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This version of the plastic skeletons are big fellas which take up a lot of space. There are only a few in my army and they make the Mantic ones look a bit wimpy.

These look nice again. Every time you post up a regiment my resolve to never paint big fantasy armies again is tested...
Awesome! Thanks Friday. The changes will come 😺
I have 2 razorbacks as well for some punch. Split a squad of hunters.
1 drop pod for the blood claws at the moment
Crusader for the wolf guard
I have 1 more hunters squad and a blood claw squad to build. Maybe 1 more drop pod and another rhino.
I would like some more thunder wolves and maybe some longfangs.
No aircraft at this point.
Even after the point reduction they are still quite a lot of points. Also with the new deployment rules, and their size, and the squad having to deploy still 9” from enemy they are not as good. They take up a lot of space, which a wise opponent won’t let you have.
However they are good for getting your troops in the enemy’s face, reducing deployments and sitting on objectives once down. Also they reduce your susceptiblity to alpha strike and can always be used to reinforce your battle line to react to your opponents moves. Though this is reactive rather than proactive and should be avoid unless necessary

Painting wise on the rhino, only a little one, I like to do the ammo in hoppers in brass to contrast with the gun. Also the lights can simply be painted dark yellow then given a wash and grill picked out in metal to contrast them. Lastly I’d paint the lens on missile, coupla and bits in at least red to detail them. Easy to do but makes a bit difference.
Good advice! Will scrounge the bits for another storm bolter.  I also have 4 drop pods (3 uncompleted) for the other squads. Is it still viable to have that many. I originally purchased them with that in mind?
Looks good, you do need the transport in 8th to survive.
I’d add a second storm bolter to it though, for 2 points it’s gives it 8 shots with in 12”. And that range seems to be where the game needs playing with all the -1 to hit stuff around now
Thanks. They I think are pretty cool sculpts, too!

Done with the latest batch of the second gen. Citadel skeletons. I ended up putting two on individual bases, since I had some trouble fitting 4 on every 40mm base. So I end up with more "footprint" than planned, the regiments will still look full, and I have a start on my "singles." So it's a win/win/win.

Rhino joins the squad. Hopefully will keep em alive to reach their objective.

Hi all!
the Hero of Nord.

The Brush and Palette / Re: Konrad makes pistol militia!
« Last post by Konrad von Richtmark on December 16, 2017, 09:00:02 PM »
While waiting for spray-undercoated crossbowmen to dry and stop smelling, I painted up some pistol militia:

Just using mass production methods here, painting in flat colours and treating with wash. Skin areas were re-highlighted with original colour, and hair and beard of the guy on the right was re-drybrushed white.

Current objective is to have two units of 10 pistol militia each, and use them for T9A. I have all the models, consisting of 8 old converted foot pistoliers (used as DoW Duellists back during 6th edition), two more later made in the same style, a few additional ones I assembled, and some requisitioned from models I used for Free Company detachments back in the day.
The Count's Tavern / CDO Presents: Golden Hat
« Last post by Karak Norn Clansman on December 16, 2017, 04:20:04 PM »

CDO is now hosting a Blood Bowl Chaos Dwarf competition, in case of interest for any frothing fantasy football coach around here.
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