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The detail is killing! How much time goes into this?

Too much to my liking, but I do like the resut even though it's still only battleready. But I dare not to really time the work I put in.. I would scare myself I think.

Anyway here is a small update on my progress
Just some more Shield Drones done (battleready)

More about my progress and other stuff in my blog
Well doe on the painting too! :eusa_clap: :icon_cool:
Awesome as usual.
They do look way better as half tracks.
Finlay, it was the track units everyone hated. I bought the half track kits from Zinge industries (where you got the crush-able barrels) it makes them look good. Like a modern vehicle.
when the Tauroxes were released werent they widely scorned, model wise?

I think they look great fr1day
Hi all!
Welcome Screaming Lizard, 28 mm miniature by Brother Vinni

The Brush and Palette / Re: They pay, I paint, they play
« Last post by Silvero on Today at 03:11:21 PM »
Marius looks good though. Honestly I am fine for you to paint him how you like.

Glad to hear that! :smile2:
 Just let me know about the stuff that shouldn't be made according to classic GW scheme they have on their webstore. And maybe add some more info about the older models like Elector Counts or Grand master, since they might had different paintjobs every on every edition. Especially freehand on their barding was highly detailed every time, so just let me know about that  :-)
The Brush and Palette / Re: The Leesburg Garrison
« Last post by RE.Lee on Today at 02:45:14 PM »
After playing some Chaos and Skaven its time to play the good guys again and are there any finer soldiers than the Leesburg Garrison? (Probably yes, but that's beside the point)

We'd be playing the "3 scoring units" scenario (these are highlighted)


Wizard Lord, level 4 Beasts, 5+ ward
BSB, +2S, Enchanted Shield, Luckstone
Wizard, level 2 Fire, dispel scroll
Warrior Priest
Captasus, Dragon Helm

40 Halberdiers, command
5 Archers in detachment
18 Handgunner, command, reapeter handgun

32 Greatswords, command, BoEFlame (these guys are S4+2, due to house rules).
3 Demigryphs, champion, halberds

Steam Tank

Wood Elves:
Level 3 Metal, Power Scroll
Level 2 Beasts, Dispel Scroll

14 Eternal Guards, command
14 Glade Guards, command
14 Dryads, champion

2x7 Wild Riders, command
3 Treekin

6 Waywatchers


I got: Fireball, Shards, Wildform, Savage Beast, Flock, Cure of Anraheir

My opponent got: Searing Doom, Robe, Final Trans, Amber Spear, Wildform, Earthblood
Good job
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