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The Count's Tavern / Re: Dinner!
« Last post by GamesPoet on July 20, 2018, 11:09:52 PM »
Turkey tenderloin with peach basil cream sauce on a bed of linguine, served with edamame salad, potato salad with dill and egg, along with Lobetia Chardonnay 2016.  Yum! :icon_biggrin: :::cheers:::
The Count's Tavern / Re: Other Manufacturers
« Last post by GamesPoet on July 20, 2018, 11:01:16 PM »
Looks good! :icon_cool: :::cheers:::
Good run! Yes Jim missed a great eyepatch moment 😺
The Count's Tavern / Re: Happy and Random Thoughts!
« Last post by Feanor Fire Heart on July 20, 2018, 06:56:53 PM »
Gordon Ramsay Demonstrates Key Cooking Skills

The Count's Tavern / Re: Other Manufacturers
« Last post by Midaski on July 20, 2018, 06:49:19 PM »
The sprue for the new plastic Oathmark humans from NorthStar

Looks like all the options of weaponry are available for all 5 bodies.
I also assume these will work with previous Frostgrave plastic figures - should lead to some wonderful conversion options
Quote from: Xathrodox86
Maybe even on these forums...
I'll be looking for it!  :::cheers:::
Dead Man's Hand--A Treasure Hunt in the City of Ghosts
The Old Guard, New Estalians and Bay Watch fight over shiny treasure

John was prevented from attending game night this week. Another bloodbath ensued. (Although the actual body count was comparatively low...)

There were 4 treasures to fight over.  The Bay Watch won the roll to set up first and were assured 2 treasures right off the bat. (Even though they ended up moving last.)
End of turn one (the 'new piece of terrain' has a ruined roof now, all photos by Jim "Old One Eye" L.)

The New Estalians have decided to shoot Bay Watchers.  This lessens their later argument that the Old Guard are the biggest threat to both warbands, so Bay Watchers should shoot Old Guard warriors first (even though it is true.)

Kind of backwards (because in turn order they moved first, pictured second), but this is the New Estalian position at the end of turn 1 (stupid Friendly Flag).

And the Old Guard.  In the far distance the complete ruin of the Temple of The Toad is sort of visible (grey blocks of rubble there at the top right).  The Temple collapsed in the New Estalian turn.

End of Turn 2: the Bay Watch

The confrontation on the Great Temple

Guns in the hills

Guns in the ruins

Kill the Witch (um, Warlock) He got better.

Turn 3: Lots of fighting, shooting and such.  The New Estalians grab a treasure.

Crossbows on the hills! (Using rubber tipped arrows, thank goodness!)

The Bay Watch charges!

Al Bobo (now in Bay Watch blue) takes a hand.

More general melee (with sniping that doesn't do much).

The New Estalians get whittled down, though several of the Old Guard fall as well... Two events that happened the Last Time happen again.  Hands of Stone (which holds those Estalians in front of that blunderbuss) and Storm of Chaos (which causes Captain de Guzman, Critter and Slim to be chosen as Champions of the Gods...)

Escaping with the treasure

Al Bobo attacks the hired Tilean (last one left in the campaign).

The New Estalians rout with 9 henchmen, hired swords and one hero out of action. (10 out of 17 total.)

The Old Guard have five warriors out of action (but one is swab, so he doesn't count).  The Bay Watch have one henchman out of action. The Bay Watch must cause one more causality to force a rout.  And Juan is down...

Juan survives (well he is getting all shot up in this photo, but he got to cover and hid).  The Bay Watch henchmen on the stair are all cut down.  Captain de Guzman leaps off of the temple to attack Critter! (Critter has the shiny green treasure)

The end is near.  Critter (and his 3 wounds is out of action).  Beardy II (with his three wounds reduced to 1 by Almah) is about to be charged by Francisco.  Mrs Wolfgang has been charged by The New Champion of the Gods Captain de Guzman.

The Bay Watch flee with 8 warriors out of action (out of 12 warriors total), including Critter, Beardy II and Mrs. Wolfgang.

The New Estalians only lose one crewman, killed by Almah.  Two Swords almost dies, but is saved by the Medicine Chest and only loses an eye.  They gain one treasure from the scenario

The Bay Watch suffer three henchmen captured (2 by the Old Guard and one by the New Estalians). Beardy II and Critter recover from their wounds, but Mrs Wolfgang is robbed. The Bay Watch steal an exotic animal hide from a skink hunter in exploration and gain one treasure from the scenario.

The Old Guard win and gain 2 treasures from the scenario.  The swordsman Caspar, who was rescued from a dungeon last week, dies.  The Esmeralda the Witch dies.  The Old Guard capture the Bay Watch's last handgunner (and a random guy with a club.)  Another witch returns a favor.

Side notes: There are five blunderbusses left in the campaign.  The New Estalians and Bay Watch fired all of theirs.  The Old Guard once again bumbled about for the entire game looking for 'that shot' which never appeared.  On the other hand, both of the New Estalian gunners and the lone Baywatcher were out of action at the end of the fight...

 Jim L had an operation on his left eye recently. I think he missed an opportunity by not wearing an eye patch to game night.  I mean pirates, right?  But there was definitely some intimidation when he would look at you before rolling the dice.   The photos turned out great considering. (And in general he did pretty good at moving models without depth perception.  His dice rolling did not improve.)
The Count's Tavern / Re: Dune: Book, Movie, Miniseries.
« Last post by Feanor Fire Heart on July 20, 2018, 05:46:32 PM »
I agree.  Hints of the betrayal (so there is a pay off) rather than being upfront about it would make the film more compelling.
The Count's Tavern / Re: Dune: Book, Movie, Miniseries.
« Last post by Grutch on July 20, 2018, 04:34:08 PM »
There was a big push in HBO from the GOT team to make DUNE but it was all but shot down. 

I was really happy with Villeneuve's Blade Runner.  It's one of the best films of last year.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed for how he handles Dune.  As we have learned with Star Wars recently or Lynch's film in the past,  Producers and Executives can really derail a project. I'd like to say that I hope he film's Dune in a different way than Herbert Wrote the book.  I would rather not have Harkonen and Emperor's plotting revealed up front and give the new audience some surprise just as an example.  After a second reading of Dune, I felt it would have been a more exciting story but Herbert had this storytelling as a narration or even biblical perspective.  After all the entire format is as if it were history.  Dune from a film perspective could be a lot more interesting with a series of reveals and mystery.

Moving this to CT.
The Count's Tavern / Re: Dune: Book, Movie, Miniseries.
« Last post by Feanor Fire Heart on July 20, 2018, 03:37:12 PM »
I'd be happier with an HBO series, perhaps with each season being a different book.
The Count's Tavern / Re: Clone Wars Returns
« Last post by Gankom on July 20, 2018, 03:32:51 PM »
I'm looking forward to it, especially if they tie up some plot threads and lead it into rebels. I enjoyed rebels a fair bit. There was enough stuff that felt like adult level story telling without going over board or spoiling it.
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