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The Electors' Forum / Re: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th Edition
« Last post by zak on Today at 03:06:48 PM »
1st edition was my very first RPG love the game 2nd was not bad at all ...3rd is WAY to complicated almost ridicules

I would love a 4th edition that goes back to the roots  :::cheers:::
The Brush and Palette / Re: Chumley Warner's Empire. Chaos Champion
« Last post by zak on Today at 03:03:18 PM »
nice one  :::cheers:::
The Imperial Office / Re: Tilean Campaign, IC2401
« Last post by Padre on Today at 02:59:23 PM »
The Reman dwarfs, garbed in iron and steel from head to toe, marched in very fine order out from the battle line, wheeling a little to face the foe’s main regiments in the centre. This allowed the Cathayan’s behind them to march up and fill the gap so created.

The Pavonan huntsmen moved boldly over the rocky hill towards the lines of still-smoking leadbelchers …

… while on the other side of the hill young Lord Silvano led his last surviving Sharlian Riders (elven mercenaries) in a charge against the gnoblar trappers. The young lord was bloodied by one of the vicious traps the greenskins lobbed onto the ground before them. Half the gnoblars died in this assault, and the other half fled in panic only to be cut down by the riders pursuing them. Silvano’s pursuit took him and his riders right into the two monstrously large mournfang cavalry who were lumbering up that flank.

As the Pavonan halberdiers struggled to hold their viciously strong and battle hardened opponents … 

… the Morrite priest began their prayers in earnest, first cursing the flesh of one of the leadbelcher companies on the enemy’s right, then employing an amulet of coal to kill one of them. An iron round-shot plunged deep into the flesh of the rhinox carrying the ironblaster, and yet the beast still lived! Another round-shot felled one of Mangler’s bulls, but the third cannon and the Helstorm were unable to fire, most likely due to a combination of fear and overhaste on the part of crewmen.  Two thunderous volleys from the Pavonan handgunners brought down a brace of leadbelchers, while the Cathayan crossbow wounded another. On the other flank of the army, the Reman crossbow also felled a leadbelcher and sent the rest of them running!

Thus it was that using less than half the pieces that they had arrived on the field with they had managed to kill four ogres, wound several others, and even send some running. Captain General Duke Scaringella cursed angrily, furious that they had been unready to let loose with the full complement of artillery sooner.

(Game Note: What a first turn it could have been if all the artillery had fired, followed by a second turn with the same, as well as 54 crossbow and 32 handgunners!)

Next, turn 2 …

"hey" Julian yelps- more noise than word.
He leaps to his feet, grasping for the hooded elves clothes to pull him away from sirallonil, while also fumbling to draw his sword.
The Imperial Office / Re: Tilean Campaign, IC2401
« Last post by Padre on Today at 02:54:57 PM »
At last, and the wait had seemed as long as it was terrible, the drums began to beat and the horns were sounded. The armies of Pavona and Remas were ready to act.

Knowing that they had been caught off-guard by the ogres sudden lurch forwards, and thus failed to deliver the barrage of shot they had fervently hoped for, they did not hold back now. Captain Ettore led the largest of the Pavonan halberdiers’ regiment in a charge against the maneaters, mainly because he was unwilling to be the recipient of their inevitable charge.

Three of his soldiers died from the Maneaters’ massive pistols, followed by nine more when they made contact, all to very little observable effect against the thick-skinned brutes. But they had stopped the ogres’ advance and then they somehow held their ground to fight on. On the far right the Visconte Carjaval and his mounted men at arms smashed into the ironguts before them …

… killing two and wounding another. Not one knight had perished in the assault. The brutes turned and fled, while the visconte ordered his men to restrain their pursuit and reform to face the main body of the foe.
The Brush and Palette / Re: Chumley Warner's Empire. Chaos Champion
« Last post by Rowsdower on Today at 02:27:41 PM »
Great job :::cheers:::
Can Mortus call wind from any direction?
Axe him in the face Heinrich! Axe him in the face!!!!!

Who's that? Old school Bloodletter? :ph34r:
If your personality is destructive and addictive, you need to keep on the straight and narrow :)

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