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Title: Barony of Wusterburg, Wissenland
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Inspired by Le Pistolets excellent background to his army, I finished mine in a similar style, collating lots of work I had done previously. in places I have been influenced by other fluff on this site too, I hope those who have influenced me are happy where it applies.

Being an extract from the Liber Schwartz, the book of accounts, lands, chattels and holdings of the Barony of Wusterburg.

Herein is collected the accounts of the lands, territory, taxable assets, rentable properties and other items of note and worth from the lands relating and in the ownership of the Barony of Wursterburg, being under the lordship of Baron Uryens de Crux.

The compilation begins by assessing the geography of the barony and its various towns and military strength as of the month of Sigmarzeit in the year 2525IC.

Enclosed are maps of the region drawn by the cartographers of Imperial Ordinance and an analysis of each location in the area.


More detailed local map



Note: Militia refers to citizen defence militia, watchmen and organised armed bands. Garrison troops are typically halberdiers and hand gunners. It must also be pointed out that at any given time the Baron’s own mercenary army “The Free Company of Solland” may be in garrisoned prior to, or following, any given campaign.

Size: Town
Ruler: Baron Uryens de Crux
Population: 2000
Wealth: 3
Economy: Agriculture, Trade, Brewing
Garrison: 100 Militia minimum
Notes:    Ferry, docks and harbour for trade up the Soll towards Nuln
Large bridge over the river to Hornfurt and the Old Stone Road
Close by is the site of Bugman’s Brewery

Ravenswood Manor
Size: Fortified Manor
Ruler: Baron Uryens de Crux
Population: 30
Wealth: 3
Economy: Beekeeping.
Garrison: 30
Notes:    Personal residence of the Baron de Crux
Located approx. a mile out of Wursterburg itself

Size: Village
Ruler: Baron Uryens de Crux
Population: 200
Wealth: 2
Economy: Agriculture
Militia: 50
Notes: Has recently seen much fortification

Size: Village
Ruler: Baron Uryens de Crux
Population: 90
Wealth: 1
Economy: Agriculture
Militia: 8

Size: Village
Ruler: Baron Uryens de Crux
Population: 273
Wealth: 2
Economy: Agriculture, Brewing
Militia: 25
Notes: Located close to the former site of Bugman’s this uses the same spring water for its brewing and produces the finest local brewed ales

Size: Village
Ruler: Baronet Uryens von Kell
Population: 500
Wealth: 2
Economy: Trade, Peat Cutting, Fishing
Militia: 50

Size: Hamlet
Ruler: Baron Uryens de Crux
Population: 150
Wealth: 2
Economy: Orchards
Militia: 50
Notes: Currently the size of this Hamlet is swollen by the presence of a large workforce working on the building of a new castle for the Baron de Crux. Much of the population is made up with labourers, stonemasons and carpenters working on the building site close to the village.

Size: Village
Ruler: Baron Uryens de Crux
Population: 78
Wealth: 1
Economy: Agriculture & Woodcutting
Militia: 5

Size: Village
Ruler: Baron Uryens de Crux
Population: 1200
Wealth: 2
Economy: Trade, Agriculture, Coaching
Militia: 75
Notes: Hornfurt was recently under the lands of an absentee lord, and was annexed by the Baron de Crux in the events of 2524IC. As yet there has been no complaint by its former owner and since then the Baron de Crux has undertaken several projects of improvement and defence to the large village.


The River Röten
This marks the northern most extent of the Barony of Wursterburg and provides good fishing for the villages nearby

The Tann Hills
A low range of hilly ground west of Rotenbach that provides good grazing for sheep and goats, but is otherwise quite wild and untamed, seldom seen by travellers.

The Zietwald
Woods to the south of the Tann Hills, providing wood for fuel and good hunting ground for the Baron.

Little Water
Laying to the West of the Tann Hills this is a lake formed by the water running off the Tann Hills and is quite isolated from the larger populace though there are very small communities scratching a living from around it.

The Geltensumpf
Laying south of the lower branch of the Soll it almost marks the southern end of the Barony was it not for the town of Kell. It is however used by peat cutters to provide a rich source of fuel for the area, as well as game birds, water foul and eels.

The Ichen Hills
Laying to the east of Hornfurt, these hills provide rich grazing for cattle, as well as much small game, wild fruits and suchlike.

The Dietenwald
North of the Röten this is dense woodland, rarely travelled though its northern edge does see a number of woodcutters and charcoal burners.

This is a comparatively peaceful corner of the Empire, untroubled by Greenskins, Beastmen and even the incursions of Chaos, its only major concerns are banditry and the recent civil war and as such it prospers well. While not having the rich arable land of the Reik, or the horse pasture of Averland it does boast fertile ground, good grazing for livestock and mining wealth from the Grey Mountains and Black Mountains as well as trade from the Border Princes, all of which flows through Wursterburg on its way to Nuln and beyond.

Notable People:

Baron Uryens de Crux

Ruling over the Barony of Wursterburg since the Emperor Karl Franz granted him the title on his ascension to the throne. The Baron is now in his 50s and is still a powerful, fit man whose demeanour and appearance can be often unnerving to visiting nobles and seldom earn him an invite to court. With his head shaved, a short cut beard and a face lined with the swirling tattoos most usually seen on Slayers. Rumour has it that in his youth he adventured in the far north and fell in with some of these doom laden Dawi in the city of Praag, which is when he acquired his facial ink.

Otherwise little is know for certain regarding the Baron’s early life and career, other than it left him a superlative swordsman with fear for no enemy he might face

Baroness Katarina de Crux
Has been wife of the Baron for over three decades and mother to his two sons. The Baroness, while not a classic beauty is attractive enough, but more importantly she possesses a keen mind and is a gifted merchant and seneschal of the estate. It can be said it is her skill is the main reason the Barony is prospering so much in recent times and her influence over the family fortunes will no doubt be felt for many years to come.

While the Baron is master of an army, and commands the ear of the Emperor himself, there is no doubt that the Baroness Katarina is the ruler of Ravenswood Manor.

Baronet von Kell
Uryens, the Baronet von Kell, is the Barons eldest son, and heir to the family estate, title and fortune. He is a tall, athletic man in his mid twenties. Handsome, well educated, independently wealthy and boasting great skill with blade, horse and pistol he is now the overall captain of the family’s mercenary force The Free Company of Solland, leading the secessionist forces in some of the thickest fighting of the civil war of 2524IC.

In this fighting he earned a reputation amongst his soldiers for bravery, good leadership and being a general that cared for his men, traits that serve now only to garner greater loyalty amongst his soldiers and ensure that men will join the Free Company when they raise their banner, even now the Baronet leads troops north to join the Emperor in his scourging of the northern forests.

While currently he is unmarried there is clearly some romance between him and the Countess Elayna Contyre of Stattenland, a match that would prove beneficial to both sides and ensure the continued success and fortunes of the de Crux family.

Vekram de Crux
The younger son of the family, Vekram is cast from the same die as the rest of the family Tall, powerfully built and handsome. He is recently graduated from the University of Altdorf where he earned a reputation as a quick wit, skilled duellist and quite the rake with the fairer gender.

He is currently enjoying a spell as a coronet in the Imperial Pistol Corp, which to date has seen him involved in several skirmishes in the northern forests against the remnants of the Archon’s army which has earned him a reputation as a dashing cavalryman.

It is hoped that in time he will lead a force from the Free Company into battle in his own right, continuing the family martial tradition.

Captain James Bruden
One of the Baron’s longest serving and most trusted retainers. Captain James Bruden is the Baron’s aide de camp, herald, and standard-bearer. He has a calm, unhurried demeanour that makes him the natural choice as herald and aide de camp, often his calm voice works to counter the Baron’s impetuousness.

He is a middle-aged man and everything one would expect from a man in his position. Generous to a fault, brave, compassionate and clever and a well loved officer.

Captain Lanfried Tauber
A hard man and a bitter veteran of many battles the Captain is also in his middle age but bears a dour temperament, accentuated by his scarred face and broken nose that conspire to give him a sneering or snarling look. Born to a camp follower and an unknown father he has been around soldiers all his life, working his way through the ranks till now he holds the captaincy of the Barons personal guards, his Greatswords. He is utterly loyal to the Baron and protects the Baron’s household with fierce pride.

His fearsome reputation is also enhanced by his general role as camp Provost when the army is on campaign, responsible for much of the discipline metered out for any infractions against the Free Company’s Articles of War.

Captain Joost Van Riekert
Originally a Marienburger, Joost finds himself happily in the Baron’s pay after a foreign venture some years ago to Araby. He regularly finds himself lining up with the Baron’s halberdiers to provide them with clear leadership and his great experience. More importantly he has family connections with some of Marienburg’s wealthiest merchant houses and is often sent with Captain Bruden or the Baroness to arrange any business the Baron has in that city, or with its merchants.

Captain Johannes Tierman
Tall, handsome, dedicated and loyal are all terms to describe a knight, and Captain Tierman is such a man. Frequently leading the Barons knights into battle he is a lion on the battlefield and every inch an Empire Knight off it. Popular with the ladies and genial with everyone he is often the centre of attention, especially in taverns, inns and social events. He is always immaculately dressed in the latest fashion and is extremely proud of his moustache.

Ser, Priestess of Myrmiddia
A striking young woman who hails originally from the border princes where a Tilean priest of Myrmiddia raised her as an orphan. Like many of the Barons officers Ser came to his service in earlier campaigns, and having a priestess of Myrmiddia is always a boon to a professional army like the Free Company. She is a model of a calm, rational and scientific approach to warfare and is often the first to voice the option no one wants to mention. This frequently leads her into arguments with the Sigmarite priest and even the Baron, but neither will deny she is a very competent soldier whose ideas sometimes prove pivotal to a campaign strategy.

Moreover she is an excellent quartermaster and is often tasked with the provisioning of the army when it is in the field.

Volkin, Warrior Priest of Sigmar
Volkin is a local man who devoted himself to the service of Sigmar some years ago after an epiphany while fighting Orcs in the northern woodlands of the Empire, under the Baron’s command as it happens. Like all those of his calling he is a fiery character and is of simple peasant stock. This common touch makes him very popular with the troops, but frequently brings him almost to argument with Ser on how to conduct matters, mainly when they are both away from the battlefield.

Despite this he has a grudging respect for Ser, and acts as the advisor on spiritual matters to the Baron, and the army, often providing blessings on the eve of battle.

Pholtus, Wizard Lord
A powerful practitioner of his art, were he interested in such things he would be a powerful leader of one of the schools of magic but like many of his craft he has a detachment from the ordinary affairs of the day, consumed instead by his researches.

Pholtus learned his arts in the days before the arrangement of the schools of magic and learned his craft in the crucible of adventure and battle. Now he is sidelined from the houses of learning in Altdorf and seeks the skill and knowledge to further his art in the place he has always found it, in the wild lands fighting the enemies of mankind, or in the tomes of other mages slain in battle or taken prisoner by his Baron.

Percy, Journeyman Wizard of the Bright Order
Perhaps the one person in the Baron’s service that knows the full history of the Barons life and career, Percy was an adventuring companion of the Baron in decades past but it would be a brave scholar that dared to ask of those days from the volatile and tempestuous Fire Mage.

As with Pholtus, Percy learned his craft away from the colleges of magic, though he now belongs to the Bright Order, perhaps given special dispensation for his part in whatever task they performed for the Emperor.

Valentijn van der Veen, Master of Works
Valentijn van der Veen is an engineer in the classical sense, rather than being infatuated with steam, pipes, gunpowder and the newest technology he is instead the builder and captain of the physical defences and fortifications of the Wusterburg area. Currently he is fully occupied with the construction of a castle near the village of Rotenbach.

A Marienburger by birth and upbringing he was educated in the arts of engineering in the internecine Tilean wars where is knowledge of the craft impressed the Baron enough to take him into his employ.
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The de Crux Family History:

Herein continues the details of the Barony of Wursterburg, chronicling the history of the de Crux family, the local history and brief notes on its present notable figures.

The de Crux family is an old one, claiming to trace its lineage back even to the time of Sigmar Himself. Certainly there are sufficient records in the local monasteries and the ancient rolls held in Altdorf that the de Crux family held the lands around Wursterburg when Gorbad and his Orks that spilled through Black Fire Pass and raised Solland in 1707IC.

After that the family fortunes waned. Their lands had suffered greatly at that time and in the subsequent political upheaval they lost their lands in the greedy land grabbing that saw Solland become Sudenland, going from powerful nobles to merchants and tradesmen while others who had been untouched by the Greenskins sought to profit.

But always the name of de Crux lived on, the family line never quite gave up and fathers would tell their children of their birthright as they saw it, no matter what their present station or class.

Some sons would carry on as tradesmen or merchants, but others would take up sword and amour either as mercenaries or adventurers after a fortune, always with the goal of reclaiming the family lands.

For generations this continued, sometimes with success and some small parts of land would be bought, only for later generations to lose them again, other times sons would set off to seek their fortune, never to be seen again, no doubt their lives and quests ending in some dark place in the world.

In 2201IC it is noted that an Uryens de Crux, named after the sire of the line as all the firstborn sons are, was a captain of a small mercenary force in Marienberg during the siege there in the time of the three Emperors and it seems that since that time the de Crux family have sought their fortunes in either war or adventure, and the Free Company of Solland has been seen on every major campaign since, fighting for one side or the other and, while they are mercenaries, they have earned a reputation for loyalty and dedication to the cause that sometimes even surpasses the nobles that pay them.

Since that turning point there has always been a branch of the family maintaining roots in Wursterburg while other sons have led a nomadic life around the Empire and beyond as captains of the Free Company.

The family’s latest, and greatest, change of fortunes came as recently as 2503IC when the Emperor Karl Franz himself granted the latest Uryens de Crux the title Baron of Wursterburg. No one knows what service was performed to be rewarded this task; Uryens himself says he has sworn an oath of secrecy and will not tell of it. All that can be certain is that the Baron de Crux has the acquaintance of both the Emperor and the Graf Todbringer.

With their lands and titles restored the de Crux family is waxing in power. The Baron and his wife, Katarina have two sons. The eldest, also named Uryens is entitled Baronet von Kell and has taken command of the Free Company, the second son, Vekram has recently finished is tutoring at the University of Altdorf and is now undergoing his final apprenticeship as a coronet of horse in the Imperial Pistol Corp.

Boasting strong ties in Marienberg, The Border Princes and even Barak Vaar the de Crux family seems set for a long period of stability after many years of toil and wandering.

The following is intended a potted history of the Wusterburg area, as much as can be discovered from the archives of the local church rolls, noting the dates of certain local events.

0-1707- Few records remain of this time but rolls and charters show that the de Crux family owned large tracts of land hereabouts and had strong links with the Dwarves further south and at Bugman’s brewery. Indeed it is records of the dwarves that the de Crux family relies on to show its noble lineage.

1707- The whole region is completely destroyed by the invasion of Orc Warlord Gorbad Ironclaw, many of the survivors gather in the Wusterburg area around the de Crux family for protection as the remnants of the Waaagh remain in the region.

1707– For the first time in human memory there is no beer this season, even worse many of the dwarves leave, swearing oaths to hunt the Orcs that destroyed their brewery to the ends of the earth.

1715- a baron from further north annexes Wursterburg while the reigning Baron de Crux is hunting Orcs further south around Sonnefurt and Kruezthofen. By the time the Baron returns it is too late and he finds his lands displaced.

1720- Brewing is restarted in the region by the local brewers. They use much of the resources once used by Bugman’s. The area soon grows a good reputation for beer making.

1727- The former Baron de Crux attempts a coup but it is easily repelled, but local support for the old baron remains. The old baron retreats and falls out of history.

1756- All across Southern Sudenland the crops fail and there is widespread famine. Riots further south threaten to ignite insurrection in Wusterburg and its environs as well.

1804- Many reported sites of witch lights in the local woodlands and marshlands leads to an influx of witch hunters leading to a reign of fear and recriminations.

1821- The docks and ferry at Wusterburg are first built and trade across the region improves.

1845- Two new villages are added to the tax records of the barony as population increases.

1861- A captain of the Pfeifraucher family bearing the name of de Crux is notes as being stationed in Sonnefurt.

1897- Captain de Crux of Sonnefurt is discredited after claiming his troops were killed in battle by undead in nearby hills, he returns to the hills to prove his case and is never seen again.

1908- The ruling baron is killed accidently on a hunting trip by a young squire called de Crux.

1979- Large parts of the town are bought be a trading cartel operating the ferry, led by a de Crux.

1984- Local charcoal burners refuse to work claiming that they are being underpaid by the local baron for their work. They are threatened with brutal retribution to them and their families before returning to work on the edge of starvation.

2015- Three centuries after taking power in the region, heavily armed marauders clad in black and red attack the baronial manor without warning and raise it to the ground, leaving no survivors. The barony passes into the hands of the Von Mecklenburg’s as counts of Sudenland.

2101- Goblin raids in the south combined with a regional famine mean poverty rises and banditry becomes widespread.

2102- Goblin raids reach Wusterburg but are driven off by the appearance of a band of horseman calling themselves “The Knights of the Southern Sword” who disappear as soon as they arrive.

2202- Rich from service to the city of Marienberg a de Crux returns with a small army to Wusterburg and rebuilds the old baronial manor, calling it Ravenswood. The de Crux family remain as mayors of the town for several generations.

2227- The de Crux family successfully petition the town to be granted a charter, giving it special rights regarding tax collections and trade levies, increasing the local wealth.

2300- The de Crux family sends much of its wealth and troops to aid Magnus the Pious in his great war against Chaos. They lose almost everything in the war and the family once again falls from history.

2424- After the sacking of the Nuln by Goblin Warlord Grom, many noble Wissenland families move south for protection.

2501- After nearly eight centuries the de Crux family regain the barony of Wusterburg. Uryens de Crux is granted the lands, by the Emperor Karl Franz himself, shortly after his coronation.

2502- The baron’s first heir is born, also named Uryens.

2405- The baron’s second son, Vekram, is born.

2513- New trade links are opened with the towns of the border princes and silver, gold and other minerals come north as beer, grain and horses are sold south, along with regular supplies of mercenaries from the Free Company.

2524- Wusterburg and the Baron de Crux are at the centre of “The Solland Effort”. The Free Company marches under the ancient Solland Battle Flag in a number of battles before the secessionists and Wissenland loyalists are forced to come to terms.

2525- The Baron de Crux sends a large portion of the Free Company north, led by the Baronet von Kell, to aid the Emperor in hunting down the remnants of the Archon’s forces.

An account and details of the current Orders of Battle of the Free Company of Solland, sometimes known as The Grand Army of Solland.
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The Baron’s Army:

The Free Company of Solland


The Ravensguard
Weaponry: Greatswords
Size: 20
Training: Veteran Soldiers
Station: Ravenswood Manor
Leader: Sergeant Reuter
Detachments: 2x9 Rodeleros

The Order of the Crown
Weaponry: Lances
Size: 9
Training: Knightly Order
Station: Rotenbach Castle (Nominal)
Leader: Preceptor Netzhoch
Notes: The Order of the Crown is a small knightly order mainly comprised of disenfranchised nobles from across Wissenland and Averland who have sworn to serve the Baron. Nominally their home is Rotenbach Castle but in reality they are found wherever the Baron makes his wars.

The Order of the Greenway
Weaponry: Lances
Size: 6
Training: Knightly Order
Station: Ummenbach
Leader: Preceptor Hausmeier
Notes: A very obscure and poor knightly order, they are an order oddly dedicated to Taal and Rhya.

The Knights of the Southern Sword
Weaponry: Lances
Size: 7
Training: Knightly Order
Station: Unknown
Leader: Preceptor Blauenloerven
Notes: An unusual knightly order, and little is known about them other than they claim to be an ancient order of knights that has wondered for many years, dedicated in the quest against all of Man’s enemies. Their most recent history has seen them in Araby for whatever reason, but their dress and style harks back to an older time, and is more reminiscent of the technologically stagnant Brettonians. That said, they are fearless knights and the ferocity of their charges is enough to send lesser troops fleeing before a lance is broken.

The Wusterburg Company
Weaponry: Halberds
Size: 40
Training: Professional Soldiers
Station: Wusterburg (Nominal)
Leader: Sergeant Starkpfeifer
Detachments: 5 Handgunners. 9 Free Company Militia

The Soll Volunteers
Weaponry: Halberd
Size: 20
Training: Professional Soldiers
Station: Eigenhof (Nominal)
Leader: Sergeant Schwartzburg
Detachments: 2x5 Handgunners
Notes: The newest raised company in the army; they were raised from volunteer soldiers from Pheildorf and all the towns down the Soll to Wusterburg. They are liveried in the old Solland colours of yellow and white.

The Honourable Fellowship
Weaponry: Swords
Size: 25
Training: Skilled swordsmen
Station: Rotenbach Castle (Nominal)
Leader: Luthor Eisenburg, Esquire.
Notes: Rather than a disciplined band of swordsmen, The Honourable Fellowship is instead a band of sellswords, adventurers and swashbucklers who have all found themselves in the service of the Baron at one time or another. Together they form a motley looking band of warriors, but are resolute, skilled in battle and have earned a reputation for holding their ground, as well as for being the least disciplined troop when away from battle.

The Wusterburg Handgunners
Weaponry: Handgun
Size: 10
Training: Professional Soldiers
Station: Wusterburg
Leader: Marksman Eisenmacher
Notes: One of two identical units.

The Wusterburg Handgunners
Weaponry: Handgun
Size: 10
Training: Professional Soldiers
Station: Wusterburg
Leader: Marksman Grossfuer
Notes: One of two identical units.

The Rotenbach Archers
Weaponry: Bows
Size: 10
Training: Militia
Station: Rotenbach
Leader: Marksman Vielenhoff
Notes: Formed from the huntsmen of the village that gives the unit its name.

The Turbenthal Archers
Weaponry: Bows
Size: 10
Training: Militia
Station: Turbenthal
Leader: Marksman Krankenkrafte
Notes: Formed from the huntsmen of the village that gives the unit its name.

The Galenthal Archers
Weaponry: Bows
Size: 10
Training: Militia
Station: Galenthal
Leader: Marksman Lichtenhemd
Notes: Formed from the huntsmen of the village that gives the unit its name

The Hitisau Huntsmen
Weaponry: Bows
Size: 10
Training: Militia
Station: Hitisau
Leader: Marksman Eisensein
Notes: Formed from the huntsmen of the village that gives the unit its name, they regularly scout far and wide for the Baron’s army.

The Zietwald Dragoons
Weaponry: Repeating Handgun
Size: 10
Training: Professional Soldiers
Station: Rotenbach Castle (Nominal)
Leader: Outrider Sergeant Schwerhanden
Notes: Tough, veteran light horse, equipped with the latest repeating handguns.

The Wusterburg Road Wardens
Weaponry: Pistols
Size: 8
Training: Professional Soldiers
Station: Coaching inns throughout the barony.
Leader: Outrider Grossheimer
Notes: Skilled horsemen, armed to the teeth with pistols and with a daring temperament these road wardens are usually tasked with keeping the barons roads free from bandits, as well as keeping him informed of any comings and goings in his lands.

The Honourable Sorority
Weaponry: Swords
Size: 10
Training: Skilled swordswomen
Station: Ravenswood Manor
Leader: Mistress Zweitoten
Notes: Akin to the Honourable Fellowship, this is a small band of swordswomen who have taken up arms for their own reasons, perhaps adventure, perhaps because war found them. All of them have been welcome into the Barons service and now form a guard for the baron’s family where their appearance and gender often catch their enemy by surprise.

The Free Company of Solland Siege Train
Like all good armies the Free Company boasts several pieces of ordinance as listed here:
Two Great Cannon
Two Mortars
A Helstrom Rocket Battery
A Hellblaster Volley Gun
A Grand Bombard

In addition, should the locale and war being fought be favourable, the Free Company can also boast several large regiments of pike, crossbows, smaller field cannons, barbarian warbands, dwarven mercenaries and even ogres.
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Really like it Uryens! Nicely done, looks like a lot of detail. Haven't sat down and read it all yet, but I'm looking forward to reading it in much more detail when I get the time.

I'm really glad I could inspire something like this  :blush:


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Wow ............. just Wow      :engel:
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Great stuff mate....
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Excellent! :icon_biggrin: :icon_cool: :eusa_clap: :::cheers:::
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Alright Uryens, I know you've been thinking about this stuff for a long time now.  Where's the rest of it.  I demand more.  MOAR!!!  That 1707 year was kind of a pain.  For some reason I keep seeing that year on every timeline...
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  That 1707 year was kind of a pain.  For some reason I keep seeing that year on every timeline...

Yeah, what a bitch of a year, whose idea was that?  :dry:

I'd just like to reiterate the flattery I felt when Uryens told me his timeline corroborates with dates that I laid down in mine. Being virtual neighbours it's awesome we can do things like this. Its just a shame he's a Sollander  :icon_rolleyes:
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Just like its a shame Sonnefurt doesnt have a proper noble in charge ;)

I think its one of the great things of this site, and the hobby in general to a lesser extent that these projects can work together. I wanted to try an integrate my fluff with Le Pistolet's mainly from a role-playing view point (since I occaisionally run WFRP games) and the more coherent history there is in a region the better. Makes the GMs job a heck of a lot easier!

With the 2524 project there was a wealth of history and information generated, and this just extends that. What I personally would love is if forum members who had their Wissenland nobles in the other towns around this area could join in and slowly we expanded the gazetteer of the region from the Border Princes to the Riekland.

There is more work I want to do, again along the lines of Le Pistolets work, to creat a proper gazeteer of Wusterburg, a proper map is key for starters!
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Just like its a shame Sonnefurt doesnt have a proper noble in charge ;)

Just cause she's a woman (and reportedly a drunk and a flapper  :ph34r:). She has the retraining influence of the Marshall though, a real man.  :icon_wink:
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Awesome stuff!

I usually write a few of these type of 'databases' on towns, but I haven't done one for Wissenland. Perhaps I should write something about General Hans von Plauten, acclaimed 'hero' of the Wissenland Loyalists. He has his eyes on the title of Wissenmarschall, he feels the current commander is getting on now and quite ready to retire to country estates!
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Post by: Sir Bedevere the Wise on June 13, 2010, 07:12:03 PM
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Quoted for truth. And because I am using Vista (and hate it with passion). While creating any kind of background for my force is something I would like to do, I cannot get the motivation/energy to do this. A little question out of curiosity, your notes say that noble title has been awarded by the Emperor himself. I am by no means skilled historian, but should not this be done by Elector Count of Wissenland (or some other fief).

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Post by: Uryens de Crux on June 13, 2010, 08:52:02 PM
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Quoted for truth. And because I am using Vista (and hate it with passion). While creating any kind of background for my force is something I would like to do, I cannot get the motivation/energy to do this. A little question out of curiosity, your notes say that noble title has been awarded by the Emperor himself. I am by no means skilled historian, but should not this be done by Elector Count of Wissenland (or some other fief).

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Not necessarily.

Solland/Sudenland was granted to the Elector Count of Wissenland by the Emperor but doesnt belong to the Wissenland Elector, but belongs to the Emperor (until Solland gets its own provincial status back again) and go it can be given to anyone the emperor wants to.

Thats certainly how it works in the real world.

If however it was lands in Wissenland proper, then it would be the Wissenland Electors choice, and the Emperor wouldnt have a say in the matter, at least not legally.
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Post by: Burgermeiser on June 22, 2010, 07:20:05 PM
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Post by: Lord_Bieter on July 03, 2010, 02:24:15 AM
Oddly enough, though I consider myself a consummate Averlander, my old WFRP character was a Wissenlander, with a barony and all, having taken it from a Baron named Herbart. He is Baron Johan Bieter of Steingart, cousin to Hans Bieter, current Grandmaster of the Knights Aver. While Johan has his routes in pen-and-paper roleplaying, the other inhabitants of Steingart are mainly from a series of Skaven short stories I wrote a few years back while in College. If you like I can merge my fluff with the rest of yours and put up a map and gazetteer.  :happy:
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