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Skirmish & Warband / Thud and Blunder
« on: March 15, 2019, 08:27:12 PM »
I got a copy of this from NorthStar and have to say I am quite impressed.

Thud & Blunder is a 164 page hardback book. The rules are intended to replicate the ‘High Fantasy’ gaming of the past, with Warbands skirmishing with one another in a range of settings.

The introduction succinctly outlines the key concepts behind the game and offers a number of resources via the internet. The game uses between 5 and 20 miniatures of your choice, preferably in 28mm, and all tests are made using D10s. The basic characteristics are then explained, with each miniature in the game being defined by 5 attributes, Race, Destiny, Shooting Value, Fighting Value and Speed. The members of a Warband are further defined by Traits, the various skills or objects that add advantages in the game and whether they have Magical Powers. The game adopts a ‘What You See Is What You Get’ approach to miniatures, although all Equipment and weapons have to be recorded on the roster sheet or else they cannot be used.

The rules themselves will be familiar to those who have played In Her Majesty’s Name, Daisho and Blood Eagle. The Thud & Blunder rules are an adaptation of the rules at the core of each of these games. Hence, the rules follow the same turn sequence, with Initiative, Movement using a basic rate in inches, then adding further distance by Running, plus adding a figure’s Speed. Each of the possible movement possibilities are explained in terms of the rules, including mounts and climbing.

Shooting and Fighting are dealt with in roughly the same way, with the result of the roll of a D10 being added to a figure’s Shooting or Fighting value, any weapon bonus and any other modifiers for skills, Traits, etc. Figures have armour, shields, etc. but also use a roll on their Destiny value, which is again modified by the nature of the weapon, magic, and others. If this value is exceeded, the figure avoids taking damage. Those with the Hero Trait also get a number of Hero Points, which can be used to re-roll any of the figure’s own rolls.

The rules cover Traps, fighting within and destroying Structures such as buildings, battling at Sea, the various armour, weapons and equipment in The Armoury, even down to Water Vehicles, all with their abilities and attributes, and simple to follow but comprehensive rules.

The Bestiary section covers both real and fantastical creatures, outlines the Traits, their uses and points costs, the Magical Powers which can be used and how to do so

The rules on creating Warbands cover almost every possible cliché in fantasy, including points values, descriptions of the options available for each type of figure and even a customizing option to create your own characters. Full statlines for a large number of sample figures are included, allowing you to ‘pick and play’ from the outset.

A number of scenarios are included, plus suggestions for Complications, events which cause problems, Landscapes, the potential locations of games, and a set of Campaign rules. In this way, you get all you need in one tome.

If you’re looking for another choice in the fantasy skirmish market, then this is a good option. A low figure count, well explained rules system, and an all-encompassing approach to the whole ‘old school’ fantasy genre make this a useful Warband level game, one of many available.

Nice book from the Ministry of Gentlemanly Warfare team - and I hope to get a closer look at Salute when they are running some demo games.

Warhammer 40k Discussion / The upcoming "Sisters of Battle" 2019 launch
« on: November 08, 2018, 01:46:35 PM »
After the Nuns with Guns MORE female sci-fi minis.

New figures from Shieldwolf


Plastic infantry and resin Characters it seems.
Looks like the vehicles and weapons match the Sororitas kit outs

Maybe I am being cynical. but getting in early before GW launch next year   :engel:

The Count's Tavern / Eurobash 2019 Decision Time
« on: November 07, 2018, 10:40:51 AM »
Soth and I have been discussing possible dates for next year.
The Belgian Public Holidays do not seem to work well in mid-May for weekends so originally there were two possibilities:

1:  Easter Weekend - Good Friday is April 19th and Easter Monday is April 22nd - so probably 3 out of the 4 days that weekend

2. Thursday May 30th (Belgian Public Holiday) Friday  31st is a 'Bridging Day' and then June 1st and 2nd for the weekend. So probably gaming Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

(UK late spring bank holiday is May 27th)

We would like to get the best turnout we can, and so we need people to step up and confirm that they are coming.

Also to try and maximise the attendance we have come up with a third date option, which is later in the summer.

3.There is a Belgian Public Holiday on Thursday August 15th, with a 'bridging' day off on Friday 16th, so that weekend is a possibility.
It could either be Thurs/Fri/Sat (travel Weds and Sunday) or Fri/Sat/Sun (Travel Thurs and Monday)

So could serious attendees please indicate availability and preferences as hotel bookings need to be made, and the time for dithering is over.

The Battleground / MOVED: SkavenInAZ Battle Reports
« on: July 16, 2018, 08:21:15 PM »

The Count's Tavern / Salute 2018
« on: April 16, 2018, 02:31:28 PM »
This took place Saturday just gone in London.

I had a good day picking up all sorts of stuff, but there are people who have put together better reports than I could ever do:

Lots of pics:


Info - and make sure you scroll down to the 'previews' section


Highlights as far as I am concerned  :engel:

Warlord Games  - plastic Zweihanders and Arquebusiers to compliment the Landsknecht pikemen.

Northstar -       Oathmark humans,  AND Frostgrave Soldiers 2 ( which I think are female warriors).

Perrys -    HYW Knights

Fireforge Fantasy - plastic Byzantine Cavalry
                          -  Plus - a Fantasy KS for Humans and Undead

Loads more that may interest you.

Historical Games / Guide to the Historical Board
« on: April 15, 2018, 02:57:35 PM »

The concept for this board is anything with a historical tag, or 'non-magic' if you wish.

Such rules sets as Kings of War Historical, Warhammer Historical, Pike & Shotte, Clash of Empires, L'Art De La Guerre, War & Conquest, Black Powder, and even Hail Caesar all could find uses for Empire troops.

Then there are also an increasing number of excellent smaller scale games around now., which would fit the 'historical' label.
Things like Saga, Lion Rampant, The Pikeman's Lament, Legends of the High Seas, Legends of the old West, Ronin, Test of Honour, 

Again us Empire players will probably already have loads of minis that can easily be drafted or seconded to small game duty.

However there may be some confusion here as to whether some games should be discussed on this board or on the Skirmish & Warband Board.
We will keep an eye on how this develops.

Please ensure that you include the game name/system in the thread title to help members see what is under discussion.

Skirmish & Warband / Guide to the Skirmish and Warband Board
« on: April 15, 2018, 02:46:40 PM »
Although most of us 'golden oldies' grew up on large scale battles, there are an increasing number of excellent smaller scale games around now.

The beauty of them are we probably already have loads of minis that can easily be drafted or seconded to small game duty.

Frostgrave, for example, has been very popular for a couple of years and has Wizards, Archers, Crossbowmen, Thugs (any guy with a Hand Weapon), Men-at-Arms, Knights, - you get the picture.

The initial thoughts on this board were that it would cover the Fantasy elements like Mordheim, Frostgrave, or say Dragon Rampant, or Broken Legions.
However there may be some confusion here as to whether some games should be discussed on this board or on the Historical Board.
We will keep an eye on how this develops.

Please ensure that you include the game name/system in the thread title to help members see what is under discussion.

Historical Games / Outremer from Osprey
« on: April 15, 2018, 10:51:02 AM »
Skirmish game in the Crusades era and set in the Crusader States in the Holy Land.
Released at Salute yesterday and I have had a quick read through.

Warband style with individual models that can progress so similar to games like Mordheim/Frostgrave/Legends of the High Seas etc.

Uses variety of dice from D4 through to D20 and has the normal stats list you would expect.

Interesting growth scheme where your models embark on a "career path" upgrade, which I have only skimmed so far, and need to understand how it works a bit more.

With SAGA about to release the 2nd edition version of their Crusader era rules (updating Crescent and the Cross) it is an interesting time for Holy Land conflicts.
About time I blew the dust off figures bought and not built.  :engel:


The Count's Tavern / Back Table Membership
« on: April 11, 2018, 05:52:35 PM »
After various failed attempts at policing, and as the Boss wants to keep an area for "free" discussion, we have decided to make the Back Table a board you have to 'opt in' to, rather than the previous option of 'opt out' provided by the Pure of Heart tag.

So we are in the process of setting up a system - hopefully - where regular members, and visitors, cannot see the Back Table.

Discussions on Politics, Religion, and other contentious issues are allowed, and we ask for polite respectful behaviour, but we know it is unlikely to happen.

Check the thread on page 2 to see how to join

A long, long time ago
I can still remember how
The battles used to make me smile

And I knew if I had some luck
My halberdiers might not suck
And maybe I'd be happy for a while

The postman made me shiver
With every White Dwarf he’d deliver
Slash and Puff that flounced
And Cannon balls that bounced
Rubber Lances were my fate
Saved by One Plus Shield and Plate
Then they stabbed me deep inside
The day the Fantasy died

We were sighing
Bye, bye to the Fantasy - Why?
Took my troops to the store, but the store was sci-fi
Us good ole boys aren’t rolling our die
And sighing this’ll be the day that I cry
This’ll be the day that I cry.

[With apologies to Don McLean]

An introduction to what is on the Warhammer-Empire.com site.

You have obviously found your way to the Forums Index page, and into the "Welcome to the Empire - Guide Help and Rules" Forum.
I'll hold the horses while you jump aboard the Imperial Coach, and take you on the short trip round the 'sites' (pun intended).

So Warhammer-Empire started life in 2003 and became the premier site for The Empire until GW in their wisdom decided to move on for want of a better description.
Lots of our fellow WHFB sites have slowly died or faded, but we are made of sterner stuff. It is time to sally forth and return to the battlefields.
Those of us with Empire armies know our troops are a match for allcomers in all sorts of situations.

Emperors, Kings and Lords can all use sturdy Swordsmen, heroic Halberdiers and sterling Spearmen, not to mention our accurate Archers, crackshot Crossbowmen and hard-hitting Handgunners.

So muster your troops and look through our boards to find gainful employment whether it be massed for a large scale battle, or selected units for minor engagement, or picking your best men for a dangerous skirmish encounter. 

Here you will find all the required information to help you enjoy your love of the empire, and get the best out of your decision to become a member. You will also find guidance on the etiquette and behaviour we ask everyone to follow, so that this site remains the finest of its kind.

The Boards:
Individual boards will have their own introductions and guidelines which we ask members to respect and adhere to, but here is an overall guide to the sections.

The Empire at War:
A variety of boards where you can experience or experiment various rules sets, discussing troops selection, and their exploits. Has there ever been a better time for the variety of games available today in fantasy or historical settings for all sorts of different sized armies or warbands.

The Imperial Artisans:
The opportunity to share creative skills. We have members with wonderful painting abilities, and modelling imagination.

Between the Battles:
Here we have an opportunity for generals to relax away from the daily pressures and cover other related or not-so-related topics of interest.

Galactic Conflicts:
Even we cannot ignore the 'future'.  :engel:


The Brush and Palette / Simple Green
« on: February 19, 2018, 11:35:16 AM »
I have managed to acquire some Simple Green  :icon_lol:

The UK distributor used to be down in the depths of the West Country, but now it has now changed hands and moved to here in Sussex - well the office is, not sure where the warehouse is?
Purchasing is tricky as they only seem to sell in huge containers, but I talked nicely to the boss man and he got me a 1 litre sample bottle, a small 100ml sample of Simple Green 'Extreme', and a tube of hand cleaner gel!

However he did say that my 1 Litre bottle was 2016 stock, and that the Americans had changed the formula last year - weakened it in some way.
Anyone pondside noticed any difference??

So opinions and advice needed?

I have some plastics and some metals I wish to strip - can I safely soak both in the same tub?

How long does it usually take for the SG to work?

Do models need a lot of scrubbing with a toothbrush - and is it easier the longer I let figures soak?

Is there a finite number of times you can use the SG - does it's strength fade with time, usage or per number of models?

My normal practise has been to use heavy duty paint stripper on metal figures, which works well but is pricey, and not to buy painted plastics.
However I have a fair number of figures I would like to strip if it is not too long winded.

The Count's Tavern / EUROBASH 2018 Confirmed
« on: January 04, 2018, 02:00:51 PM »
The 2018 Bash will be held on:

Saturday April 28th, Sunday April 29th and Monday April 30th

The Tuesday is "May Day" and a Public Holiday in Belgium, as well as most of Europe.

So Travelling Friday April 27th and probably going home Tuesday May 1st

Venue - HQ Club's NEW Clubhouse at St Niklaas, Belgium

Soth has 'reserved' a number of twin rooms at the IBIS, for the full 4-night stay (Friday to Monday inclusive).
Those rooms will be allocated to people as they confirm they will definitely be coming.
Once those rooms are filled it will be pot luck if there are still vacancies at the IBIS or we will look at the 'New Flanders' hotel as back-up.

  IBIS Hotel pricing last year was:

65 euro, single room, includes breakfast
78 euro, TWIN room, includes breakfast for two.

Last year we each paid 60 euros total for the 4 evening meals. The only other costs were maybe a lunchtime snack and of course the odd (?) beer ........................

I will edit and amend this post as any new info comes along, and feel free to post your intentions and likely attendance below.

This is the 11th consecutive year and although there are some regulars, there are only two people who have attended all eleven.
New faces are always welcome, and you might even get one on Midaski's tab .................... 

warhammerlord_soth         Belgium
StealthKnightSteg              Netherlands                    Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon Nights  (4)
Ratman                             Netherlands                    Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon Nights  (4)
cisse                                 Belgium                               Sat, Sun, Mon Nights  (3)
Midaski                             United Kingdom              Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon Nights  (4)
Novogrod                          Belgium                               Sat, Sun Nights  (2)
Daphne                             Belgium                               Sat, Sun Nights  (2)
Henerius                           Netherlands               Single Room    Sat, Sun Nights (2)
Shavixmir                          The Lowlands
Commandant                     Ireland

Warhammer 40k Discussion / GW FAQs and Errata
« on: December 24, 2017, 06:25:09 PM »
Not sure if you guys have seen this:


To make this is super-easy, we’ve created an email inbox just for Warhammer 40,000 rules related feedback.



All feedback will be read and factored into the twice-yearly FAQ updates.

Warhammer 40k Discussion / Help the Aged
« on: November 10, 2017, 06:24:47 PM »
Ok - so I bought the Imperium II Index, which I have been working through.

I also have an IG Codex and Main Rulebook on back order - hopefully due soon. I asked about 'Datacards' in the 8th Ed thread and I guess they are currently available for the IG, as they will be linked to the codex rather than the Index??

However I am debating about a possible second or alternative army. I have some Sisters which I used for Shadow War at the Eurobash back in May, and I also have some other odds and ends mentioned in the Index - like priests, a couple of very old assassins, a couple of Crusaders, and some old Stormtroopers.

First Question: Did Stormtroopers become Kraskin? and now have become Scions?
                      Would they proxy for Scions anyway?

No 2:    I see the Keywords listed on Units - So I could go Adeptus Ministorum and use Priests, Crusaders, Assassins and Sororitas together, but what happens if I added Scions or even IG units to bulk out the points?

No 3:   I haven't played for probably 5-6 years - are there still Force Organisation restrictions?

No 4:  Army costs?  I see these Power Points against Units and understand that is a way of quick selection for a battle, but I guess it is a bit basic.

Odd things - just looking at points I see a Sister on the unit data comes armed with Boltgun, Bolt Pistol, Krak and Frag Grenades at 9pts, and all that Wargear shows '0' points - so it is 'paid for' in the 9pts.
If I then look at the Sororitas Rhino the unit data says equipped with Storm Bolter - A Rhino is 73 Points, BUT a Storm Bolter has a 4pts cost.
I guess it has to cost as a Special Weapon upgrade for a Sister trooper, but should it be '0'pts for the Rhino?

Then the Rhino options include adding a 2nd Storm Bolter - the first on is operated by a Trooper at the hatch on the top of the Rhino - is the 2nd one mounted alongside, and/or operated by a 2nd Trooper?

I realised today that the Rhino has changed - I found a couple of old wrecks in a box, and aligned against the Chimera I have, I thought they looked a bit small, and then compared them to current GW pictures.
Out of interest does anyone know if the holes cut in the top of the two versions are the same size? Would the hatches from both versions be interchangeable?

Finally I cannot believe the prices on Ebay for Sisters of Battle - they are crazy and on average make GW Direct the CHEAPEST option - has the world gone mad!  :biggriin:
Do people not realise GW still make them - I keep seeing OOP used erroneously.

The Brush and Palette / Undercoating Questions
« on: November 03, 2017, 03:34:11 PM »
I recently saw a mention of something I had not seen before, where minis were sprayed with a white undercoat - lightly - and then give a light spray of black undercoat.
I cannot remember where I saw it now, but I think the suggestion was that it helped outline the details of the figure.

It does seem that we focus on the painting and you rarely see any guidance on undercoating.
When I spray I always try to remove all trace of bare metal in all nooks and crannies, but at the same time worry that I put too thick a coat on the figure.

Generally I spray black, but occasionally if I am looking for brighter colours (such as Landsknechts for example) I will use white. I have tried grey but not very confidently, and I ended up dusting it with black as I recall.

Interested to hear any comments or opinions.

The Count's Tavern / Sitting Position minis
« on: September 14, 2017, 10:48:45 AM »
I have bought a few civilians recently, to populate my scenery settings of docks and towns for skirmish games, and acquired tables and chairs furniture, to complement taverns and such.

The civilians seem to cover different periods much easier as townsfolk and peasants are not ruled by uniforms or weapons, so I feel comfortable with them filling medieval to renaissance and even up to late 1700s.

However I am struggling to find 'seated' figures to populate these chairs.

Anyone got any suggestions.

Skirmish & Warband / Ghost Archipelago - Frostgrave II
« on: September 13, 2017, 10:15:39 AM »
The new game and setting based on Frostgrave is up on Northstar.

I've seen some of the previews and it seems 'familiar' because of Frostgrave, but with a new twist of setting and personnel.

Hopefully the author has put in what the learned from Frostgrave to make it better from the start.


A few pages from the actual book on getting going ................

A review - around an hour so be prepared to skip through.

The Count's Tavern / Kickstarters - Ongoing list
« on: July 08, 2017, 04:59:41 PM »
We have had odd ones with their own thread being run by forum regulars, like Westfalia for example, but I thought it might be an idea to have a dedicated thread for odd ones members spot that could be of interest.

I'll kick off with this one from Midlam Miniatures:


It runs until July 23rd
I have supported a couple of theirs before, and bought off their stand at Salute.
Nice little growing company that does simple small projects.


The Count's Tavern / Test of Honour - New Game
« on: February 17, 2017, 06:40:25 PM »
Anyone been looking at this?

Warlord Games with a new Samurai Warband/Skirmish game.
The idea looks ok, but the downside is most of the figures are Wargames Factory plastics. However those figures are probably not a major factor in the cost anyway, as cards, fancy dice, and tokens are usually not cheap.

The whole caboodle at £100.00

The basic box set at £35.00

Having done a bit of analysis, I am not sure if the extra £65 is worth it, but no doubt when the extra sets are on general release they will probably be quite a bit more expensive.

You can get a free set of basic rules to see the concept.


Designer Notes:


Plus there's a 10% off deal on Sarissa Japanese buildings

What do you think ???

Welcome to the Empire - Help, Guides, and Rules / Pure of Heart
« on: February 14, 2017, 02:15:18 PM »
We have reset the special member group "Pure of Heart"

It now works properly as it was originally intended - which means if you are a member of that group you cannot see the Back Table.

The Count's Tavern / Kynren - The Show - an epic tale of England
« on: January 23, 2017, 08:35:03 PM »
Anyone coming to the UK this year, or even us natives might find this interesting.


Play the trailer.

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