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So I read on and off various threads on the T9A forum, and it just feels like the creators resent their players?

I have seen plenty of topics where people are asking for simple considerations, to which the creators often just shout down or say too bad because of xyz.

I also find it weird they insist that the game is different from Warhammer, and that you cant even mention it, but they insist on applying the same tropes. One example was that one of the creators said Vampires shouldn’t have missile weapons and Dwarves can’t have cavalry. Why? The reason for that is Warhammer. If you are free from its influence, be free?

I don’t know, it just feels pretty toxic to be honest. Any thoughts from those who partake in T9A?

Age of Sigmar Discussion / Skaven and Beastmen combined?
« on: September 11, 2017, 06:52:39 AM »
Whats all this about?

The Brush and Palette / An appropriate Orc Flying mount model?
« on: September 01, 2017, 01:01:00 AM »
Any ideas?
The new Wyvern thing is way too expensive, and I dont like the texturing.
The Old Wyvern is very long with an awkward pose.

Any ideas for other models / manufacturers?

The Brush and Palette / Swamp Goblins - inspiration?
« on: August 27, 2017, 12:40:39 PM »
Hi guys,

I remember a few years back someone posted pictures of some really fantastic Night goblins as Swamp goblins.
I vaguely thought it was Finlay, but after a search of the boards couldn't find it...

Hi everyone, so i wanted some alternative mounts for those chaos knights, as i love them, but dont want to use the empire knight horses with chaos heads. I was wondering about the current chaos knight horses? What else?

Hi guys,
I have about 100 zombies, 20 dire wolves, a couple of corpse carts and some other things with rotting skin.
The rest of my Vampire Count army is pretty much done.
I want to know an easy way to paint their flesh. Base coat and wash is all i feel like doing... i have some of the old inks too, if it helps.
Thinking mainly the red fleshy colour, rather than a grey or blue...
Do any of you guys have any advice?

The Count's Tavern / Romans - which manufacturer makes the best?
« on: May 25, 2017, 03:39:14 AM »
Which are the best? Mainly after an era that would fight Gauls and/or Celts.
My father in law is keen to start collecting, and its his birthday in 2 weeks.


Any interest? Anyone bought it?
I played a bunch of X-Wing, and I find the concepts they are presenting here interesting....

The Count's Tavern / Clash of Empires - Great Escape Games
« on: March 09, 2017, 03:22:26 AM »
Any of you played it? Any good?
I had a flick through the rulebook, and it almost looks like Warhammer Historical?

The Brush and Palette / My custom Demi-gryphs
« on: January 06, 2017, 12:22:45 PM »
Now Demi-gryphs have been a unit choice for quite some time now, and I am surprised no one made a unit like this (that I have seen) before.

Basically when the new Griffon was released, on eBay people put up their old ones. I bought 2 extra's, and used the original I had, to make this unit. Some horse barding for armour, over the lumps where the wings were. Greenstuff a saddle, change the poses slightly, and add a rider, then  away we go.

What do you think?

The Imperial Office / MOVED: Mermaids
« on: November 28, 2016, 12:50:58 AM »

So, having played X-Wing and Warhammer (and other games), what would you all think about a game that combines the simplicity of X-Wing Movement and Action cycles, with the complexity of Warhammer?

For example, using the movement dials, simultaneous movement, having a characteristic that determine priority of movement, and then actions afterwards (shooting, magic or combat all rolled into 1 phase).

As some of you may know, I have wanted to design a wargame for a bit, since the demise of Warhammer, one which is based on strategy and movement, as well as mathematics for "balanced" (or at least transparent) army construction.
Previously I was of the mind of using similar movement to Warhammer, but the thought struck me the other day that movement dials would be a good way to do it also...

So, I never had one of these before.
I used to just post the odd thread here and there whenever I could be bother taking so photos, hosting them, and writing up a post.

But I thought, I do a bunch of various other bits and pieces nowadays, and with a son, and daughter on the way, the amount of time I will have is only going to get less, so might as well contribute more about the less that I am doing...

Where to start?

Such a good question, and.... well I don't know  :blush:

But here goes!

The Brush and Palette / Fireforge Mongol Horse Archers
« on: August 26, 2016, 05:01:45 AM »
Hi guys,

Has anyone bought these?


Do you have any size comparison shots?

I am really keen on them, but unsure - just because they will need to be shipped internationally...

The Brush and Palette / Help to identify these miniatures
« on: August 24, 2016, 02:06:01 PM »
Hi guys,

I got 4 miniatures from eBay in a bulk lot, and I don't know where they are from. They have interchangeable weapons.
Here is a picture of 2 of them and their weapons. I also have a samurai and barbarian, however I have already converted the barbarian and am keeping the samurai with my other Nippon stuff.

Anyway, here's the picture:

Any ideas?
Furthermore, anyone want these 2 and their weapons?

The Brush and Palette / Warlord's Marienburg army
« on: August 24, 2016, 01:14:25 PM »
Today, I decided to take some photos of the Marienburg army I speed painted.
The idea behind this army, was to quickly paint up an alternative Empire army for use in Civil war style battles. I have PLENTY of Empire models, but I wanted another painted one, quick. It was also to use all the models that I don't really want, like, or care about. Well - kind of. I quite like a few models, like the pistoliers and the swordsmen, but otherwise the rest I don't really like that much.

But at least they are painted!

But now, I need to clear out space, and my main mate that I used to play now lives in Brisbane, and I painted his Orc army about 5 years ago. These guys are based the same. So what I am going to do, is next time I visit him, take this army up, and leave it up there so I can use it whenever, and he will have 2 armies that he can use with other friends too to play the odd game.

So as a final send off, I thought I would take a few nice photos before they get packed up and not seen again in Sydney. The photos are not great quality, however either is painting! At least this will give a good overall view of the army.

On to the pictures!

I more mean as an internal comparison / hierarchy / tiering

The longbow / composite bow should have greatest range.
Should crossbows only be 2 inches less?
Should Regular bows be as accurate as handguns?
What about obscure ones like Blowpipes, throwing axes, javelins?
Where should short bows fit? Who used them historically?

I know a bit about history, but some of these to me have always seemed a bit odd, and was wondering what you all think?

The Count's Tavern / Anyone playing X-Wing?
« on: November 10, 2015, 02:06:33 AM »
The Miniatures game?
They have replaced Warhammer for me at the moment.

Quite enjoying it, and a great site online where you can build whatever squad you like for free to tinker with builds.

The Electors' Forum / Historical Rulesets
« on: August 05, 2015, 05:40:12 AM »
Hi guys,

I am wondering what tabletop wargame rules are there to represent historicals?
I know this is perhaps jumping into the deep end of the pool, but I am curious what people use... or what is standard...

The Count's Tavern / Different types of mancers?
« on: July 27, 2015, 12:16:00 PM »

Any others?

How do units mount and dismount from vehicles in 40k?

Could it be a potential rule Fantasy might benefit from? Chariots, Gyrocopters, Corpse Carts, etc.?

The Electors' Forum / Some ideas around formations
« on: July 27, 2015, 08:03:17 AM »
Some ideas I have had for single unit formations.
Idea being that a unit will fit into one of these depending on race, equipment, and utility.

There are some baked in terminology changes I have used which are reflected in some alternate rules, which perhaps make it difficult to see the full effect, but I am curious if anyone has any thoughts in these ideas below - if there is anything particularly broken.

Some other assumptions:
   • Horde is no longer a rule - replaced with the 'wide' formation below.
   • Unformed = Skirmisher.
   • Steadfast is no longer a rule
   • Supporting attacks and step-up are rules that continue to exist.
   • Infantry ranks are 5, Cavalry ranks are 4, Monstrous Infantry ranks are 3.


Units with 2 ranks equivalent or less models can ignore the minimum and maximum width restrictions of a single unit formation.

Units cannot be wider or deeper than double the size of a minimum rank. Infantry cannot be wider and deeper thank 10 models, cavalry 8, monstrous infantry 6.

   • Unformed units cannot have any more than 20 models in the unit.
   • Models in unformed units must be positioned 1" apart from each other.
   • The models in the unit must all face the same direction, creating a front, two flanks and a rear.
   • When successfully charging or being charged, an unformed unit constricts its size for free, base to base around the front and centre model(s) to look like a 'formed up' unit. This is only done once engaged in combat - if the charge fails or if the unit flees, there is no requirement to constrict. Once the unit is no longer engaged in combat, then the unit will expand to having each model 1" apart again.
   • The number of ranks, files and facing does not change when the unit is constricted - all that is being done is removing the space between the models.
   • Unformed units can move at double movement all the time. They do not march.
   • Unformed units have 360 degree vision for the purpose of shooting.
   • Unformed units gain no benefits for ranks (no combat score bonuses, and cannot disrupt enemy units flanks/rear)
   • Unformed units can make free reforms in the move phase to be as wide or narrow as needed, within the parameters for double the equivalent troop type rank width and depth. No model in the unit is permitted to move greater than double its move value while the unit performs these reforms.
   • Unformed units wheel, pivot and charge like other units, however will not incur any movement penalty for performing a 'Shuffle' to the side.
   • Unformed units have no movement penalties for most terrain, and cannot cross Impassible Terrain.
   • Unformed units are Difficult to Hit (-1 to hit shooting)
   • Fleeing unformed units are assumed to be performing a Mock Flee, and as such will not instigate any Shock (Panic) tests

   • Mobs must be arranged as wide as they are deep once they exceed 1 rank's worth of depth. Mob units larger than a ranks depth must attempt to adopt a square formation, where the number of files in each rank, will also equal the number of ranks.
   • A unit cannot add a full additional rank without having first added a full file. For a standard infantry unit currently in a 5x5 formation, the outcome is that the unit can have 5 full ranks with 4 files in the back rank (6 models deep), or have 5 full ranks with an additional file per rank (6 models wide). Any larger, and the unit will need to add another rank or file to reach a 6x6 size formation. This is then repeated to reach a 7x7 formation, and so on.
   • Add +1 to morale per full rank. No Maximum (except the natural upper limit for Morale)
   • Gain +1 bonus to combat resolution per rank to a maximum of 2
   • If fleeing, no rank bonuses apply.
   • Shock Charge. (Devastating Charge)
   • A Mob unit can have their rank bonuses prevented by:
      ○ An enemy Infantry unit in the flank or rear with 2 full ranks of models
      ○ An enemy Monstrous Infantry or Cavalry unit in the flank or rear with 1 full rank of models
      ○ An enemy Monster in the rear

   • The width of the unit cannot be more or less than 1 full rank.
   • Gain +1 bonus to combat resolution per rank. No maximum.
   • A Formed Up unit can have their rank bonuses prevented by:
      ○ An enemy Infantry unit in the flank or rear with 2 full ranks of models
      ○ An enemy Monstrous Infantry or Cavalry unit in the flank or rear with 1 full rank of models
      ○ An enemy Monster in the rear

   • The width of the unit must be double the rank bonus requirement.
   • Rank bonus is still applied on the minimum required width.
   • If engaged in combat with one unit in the front, the entire front rank, as well as the supporting attacks of the second rank can be directed towards this engaged unit. This represents the lap around effect of a wider unit.
   • If engaged with multiple units to the front, all models not directly in base to base (and supporting base to base) with an enemy unit can direct their attacks to any unit engaged to the front.
   • Gain +1 bonus to combat resolution per rank to a maximum of 2+.
   • A Wide unit can have their rank bonuses prevent by:
      ○ An enemy Infantry, Monstrous Infantry or Cavalry unit in the flank or rear with 2 full ranks of models
      ○ An enemy Monster in the rear
   • The width of the unit can be either than 1 full rank, or double the rank bonus requirement.
   • Unit is required to be equipped with a spear and shield or heavy shield
   • Gain +1 bonus to combat resolution per rank to a maximum of 4+
   • A Phalanx that wins combat against an enemy unit can push an enemy unit an amount of inches equal to the Phalanx unit's quickness value instead of the usual 2".
   • A Phalanx unit can have their rank bonuses prevented by:
      ○ An enemy Infantry, Monstrous Infantry or Cavalry unit in the flank or rear with 2 full ranks of models
      ○ An enemy Monster in the rear

   • The width of the unit can be either than 1 full rank, or double the rank bonus requirement.
   • Unit is required to be equipped with a shield or heavy shield
   • Gain +1 bonus to combat resolution per rank to a maximum of 2+
   • A Shieldwall gains +1 Warding (Armour) rule on turns where it did not march or charge.
   • A Shieldwall unit can have their rank bonuses prevented by:
      ○ An enemy Infantry, Monstrous Infantry or Cavalry unit in the rear with 2 full ranks of models
      ○ An enemy Monster in the rear

What do you think?

The Electors' Forum / Stupidity is stupid.
« on: July 27, 2015, 02:22:43 AM »
Never been a fan of stupidity as a rule.

To my mind, Stupidity should be Stubborn combined with Always strikes last - as a rule.

Rather than a test which means you cannot move.

Hi all,

I assume because you are all sick of seeing emcdunna and myself interjecting into all your threads about potentially changing rules, etc. I thought I would start a new thread where he and I can just keep our discussion flowing in the one place, and where we can keep a track of the links where we have interjected.

You all can interject telling us how stupid our ideas are.









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