a nice apoc

or even the Butcher or Barber

Also the Morgue Doctor

28mm (eyes)-30 mm (size) scale so should fit in quite well  :-)

size comparison to give you an idea of size --- left to right (LOTR, GW --- Carnevale ----- Warmachine-----W40K, GW)


The rest of the Carnevale range can be found on their website, they make some great minis such as the noble

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Re: Deuce's Dubious Blood Bowl Plog - miniature advice needed
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Warlord Games have a surgeon - though he will be a wee bit smaller than GW's heroic Bloodbowl minis.

For fans, you could go extra-daft and go for Ainsty's football hooligan range. They even have coppers to keep them in order.

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Re: Deuce's Dubious Blood Bowl Plog - miniature advice needed
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Thanks guys. I've ordered the Carnevale doctor; I like his sinister air. Plus you get a flesh golem with him which could be useful if I do a Necromantic team.

I might pick up some of the Aintsy fans when I get round to doing the terraces. Unfortunately the militia box set doesn't seem to be in stock at the discount sites; hopefully GW aren't phasing it out or something  :ph34r:

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Re: Deuce's Dubious Blood Bowl Plog - miniature advice needed
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Back from the grave?

With the apparent demise of Warhammer I've given in to an old temptation for historicals gaming and picked up a pile of Romans to paint.

Technically this is two contubernia of legionaries and one of Balearic slingers, but at a 1:30 representation then it's one cohort and a fairly substantial lot of auxiliaries. These are all Warlod figures: plastic Caesarian legionaries and metal slingers. A second unit of Balearic slingers is waiting on the right of panel...

The second contubernium of Balearic slingers, Victrix plastics this time. This is a nice set but noticeably bigger than the Warlord ones. I'm hoping that eventually the range of sizes across the army will even out some of the discrepancies but for now I wouldn't want to stand them too close to their fellows.

All of these still need basing, which I am going to get the supplies for tomorrow and then it's just varnish and they're ready for battle.

Talking of big:

A WIP halfling Blood Bowl team, from Willy Miniatures. Willy makes some good figures, and some excellent ones, but they're fairly sizeable. Here's one of these chaps next to a hot-dog seller (from Impact I think).