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The Imperial Office / Re: Tilean Campaign, IC2401
« Last post by Padre on Today at 07:35:40 AM »
Interesting question. Complicated answer. The Vampire Duchess Maria is a player character and so (a) I cannot know exactly what her plans, intentions, goals are (b) if I did know (or suspect) I would have to be very careful about how I include them in the stories. I usually have non player characters giving their opinions of such matters like commanders' motives etc. That way I am not revealing a player's actual intentions, as that would damage the 'reality' of the game-world, the competitive aspect of the campaign. Some players don't mind, like Father Carradalio's player, as they see the campaign as a way to create a story, but others would mind. Some players meet me half way and we do certain stories, at certain times, revealing certain things!

In this case the leader of the Church of Nagash, father Biagino, is an NPC, and so I get much more control over him (even if he is entranced by his new mistress). Lots of factors went into him becoming the vampire he is.

First, as he featured in the first ever campaign story, I wasn't keen to lose him from the campaign. Normally my hand is forced - if a character dies (usually on the tabletop) then they're dead. It's like the abruptness of some characters' departures from 'Game of Thrones'. But in this case I had an option as I knew that the duchess would be resurrecting at least some of the dead on the field of battle for her new forces, and wondered if Biagino would be, and in what form. After the second battle of Ebino the player and I chatted as we packed up, and he liked the idea of making his (the duchess's) own mockery of the duchess's particular enemy, the church of Morr. The official church, the schismatical sects and the crazy, flagellating cults, all hate the undead, and strive to fight/thwart/prevent the undead, each with their own particular methods. Daz (the player) liked the idea of Morrites facing their own kind in undead form, proving their god cannot always save them! I liked the idea because of the story possibilities (and keeping Biagino as a protagonist in the story) as well as the modelling and painting possibilities.

But all this doesn't tell us for certain what Maria's motives are. Is she mocking the church of Morr? Is she trying to retain some quality the cultists possessed in life, so that they fight better than ordinary zombies? (This is in fact the case in rules-terms: I've run some slightly modified rules by the players, as I always do, as campaign rules for the Disciplinati di Nagash, and also for the vampire thralls serving Biagino, who are stat and ability-wise somewhere between vampire hero and blood knight.) Or has she found some sort of religion?

Another, in this case very game related, factor in the creation of the undead church, was to do with a sort of fairness and balance in the game = which I don't strive for at all in the sense of the balance of 'league' type campaigns, but I do think about in general terms. When the arch-lector Calictus II died the player was suddenly 'out of the game'. Whenever this happens, we work out a way of getting them back into the campaign as someone else, most usually part of the same realm or force. BUT I do always make the process challenging. In this case the player 'came back' only controlling a powerful cult in Remas, not the official church, nor the city state's army, nor even the secular nobility. And thus the civil strife  that wracks the realm of Remas just now - the realm is a mess. However, I did in effect gift the player an army (the cultists) which was not created in the normal, official-rules manner (to do with supply points and size of settlements, etc). This seemed appropriate as the army was an odd one (flagellants) arising from religious fervour and not built by the usual economic means.

Realising I had just created an extra enemy army for the Duchess, I wondered whether there should be some sort of compensation. And here it is! I took Daz's idea for a mockery of the church and ran with it, creating (including the kit bashing and painting) a force of undead flagellants who were not paid for using the usual rules, but which arose out of the story. Maria now has her own boost in fighting forces.

I did not have to do it. Sometimes the better story would come from the agonising demise of a force, or a desperate defence against the odds. Much of the time we just stick to the RAW for a better gaming experience. Occasionally I modify and tweak the rules to make the game world more real, believable (in a fantasy way), more alive.

Most tweaks come from the player's asking "Can I .... ?". And in a nutshell, that's what happened with the Church of Nagash.

I shall stop here because I could go on and on about the ins and outs of it all. Hopefully you get the picture. Now, I have some Estalian mercenaries to model and paint, a new story with dwarfs to write (figures painted, photos done), a small army of Bretonnians to paint, several meetings with players to arrange (to discuss their situations, new orders etc), and much, much more. I think I'll finish the dwarf story first.
Welcome to the Empire - Help, Guides, and Rules / Re: Introduce Yourself
« Last post by Zygmund on Today at 06:00:21 AM »
Love to see so many new faces around. Welcome, welcome! :-)
The Imperial Office / Re: Tilean Campaign, IC2401
« Last post by S.O.F on Today at 04:00:59 AM »
So I've wished to ask you, Padre, something for sometime, love your work and your whole campaign but I am just curious at a bit of background. So my own convention from WHFRP sources and such are that Vampire Counts always try and seek out on there own way as the every living nobles that "Aristocracy of the Night" if you will. Is the Undead evil in the campaign based on that the Undead Countess wants to make a religion on Nagash since she knows no better and was not 'properly educated' as a get to a real house or do you imagine that Undead want to venerate Nagash?

Greetings! My name Dennis, long time lurker finally joined. Averland forever!
Age of Sigmar Discussion / Re: AoS Adventure
« Last post by Artobans Ghost on Today at 03:18:06 AM »
A few more come out to bash and crash.

The Brush and Palette / Re: Sharkbelly Visits the Silver Tower
« Last post by Artobans Ghost on Today at 01:01:31 AM »
Again with the unexpected colour scheme! Very nice and unique.
I always thought these artworks where the thing that more than anything gave flavour to the whole books and I was pretty disappointed when they disappeared from 7th edition ABs.

I always loved the Osprey Men at Arms series homage panels that appeared in the Empire and OnG books for the 6th. Don't recall if any of the other races got that same art treatment. The Empire Heraldry book was such a huge let down for not including similar as well, these sorts of plates with better background description would have been more interesting than the handful of full art plates they did in there.
one day in the far future, when you sit on that rocking chair on the porch, resting your old bones, you might be able to get your grandchildren to take off their VR helmet for a few minutes. Then you tell a grandpa story about the good old days when people played with physical toys and you will show them these videos on some old-fashioned device you pull from your pocket. so...pretty important to get this right.

Pfft, by the time we have grandchildren, VR helmets will be old shit. Our grandchildren will be using direct computer-to-brain interfaces for entertainment.

I'll be very disappointed in society if by the time I have grandkids their not just brains in jars attached to giant ass kill bots.

Living the Ad Mech dream!
The Brush and Palette / Re: Sharkbelly Visits the Silver Tower
« Last post by Sharkbelly on Today at 12:16:17 AM »
Thanks, all! Eight of the Kairic acolytes are now finished as well. I had a minor setback when my pot of flesh tone dried out.

Yes, forgot to comment on the unit filler. Good idea that one, very characterful. Even if it weren't a tribute to that picture in the 6e armybook, it would fit in very well. As this is an Imperial Guard unit, I suppose the general will be there more often than not, so it makes sense that dispatch riders are coming and going.
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