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The Count's Tavern / Blood Bowl 2
« on: November 09, 2015, 09:37:41 PM »
Anyone playing?

It's the first video game I've bought in ages. Really loving it, didn't play any of the previous computer versions. I know it has issues but it's still super fun and looks very nice.

Currently running a pretty successful wood elf team after my high elves started promisingly before dying horribly!

Age of Sigmar / First try out of AoS with older armies...
« on: August 02, 2015, 04:10:18 PM »
Last weekend the wife and I figured we'd try out some AoS just to see what it was like. Here's a few pics with captions to show how the battle went. In terms of what we used, basically we just took it in turns to go fetch units we fancied trying until everything looked relatively balanced and got going. I want to say we had about 9 scrolls a piece, for what it's worth.

This is after my first turn. Classic beastmen vs wood elves, albeit with not as many woods as I planned! I summoned up a jabberslythe on my first turn which was interesting!

Things got messy early. Turns out minotaurs are monstrous in this, putting out tonnes of damage they dismantled the dryads. The wild riders and war dancers also made a decent showing.

The treelord took his time getting going because whilst he can put out a lot of damage, he rolled poorly at first and got stuck attacking the rather outmatched gors.

Turns out if you want to take on minotaurs, shoot them from afar! They eventually fell to the waywatcher lord's shots and magical bolts from the other characters. By then though the centigors got into the eternal guard.

The shaman actually held up for a turn or two but was eventually trampled by the hogs. In the background you can see the treelord getting stuck into the jabber as well as the gors. He would eventually get it together and splatter the jabber, but the blood spurt back was surprisingly nasty dealing him a good 5 wounds in return!

My wife was nervous about the wardancers against so many warhounds (understandably perhaps considering there old damage output) but between taking a good number down and battleshock, the hounds disappeared in no time!

The wood elves won out, destroying the entire beast army, but it was close as you can see, with a couple of minis holding on by a wound or two. Very tight and entertaining game.

Having played only this one game, I will say that it definitely helps to put old style warhammer out of your mind. Whilst models pleasingly did what you would think (eg wild riders cover ground like no one's business and minotaurs rip stuff up), you have dispel all those old notions of flanks, line of sight, panic etc etc because they just don't play a part.

I enjoyed the fact that old poor choices were infused with new potential. The minotaurs punched a hole right through the wood elf line and were a lot more survivable than back in the day. The wild riders and centigor benefitted hugely from increased wounds. The treeman had the ability to smash anything that came it's way and survive abmirably too. Scary! Even the jabber was pretty nifty though. Could have caused havoc if the treeman hadn't put an end to it.

Definitely feels like you need to play against someone currently who is willing to try and keep things as balanced as you are. That way the lack of points and such is not really the same kind of issue.

I would say that having a hard copy of warscrolls would be handy. Scrolling back and forth on the app, whilst very nice looking, was a pain. I ended up setting up the laptop for actual rules. It was nice to feel like we had a reasonable grasp on the basic rules by the end though.

Whilst the basic rules are indeed basic, I think there is a lot of hidden depth in not only the load of warscroll rules, but also in things like taking advantage of battleshock, deciding the order of combats and such. I'm not saying it's old warhammer, but for a relatively simple game, there is still plenty to think on if you want to try and plan for victory.

Overall I enjoyed it more than I expected. I could see playing it more, especially for easy going small scale games. If I am doing some special 4000 pt size game, probably would just use 8th rules again. Less messy in a way.

I heard about a tournament recently where people wrote the worst army lists they could and then exchanged armies. It got me thinking about ways to shake things up to keep things interesting and fun.

Managed to get a Triumph and Treachery game sorted for yesterday and got 3 friends round to take part. The idea was to bring a 1500pt army and squeeze in as many unusual/poor choices as possible. I had thought that before the game we would jointly decide order from best to worst and start people out with more tokens depending on how bad their lists were but everyone did such a great job we couldn't separate them so we started evenly.

I'll do a basic run down of the lists just so you can see what I mean:

My beastmen-
L3 Shaman on lore of the wild
Gorebull with gougehorns
12 Gor
25 Ungor
5 Hounds with poison
Tuskgor chariot
3 Minotaurs
6 Centigors

Empire player:
L3 Light Wizard on Luminark
5 Mounted Engineers with assorted specialty weapons in a unit
30 Free Company
10 Halberds
10 Swordsmen
10 Archers
15 Flagellents
Hellstorm Rocket Battery

Dwarf Player:
6 individual Dragon Slayers
3 units of 10 Warriors
10 Rangers
2 units of 10 Miners
Flame Cannon

Lizard Player:
Scar Vet BSB
Skink Cohort with 3 Krox
10 Skirmishers
3 Terradons
3 Ripperdactyls
Bastilodon with snakes

As you can see, some pretty off the wall stuff there. Even in retrospect I can't put my finger on what was worse. Our characters had either oddball items (Light wizard had +2 atk sword, my Shaman had Everbleed) or nothing at all in the case of the dwarf heroes.

Here's a few pics:

What this produced was a game where we had no idea how effective things would be. Top of turn 1, the flame cannon got a good hit on my minotaurs, rolled well and at D3 wounds a piece, one shotted them off the board! The free company with timewarp on (which can last an age in T&T) dismantled first my gors, then the rippers who had rear charged them. The dwarf slayers were a mixed bag, one getting drowned first in snakes, then in rocks dropped by the terradons, another single-handedly killing the troglodon, another surviving two rounds of Oxyotl's snipes before taking him down in combat. My jabberslythe ran rampant in the Empire army, eating all the flagellants and the dwarf thane too which turned out to be huge as it left Tiktaq'to the only general on the table. He had swooped in the turn before from ambush and his swiping of the artifact moved the lizards from a probable 3rd or last place into top spot and the win! Excellent stuff.

Point of all this is that I think now is the time to do all those crazy games you thought might be fun. After the success of the late lizard flying squad, the dwarf player suggested a game purely made of flyers as a kind of aerial combat scenario, complete with clouds that block line of sight etc. Sounds bizarre but very fun! Love the idea of gyrocopters and terradons, pegasi and sky cutters duking it out!

Warhammer 40k Discussion / Kill Teams... a little help?
« on: May 19, 2015, 02:42:18 AM »
I'm no 40k player but our local store is running a kill team paint competition and I thought it might be fun to paint up a few of the space marines lying around.

From the minis I have, I was told that a legal but small team would be:

3 bolter marines
2 rocket launcher marines
An attack bike with what looks like a large melta gun

Can anyone with a space marine book tell me that sounds legal?

I feel like I've asked this before in the past, but did anyone know the main changes in necromunda from the original to the living rulebook.

And I see there are some community edited ones too. How do they compare?

Any opinions on what the best rules are? I love the original rules but I did feel like a few of the weapons would benefit from some reigning in, mainly swords really...

The Count's Tavern / Dungeon style terrain/games
« on: April 19, 2015, 03:19:54 PM »
I've been playing the last couple of days a very heroquest like game on my phone and it's given me a real hankering to find a way to do something similar in a 'real' setting.

What I'm thinking is rather than a fixed board like hero quest though I'd like a variety of pieces that can be different every time you play. More like, if I remember right, space hulk.

I know I've seen cardboard flat terrain before but I'm wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of what it sounds like I'm looking for cos I don't really know where to start.

I guess there may already be a game out there of that nature and I'm willing to look at that too. Otherwise I'll likely just pick up some terrain and form my own rules!

Thanks in advance for any help...

Jan Kesslereich had kept his forces holed up in the small town of Scharmbeck all winter. The local folk were sympathetic to the Solland cause, and Kesslereich was a man whom people obeyed. Spring was beginning to show its face though and the time for action was at hand. Or so he had thought. That morning, a small band of Dwarven scouts had shown up and demanded to speak with him. What they told him had brought his legendary fury to the surface. A large force of Dark Elf raiders were moving down the River Sol and were headed right for the village. The dwarfs did bring some welcome news though; their commander, Angrilia Linecleaver was willing to fight alongside the humans.

Kesslereich was reluctant to trust such open and easy help, it usually came with a price. The dwarfs spoke on and there was indeed a condition to their offer. Apparently, the elven fleet had enlisted the help of a dangerous Vampire Lord, Wvolthe von Carstein. What evil plan they had concocted was unclear, but a grudge had recently formed between Wvolthe and Angrilia's older brother Grelik Craghammer. She demanded that she be allowed to slay the Vampire with her own hand, that the grudge might be settled. Kesslereich cared not one iota about this Vampire and accepted the alliance with the Dwarfs, asking that they return to Linecleaver and ask her to deploy her forces at the edge of the town where they would fight together.


Vaskel and Wvolthe eyed each other warily. The huge Vampire was taller even than the willowy elf, his head shrouded by his riding cloak.

"I have agreed to meet you only to satisfy my curiosity" Vaskel stated flatly. "Why would we ally ourselves with you?"

"I care not for your raids, it is true, but there is something I do care about. Did you know there are dwarfs in these mountains, close by?"

The elf nodded. "Of course, our scouts have already noted them near the town."

"I have an enemy amongst these dwarfs, their leader. I seek the pleasure of ending his all too long life. And if not him, I will settle for his kin. One way or another, he will suffer."

A bitter smile played on the elf's lips. "Now that I understand. But you understand we want to take as many of these humans alive as we can? I know what you Vampires do."

"A fair question. If you let me, I will concentrate my forces against the Dwarfs whilst you can deal with the humans. You take the living, I will take the dead. A reasonable deal?"

"Reasonable indeed," the elf nodded, turning to pick up his drink. "I will see you on the field of battle"... but when he turned back, the Vampire was already gone...

More to follow...!

The Brush and Palette / What you use to stick down grass
« on: February 19, 2015, 03:57:20 AM »
What are people's methods for sticking down lots of grass/flock etc, for say a whole gaming board?

Do you use some kinda glue spray applicator, do you do a coat of spray again to seal? What glue do you use?

That kinda thing.  :-P

I should quality this by saying that I have a board which has ground cover. Applying grass though has proven tricky. I don't need it to look perfect but I'd like it to stay on the board rather than constantly shed. I forget how I tried to apply it last time but my guess would be white glue

The Brush and Palette / What makes a good terrain base?
« on: December 06, 2014, 01:35:20 AM »
I've tried the usual cheapskate options, cardboard, foam card etc. But they all warp of course.I know you can do things like paint both sides to try and counteract this but it is a pain and doesn't always work.

So my question is what is a good non warping material to use for this and where can I get hold of it?

If I am not being clear enough, I don't mean for building the terrain, I mean to use as a base for it. Mostly going to be used for woods and such as I will probably be sitting houses directly onto the board unless they require their own scenic base.


Empire Crafts and Skills / Places to buy terrain - add them/rate them...
« on: November 19, 2014, 09:26:11 PM »
I feel like we have had threads like this in the past but they are probably quite out of date and/or hard to find so here is a new one. What I would love is for people to add places they have bought terrain or know of with some handy info. I will give an example using GW of the kind of entries I would really like to see to help people sift through what is worth looking at for their needs. Thanks for anything you put in here. I am looking at getting a few things myself and could use the help.  :wink:

Games Workshop


What they sell: Buildings, Woods
Price Range: Mid to Expensive
How it comes: Unassembled & Unpainted
Quality & Detail: High
Where are they: Worldwide


WHFB The Electors' Forum / Triumph and Treachery
« on: August 11, 2014, 06:24:22 PM »
I managed to pick this up recently half price (was never gonna buy it at full...) on hearing rave reviews about its goodness. On Saturday I got 4 other people to get in a game. We had a lot of fun and I would definitely recommend it, but I did learn a few things about it.

- If you ever want to get through a game, especially with 5 people, you need to have someone whipping it along. Easy to get chatty and end up running out of time.

- We had 5 people at 750pts and played on an 8x4 table as I wasn't sure how crammed it would be. In retrospect, it would have been better to be crammed in more. The big gap in the middle on one side pretty much didn't get crossed and people either end didn't interact at all really. I think even if we pushed up to 1000 I'd play on a 6x4.

-It's easy to forget about gathering your tokens at the end of each phase. Might be best to have a 'bank manager' who is good at remembering that kind of thing and let them be in charge of that as you go.

-Don't give up! If you get pummeled early that means you are more likely to be ignored in favour of more dangerous opponents allowing potential comebacks if you get a nice roll going!

We played the scenario where you have 6 objectives but we pretty much ignored those and called it at turn 4 as it was just taking too long. That was our fault for not getting going properly though.

A few oddities did arise. We had a sorceress portal for one that says it spits out the magic spells. In the end we ruled that each spell effect would only last till the next one popped out next phase rather than them keep piling up. I reckon a lot of strange things like this would come up but as it is a friendly format I guess it would be up to people to resolve it fast or roll off on that kinda thing.

Here's a few pics for reference. No Empire sadly as my brother changed his mind last minute and went with Lizards instead! I was dark elves. Things went badly for me as I had irondrakes to one side and gobbos loaded with fanatics on the other. My dark riders quickly perished before I could escape the net and my chariot went down to magic and bowfire. My black guard made a mess of the goblin archers but were probably about to go down to the steadfast spearmen.

I realised too late that I had allowed myself to get pushed back on both fronts. Next time I won't get quite so bunched in...

I think the vampires would have made a strong showing with more time, as it was the Vampire was raising new zombie units all around the lizards causing them to be fighting for nothing.

This went the way of the lizards due to initiative, but I believe the dwarfs got in some pain on the skink chief before going down.

I think we calculated that the dwarfs and gobbos tied for the win. The vampires got off to a slow start in the corner and the lizards were not pumping out quite enough damage either, though both had potential had the game gone more turns to pull something out.

The Brush and Palette / Brush on Matte Coat?
« on: July 13, 2014, 04:45:12 PM »
It really bugs me when washes cause the minis to look shiny. But I don't really want to use a dullcoat spray as it is only certain parts I want to sort out.

Does anyone have any recommendations for something you can brush on to dull down the shine? I'll take brand recommendations too.  :happy:


So we ran a campaign last year at the LGS but whilst fun, it got a bit overbearing and felt too much like work. So in order to freshen things up and try and get some of the 40k-ers to finally make more of a jump into fantasy, I heard from a podcast the idea of an escalating campaign which really peaked my interest. And so it was I put plans into action to try and make it happen.

I knew we would have at least 5 of us that would be interested and get involved but when I put it out there, I ended up getting requests to join from 11  people total. Way beyond my expectations and really exciting. The rules were that you have to paint your army as you go (at least to a basic standard), come up with a bit of fluff for why your general is there and so by the end of this we will hopefully have 11 fantasy players with painted backgrounded armies!

I'm running it and also taking my Empire army along for the ride. Thought I would keep it updated here and maybe if people are curious about doing their own campaign or just want to see how my guys do, you can check in on it as we go. It will be 3 games a month, attacking 3 different players, before moving up to the next army level. Here's the map I found and tinkered with: (ended up having to enlarge what we had before due to all the extra players!)

To give players a focal point and place to see what's going on all at once I created a blog too. Take a look if you like, I'm quite pleased with it (and most of them have their fluff done too which makes me very happy!)


My army for month 1 is:

(68) Captain: f.p.a, sh

(81) 3 Reiksguard Knights

(66) 11 Spearmen, shields

(35) 5 Archers

Obviously as astute readers will see we have modified the army list limits slightly to accomodate what seems sensible to bring. If anyone is interested, I can post the rules I wrote up for the campaign though I won't bore you further if not! Will post a pic of my little force though in the next few days when it's finished and ready to go!

... thanks for reading... if you did so!

The Count's Tavern / Giving the game away
« on: April 21, 2014, 12:35:54 PM »
So it is turn 1, my opponent is about to fire his war machines and asks what stuff my characters have before shooting.

What are people's opinions on what you should reveal, magic item wise. Or if they ask what save you have, do you give away stuff like wards or dawnstones?

In a normal close list environment of course!

WHFB The Electors' Forum / Large Regiments and Hearty Detachments
« on: April 14, 2014, 09:31:40 PM »
I'll often use small attachments in my armies, 5 archers or militia here and there, just to throw out as annoyance and diverters. Or 10 Crossbows with two 5 man detachments so that you can spread your fire to different targets or angle to defend the parent.

But I often find a decent bus with hold the line and warrior priest buffs is incredibly resilient and I would love to spread that love to my detachments.

So I am wondering about trying out a 60 man halberd block with two 30 man detachments. In the main block is an Arch Lector, BSB and Witch Hunter.  In combat that is going to mean (for all these guys) hatred, cold blooded stubbornness (usually), any prayer benefits. All in all, a tasty package. If swordsmen are the detachments and run 6 deep they will take an age to break down for anyone attacking them. The halberds can then be free-ish to chop up what comes down the middle.

I realize it has some issues right off the bat. Cost - not totalled up the points, but I am sure it is plenty. Footprint makes it hard to move easily. Vulnerable to the big unit wiping spells. But I reckon it would take quite some energy to get rid of and isn't even much of a death star in terms of having a ton of points wrapped up in characters in there.

What I should really do is try and write up an army around it but I was curious in this age of light councils, steam tanks and demi-gryphs if anyone had run this kind of set up and how it went if you did!

I could also see it doing ok at 50 and two 25s, but I really want those detachments to have some depth....

The Count's Tavern / If wood elves look anything like this...
« on: December 05, 2013, 01:42:14 PM »
... I think they could take back their crown of best minis in the line. These look pretty amazing to me.


The Brush and Palette / Movement Tray steel...
« on: November 20, 2013, 12:12:56 AM »
So I want to get back to making more movement trays. Getting annoying transferring stuff from army to army. But I hate cutting that steel you get from Lowes and such. Sure you can cut it with snips but it's a right pain and if you are doing a thin tray it really wants to curl and the corners don't want to be flat.

So I have been looking around a bit and came across this...

Anyone have any idea if it will be easier to work with than the stuff you get from Lowes or not? Hard to measure something so thin! I guess it could just be exactly the same stuff, just in a roll, but I'm not sure.

If not, anyone have any ideas where I can get something easier to cut?

The Brush and Palette / Bad brush?
« on: September 07, 2013, 10:10:23 PM »
I got a brush from my lgs today. A GW basecoat brush. I've used it twice and both times it wants to split really fast. Should I just expect that or should I be looking to take it back? I often use bad quality brushes so I am not too sure what is good and bad. I have a fine detail one I got at Christmas and it still keeps a point well...

The Battleground / Empire vs New Lizards 4000pts! Maps & Pics!
« on: September 05, 2013, 07:13:36 PM »
Hello all, with the new Lizard book just out, my brother and a friend were eager to test the new stuff out, and I was just as eager to play against it! So we arranged to have a big 4000pt battle on Monday with them sharing command of a 4000pt army of Lizards (though they selected 2000pts each, they ended up mostly controlling the half of the battlefield they sat infront of. I borrowed my brother's steam tank and brought 4000pts of Hochland's finest men to take them on!

The game took rather a long time, though that is partially due to our slow pace of play, but also it was a nice close affair which I hope will make for an entertaining read. So without further a do...

Army Lists


General of the Empire: White Cloak, Fencerís Blades, Dragonhelm, F.P.A, Sh
Wizard Lord of Light L4: Talisman of Preservation, Scroll of Shielding (Phaís, Speed of Light, Net, Timewarp)
Arch Lector: Armour of Destiny, Crown of Command

Captain BSB: Armour of Meteoric Iron, G.W
Warrior Priest on barded Warhorse: Biting Blade, H.A, Sh
Wizard of Heavens L2: Dispel, Opal Amulet (Blizzard, Comet)
Warrior Priest: Talisman of Endurance, Enchanted Shield, H.A
Witch Hunter: Brace of Pistols, Seed of Rebirth

11 Inner Core Knights inc com: Steel Standard
48 Halberdiers inc com + 20 Swordsmen (detach) + 5 Militia (detach)
29 Swordsmen inc com + 5 Militia (detach) + 5 Archers (detach)
10 Crossbowmen + 5 Crossbowmen (detach) + 5 Handgunners (detach)

28 Greatswords inc com + 5 Archers (detach)
5 Pistoliers inc mus
5 Outriders inc mus
Great Cannon
Great Cannon

Helblaster Volley Gun
Steam Tank
Celestial Hurricanum


Slann Loremaster of High: Soul of Stone, Becalming Cogitation, Focus of Mystery, Harmonic Convergence, Book of Asher
Oldblood: Armour of Destiny, Sword of Strife, Sh

Scar Veteran on Carnosaur BSB: Armour of Fortune, G.W
Skink Priest of Beasts L2: Dispel (Wyssans, Transformation)

29 Saurus inc com
20 Saurus inc com: Sp
20 Saurus inc com: Sp
15 Skink Skirmishers: B.P
14 Skink Skirmishers: B.P

18 Temple Guard inc com: Gold Sigil Sword
Bastilidon: Solar Engine
Bastilidon: Solar Engine
Bastilidon: Solar Engine
3 Ripperdactyls inc brave

Ancient Stegadon: Engine of the Gods, Unstoppable Stampede
Ancient Stegadon
2 Razordons
5 Chameleon Skinks inc brave
5 Chameleon Skinks inc brave


The Lizardmen chose sides, though there didnít seem too much of a tactical advantage to being on either side. The Empire started setting up first and with detachments and war machines were always going to finish setting up a while before the lizards. There wasnít too many surprises though, the terrain discouraged too much in the way of deploying to one flank or the other, so it was always going to be a classic case of infantry in the middle with support around it.

I managed to lose the roll for first turn (as I always do!) even though I had the +1. And with spells chosen, it was on to turn 1 Lizards!

Lizard Turn 1

The Lizardmen started very cautiously, only really pushing their flank units up whilst the Saurus centre stayed put. The ripperdactyls flew right up the board edge ready to charge in next turn.

Magic saw a 6-4 total (Each turn Lizards could channel 4, Empire 5). The bastilidons rattled off a couple of solar engine spells, one of which got through and wiped out all of the greatswordís archer detachment. The halberdiers were extremely lucky when Tempest scattered a full 6Ē off them.

Empire Turn 1

The steam tank generated 2 steam points and put them both into firing the cannon, which smashed through the bastilidon facing it. 1 down, 2 to go! The rest of the Empire line counted itself lucky that the Lizards had stayed put as much as they had and followed suit, though the volley gun did move up so it could be assured a shot next turn.

The pistoliers did have a tight charge on the chameleons that had got right up close to them and overran the skinks. Magic was 8-5. To try and get some chaos in the Lizard lines, the heavens wizard put all his power into a comet which focused right infront of the carnosaur. Alas, it was cast with irrisistable force and he blew all wizarding knowledge out of his head!

The war machines looked to show as much enthusiasm, the mortar landing a shell bang on the skink skirmishers infront of them, killing 7. The leftmost cannon landed unluckily just infront of the Engine of the Gods, but the right cannon crushed through another Bastilidon. 2 down, 1 to go!
Not to be outdone, the outriders blasted 2 ripperdactyls out of the sky whilst the crossbows and handgunners each dropped a couple of enemies.

Lizard Turn 2

With a comet about to land infront of them, and the devastation wrought by the Imperial guns, the Lizards decided they should go on the offensive. Pretty much the entire army moved up as fast as possible with charges on both flanks. To the left, the pistoliers had left their flank open to the saurus and fled from the battlefield rather than be run down. On the right, the last ripperdactyl charged into the great cannon, destroying it.

The comet landed, with sadly less impact than I had hoped. In the end it killed 3 temple guard and 2 saurus. Magic was 4-1. The Slann pushed through fiery convocation on the halberdiers and all the Empire wizard lord could do was read his scroll of shielding. Even so, 14 halberdiers fell.
The skinks picked off troops here and there with blowpipe fire whilst the Ancient Stegadon with giant blowpipes somehow forced a shot down the hatch and wounded the steam tank. The razordons flung their spines at the halberds, dropping a couple but also eating a few of their handlers.

Empire Turn 2

The Steam Tank generated 2 points, one of which it used to trundle forward, the second of which it used to fire itís cannon at the ancient stegadon right infront of it, wounding it three times.

The Imperial knights charged at the salamander, which fled away. They redirected their charge at the skinks skirmishers, who tried to do likewise, but were trampled by the knights, whose banner meant they would almost always move a great distance.

Meanwhile, the outriders decided it would be easier to dispatch the chameleons in combat and so charted in. One of their number fell, but the skinks were no match and fled from the battlefield.

Shooting saw a general thinning of the saurus lines, with no major victories.

Lizard Turn 3

The Lizard lines were closing in now. The carnosaur and stegadon saw the chance to charge into the steam tank. The carnosaur was blocked by a group of archers though so first is charged into them and unsurprisingly ran them down but its pursuit was poor and it stopped short of the greatswords. The stegadon fared no better, failing its charge. The rightmost saurus also failed a charge into the haberdierís sword detachment.

The skink skirmishers showed them all how it was done though by making a charge against the cannon and killing the last crewman, whilst the ripperdactyl flew frenzied into the handgunner detachment who somehow fended it off and killed the beast!

The magic was 8-5 and the Slann called a tempest onto the greatswords, which would have been worse had they not have benefitted from the witch hunterís magical protection. Still, 6 of them died. The razordons had obviously decided they were more hungry than angry and ate another few handlers whilst dispatching a halberdier.

Empire Turn 3

The greatswords declined the opportunity to charge into the carnosaur, fearing a flank charge from the large saurus block. Instead, the steamtank generated 3 steam points and put them all into the engine to plow into the monster! It took 3 wounds from the dinosaur, though the plans went awry as the enraged beast ripped great chunks from the hull, causing 6 wounds.

The magic was 8-4 and the Wizard Lord cast net onto the temple guard to try and make them think twice about what they did next turn.
The crossbows wounded the Ancient stegadon, leaving it teetering on the brink of death. The artillery was obviously losing steam though as the mortar exploded noisily and the helblaster misfired with a clear and close shot at the saurus.

The Count's Tavern / Lizards incoming!
« on: July 24, 2013, 07:49:18 AM »
So I guess it really is lizzies next!

I'm quite glad really.

Not great pics as far as I have seen... But there's a lot of new dino stuff...


2400 Pts Empire vs Dark Elves

Played this game on Friday evening against my brother, pretty fun stuff so take a read! (Sorry about the pics, I really need to start bringing my camera and stop using my phone cam!)


Arch Lector: Armour of Meteoric Iron (in spearmen)
Grand Master: Runefang, OTS (in knights)
Captain BSB: Griffon Banner (in spearmen)
Death Wizard L2 (in spearmen) (Soulblight, Caress of Laneph)
Warrior Priest: Beserker Maul (in knights)
Fire Wizard L1 (in handgunners) (Fireball)

40 Spearmen inc command
20 Swordsmen (detach)
20 Halberdiers (detach)
10 Handgunners
10 Crossbowmen
10 Knights with great weapons inc command: Banner of Eternal Flame

Great Cannon
Great Cannon
5 Pistoliers
5 Pistoliers

Helstorm Rocket Battery

Dark Elves:

Dreadlord on Dragon: Pendant of Khaleath, Ogre Blade
Master on Pegasus: Armour of Darkness, Opal Amulet
Death Hag BSB with Cauldron of Blood
Death Sorceress L2 on Dark Steed: Talisman of Preservation (Soulblight, Purple Sun)

30 Corsairs inc command: Banner of Swiftness
5 Dark Riders: xbows
5 Dark Riders
11 Spearmen inc standard bearer
5 Harpies

Cold One Chariot
Cold One Chariot
6 Cold One Knights inc command: Ironcurse Icon



We rolled up scenario, deciding to discount watchtower as we played it last game and came up with meeting engagement. I 'won' the roll which meant setting my army up first, but likely getting first turn to compensate.

I got luckier with reinforcements, in that I didn't get any! One Empire cannon and the engineer would turn up turn 1. My dragon took a sigh of relief.

I set up quite a ways back from the line, not really wanting to get straight into combat. My army was supposed to be able to use speed to pick it's battles so I wanted some time to run up. I have a lot of glass cannons  on the table and getting charged by the wrong thing at the wrong time would see it collapse fast!

The Empire decided to castle up in the corner to avoid me getting into their backfield, plus give some time to shoot me up on the way over. Intimidating. On the right flank, his pistoliers shadowed the dark rider vanguard. On the left flank, I decided to let his pistoliers get around my flank and pushed towards his main line instead.

I won first turn and the battle began!

Dark Elf Turn 1:

Being so far from the Imperial Line, it would take a while before I could hit his lines. This gave me a chance to shuffle my units around as they moved though, which was handy. My powerful units moved towards his main infantry blocks whilst the dark riders tried to swing around the flanks.
On the left, my chariot broke off from the attack to threaten the pistoliers whilst my corsairs begun the long trek towards the enemy.

The Death Sorceress summoned a purple sun and sent it towards the knights hoping for a good distance, but it came up very short, leaving the possibility of it interfering with either of us next turn.

Empire Turn 1:

The late arrival of the second cannon meant no shooting this turn, it came on behind the pistoliers on the left, no doubt trying to open up some nice flank shots on my army.

Both sets of pistoliers swung to harras me, the leftmost ones damaging the chariot, whilst the others shot down 3 dark riders, who easily passed their panic test.

The Imperial war machines boomed and the cannon struck the dragon with unsurprising accuracy. It took 4 wounds from the shot, leaving it greatly weakened. The helstorm fired into the midst of the Cold One Knights, the templates scattering out, but failing to do any real damage.
Potential disaster occured for the elves as the purple sun turned back and glided over the Pegasus, but his high initiative allowed him to avoid the catastrophy.

Dark Elf Turn 2:

Though the Elves had started far from the Empire lines, their speed was incredible and they swept down on the Imperial troops. The Dragon Lord and Hydra moved right up to the Spearmen ready to unleash their breath (charging was still risky at this stage, would have needed good rolls).
Unfortunately for them, the pistoliers had reduced the dark riders to a small snough frontage to be able to sneak behind the crossbowmen and charge the great cannon, which they dispatched easily, a tough early break for the Empire.

The harpies also surprised the Empire defences by flying up and over the Handgunners to charge and tear apart the Helstorm crew, reforming to face back towards the handgunners themselves.

The Pegasus Master, not wanting to sacrifice himself to block the knights from charging the dragon, swept over the swordsmen, turning ready to support wherever he may be needed.

The sorceress put all of her effort into a bubbled soulblight which would prove really bad for the spearmen. This proved horrificly true moments later as the dragon breathed it's dark fumes killing 17 spearmen and before they could recover, the hydra covered them in flames, burning another 13. Suddenly, the Empire line was looking a lot weaker.

Empire Turn 2:

The loss of so much of their pivotal unit of spears took it's toll on the Empire moral, but there was still a battle to be fought and so they struck back. The rightmost pistoliers moved up close to the dark riders and blasted them apart.

The great cannon unleashed a shot which plowed through the sorceress and cold ones. She somehow emerged unscathed whilst four of their number was brought down.

In the centre, the spearmen charged into the hydra, supported by the halberdiers, which hit it in the flank. The Arch Lector summoned prayed after prayed, the most dangerous of which was soulfire, allowing their weapons to bypass the hydra's regenerative ability. Whilst they were unable to fell the beast, they wounded it greatly. It's vengeance was almost as bad though as it brought down many of the halberdiers. The combat ended up tight and everyone held.

Meanwhile, the Grand Master spurred his knights into the flank of the dragon, which had no choice but to hold. The Dreadlord called out a challege, eager to avoid having to take on the whole unit and the Grand Master accepted. The elf snuck a wound through the human's armour whilst the human decided to attack the dragon before it got a chance to strike him. It proved to be a discerning move, killing the beast and leaving the Lord on foot. Unable to bear the brunt of the unit's pressure he fled, narrowly avoiding being run down as the knights plowed into the weakened Cold One Knights.

Dark Elf Turn 3:

The Dark Elves were unpeterbed by the loss of the dragon, their Lord still lived and, seeing the knights get caught up by the cold one knights (whom they swiftly slew and reformed to face the main combat), he turned once more to battle.

The dark riders on the left tried to get to the cannon there but came up short. At the same time, the chariot behind them spun around and shot at the pistoliers, bringing one down and forcing them to flee out of range.

The harpies swooped down on the handgunners, ripping them apart and swarming into the Fire Wizard who had left their ranks to try and escape.

Meanwhile, seeing that the Hydra could easily be overwhelmed, the chariot and pegasus master charged in to help. Both armies had a bubbled soulblight in effect, cancelling each other out somewhat, but the Empire troops still had soulfire which was enough to bring down the hydra. Even with this minor victory, the charge from all angles from the other elf units proved too much and both units broke. The Chariot plowed straight through the halberdiers running them down, whilst the pegasus master easily caught the Lector and his spears, a major coup which meant slaying the General and BSB in one stroke.

Empire Turn 3:

The loss of the main battle line hurt the Empire greatly, but with the knights still fully intact and an enraged Grand Master, the fight was not over. They raised their swords and charged into the pegasus master, who after a brief duel with the Grand Master took flight and fled out of reach.
The leftmost pistoliers rallied whilst the right pistoliers moved up and fired on the chariot.

The swordsmen turned back to face the centre, at a bit of a loose end now.

The great cannon fired upon the left chariot but due to a sneaky blessing from the Cauldron, the ball was turned away by their ward save.

The Brush and Palette / Scaly Green new?
« on: December 22, 2012, 01:05:15 PM »
Hey all,

I know they expanded the paint range recently but haven't got round to checking them out. Now scaly green was dropped a while before the change so I assume it doesn't appear on the convertion chart.

But they have got a lot more colours now and I wondered if anyone knows of any of the new paints being very similar. looking on GW website one of the base paints looks the same but I don't trust the pictures at all.  :icon_razz:

Warhammer 40k Discussion / Thoughts on these random dudes?
« on: December 20, 2012, 10:04:14 PM »
So for some reason I remembered that I had these guys lying around from years ago today. I got them as part of the Skullz thing GW did back in the day. I wanted something else but by the time I had saved up the points all they had was 40k stuff.

I don't know if these are rare or cool or what though, not being a 40k player in any way shape or form.

Firstly I have the Iwo Jima style diorama thing as pictured here (though not my pic, mine are still like I got them)

Then I have these two fellows, both of which are quite cool but I know nothing about them other than they are super old sculpts.

The Marine just says "Imperial Marine' on the tab but the eldar says 'Harlequin' and '1980' on it.

Thoughts about them? Should I sell 'em off on eBay or I dunno... if I collected 40k it would be really cool to use but as it is, kinda pointless really...

The Brush and Palette / Another Month, Another Superglue Thread
« on: November 01, 2012, 06:31:56 PM »
Ok, I know this gets asked all the time, but I need some superglue advice.

Plastic glue no worries. Testors/Revel - best thing ever. All good.

Metal glue though... oh the pain. For a few years now I have been using GW superglue because I hate those ones in a little bendy tube that seem to go bad and crack and then spill everywhere. But GW glue has been doing worse and worse for me. It all dries up near the lid and gradually goes sticky, then solid in the bottle.

The last one I bought had a brush applicator. I took great pains to keep it upright. It lasted a few weeks and then was solid as a rock! So finally I have had enough.

All I want is a glue that works ok (gets a good hard bond) and that won't go dry on me really fast, plus any advice on how to prolong it's life. I pin most metal stuff so I don't necessarily need insta-dry, though I'm not complaining if it is.

Just something that does the job and hangs around for a long time. And if you can supply it's name and where I might find it I'm not gonna complain.

Thankyou one and all!

WHFB The Electors' Forum / Combat Reform Rules Debate
« on: August 14, 2012, 01:43:22 AM »
Ok, so yesterday this happened:

A unit was in combat with another unit, head on, with a third unit about to charge it in the flank:

>> <<<<<<
>> <<<<<<
>> <<<<<<
  > <<<<<<
  > <<<<<<


Now as you can see, the large unit is about to get charged in the flank by a unit that can disrupt it's ranks. The question is, can it combat reform to face the new unit before it charges?

We ended up kinda coming up with two answers. Theoretically, if it has no command or characters, then yes, as no models are moving out of combat, just turning on the spot (which you are allowed to do in order to reform to face a unit that has flank charged it that turn, for example).

But it seemed like you would be unable to if you have command as they would physically have to move out of base to base with the original unit, hence breaking that rule.

Though now I think about it, even changing formation to face a unit that has flank charged you means that some rank and file guys will move out of base to base contact in order for your command to move in... which makes me wonder once more if the whole thing would actually be potentially legal.

Is it perhaps that the number of models in contact must remain the same, rather than the exact ones...

Anyways, this spawned much back and forth debate and no real iron clad consensus in the end.

Thoughts or helpful rules we might have missed?

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