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The Brush and Palette / Re: Hair to Die For!
« Last post by carturello on Today at 11:40:17 AM »
Very good customization, I look forward to the next steps
The Brush and Palette / Re: Every Month a Theme: April 2017 Hate-ril
« Last post by mottdon on Today at 11:28:26 AM »
Lovely!  I think she actually goes much better in a VC army than Empire!  I've come so close, so many times, to buying that model. She has such unique rules. But just too darn expensive for me!
Well I'm trying to decide if it is worth reading the rules and builidng a 9th Age Army or ifI should just bring models for frostgrave
The Brush and Palette / Re: Altdorf Army
« Last post by Silvero on Today at 10:56:06 AM »
I' m soo much in love with these models - greats sculpts + amazing painting. I' m glad that GW tried at least a bit follow their pattern with 7th ed Archers/ Huntsmen. But I'd still like to paint one or two of these metal ones...
"It's good news that Clan Llianlach isn't completely corrupted," Max says. "The dark elves' plan might still be in its early stages. Hopefully Neralon will be able to help us solve this problem without causing an outcry in the city."
I am waiting for Operation Red Veil Box, so if it gets here before the Bash I will take it. I am true beginner, so don't worry about me rekting you. Which starter set did you get?
I have to keep looking the names up in the book.

Tallaindeloth was the one you promised to take the evidence to. You made the deal with an elf called Neralon. He wants to see the evidence first, before you show it to anyone else.

I thought the one who died was possibly part of the evil clan we are investigating, suggesting that they're not all dark elves yet.

That's right! She implied she was a Llianlach.
The Count's Tavern / Re: Magic the gathering...gathering thread
« Last post by rufus sparkfire on Today at 09:18:29 AM »
Leovold is horrific, but I've never seen anyone play him due to the hatred it would draw.

Protean Hulk is probably a nasty combo engine. It has price-spiked like crazy since yesterday!

I've been reading a thread about protean hulk. It sounds horrendous. Aven Mindcensor and Ob Nixilis, Unshacked at the ready!
was Tallaindeloth the clan who promised to help us?
What did we agree to do, show them what evidence we gathered?
Julian greets the party  feeling extremely well rested "ah, best nights sleep I had in a long time. Doesn't seem like you guys are as well rested. interesting night?"

"A Llanliach agent investigating their own house... seems like not all of them are part of this plot then. Shame we couldn't get any more information from her though, we need someone to talk to within the house who might be more sympathetic to us. or at least appreciate the importance of stopping whatever is happening.

If you left her on the boat with a bit of luck they might think it was only fellow elves there, although now they know this knife is gone they're sure to act quickly."
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