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Warhammer 40k Discussion / Re: 8th edition on route.
« Last post by PhillyT on Today at 08:06:04 PM »
I'm loving that!

Everything sounds good to me, though the 6+ for the painboy isn't all that impressive...
The Count's Tavern / Re: Magic the gathering...gathering thread
« Last post by rufus sparkfire on Today at 04:19:10 PM »
They did a good job on the mana-fixing for the 4-colour decks. 5-colour is just as easy really.

We don 't know for sure yet if these are real cards, though they do look very authentic.

I'm not surprised they've done tribal dragons, because everyone loves dragons! It's going to be hard to find three other tribes as popular.

wasitoru is broken.
flying, trample, huge body, 5 cmc, gross combat damage ability- that will be really easy to trigger due to the flying, trample, huge body.

Not as broken as Prossh!
I was going to flag up the anniversary, but then I forgot!

Wow. Thanks for playing, all!  :::cheers:::

It's funny how it's only been about four months of game time.

So things have been a bit hectic and with a change up of my technique, models are taking a lot longer to complete, I've no doubt I'll speed up eventually. For todays update I've finished a Bolt Thrower and 1 Crew Member. The other 2 Crew are taking some time to finish, once they are done I'll post them up. I am really pleased with the result of the extra time taken on the Crew Member, looks a lot cleaner.

Bolt Thrower:

Crew Member:

Still on my list to complete is:

Ltd Edition BSB
Mordheim Trollslayer
King Alrik Ranulffsson and Shieldbearers
Belegar Ironhammer
Mordheim Treasure Hunter

Anvil of Doom

Crossbowmen x10
Warriors x20

More updates to come!
I wonder if Amazon.uk still has cheesey Halloween monacles and top hats...
holy shit.
 :::cheers::: :::cheers:::
5 years ago today, Rufus made the first RPG post!

Here's to 5 years of WFRP!!!

"Ragni, you and I both know that Heinrich and Julian can carve every little shit on that boat up with ease. Still, this could be bigger. We need to keep the evidence out of the hands of the exiles. Let's charter a boat and tail them. If things get sour, we get Mortus out of here and back to the Inn."

Admund notices the commotion nearby. "Oh piss on this. C'mon let's get to a boat". Admund will set off for the waterfront.
The Count's Tavern / Re: Other Manufacturers
« Last post by Midaski on Today at 02:22:59 PM »

Plastic Byzantines
So new they're not even on the Fireforge site yet ..................
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