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clowns in space
« on: October 22, 2017, 06:28:42 AM »
I've had an idea for a new space marine army. Here's the contrived origin.
20 years ago, I used to look after a pair of boys every now and then and they had these knockoff G.I.JOE space men style toys. They didn't play with them in the conventional manner boys played with action figures in the day, they Just sent them on silly, slapstick riddled adventures instead.
Whilst unpacking some boxes the other day, I discovered I had some of these figures in a box of random stuff. I cant remember how I wound up with them. Looking at them reminded me of all the fun those kids had with them.
I'm going to start the army this coming week. I wont need to modify the marine miniatures much to resemble the astronauts much. They'll operate under codex rules and despite being inspired by a bunch of accident prone morons, they wont suffer from stupidity.