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Title: A Wedding in Wissenland
Post by: Le Pistolet on April 27, 2011, 09:57:32 AM
Well Hello there,

I know I've been spamming the Imperial Office with loads of Sonnefurt stuff recently but it rarely sees any action, so I figured I may as well keep it alive...

Anyway, this thread is entirely different as it is interactive background, and I need as many people from the community to get involved, particularly those with a particularly affinity with the greatest province, Wissenland.

With the Royal Wedding coming up, I was inspired, and decided to further my Sonnefurt fluff, the Baroness should be actively seeking a husband to move her up the political rankings to add to Sonnefurt's growing industry and prosperity. Also, she is in need of an heir so that Solland insurrectionists do not move in on Sonnefurt as she ages.

With this in mind, the call goes out to any avid fluff writers on this forum. Here is the official speil:

Dear esteemed Nobleman,

Baroness Katarina von Heisenberg of the affluent Barony of Sonnefurt cordially invites you to a grand ball at her country villa.

At this ball, the Baroness will choose a husband from the prospective candidates, taking into consideration their wealth, political standing, ancestry and lineage.

Attached is an image of our radiant Baroness.

The Baroness eagerly awaits your arrival

The Council of Towns and Villages of Sonnefurt


So basically, I want propositions from several different candidates, I will eventually pick one and they will be written properly into my background.

A proposition should include:

Name and Title (wealthy merchants equally allowed)
An Portrait (optional)
Their motivations for the marriage (political/financial/lust etc)
What the Baroness stands to gain (land/wealth/trade links/status)
What the Baroness stands to lose (if anything)
Anything else that may convince the Baroness
Nuptial Agreements on the leadership of Sonnefurt (ie do they propose co-leadership/sole leadership under themselves/sole leadership under the Baroness/taking the Von Heisenberg name etc)

For extra help, please consult my information on the Barony (found a thread below this currently). I will soon be updating with a political guide to the Barony which may prove useful to anyone who wishes to appeal to Sonnefurt's masses.

Currently the Barony is looking for:

Increased military funding/protection
Further improved trade routes with larger cities in Wissenland and the Empire
More land

Good luck to anyone who participates, I hope this will be a fun experiment!  :::cheers:::
Title: Re: A Wedding In Wissenland
Post by: wissenlander on April 27, 2011, 10:43:39 AM
This is a really good idea!  If my main character wasn't already involved...

Title: Re: A Wedding In Wissenland
Post by: Le Pistolet on April 27, 2011, 11:15:35 AM
Shes just about to turn thirty, any sons, nephews, cousins that might be interested?
Title: Re: A Wedding In Wissenland
Post by: wissenlander on April 27, 2011, 11:38:05 AM
In the current timeline, no.  My guy is quite young and has no kids yet.  However, I do have a young knight by the name of Karsten Hochsthal who is the seneschal/2nd in command of a knightly order I created called the Wissenguard.  Hmm, expect an entry soon!
Title: Re: A Wedding In Wissenland
Post by: GamesPoet on April 27, 2011, 11:43:08 AM
The Solland Effort was in 2524.  What year is she looking for a suitor in?
Title: Re: A Wedding In Wissenland
Post by: Le Pistolet on April 27, 2011, 12:10:32 PM
I decided to move the timeline on a bit seeing as I didn't want to step on anything you guys did in the Solland Effort. Sonnefurt in Flames is set in the Spring of 2526 and the wedding will in the Winter.

I am now running my Barony on an alternate timescale, as I believe GW won't necessarily meddle too much with the country bumpkins of the very southern corner of the Empire. Thus, any marriage does not have to be included in your own timescale if you don't want to move on too much  :happy:
Title: Re: A Wedding In Wissenland
Post by: wissenlander on April 27, 2011, 12:32:46 PM
Name and Title: Seneschal Karsten Hochstahl


Motivations: Karsten is young and is looking to find a suitable wife.  The Baroness is beautiful and also has access to land and wealth.  It would be a step up for him as well, for even though he is a knight and has the honor of the title he possesses no land or discernable wealth. 

Baroness Gains:  Greater military protection.  Karsten is the 2nd in command of the Wissenguard, his father is the Grandmaster.  Whilst the Wissenguard is tasked to protect all of Wissenland the Grandmaster chooses whom to help and he has a tendency to be a hot head and ignore requests for slights received in the past (including the rejection of his son).  Having him for a father-in-law would ensure that Sonnefurt would always have the Wissenguard (100 knights, not including retainers and auxilliaries) as a direct ally as he is very loyal and a devoted family man.

Baroness Loses: Headship of the Barony.  Karsten feels his reputation would be damaged if he became the new ‘toy’ of the Baroness.

Nuptial Agreements:  The Baroness would retain de facto control over the Barony. Karsten would most likely be away often, campaigning, and his personal feeling is that he has no real desire to usurp the Baroness, but he cannot take a hit upon his reputation. Karsten would gain the title of Baron and all of the privileges it brings. 

Karsten’s personality:  Level headed, loyal and brave.  He has a frightening temper like his father but is generally more diplomatic and reasonable; once his temper is up he becomes irrational and brash.  He is somewhat ‘worldly’, travelling the length and breadth of Wissenland and even parts of Reikland and Averland.  He is wiser than he would appear.  He can read and write, but just barely.  His education has been metted on the battlefield and his mannerisms are quite crude because of it.  He is a bit awkward at social functions, though he puts on a brave face.

Portrait courtesy of MIHO24 from deviantart.com
Title: Re: A Wedding In Wissenland
Post by: GamesPoet on April 27, 2011, 12:59:56 PM
The Solland Effort was in 2524.  What year is she looking for a suitor in?
I decided to move the timeline on a bit seeing as I didn't want to step on anything you guys did in the Solland Effort. Sonnefurt in Flames is set in the Spring of 2526 and the wedding will in the Winter.

I am now running my Barony on an alternate timescale, as I believe GW won't necessarily meddle too much with the country bumpkins of the very southern corner of the Empire. Thus, any marriage does not have to be included in your own timescale if you don't want to move on too much  :happy:
Sounds good. :icon_cool:

I had found reference somewhere, on a timeline of some kind, put together from various fluff sources, about how 2524 to 2526 are called "The Dark Years" in the Empire, after a major Chaos invasion of the northern provinces has ravaged the Empire and taken down the size of its armies.  Thats why we set the Solland Effort in 2524 because it seemed like a logical time for those claiming Solland heritage to attempt what they did.

So what better way to help bring the Sonnefurt area out of this time frame then with a local royal wedding in the winter of 2526 to 2527. :icon_biggrin:

I'll give some thought for a possible suitor.
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Post by: Uryens de Crux on April 27, 2011, 01:04:38 PM
This is a really good idea!  If my main character wasn't already involved...

Positively past it in medieval marriage terms ;)

I am sure the Barony of Wusterberg has a young scion available though...
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Post by: wissenlander on April 27, 2011, 01:14:22 PM
Positively past it in medieval marriage terms ;)

Can't all be an MTV after school special (16 and Pregnant).

I am sure the Barony of Wusterberg has a young scion available though...

Not much nobility in the Barony of Brennenburg.  Just the Graf who was an only child of an only child!
Title: Re: A Wedding In Wissenland
Post by: Le Pistolet on April 27, 2011, 01:34:36 PM
I had found reference somewhere, on a timeline of some kind, put together from various fluff sources, about how 2524 to 2526 are called "The Dark Years" in the Empire, after a major Chaos invasion of the northern provinces has ravaged the Empire and taken down the size of its armies.  Thats why we set the Solland Effort in 2524 because it seemed like a logical time for those claiming Solland heritage to attempt what they did.

So what better way to help bring the Sonnefurt area out of this time frame then with a local royal wedding in the winter of 2526 to 2527. :icon_biggrin:

I'll give some thought for a possible suitor.

I think I found your mention to the 'Dark Years' in the Solland Effort thread, and that's why I decided to place the events of 'Sonnefurt in Flames in 2526, at the tail end of these dark times for Wissenland. And yes, you're right, a wedding is just what the recovering Barony needs, and perhaps an heir would come to symbolise Sonnefurt's growth as it builds itself over the course of the baby's childhood.

Thanks Wissenlander for a great suitor  :::cheers:::

Gamespoet and Uryens, I eagerly await your entries, although Mr de Cryx will have to be careful he doesn't upset the strongly pro-Wissenland sentiments of the Barony with an overt Solland sympathiser if he hopes to win the Baroness' hand  :icon_wink:
Title: Re: A Wedding In Wissenland
Post by: Uryens de Crux on April 27, 2011, 02:46:54 PM
It's a time for healing and peace, the Baron recognised that, and while the land needs healing the land comes first. The rebirth of Solland will come one day, just maybe not today ;)

I've got some notes made, need to work on them and post them soon, everyone else might as well go home ;)
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Post by: Inarticulate on April 27, 2011, 06:28:21 PM
I have an entry, Marschall von Plauten's second son. I havent gone into much detail beyond him being effeminate with rumours on his taste yet a skilled businessman already wealthy. Ill make a proper entry asap!
Title: Re: A Wedding In Wissenland
Post by: Captain Dob Van Dwi on April 28, 2011, 03:02:51 AM
I could offer one of the van Dwi men but there are only three left alive by the time of 2526-2527.

Horst killed his father, sister and two older brothers and allmost killed the therd, Durant, who was my char in A5 wich take place in 2535-2536 and at this time he is only 25, too young for the Baroness I think and not only that but he is on the run from Horst and thus would not be around.
At age 33, he is dishonorabul, ruthless and uncareing, infact Commerico has/had one of the most draconian law systems with the only punishments being death by dismemberment, hanging, beheading or the most common, death by slow torture. All of these were done in public to show the people not to mess with Horst or break the harsh laws. It was eather that or life with hard labour.
Not only that but it's taxes were even worse than Bretonnia's, familys coud only feed themself one piss poor meal of wheat and shellfish a day. That said he knows how to command an army and navy and run a good merchant buisness. He aslo has/had a huge merc army and small but hard core navy that could greatly help the Baroness.
Horst is well known for his love of young woman and has very probly sired many however he dose not know and so dose not care. Do not expect a faithful husband in horst.

He is a good choice if the Barness dose not care about the people or haveing a faithful husband and would rather have welth but rember he killed most of his family and ran his youngest brother off to get these things so don't truse him.

Gains: Big Army and Small Navy on the Empire/Tilean border, Ally in Tilea, Trade Partner, Wealth

Losses: Ruelerhsip of the Barony

Nuptail Agreements: Hoest takes controle of Sonnfert's throne and the City of Sonnfert and has a say in the court of the villages in Sonnfert's controle. Laws are allowed to be influanced by Commerico's

Then there is Igor Waster van Dwi, a former Engineer and alchemist who was cast of of the School of Engineers in Nuln for makeing a divice that killed another student when it was tested.
He then turned back to the van Dwi's roots and became a merchant and banker and then after that did not work out, became a merc paymaster,  thus makeing him a wonderer and not the best marage material. Even if he did marry her he could only offer loveing companionship as he is a good guy deep down and a large unit (70 strong) of heavly armoured and halberd armed bodyguards, then again haveing some more hard core warriors might be a good thing for the Baroness at this stage in Sonnfert eh?
As a Paymaster to some of the best merc generals however will allways be on the hire and may not see the Baroness for a long time every few years and would have to take at least half of the bodyguard with him.
He is also seven years older then her at 37 and due to his hard life style his body is allready starting to fall apart though he is still capabul have haveing offspring, wich to the Barness is vital to keeping her family on Sonnferts throne and slso knows all the loops holes in buisness and small time polatics ass all van Dwis do.
That said Igor is a notorious miser that cheaps out on things that arn't realy vital or needed. If the Baroness likes to have only the best she may be in for a shock. He is also VERY paranoid and often thing someone or something is out to get his and never goeing anywhere with out a knife.
He is also a faithful man. Granted his gods are a merchant/paymaster's; Ranald and Handrich and sometimes Manann.

So in short Igor is a good choice if the Baroness wants a faithful, loyal, loveing and protectve if somewhat dishonest/dishonorbul merchant and merc in bisness deals and polotics as a husband, he is a good choice. Just rember that he might be there every two or three years as he is on the hire.

Gains: A loyal, loveing, god fearing husband,  reonforcements in the form of his bodyguard, merchant contacts, politacal contacts and a little money.

Losses: Nothing realy

Nuptail Agreements: Baroness keeps everything she all ready has.

All that being said the van Dwi's are all Marienburgers! No true, upstanding daughter of the Empire would think about marrying a man from a traitor provance! It would make people think she was a fool and a traitor!
Or maybe the Baroness dose not give a flying crap about what others think if she likes the man enough??

Anyway it's up to you. Thats a brief rundown I can give you more if you want
Title: Re: A Wedding In Wissenland
Post by: S.O.F on April 28, 2011, 06:16:54 AM
Very well I'll bite.

Alfonso Pedini, Freiherr von Boheim (a small village defended by a low ditch in his father’s Principality)


Background/Personality: Alfonse is the second son of mercenary general and Border Prince Enrico Pedini. Though well educated, handsome and charming, Alfonse is thoroughly lacking ambition beyond his rakish pursuits.  Alfonse knows how to use a sword but is more a duelist than a warrior and has no interest in leading men into battle and whilst he does enjoy turning a profit at the odd wager he doesn't care to waste his time intently managing accounts.

Motivation: Alfonse's father grows weary of supporting his son's lifestyle and is exerting increasing pressure for him to do something to aid the family. Enrico is reasonably wealthy, by Border Prince standards, through providing reliable mercenaries to passing caravans as well as maintaining an important stopping point for Dwarven traffic between the mountains and Barak Varr. If possible Enrico would like to see his son wed to a daughter of the nobility in the southern Empire to further expand the family business. While most of the caravans currently travel south from Black Fire Pass adding a second line coming from Wissenland would be even more ideal. Alfonse himself is not adverse to these conditions as he would be much closer to cities like Nuln and Averheim, enjoy a degree of fiscal 'independence', and who knows his perspective bride may not even be bad looking.

Potential Gains for the Baroness: Access to a pool of seasoned mercenary troops and stronger economic links with the Border Princes.

Potential Losses for the Baroness: Economic and political policy may be more geared towards Border Princes rather than in the Empire.

Nuptial Agreements: Favorable trade arrangements between Pedini held towns and the Barony as well as a monopoly on all mercenary and caravan guard services within the Barony. The Barony is prohibited from meddling with political affairs in the Border Princes without first consulting an emissary of the Pedini family. Beyond these concessions the Baroness may rule her lands as she wishes.

image a hasty photoshop combo of Galeazzo Sforza and Robert de Montesquiou
Title: Re: A Wedding In Wissenland
Post by: Captain Dob Van Dwi on April 30, 2011, 04:07:36 AM
Do a random side note do the suters that are not chosen get invited to observe the wedding? I should think not right?
Title: Re: A Wedding In Wissenland
Post by: Le Pistolet on April 30, 2011, 12:11:49 PM
Thanks for the suitors S.O.F and Captain van Dwi, this is getting interesting  :biggriin:

Do a random side note do the suters that are not chosen get invited to observe the wedding? I should think not right?

I don't know how this will play out in the end, but I do know that all will be present at a ball hosted for the Baroness to assess her suitors. Whether we roleplay this or I write it I don't yet know. As for the actual wedding, I severely doubt it, but who knows, I might write a twist in here or there when it comes to it.

Keep the entries coming, more than one is welcome from each participant. I don't know when this will close, but I'm gonna keep it open for a good while.
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Post by: Uryens de Crux on April 30, 2011, 03:08:32 PM
Name: Vekram de Crux, Captain, 2nd son of Baron Uryens de Crux, Baron of Wusterberg.


Classically Vekram as the second son will not inherit any land or titles but must gain his own through his own merits, or by marrying into them. Thus this suit would give Vekram both land and titles, even if only by association. But for a deeper concern from the de Crux family there is a chance to create a broader base of allies across southern Wissenland, across all sides of the political spectrum and maybe bring peace and therefore prosperity to the region for all concerned...if nothing else the de Crux family understands the nature of "the long game".

What would the baroness gain: The de Crux family, for all their recent efforts are a very wealthy family. They control a good portion of lands and towns and through good industry are increasing their wealth and prosperity. In addition the Barons army is arguably one of the most powerful in the region and can call on allies from Tilea, Marienberg and even the nearby Dwarven holds.

Marrying into the de Crux family would give the Baroness access to this military might, as well as a share of the economic fortunes of the Barony of Wusterberg which is a hub of trade for the region, controlling much of the flow of trade downriver towards Nuln, Wissenberg and even Altdorf. If nothing else the trading cartels of Sonnefurt might expect preferential rates and treatement at the warehouses and quaysides.

The Baroness might also expect to gain some political power from the de Crux family links to the Emperor since there is clearly a strong tie there, and in the years following the "Solland Effort" the de Crux family has made allies in the north and at court by the sending of their armies north to aid in the policing of the Drakwald, including Vekram who served for the past two years in the Imperial Pistol Korps with some distinction.

What might the Baroness lose: Almost certainly there will be the loss of favour in the court at Nuln with the Countess and her supporters and maybe the nearby Wissenland loyalists might question such a marriage, but a canny politician could turn the tables, saying it was just such an alliance that was needed to bring the de Crux family back into the fold, so to speak...

Other Reasons: As noted this would be a marriage that might have political ramifications in Nuln and across Southern Wissenland, but assuming neither side wants to make an issue of it, then it may act as a stabilising influence for some years to come, and as any good merchant knows, stability brings prosperity.

Where Uryens Snr and Jnr are both powerful warriors and generals, hard men schooled to war and leadership, Vekram is quite a different animal. Educated in the University of Altdorf sd s young man he earned a reputation of being a quick whit, and skilled duellist, having nearly been expelled for fighting several duels. During the events of 2524IC he was actually at court in Altdorf in the Imperial Court and soon learned to curb his instincts to duel and instead turned his wit to court politics, a skill that clearly allowed him to get the "best" assignments in the Pistol Korps.

Nuptuuals: The Baroness is the more highly ranked noble, with the land and the title and so Vekram would expect her to retain her name and he take hers in addition to his own, as protocal dictates - meaning Vekram would become Vekram von Heisenberg de Crux - as would their children be named.

The Baroness would remain the true authority in her lands but Vekram would hope to be a full partner in any ventures, though his main concern is the appearance of things both at home and from the court in Altdorf.
Title: Re: A Wedding In Wissenland
Post by: Captain Dob Van Dwi on April 30, 2011, 03:40:13 PM
I would say do a RP. Makes it easyer for people to make their case.

On another random side note; You may wish to have bolth a Pirest of Sigmar and a Priest Myrmidia. Sigmar is god of the Empire and Wissenland is close to Tilea and the Border Princes where the Godess is worshiped and so many warriors in the southern provance would worship her aswell and for the Agreements a Priest of Verena, Godess of Law.
Title: Re: A Wedding In Wissenland
Post by: Inarticulate on May 02, 2011, 12:18:22 PM
Leopold Felix von Plauten


Motivation: The von Plauten family of Rohrhof are, due to a quirk in a will are currently unlanded gentry, with no titles of nobility. Wishing to rectify this, the current patriarch, the esteemed military general Hans Alexander Bruno von Plauten is attempting to marry off his brood of sons into the current nobility of Wissenland.
Leopold is the second son of Hans, Marschall of Nuln and unlike his brother Alexander who is but a year older, is unmarried. Now he has been sent from the city to Sonnefurt to gain the Baroness' hand in marriage and another place for the von Plauten family to grow roots.

What the Baroness gains: Leopold is a member of an influential family in the north of Wissenland and in Nuln. Both Leopold himself and the von Plautens are very wealthy from various merchant ventures including those in Sonnefurt. The Baroness would gain access to these enterprises and to a portion of Leopold's personal wealth.
The Nuln Volunteers have already helped the Barony in the recent war, and while the Baronesd cannot count on the full might of Nuln, the Volunteers are a militia taking orders from Marschall von Plauten under the guise of the defense of the city. Though a well trained and equipped army, they are still a city militia and as such cannot be expected to fight a protracted war.

What the Baroness stands to lose: Her relations with the Church of Sigmar will plummet as Hans follows the teachings of the reformist, Luthor Huss and as such, his sons are all Luthorian too. The Arch-Lector of Nuln, Kasmir X publically denounced the von Plautens as heretics but has currently done nothing about it.
She will also lose standing with her fellow rulers of Wissenland due to the fact she will marry a man with many rumours associated with him and the fact he is the lowest of nobility, little more than a Merchant with ties at court.
Hans led the Wissenlander loyalists in the thick of the Solland Efforts worst fighting, therefore he is a symbol of insurrectionist intolerance, therefore the Solland sympathisers in the Barony will have more cause to dislike their Baroness.

Nuptial Agreements: Leopold will change his name from von Plauten to von Heisenburg as a symbol of unity, though any children from the marriage will be named 'von Heisenburg zu Plauten'. All lands and material wealth will stay with the two parties unless another agreement is worked out.
The Soll Shipping Company will have a 99 year exclusive shipping contract with all trade from Sonnefurt.

Personality: Not described as a handsome man, he has very delicate features reminiscent of his mother. Though a man of keen intellect, Leopold does not have the boisterous spirit of his other brothers, (nor even his sister!) as a child he would much prefer to stay in the house and read, though the tombs of military tactics that fills the Nulnmarschall's shelves is not quite to his taste. He grew into a quiet man, shy among those of the opposite sex (which has caused a great trouble with rumours of his private life) and around rougher soldiers and warriors, he dislikes riding and hunting and his martial instructors gave up on him years ago. He is a sickly man, with a personal Doctor always in his entourage and a foul concoction of ointments, potions and leeches he inflicts upon himself every night before bed.
However, his mean intelligence has given a boon to the von Plauten family immensely, Leopold, even at his young age is in control of the financial affairs of his father, investing in several operations within Nuln and the Empire's Southern Provinces. In the last few years of his governance the family fortune has trebled to a staggering sum of money.
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Post by: Derek Contyre on June 06, 2011, 12:17:10 PM
Argh I would love to be apart of this but I have as yet no characters that could do it.. Derek Contyre would be 26, nearly ten years younger than tha baroness and actually nowhere in Wissenland as he would be fighting in the Northern Empire against chaos and other invading forces...

The only one I can think of would be Seth Contyre, the current ruler of Stattenland, but as yet I have no background for him to call upon...

Actually, I think I will have to enjoy reading this from the sidelines, but feel free to invite my characters to the wedding, I am sure if vekram is going Uryens junior will be there and he could almost drag Elayna Contyre along.
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Post by: Le Pistolet on June 06, 2011, 12:24:25 PM
Derek, at the time of the Wedding the Baroness is only 29, turning 30 if the Wedding happens in 2527, so not much older than Derek himself and I'm sure he could find leave for a tactical marriage should he need it. Might entice the Baroness if her husband brings benefits but isn't always around...  :engel:

Otherwise are there any cousins or other relatives?

Of course, if you just want to watch, then feel free.

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Post by: Derek Contyre on June 06, 2011, 12:43:20 PM
No, in this period of time, the Contyre family is really only Derek(adopted) Elayna the firstborn daughter of Seth and Madelaine(deceased). And thats it... I really need to do some background on the Contyre family, although I would need to do some more on Stattenland first... and since I am resolved to put together and paint the rest of my empire army this year, I believe I can. :)

All thanks to you Le Pistolet, for giving me focus in writing more fluff.

Title: Re: A Wedding In Wissenland
Post by: Le Pistolet on June 06, 2011, 12:51:17 PM
Well you've definitely got some time, the Wedding will be waiting a little while longer.

I look forward to reading your stuff  :happy:
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Post by: Derek Contyre on June 06, 2011, 09:33:18 PM
Cool beans, I look forward to trying to write the damn thing. :eusa_wall:
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Post by: Jamesy52 on June 07, 2011, 10:49:29 AM
Does anybody know any good websites where I can get a portrait for my character? Google Images isn't turning up much.

Title: Re: A Wedding In Wissenland
Post by: Le Pistolet on June 07, 2011, 12:46:14 PM
Deviant Art is really good if you search around it a little. Also broadening google search a lot helps. Use lots of different noble titles, like Duke, Marquis, Baron, Sir etc and different time periods, 16th Century, Renaissance, Medieval. You should find some stuff if you look through long enough.  :icon_wink:
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Post by: Derek Contyre on June 09, 2011, 01:00:36 PM
Well I have decided...

Name: His Grace the Duke of Nueremburg, Derek Contyre, Marshall of the Armoured Guard of Hamburg, Baron of Nuestaat(in wissenland, read the Solland Effort to find out more), adopted son of Prince Seth Contyre of the Principality of Stattenland.


 None that are his own. His father, Seth Contyre has, after much loss of life to both sides and financial difficulty, finally decided to attempt to end the blood fued between the ruling houses of Wissenland and the Solland rebels after centuries of confliction and unrest.
This marriage will be purely political and an attempt to open trade lanes between the northern Imperial provinces (of which Stattenland has a majority) and the Border princes(of which the town of Onore is the largest trading partner) and of course to attempt to stabilise the Empire on behalf of the emperor Karl Franz, who is a personal friend to Seth Contyre.

What would the baroness gain?
 The baroness would gain an influx of trading partners from the Northern Provinces and a very great deal of financial security. Stattenland became one of the richest areas in the empire after Grom the Paunch sacked Nuln and force the trade routes to be reorganised through Stattenland in order to restabilise the regions that were devastated.
Also, as Stattenlands population is over ten times that of the entire barony of Sonnefurt, they would have a great deal of Military protection and aid to call upon if they needed to.
Although it matters little when that aid is almost a thousand miles away. Another reason would be the enormous prestige for marrying into one of the oldest families of the northern empire with ties at courts all over the provinces and indeed also at Altdorf due to the aid that has been given to the imperial family fiscally and the monopoly of trade that the Contyre trading co, Dominates.

Marrying into the Contyre family would also give the Baroness a massive social boost, as she would become a duchess immediately and also the wife of the heir to Stattenland.

The baroness would also have access to manage the Barony of Nuestaat that has been recently aquired by the Contyre family and that Derek is in Wissenland managing.

What would the baroness lose?
The respect of her betters in Nuln, seeing as the Contyre's aren't exactly on a first name basis with the current countess after taking part in the Solland Effort. Though they were the first to sign the treaty removing all armed forces from the region and have been paying tax to the de Crux family for the land they had loaned/bought, which, in a way stops it all from going to nuln and the countess.

Possibly also many of her people who are pro wissenland, pro sonnefurt and any other faction that favours no change, as she is marrying into a family that lives very far to the north.
Although, as with Vekram, you could turn the tables on this and argue that it is a sacrifice for stabilising the region.

Other reasons:
The Baroness would remain in rulership of her Barony and share the responsibility with the barony nearby, she would barely see Derek after the first male is born as he would be busy learning his governing duties and of course, travelling back up to Stattenland for his family duties. That is of course unless she wishes to travel with him and see the holdings that she would come to rule over too when Derek takes over from his father.
Derek Contyre is a career soldier, his first rank was halberdier in the Provincial army and after several years of prowess showing he was adopted as first heir to Stattenland's throne, his abilities as a commander and swordsman have earned the admiration of Karl Franz himself and as a result has loaned the Runefang of Solland to him for a short while.
But he still has much to learn about governing people and living at court, something the baroness could teach him, considering she was raised to do just that.
But his slow points in governance are made up for his quick wit, charming outlook and his rogueish good looks. His smile is more cheeky than predatory but when he needs to be hard, his army discipline kicks in and he can bellow orders and recieve them like the best of men. His youth at first disarms, for he is only 27(2527) and to have done the things he has done to get where he is tells a story of very great potential and even greater future.

As Derek is higher ranked than she(Duke and Baron), the marriage would most likely require her to take Contyre as her surname, but Seth Contyre has insisted that she may also keep her surname of von Heisenburg as well(Contyre-von Heisenburg) but any children they had would have to be Contyre only.
As previously mentioned, the baroness would remain the ruler of Sonnefurt, but would rule over Nuestaat together with Derek, but she would be a complete outsider were Derek to become Prince of Stattenland, as he has been training for that day for many years, but, the more she travels to Stattenland with Derek, then the more people would come to terms with her and this would eventually allow her to rule with Derek.
Katarina would also recieve substantial shares in the Contyre-Statten trading company, which dominates much of the northern trade routes of the empire and has trading offices in kislev, marienburg and the border princes.

 *edited to fit in with my background fluff*   
Title: Re: A Wedding In Wissenland
Post by: Le Pistolet on June 09, 2011, 01:10:53 PM
This is going to be a very, very difficult decision.

I'm gonna have to come up with some way of making you all compete for it.... :icon_twisted:
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Post by: GamesPoet on June 09, 2011, 02:51:11 PM
Hmmm ... I had started some fluff on to possible suitors and didnt' finish either.  Need to review and see if I still will.

Also, perhaps going back to the original crafting of this idea and see how the suitors match up to what was being sought?  I suspect they're will be more than one finalist, but then at least its been narrowed down.
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Post by: Inarticulate on June 09, 2011, 04:43:09 PM
Lol, just realised the forum cut my post in half! Ill edit it soon.

Looks like another Solland sympathiser is attempting to annex Sonnefurt, can't have that now, can we?
Title: Re: A Wedding In Wissenland
Post by: Derek Contyre on June 09, 2011, 08:52:05 PM
Its all in the interests of Imperial Stability... I swear!

Why doesn't anyone believe me?
Title: Re: A Wedding In Wissenland
Post by: GamesPoet on June 10, 2011, 02:32:41 AM
The answer is quite obvious, but its already been stated. :icon_wink:
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Post by: Inarticulate on June 19, 2011, 10:20:53 AM
Updated the profile of Leopold von Plauten.
Title: Re: A Wedding In Wissenland
Post by: fauthsie on June 24, 2011, 02:30:16 AM
Wow this is a really unique idea....   :eusa_clap: I am quite tempted to weigh in.... and I will definately steal the idea :P
Title: Re: A Wedding In Wissenland
Post by: Derek Contyre on June 24, 2011, 08:47:11 AM
Wow this is a really unique idea....   :eusa_clap: I am quite tempted to weigh in.... and I will definately steal the idea :P

hehehe Darn Kislevites...
P.s. @ Le Pistolet, I finished my background, when I eventually convert 27 pages of handwriting onto my computer I will post away.
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Post by: fauthsie on June 24, 2011, 02:26:12 PM
Wow this is a really unique idea....   :eusa_clap: I am quite tempted to weigh in.... and I will definately steal the idea :P

hehehe Darn Kislevites...
P.s. @ Le Pistolet, I finished my background, when I eventually convert 27 pages of handwriting onto my computer I will post away.

Ya they are one option.... but given this timeframe another couple guys come to mind.... ;)
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We are nearing last calls for the Wedding now, so get those entries in/finalised if you want to take part. I'll give it another week or so to allow the busier ones amongst you to get sorted (GP  :icon_wink:)

Sometime in the next few weeks (probably mid July, after my holidays) I will do a small roleplay that won't run for too long but will get everyone into the swing of the Wedding. The setting will be the introductory ball where you will all have an opportunity to court and impress the Baroness, establish rivalries with the other players, flesh out your character's persona or verse secret motivations if you should so wish. I will set down some guidelines, but it should be a short, fun romp and eventually the Baroness will decide who is the most eligible.

Depending how this roleplay goes, there may be something more exciting round the corner, but I'm keeping that under my oversized Imperial hat  :happy:
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Just a little introduction to the event for you all to whet your appetites. I will be addressing her entourage in more detail soon, as interaction with them is vital.

In the rolling Bezau foothills, Baroness Katarina von Heisenberg’s country villa shone like a beacon of decadence and luxury. This night, a cool summer’s night, where the insects chirped in the grass and fireflies fluttered through the air. There was a light breeze, to keep the temperature comfortable, and it whistled through the leaves, which were now starting to grow old as autumn drew ever closer.
The road to the villa was lined with lanterns, burning oil making a hazy orange glow that guided visitors to the mansion. The road itself was ancient, remnants of the old Dwarfen road still evident, pillaged by the younger human race when they abandoned their lowland settlements for the safety of the towering Black Mountains. The road was long, coming directly from the river port of Sonnefurt itself. Many of the guests that would arrive this night had stayed there the previous evening, enjoying the famed hospitality the town showed to guests, especially ones as important as themselves.

The villa was a luxurious affair. It was made of the same cream stone the area was famous for, as this was became orange, basking in the flickering lamplight. There were magnificent statues of famous figures of the region, famous Barons, from many different families. Outside were the most splendid rose gardens, kept by the Von Heisenberg’s for it was their family symbol, and these gardens were famed as being some of the best kept in all of Wissenland. Behind the elegant rose gardens were the renowned vineyards; row upon row of vines in incredibly neat order, but by now all used up due to the early wine season, and waiting for the new growth of the year before.

One could hardly tell that only a year before, the villa had been the command post of the treacherous Baron von Kalb, and much of his desecration due to his hatred of the Von Heisenberg’s had been quickly restored, at the Baron’s  own expense. In fact the villa looked more fantastic than it had ever done so previously, the Baroness taking the opportunity to implement her own ideas, removing the plain and mundane ideas of generations of male occupants.

The Baroness herself was attending to the finishing touches of her ball. Her servants rushed around her like a swarm of ants around their queen. They were finishing putting the great marquees up, lighting the final lamps, and laying the spread for a lavish meal of fish caught from the River Soll, served with only the best Von Heisenberg wine.

She was dressed in the most exquisite ball gown, a gift from her family in the North. They knew of the importance of this evening, for she would be assessing suitors for her hand in marriage. The gown made her look radiant, a beauty, considered the rival of her cousin, the Countess herself. The male servants tried hard not to be caught stealing glimpses at her, or to be caught with their mouths hanging open.

She was anxious, for this was an important night, but she had an entourage of advisors with her. Her ladies in waiting, Lady Eichhorn, Lady Zell and her aunt, Lady von Heisenberg were dressed relatively plainly in comparison to the Baroness, making her look all the more beautiful. They were instructing the servants too, not wanting their Baroness to exert too much effort in the proceedings. The Baroness knew she could count on her closest friends to provide an honest opinion about any of the suitors.

She also had a plethora of male advisors who had dressed up particularly for the event. She considered these men like her family, for they were all good friends of her father, and she had grown up under their guidance. Tonight was the night she needed them the most. Marshall Eichhorn surveyed the guard that had been put in place for this evenings event, anticipating the potential for trouble should Solland Rebels hear of the gathering of so many important people. Arthritiknes and Grubart the Grey were engaged in a great debate, seemingly oblivious to the events around them. Even though they could be difficult to get to act together, they both had the Baroness’ greatest interests at heart, and the Baroness saw them like the Grandfathers she never had as a child. Finally, Father Schmidt was in the villa’s chapel, praying for the Baroness to find someone this evening. It was he who would be conducting the ceremony, and he just hoped that the suitor would not provide too much spiritual conflict for either him, the Barony, or the Baroness.

With everyone assembled, the guests began to be admitted into the villa’s grounds, and shortly the place was alive with merriment, music, laughing, joking and dancing. This was the suitors time to make their move, this was the time to court Baroness Katarina and win her hand in marriage.

Please don't post any fluff yet, this is just a warm up  :icon_wink:
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Post by: Inarticulate on July 09, 2011, 10:01:29 AM
My fluff hands are itching!
Title: Re: A Wedding In Wissenland
Post by: GamesPoet on July 09, 2011, 10:24:33 AM
I'm finalizing an entry into the suitorship contest.

By the way, where is there more background on the Baroness?

- - -

Never mind ... found it.
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Post by: Uryens de Crux on July 09, 2011, 11:32:45 AM
Marshall Eichhorn surveyed the guard that had been put in place for this evenings event, anticipating the potential for trouble should Solland Rebels here of the gathering of so many important people

Blatant propagandist lies.  :dry:
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Post by: GamesPoet on July 09, 2011, 04:58:54 PM
Ok, had six possible ideas, and was considering entries from Averland, Wissenland, Marienburg, Middenland, Hochland, and the Border Princes.  Some of these had a couple of basic ideas put down on paper, but today I narrowed it down, did some writing, and fleshed out one of the ideas significantly.  Definitely will be submitting it soon.  Need to walk away from it for now, come back to it later, and see if anything needs rewriting.
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Post by: Inarticulate on July 12, 2011, 05:38:52 PM
Hurry up GP!

I'm getting excited about this!
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Post by: GamesPoet on July 12, 2011, 05:57:33 PM
 :icon_lol:  Need to review what was almost finalized this past weekend, then post it.
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Post by: Derek Contyre on July 13, 2011, 08:11:53 AM
Joshua wants story now!!!
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Planing to put up a possible suitor tomorrow. :icon_cool:

If I was motivated to review what already written now, then it go up immediately, but I've been writing all day for Karibbean Dawn, so no more rewriting for me today.
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A Sonnefurt Suitor

Name:  Sir Walter du Beaucamp, 3rd and youngest son of Princess Sophia du Beaucamp.

Picture:  (None currently.  Plan to model the chap, have started the Greatswords, Knights of the Black Bear, and huntsmen mentioned below.)

Origin:  The port town of Matorea, in the Border Princes

Motivations:  Sir Walter has heard the Baroness is beautiful, and he has come to Sonnefurt to see for himself.  Being the third son of Princess du Beaucamp, upon his mother’s eventual passing, Sir Walter has two brother’s in line for the seat of Prince before he’d be able to have any claim, and he sees this as unlikely.  By marrying the Baronesss, he gains the title of Baron, and any heirs the two can procreate would then be in line for Sonnefurt’s Barony.

Personality:  Sir Walter was born in 2502, and just turned 25 in the spring of 2527.  He is a bit of a rebel and carouser, full of free will, and a follower of Myrmidia, yet willing to have a Sigmarite priest preside over a wedding.  The Du Beaucamp family provided their sons with a sum of money upon reaching the age of 18, and Sir Walter spent a good portion of his putting together a small mercenary force.  During a night of card play and alcohol consumption, his childhood friend, Sir Lucas Montravo proposed starting a chapter of the Knights of the Black Bear as a cavalry arm.  Next Sir Walter worked on growing a unit of Greatswords, due to his interest in sword play, and as his way of currying favor with his mother and the Matorean military, who had no such unit when he developed his 7 years ago.  Additionally, after aiding in a particularly successful defense of Matorea at the age of 22, his family granted him a small plot of land as well as an additional financial reward.  There are those that say this was also done to get the Black Bears out of the town proper.   Never the less, the financial reward is being used to pay for a group of huntsmen used as missile support and patrolling around his relatively small estate.  Sir Walter is more of a mead drinker than a wine connoisseur, but he certainly won’t get in the way of the Baroness’ pleasure, and he’d likely be willing to give it a try.

Baroness Gains:  Increased access to more military units, and access to increased trade via the Port of Matorea.

In his trek to Sonnefurt for the suitor event, he has brought along his unit of Greatswords, dressed in gray and white with red highlights, a highly trained group of huntsmen dressed in gray, white, and green, and Sir Walter rides with his cavalry armed with a great weapon, as does his friend, Sir Lucas, and they all wear black armor with gold highlights, and red accessories.

There would of course also be access to the port of Matorea on the coast of the Black Gulf, which has access to southern shipping lanes, including protection of such from the small, yet effective Matorean navy.

And although there would be little in the way of land, Sir Walter owns the small acreage upon which his friend’s Knights of the Black Bear Chapter House sits and its structures (a tower with adjoining chapel, and mead distillery, surrounded by a wooden palisade), as well as some wheat fields, bee hives for honey, and the mead made from the wheat and honey does provide an additional, yet relatively limited revenue source.

Sir Walter wants the title of Baron, but he’s perfectly willing to let the Baroness make all the big decisions and remain in the background commanding the military only.  At the same time, Sir Walter still has an interest in hiring out his personal mercenaries, if and when appropriate, and is amendable to keeping the knights at a distance from the town, back in their chapter house, when not needed abroad, due to their reputation for carousing and drinking.

There would be an ability to immediately begin importing Matorean Mead, and the export of wheat and honey possible, if the mead facility is to grow in profitability.  Additional Matorean trade, agriculture, and fish as a food source, are all also possible.

Baroness Loses:  Her current commander of the Sonnefurt military would need to give up overall command of the local army to the brash and bold Sir Walter, but the current commander would at least retain second in command which would include authority to lead if Sir Walter was away.  Sir Walter could look to him for his knowledge and advice in times of trouble as well.

The Baroness might not gain much favor in Wissenburg nor Nuln for having married someone from outside the province and the Empire, but she can spin this as having increased allies for both.
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Sooo... whats going on here?

I think we have enough suitors now, don't we? I think we should get started!
Title: Re: A Wedding In Wissenland
Post by: GamesPoet on July 26, 2011, 08:12:11 PM
well there are a few things coming along next ... Claws of the Sea, the on again-off again EoW, and then of course A6.

Besides Karibbean Dawn is still running. :icon_wink:
Title: Re: A Wedding In Wissenland
Post by: Le Pistolet on July 26, 2011, 11:10:40 PM
Yep, we definitely have enough suitors to have a decent run at this, but I'm not adverse to more joining if they should be so inclined.

As also GP mentions, I am currently involved in Karibbean Dawn, and spending my time with that, and the other campaigns may prove this one to get pushed back. I will definitely sort something and try and find a date that suits the vast majority of participants. Also gives me an idea on just how to run this thing... :icon_wink:
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Post by: Uryens de Crux on July 27, 2011, 04:25:54 PM
You just dont want to admit the best match is the Sollander ;)
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Post by: fauthsie on July 27, 2011, 07:32:27 PM
I couldn't find a picture I liked I will add one if I find one, so here is my late and hastily written entry into this contest :P

Marius Von Spur, first son of Otto Von Spur heir to the headship of the White Star Trading Company and a seat on the Marienburg Merchant Council.

Motivation: With his father Otto health on the decline, Marius is under increasing pressure to take a wife so he will in a position to step forward and take charge of the White Star Trading Company upon his father’s death. Himself age 29, Marius has traveled extensively with his father’s company and was pivotal in the reconciliation of his distant relative Marcello Alfonti (see Alfonti Principality Timeline to find full details). Following the reconciliation Marius traveled to Araby just prior to the first Arabian Civil War and witnessed the horrors of that war firsthand before being expelled following the Arabian Reclamation Pact victory and their embargo on foreign trade. Upon returning to Marienburg he spoke out against Dann Van Der Gast and his call for aggressive action against Araby and their Bretton allies.

Although the Barony of Sonnefurt is relatively minor compared to some of the other places in the White Star Trading Network both Marius and his father agree that it is time for their company to turn inward and attempt to strengthen trade connections with various parts of the Empire and a marriage to a local lady would be a logical first step. The Barony’s location would potentially allow the White Star Company to open overland routes through the Black and Grey Mountains as well as establish a foothold in Southern Wissenland.

Baroness Gains: A marriage with Marius would result in major investment in the Barony by the White Star Trading Company. After his arrival in the barony in the days leading up to the ball, Marius met with various local trading houses CEOs as well as various Dwarven Guild members and Mayor Gunter Funk. Although only rumour exist on what was discussed almost all signs point to the establishment of a new trading company office or the possibility of the buying out of an existing organization. The establishment of a White Star trading company office would offer ties to Altdorf, Nuln, Marienburg, Grodvin Kislev and Origianzo Tilea for both the export and import of goods and services. The Baroness would also receive shares in the White Star Company in her name with which she could do with as she sees fit.

Militarily, Marius has little to directly offer the Baroness other than the ability to supply coin to help fund the Barony’s defense. The White Star Company does employ mercenaries to protect it shipments and in times of dire straits these men could be hired to augment the town’s defense. The size and composition of these forces would vary depending on the time of year and various shipments arriving and leaving the Barony. In addition all of the White Star river boats do feature some sort of armament and could be used to close the river if needed. Finally Marius travels with a small escort of 10 mercenary guards who accompany him on his travels; an additional 20 men would be hired and would augment the protection around the Baroness.

From a lineage standpoint the Von Spur family is a well off member of the Marienburg merchant class which can be traced back nearly three centuries. This has resulted in the intermarriage with various minor and moderate ranking noble families within Marienburg and other areas as well as some intermarriage with other merchant or trader families.

Finally the Von Spur family have a number of holdings in Marienburg and in almost every location where the Company has established itself. Should the Baroness be interested in travel, these holdings would be open to her use but they do not provide any sort of tangible land gain for the Barony.

Baroness Loses:
A marriage with Marius would result in a few direct consequences for the Barony but there may be a number of ripple effects that could cause some unintended turmoil. The investment from the White Star Company could result in pressure being places on local trading companies as their market share is cut into by the new arrival. This of course could result in unemployment and local political discontent within the Barony.

A second possible consequence could come from the presence of groups of mercenaries traveling with the White Star shipments. The presence of moderate numbers of mercenary forces within the Barony could be seen by some within the military as an insult to their ability to protect the local roads and a direct challenge to their authority.

Third, due to the Von Spur’s position within the Marienburg trading hierarchy, should tensions arise between Marienburg and the Empire as a whole (not without historical precedent) it could place the Baroness in an awkward position of choosing between husband and land.

Finally, due to the commitment to the company, Marius would likely not be spending much time in Sonnefurt. If the Baroness was looking for her husband to be active in the ruling of her lands Marius may not be the ideal match.

Other Considerations:
A young maid who works at the Gilded Mare Inn claims to have cleaned the room of Marius Von Spur and seen a trunk full of exotic Arabian silks and spices in his possession. Additionally his rather extravagant spending in the inn's common room has won him many admirers.

Nuptial Agreements: The marriage would result in little direct change in how the barony is currently ruled. Due to his commitments with his company, Marius would likely spend much of the time traveling to various locales establishing or maintaining trade routes. After his father’s death, Marius would also be required to sit on the Marienburg merchant council or to appoint a proxy to sit in his seat in his stead. As a result the Barony would remain under the direct rule of the Baroness.

The White Star Company would establish themselves within Sonnefurt and some of the surrounding villages which includes: providing funds for infrastructure improvements, providing funds to the local military garrison and the bulk purchase of local good for export. The Nuptial agreement would allow a short term provision of tax exemption for a period of 2 years while the company establishes itself and an agreement to allow White Star mercenaries to operate in a defense capacity within Barony.

The Baroness would also receive a 10% share in the White Star Trading Company but the controlling stake would remain with Marius and his various other siblings.

Marius would take her name in addition to his own but would primarily use it only within the Barony.
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Post by: Le Pistolet on July 28, 2011, 04:19:13 PM
Aaah, other good suitor! This choice is going to be very difficult, and you're all going to have to be very persuasive... :icon_wink:

I'm very excited about this  :biggriin:
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Post by: Inarticulate on July 28, 2011, 04:20:32 PM
Very nice character you have there Fauthsie. But I cant have some scheming Marienburger taking business away from the Soll Shipping Co.!
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Post by: Uryens de Crux on July 28, 2011, 05:15:19 PM
Maybe we loyal subjects of Karl Franz should show this wastelander his proper place in things...after all, its not like he is a proper noble is it, certainly not worthy of the good lady's hand... :dry:
Title: Re: A Wedding In Wissenland
Post by: Derek Contyre on July 28, 2011, 10:25:03 PM
Threatened Uryens?  ::heretic::
Title: Re: A Wedding In Wissenland
Post by: Uryens de Crux on July 28, 2011, 10:35:12 PM
Nah,  I just wanted to link "loyal" and "De Crux" together in people's minds ;)

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Post by: fauthsie on July 29, 2011, 03:08:12 AM
If you can't handle the competition maybe you should step aside...
Title: Re: A Wedding In Wissenland
Post by: Uryens de Crux on July 29, 2011, 09:00:30 AM
I can handle the competition...besides, your not from Nuln so that's a step up by my reckoning ;)
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Post by: Inarticulate on July 29, 2011, 06:34:18 PM
Title: Re: A Wedding In Wissenland
Post by: S.O.F on July 29, 2011, 10:26:03 PM
Well it is heartening to see that two thirds of the competition has already degenerated into petty name calling and false bravado............
Title: Re: A Wedding In Wissenland
Post by: Le Pistolet on July 29, 2011, 10:32:40 PM
And long may it continue, loving the banter  :happy:
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Post by: Derek Contyre on July 30, 2011, 01:49:29 AM
Whos the other third part of the competition?
Title: Re: A Wedding In Wissenland
Post by: Alexious on July 30, 2011, 04:24:19 PM
Well I may as well throw my hat into the ring.... albiet a strange choice but might be a cat amongst the pigeons. (literally perhaps)

Baron Anastazy Julian von Falkenhausen

Coat of Arms of the Barony of Falkenhausen

Baron Anastazy von Falkenhausen


A late wild card to the proceedings, Baron von Falkenhausen makes his appearance a few days before the suitor is to be announced. Arriving in a ebony coach pulled by four charcoal horses and with an entourage of six black clad horseman, who cover their faces with dark cowls, the Baron strikes an imposing figure. Appearing in his mid 30's with long flaxen hair, pale skin covers his slender tall frame. The Baron is dressed completely in black and purple the former state colors of his homeland and carries a silver wolf headed cane of dark wood. He immediately begs an audience with the Baroness to present his case for a proposal....


Anastazy brings with him a sheaf of documents and with them a sealed letter from the College of Heraldry at Altdorf, bearing the coat of arms of the Herald Ordinary of Wissenland, Averland and Solland. Summoning Lord Augustus to bear witness to the authenticity of the documents, Anastazy pleads his case to the assembled leadership of the Barony.

In 1932 IC the Wulstberg family by trade purchased the Barony. What was not known at the time was that Dieter Wulstberg, successful merchant and later Baron Wulstberg, was the estranged son of a Sylvanian noble family the Falkenhausens. From the records that Anastazy produces he shows that Dieter Wulstberg was actually Dieter von Falkenhausen, heir to the Barony of Falkenhausen. Although estranged from his family and never telling anyone of his past, their is no denying the implications of Wulstberg's inheritance. Although the Tol family were recognized as the legitimate heirs to the Wulstberg legacy it appears only recently that these records perhaps long neglected rotting away in Castle Falkenhausen were found proving Dieter as a member of the Falkenhausen line. The Herald Ordinary in Altdorf's letters confirm the the claim that the current Baron von Falkenhausen may make on the Barony of Sonnefurt, but is unwilling to press the legal arguments leaving it for Anastazy and the current local law makers to sort out.

Anastazy has no wish to cause uproar or hold the wedding up. His honeyed words talk of peace and the legalities of a long drawn out public debate... and with the growing unrest between traditionalist and other factions within Sonnefort puts forward a proposal so that certain complications can be kept to a minimum....

Anastazy proposes he marry Katrina and take the title of the Baron of Sonnefort, as he claims the title from his long dead relative. He will spend some time inside the Barony and Katrina is to spend some time north in Southern Sylvania where she can meet other members of the Falkenhausen family. Anastazy has been promised an audience with the Count himself upon his return who is quite anxious that from a successful marriage an heir could be produced to help link Wissenland and Sylvania Stirland.

Baroness Gains

A marriage bringing together the more traditionalist factions alongside the rule of the Baroness. It would only then be the Solland separtists that oppose the current political climate within Sonnefort. Anastazy has several connections with the Nuln and Stirland respective Courts and wields some influence with the Countess Leibewitz having been one of her suitors for the last several seasons in Nuln. Anastazy is quick to point out that if he was to travel to Nuln and act as an ambassador for the interests of Sonnefort then certain embargo's may be lifted.

Anastazy has no real wish to live in Sonnefort... his prime interest is adding another political feather in his cap and to spread the influence of who he represents.... which comes too.....

Baroness Losses

How it goes from here I would leave to your imagination..... but Anastazy could represent quite darker northern interests. What they are could be anything... from producing an heir that might be being groomed for something darker to ensuring that she becomes addicted to VERY deep claret blood!!!! like wine.... Ideas could spring of something buried... something long forgotten that the darker northern interests are after and they think it could be in the Dieten Hills inside an ancient barrow.... something that is very old... very powerful... very evil.

Nuptial Agreement

 Anastazy carries a letter hand written by Countess Liebewitz dated a few weeks prior suggesting her favors if he returns to Nuln. Anastazy wishes an heir.... a male.... who must be bought up in Sylvania and attend the family interests there. He has no wish for a daughter and if any are produced he is happy for them to pick their own destiny. As a token of his investment in the Barony he has a chest which contains several antique items that belonged to Dieter Wulstberg including his diary and a strange horn hilted dagger that Dieter mentioned discovering in the Dieten Hills... Anastazy also makes a very large deposit of ancient silver coins.... minted sometime in the 1820's worth a very considerable sum into the local Bank. Finally Anastazy offers probably the most interesting idea... for the past two hundred and fifty years every second child born into the Falkenhausen line has become a wizard of considerable skill, learning their craft in the College at Altdorf. He will point out the advantage of having a wizard born in the family...   

Even if you don't pick Anastazy.... hope this helped your project and introduced a more Empire wide feel with some and forgive the pun... fresh blood! I have no feeling for Anastazy being either a servant of Manfred or not... or on being a Vampire or perhaps waiting to become a Vampire if he succeeds in his mission to marry Katrina.... but the dark handsome sinister stranger with the wild card is always good for last minute wedding hilarity!

If not the papers can always be fakes and Anastazy can always lope off on all fours into the night as a wolf.
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Post by: Le Pistolet on July 30, 2011, 07:26:03 PM
Wow, a very interesting entry...  :eusa_clap:

I like the idea of the papers, and the link with the family, this may come into play later on in my background or indeed during the wedding itself. If you're not successful however, the Baroness will be denouncing you as a fraud and you may be chased out the Barony by an angry mob of the Baroness' supporters...   :icon_wink:
Title: Re: A Wedding In Wissenland
Post by: Derek Contyre on July 31, 2011, 08:49:11 AM
Wow, a very interesting entry...  :eusa_clap:

I like the idea of the papers, and the link with the family, this may come into play later on in my background or indeed during the wedding itself. If you're not successful however, the Baroness will be denouncing you as a fraud and you may be chased out the Barony by an angry mob of the Baroness' supporters...   :icon_wink:

If that comes to pass, I know who you can talk to who happens to have a collection of pitchforks and torches nearby for sale. . . (hint hint his name rhymes with dire)
Title: Re: A Wedding In Wissenland
Post by: Captain Dob Van Dwi on July 31, 2011, 09:24:24 AM
WOW!!! :Ohmy: :ph34r:
Well I'm screwed now!!! Going to have to Bring my A+++ game to this one but I can't help but get a sinking feeling of "I don't stand a chance!!!" reading all this! Even my best fluff ain't that good!

Btw I would offer Igun Wadmer van Dwi (newest char for A6 when it comes along) as a choice but I don't think the Baroness has a thing for Bright Wizards... :P

Anyway we should get starded soon. Can we Please? My fluff hands are tingling!
Title: Re: A Wedding In Wissenland
Post by: Uryens de Crux on July 31, 2011, 09:55:42 AM
Hmm, Sylvania you say...could be time to send for the Vampire Hunters....
Title: Re: A Wedding In Wissenland
Post by: Alexious on July 31, 2011, 03:06:04 PM
Now Now..... Vampire is such a dirty word.... and why is being undead such a liability anyway to the Barony? And not every Sylvanian noble is a Vampire.... it would hardly be fun if it was.... some of them are just plain regular freaks like necromancers, werewolves, mutants and hedge wizards. As for breeding well... breeding with close relatives has its advantages.... at least you know their are no commoners in the family!

After all the Baroness is not that great a catch... didn't you read her entry? She has been on the sauce quite a bit.  :icon_eek:
Dawn is coming.... and Anastazy is getting hungry.... anyone for a glass of red?  :icon_twisted:
Title: Re: A Wedding In Wissenland
Post by: Uryens de Crux on July 31, 2011, 03:08:19 PM

After all the Baroness is not that great a catch...

Damning words... :Ohmy
Title: Re: A Wedding In Wissenland
Post by: Le Pistolet on July 31, 2011, 09:15:01 PM
She may have a slight enthusiasm for the vino, but only because she has the coin to afford copious barrels to accompany her dinner, money you may be talking your way out of  :engel:
Title: Re: A Wedding In Wissenland
Post by: Uryens de Crux on July 31, 2011, 11:10:12 PM
Did I mention the De Ceux family has good links with the vineyards of Estalia and has some fine Rioja cellared...
Title: Re: A Wedding In Wissenland
Post by: fauthsie on August 01, 2011, 02:50:38 AM
Did I mention the De Ceux family has good links with the vineyards of Estalia and has some fine Rioja cellared...

Hey... You had your chance... no adding things in :P
Title: Re: A Wedding In Wissenland
Post by: Alexious on August 01, 2011, 06:49:20 AM
She may have a slight enthusiasm for the vino, but only because she has the coin to afford copious barrels to accompany her dinner, money you may be talking your way out of  :engel:

Actually I went back and did my reading on your blog... appears she loves the sauce and also has been hmmm a bit on the kissy kissy with the big brushy bearded marshal?!!!! Scandal I say! I demand satisfaction! How do I know the child is mine? :)

As for you other sniveling fools! Beware! certain elements of the Sylvanian nobility are taking note...:)

Enjoying the banter guys... :) 
Title: Re: A Wedding In Wissenland
Post by: Uryens de Crux on August 01, 2011, 07:38:17 AM
What elements of Sylvanian nobility? Certainly non of the living ones. Which leaves only the far too common "damned by Morr" type...

Title: Re: A Wedding In Wissenland
Post by: Alexious on August 01, 2011, 07:43:03 AM
Plenty of the Sylvanian Nobility are taking an interest in this wedding and perhaps you as well! :)
Title: Re: A Wedding In Wissenland
Post by: Uryens de Crux on August 01, 2011, 07:55:32 AM
Join the queue
Title: Re: A Wedding In Wissenland
Post by: Derek Contyre on August 01, 2011, 11:37:19 PM
Plenty of the Sylvanian Nobility are taking an interest in this wedding and perhaps you as well! :)

Join the queue

Lets see, hunted by a dozen people, or hunted by wissenland. Choices choices. I'd rather be hunted by wissenland to be honest... At least they die like normal people.
Title: Re: A Wedding In Wissenland
Post by: Uryens de Crux on August 02, 2011, 07:41:56 AM
So do the restless dead when a gun stone makes a lane through their ranks ;)
Title: Re: A Wedding In Wissenland
Post by: Derek Contyre on August 02, 2011, 09:58:08 AM
So do the restless dead when a gun stone makes a lane through their ranks ;)

Title: Re: A Wedding In Wissenland
Post by: Inarticulate on August 02, 2011, 03:58:54 PM
I would dearly like to start this soon, at least begin to create the personalities of our characters by writing a short piece just before the ball, say while on the road etc.
Title: Re: A Wedding In Wissenland
Post by: Le Pistolet on August 02, 2011, 04:29:56 PM
You'd be welcome to do this if you're itching to write some fluff, the more background the better frankly. As long as it was set before the Suitors Ball then that would be fine. You could detail receiving the invitation, travelling, a stay in Sonnefurt if you wanted, as long as the Baroness wasn't involved, as meeting her early would be an unfair advantage and as such she is being kept at the villa.

I wouldn't mind if you included perhaps a chance meeting with other personalities (someone had said their character had already met with Lord Mayor Funk), as you'll be able to see them again at the ball, and they will ultimately be the ones who favour certain suitors over others and make the council to the Baroness.

I am currently considering how to run this, and am not sure of the best way. Any suggestions would be very useful.

I was thinking perhaps a roleplay, but this would be difficult, as conversations would be hard to work out across the internet and different time zones, but I suppose it could work...

I'm still open to ideas anyway  :happy:
Title: Re: A Wedding In Wissenland
Post by: fauthsie on August 02, 2011, 06:24:16 PM
My Character met with the Mayor and several local traders...

As for the best way to run it, it really depends on how much interaction you want. At a basic level a straight up RP could work where you are in essence the GM of course this involves heavy interaction between players and you. Likely needing a bigger area then this single thread etc. We could move this over to AC.com and I could set up forums for it.

Another way with slightly less involvement could be you just dictate the situation: say we all arrive at the ball and the lady requests a speech from each suitor. You set a deadline for the speeches, best speech wins some favour with her. You then set the next situation: say players have a conversation with a local adviser or member of the court and pitch their strengths. Depending on who the player picks to talk to, and the conversation outcome he could strengthen or weaken his stance with the baroness. Finally could be a one on one with the baroness which ends with a decision being made.

Another way is you more or less write a stories involving our characters and make it sort of like a choose your own path at a couple of point. Depending on the chooses it alters the outcomes

Finally you could just pick who you like best and write it out.
Title: Re: A Wedding In Wissenland
Post by: Derek Contyre on August 03, 2011, 12:23:48 AM
I think a roleplay would be cool, but with so many it would be incredibly difficult, especially as some of us live in alternate time zones(alexious and myself ocme to mind) others would get many posts in while the others would be left waaaaay behind.

How about the way me and fauthsie organised our solland effort just by messaging each other till our part was done then having one of us post it up. Or the way the battles went on the same thread(solland effort) that the people writing the battles just emailed the stories to and fro and gave the other a leash on what they could do with the others characters and what not.

It turned out quite well in the battle for Hugelburg.  :engel:
Title: Re: A Wedding In Wissenland
Post by: Derek Contyre on August 03, 2011, 11:54:40 PM
edited my character's entry, just changed a little bit around to fit in with my background fluff and also the reason liebowitz doesn't like them, mainly due to the solland effort rather than centuries of war like before.
Title: Re: A Wedding In Wissenland
Post by: Captain Dob Van Dwi on August 04, 2011, 03:47:43 AM
If we are to post advanced fluff we should have a thread for that and a thread for the wedding later. Le Pistolet? Work your thread magic!
Title: Re: A Wedding In Wissenland
Post by: Derek Contyre on August 04, 2011, 08:00:22 AM
I agree, we should post our advanced fluff in a kind of lead up to the wedding where our characters can meet(or not) and build some hype. Sigmar only knows I want this to be happening already!!! I'm dying to take part in a fluffy background piece.
Title: A Wedding in Wissenland background fluff and lead up.
Post by: Derek Contyre on August 04, 2011, 10:09:35 AM
I thought I would save Le Pistolet some time and post this up now... Give me a few days and I can put mine up.
Title: Re: A Wedding In Wissenland
Post by: Chev on August 04, 2011, 12:04:24 PM
Hmm, if this affair is turning into a forum rp/group story sort of thing I'd be interested to throw in my hat with you chaps.
However, I don't have any suitable characters from my fluff to attempt for this ladys hand, so I wonder if I may bring another type of charater.
Thinking of a warrior priest sort of guy, I have one from my Township. Perhaps he's heard rumour of possible vampire activity.
Maybe a Merc intent on disrupting the affair on the behest of an unknown province with a distast for the good lady.
Problem here is itd use abit of metagaming which generally isn't nice.

Just thinking out loud as I'm ment to be working.

Any objections/ideas?

Title: Re: A Wedding In Wissenland
Post by: Le Pistolet on August 04, 2011, 12:51:00 PM
You could happily invent any character you wanted, it doesn't have to link your township to Sonnefurt at all if you don't want. I think GP has picked a character from the Border Princes, even though his army is from Averland for example, so feel free to come up with any character you want.

Of course the warrior priest idea is pretty cool, he could be posing as a suitor from Hohenburg (all towns with nobility were sent a letter, even Hochland  :icon_wink:) but really hunting down vampires, and infiltrating noble society. Perhaps it could get complicated as he falls for the Baroness himself, and then has to keep up his identity? (Obviously I would pretend not to know his real backstory for the purpose of the roleplay).
Title: Re: A Wedding In Wissenland
Post by: GamesPoet on August 04, 2011, 01:16:03 PM
I'm working on a piece of leadup fluff for Sir Walter du Beaucamp that I will place in this thread so all the fun stuff regarding the "Wedding in Wissenland" can be found in one spot for future reference.

Also, what LP is referring to is that my gaming army is mostly painted with Averland in mind, although I do have units painted for a Marienburg Mercantile House, the Border Prince fiefdom of Matorea, a Tilean family army typically based out of Tobaro, although beginning to create a Tilean town called Constanzio, first mentioned in Karibbean Dawn fluff for the Estalian War of 1785 to 1792, ... http://warhammer-empire.com/theforum/index.php?topic=38773.0 , Wissenland, and some are interchangeable across each other, including representing an army from Middenland.

Newest project is ... oh I must resist for now, but know that the first fluff story is in process, and a town, plus the three villiages it has under its jurisdiction, is in progress for a different area of the Empire other than Averland.  Already have ideas for units to paint for them as well, yet some of these could be interchangeable, too.
Title: Re: A Wedding in Wissenland background fluff and lead up.
Post by: Le Pistolet on August 04, 2011, 01:26:43 PM
Cheers Derek.

I'm happy for you all to run some build up over the next couple of weeks, as I am holiday from tomorrow to the 17th, so won't be able to interact. It would be awesome to come back though to a load of fluff to read through, I'm quite excited.

I'll set some ground rules though.

1) All stories must be set before the Suitors Ball (different to the Wedding, and what the roleplay will be based on.) This can be from receiving the letter of invitation to the night or day before the ball.

2) You can interact with any of my characters except for:
Baroness von Heisenberg
Marshall Eichhorn
Lady von Heisenberg
Lady Eichhorn
Lady Zell

Father Schmidt

These are all considered to be with the Baroness attending to her, deciding on what to wear, or making preparations for the ball such as a security detail.

In the case of the Father, those that are particularly pious may join him the night before the ball in the Sanctuary of Sigmar in praying for Sigmars guidance for the Baroness. You may not hold a long conversation with him, as he is on official duty, but if he sees you there, it may help you slightly. He will only talk in a religious manner, perhaps giving you a blessing or something, but will not discuss the Ball. I am not promising this will improve your chances, so don't all do it  :icon_wink:

3) No big publicity stunts. No assassination attempts. No conspiring with Solland Rebels and blowing stuff up (yet at least, give the Ball a chance). Happily get into fights but no killing, you will be imprisoned for one night for any disturbance, and risk death for murder, so don't miss the ball.

Some ideas too:

1) Feel free to invent minor Lords and nobles and the such like, there are hundreds of families in Sonnefurt all gathering for the ball, who will be pouring into Sonnefurt and the nearest town to the villa of Hohenhaus and flooding the inns. Anyone you invent will be incorporated into my Sonnefurt fluff at some stage, and might be a nice addition and a way to air anything you want through conversation.

2) Happily host conversations between your own characters, sort this out amongst yourselves and use it to challenge each other.

3) I don't mind you making stuff up about locations, just stick to the fluff I've already made about the Barony, or at least the gist of it. You can invent bars, people, places within the realms of my original background.

I think that should be fine.

Let the fluff commence!  :biggriin:
Title: Re: A Wedding in Wissenland background fluff and lead up.
Post by: GamesPoet on August 04, 2011, 01:58:34 PM
Oh lovely, now we have two "Wedding in Wissenland" threads, when we only need one.

Kind of like the two Ogres in 8th threads we have going on the forum as well.
Title: Re: A Wedding in Wissenland background fluff and lead up.
Post by: Le Pistolet on August 04, 2011, 02:21:09 PM
I'd be happy to have it all in one thread if its deemed a better idea, although keeping entries and actual fluff/the roleplay separate could have its merits, like an in character and out of character thread. The other one can be used for banter, whilst this can be exclusively be used for fluff posts?
Title: Re: A Wedding in Wissenland background fluff and lead up.
Post by: GamesPoet on August 04, 2011, 02:48:16 PM
The first thread's title reads as of this post: "A Wedding In Wissenland"

This thread's title reads as of this post: "A Wedding in Wissenland background fluff and lead up."

The first thread seemed to introduce the characters, which in the manner it was provided was background fluff.  This thread is now allowing the characters to display themselves with some more immediate background fluff before the big event.  Seems like just an outgrowth and natural way of devloping the entrants which is good.

However, perhaps the title for the first thread needs to read:  "A Wedding in Wissenland: The Baroness and Her Suitors", and the second one read something more along the lines of:  "A Wedding in Wissenland: Lead Up Fluff For Suitor Ball".  That is, if the threads are to be substantially different, and the titles clear in what they represent.  This also sets up for other future "A Wedding in Wissenland: ... " type threads as the situation develops, giving them a common theme of the Wedding, but differentiating between what they cover as part of the story.

I can see the need for an organizational thread as well, where there is not any in character stuff.  Instead it could be a spot for ideas to be introduced and discussed and moved forward or not upon.  It could be called, "A Wedding in Wissenland: Organizational Thread".

It seems unlikely that there won't be banter, in character and out of character, in most threads, unless clearly defined as such and ... there's a way of keeping it as defined.
Title: Re: A Wedding in Wissenland background fluff and lead up.
Post by: Inarticulate on August 04, 2011, 06:31:17 PM
Dear Mother,

I hope this letter finds you well, for I am too! Is father alright? I hope he isn't working too hard.

Alexander and I are on the final leg of our journey south at this time, the yacht is making good time up the river, and we have passed many a heavily-laden cargo vessel. The countryside is most unlike that around Bacheim, for it is much wilder with some areas where there is little or no cultivation.   

I am anxious about the coming few weeks, I know little about this Baroness in the south, Alexander tells me she is a rare beauty, but is still a poor country girl. I do not know quite what to make of this.

My brother is a bore, spending far too much time drinking with the soldiers on deck and in the riverside inns we stay at, I have been forced into my own company. It is my luck that I ordered several noteworthy philosophical tomes to be packed in my luggage and I have immersed myself in those.

I will see you soon, say hello to my dear sister.

Your Loving Son,


Leopold von Plauten placed the pen down in the redundant inkwell of the small writing. He stretched his thin arms and looked bleary eyed about himself. He was of course inside the tiny second cabin of the von Plauten yacht, named Galloper after an old horse of his father's. The sounds of merriment from his brother, Alexander and the detachment of guards assigned to the two brothers had faded in these early hours. The guards were here in a ceremonial role, a bit of flair to dazzle the country folk in their expensive bronzed armour and black uniforms.

Leopold ran his hands through his light brown hair, already thinning even at his young age and walked over to the tiny mirror set on the wall. What he saw was a pale-looking man with delicate features reminiscent of his mother, a small nose and ears with large dark brown eyes, heavy bags almost permenantly underneath from long hours perusing account books or dusty books.

Having a need for fresh air, the young man wandered through the maze of cramped hallways to the main deck, the sweet early morning air filling his lungs with the taste of honeysuckle. They would arrive in Sonnefurt within the next few days and the very thought of that sent his hands shaking. He never liked to be the centre of attention, he preferred to stay in the background and use his wits to get him places. It had always worked before. But father had insisted.

His thoughts were interrupted when there was a low chuckle from behind him. Leopold swung round and saw Alexander leaning nonchalantly on the railing, his smoking pipe in his hand.

“What was that, brother” the younger man enquired.

“Nothing Leo, just a small joke I'm having to myself.” he replied with a smirk.

Leopold had been envious of his taller, more confident and physically stronger elder brother many a time in his life. Alexander cut a dashing figure in the latest fashion of Nuln, black coat with lapels, a silk cravat and trews without frills nor adornments. Alexander's fashion sense was one of the only thing Leopold agreed on with his brother, for he was wearing something very similar – though on his small frame, it did not have quite the same effect.

“Well, if that is all, will you excuse me?”

“I think not, little brother. You see there are several men in those trees over there with rather rudimentary longbows, and I believe they have a mean intent.”
The colour drained out of Leopold's face, he made to turn around.

“No, you idiot, don't give yourself away” Alexander said quite normally, a smile on his face. He tapped out the embers from his pipe over the side.

“Now, Leo, if you will excuse me, I believe we have a fight on our hands.”

“Whh.. what?” stuttered Leopold.

“TO ARMS!” shouted Alexander menacingly, a menacing smile on his face.

You could say whatever you liked about Alexander von Plauten, he was arrogant, boorish, a womaniser and a killer. But he was no coward.

Immediatley upon his cry arrows thudded home into the hull of the river yacht or ricocheted off of the brass railings. Shouts erupted all around them as boats low in the water due to being filled to capacity with snarling bandits, outlaws and brigands forced their way through the strong currents of the river with powerful strokes of their oars.

There was no time for the Galloper's own oars to be lowered out and manoeuvre, the enemy were upon the immobile ship in a moment, their grappling hooks lancing over the sides and catching on railings, rigging and window frames.

Alexander calmly picked up a set of pistols from the holster draped over the rail and aimed and shot in the first instant, screams pierced the air. Shots rang out all along the yacht as the guards assigned to them by their father also raised themselves from hiding and fired with their own pistols, punching bandits from their precarious positions as they scrambled up the ropes. Once all of the pistols had been fired, the wickedly sharp Greatswords were pulled from scabbards and put to excellent use in lopping off heads as they appeared over the edge.

In a few seconds, a surprise assault had turned to a deadly rout as the sailors aboard Galloper also swung into the fray, brandishing knives and wooden clubs, more shots rang out as a few of the officers started firing their muskets from the bridge.

All Leopold could do was stand and watch as desperate outlaws either ran in dread fear or fought like cornered rats, their improvised and stolen weapons no match for the defenders. One man, a broad-chested giant brandishing a notched longsword leapt at the young man, only to stop mid leap, blood spurting from his mouth to splatter all over Leopold's face and clothes and the point of a thin sword emerging from his chest inexplicably. Alexander then chopped off the man's head with his second much shorter and broader sword and without a seconds pause carried onto the next fight, a look of pure pleasure on his face as he did so.

After several minutes everything was silence but for the groans of the wounded. The enemy were quickly dispatched, while those sailors nicked or cut by the wild swings or clumsy arrows of the brigands were taken down to Doktor Kohler to tend.

“My, this may well be an interesting trip after all.” Alexander quipped with a smirk as he wandered past, handing his bloodied weapons to one of his men.
Title: Re: A Wedding in Wissenland
Post by: Le Pistolet on August 04, 2011, 09:29:26 PM
Very nice Inart, eagerly awaiting the developments  :eusa_clap:

I decided to get the mods to merge the two threads back into one so we can keep track of stuff easier. When we branch out to the actual event, then perhaps there will be a thread called The Suitors Ball Roleplay or something. For now, all the build up will stay in this thread.
Title: Re: A Wedding in Wissenland
Post by: Chev on August 04, 2011, 09:57:46 PM
Would be a good idea to have a separate thread for the actualy event.
Lets face it, This is probably one of the most quiet sub-forums from the site so the space shouldnt be missed.
Title: Re: A Wedding in Wissenland
Post by: Derek Contyre on August 04, 2011, 10:54:40 PM

The letter lay discarded atop the pile of dispatches, the wax seal broken and the words floating across the page for all to see, though the letter was short and to the point, it had crumpled and dirty edges as if it had been read many times in the past weeks.
Opposite the letter and dispatch tower was a very carefully placed portrait of a young beautiful woman, her brown hair curled most exquisitely and the dress she wore framed her face most brilliantly.

In front of the red Drakwald Mahogony desk was a portal that looked out over the farmlands of Nuestaat and to the Sol river beyond, Derek Contyre, heir to the throne of Stattenland, Duke of Nueremburg and Baron of Nuestaat was troubled.
The invitation to the Baroness of Sonnefurt's ball was nothing new to him. After buying Nuestaat off the Baron of Wusterburg nearly two years ago he had barely been in it to grow accustomed to the southern province, travelling to and from Stattenland far to the north to bring dispossed Hochlanders that were now Stattenland citizens to their new homes. Usually he had come back to numerous invitations to parties and balls, whenever he had received them he had politely replied to each explaining his absences but not really bothering to think on them afterwards.

Now this.

The invitation to this particular ball troubled him more than he cared to think about. For one reason he had no excuse not to attend, seeing as the last dispatch from his father had told him he wasn't needed this year to help transfer more refugees to Nuestaat and so he was stuck there for the duration. The second reason is that it was a marriage interview, normally it wouldn't of bothered him overly much, having recieved many such invitations before, mainly from lesser nobles and merchants asking him to marry their beautiful daughters.
But they really were interested in power, power that he had in abundance.

But this Baroness intrigued him, she had power that was true and needed not to raise her station (unless sending him this invitation was all that was, in which case she devious indeed), and was undoubtedly a very beautiful woman.
But still, deviousness and beauty he had dealt with in the past and it had not troubled him nearly as much as it did this time. His instincts were telling him something about her.

Sighing, Derek turned from the window and saw a messenger standing awkwardly at the door to the room. Awkwardly for him as the six foot zweihanders pointed at his throat and lower back were making him stand uncorfortably on his toes.
"He can enter Dietrich, stop making the poor lad piss himself." The zweihanders were lowered and returned to being invisible behind the door frame. The sweat stained (and possibly something else) messenger entered and bowed hurriedly to Derek.
"My lord, I bring dispatches from home." He looked relieved in more ways then one and bowed, turned and departed. The greatswords outside gave him a funny look as he left when he headed for the wash rooms, but since noone else saw the exchange, who could tell if they did or not.

Walking over to the table where the messenger had placed the packages, he carefully pulled the picture of the Baroness out from under them and placed it in his coat pocket.
Spending half an hour every day reading his dispatches gave Derek some time to think (and also work) about what his life would resolve into after he had finished setting in place the mayor of Nuestaat and he stopped being swamped in work every day.
Lately marriage life loomed menacingly over the horizon instead of leading armies into the Middle mountains to hunt chaos down and exterminate it.
Casually glancing over the letters he suddenly froze. There in his hand, a personal letter from Elayna, written in her neat perfect script.
He tore it open in a frenzy and began reading;

Dear brother,
You placed our father in a predicament when you sent that invitation to this baroness' ball, for you well know he had you ready to marry that little rich girl who owned very expensive estates in northern Hochland. He was dearly depressed when he saw it, but you know him, he is always depressed about something. After cheering him up by getting him his favourite photo of my mother he told me to tell you that I am coming down to see you regarding this Baroness and her proposal. HE wants you there, no excuses this time. All the other times you have dodged invitations from nobility have to be rectified.
I will be there in a week, I am flying down you see and bringing an old friend to see you.

Your beloved sister, Elayna Contyre II, Countess of Statten.

P.s. You had better get Uri to be there, I haven't seen or heard from him in a year now and I owe him a beating for it.

The letter dropped from his hand as he heard shouts from the courtyard. Turning, Derek ran for the door and pulled both his bodyguards out of their daydreams as they ran to catch him, their heavy plate armour clanking down the wooden hallway.
The Contyre villa wasn't overtly oppulent, but it wasn't small either and it took a minute of running to make it to the courtyard. What they saw there stopped the hearts of those nearest for a brief second.

There, atop a huge snowy white pegasus sat Elayna Contyre II, Countess of Statten. She smiled at her brother before lightly sliding out of the saddle and landing perfectly on the cobblestones, her body athletic and firm.
Derek moved forward and took her hand in his and raised it to his mouth.
"Countess, I didn't expect you for some time, what an honour." She smiled then threw herself at him in a massive bear hug. They laughed and hugged for a while, not having seen one another for nearly a year.
Derek pushed her back and wiped his laughter away from his eyes.
"What do you here Elayna? I only just got your message, you must of left that afternoon!"
"I left that morning actually, I only recieved your letter five days after you dated it and even then I got that first thing on the fifth day."
While they were talking, guards and porters rushed to take the saddle bags off the pegasus but it whinied and raised its wings, knocking them to the floor.

Derek jumped up and grabbed the reigns and pulled him back down, whispering to him softly and stroking his cheek and muzzle.
The Pegasus quieted instantly, his friends touch more than enough after a year.
"Elayna I owe you much, I hadn't seen Caspian when I last went north, I had missed him terribly." Caspian nuzzled Derek as he said this and almost knocked him over, the Pegasus was massive, half again as large as the biggest warhorse in the stables, its wingspan over eight metres long. It was a magnificent animal, and had a temperament as feisty as any person. Derek recovered himself by moving his body with the blow and came back round and cuffed the pegasus behind the ear. It responded by biting him.
"AH you damn horse!" Derek cursed and rubbed his thigh, Caspian's ears flattened and it kicked him in the shins with its front leg.
Now thoroughly beaten, Derek raised his hands at one of his oldest friends. "Ok, ok, you win, go find some oats to munch on instead of me. They taste better after all." Caspian the pegasus gave a short whiny as if it was saying yes, nodded his head and after allowing the porters to take of his saddle bags wandered off to the stables.

"Your pegasus is as bad as you 'Duke of Nuermburg'." Elayna finished her sentance by curtsieing sarcastically.
"Oh stop it 'your royal highness', come inside and get something to eat before you wink out of existense for being so damn thin, even after eating as much as you wanted last time."
Long after the two had left the courtyard, the whispers spread about the untimely arrival of the Countess of Stattenland upon a shining white pegasus, within a day the rumour had spread as far as the boundaries of the Barony of a beautiful angel having arrived atop a shining white steed that flew with angels wings.
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Is there still any room for a late comer? I have a character that would be of some use, and he has good reasons for it.
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Yup go for it, this will be open until I say so, so get an entrant in and feel free to write an introductory piece. These pieces are optional, and are mainly to please the fluff hungry fanatics we have chomping at the bit to write  :icon_lol:
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Name and Title: Graf Johann Bieter
Johann at 35, graciously made by friend and confidante Myrmidian

Motivations: The Graf of Steingart, Johann has long looked with longing both on the holdings of Sonnefurt, and her beautiful Baroness. Not the young knight he was a decade ago, Johann is both in need of an heir, and someone to share what has increasingly become a lonely and burdensome life. While he has had many loves, none have lasted, and he feels it is time to settle fully. In addition, it is Johann's greatest wish to leave Steingart stronger and better than his father did, and he hopes that by furthering the ambitions of his heart, he can further the ambitions of his people as well. While he has never met the Baroness, he has seen her on many occaisions, and has friends that have spoken well for her character.

Baroness Gains: The Bieter family has connections throughout Wissenland, and Averland as well, the family having a large branch there in the form of the Grandmaster of the Knights Aver Hans Bieter (Johann's cousin), his son Maximillian (2nd cousin), a member of the Order of the Black Bear, and many others throughout the area. In Wissenland, Johann himself has coveted mining interests with the dwarves of Karak Wyr, as well as great connections to the ironmongers of Karak Angazhar, who deal greatly with both their ancient friends in the Knights Aver, and with Bieter Better Ores and Metals in Pfeildorf, where Johann's other Uncle Herman heads the home office.

Between these, his stake in Ironfist Steel (the Knights Aver ironmonger), his great friendship with Berek Ironeye, lord of Karak Wyr, nephew of Gramrik Thunderhead of Karak Angazhar, his ties with Prince Giuseppe Asfazzio of Trantino, his ally Aldgraf Rudolf von Walsch of Pahl, and his estates in Steingart, Mendelhof, and Jengen, he can offer a substantial partner in both business and politics.

Baroness Loses: The main thing the Baroness stands to lose is her peace of mind, for while the Bieters have long kept their enemies at bay, they do still exist, and have tried to hurt others close to them before. The strange rat-things that poisoned Johann's parents, the cultists who have corrupted his people in the past, and were not removed easily, even the orcs seem to have a personal hatred of the family.

Other possible losses are a more far-flung partner, one with contacts far away who can expand the horizons of opprotunity, or that, as a Sollander, though not a militant one, he may excite factions that would have been silent.

Nuptial Agreements: Johann requires nothing less than an equal partner, some one to share in his power and his troubles. He would become Baron of Sonnefurt, she Gräfin of Steingart and the lands attached (Mendelhof, Jengen). They would share names, Bieter in Steingart, von Heisenburg in Sonnefurt. He wants a competent adviser as well as a wife, something he is sure the Baroness can offer. Their first son would rule Sonnefurt, as the more significant realm, while their second would rule Steingart. If their is not sons, or no second sons, if the people will allow he would be content with daughters to rule. If only one of either is born, s/he will rule both lands. No children would return the lands to their closest kin.

Johann's Personality: Kind, grim, thick-skinned, and with a rich sense of humor, he is nonetheless still a knight, formerly of the Blazing Sun, and has courage and intellect to match his former Chaptermaster status. That Knighthood does give him a bit of an arrogance that is somewhat off-putting, and he generally believes he is smarter than most people, however he is well aware that he does not know everything, and tries to keep up a modest front. His four years in Nuln University give him a good understanding of most topics, and his time travelling about the Old World during his Knight's Journey (the two years spent travelling by every Knight of the Blazing Sun, in order to learn the basics of tactics and command. Travelers often organize the defenses of small communities under siege or lead expeditions to rescue captured peasants or slay marauding beastmen) gives him a cosmopolitan flair. Still, he has demons, and often scowls without cause, giving off a haunted demeanor. His love of dwarves is representative of this, and his manners in court, while fine in the stone halls of Karak Wyr, seem out of place in the manors of the Empire. Still, he has seen enough of such engagements to not seem the bumpkin, and he has often been complimented as an excellent dance partner.
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Igor Waster van Dwi sat in the armoured wagon that he used to travle the world and watched threw one of the port holes as the Sonnfert plains rolled by.
"It's a stunning land" Igor thought "It's allmost like Tilea! No wonder the Baroness lives here"
A bump made Igor allmost fall out of his chair
"Ranald must be laughing his ass off at me for building this thing" Igor thought

The Wagon was a huge wood and metal monster that needed at least 16 horses to pull it. Igor took no chances however and normaly used 18 horses but just to impress the Baroness he had hitched up 24 horses
The thing's body was made out of Darkwald Oak and it's axels and wheels were made from the extra strong rare wood that the Dwarves knew as Wutroth
Covering it's whole body were half a cm thick steel plates forged in Nuln. Only a cannon ball or magic bolt could penatrate the thing's monster like hide
Inside things were sparse. On the floor was a cheap but well made Tilean rug that over the years had become rather ragged at the edeges over the years.
At the front, inclosed in a small room was a small but well used bed just big enough fot two.
In front of that was Igor's writeing desk with built in book shelfs on eather side where Igor kept all his books, jurnals and contracts and just to the front of that sat three chairs where Igor could talk to his heirlings and bosses.
On the left and takeing up most of the left wall, was a weapon rack and it was covered by weapons as it's namesake.
Pistols of all sorts, swords, blunt weapons, axes and all matter of other strange weapons were there and near there and takeing the rest of the space on that side was an armour rack that held Igor's armour
On the right side were a number of paintings and a wine rack and a small tabe and cabnit where Igor could serv food and keep glasses, forkes, knives and the like.
On a good day he could cramp six people inside if he wished

Looking at it now however Igor felt small. This was no pinncess' coach, no kingly carrage. It was just an armoured wagon as, despite the fact he cheaped out and saved like no one els he was still not the richest man. Why would the Baroness choose him?

He took out the letter, stroked his thick moustash and begain to read...

Dear Igor Waster van Dwi
You are here by invited to a ball at the country home of Baroness Katarina van Heisenburg of Sonnefurt, who, wishes to meat you in person and here of you and your adventures. Should you come you will be chosen for a possable hand for marrage for the Baroness

Thank you

The People of Sonnefurt

Strange he thought as he put the letter down. Why him? He had only accepted as it was about gods damned time he found a new lover and maybe even, if things went well that was, a wife
Well it really dose not matter he thought If this woman is a pretty as they claim her to be I really don't care about her people's reasons for inviteing me, oh how nice it would be to have a nice girl again

His thoughts then turned dark as he thought about Franka, his last and only lover and her long and grusome death at the hands of the Skaven
Nigh on ten years now old beloved he thought. He then gave a deep sigh I should have gotten you out of the business sooner, I could have saved you from that damn Skitterclaw Sigmar rot his fur covered hide
Shakeing his head he smiled
Tis a new day though, Franka would want me to do this, to be happy as i was before her death and even if the Baroness will not have me I am sure there are many other grils in Sonnfert...
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Some time later, after the dinner plates had been taken away and the wine had been uncorked, Derek and Elayna Contyre sat near the fire, hazy with drink and food.
The day had gone rapidly after Elayna had arrived, while she had disappeared into her private rooms to shower and sleep off the journey, Derek had spent nearly five hours in his office pouring through the work that he needed to finish and send out to his estate manager who had just departed for a tour of the Barony to inspect everything.

The warm smell of burning wood was comforting and the two simply relaxed and talked of simple things, life in Wissenland, farming and the peace that reigned over this part of the Empire.
"Well I still don't see what my father is thinking sending you down here Elayna, if he wishes to replace me..."
"No, no Derek." She smiled. "Nothing like that, he wants you to marry. This Baroness of Sonnefurt, her letter to you intrigued him and he made some enquiries with his contacts in Nuln and beyond. "
"She is a cousin of the Countess von Liebewitz, third in line for the Electoral seat, or so he was told."
"So a political marriage it is then? All to gain Stattenland its hold on an Electoral vote." He looked at her plainly, annoyed it took her this long to come to the subject he had been dreading.
She smiled entreatingly at him.
"Don't think of it like that, think of it as an adventure you have never experienced before. The fun you could have, raising your own children, allowing me to spoil them rotten for you." Elayna gained a far away look in her eyes and began staring into the fire and smiling.
"Elayna, come back to earth. I havent even met the Baroness, not once, how can I be expected to marry someone I haven't even met before?"
His sister looked back to him and laughed, a cold hard laugh.
"You do what every daughter of a nobleman does throughout history Derek, you force yourself to get used to it.
"Have not I been courted by half the nobles in the Northern Empire? Yet my father has his eyes set on Konrad Ludenhof, Aldebrand's son and heir to the throne of Hochland. Did not I get the choice of Husband?" Derek avoided her gaze for some minutes afterwards.

He had hit upon a sore point, Konrad Ludenhof, almost seven years younger than her was still a child in her eyes and yet she was expected to marry him when their father eventually forced Aldebrand's hand to the negotiating table for her.
"Elayna I am sorry, I know how much pressure you are under by father to marry, I am still surprised he let you come down here though."
She gave him a look that told a thousand words.
"He didn't did he? Thats why you came down on Caspian, because you ran." She nodded and bit her lip.
"Oh Derek, I had to see you, you know me more than anyone else, I needed to tell someone who would listen about how terrified I am by this. "Father and Brother Lillerman won't even listen, he keeps preaching about Sigmars will and the 'betterment of the empire'. Like that isn't a load of complete horse shit."
Derek's eyes opened wide at that, he never knew where she got her language from but it certainly had never been him.
"Elayna you can't hide here forever, you know eventually the river will bring the Armoured Guard and with them a letter for you  about how terrible and what an embarrasment you've been and how you have to come home." Elayna shot him a frightened stare, but he continued;
"But until then, have fun and relax here. I wont tell father you came, not unless he is here himself looking for you."
Her relief flooded her face fully and she almost let a tear run down her cheeks, he had forgotten how young she was sometimes.

"And what about my own arrangement, can I run away from that?" He said half jokingly half serious, in an attempt to lighten the mood.
She laughed at him.
"Yes Derek, like I won't be in enough trouble as it is coming here, you want me to sabotage fathers plans too? I would be flogged for such a disobedience." They both laughed at that, knowing full well that a flogging would come no where near Elayna or her back.
"But seriously, you need to leave and go see this Baroness at least and find out if she wants you to marry her, until then you aren't allowed back here." Though she was smiling, Derek knew she was serious in her threat.
"Alright, I will ride there tomorrow, the Ball isn't for a week at least anyway, so I should go there on business, I have some dispatches here from our trade contacts in the Border Princes, they need a closer staging point than Nuln for our goods, as the taxes imposed by von Liebewitz is crippling their profits."
Elayna thought about this before answering.
"Well as I came through Nuln on my way here I did hear talk of tax impositions of Sonnefurt too, although they aren't nearly as bad as ours in Nuln, maybe you could work out a deal with the Baroness regarding trade while you are there trying to court her?"
"Always the businesswoman aren't you?" Derek said.
"I managed to sweeten the deal for our supply of Kislevite vodka didn't I, that Baron was being surprisingly stubborn about it."
"Yes Elayna, because a bat of your eyelids and a choice corset doesn't give you everything you want?"
He smiled and knew it was true. She had after all wrapped most of the courtiers in Hamburg around her little finger doing that, although it had never worked on him, mainly because he had stopped falling for her eyelid batting and pout when he was seven.
"You are no fun Derek, always seeing through my intrigues." She batted her eyes while smiling stupidly.
"It won't work, your not coming to this Ball Elayna. You would offront the host and probably get me nothing. Actually, why don't you come? I could use a thing or two going wrong to stop me getting married."
She looked offended.
"I would neve come between you and true love Derek Contyre, now get out of here and get some sleep, I'm waking the household up at first light to get rid of you."

Derek sighed and stood, stretching. "As you wish sister. Goodnight, on the morrow then."
She nodded at him as he turned towards his private chambers.
"Oh Derek!" He turned; "Don't forget those trade papers, we need a solid trade route down here, make sure you at least get that."
Rolling his eyes, he plodded off to bed.
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"37," thought Johann, "I am a 37 year old, unmarried nobleman. What does that say about me?" He was moving at a good clip, his small, almost dainty feet and long legs carrying him swifter than his fastest porters. "Knud? Are you coming?" Behind him, moving slowly but steadily, puffing as he went, was his best friend, mentor, and almost adoptive father Hardeknud Knudsen, the old Norscan who had taught him how to rule since his father's death. "You might not be young, Johann Fritzsen, but I'm 64! I couldn't race like you when I was 20, and I won't now. *pant, pant* So you slow down, that damned thing will wait for us!" Johann smiled, he was right of course, Giuseppe's monster would wait for them, but he was excited. He had waited for this day for a long time.

*a gust of steam erupts*"You sure about this, boy?" "Come on, you old ox, it's only for a couple of days before we reach Pahl, then it's a carriage to Wusterburg, and a ship to Sonnefurt." "I just don't like it, does it have to smoke like that?" " You'd think you were scared, Knud, Giuspeppe promised his engineer....*scratches chin* err...Miliardo was a good one. I think it will be alright." "So you said when you tricked me into coming with you on this goosechase." *from above* "Hello gentlemen! Ready for our little trip?" Johann took the rope ladder presented and climbed up, Knud following, albeit with a face that looked eerily like a dog in wagon on a bumpy road, just knowing that something bad is going to happen, but without any proof.

"...and You said it would be fine!" "It was fine Knud, Giuseppe's leg is going to fine, your hand is fine, and my bruises are nothing serious. We're here, and that's what matters. End of Discussion." "Alright, but you won't catch me on that thing again."

He liked Sonnefurt, it reminded him of Giuseppe's home near Trantino, so light and airy and carefree, it had nothing but smooth sailing ahead. That was how he always felt, even the few times he had been there. It made him feel so much less...heavy. It took the weight from his shoulders for a little while, and he forgot the way Wilheim had always shaken his hand when they met, instead of the more appropriate bow, or that lilting tone Louis had in his voice when he was angry. He forgot his old friends, and his old troubles, and just looked forward to a new day.

The room in the Runic Tankard, a large, dwarf-run inn in the Market District, was large by Dwarven standards, but small by most others. Not Johann's, however, he enjoyed the spartan setting. Some old friends from the Border Princes had asked him to stay with them in a suite above the Broken Lance, but he had an older and dearer friend sitting across from him. "So, how have you fared since Berek's feast all those years ago?" The dwarf looked up and chuckled, "Better than that night, I can tell ya! But in truth, munlin', things have gone well for me. I'm a Vein-Captain now, at the mines near Tierhugel, and I have a place in the Guild. Couldn't ask for more with two hands." Johann was happy for his friend, still, there was something he had to ask that might ruin his good cheer. "Sorry Ton, but you know what I have to ask." "Oh no! You're not dragging me into another mess like in Mendelhof, everytime I introduce you to an Elder, something bad happens. I won't do it." "Don't worry so much Ton, sure I messed up with Folke, but this is different, I need to get a foothold here if I'm ever going to get anywhere. I need to meet Herr Stromsson. My Borderlands friends can get me into Prince Lanke's confidence, I have my ways of getting merchant and noble support, but I need your help to breach that damn iron wall into the dwarven community. I promise if you do this for me, I'll never ask another boon of you." 

He liked this area, and he was ready to spend some time there. Hopefully a long time.
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Awesome stuff guys  :eusa_clap:

So looking forward to reading tons of your stuff when I get back, hopefully there'll be a library to read by then  :happy:

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The next morning Derek awoke at dawn, the feeble sunlight bringing him out of his sleep instantly, his years of soldiering not forgotten.
The villa was quiet, like it always is in the minutes preceding dawn before the servants begin making the tumultuous noise associated  with a country villa. Derek slowly walked out of his room, his brown and green travelling clothes well made to suit his style of travel, light and swift, fitted him still.
He wore the sabre that had been given to him by a grateful Kislevite lancer after he had saved his life in the Storm of Chaos five years ago. In his belt were two loaded pistols and in a long leather case over his back was his longbow and arrows. His boots were made of brown leather and came to his knees, they too were made for travelling and hunting.
Even with all of his gear he moved silently and swiftly through the villa, the last thing he needed was to awaken Elayna.

Outside was an honour guard of fifteen mounted men, they had been well prepared for the journey south since yesterday and their saddlebags were full of expected equipment, from food and sundries to extra tents, pegs and weapons.
Instead of the usual full plate armour these greatswordsmen wore they had padded jackets with maille over the top, their tabards sported the Contyre coat of arms; a quartered red, white, blue and yellow field with a green griffon.
To protect their arms and legs the guard had taken steel greaves and pauldrons, and each had a circular cavalry shield and light lance. But in the saddlebags behind them could be seen their signature weapon, their huge Zweihanders stuck out at odd angles. Sallets protected their heads.
Derek looked at them all and recognised their faces, all these men were his personal bodyguards and had fought with him for over five years. At their head, sitting like a perched falcon, was Dietrich Hemmler, Captain of the Greatswordsmen and close friend and mentor to Derek. In his late forties, Dietrich had been a career soldier for over twenty years. A scar ran down one cheek, a gift from a chaos warrior in the north, his black hair he let grown long and he tied back when on duty. He was armoured in the same way as his men, but wore a steel currais.
 Dietrich nodded to Derek as his eyes settled on his young charge.

Derek nodded and accepted his red woollen cloak from a nearby porter.
"Keep my sister company, and farewell. I hope to return with a wife!" Derek said as he leapt onto Caspian his Pegasus and twirled him around and through the lines of men. Two at a time the guard followed him until they had all disappeared out of the gate of the villa.

The company rode hard at first, to put the villa over the horizon, and of course to act like they were in an important hurry, but once out of site the company slowed to a canter. Derek rode at the fore of the party, the road being eaten up by the horses.
The company rode south, along the border of the Barony of Wusterburg and around the hills, the day was warm, the sun shone and the birds sang.
Feeling completely at ease, Derek allowed his guards to relax a little and tell bawdy jokes and do some singing to lighten the mood and make the time go faster. Dietrich rode to his side and sat silent, brooding on the next strand of trees to come into view.
"What troubles you Dietrich? I have never seen you this sullen before." Derek probed.
"My lord, permission to speak?"
"I have not given it? Well then, permission to speak captain."
"In the years after the war, we have been peaceful neighbours, cooperating with the rest of Wissenland and trying to forget the past, is that not so?"
"That is a correct observation yes." Derek frowned in thought, his guard captain was never this skittish before, usually as blunt as his fighting style. Up close and personal.
"Then why have bandits been plaguing the different baronies all last year? I thought the leaders of both sides agreed to help each other and cooperate to destroy such bandit nests." Derek frowned more now, the bandit activity had increased in recent months. They especially upped the ante after this marriage was declared across Wissenland. Merchant caravans, peaceful travellers, noblemen, peasants and freemen, all have been stung by the banditry across province.
"What troubles you Dietrich, the bandits have not struck Nuestaat hard yet, thanks to your own efforts and that of the De Crux to the west. As I thought, the situation was being kept under control excellently. I was even going to write to my father and request that you and your boys get a pay rise in addition to some leave."
Dietrich's chest swelled with pride as he took the compliment, his huge black moustache twitched as he smiled.
"What troubles me you Grace is that I don't think the late bandit activity is what it seems. Someone is pulling serious strings in this part of the Empire and I don't like it when people begin robbing other people with an ulterior motive."
Derek looked long and hard at his trusted friend.
"You are sure about this? What is your evidence?" It wasn't that Derek didn't believe him, it was more that he didn't want to.
"Several bandit groups were ambushed and trapped by a company of our scouts and men of the Wusterburg Barony, though the men put up a desperate resistance, the cavalry of Wusterburg rode them into the ground." Derek nodded, he had fought with the soldiers of the Barony before and he knew what their cavalry could do to a group of lightly armed bandits.
"But when we inspected the dead afterwards it was strange, they had no personal effects that bandits in this region carry with them. Things like plunder and modified weapons, trinkets and other religious items. Nothing. Just a haphazard collection of clothing, armour and weapons. Although we did find something, several strips of cloth with the inscription SS inside a sun. What could that mean?"
Derek shrugged, he had no idea of the dirtier politics in Wissenland, seeing as he was buried in work and that this was a very new Barony, even the neighbours had only just started talking to each other through the thin walls of the Town of Nuestaat.
"I don't know my friend, but if it is against the common man's peace, then I promise we will do all in our power to prevent a tragedy taking place."

The company rode past the forest on their left silently, at first at a canter, but as the sun disappeared behind a cloud, they broke into a gallop. The trees looked friendly enough, but after the conversation Derek and the captain had just had, the veteran soldiers took no chance of their lord being attacked so far from the security of reinforcements and medical help.

After ten minutes of galloping, Derek called a halt several miles from the border, in a small strand of trees. Grassland stretched all around them, and if it wasn't for the enormous Black Mountains range in the far south, they probably could of gotten lost. Dismounting from Caspian, Derek brushed him down and gave him some feed from his feed back, the Pegasus whinnied gratefully.
Captain Dietrich oversaw the watering of both horses and men, while several saddle sore soldiers sighed audibly as they lay flat out on the shady ground. Though it was a cool day, the sun still beat down mercilessly. Derek rested his head on his folded up cloak and soon fell into a doze.

The border approached rapidly, it was close to sunset and the company were galloping hard for the river crossing of Ertingen. Shouts from men and women walking the road receded into the distance as any who got in the way of this group of horsemen were almost ridden down.
"Your grace! The lighthouse, it is lit!" Gunther yelled out from behind Derek and to his left.
"The ferry makes one more trip before sunset, if we push hard we can make it before it goes!" Derek shouted and pushed Caspian to his galloping limit on the ground. Caspian whinnied and renewed his effort.
The troop thundered through the gate, causing the group of four town watch to shout in alarm and begin chasing after them.
"There, listen, the bell!" Dietrich yelled over the din. Derek could hear the tolling of the ferry bell, so close he could almost see it. People shouted and cursed as the men rode through the town like a thunderstorm, people dove out of the way of the armoured riders, their pennants bearing the Contyre coat of arms fluttering with the speed of their traversing.
Suddenly the buildings ahead of them cleared and the river exploded into view in front, and there, fifteen meters out from the shore, the ferry began pulling into the current of the Sol and drifting towards Sonnefurt on the opposite shore. Derek pulled on Caspian's reigns hard, the Pegasus floored his hooves and pulled cobblestones out of the ground, the horsemen behind him barely stopping before falling into the river.

Derek cursed and turned to see thirty men armed with spears and swords behind them, pointing them at him.
A large, fat man with a minuscule hat on his huge head stepped forth, he held a baton in one hand and a cudgel in the other.
"You sirs are under arrest for disturbing the peace of Ertingen, almost running the chief of the watch down and, and. . .
AND FOR DESTRUCTION OF PUBLIC PROPERTY!" The fat man screamed at Derek and pointed to Caspian's feet where cobblestones had been ripped from the ground.
The watchmen advanced on the mounted soldiers, they lowered their lances in anticipation of combat but Derek waved his hand in the air.
Lances resumed their skyward watch.
"I believe I have the right to know who attempts to arrest me and my men?" Derek asked patiently, looking at the large, fat man as he did so.
"You do at that sir, I am Mayor Walter Heim, and I accuse you of these crimes in Ertingen."
Derek paused thoughtfully, he knew that name from the invitation he carried in his pocket and knew that to ostracise one of the council would hurt his efforts with the Baroness.
"And I demand to know the names I will inscribe on the stocks for your crime of disturbing the peace and destruction of property." The mayor looked like he was sweating with fear, although it could be from anger.
"You have that right my friend, I am Derek Contyre, Duke of Nueremburg and Baron of Nuestaat, come from a long and hot days ride to earn and hopefully win the hand of your fair Baroness. I must apologise to you and your townsfolk of coming through here in such a rush, but we stopped several miles outside of town and slept a little too long in this lazy sun. Here," Derek reached into his saddlebags and, pulling out a pouch, shook it and smiled as the silver inside made a satisfying tinkling, chucked it to the mayor, " That should repair the damage I have done inconsiderately." Mayor Heim caught the pouch with a practised eye and opened it. His eyes opened wider than he pouch and he hurriedly closed it and stuffed it into his pants.
"Your Grace! I never knew you had arrived, otherwise I would of stopped the ferry for you."
"It is of no matter, this gives me time to see your beautiful town." Derek smiled at him and looked at the ferry disappearing into the distance. He could see a man looking back at him, he appeared tall and well built, early thirties. His dark red cloak fluttered in the breeze and as the sun set behind him he could see the man's black hair shot with grey. An old Norseman appeared next to him and the two sat back down on the ferry.
Derek turned his attention back to the Mayor as he was explaining how his grace could stay at his house for the evening.
Derek accepted and followed him, a nagging feeling that he had just missed one of his rivals...
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Hmm, I believe ill join this affair with Eowold Von Mahler, second son of the noble family in Hohenburg.
Had a few ideas which could pose interesting.
Will knock up one of them character sheets tonight if another suitors allowed.
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I see the fluff writing has begun! :::cheers:::

Oh and Chev ... LP has mentioned its ok for additional suitors to partake in the event, so you're good to go. :icon_cool:
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I thought it better to post up about thw change as, according to my last post, I'd be using a warrior priest type chap and not a suitor.
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Dear Mother

It is with my greatest hope that this finds you, father and Anita well and in good health.

Our journey is almost complete. Yet I am afraid to inform you that the yacht sustained some minor damage when we were beset by rogues from the woods, no doubt after plunder. Alexander and myself are perfectly fine, as are many of our company, It was great luck that Doktor Kohler is with us, for his skills have been put to good use.

All about us the signs of war are evident in a much higher proportion than that we witnessed downstream - the rebuilding work from the Solland Effort well underway. The newer battlescars across the land are due as you know to the recent armed invasion of Sonnefurt by its Sollander neighbours - it was Alexander's and father's Volunteer's actions which saved the day in the eleventh hour and for this my brother gained his Knighthood from the Council of the City.

I am excited in seeing the town, for I have had many dealing through The Company with it, yet never having set foot there myself. My contacts tell me it is a veritable jewel of the south, a bastion of learning and industry. I shall see how it rivals great Nuln.

Your Loving Son

Folding the letter away, Leopold carefully picked up the small scrap of dirty cloth he had found amongst the dead. The star emblem, was of course obviously a symbol of Old Solland, but the monogram within of the two 'S' was most unusual. He had not informed Alexander about this, for he was afraid his brother's boorish attitude might not only ruin Father's plans but escalate the situation from a number of bandits to a full-blown war.

The yacht had stopped to take on supplies at the town of Wusterburg. The town itself was quite a surprise to Leopold as he stepped off the yacht, instead of the sprawling mass of hovels he, as a city-bred Nulner expected, he saw a thriving town of merchants, traders and fishermen. The docks were large and well populated with river ships and sheltered from the currents of the river even great bridge span over to another small town on the far bank, a marvel to behold.

The townsfolk however, were not welcoming to the large ship bearing the Red Lion of Nuln. Alexander along with the majority of the rowers and sailors immediately marched off into the town to find a decent tavern, leaving Leopold to oversee the purchasing of supplies, something he did not mind at all - he haggled with relish, all his shyness and insecurity forgotten in those few minutes. With a decent price squeezed out of the dockyard merchants, Leopold settled into an armchair on the deck of the ship and gazed at the bustle of the river port.

Tomorrow they would arrive in Sonnefurt amid a fanfare, Father had ordered several of their agents to the town in advance, the leisurely pace of Galloper giving them enough time to organise proceedings.

His insecurities returned after the brief exchange with the trader, Leopold ran a hand through his hair, anxiety written across his face.
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"Welcome to Sonnefurt, gentlemen!" Johann boomed over the assembled horseflesh and steel in front of him, "I hope you are prepared for a lengthy stay!" He smiled wryly at his men as they cheered, 20 of the best and most loyal knights from his old Chapterhouse at Pahl, aurous pennants flying and the black and gold of their order emblazoned on every surface, the Blazing Sun rose that day in Sonnefurt.

He led his men to the house he had rented(they would be instrumental in his official entrance into town before the ball), after the first few nights in the Tankard, he had accomplished his goal. The Elder had been a hard dwarf to crack, but enough ale greases the door of the most stubborn mind. He himself had declared never to touch ale in such quantity as long as he should live, shuddering slightly at the memory. Still, he was sure the old dwarf would support, him, and that would have weight. This house on the other hand had been an easy acquisition, and as he drifted off to the memory, the jingle of harness and of mail almost put him to sleep.

"... very pleased to meet you, Lord Bieter." "Indeed Lord Zell, I hear great things of you from my friend." "Oh, indeed? And who might that be?" "An employee by the name Ton Greyhammer, a Vein-Captain in the copper mine on the east end." "Ah, Master Greyhammer, I do indeed know the name. Stopped a cave-in a few weeks ago, and has led his section well, I was thinking of making him an overseer of his part of the mine, he has the head for it easily." "I'm glad you think as highly as I of him. As I say, he speaks highly of you, and I simply wished to meet with this great personage, while I am in town." "You are one of the Baroness's suitors, are you not?" "Indeed, Lord Zell, that I am. She has captivated me for years, and I have long thought her decisions wise, and in keeping with the best of noble tradition. Wouldn't you agree?" "Oh indeed sir, indeed. So few outside the court are willing to say that in this age. You couldn't imagine the number of parties and lobbies trying to curry favor whilst whispering behind her back. They are small, rat-like things still, nothing worth worrying about, but that doesn't make it any less disturbing for it." "Oh, indeed Lord Zell, I quite agree." Their glasses chink together with a satisfying ring, each drink but lightly from the cut crystal glasses, the wine fine and aged, a bottle with the Baronial vintage stamped upon it sits on the desk, the two nobles eye each other from behind their cups.

After that, Lord Zell, or Lord Herman, as he had requested, had been most able to offer the use of a small country house of his in exchange for a nominal rate. His men now slept in a long barracks adjacent to the house, setting their fine burnished armor on the collapsible stands he had had made for them. It was another of Milliardo's ideas. He chuckled at the thought. Knud had a chamber nearby him, and now that his leg was recovered, Giuseppe had joined them, the dashing Tilean demanding for a suite, and so while he was lord of the house, it was Giuseppe that took the master's rooms, and had quickly filled them, for the pampered prince never traveled with out his "necessaries" as he called them. Bookshelves, globes, vanities, wardrobes, a piano, paintings, an easel and other painting equipment, a harp, his mistress Liona, her bed, his bed, and a host of other pointless and useless items that only a Tilean could imagine. Indeed, due to his friend's excess, Johann had been forced to fit the large master bed into his much smaller room, meaning that his room was essentially a bed, with a couple of small chests beneath it for his lesser clothes, and his fine clothes had had to be kept in Giuseppe's room, for there was simply no more room. He already installed a cabinet above the bed on the wall for his own necessities, a few books, a few half-written treatises, armor polish, sword polish, gold wire, less any should be damaged on his armor, and a small group of lesser items like keepsakes, letters, and trophies.

Johann was pacing that small room now, after Zell, Lanke, and Stromsson, he wasn't quite sure who to meet with next. It seemed obvious to him, that from his talks with Zell, he needed Merchant support, but that would be hard coming, as Sonnefurt had no need to open trade with his graviate, it had been so for years, so he needed a new angle for that group. He couldn't offer them more power, he couldn't offer more money, but there had to be something he could do...Suddenly there was a knock at his door, annoyed he opened the door to find Giuseppe Asfazzio leaning rakishly on his door, curling his black mustache in  that pompous manner. Even with all the irritations he had made for Johann, all the trouble, it was all he could do not to leap at his old friend, hug him tight, and dare the world to take him away, "What are you playing at, Han? I still can't believe you're trying to get married." "You're married, you've married twice." "And both times it was to unlovable dogs with a lot of money and very little sense. That's what a man like you should be doing. A pretty noblewoman is a dangerous one, never trust them my friend." "I don't trust her, I don't know her yet, but from what I understand she can be what I need, and I be what she needs." "Really, and what do you need, because I promise I can find a combination of whores and friends that can do it better." "I need an ally, a partner, someone just as competent as I am who can run a land as well as I. I need someone who is smart, loyal, popular, and above all, secure. I need someone who won't die, and will be there to catch me if I fall." "I have got to say Han, you are depressing to be around. You wallow in self-destructive philosophy, I'm going to have some fun with Liona. If you need me, just whistle." He laughed as he walked away, a series of short, ringing sounds not unlike the clink of glasses. The clink of glass...He knew what to do.
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Name and Title: Marshall Eowold Von Mahler

Portrait: (http://www.art-reproductions.net/images/Artists/Diego-Velazquez.jpg)

Their motivations for the marriage:
Eowold is the second son of the ruling noble family of Hohenburg, Hochland. As such, he stands to inherit little on his father’s death, Most of the estate will go to his brother.  Eowold looks to make connections in a step up the nobility ladder. Although Eowold takes the revenues from Flussdorf, A small village between Hohenburg and the Flaschgang river, He has little land to his name.

What the Baroness stands to gain:
 Little land, Some solid trade connections to northern Hochland. Military connections and reinforcements. Eowold commands many who’ve follow him through various campaigns,and although not all of them would be able to travel to Wissenland and back at his beck and call, Many would.  These men consist of various troop types, not just your typical town militia.

What the Baroness stands to lose:

Possible face infront of other nobility, Marrying a lower class of nobility would likely offend some families which could result in lost connections.

Nuptial Agreements on the leadership of Sonnefurt:
 The Baroness would take the Von Mahler name for all occasions outside of Sonnefurt, There she would be able to retain her previous name. Eowold would choose those in charge of Sonnefurts military efforts and have approval of all campaign propositions.


A reserved character, Eowold would be considered the “Strong silent type”, Keeping his opinions to his private quarters unless his opinion publicly required.  He has recently developed an independent state-of-mind, partly forced by his father’s favouritism of his brother, Normal in nobility with multiple heirs. Eowold hopes to gain enough estate to setup family and gain an heir for himself. He is proud of his home-state, Hochland, and would continue to serve it’s elector count, Aldebrand Ludenhof.

Didnt fill in too much information as i'd like people to decide his personality and such via his methods and actions throughout the storyline.
(And i'm lazy)
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The Galloper, all fifty foot of her breezed into Sonnefurt harbour, its sleek lines giving the impression that it simply glided over the choppy river waters. Its pennants of the Nuln Red Lion and the Von Plauten Bronze Key on Blue background flew merrily from the masts for all to see that the suitor from Nuln had arrived at last into Sonnefurt.

The bank of oars on both sides raised themselves in unison, a salute to the town. This brought an applause from the crowd of  townspeople packed down at the docks for the festivities - for Leopold's father's agents had done their job well, spending a generous amount of money on free ale for to everyone, various stalls for playing games of dice, a couple of games of 'Turnip Shy' and various jugglers, acrobats and entertainers. The smell of roast pig floated about the air.

As the yacht floated alongside the pier, the crowd gave another cheer as a rank of Black-coated soldiers stood stiffly to attention, their bronze armour gleaming in the sunlight. Due to the short war with Kroppenleben, and the intervention of the Nuln Volunteers, those from the City-State were very well liked by those in the Barony, the merest hint in a tavern that you're from Nuln will raise a series of voices offering to buy you drinks.

The atmosphere was electric as Alexander and Leopold stepped out onto the deck, a great cheer going up as the crowd spied Alexander's officer uniform. He waved and smiled amiably. Leopold just looked sullen. The crowd ignored him.

Alexander raised his hand to speak; "I am terribly happy to be back among you People". The crowd, confused, clapped this anyway.

The unit of guards marched down the gangplank, followed by the two brothers. There at the pier to meet them were an assortment of civic leaders including the merchants Aldred Guttman and Miengot Elzacher representing the Council of Sonnefurt and Albert Frank, the local boss of the Soll Shipping Company, a man Leopold liked very much, as they shared similar traits.

"So glad you could come" intoned Guttman in his monotone voice. "Welcome to Sonnefurt, Sir Alexander" he looked over to Leopold, "And to you, Herr von Plauten, an absolute pleasure you chose to come all this way in search of love" Leopold nodded, silent.

Unperturbed, Elzacher spoke up "Arrangements have been made for your stay, gentlemen, I do hope you will have a pleasant time before the ball next week, perhaps see the sights of our fair Barony"

The procession of Councillors and the two Nulners began the slow walk up to the carriages waiting in the street above them, the two files of soldiers, Sonnefurters and Nulners joined up behind them and the sound of men marching in step thudded through the noise of the crowds.


The 'Merchant Venturers' had set up a beautiful mansion in the Upper River Side of Sonnefurt for the two von Plautens and their entourage. The current owner was away on business in Nuln, and had offered the grand house and gardens to the two men from the City-State most graciously. The Galloper was moored safely in the Marina not far away, dwarfing all the other pleasure barges and small yachts of the local aristocracy and rich merchants, its crew billeted in a number of taverns across the town or inside the ship itself.

The detachment of Marschall's Guards remained with the von Plautens, as both a bit of ceremonial swank and as an actual guard, for there were many irregularities between suitors of an especially rich heiress.

Leopold sat in the gardens with Albert, their conversations about the dealings of the Soll Shipping Company in Sonnefurt long tired out. They returned to other things instead, they both had a love of the cosmopolitan life of Nuln, and they lived very close in the University District, Leopold's townhouse there simply to get away from his Father's disappointed eyes and had become fast friends.

"So tell me of the Baroness von Heisenburg, Albert"

The civil-servant-turned-merchant chuckled. "Quite the wildcat in her youth, they say. Though she's mellowed out as she's gotten older, i'd say. Probably what all this fuss about a wedding is all about"

"Does she love poetry, Albert? Or the theatre? Can she discuss philosophy on a cold winter's night before the fire?"

Albert looked at Leopold, startled. "I wouldn't know, Leo, I've only met her twice! I know the colour of her hair and that's the completeness of my knowledge!"

Leopold looked down, morosely.

"But, perhaps I can help you." Albert smiled. "There is a man here, her old teacher. Name of Arthtiknes, a well learned man. You've probably heard of his plays, they sometimes get as far as Nuln, Altdorf even."
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"Rodrigo, I have need of your help." "Han, you are as a brother to me, but you only just arrived, what possible need could you have for my help. I've already promised to get you an audience with Prince Lanke, and General Marco said he'd talk to you when you wanted, what more could you need?" "You've said you had dealings with many of the wine merchants in the area?" "Why yes, I consider myself somewhat of an authority on the subject.  You know, me and Sir Gilles often spend summer afternoons sipping fine vintages and talking wine, there was once.." "Thank you Rodrigo, but I need your help arranging contact with a...err..Thomas Leerer?" "Lemann, I believe you mean. Yes, yes, Tom Lemann I know the man, biggest vintner this side of Meissen." "Aye that's the one. Do you think you could get me a moment with him?"

"Uhhhh, perhaps, but he's a very busy man." "Whenever you can." "I'll see what I can do, just don't say I promised, because I can offer no guarantee. Oh and by the way, Prince Lanke said he'd see you today, sometime around 3 and a quarter bell." "Why so exact?" "He's deposed nobility, he has a bit of an insecurity problem." "Thank you Rodrigo, you won't regret this when I'm Baron." "So you say, me, I have my money on some Nulner. I've been here only a year, and I am already sure of it, any Nulner would please the Baroness." "You're discounting the legendary Bieter charm." "Listen Han, I've met Maximillian, the Bieter charm is less legendary than infamous." "Maybe the Baroness likes dangerous men?" "I said infamous, not dangerous, there's a difference. Town drunks are infamous, but they're rarely dangerous." They laughed together for a moment, the Imperial and the Estalian, enjoying each other til Johann knew it was time to go. There was a Prince waiting for him.

He tightened his gloves as he walked toward the large townhouse, built in the style of a Tilean palazzo that had seemingly met with an angry god, having apparently been shrunk down to Sonnefurt's standard height. Over the door, the complicated eight part sigil of Lanke hung limp. Two guards stood at the door, in tight-fitting mail covering their overlarge bellies, one with an iron hauberk, with spontoons clenched in meaty hands. As he approached, they made an effort at attention, however this effect was largely ruined by the untimely slipping of the right hand soldier's mail from out his belt, causing an unfortunate flash of pale fat before it was thrust back beneath. The guard with the hauberk looked over Johann appraisingly for a moment, as if he actually intended to send a richly dressed noble on his way, before quietly nodding and opening his wide, frog-like mouth, "Appointment?" he lasily intoned, "Indeed sir, I am his Highness's 3 quarter bell." "You will address his Majesty as his...err..Majesty." "But Boss, that's not right, he hit me last time I did that." "I give the orders here, sergeant. And it's Captain Boss to you." "Of course boss." "Right then. I'll just check this out with his Majesty's clerk." and his excessively loud pronouncement, slipped inside the door. Exiting a moment later with a henpecked expression, he quietly said, "His Highness will see you now."

Lanke's office was both luxurious and yet had that feeling of needing a new coat of...something. The prince himself, an oddly shaped man with a thin, bare-boned chest and protruding stomach, his hairline receding both into his head and into grey, his long mustache gleaming with something approaching a waxed sheen, sat behind the odd pine desk, a strange, light colored piece for such a darkly rich room, and looked for all the world like a snake that has swallowed a particularly large mouse, and is quite proud of this feat. Motioning for him to sit, the Prince spoke in a completely unreadable dialect of Nielvan, an eastern language of the Border Princes, that somehow managed to be enough like the language not to be understandable in Reikspiel, but close enough to Reikspiel to not be understandable in Nielvan, which he spoke, "Vel, hov ish it tot you vant coma hare?" "I..um..." "Ut vith it." "Right, I come to offer you something in exchange for something else." "Ond vut mighut tot bay?" coming to see the patterns in his speech, "Respect, I offer a place in this land you've come to where your ideas are at least respected, if not always taken. In exchange, I need your support in the coming...competition." "You ara very open to may. Vy?" "I don't need to mince words, you don't strike as a man who enjoys small talk." "Ee om very imtereshted in your proposhishun. Tell may mora." Three hours later he left, another man added to his repertoire.

"...du Beaucamp, Contyre, de Crux, von Falkenhausen, Hochstahl, Pedini, von Plauten, and von Spur. That is the current number. You have your work cut out for you, without the wealth of Contyre, the sheer connections of de Crux, Hochstahl's youth, von Plauten's connections, von Spur's enterprises, du Beaucamp's flair, Pedini's obvious superiority *twirls mustache*, or von Falkenhausen's blood ties and sheer mystique. I'd say you haven't a hope." "You've always been a huge help, Seppy. Still, the names don't disturb me, though I am worried I'm the oldest suitor here. What does worry me is that last part, the 'current number'. I can handle what's here so far, but I can't win if the Emperor's cousin shows up. I need to meet these men, if I can work out their failings before we meet the princess, I'll know where to start when we do. I think I'll start with Duke Contyre, Cousin Hans knows his father." "Ah, they all in the.." "Yes, yes. That." "So who after that?" "Von Plauten I think, he maybe a sniveling weasel, but his brother's alright, and I think we can talk academics to break the ice. I saw him at the University once, nose in a book the whole time." "I'd come with you an help dunk him in the canal like we used to, but Liona has a headache, and requires my expert services." After he was gone, Johann sat and thought about the last time he had seen Derek Contyre, he was 15, the boy was maybe 4, perhaps a little older, Hans hadn't lost his hand or his eye yet, and Hans was talking to Seth, who wasn't Count yet, while Otto talked to Count Marius. It seemed so long ago.  The Count allowed him to stay the night, and he set out on his Knightly Journey the next day. He had cried that night, his mother and father had only been killed six months previous. He cried every night. The little boy had only been a merchant's son in those days, Derek Tussenburg, but he knew his name, and it had stuck with him when the boy went on to go so far. He leaned back on his mammoth bed. He was so old! 
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"So this is Sonnefurt eh?" Igor muttered to himself as he jumped of the wagon
"Ah the stench of decay and despret liveing!" Warden-Sergeant Markus exclaimed troting his horse up to Igor "We are right at home sir!"
"Indeed!" Igor said laughing "Don't let the Baroness here you say that though she might get ideas!"
The bolth laughed again
"Orders sir?" Markus asked with a smile still plastered on his bearded face
"Dismount the men and then meet me here"
"Yes Sir!" Markus turned his horse and brawled to Igor's 69 bodyguard "DISMOUNT!!!"
In nearly perfect unison the guards dismounted and left to find some stables

About an hour later they were all 69, includeing Markus, makeing 70, were lined in a near perfect square, stareing straight ahead, with thier halbers, heavy chain mail and silver trimed helmets and brestplates glittering in the sun
Oh how he was proud of them! They were his friends, commrads and protectors and many had followed him to the gates of chaos and back some were even vets of the Lustria campaign!
"Allright lads! I know you don't know what this word means but relax!" Many laughed "It's about time you all got a break and we are going to be here for a while, so find a good inn, girl and ale or wine and just enjoy yourselfs! You lads deserve it!"
They cheared and soon begain to walk away and find what they were looking for
"You sure that was wise sir" Markus asked as he walked up "You may need us"
"Oh I have no doubt of that" Igor said "Thats why I sent you away"
"Yes for if I did not many would begin to think that I did not trust the Baroness' guards and they live, breath and die for her. Now what dose keeping you around say eh?"
"I see your point"
"Besides I will have you with me" Igor said smileing
"Erm..." Markus looked pale
"Not afraid are you?"
"Erm... no sir just a little.... I don't know. I just hate nobs they have tryed to kill me for that last 30 years or so"
"Ah my big bearded friend! What could go wrong!?!" Igor laughed
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Swinging the doors open ahead of him, Eowold Von Mahler stepped into his father’s. a wedding invitation held firmly in his grasp, a slight nervous quiver over took Eowold’s movement as he approached his fathers chair.
“Father, I wish t--..”
“AHA, Eowold, have you heard of your brother’s latest conquest?” Guffawed Wolfstan
“No sire, but I hav--..”
“The devil, He’s only gained the attention of half the ladies of Hergig’s upper society! Just like his father that boy!”
Wolfstan spoke with such pride of Ludwig, his eldest son, which left Eowold feeling ever unwanted and outcast.
“Father, I plan to travel to Wissenland and gain a lady’s hand in marriage” said Eowold, finally getting his sentence out. “Here, this is the invitation” he passed Wolfstan the letter.

Dear esteemed Nobleman,

Baroness Katarina von Heisenberg of the affluent Barony of Sonnefurt cordially invites you to a grand ball at her country villa.

At this ball, the Baroness will choose a husband from the prospective candidates, taking into consideration their wealth, political standing, ancestry and lineage.

Attached is an image of our radiant Baroness.

The Baroness eagerly awaits your arrival

The Council of Towns and Villages of Sonnefurt

“Hmmm, Very well.” Replied Wolfstan, an air of trepidation in his voice “Perhaps it’ll do you some good to take a woman’s company for some time.”
“Thank you, Father.  I leave tonight” said Eowold with a bow, He turned and headed for the doors.


Short, but justs gets my chap moving. Next part should actually be interesting as this is to just show his relationship with his father.

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The fire crackled merrily in the grate, two armchairs sat near this fire, each with a small table which held two half glasses of brandy and a third larger table with a decanter full of the rich brown liquid.
Derek Contyre sat in the hazy smoke filled room with ease, in the next chair sat the young Mayor Walter Heim, his pipe puffing away slowly, the tobacco inhaled deeply before being breathed out in an impressive smoke ring that wafted towards the ceiling before being obliterated by the chandelier.
The sitting room they were in held numerous bookcases and shelves with small oddities atop and in between the numerous spines.
Mayor Walter looked over at his drinking companion and possibly future baron, the Duke was young in age but seemed far older for his years, he drank brandy the way an old general would, and he appeared immune to the effects of smoking.
Walter liked that.
"Tell me Contyre, what brings you so far from your northern caves? I hear the barbarians there are frightfully clingy when winter descends over the forests." A normal conversation was impossible between these two men after an hour in each other's company, all pretence of rank was dropped after the first glass of alcohol was consumed at dinner, though not teetotallers, the two nonetheless shared a bond only young men of rank share.
"I grew tired of their fury hides to be honest Heim, and preferred a great southern beauty to warm my heart during the fell snowstorms."
Though the disrespect was minimal, the Mayor didn't seem to mind, his Baroness was a great beauty after all and the two men shared a sip of brandy again.
"Well at least your taste has not degenerated into that of a Middenlander, Sigmar only knows who they get to warm themselves."
The chuckles continued for some time and the brandy slowly disappeared.
"Well Heim, we have danced around the subject for a while, and though talking of less serious things is a great deal less tedious, I must press the issue with you." Derek began, sipping more brandy.
"Press away my friend, the brandy won't drink itself, and there is always more for me while you talk, and for you while I answer." Walter smiled into his glass.
"Thank you, I wish to know the political climate of Sonnefurt, and also of the suitors for the Baroness' hand. I believe I saw one on the ferry this evening, a well built man, dark hair. Had an ancient Norseman with him."
Walter thought for a moment, his brow furrowing in concentration.
"Ah I have him now, that would be Graf Johann Bieter, a middle aged knight from a Barony close by, Steingart I believe. Rumours have been said that he has been eyeing off the Baroness for years, but it is strange he has never made a move before now."
"Maybe he has a father pushing him into it?" Derek morosely added, thinking of his own father in Stattenland.
"You? pushed into something? Why Contyre, it seems you look for an excuse to not court my lovely Baroness."
"You have me Heim, I travelled all this way to give up at the first sight of a man who before now had made no move." Derek replied sarcastically.
"Well I wouldn't of blamed you Contyre, the man is a local after all, you northerners were never really welcomed here to begin with."
Derek narrowed his eyes at him, "You speak the truth Heim?" he said with the least amount of malice he could summon. Which was difficult under the effects of the brandy.
"Why yes of course." Heim continued, oblivious to the fact that Derek had instantly become sober, "There are several factions here that dislike northern influence on our little Barony, though luckily I am not one of those, and nor are some of the more open merchants and council members that I know of."
Derek listened closely before replying. "That is good to hear Heim, for I intend to open a Contyre-Statten trading company office in your town of Sonnefurt to further business between 'us northern barbarians' as it were. The CSTC dominate most of the northern markets from Altdorf to Kislev and could offer very lucrative trading contracts between your merchants here and across the Empire." Heim's eyes bulged at the thought of having Sonnefurt goods being talked off throughout the Empire and beyond.
"Having your authority would of course make it easier to acquire a dock and offices for my families company here in Sonnefurt, for I would never to do so without the support of the council."
"And that is good and proper Contyre." Heim began, beginning to see the direction the conversation was going in, "I could of course, arrange several meetings with prominent council members to make it legal." Derek smiled.
"That would be excellent indeed my friend, may I make a toast?" Heim nodded and filled both their brandy glasses.
"To the health, wealth and continuity of trade between the northern barbarians and great southern dames."


The ferry steamed its way across the river, the old dwarf grumbling about something or other as he expertly guided the craft through the currents.
Derek sat in the same exact spot he saw Graf Bieter sit in yesterday, he ran a gloved hand along the rail and remembered every detail of the man.
"This could be interesting." He said aloud, scanning the opposite shore. His eyes widened in alarm, a two masted galley lay anchored in harbour, bearing the red lion of Nuln with another pennant below that, a bronze key over a blue field, that brought back memories. Derek turned and looked for his captain, who had seen the pennants and was walking towards him.
"Dietrich, alert the men, there could be trouble at the docks." Derek said quietly, not wishing to alarm the ancient dwarf mariner.
"Your grace, it has been two years, surely they would not remember?"
"If this is indeed the same man who fought us at the Hugelburg, then he would remember my colours in an instant, do not unfurl my standard till we are ashore, I don't want to be sent to the bottom of the Sol before I have had my chance at the Baroness."
Dietrich nodded and wandered back to the men, they were on guard instantly, all having fought with their Duke two years ago in the battles of Hugelburg and the siege that followed.

He would remember them. They knew it.

The ramp settled onto the dock with a satisfying CLUNK, the dwarf began muttering about 'docks not being what they used to' and began to check his steam boat.
The men of the Guard led the blindfolded horses down the ramp by two's, not wanting to be tipped over the side unceremoniously. Derek had changed into his full plate for his disembarkation and led Caspian onto the dock without hesitation. The ferry had been entirely taken up by the horses and soldiers, though the dwarf had uttered not a word after a gold crown had passed hands. In fact Derek was surprised the ferry didn't crash into the docks, the way the dwarf stared at the gold.
Leaping atop Caspian, Derek was resplendent in his bright red cloak with fresh, green laurels atop his hair. The polished steel armour stood out in the sun and, at his hand wave, Dietrich unfolded the Ducal coat of arms:

Instantly the press of bodies opened for the noble retinue, people stared in wonder as Derek passed, he smiled to some and waved to a few more, but it wasn't until Dietrich shouted; "MAKE WAY FOR HIS GRACE, THE DUKE OF NUEREMBURG!" that broke the silence and people started cheering.
Many clapped hands and smiled at him, while others threw flowers which he caught. Caspian, excited by the attention reared and expanded his stiff wings. The brilliantly white Pegasus glowed in the mid morning sun and drew a collective gasp from the crowds. Derek, almost thrown from his saddle, kicked Caspian in the ribs.
"Careful you great idiot, you almost threw me!" Derek whispered frantically in the Caspian's ear.
The Pegasus snorted and retracted its wings. Thoroughly impressed, the crowd parted with a frenzy of cheering at the foreign Duke from Nueremburg with his beautiful white Pegasus, presumably come to court their beloved Baroness.
The Stattenland and Hamburgian Armoured Guard colours were revealed by the two lead Guardsmen and the procession wound its way from the lower dockside towards the Merchants Quarter. People cheered as they passed and every so often Derek would let Caspian rear and stretch his wings again, their nine meter span covering the whole street. Each time he did this the crowd would cheer frenziedly and children would run laughing and screaming through the crowd.
Dietrich and the Guardsmen were on full alert in case the crowd turned overzealous but Derek was smiling through the whole thing.

Forty five minutes later, after word of their arrival had spread like wildfire through the town, the company of celebrities made it to Gilles Wine Bar intact and, after passing through the main gates that separated the nobles horses from the rest of the town, managed to dismount without being swamped. The stables however were full, or, mostly full. Many had large red lettered 'RESERVED' signs on them.
"Well men, we got in, finally." Dietrich let out with a sigh. "You Grace, what move should we make now? Did the Mayor of Ertingen give us anything to go on? Or are we to requisition this tavern?"
Derek sighed as he dismounted, he was sweating terribly from sitting in the sun for too long.
"Is there no wind in this town?"
"Our next move your Grace?" Dietrich began.
"Our next move captain is to have a drink, unlike you I seem to be famished and dehydrated. Now get this armour off me so we can arrive without causing a riot."

"Now that the business of your town house is sorted my lord, we can turn to the more important matters, of trade, and marriage." Miengot Elzacher said, looking over his paperwork at Derek.
"Excellent, as part owner of the Statten-Contyre Trading Company, I have authority to establish a Trade House in any town and city I deem it productive to our business. My father, Prince Seth Contyre, has given me leave to do this with Sonnefurt, knowing that your proximity to the Border Princes has lucrative trading opportunities for a business venture. As the head of the Chamber of Customs and Commerce, I thought it best to come to you first before I go buying parts of your city."
"You thought correctly your Grace, as there are many places in Sonnefurt that would not welcome a Northerner like yourself, no matter how much business you bring." Derek nodded.
"I knew I could count on Mayor Heim's judgement in arranging an interview with you Herr Elzacher, he assured me that you were the man to see in Sonnefurt with matters of trade."
Miengot smiled.
"Well I am one of the best they say."
Derek forced a chuckle, "Indeed. Now one of the reasons I am here now Herr Elzacher is that the taxes of Nuln are crippling your economy down here. You must ship your goods to Nuln in order to sell them for fair price which of course the Countess won't allow as the woman is jealous of your Baroness."
Elzacher nodded, he knew this only too well.
"I propose this, you help me with the Baroness' hand, and I will, how shall I say this, pull some figurative strings and get these embargoes on your goods lifted, open your trade lanes to Talabheim and beyond and let you sit back and watch the wealth flood in. All I need is information on the other suitors, surely there have been some to have come through in the last couple of days?"
Elzacher looked Derek up and down.
"Your hand is fair your Grace, but at what cost I wonder for the Barony? Have you heard of the bandit attacks on merchant caravans coming into and out of Sonnefurt?" Derek nodded, he had proof in his front pocket of the extensive havoc these 'bandits' were wreaking.
"I have."
"Then you know of the danger we are in?" Derek almost let his mask slip. Danger? What does this man know that I do not?
"I try to keep a positive outlook on the recent times, my own border patrols have been stepped up and are working in concert with the neighbouring Baronies to stop these widespread bandit attacks."
"I thought you might. Our own military can ill afford a major disruption with bandits right now, after the recent war with Kreutzhofen, Sonnefurt is limping along. It would go along way to your goal if you could somehow lower the tax burdens on our trading with those outside of Nuln."
This time it was Derek who nodded.
"I understand Herr Elzacher."
"I am not sure you do your Grace. You see, Northerners are ill trusted by many, regardless of your impressive entrance this morning, many of these suitors are from the immediate area and have families that have lived here for generations. The people trust those who live here. Many of these suitors are from here. Do you have my meaning?"
Derek held the man's gaze for a long time before Miengot dropped it.
"Normally I would push your business away, but any blow to the Countess crippling taxes are a blow worthy of my praise. If you can promise half of what you said, it will still go along way with the council."
"I can promise all of what I say Herr Elzacher, and this afternoon, a letter will be sent from my estate to the north to my trade office in Nuln with the express opinion that we exert pressure there to loosen the embargoes on Sonnefurt."
Miengot Elzacher's eyes widened considerably.
"Well, this changes things my lord... What is it you wanted to know?"
Derek smiled;
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Thanks for making my post look even shorter, Derek.
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A courier arrives at Duke Contyre's townhouse and drops off a parcel and a missive. The package contains a beautiful dagger, which though of intricate craftsmanship is not ornate. The entire body, crossguard, hilt, blade, and pommel, are made from one piece of fine dwarven steel. On the blade the words Honor et Victoria are engraved, filled in with black enamel. The quillions are wings, the pommel is a griffon's head, and the hilt has gold fillagree wire woven in to the steel. The tip of the blade, on further inspection, is of a lighter, but more beautiful metal, wickedly sharp, your memory recognizes it as gromril after a moment.

Dear Contyre, Duke of Nueremburg,
     I would like to extend my hospitality to you, and any friends you wish to bring along tomorrow evening for a small engagement along the lines of a dinner. I wouldn't worry about formalities, and I hope for an atmosphere both cordial and casual. Despite the matters of state which place us in competition, I hope to keep us from falling into quarrels. If you agree to arrive, please send both the time and number of guests for your arrival with my courier.
Sincerely Yours,
Johann Bieter, Graf of Steingart

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Thanks for making my post look even shorter, Derek.

You know I actually didn't even realise...  :engel:

Derek reads the letter three times, he even turns it over looking for alternative motive or a signal of some kind before deciding that it was indeed, a letter meant for a casual dinner meant promote good will between them.
The messenger waited patiently for his Grace's reply, though he felt nervous in his presence.
Derek continued to ignore him as he studied the dagger on his desk, he had not picked it up as yet, for it seemed strange to send a dagger to one's rival.
Hidden meaning perhaps? He thought to himself, intrigues were not above being dominated by layer upon layer of meanings and subtle word twists that could be manipulated a thousand different ways. After scribbling out a reply that he would indeed meet Graf Johann Bieter for a dinner without formality and would be bringing one dinner guest and an honour guard of five, he picked up the dagger gingerly and looked at it closely. It was indeed a work of exquisite art the like of which he had only seen once before, in fact the example lay in his private apartments, underneath the bed, wrapped in a very many layers of linen, secreted in a long wooden box.
Flipping it over he read the inscription; 'Great dignity and Victory.'
Raising his eyebrows, he placed it back on the desk and walked into his room.
The messenger shifted his weight onto his other leg, which had gone to sleep.

Derek returned with a beautifully constructed red Drakwald Oaken box. Opening the lid  Derek looked inside and pulled out a small trinket.
Though smaller than the inside of his palm, it weighed a great deal more than it should, for it was solid gold.
The broach he placed on the desk, it depicted an eagle in flight, with both wings extended to their maximum, its talons coming forward as if to seize prey and its beak opened slightly in a piercing cry. The breast of the eagle carried a cut emerald about the size of his little finger nail, shaped into a heart while each talon was made from a pearl cut to almost string length width. Each great eye was an incredibly small cut red ruby while the plumage of the wings, rather than yellow gold, was white. Of Dwarfen craftsmanship, the broach was incredibly intricate, with individual feathers hand carved from the gold. Derek placed it inside a cloth bag and folded it up many times and tied a wax seal around it.
Looking directly into the messengers soul he told him:
"If this goes missing, no amount of hired men on earth will allow you to escape me. Understand?"
The messenger paled considerably and received the letter and broach and left with a determined look on his face.
Relaxing, Derek smiled and hefted the dagger, once more inspecting it in the light of morning.
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.....red Drakwald Mahogany.....

Hmmm don't know why this is bothering me or why I feel compelled to be the flora police but Mahogany is a tropical tree.....maybe you can get it in Lustria....  :lol:

Maybe some fluff on my part shortly......
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Ah, my bad, I live in aus so yeah.

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There was a heavy knock on his door, panting could be heard behind it. Johann rose from his bed, the seat in his cramped room, and opened the door, finding his courier, pale and panting, leaning against the door frame with a letter and second parcel in hand. Looking up the boy wheezes, "I..I run..I run all the way. Didn..didn't want to take..any chance..any chances with the Duke's *swallows* present." taking his cargo, Johann handed the boy over to Hardeknud, who took him down to the kitchens. Opening the letter first, he noted the guest, and sent word to Zell's staff about table settings and to Preceptor Markus about the Honor guard. Pleased with the lad's straight acceptance of his offer, he took his letter opener, a snaggled, orange fang and worked through the tough wax seal before slowly opening it. The dark interior only captured his glance for moment, his gaze totally enraptured by the beautiful broach in front of him, its golden pin, its white gold feathers, the ruby eyes, the emerald heart in it's breast, it was the stuff of Princes. With a sinking feeling he remembered that Derek would be a Prince in due time.

Taking the broach in both hands, though his palm would be room enough, he appraised it from all angles. He knew of course he could never wear it, nothing he owned could possibly match it for richness, but for the young Duke's sake he would wear it on his deep red cloak for the dinner, and perhaps at another engagement with the Duke. Yes, the duke had upped his wager well past his own limits, but the boy would see, all his wealth wouldn't stand in Johann's way. That dagger had belonged to Hector von Liebowitz, the countess's cousin, and the Grandmaster of the Knights Griffon, whom had lost it to him in a game of Red Sally during the search for the Nemesis Crown. He'd like to see any anti-Nulner's reaction to his once iconic weapon.
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Loads of Characters in Sonneforte already....remember though the early bird may get the worm but the second mouse gets the cheese........
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Loads of Characters in Sonneforte already....remember though the early bird may get the worm but the second mouse gets the cheese........
Hehehe, we have to start keeping track soon for I may well start going insane  :unsure:.

Derek looked into the Oak box again, only one other item remained, and it would be sealed for the day of the ball when it could be placed in the hands of the Baroness herself.
The dagger caught his eye and he picked it up and looked over it once again. His gift to Graff Bieter was a princely one, but it was nothing to the significance of one warrior giving another a weapon of such craftsmanship, especially in the northern provinces, where weapons were looked to first before gold and jewels.
'This will never leave my belt.' Derek thought to himself.

Captain Dietrich Hemmler walked through the streets of Sonnefurt at a leisurely pace, his armour polished to a fine sheen and the heraldry on his jacket proudly displaying his dukes colours. People stared as he passed, but he minded them not, for his dispatch work for Contyre was done and he had some small coin left from last months pay and intended to use it downing some wine in Gilles wine bar or even one of the fightier taverns for some excellent dwarf made beer.
As he crossed out of the merchants quarter into Sonnefurt hill, he was jostled from behind by a man rushing towards the Upper river side. Immediately checking for his coin purse, which was still there, Dietrich followed the man with his eyes as he rushed through the thoroughfare, knocking people aside and pushing them almost out of his way.
The hair on the back of his neck stood up and a chill went right down his spine, looking back towards Sonnefurt Hill, he could even see Gilles' Bar, could smell the wine on the air beckoning him...
"Argh! Morr take them all!" He cursed before shouldering his way through the press of people after his quarry...

Derek and his guard of five walked calmly through the streets of the Merchant Quarter towards the town house that held his rival and dinner host Graff Johann Bieter, the Graff's soldiers watched him approach sternly, though they relaxed upon recognition of the dinner guest.
The clothes the Duke wore were of the latest fashion in Altdorf, a puffed and slashed doublet and hose with a jerkin and his red woollen cloak over the top of a slashed gown, the outer colours a light blue while the inner colours showing  a nice rich yellow, his black Beret with one solitary white feather kept his shoulder length hair neat. Overall it was a colourful display that somehow managed to not be a rainbow.
At his waist he had the newly acquired dagger in a new sheath and on his left side a long two handed sword of exquisite design, gold hilted with skulls at either end and on the pommel. At the top of the hilt in the middle of the cross guard was a large cut ruby of incredible workmanship and, chiselled ever so carefully into the handle two Dwarfen runes of power that gave the blade its name.

As the group grew nearer one of the guards raised his hand;
"Halt! Are you expected?" Derek nodded, "I am the Duke of Nueremburg and Baron of Nuestaat, Derek Contyre, and your lord is expecting me."
The guard nodded and lowered his hand.
"I am sorry your Grace, but no weapons are permitted inside, the rumours of banditry are all too evident here." Derek smiled.
"I am sorry soldier, this sword," indicating his two handed greatsword, "is my symbol of office gifted to me from the Emperor himself. While this is a gift from your lord."
The soldier glanced to his compatriot and made a decision.
"You may enter your Grace, we cannot take a symbol of office gifted from the Emperor."
Derek nodded and walked inside, his hand on the hilt of the dagger as he stepped over the threshold.
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The traffic south towards Sonnefurt had been observed keenly from the docks of Wusterburg, the names of the noblemen, the numbers of their entourage and their colours and condition all well noted and then well debated in Ravenswood Manor, the home of the De Crux family. Eventually a plan was decided upon, for better or worse and eventually a well appointed river barge left its moorings and headed up the river Soll.

It was newly painted in black, its lines picked out in silver and gold, from its stay lines were hung bunting of yellow, white and grey and at it's stern were flown a standard.


On its decks could be seen soldiers liveried in grey and white uniforms, their officers wearing sashes of azure and murray, stood stiffly to attention, their spears held straight up and their lion faced shields  across their breasts.

It took the barge but a little time to make the short journey up river to Sonnefurt and as it turned onto the Sonne Rived, there care the peal of drums and a fanfare of trumpets announcing the barge's arrival to all and sundry. As the fanfare died down the drums merely began to beat out a rythm, keeping time with the oarsmen of the barge as the sails were furled and the barge headed towards a mooring.

Eventually the barge was secured at its mooring and a gangway run down from the deck to the harbour, the incessant drums changed their tempo to a rapid beat as the grey and white liveried spearmen formed an honour guard. Once in place the barge's passenger appeared at the top of the gangway. A young man, dressed in a sumptuous doublet of gold and silver, cut in the style of the latest fashion from Altdorf and about his shoulders a black cloak trimmed in grey and white fur.

As he stepped down the gangway, behind him followed a Sigmarite cleric and a scribe, and behind them fell in the spearmen, ten in total as the party headed towards the town centre.

Behind the sailors began to unload the barge, bags, sacks and boxes...

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Eowold awoke to the sounds of chime of bells, He’d overslept once again. Reoccurring dreams of nights spent patrolling the Drakwald had haunted his dreams for many nights recently. Eowold had thought it had been an onset problem caused by his drinking, but he hadn’t drank for days so what could it be?

Someone knocked at the door.
“Come in” shouted Eowold, preparing his travels bags as he spoke.
Sebastian Farber stepped through the doors, “Morning, Marshall”
“Ah, Bastian, Come to wish me luck?” joked Eowold, Paying little attention as he continued to prepare his  travel supplies.
“That’s the main reason for my visit, sure” laughed Bastian “But I’m here about our regiment.”
“Your question would be who takes charge in my absence? It’d be you.” Smirked Eowold, Bastian would have known he’d take command while Eowold was away but it was nice of him to ask.
“It’d be a pleasure, Eowold. How long shall you be away?” he asked
“I don’t quite know, I’ve heard many nobles are travelling to this affair. Stattenland have already sent a suitor, apparently it’s Derek but that’s just rumour. I expect to be a couple months, the journey itself will take most of a week.” Eowold fastened his baggage straps and carried them to Bastian  “Keep the men safe, Bastian. They trust your leadership so you’d not have to prove anything to them” Eowold laughed “We all know our losses on the Weiss Hills would have been much worse without your plans.” Bastian responded with a nod, taking one of Eowolds suitcases, and led him out to the courtyard.
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The Duke's entrance was suitably grand, his princely clothes and noble bearing quite at home in this fine country house, his honor guard's armor polished to a rare sheen. Preceptor Markus intercepted the guards on their way in, leading them to the semi-circular bay in the dining room Giuseppe had christened the Warrior's Den, where those who did not wish to join the lords for dinner could sit and eat in less august company. The Duke was sat at a place on the right hand of the head of the table, with a place at his own right for his guest.  Still, there was no one at the table's head as of yet, and he was quite alone.

That soon changed, the Graf coming through a side passage only moments after the Duke's seating. He was dressed rather strangely, in an anachronistic style more akin to Magnus the Pious's time than their own, a thick, deep grey felt doublet, slashed with plum samite, plum hose, and small, pointed leathern shoes with silver buckles. Even so, he wore his more modern dark red cloak over the ensemble, pinned with the magnificent broach the Duke had gifted him. Following him was a wide and weathered Norscan, clad in black broadcloth with a heavy mantle of white bear-fur, and beside the northman there stood a Tilean with a finely waxed black mustache in finest carmine embroidered silk jerkin, high-collared and opened at the top in the Bretonnian style, over a green and silver doublet of gabardine with worked buttons, and the new Miraglianese trend of the ruff, though very small, about his neck. With this he wears green velvet hose, white shoes slashed with carmine, and cloth-of-silver gloves, adorned with an embroidered stoat, picked out in black. The Graf sits at the head of the table, with the Norscan at his left, and the Tilean at the Norscan's right.

After they sit, wine, ale, and a few other drinks are offered...

(You're welcome Chev, decided to keep it small for you  :wink:)
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Derek sat as his hosts sat and accepted first a glass of Bretonnian wine that he recognised as fairly smooth.
"I must apologise Graff, for my guest has yet to appear, he was supposed to have come with me but, apparently, he has other things on his mind right now."
Noticing his broach he smiled; "Ah I thought you appreciate the gift, that was hand made by one Sturn Hardhammer, the master craftsdwarf who also is CEO of the Contyre-Statten Trading company, I believe it was his last work with white and yellow gold, as he has vowed to only work with an apparently new metal call Platinum, but you know how dwarfs are, and dwarfs with gold at that."
Pulling his two handed 'symbol of office' from his waist he hung the belt it was on over the back of the chair and pulled the knife from his sheath on his right.
"This must have a story to it as well?" Derek ventured. "The giving of weapons, bladed ones at that is a serious and thoughtfull gift in Stattenland, considering that the sword is THE symbol of office. SO while my gift may be worth far more than yours in value of money, be assured that your gift is worth many times more in my eyes."
Derek concluded by replacing the knife back into its sheath at his waist and sipping his wine, testing the flavour and age.
"Languille is it not?"
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Smiling as he draped his cloak over the chair's back, Johann scooted in to the table, choosing for himself a ten-year Armagnac, a fine-brnady making region in Gascogne, he had brought with him, appreciating the rich amber in the cut glass cup. Turning to look at his guest, he finally opened his mouth, "A fine palette, Your Grace (as Johann is of lesser rank, he must refer to you as Your Grace or simply Nueremberg, unless you specify otherwise), few northerners could have sensed the slight change of acidity between Armorique and Fladerns to the east, most perceptive. Still, for your edification, it is a Cabourg, a little to the south of that fair port." he raises his glass in salute all the same.

"As to the dagger, well there is a tale to that. I was a little younger man, not as cautious as you now see. *Truly haunted* The woods changed me. You probably heard of the Nemesis Crown and the conflict that ensued about its discovery? I did as well, I had heard from friends in Nuln, and I was ready to serve my Emperor and fight whatever enemies might come my way while we searched for this artifact or weapon or whatever we thought it was, it didn't matter *He smiles*. It was the goal of the Quest, the object of our liege-lord's desire and I and the rest of my Chapter were itching to die in his service. And so we did. *He begins to drift off, not really aware of what he's saying* We entered those winding, narrow trails where the sun turned green under the weight of so many leaves, and the only light turned each each path into a colonnade, the shafts of light carrying the heavy bows. It was beautiful. But behind the lights and the branches and hoary trunks were things. Beasts with dark designs, gors and ungors, great Minotaurs, nameless beasts of unspeakable nature that no god, however treacherous or mad, could have conceived. *Giuseppe and Hardeknud share a worried look* That wasn't even the worst of it. Of course we had friends *cynical*, the Dwarves, the Elves, the Bretonnians, they all helped, but there were always more of them, creeping out of the undergrowth, than we could ever muster, orcs, goblins, warriors from the north, barbarian tribesmen who were born to know no other way, only following Chaos the way we follow Sigmar or Myrmidia, the cursed rat-things, bane of my life, ogres, reptiles from foreign shores, and the Elves. The cruel, sharp, cold Elves that drifted through the trees, silent, and all together black. One by one my Chapter fell, the first was Boris von Walsch. If I ever had a brother it was he, but they took him all the same, the trees did, from all around the forest moved and surrounded him, til I couldn't even hear his screams. I left that patrol alone and friendless."

"I moved to a new detachment of knights, from a different Order, the Knights Griffon, and their captain, a Knight only a little older than me, took me into his circle when no other would even look at me, knowing the taint the trees had left me on sight. Hector, his name was, he went far as I remember. Even with his help I only moved around like a machine, mindless, automatic. I practiced the motions, I killed the enemy, I helped my new comrades, even as they were picked off as well, but unlike my men, we were saved. Hector had family that had pulled strings to keep him safe. His friendship was little comfort to me then, he was only so undamaged because he had guardian angels looking over him, his will wasn't any stronger than mine, his resolve any fuller, he simply had nothing to fear. It was that same evening that for the first time since my men...that I decided to play cards with the others. It was an old favorite of mine, Red Sally, I was always quite good, and when the smiling fool bet his prized dagger, I pounced. That such a thing of beauty meant so little to him, I couldn't let him keep it. It would go against everything I know to let one so undeserving keep something so valuable. It was mine in mere moments. He told me it was some dwarf's masterpiece, that I should take good care of it. I just stared at him, uncomprehending that he was so uncaring for such a jewel. He laughed and walked away from me, like it didn't matter. I walked away to, and I kept walking until..."

"I think that's enough of that story Han," Giuseppe said nervously, "I think you told it's story well. As for Your Grace, I think you'll be most pleased with the first course, it's a very nice set of lamb skewers from the Sardic Isles, and a Tilean piece of my craft, gnocchi with pesto and olive oil beside, soaked in a tarragon jus."
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Derek had been listening intently to Johann's tale, after all he had his own daemons to deal with as well, but on hearing of the Gnocchi, he snapped out of it and looked for the first time at Giuseppe.
"That sound extraordinary master chef, I cannot wait to try it." He flashed a smile which would of melted an iceberg and the room returned to a warm place filled with people.
"Lord Bieter, your tale is indeed a rare thing, many are the nobles of Hochland and even Stattenland that went looking for that accursed crown who never returned, you are lucky to have survived it, when so many of your friends did not. Perhaps you should live your life for those who have not the ability?" Derek watched Johann's eyes, the pain there receded a little, which made him smile.
"I believe I have finished the fine wine, and I will remember the name Cabourg, for when I am next in Marienburg I will remember to buy several flasks.
"But here, I have something for us to wet our appetites before the excellent first course." Derek reaches behind him and pulls a bottle of Kislevite vodka and in one swift motion, uncorks it and places it and five small glasses on the table.
"This is a Starka, Vodka from the northern regions of Kislev, I warn you, it has a kick to it." He poured the vodka into each small glass, without spilling any and offered them one. Giuseppe looked at it strangely while Johann sniffed at it, but Hardeknud's eyes open wide and he grabs the small glass without any hesitation.
"Well, glasses up!" He said and swallowed his shot in one, reversed the glass and dumped it on the table.
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After smelling the odd drink, for even his travels had never taken him so far north, he took it gingerly and drank it down, and as he drank, the realization of what he had said matched the caustic kick of the fiery liquor. His eyes watered for a little, tears spilling down his cheek unchecked for a moment, content that the liquor would keep his grief cloaked. The name Starka, he noted, for it was more than a little to his liking, never had he had such a concentration of alcohol before. Glancing at his comrades, Hardeknud had settled more comfortably in his seat, a smile on his face, while Giuseppe seemed to be having some small issues with swallowing, a strange rolling movement on his spine and a look of greatest horror on his face that showed too well how he was handling the rough substance. A moment and a melodramatic swallow later, Giuseppe raised his head, and quietly spluttered, "A bit of lash indeed, Your Grace. You were correct on that account." before calling for water, taking it in both hands to clear the drink from his throat.

Chuckling a little, Johann spotted the cooks arriving with the lamb and gnocchi, and, taking a skewer and a small pile of the fragrant pasta, he said,
"Let me hope for us all that this spirit of yours has not wholly killed our tastes, for I should warn you, Lord Zell's chefs are finer than any that can be found in Steingart, or many another place I've been. Tell me, Nueremburg, how comes it you came here? Giuseppe thinks I'm too young for marriage, better to wait til I'm more than half dead to marry someone worth the effort. Let me tell you, this rascal's been married twice now, both times to great hulking maids with more money than brains and a face like a dried fig. He truly believes that marrying for anything but convenience is folly. Still, you are young, younger than me at any rate *he chuckles, the dark is mostly gone from his eyes now*, and I know I have waited perhaps too long, but you have time ahead, why now?"
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Derek chuckled as he corked the Vodka and replaced it in his belt pouch under the table;
"Well maybe Giuseppe has more brains in that stunning moustache of his than in our entire noble heads."
Everyone laughed at that as the plates of interesting and delicious smelling food were piled high around them. As ranking nobleman in the room, Derek had the honour to try the food before the host, but he declined.
"A host has the rights of a king in his own home when it comes to food Graf Bieter, at your pleasure."
Hardeknud raised his eyebrow but said nothing.

Rolling his eyes in pleasure, Bieter slowly and surely swallowed his first morsel.
Derek ate his first portion and sat back, the juices flowed inside his mouth and his eyes watered at sheer taste and pleasure.
"This food, it is truly exquisite, only once have I had its equal, and that was the day I awoke from a four day coma after fighting in the Storm of Chaos five years ago. The food then on my starving stomach was raw and powerful. But this flavour, smooth and silky at first, but the subtle spices blossom after you swallow. Truly a remarkable dish."
The waiters smiled, already thinking of how massive the ego of the chefs would be after hearing this compliment from a Duke no less.
"But I have tarried long enough Bieter, In answer to your question my father Prince Seth has ordered I marry, at first I was angered, having been denied freedom of choice, as you said I am young and headstrong.
"But after receiving the Baroness portrait. . ." Derek's eyes light up with passion and his whole demeanour changes, where before he was standoffish and almost regal, a transformation takes place in front of their very eyes, his eyes shine as he talks, his hands nervously fiddle with his sleeves and a permanent smile covers his face.
"Her eyes were what I noticed first, how big and brown they are, while her fair skin the colour of untarnished white silk, and the shape of her neck as it joins her cheekbone."
After staring off into space for several seconds Derek pulls himself together and looks at them all.
"Well maybe it is something I want as well. Though married life was never my intention several months ago I can tell you that in confidence, but now, perspectives change.
"But maybe I have just created an illusion for myself, maybe she is a complete reversal of what I have created." Looking crestfallen he begins eating again and asks for another glass of wine to lighten his demeanour.
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Giuseppe piped up from the back, "Indeed my boy, you see, as Han so clearly stated, I have tended to marry for money and convenience, usually to women who throw themselves at me, *smug smile* which I can say is a fairly regular occurrence. Still, even I have had a case of L'amore di Ritratti, as they call it my land, 'The Love of Portraits'. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, black hair, green eyes, Detlef Sierck material. I had signed away to marry her a few days after seeing the portrait. It was a hard examination, many other candidates, but all of them had seen the portrait only as well. I won though, and we were married without ever setting eyes on one another. I found out all too soon, however, that I had I merely married the daughter of a man with connections to a damn fine portraitist. On the other hand Han here has seen her a few times and says she's to die for, so I may be wrong. My Isadora was a woman to die of, not for."

Laughter rang in the room for a few moments, and they ate, and ate, and talked and talked, and time got on. Soon the meal was over, the tables cleared away, and in their wake the fire was drawn low, and a plethora of large, cushy winged-armchairs were placed around it. Johann produced an enormous pipe that reached straight down to the floor, puffing away merrily, while Giuseppe got hold of an exceptionally long cigarillo. The Graf looked up after a moment, "Would you care for anything before we get to the meat of the evening?"
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Derek pulled out his bottle of Starka.
"I am set distinguished host, for I do not smoke, according to a cranky old professor in my lands it kills you, and no one is permitted to smoke anywhere within his home or even when he is in the room, although he does make exceptions... when at court is one."
Derek smiled and deposited himself in one of the sumptuous armchairs and sank into it with a sigh. Though his sword of office was placed over the back of the chair, it seemed he never let it out of his site or indeed, even let go of it.
His vodka came out again and the five small glasses he placed on the small table in the middle of the armchairs.
"Anyone car for a nightcap? Or would this be only a drinking drink, with songs and merriment?" He smiled as he uncorked it and poured a shot for himself, then, thought better of it and called a servant over and whispered something into his ear.
The servant looked confused for a moment and Derek whispered more urgently than before. Apparently getting it this time, the man rushed of to the kitchens.

A minute or two later he returned with a tall glass and a bottle of fine apple juice.
"AH excellent, this is another way to make vodka drinkable my friends." He poured the shot of vodka into the taller glass, and then proceeded to fill the remainder with the apple juice.
"It 'waters' it down so to speak and gives it better flavour, Vodka you see blends well with other liquids. Though I do not recommend having it with water. Worst night of my life." He smiled and, instead of the customary one mouthful knock back, took a drink from the glass.
"The 'meat' of tonight's matter Graf, I assume you did not mean the unparalleled food we have eaten this evening?"
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"No indeed, though I'll happily partake of that drink before we begin." Giuseppe as well has some, and offers, "You know, I think I've seen something like this before in Miragliano. Yes, Pigacco, Duke of Martine, was often want to carry such drinks about."

Johann begins again, "Intriguing, a fine flavor, but on to the business at hand. The 'meat' of our evening, as you say, does not come on any beast, but comes rather from the mind and heart, where the will resides. Now, I realize that we've had a most pleasant evening together, passed in telling tales, and swapping stories, but you must realize that come the Ball, we will be at war for the hand of the Baroness. I will tell you now, I have waited for an opportunity like this for 6 years. Whatever respect and even small friendship we may have will not dissuade me from breaking with you to reach my goal. I enjoy your company, I do, but I want this, no, I need this. I want to stay friends and allies, the Statten-Contyre Trading Company will have just as much a place in a Sonnefurt with a Bieter Baron as Sonnefurt with a Contyre, but I think even you must see that I am 'the' suitor. You are the heir to a far-off Principality, and a recent addition to the nobility of Wissenland as well, a good one I think, but still new. You could never offer the kind of help I could to the Baroness, and you can only offer the support of a land that may be high and mighty in the north, but here, that influence means little. I would like to see you out of this race, before I am forced to intrigue to defeat you. For defeat you I will. If we both make it through this alive, which I cannot promise given our competitors, I will again offer my friendship, but til then, consider an offer. I will swear to neither harm you, nor those around you, nor to play any card that would see you anything more than simply defeated. You will promise the same. All other vehicles to victory are open. Play by those rules, and I promise, that dagger is only the first of the tokens of respect you will receive. If you choose to follow the other path, and fight me without even the pretense of gentlemanly concern, I cannot say my respect will remain undiminished. Only a fool risks the ire of an unknown quantity."

Sitting back, he resumes puffing, blowing an enormous ring right to the ceiling.
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Derek watched the ring float magnificently.
"I have always wanted to do that.
"My reasons may not be as 'local' as yours Bieter, but I also intend to win the hand of the Baroness, though I may reserve my judgement till after I spend five minutes with her." Pulling the portrait of Katarina Heisenburg from his inside pocket he places it on the table.
"While she is a beautiful catch, she could also be someone I couldn't bare to be around."
Looking at Johann again he sized him up.
"I agree to your terms, for I too would make a friend over an enemy. But I will hold to your word Bieter, that we are war when the ball comes, and I will not forget that. Though for now, we can enjoy the company of ourselves and our friends, it is just a pity that Captain Dietrich couldn't be here to share the evening, for his tales of war would rival yours, and yet his moustache is of a greater length and density than yours Giuseppe."
"But I digress, indeed my homeland may be far to the north, but our influence reaches here too, though not as much as my father would like, hence this marriage alliance between the Baroness and myself.
"My reason for marriage is infatuation, and my fathers is commercial gain. An Imperial wide Trading Empire would dominate the markets of nearly every province and town in the Empire. That kind of wealth brings enormous power, especially to those who help us achieve it."
Looking squarely into Johann's eyes, Derek made his move.
"If I win the hand of the Baroness, you can be assured that any who help me will be catapulted with my star as it rises."
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The raven which had been sitting silently at the leaded box window took to the night air and circled slowly above the townhouse that Lord Bieter had rented. Turning in larger circles it took in the view of the town, the road, the docks and then headed down toward the oldest part of the town toward it's master and the cemetery.

Anastazy smiled as he saw the ebony shape come toward him through the darkness and he opened his pale palms presenting a sinister bone like birds nest of fingers for the raven to land upon. The bird landed and looked up at him with its pale yellow eyes it's head darting side to side and sqwaked once at its master. "Shhhhhh little one." Anastazy whispered. "You have done well my friend." Taking his hand Anastazy drew a finger down the birds neck and along its wing as if to comfort the creature. "It would appear they are intent on this marriage, yes?" Anastazy spoke to the bird as he laughed. "I have a new task for you my friend." Anastazy reached slowly around the birds neck. He could feel the blood rushing through the creature, warm and full of life. "But to take this message you need to rest for your journey." Anastazy snapped the birds neck and felt the creature struggle for a moment in his hands before it went limp. "Now you are at rest."

A few minutes later the raven now again moving took to the darkened sky and headed north east toward its new home....Castle Drakenhof. Anastazy watched it for a moment and briefly thought of home before he looked toward the crypts arrayed around him.

"Yes." The voice filling his head was ancient, it scraped at the inside of his skull with age and decay.

"We have not been disturbed?" Anastazy quizzed the darkness and watched as the shadows and the night itself seemed to melt together. Within moments the form of a tattered black robe that appeared to be blowing in a wind he could not feel, suspended in the night air appeared. Then a stark white mocking skull materialized at the top of the robe and within the oily darkness of the night the form of an ancient rusted scythe came into view.

 "No, we are unseen and no magic has been used." The raspy voice again filled his head. The creature took an almost mocking bow before him.

 "Good." Anastazy whispered. "It is time to begin the next stage." Anastazy replaced his black gloves on his hands and straigthened his cloak. "Warn me if anyone disturbs the Crypts."

"As you command." The figure replied icily once more before in the blink of an eye it winked back into the darkness and was gone.
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"Indeed? You offer power for assistance. You interest me, I begin to like you even more, Nueremburg. Your offer and the intensity with which you make it give me an intriguing idea, we might help each other."
"I thought we would inevitably come to war, but this talk has given me far more to think about than I imagined. You are a most engaging young man."
"I think we have a future, you and I. We might bind ourselves in alliance, and assure one of us of victory."
"At the Ball, the Baroness may make her choice, but whichever of us she seems to like more, the other will in turn give assistance. Upon the choice, we may go into business together, a Contyre-Bieter concern, if you will."
"Think of it, with your family's trading empire and my local connections we can dominate the south from Karak Norn to Karak Angazhar. In that end, it wouldn't really matter who ruled Sonnefurt, and her choice would make either of us happy."
"I can find another in time, and so can you, but a hold in Sonnefurt as our base and our alliance can make us real powers in the land."
Johann stands, leaning his pipe by the fire, and extends his hand, "What do you say, Your Grace?"
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Derek smiled a predatory smile.
"I am glad you have seen it in the way I hoped you would Graf Bieter. Agreed." Derek shook his hand firmly.
"But on one condition, on the night of the ball, we each try our hardest to win the Baroness, that way we cannot say we were not men about it afterwards and that our best was not enough to best the other."
Sitting back down, Derek called for some wine to refresh his thirst.
"Now, I propose this, if I win the Baroness hand, I will build a Contyre-Statten trading company HQ anywhere you choose, be it Steingart or anywhere else, and you would be the officer in charge of the trade in the region, any income you make on top of what you are able to organise trade wise you can keep, provided you pay a five percent loyalty tax to the main company back in Stattenland.
"Trust me my new business partner, you are getting a huge discount on many of the other trading offices we have in other cities, but don't let anyone else in on that." Derek smiled again and sipped from his glass.

Dietrich ran after the man who fled to the Docks, though this was a dangerous area for any soldiers to be after sunset, Dietrich felt confident, he had his pistols and sword after all, but he wore no armour, which unnerved him, but it also made him run faster and quieter.
The man fled on and into a side street, Dietrich followed him but slowed, if this was a ruse to get him lost, it would work, he already had no idea of where he was in the Docks, knowing only that he was in Sonnefurt.
Slowing his pace to a light jog, Dietrich came around the corner to the sound of soft taps against a door. Freezing solid, Dietrich poked his head around the corner and saw his quarry disappear into a tavern on the opposite side of the street. The windows were boarded up and it looked like it hadn't seen service in months. But the sign over the door proclaimed it to be the 'Dirty Mermaid' Inn and brothel.
'Definitely not the name to call a brothel.' Dietrich said to himself as he slinked over to the door of the Dirty Mermaid.
Taking out one of his ever present side arm knives, he slowly slid it into the well worn crack of the door handle and frame. It was surprisingly free of dust, he noted absent-mindedly.
After several careful wiggles with his chosen instrument, the door clicked open and Dietrich drew his sword and moved inside. Darkness assaulted his vision as he closed the door, but his quick glance revealed old chairs and tables stacked against the walls while the bar looked like it had seen many fights over the years. Off to the right was a stair case leading up to a balcony that stretched across the top of the bar. Four rooms with various states of wear looked down on Dietrich as he looked for any sign of a person entering.
Luckily a fine layer of dust was visible beneath his feet and footprints leading into the middle of the floor drew Dietrich on into the old brothel.
They stopped at a second set and led behind the bar, where, on closer inspection, there rested a well used trapdoor, completely free of dust.
A bolt hole? Since when did brothels have those? He wondered to himself before checking the hinges on the trapdoor.
Free of rust? These people are either efficient at losing followers or extremely clean.
Opening the trapdoor soundlessly, Dietrich descended into the bowels of the tavern, creeping on his toes.

The tunnel went on for some time, as had the steps leading down into it. Dietrich followed it as would a cat stalking prey, his sword out in front of him as he went. after walking for a long time in complete darkness, almost tripping over invisible things, the tunnel closed in a little and a light flickered ahead. Voices could be heard from up ahead, male voices, in high states of either frenzy of excitement.
Creeping closer, Dietrich began to understand what they were saying.
"You saw im first Hablut, riding in on that great winged 'orse of 'is, so you tell us abou' it." A large voice.
"Well you see here, on his saddlebags was a sword of fine making, hasn't been seen around these parts for nigh on four hundred years. Though it was seen in the wars north of here, up around Sahlmfare way I believe, or was it further? Either way, you both know what that sword could mean for the SSS." A second weasely 
Dietrich's heart almost popped out of his throat, The bandits? HERE? What in Sigmar's Empire was happening?
"SHhhh! I told you not to say nuthin abou' tha' name." The large voice grew angry at that.
"Calm down there Borrin, no one is here, the damn SSS can be said aloud for once, and I am proud to say it."
Grumbles could be heard from the larger voice and a second less large voice.
"Now you heard of the plan from up top did you not? We are to take that sword and present it to Him. When He has it, we can rise up against the accursed Wissenland Baroness and take Sonnefurt for ourselves, and for . . ." His voice cut out as the others shhhhd him.
"You know we can't say it aloud Hablut, He would have our necks, even weren't we down here under the Ballroom." Dietrich looked up at the ceiling, it wasn't there, only blackness above his head.
"Well after we clamber through that hole in a weeks time, I will say it all I want then, understand, He or no He. I'm sick of bribing guards and watchmen, I want action now. Let's get out of here before I go through that hole right now."
Footsteps came towards Dietrich with the light, but he had already began creping away, memorising every detail that had happened to him that night, about the Bandits known as the SSS, about the attack on the Ballroom where nobles from across Wissenland and beyond were assembling and the Baroness herself.
Derek must be told. And he ran towards the tunnel entrance.
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(this is the last bit, I assume, of pre-ball fluff since it's Thursday and all.)

Johann smiled right back. He hadn't lied, the lad was growing on him, but if the cocksure lad thought he could bamboozle Johann Bieter just like that, than he was very wrong. Derek's offer actually stung a little. Did he really think him so naive of business as to not know when he was being taken advantage of? If he accepted the offer he'd be a small-time player in Stattenland's quest for wealth, their southern flunky to organize affairs while they were busy abroad. He was sure he could make fine money at it, but he wanted more than that. He had offered the young Duke a new company, a way to strike out on his own from the family fold into uncharted and extremely lucrative territory. If the lad had wanted just another Contyre-Statten location, he could have just arranged it with the local merchants. A Contyre-Bieter venture had very little risk, and much to gain, with northern gold financing their financial conquest of the south through his contacts in the Ore trade, then moving on to take over other markets like wine and horses. The boy was thinking small, and for himself, a bad combination. Johann would have to change his thinking.

"Very well indeed on your first proposition, I can see your meaning and I appreciate it well. However, on your second offering I must take pause. I accept that in the event of your marriage to the Baroness you would wish to build a Contyre-Statten headquarters, and that in the event of my marriage to the Baroness you may still do so."
"However I still disagree with your insistence on holding to the family company, it would be much more profitable for both of us if we simply formed our own enterprise, perhaps under the auspices of your family's holding as parent company, but still our own venture. I have plans already forming in my mind for the future, no branch of a northern Trading Company, a powerhouse in its own right."
"It was no jest when I said that we could rule from Karak Norn to Karak Angazhar over a trading empire of concentrated scope. With the wealth of your family and my contacts, it is a possibility, a likely one at that."
"We have such a chance, you and I, to make something great, but to squander it on some northern enterprise when the south beckons for its own, and its own offers you an in...It is folly, as far as I am concerned. We have too great a future to do it such a disservice."
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Derek blinked. What did I say? I could of sworn. . . Oh well, he at least knew what I meant.
"Of course Bieter, I had meant a Bieter-Contyre Trading enterprise, I don't know what came over me." Derek laughed.
"It must be force of habit, so much of the work I do has to do with the Contyre-Statten trading company stamped all over it I get a bit brain scrambled with the damn stuff. "
'Phew,' Derek thought, 'That was close, I cannot lose this valuable contact for a new trading empire for both he and myself, it would put me at a huge disadvantage in the coming years attempting to build Nuestaat.'

"This trading venture would be extremely lucrative, and with my families business in Nuln, we have a monopoly of nearly all of Wissenland and beyond, I can block any attempts for the Contyre-Statten company to expand down here, and if you have the head for it, I think it would be better if you handled it and I only became a partner in the business. I am thinking something along the lines of 60-40 percentage of earnings. But, if you wanted to be full partners, than I am open to that, but it would be unfair of me to be full partners and have to keep travelling north all the time and force you to handle everything by yourself, you would get resentful and a good business relationship cannot be open to personal clashes for it to blossom into the wondrous Oak that it could be.
"Where would we base this new business after the wedding? Should we have it in Steingart with you? Or in Nuestaat with me, or somewhere in the middle. . . Sonnefurt?"

Dietrich sprinted for the townhouse where his dinner appointment expired almost four hours ago, the merchant quarter was almost empty, except for a few stragglers wandering here and there, drunk or lonely in the near midnight air.
'Oh SIgmar,' Dietrich prayed as he ran, 'Please let my lord still be there, and that this Graf Bieter can help us in our attempt to stop the Baroness being killed.'

(I don't know, Le Pistolet said he was going to write up some background fluff for the event as well, and we haven't seen any from Uryens or anyone else. Either way I am just going to keep writing this until Le Pistolet comes up with a "Wedding Time" or something else)
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(Okay, I apparently read way too close into that, sorry, if you like my misgivings didn't happen, I really thought you were trying to twist words around to your advantage, there were some vague areas, and I was just covering my bases. In future, the predatory smile bit put me on guard, and left me trying to figure out where you preying on me. If you want to keep that bit, here's my follow-up)

"Let me be the first to offer congratulations, I'm sure it will a long and happy...Oh, this is a business deal, there was so much awkward tension I was sure a marriage was on. If you'll excuse me gentlemen, I have matters that must be seen to."
At this Giuseppe stands and walks, or rather totters, away.
"Liona." Johann muttered, rolling his eyes. Upon seeing the Duke's confusion, "His woman, higher maintenance than a steam tank that one. Spends half the day with her. Every day. I don't know whether to be annoyed or jealous." They shared a short laugh.
"Now as for business, that is all well, and I am happily gratified by your answers, as for location, I do not know. When we win Sonnefurt, it would make an ideal starting place for a mercantile dominion. I see it as a Statten of the south, to flatter my new friend, just positioned so as to make it the obvious next choice should Nuln fall again. Perhaps we could make it a City-State in a few decades. Who knows how well we'll do until we begin the undertaking."
"Besides, Steingart is too petty a realm, three towns and a clutch of logging camps and fishing villages, and too close to Averland, we don't want them to get wind of us til we're too big to squash. Damn Averlanders. If you ever meet my cousins there, be sure to send them on their way, so proud of their cattle pasture kingdom...Excuse the outburst, I am a bit of a patriot when it comes to my homeland, whether Solland or Wissenland, makes very little difference to me."
He grumbled a moment longer, then stood up, walking over to a tall, but none too wide bookcase, only a little taller and only a little broader than himself and pulled a book from the shelf, a history by its look, and the case sunk in, sliding through an unseen cleft after a moment. Walking i, he motioned for Derek to follow him. Come through the end of short tunnel, a small, chestnut-paneled study with a small bar service.

"Join me, Duke COnture, we may pass the days end in comfort."
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(Lol its all good man, I just had to put that in, it wouldn't get out of my head otherwise. Also, there has to be more fluff past this point, I have an assassination attempt to stop here!  :engel:)

Derek followed Johann into his secret study, the moving bookcase was a neat trick, and the cosy study was well furnished.
"If you don't mind Bieter I will be taking this." Derek indicated the two handed sword that he carried.
"It never leaves my sight, if I lost this, the Emperor would have my head, regardless of our friendship and past business.
"So, to our beloved middle ground, Sonnefurt it is for the seat of our new trading company that will monopolise the southern Empire.
"Oh, I will have a glass of Brandy thank you, the top one, on the right. That's the one, thank you."

The house came into view as Dietrich rounded the corner, his hand slapped the wall as he sprinted past and the sound echoed back behind him.
The hairs on the back of his neck rose to soul chilling levels and he ducked just as a crossbow bolt flew past his left ear and embedded into the side of a house in front of him. Too late did he hear the footsteps following him from the Dockyards all the way to the Merchants Quarter. Too late did he realise he had been followed.

Right to the thing that the SSS had talked about getting their hands on to assassinate the Baroness.

"ALARM!" Dietrich called as loud as he could and sprinted for the door.
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Within the interior chamber of the secret study, the two nobles heard nothing, but outside in the dining room, where Marshall Knudsen sat nursing the abandoned Starka, enjoying the familiar flavors...He jumped at the noise, dark grey eyes flashing in all directions, trying to determine the noise's origin as he heard a commotion at the door. Standing up, shaking his head to clear the drink, and making purposeful strides toward the door, he made a point to grab his halberd like waraxe as he made his way.

Approaching the door to the foyer, two of Johann's knights stood in his way for but a moment, but his quick glare put them back at their posts. Entering the foyer, he found three of the knights, a particularly sturdy looking member of the Duke's Honor Guard, and one of Zell's doormen who looked quite shaken. " 'E ran right at me, screamin' things and I got..I got a lit'l scared."
One of the Knights, who after another moment he recognized as Preceptor Markus, was not pleased, "And because you were scared you ran your halberd through his shoulder? He was screaming 'Alarm!' for Lady's sake, man! He needed help! For all we know you killed him for it."
"It was only a stab in the shoulder, and we're in the city, 'e'll *swallows* 'e'll be fine, I'm sure of it. (Now a little angry) And'e punched me afterwards to! Right in my eye, I bled a lit'l. Doesn't seem like he needed much 'elp."
"All very well for you to say that, but from what I saw, you went right through the poor man's bone, that'll have to come off at least! Not to mention he's probably one of the Duke's men, from the look of him, and I fail.."

As Hardeknud observed the situation, an extremely irritated Giuseppe came rushing into the room, his mustache unwaxed and lank, a billowing green silk nightgown, not a robe, a gown, about him. "Alright, where is this injured man?"
"He's still outside Your Highness."
"Still outside! Idiots! Imbeciles! The dastards that were undoubtedly after him could pick him off from the streets! Go get him in here!"
"Yes Your Highness!"
"Servant!" indiscriminately calling about the house.
"Yes mil-Your Highness?" coming from a scullery boy who had come at the noise.
"Get me a basin of hot water, it needs to be just under boiling, like for the gnocchi. Understand?"
"Yes Your Highness!"
"With it get me one of those silk napkins from the Ziegeschnitzel, and some Latte de Fichi from the panetier. Do you have all of that?"
"Uhmmm..Yes Your Highness!..?"
"Just go."
At that moment the knights returned with a grizzled soldier with a nasty hole in his right shoulder. Laying on the floor, they stood and Markus looked worried.
"He's fine, but their were three crossbow bolts in the ground around him, and we saw some men running in the distance. Whatever he did, or saw, he's dealt with some desperate men."
"We should find that out in a moment Preceptor. Ah, thank you boy. I'll be damned, he actually got the Latte de Fichi."
Pouring the milky substance into the water, he proceeded to wash his hands in it, then poured some on the wound. finally he took the napkin, and with a single tear, tore it into strips which he used to wrap the wound, bind the arm to his body, and do a number of other small wraps to insure that his shoulder was immobile. As he did this, Hardeknud saw a tiny flash of light under his hands from his vantage point on the stairs leading to the dining room. Giuseppe looked up and winked at him.
"Your Highness, I must ask..what does the figwater do?"
"Well, it will make the wound smell nice, and it makes my hands extra soft and smooth."
"So, no actual medical effect? Your Highness."
"Nope. Now sit him up in...Marshall Knudsen's bed, I believe it is the least plush. I'll see him again in the morning. Oh, and *leaning close* what's your name? <slight mumbled whisper> I'll just be moment."

He walked past Hardeknud, winking again, and walked to the secret study. Drawing the tome on the Fall of Solland during the Ironclaw invasion, the bookcase swung open again. He walked in, and Hardeknud only faintly heard the words, "Excuse the interruption of your sewing circle, but we accidentally stabbed a Heinrich Hemmler, apparently one of yours Contyre, and he'll be staying with us for the night. He should be fine."
And with that he was gone again, out the door and back up the stairs toward his room.

The old former Berserker and body guard of Naglfir Ironsea just stood there, perplexed and annoyed. Where was he going to sleep?   
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Derek looked up startled, grabbed his sword instinctively and ran from the room.
Johann followed, barely.
"I take it you know this man?" He asked as they followed the procession of soldiers going up the stairs.
"Yes, he was supposed to meet me here tonight and spend the time in good company, he is Dietrich Hemmler, my Captain of the Armoured Guard."

They made it to the top of the stairs and turned into Dietrich's room.
Derek got to his side first, pushing the surgeon out of the way.
"Dietrich, the truth."

Dietrich related his story to them all, first astonishment and then anger at the later details. He left nothing out.
"My lord, they come for the sword.... Tonight!" His head slumped and he drifted into unconsciousness.
Derek's brow furrowed in thought and his grip on his sword tightened till his knuckles went white.
Behind him the surgeon tapped his foot impatiently.
"Johann, follow me." Many in the room were surprised at the Duke's dropping of formality, especially Johann Bieter, but he followed him anyway, he wanted to know what other story to this young noble he had not seen or heard about.

Re-entering the study, Derek took the discarded bottle of Starka, uncorked it and took a full swill.
Without stopping.
After draining a third, he stopped and put it down.
"I never thought I would tell a rival of this,"He said, patting his sword, "But if what Dietrich tells me is true, than we need to have honesty about it.
"You are a smart man lord Bieter, you know that swords, even elaborate ones do not simply become symbols of office without undue cause.
"And there is no undue cause in the Emperor gifting this to me for a time." As he was talking Derek had unwrapped the leather binding around the pommel and slowly drew the sword.
"Behold my friend, our enemies prize, The Runefang of Solland!"
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Johann was both amazed and vexed, the Solland Runefang, here? And in Nueremburg's care?

"I must admit some confusion Your Grace, Reiksmarshall Helborg carried that blade the last time I saw him, when did this change come about, and how comes it that a Northerner carries the Ancestral blade of my homeland?"

Finished, he contented himself with studying Contyre's eyes, waiting for the answer he would get there before it came out the Duke's mouth. Contyre may have dropped formalities, but his hackles had been raised by the realization of the Emperor's gift. He knew Contyre's family was of southern origin, but by this time assuredly there was less southern blood in them than the average garden in Pfeildorf. He knew many who had much closer blood ties to Count Eldred, he had even known a distant nephew of the Old Count (distant as in far down the line of ancestry, Eldred being his great-great-great-great-great-great-great uncle) by his illegitimate half-brother Rowan who had campaigned for some time to have the ancient blade returned, but he had never known that the Emperor had given Grudge Settler to any other but his Reiksmarshall. It rankled just a little. 
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Derek thought swiftly about how much he should tell him, but decided his opne honesty policy was better than not.
"To put it simply Bieter, my father and I saved the Emperors life.
"He asked me what  Icould want in return for such a service. At first land and wealth came to my heart, but I knew those things were too insignificant to the Emperor, I needed to raise myself in stature in his eyes to win his regard."

Derek indicated the sword. "I asked him if I could wield the legendary blade of my ancestor, the Last Count of Solland, Eldred.
"My families records are all noted down, from the time we settled in Statten, it was recorded that Armand Contyre was a count of Wissenland, and his own words gave him claim as the brother of Eldred.
"An unbroken family line from then to now. The Emperor viewed my claim over a number if days and meticulously read and reread my families records.
"He recognised it by loaning me the Runefang for a decade, that is all I asked for."
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Loving the fluff guys  :::cheers:::

Just a note to let everyone know I'm back. I will busy for the next week or so though but will be able to type replies and might even have some time for some fluff of my own to add to the mix.

If anyone wants to roleplay with any of my characters (literally any except of course the Baroness) then message me and we'll discuss what we can sort out. I remember someone planning a talk with Arthritiknes for example, so we could do that.

We'll let this play out for a while then I'll figure out how we will make the Suitors Ball, Wedding, and any possible fallout work...
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Yeah, I was going to wait for you to get back before I began the meeting with Arty.
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Excellent. I will be happy to start whenever. If you want to start, fire away. :happy:

I am currently writing a piece concerning the Baroness. Basically I'll post stuff as and when it is called for. If you write stuff that includes one of my characters and want me to reply, message me just in case I haven't seen it yet and I'll get writing straight away.
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“Hold still my lady” the crone instructed the Baroness.

“It won’t fit you hag! Can’t you see, you’ve made it too small, I’m no young girl! Bring me another!” Baroness Katarina almost spat at the assistant.

“Hmmm. How about this one my dear Lady, the finest Cathayan silk, and with exquisite Arabyan lacework, it is most fitting for a Lady of your stature.”

“Yes but does will it fit?”

“I would hope so, it was made with the most slender and beautiful forms in mind. Just like yours my Baroness.”

“Yes, yes, I’m sure, just help me put it on.”

The withered old lady helped the young Baroness into the gown. It truly was a thing of beauty, ancient and reworked by all its previous owners, most of whom had been former royalty, wives of Sultans and Emperors. It had been brought into Sonnefurt by chance, apparently Prince Lank had heard of it and had acquired it just so the Baroness could try it, such was his wealth and admiration of his Baroness, and of course, her promises to help him win back his former Kingdom went a long way in gaining his affection and obedience.

The gown fitted perfectly. Its red folds flowed over the Baroness’ perfect body, highlighting everything that counted, and hiding anything she deemed unsightly. The crone stepped back and found the long looking glass, to show the Baroness her radiant beauty.

From the back of the room, Lady Eichhorn made her opinion known.

“Katarina, its perfect. That is what you must wear to the ball.”

“I do look rather beautiful don’t I?”

“Yes Katty, you do. All the men will fall over each other to get to you. You’re so pretty they’d kill each other for you, maybe we’ll have a war and then all of the valiant men will fight again, and Leo will have to dress up and be all dashing and save me from the nasty battles....”

Lady Zell trailed off into her childish thoughts.

“The last thing we need is a war Frederica, we’ve only just finished burying our dead from the last one. Oh and stop calling me Katty, we aren’t children any more, I’m getting married in a few weeks.”

“Might I suggest something my Baroness?”

Katarina’s aunt, Lady Anne von Heisenberg spoke up from her chair in the corner. The younger women had been trying on dresses and gossiping about the wedding for hours and it had worn on the older woman, yet it was her duty to look after her niece with both her parents missing out on this wonderful occasion.

“Of course my dear aunt, do you not like it?”

“No, no, you look so much like your mother. You’re parents would have wept with joy if they had seen what you have become now, a real women like you say, no more a child. What I was thinking of suggesting was that you should accent the red with some embroidery. I was thinking that perhaps you might show you’re suitors your heritage, and sew the rose thorns into the dress, make it truly yours, not some Cathayan hand-me-down.”

“A splendid idea!” Lady Eichhorn agreed. “Then those men will not take you for some noblewoman desperate for a husband to give you some sort of legitimacy, but instead an independent woman, and the rightful heir of Max von Heisenburg and ruler of Sonnefurt. After all, you did win the war with Kroppenleben, and have ruled for 12 years on your own. The Councillors would be nothing without your decision making.”

“Hey! I work very hard on that council!” Lady Zell objected.

“And when was the last time you attended?”

“Errm, last month? No I was in Nuln with Leo, maybe before that? Oh I can’t remember. They always talk about money or taxes or laws or something stupid like that! It makes my head hurt!”

Lady Eichhorn and the Baroness looked at each other and both rolled their eyes, smirking slightly. The bond between them was still strong, and their mislike for Lady Zell’s childishness and stupidity was a constant source of amusement between the two of them.
Unfortunately for the two of them, Lady von Heisenberg had caught their shared look, and stood up for the girl.

“I’m sure Lady Zell is invaluable to the Council, and she often attends more than you Katarina. Your father was at every meeting, all you do is pass the laws and taxes they discuss. The Council are only nothing without you’re seal, not without you. It would teach you a fine lesson to spend more time with them if you want to be taken for a real independent woman and ruler.”

The Baroness looked visibly upset by these comments, but knew that her aunt had her best interests in mind. She took heed of the argument, then attempted to lighten the mood of the room.

“Well Frau Gimmler, do you think your old shaking hands could do this work?”

The old seamstress had been quite for the exchange of the noble women, knowing her place and being seen but not heard. Her old voice croaked slightly when she spoke up.

“Of course. I have some excellent Tilean thread in the finest green you’ve ever seen. I could sew a brilliant pattern, yes. I have many good ideas.”

“Well then get to it, I need this done quickly.”

“Yes, yes of course, the ball is soon. I will work as fast as my old body allows.”

With that the woman helped the Baroness out of the dress and shuffled out of the room, muttering to herself about the thread, the thorns and other inaudible matters.

“I wish that were the only dress I had to find, why must I have a different dress for the wedding? Why do I even need a wedding at all? It’s such a hassle!”

“But Katty...Katarina, weddings are brilliant. You get to show everyone how much you love your husband, and then he can whisk you away like a knight. I wonder why Leo hasn’t asked for my hand in marriage....”

Lady Eichhorn and the Baroness looked at each other once again and smirked, but much more subtlety. It did not matter though, for Lady von Heisenberg clearly shared their sentiment this time. Everyone knew that Captain Strottman was waiting till Lord Hermann would die to marry Frederica, so he would marry her when she was in command of the Zell fortunes and without anyone to stop him. Leo Strottman wasn’t by any stretch a clever man, but even he would be able to manipulate Lady Zell into directing some of her wealth his way.

Instead of addressing Lady Zells question, Lady von Heisenberg turned to counselling her niece.

“You must get married my dear. Your father always wanted you to be married. It is not safe for a woman to be alone and in your position. Baron von Kalb showed us that men view you as vulnerable, even if you say you are not.”

Lady Eichhorn added to the counsel, knowing the Baroness would heed to joint advise of her two closest Ladies in waiting.

“Your aunt is right, and without an heir you are even more vulnerable. You need a legitimate child, else the Barony will fall to Adam. Think of this as a means to an end. You want a son or daughter who will be a true Von Heisenberg.”

“As much as I love my son, your friend is right. He is no true Von Heisenberg, as much as he looks like your father, and will win no favour around here. It would be better that the next Baron or Baroness was your child, not the child of Baron von Trulben.”

“I want a child...I’ll name him Hermann like my father...” Lady Zell was in her own world.

“Very well” the Baroness conceded. “I suppose you are both right. I will meet these suitors for the benefit of the Barony, this wedding must go ahead if we are to recover. You say the Barony needs only my seal dear Aunt, but it seems they need my hand for marriage and my womb for children too. Perhaps it is not so awful being a Baroness than being a Baron, I do have a secret weapon Barons like Von Kalb don’t have in their arsenal. He might be able to choose a wife, but has to have their father’s consent, but I have men knocking down at my door, and I can take the pick of the crop, all they need is to win my favour.”
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Hey man, can you let us know a timeframe for the ball? Currently my character is walking around a week before...
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 A whirlwind of emotion frothed inside Johann, his mind was an endless stream of random images. The part of his mind that blocked all that his father had taught him about the glory of Solland and the dishonor of Nulner rule broke in than a second.

It rankled a lot, the Duke's reason wasn't good enough

There he was as a boy, walking over the grassy ruins of Old Pfeildorf, before they had bowled it over to add on to the rebirthed burgeoning town, Master Avartus droning on about the Battle of Solland's Crown, and its effect on the geo-political and economic landscape of Wissenland even today, day-dreaming about riding alongside his hero, and when he fell to Gorbad, to take up his sword and slay the Ironclaw, save Solland!

There he sat for the last time with his father, his mother in the castle, they sat together on a boulder outside the Chapel.
"Do you know why we are Sollanders, not Wissenlanders?"
"No Papa, Master Avartus says that Solland is Wissenland now, the past is the past, that's what he says, but Boris and Uncle Rudi say that Wissenland and Solland will never be the same. I'm confused."
*he shook his head in wonder, smiling, his short beard accentuating the expression*
"Han, Han, Han..Master Avartus is here to teach you what you'll need to know as Graf, your friends and family are here to teach you what to believe. See the difference?"
*Johann tilts his head, confused*
"Han...You know your lessons on the Battle of Solland's Crown?"
"Yes Papa!"
"You remember what Master Avartus says about the orcs?"
"Yes Papa! He always says, *trying to look very important and droning his voice just so* 'And the Count's Knights would break the Ironclaw's flank for a moment, but then, though easily startled, the orcs would be back, and in greater numbers.' just like that!"
*claps him on shoulder*"That's my boy! Well, Solland is like the Knights, and Wissenlanders are like the orcs. We can drive them off for a time, but they'll always have more, they'll always be richer, they'll always have more favor with the Emperor. So that's why we say, 'We are Wissenlanders, there is no Solland!' but at home we say, 'Hail Solland!' and 'Down with Nuln!'. It's a different world, and one that every Sollander noble must learn to live in as well as his home life. Always remember that, outside this estate, you love Nuln so much that you'd marry Lady Emmanuelle in half a moment, whatever what a drip the heiress is. Here though, we are men of Solland, we follow the Crown and the Sword! At least that bastard in Nuln doesn't have that, that sword belongs to Solland, and to the Emperor, and them only, always remember that, don't let a damn Nulner disrespect the Sword, or the Crown. They, and only they should make you break your character. Can you do that for me, Han?"
"Yes Pa-I mean Yes Sir!"

There he was at Talabheim, taking his final vows to Myrmidia afore the first altar of the Knights of the Blazing Sun, his chapter's banner flying beside all the others, the Sword of Solland atop a starburst.

There he was in the Drakwald, he stared at the ground, uncomprehending what was said, then Hector shook his shoulder and cried, "Oi, Sollander! You may want to see this before we die, hahaha!" Always laughing, the bastard. Still he looked up all the same, and there, riding through the camp, was he, the Reiksmarshall, his superior, all their superiors, and at his side, the object of his childhood dreams. Grudge Settler. In the hands of the Empire's greatest soldier, the Empire's greatest Runefang, or so his father had always taught him. Kurt Helborg, greatest of the great, the only man fit to bear the sword Count Eldred bore. It was glorious.

There it is, I am alone in the Imperial Palace, for the first time since Middenheim the Reiksmarshall has returned the Sunfang to the Emperor. It sits on a rack within a glass case within a locked and barred room, this room has one opening, a iron door with a tiny glass porthole, strange shapes picked out in silver wire within the glass. I touch the glass, the Emperor's shaking head appears unbidden in my mind. I step back. 'I forgot' I tell myself, 'That is for the greatest man in the Empire, and he alone.'

There it is, sitting in the hands of Derek Contyre, a pampered princeling who 'saved' the Emperor and forged a bunch of documents connecting his ancestor with the greatest Count the Empire ever had! For a moment all I can think of is standing up, standing tall and crying, "I could have saved him as well as you! I could have been mine! It should have been mine, I deserve it! I may not have the papers, but that sword belongs to me by right of spirit! OF SOUL!"  But I stop, and I think, and I remember. The Duke saved the Emperor's life, sure he's not the greatest man in the Empire, but he's earned it for a decade. I remember that his claim was accepted by the Emperor, a man with access to the greatest store of genealogical data in the Old World. I remember that this is a good man, a man I am allies, if not yet friends with. I remember the most important part of Master Avartus's lesson...

"But why did Count Eldred lose? Shouldn't Sigmar have helped him?"
"He did, milord. Eldred's death became the greatest martyrdom of the Time of the Three Emperors, his sword.."
"Grudge Settler!"
"Indeed milord, Grudge Settler is one of the greatest relics of man. More than a Runefang, it carries the blood of Gorbad Ironclaw and the blood of Count St. Eldred, it carries Sigmar's blessing. Only the Emperor may gift it, and only for greatest service."
"But what if a man has it, but does not give great service."
"That is impossible, milord. Whatever you see, remember this, the man that carries Grudge Settler will always deserve it, no matter what."

My rage cleared, I smiled, after all these years I understood the old Tilean.

Taking the Duke's arm my smile went lopsided,
"Come Nueremburg, I believe that if we intend to safeguard the patrimony of Solland that we ought step to it. Fiends are rarely slow on the uptake, and while easily startled, they will be back, and in greater numbers."   
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Fiends are rarely slow on the uptake, and while easily startled, they will be back, and in greater numbers."   

Derek, while waiting the five minutes for Bieter to calm his conflicting emotions, heard a noise outside.
"Bieter, watch yourself!" Derek whipped his arm out and pulled Johann down with him, they rolled over the Runefang and away from the window just as a brick hurled itself through the glass, shattering it and pulling the curtains down.
Outside were dozens of men brandishing weapons and wearing black masks, on their black clothes could be dimly discerned the SSS symbol prevailing among the many bandits throughout Wissenland.
At the sound of breaking glass, the thirty or so soldiers, the Stattenlander's and Bieter's soldiers drew their various weapons and began running into the town house.

Johann stood and looked out the window.
"TO ARMS! WE ARE UNDER ATTACK, SOLDIERS TO ARMS!" Derek stood and grabbed the Runefang, following Johann from the room and into the dining room, bricks and glass lay all over the ground and outside even more men in black masks and clothes stood outside. The house was completely surrounded.
Johann was yelling orders to his men as Derek ran into the foyer near the main double doors of the house. Eight soldiers stood there, many had crossbows and shields, ready to begin firing through the windows. As Derek entered the room, his five personal guard walked to him, their armour and weapons adorned.
"Orders my Lord."
"Report Lukas, tell me numbers and armament."
"At least fifty my lord, many have clubs, axes and short swords, though I saw a few pistols and crossbows. Though just about all of them have bricks and torches somewhere out there."
"Where the hell are the watch, they shouldn't be letting this kind of thing happen." One of his guardsmen, Pietr, burst out, he was only young, maybe eighteen.
"The watch have probably been bribed to step in after they have killed us all." Derek looked at him grimly. "But we won't let that happen Pietr, they are here for this," indicating his sword, "And possibly me as well, trouble seems to follow me like a magnet." The soldiers chuckled and Derek looked at them sternly.
"We face a hard fight my friends, though we are outnumbered roughly two or three to one, we have the advantage of being inside a well built house full of professional and battle hardened soldiers. We will survive." The men smiled and fingered their weapons.

Derek walked over to Johann, he had paused in his orders and was about to yell at someone else when Derek interrupted him;
"My new friend, it seems I have brought a great deal of trouble down on your incredible hospitality, please forgive my transgression."
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Oh ok, this can all be changed to the week leading up then, take mine as happening just a few days before you all arrived.  :icon_wink:
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"Preceptor!" Johann cried, he whirled about the room, going from man to man, checking the resolve of both Zell's guards and his own knights.

"Yes, milord?"

"Take Arcus and Otto to the Grand Window, set up some kind of welcome for the enemy there."

"Yes milord!"

"Panacco, I need a crossfire between these pillars, get some of Zell's guards and make it happen."

"Yes milord!"

"Zeno, Adelhard, Claudius, defend the antechamber entryway, I don't want one of those bastards within ten feet of the dining table."

"Aye milord!"

"We'll give these scroungy felons a run and no mista-"

He was cut off by the sound of snapping timber and breaking plaster, and writhing amongst the ruin was an odd sight. A young woman, lustrous olive skin and jet black hair with coal black eyes in a face out of a Bucazzio Romance, full of fire and beauty. A rough looking young man, dirty jerkin, grimy leggings, and an SSS bandanna completed the picture of the outlaw separatist. Apart they were a standard part of the world, a Tilean beauty and a greasy thug, but there on the ground it was like a scene out of some war that never was. Hate in each other's eyes, they clawed and bit, punched and kicked, trying desperately to kill the other before they killed them.

"Liona!" came a voice from the hole, and down it jumped, wearing a green night gown and carrying an elegant rapier and small sword.

Still, despite Giuseppe's arrival, Liona and the separatist's fight had only gotten more severe, as Liona had managed to sink a long fingernail into his eye, all the while cursing in rapid Tilean.

"Attacco il mio Giuseppe? Io volere porterò il vostro fegato attraverso vostro denti e lo alimentano a tua madre! Ti pisciare bevendo cane!"

A window shattered behind him, a few servant girls came screaming from the kitchens, separatists behind them.
The kitchen door! He hadn't even thought of it before.

There was no need for further action however, as with a roar a barreling white furred shape rushed at the outlaws, slamming a massive single bladed waraxe through skull and bone, and slamming a pair of massive white jaws over one their heads, crushing it like a melon. After this onslaught the felons turned and fled, the bear-headed man following with an even greater roar.

Suddenly there was a shout, "MILORD, LOOK OUT!"

The dagger plunged deep into his chest, between collarbone and shoulder blade, stopped for only half a moment by the chainmail he had worn beneath his felt doublet, bringing him straight to the ground. He felt the weight lift off of him, and he looked up for a bleary moment to see Duke Contyre, Grudge Settler alive and shining with an inner power, a true ring in his ears as it had carried the skulking separatist off him, a sense of calm and leadership oozing off his form like an aura.

It is an aura, snap out of it!

He tried to, struggling to stand, but then he remembered the dagger, the pain coming back to him in a rush, and he fell limply back to the ground...

(Derek, feel free to infer anything about my characters, all I know about them is what you've seen, so don't hesitate giving them a new dimension from what you've seen before.)
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"TELL ME!" Anastazy shouted. His voice echoed off the walls of the dry crypt.

The spectral figure moaned again in pain as Anastazy motioned with his hand a cutting motion through the air.

"So many memories...." The ghostly figure replied looking past Anastazy toward the wall.

"If you don't tell me I will ensure you never rest again." Anastazy calmed himself and ran his hands down the front of his black peacoat before reaching into his pocket.

"Where is the map and letters of appointment?" Anastazy repeated his initial question to the ghost.

The spectre slumped its head forward before it looked up and seemed to notice the Sylvanian for the first time since the ritual had summoned it from beyond.

"You...." the spectre's voice was faint as if it was seeing him through a fog or dream.

"The item you seek is hidden within the estate, but it was so long ago...." the translucent figures attention drifted off somewhere else.

"No... the orcs are coming we must hide." The spectre continued reliving the past.

"I have no more time for games Heisenberg." Anastazy removed the signet ring from his jacket pocket and began to intone the ritual of bondage.

"WAIT......." the spectre moaned gliding forward.

"The fireplace of the main ballroom, we hid it so it would never come to pass." The Ghost wrung its hands together pleading.

"The Empire will never survive if it comes about...the map, the family." The spectre looked about before its eyes settled on Anastazy staring almost through him.

"And that is exactly what I want to happen." Anastazy smiled crookedly.

"Thank you Baron....your relative will become a powerful woman for a few moments...your family will become famous throughout the Empire." Anastazy replaced his black gloves on his pale hands as he spoke.

"No...." the Ghost shook its head.

"Oh yes my dear Baron." Anastazy enjoyed tormenting the long dead spirit. "With the map showing the true borders of Sudenland and with that foolish girl about to denounce me as the rightful heir it will only strengthen the claims that Stirland and Averland will make on Wissenland. Even now the agents of the separtisits are moving in the town. Those idiot suitors with their own trade houses and even Hochland will now be drawn into the argument if she dares marry any of them. The Empire will descend into chaos from its own inbreeding within the nobility and claims of rights and rule." Anastazy laughed savoring the pain on the ghosts face.

"The Empire will again descend into civil war as it was long ago...and again we will march out and claim the birthright denied my family for too long." Anastazy snarled now his face revealing cruelty and for a moment he appeared aged and withered before his features smoothed over.

Anastazy lifted the signet ring of the first Baron Von Heisenberg and spoke the final words of the binding.

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The raven cawed, once, twice, thrice. Caw, caw, caw. It flapped its wings in the darkened crypt, blowing out the candles. Darkness. Then light. The raven flew from the crypt, into the daylight above. Except it wasn’t daylight, it was moonlight; a full moon.  The raven turned his head, cawing a single malicious note, as if spitting his cry of evil. Caw, caw, caw. When his head turned, it revealed the bone. Half feathered, half bone, the raven was neither alive nor dead. A single maggot crawled from its eye socket, slithering across its unnatural face.

Then the raven took flight, it grew and grew, becoming the winged vision of darkness, its call chilling men’s souls.
Caw, caw, caw. It then attacked, its jagged beak tearing and tearing at the rose, pulling its petals out one by one, until it weathered and decayed, upping its roots and rotting, until only a putrid mess was left, yet the raven still clawed and pecked at it. Caw, caw, caw.

Slowly the ground rumbled, picking up pace. The raven once again took flight as a great tower burst from the earth where the rose had once stood. It was a macabre tower, strong grey stone, cold to the touch. It was the kind of tower that frightened young children. As it emerged the raven spiralled around it, all the time screeching. Caw, caw, caw. He found his perch and looked down at the world, his rotting eye seeing beyond the realms of the living, and his living eye surveying those he now ruled.

Then, a single caw. He flew right towards the watchers face, claws and beak glittering in the moonlight.

The old man sat bolt upright in his bed, awoken violently from a terrible dream.

“Master, what is it? Is something wrong?” the young Halfling asked his aged teacher.

“Something evil stirs in Sonnefurt.”

The man threw open his tattered covers and stepped out of his bed, nearly falling from his urgency until the dutiful halfman brought him his gnarled walking stick.

The apprentice brought him his robe, helping him into it as he did every morning. The master had not washed in several weeks on the road, he was not accustomed too, and the Halfling always nearly gagged at the smell. Nevertheless he garbed the old man in his robe, and then found his thick fur shawl to cover his shoulders. The winter was drawing in and the ancient man always felt the cold incredibly hard, it chilled him to his brittle bones. Finally, the apprentice donned the wide brimmed hat onto his master. This was no ordinary hat however, it was battered and worn, and its high peak dropped significantly, but it marked the old, frail man out as a wizard.

“We must ride for Sonnefurt at once.”

“We are already riding master. The ball is not for at least another week...”

“Such an evil waits for no man dear Franklin, nor no wizard. If we do nothing, the entire Empire will be in turmoil. The tower will crush the rose, the raven’s will pick apart the dead, the maggots will crawl from the earth and we will all rot again and again for eternity....”

Franklin rarely understood his master’s ravings these days, but descended the stairs to pay their tab at the inn, waiting at the foot of the stairs for his slow, methodical master. He then saddled the ponies, knowing a fast ride would probably kill them and the old wizard.

“Master, you know that we cannot ride fast. Your health is at stake!”

“And so is all we know and love! If we do not, we will be too late!”

“I thought you said a wizard was always expressly on time?”

“Ah m’lad, you learn well! But Grubart the Grey is no mere wizard. Grubart the Grey wishes to be there early!”
With that, the seemingly frail old man banged his stick on the floor with a mighty vigour, and a haze of smoke filled the stables, leaving master and apprentice alike coughing madly. When it cleared there stood a spotted grey charger and a young white mare, small enough for a Halfling to ride, instead of the mangy old ponies Franklin had just been saddling.

“Do you need help master?”

“Nonsense! When have I ever needed help?!”

“Eerm, just this morn-“

Franklin was cut short as the old wizard vaulted onto his charger in one fluid, graceful movement, like he was a young man, or an acrobat.

“H-how-how did you do that???”

“You have a lot to learn little man!”

The old man just chuckled to himself as the charger bolted out of the stable door.

Franklin struggled into his saddle and chased after his master.

“Sonnefurt’s this way!” he called after him.

“I know a shortcut. I did say Grubart the Grey was always early!”

Franklin sighed. This man would be the death of him surely.
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Igor walked the streets of Sonnefurt, with a bottle in his right hand and a good friend supporting him with the other
"Goes to show ya that you never should drink old friend" the other man said
"You drank the same amount!" Igor replied
"Maybe but I am part beast you know!"
"For gods sake Gusser don't let those Sigmarite bastards here ya! Other wise you might be a burning beast!"
Gusser Delcar, Amber Wizard Lord and family friend of the van Dwis smiled
"Ah what can they do to one of the most promanent Taalites in the Empire? My Brothers and Sisters in the Collage and even a few among Tall's priesthood would rage if I was burned for one of the foolish comments that are my namesake!"

Igor paused
"Something wrong?"
"How do you do that Gusser?"
"Your blind and yet you walk with ease! How?"
The Amber Wizard smiled. If he still had his eyes Igor was sure they would have been twinkleing with that same Gusser sense of humur
"It's a matter of knowing where you are in the world, where you place your steps, how the sounds of the world reach your ears, how the smell of a good tavran brings you to it or how the smell of a cesspit forces you away, the way the wind feels on your skin when it rushes down the streets and alleys...."
Igor laughed "You sound like a Jade wizard on Lustrian rum!"
Gusser laughed "I used to think that Citys were horrorble things, nothing like the wildes but when I lost my eyes to that bear, noble beast that was and was brought back to Nuln for treatment I fould that the city was just a beastly and strange as the deep wildes, sept the building are the trees!"
"And the people?"
Gusser laughed again "Aye the poeple! They are the wolves that feed the city's dead!"

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(I kind of don't know what you are talking about, but I will try to include the characters as how you have written them)

Derek looked down at Johann with horror, blood pumped from his wound as he lay slumped on the floor.
"Get him to safety, NOW!" Pietr and Lukas lifted the wounded Graf while their compatriots formed a guard around them.
"Get him to a safe place, I will captain the defence!" Derek shouted and turned as the front door behind him crashed.
"Men of Lord Bieter, as reigning officer I take command, loose at will into the crowd of fanatics out there, hold them at the windows and other small entryways, do not endanger yourselves, we must live through the night!"

Shouts and the clash and ring of steel followed Derek's proclamation immediately, more windows were broken by thrown stones and flaming torches, while the shouts of the bandits outside grew louder as they began to storm the town house.
The front door crashed again and splintered.
Derek spun and caught site of a battering ram as it pounded the front door.
"Get the Graf upstairs now! Giuseppe, get your Liona and get upstairs with the Graf, they cannot come at you there unless they can fly. Everyone else, withdraw to the stair case now!" Derek ran to the front door and rammed Grudge settler to the hilt through the inches thick wood. A resistance slowed the blade for a split second but the rune on the hilt glowed with a white light, and the blade slid straight through with a scream that turned into a gurgle on the other end of the door.
Pulling the blade back through, fresh blood dripped off the blade and onto Derek's hand, before his eyes, the blade glowed white and the blood that coated the blade was gone.
"By Sigmar!" Johann's preceptor swore behind him.
"Sigmar helps us if we think like lightning, now get to the staircase." Derek returned his attention to the door as, on the third crash, it splintered open and fell apart.
Bieter's soldiers, moments before having removed themselves to the bottom of the staircase in the next room, loosed their crossbow bolts into the opening.
Screams and shouts of alarm followed immediately and the two men shouted that they were reloading.
A great shadow entered the doorway, in one hand he held a huge black axe, and in the other a massive round shield, his shoulders almost crossed the entire width of the doorway and the top of his SSS bandanna almost touched the top of the doorway.
"FOR SOLLAND AND HE THAT RULES THE NIGHT!" The huge man yelled and charged straight at Derek.
Feeling the sword hilt in his hand, Derek brought swept the blade around in front of his body and up over his head in an arcing motion, gripping it with his left hand, he leaped forward off his left foot, swinging the Runefang around his head as he did so. The Separatist laughed and raised his shield to block the blow.

Derek landed lightly on the other side in a crouch, just in front of the door, the Runefang he gripped lightly in his left hand out straight, horizontal to the floor. The hulking SSS bandit had stopped where he was nearly a second ago, the massive axe embedded into the ground in front of his feet.

Blood coated the Grudge Settler for mere moments before evaporating in a white light once more. The separatist fell in half.

Derek opened his eyes and rolled backwards just as three more separatists ran through the splintered remains of the door, axes and clubs in their grip.
Standing back up, Derek leapt through the door just as the two crossbow bolts flew over his head, nailing one of the separatists to the wall and forcing the other two to cower behind a pillar.
Moments later, dozens of armed and frothing mad men came crashing through the door and windows, sheer numbers overwhelming the soldiers and pulling them down screaming. Derek winced as he saw one of Bieter's soldiers, a young man, barely eighteen years old, being dragged down, his sword hacking and slicing as he fell.
"FOR STATTENLAND!" Derek screamed his war cry and leapt into the fray, swinging Grudge Settler in a huge arc around his head and across his chest into the separatists punching and hacking at the young soldier. The Runefang carved through the men like they didn't exist, though small amounts of resistance allowed Derek to check his swing before his let go of the blade. Blood splattered the walls to his left as his swing ended with the extension of his arm, but the Runefang came back across and sheared the arm from the last of the men attacking the young soldier with a dagger.
His scream, was unearthly a howl as if from another world.
The hairs on the back of Derek's neck rose and he speared him through the head to end it.
At his feet was the mutilated remains of the young man, covered in blood and surrounded by the dismembered limbs and torsos of the attackers.
Derek almost knelt and wept at the young soldiers feet.
"To die this young, so full of life..." His voice almost choked as he sprinted away from the scene and up the stairs, following the two crossbowmen who had now pulled their swords and formed up with large kite shields at the top of the staircase. Behind them was Johann's preceptor, Giuseppe, Liona, Graf Johann in the arms of Lukas and Pietr.
"Any more?" Derek asked.
"None from downstairs Lord Nueremburg, we are the first and last to make it to the staircase. That is apart from the others upstairs." Lukas reported wearily.
"Almost fifteen..." Pietr whispered. Giuseppe looked at him sharply but was distracted by Liona speedily talking in Tilean. Derek picked up 'Monsters' and 'Chaos worshippers' but the rest was a mystery.
He always had trouble with Tilean.
"Here Fang wielder." The old and brawny Norscan emerged from the darkness of a nearby doorway, his axe bloody and dripping with gore.
"I had to deal with a few intruders." Derek nodded grimly.
"We need to get out of here before they figure out to burn the place down, Pietr, look around and find an escape route, preferably a roof." Pietr nodded and ran up the stairs to the third level.

"Here they come." the crossbowmen whispered to each other as a veritable horde of SSS members charged to the stair case.
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(Very nice! I just wanted to give myself the chance to prey on your creative process, as I was struggling on where to go with what I had already written about the characters. By infer from what already was there, I mean...err...okay for example a thing you could have done is take that thing where Giuseppe healed Dietrich with the flash of light concealed beneath the bandage wrapping, and infer that to mean he was at least a minor mage, and thrown some magic around. Oh and remember if ever you need an expletive for my men or me, we're Knights of the Blazing Sun, former in my case, but nonetheless, that is our Order, and we are universally Myrmidian. Great job still though, Derek had serious "stage presence" on the mind's stage.)

The world was a blur, but Johann's thinking was surprisingly lucid, thoughts dripping to thoughts in a liquid flash that approached boiling point. His mind was sharp, sharper than he had ever felt, his body, a strong sturdy thing he had long had some pride in, at least for its upkeep if nothing else, seemed slow and clunky by comparison. He longed to break free from its anchorous weight, to fly right through the gate and be done with this mortal coil, to..No, that wasn't right.

Johann checked his thoughts before they strayed to far, he wasn't ready to die yet, it was just Morr playing tricks on him, trying to bring him to His Ream before his time. The wounded Graf looked around, seeing as if through a pane of thick glass or through water, shapes indistinct, his head slow moving.

He heard the pronouncement, "Here they come." and knew he was at the top of the stairs, though he could not remember going up them. He saw the vague outlines of the enemy. There were perhaps two dozen, maybe as many as thirty, certainly far more than the scant twelve or fifteen he saw around and before him. They met in a brutal explosion of blood, steel, and meat, the outlaws slamming into the shield wall Zell's guards had put up, his Knights and the Duke's men just behind that, stabbing over their comrades heads at the advancing foe.

Johann heard more shouts, but they were growing fainter, he felt his mind continue to sharpen, and his body to continue to dull, his neck would no longer obey him, and then...

*GASP* I sat bolt upright, the purple after-image of the light fading as the green-gowned form danced away in a flurry of steel and insults. The long, dirty dagger sat next to me, the ground soaked in my own blood. I stood, shakily at first, and then with more confidence, and looked around. Things were not going so well; only two of Zell's crossbowmen still lived, desperately fighting back-to-back with shield and sword, my knights, seven that they were, were holding a sort of ring around me, occasionally darting out before reforming the line, Derek's men were now only three clustered together, trying to follow in the wake of their leader, a leader who at that moment was butchering every enemy that came near. Of Giuseppe I saw only little, save the fleeting glimpse of his twirling frame, and the unmistakable rapid Tilean of Liona, whom I saw slitting throats and gutting men left and right, and of Hardeknud I saw much, his old mentor and at times teacher was sinking deeper into his berserk form, his jaws elongating, his hands becoming great clawed pads, his chest erupting with thick white fur. Already he dropped even the pretense of civilized weaponry, leaving the waraxe in favor of pure fang and claw.

Turning his gaze to the enemy he realized that despite their losses, the enemy couldn't be more than a dozen now, and they were falling quickly, determined to not let Contyre take all the glory, he drew his basket-hilted Marienburg and proceeded to charge out of the circle, before falling flat on his face with a groan, forgetting of course that despite his renewed strength he had lost at least a pint of blood, and he was lucky to be alive.

"Damn." he said flatly.

Then there was a cry from the stairs,
"1st band, break off!"
Two men jumped through the hole in the floor,
"2nd band, break off!"
Three men jumped through,
"3rd band, break off!"
One man jumped through,
"Black Band, with me!"

The remaining eight men turned at once and charged Derek, his great blade toppling three before any could even strike back, his men taking down  one each themselves, at least in combat, so that Derek was only faced with two, but at least one of these knew what he was doing. Before Johann had worked out the plan they had maneuvered the finally tiring Derek where they wanted him. Then the leader did something unexpected, grabbing his partner by his scruff, he charged forward, using the flailing man as a shield. Cutting the shield away with one stroke, Derek was simply unprepared for the running tackle right behind it that carried both of them sailing through the window and onto the street.

Finally on his feet, Johann ran to the window, looking out.     
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The shield broke under his strike as if the Runefang had cut through paper, but his stroke took it out wide, too wide to bring it back in time for the second man behind to tackle him around the waist and knock him backwards and out the window behind him. Shattering glass tinkled in his ears as the weightlessness took hold for a split second, the two men flailed limbs and legs as gravity took hold and plummeted them two stories down onto the pavement below.

Derek managed to kick his assailant away from him in the second or two it took for them to meet the earth and the result was that instead of landing on his back flat he landed on his shoulder, which wasn't the best option.
Bone crunched against the pebbles of the street and the agony came next, lancing up his shoulderand into his neck. Legs, possibly his own flew over his head and he rolled with it, knowing his neck would snap if he tried to fight the force of the fall.
Next thing he knew, Derek was sitting on his rump, slumped in the gutter, trickles of blood dropped out of his hair down his cheeks, cuts in his scalp from the glass. Blackness haunted the edges of his vision and he felt drowsy and warm, his right shoulder ached and throbbed and his right arm hung lifeless at his side.
'Collar bone must be broken.' He thought grimly to himself, and tried to move his fingers.
They hurt, alot.
Gasping with the pain he tried to stand.
Big mistake.
"Argh!" his voice sounded weak, but it was enough so that the ten or so SSS members heard it as they looked over their fallen comrade who had pushed the Runefang out of the window.
"Over there, there it is!" one of the men ran to Derek and kicked him in the face, his head snapped back and he tasted blood on his tongue before he hit the pavement.
Unbelievably, in his left hand he still held the Runefang.
"Get of me you p-peasant bastards." Derek spat as they clawed at his hand as it held onto the Sword of Solland in a vicelike grip.
"Sorry boss, no can do, we need this you see, for our Nightlord. He means to use it on these Wissenland fops, which includes any Stattenlander who tries to help them, Princeling or not. Goodnight Contyre, or should I say Your Grace?"
As Grudge Settler was wrenched from his grip, Derek looked up to see the boot come down on his head.

It was the last thing he saw before darkness took him.
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(This is officially the most awesome fight scene I've ever worked on. Any disagreements? I thought not. BTW, I've been informed that Marienburg was not a good name for my sword, it is a walloon sword, if any care to look that up. Wallonia and Marienburg are in essentially equivalent regions, so I went with it)

Johann watched in horror as the young man slammed to the ground, audible cracks resounding through the air. At first he thought he was dead, as was the black-garbed villain that had driven through the window, but soon the lad was moving, and groaning. Unfortunately the men that had escaped had been joined by several others, and they had crowded around the pained Duke. Johann barely heard what was said, but he understood, particularly when the felon stooped to pick up the sacred Runefang.

"Sombody! Get me a crossbow, NOW!" his voice palpitated revulsion, but as he turned back to look for the separatist again, he spotted him lying on the ground some feet away, his arm smoking. He was wailing piteously, and it was easy to see why, on a closer look. His arm was gone, a pile steaming ash beside him. The others looked at each other in shock, then looked back to the faintly glowing sword. Master Avartus's words returned to him,
Whatever you see, remember this, the man that carries Grudge Settler will always deserve it, no matter what.
Johann smiled.

He took the crossbow in slightly shaking hands, one of the criminals had taken his jerkin off and was trying to put the sword in without touching it, the tickler felt smooth against his fingers, he felt the bolt fly before it actually happened, the steel-tipped dowel flying faster than his eyes could follow toward his quarry, slamming into his chest and taking him off his feet. Two others fell to the remaining members of Zell's guard who had broken windows in secret.

The scruffy seeming new leader had looked right up to the windows at that, and...
"We're unda attack! *Quickly throws off his cloak and in a quick motion wraps the sword* COME ON! Break away and go to your spot!"

"Wot about Muller?"

"Leave'im, no time!"

The maybe 8 remaining separatists scattered like rats, but as Johann began searching for the sword-bearer, he realized suddenly that all of the bastards had a roughly sword shaped bundle.

Who cares?

He tracked them for only a second, thankfully the street was wide and not poorly lit at all, and each hood had a lot of ground to cover, and each one he tracked went down with a soft thud. 3 fell that way, and as they fell their bundles disappeared. Another fell to one of Zell's men, and a fifth ended up in far worse shape. The great charging snowstorm of wrath bore down on the outlaw so quickly, and the lad screamed so fearfully, that Johann could almost find it himself to feel sorry for him. The enormous white bear had turned him into a pile of small red strips within moments.

In a cynical moment Bieter thought It's going to take hours to get him worked down again...Full bear form? I haven't seen that in years, and then only in full battle.

Shaking himself from the thought, he opened himself for an uncomfortable realization, he had let thieves steal the Runefang of Solland, the patrimony of his homeland. They had taken it from him, and there was nothing he could do to stop them. Yet....

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(lol I should email you the one I wrote for my Anastasia Contyre story... You'd love it.)

The town house was quiet, like Morr's graveyard at twilight, the stench of blood, death and faeces emanated from it in waves, making Pietr gag, Lukas looked at the young soldier.
"Breath through your mouth Pietr, that way the stench is left out of your nostrils." The two men had been hauling dead for the past two hours, once the SSS had retreated with the Runefang from Lord Nueremburg the men left alive had started clearing bodies, of which there was at least forty.
Duke Contyre lay in a room with open windows and doors, he had still not reawakened, and Captain Hemmler stood guard, using his Zweihander as a crutch.
"How do you deal with it Lukas?" Pietr asked, the many soldiers of Lord Contyre's personal guard had long ago been given permission to use their first names with each other.
"I deal with it the same way I deal with everything else... Strong liquor." Lukas smiled grimly at the young soldier.

The two men of Contyre's bodyguard, together with Lord Zell's remaining men cleared the town house of dead, the bodyguards and knights that survived were injured quite badly and an impromptu hospice had been set up in the dining hall.
Giuseppe in his green nightgown was running every where gathering medicines and poultices to clean and sew the wounds back together of the myriad wounded, although Lord Bieter had insisted that Duke Contyre be mended first, Giuseppe had overridden him and cleaned and healed his wounds with his numerous unguents.
After hauling the last dead bandit on the pile out the back of the house, Pietr and Lukas went back inside to Duke Contyre's room. His face had swelled up from where he had been kicked but his shoulder was reset and expertly wrapped in tight bandages.
He lay still with shallow breathing. Pietr broke the silence first;
"And I thought he would be invincible with that Blade." he whispered.
"Well he wielded it like a man given Sigmar's strength that was for sure." Lord Bieter had limped into the room with his preceptor and Giuseppe in tow behind him.
"Shouldn't one of you go get the rest of the Duke's bodyguard? We need more soldiers here to protect us while we recover and to help search the city for the assailants." Bieter softly motioned them out of the room, but Pietr stood stock still.
"I'm sorry my lord, but I cannot go, Duke Nueremburg saved my life, I cannot leave him."
Bieter nodded.
"Out of my way you bastard, I need to see him now!"
Captain Hemmler shouldered his way through the bodyguards outside who had taken position when Lord Bieter entered the room.
"Lukas, get back to the town house, bring twenty men, and corporal Ivanistoff with you." He looked at Lord Bieter;
"I know where they plan to attack the ball and when, we need to search out their hiding places and get the Runefang back before they kill Hiesenburg with it and condemn the Duke, everyone saw him enter with that weapon, suspicion will fall on him and any he calls friends. In fact I can imagine a fairly large amount of Nulner influence will come down on any who stand accused of murdering the Baroness."

Faces were grim with thought when Derek stirred and opened his eyes,
"I lost it, the sword that was my distant ancestors, the sword that first wounded Gorbad Ironclaw, that was lost and then found. That I held for five years in lieu of the Emperors payment... Lost."
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Hardeknud puffed heartily on his warpipe, as he called it, a sturdy iron-bound affair of Norscan pine and bear's bone, which he clenched down on his one bloody fang. His jaw had not yet quite receded back to human form, and he presented a fearsome visage for the man moaning in front of him.

"Shut up, you snotling fondling piece of gutter trash. Better men than you lost limbs quiet and and peaceful, and prisoner or no you will not blub in my presence. Understood?"

The one-armed man nodded weakly, his legs and the floor beneath him already wet.

"Good, glad to hear it. What is your name?"

"A-a-Alf M-mu-Muller."

"How old are you, Muller?"


"How long have you been a member of the SSS"

"4 years!" *backhand* "6 weeks..."

"Where is your base? You've been most cooperative, don't fail me now."

"I don't know." *backhand* "I don't! Honest!" Hardeknud growls, "Please believe me! Only the older ones knew, I just knew my spot."

"Where's that?"

"Behind the pickle barrels at Chlothar's."

"How long did it take your leaders to find you from the base? Think hard, or I may be less lenient."

"Maybe an hour, two...?"

"I'm sorry Herr Muller, I wish things could have been different. Goodbye."

"Wait! Come back! It take half an hour! Don't leave me in here!"

A tough gritty looking soldier in the garb of one of Contyre's men opens the door and enters.

"Oh no, don't worry boy. You won't be alone."

He closed the door behind him.
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Several hours later. . .

Dietrich emerges from the holding room, his arms up to his elbows covered in blood, and some of it marred his uniform as well. The countenance of Lord Nueremburg's Captain was grim, exceptionally so.
Walking past the nobles in the room to a spare chair and empty towel, Dietrich mopped his face and arms as best he could before collapsing back.
"Well? How did it go? Have we wasted a day or not?" Derek asked his captain, himself resting his head in the armchair near the fire, hand constantly rubbing the empty scabbard where the Runefang would be sitting.
"My lord, the young separatist told me all he knew, which wasn't much. Though I probably could of torn of more fingernails," As he said this he flicked a finger nail off his leg hose, "But I doubt it would of gotten any further than it did.
"He was lucky he passed out towards the end, though he gabbled incoherently before he did so, something about The Nightlord will come in five days time."

Derek, assisted by a crutch, hobbled into Lord Bieter's room and past the trio of armed and alert looking guards. His measure of power diminished by the walking aid. It made him irritable.
"Lord Bieter, the Nightlord, that is the key. Something about the way they have all mentioned this person leads me to believe that it is not a suitor for the Baroness.
"What would they gain from disrupting the town and stealing the Runefang? Apart from letting the Countess in Nuln come down and execute whoever she wants."
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Brandt Augustus was running, and running hard. The heavy bundle in his arms was hot, and he had no idea how long before it burned through the cloak he had wrapped it in. There was a certain jubilation in his heart though I've done it, I've stolen the Runefang of Solland! Next will come the titles the nobles have denied me, and the money father keeps from me, and everything the Nightlord promised! Mine! he kept running.

From bolt-hole to bolt-hole, across the city he ran, from outhouses to root cellars. It took him hours. When he was at last sure he had lost the last man tailing him, wherever or who ever they were, those shadows in the dark. Finally he crossed a street and there he was. The Mauve Room stood before him, the elegant club with its faintly wafting smells of fine food and sounds of sweet violin. Brandt ducked quickly into the alley beside it. He was hasty redressing, and the false stubble was hard to wash off it was true, but no one would question rich broadcloth and sable like he was wearing, nor the sword he now wore under his yellow cloak.

Swaggering into the club, the only one of any class in this backwater, yet it still allowed weapons. Brandt spotted his quarry almost immediately, the massive ogres sitting on great cushions on either side of him as he ate his dinner in the shadowy recess of a secluded alcove. The young lordling walked by slowly, quickly flashing the crossed fingers toward them as he passed. The left-hand ogre seemed to sneeze, but the wink was there. Brandt made his way to the back chambers, giving passwords and making signs til he reached the far recess of the club. There in a dark room with green velvet curtains sat the diner from the main room, still deep in the shadows.

"So Herr Augustus, that's it then?"

"Yes my lord."

"Give it to me." he raised one hand towards him, not quite out of the shadows.

"My lord, this blade has burned and ruined others who touched it."

"Trust me."

"Yes my lord."

Brandt quivered as he handed the sword, scabbard and all, to his master. His lord drew it in one quick motion.

"See Augustus, it responds to my call. We are correct for each other. I think after the business is through I'll keep it."

Brandt looked askance, "What do you mean, you will remake the County won't you? The sword will have to stay in your care."

"Young Augustus, you know so little of grift don't you? Well perhaps I can explain myself a little." With that he stood and in a single fluid strike slit open the lordling's gut, ropy intestines and other organs spilling free. As he collapsed to the ground the shadow man walked around him, "My thanks for your father's warm donations to the cause if you will. He's a much cleverer man than people portray him, he saw right through what we were doing, but you called him conservative, stodgy, unready to accept the new rise of Solland."

He laughed through a mirthless sort of sneer you could hear, if not see.

"You just don't get it, do you? Solland is dead, it will never rise again, no 'new dawn', you really thought that I was having these 'SSS' bandits traveling the countryside to reform Solland? Why would we be so open about it, the first news of a plot should've been the sword's theft, instead we've attacked every high-profile figure who enters town. You're dying you know, but it isn't it nice to know that you weren't pretending to be a bandit to drive the 'Nulners' out of Solland, you were pretending to be a bandit to bring them here. The Countess herself will take an interest in our little town, von Heisenberg will fall from grace under the shadow of the stolen relic, her need for stability will increase, and I will finally rule this town, just as it was always meant to be. Oh I'm sorry, you're still dying aren't you? Let me fix that."

One quick motion and the boy's life was complete.


"Yes boss?"

"Do let Lord Herwin know for me, tell him the Nightlord found a use for the boy's fanaticism at last. Tell him, the new Baron of Sonnefurt was done with him."
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Giuseppe looked down at the Duke as he lay tied to the poufee, his ankles and wrists were tied down flat to bolted rings in the floor.
Derek glared at him.Sweat beaded of the Tileans nose and dripped onto his fine garments.
"I know you wont want this your grace, but this is a must do(he said in heavy tileanised Riekspiel)" his hands moved fast to the broken collarbone and wrenched.

Captain Hemmler, Greatsworders Pietr and Lukas and Corporal Ivanistoff all sat in the outside the dining hall doors in armchairs that had been brought specifically.
Derek's arm had not been reset correctly and it needed to be rebroken and reset again.
The screams were gut wrenching. but what was worse was the snapping sound that followed.
"If he maims Duke Contyre, Tilean prince or no I will kill him." Hemmler said aloud. Ivanistoff looked at him before uncorking his starka and pouring a glass, which he downed in one hit.
He didn't even blink before pouring another.
"Captain, there is no point doing that, for you will surely end any hope of Lord Nueremburg recovering at all." Ivanistoff said as he poured his vodka. Hemmler glared at him but after a few withering seconds in which the Kislevite studiously ignored him he gave up.
'Damn Ivanistoff, bastard is made of ice'

Dominic Igor Ivanistoff watched Captain Dietrich Hemmler closely and with a well trained eye. Hemmler cared for the young duke, that was in evidence, but he had not known the length of his passion.
"Captain, he will be fine. This Giuseppe seems to know what he is doing, after all."

The screaming stopped suddenly, as if the screams had never been, like they simply stopped producing sound at all and the noise that was heard before could of been wind simply rushing through a window.
All four men stood straight away and moved towards the door when a shunt click, announced the door being unlocked.
Following on the back of this development the handle turned and Giuseppe walked out.
Hemmler drew his dagger and leapt at the tilean but didn't even get halfway across the distance before he stopped dead in his tracks.
The Tilean looked pale, sickly and Dietrich caught him as he staggered out of the doorway.
"It is done Friends of the Duke. He is been reset and wounds closed." Ivanistoff entered first flanked by Lukas and Pietr. Hemmler cradled Giuseppe into the cushioniest armchair and gave him Ivanistoff's discarded starka.
"Thankyou my friend." He nodded and walked out.
The Tilean was unconsious before the door closed.

The bandages lay on the floor and Derek was standing, testing his new arms limits. Hemmler's mouth was agape but Ivanistoff just smiled.
"Grand Duke Contyre", Ivanistoff began in a light Kislevite accent, "The Tsarina looks over you in your hour of need, you are not hurt?"
Derek looked up and shook his head.
"No Ivanistoff I am not, not anymore." Derek frowned as he tested his muscles, there was not even a bruise to discolour where his collarbone had broken.
"it must be the will of Sigmar." Pietr said dryly with a smile.
"Our orders Lord Nueremburg?" Lukas followed, stepping forward and saluting.
"Gentlemen, we go hunting for Sollands Ruenfang, once we have that, the plan for the Baroness will be spoilt. What have I missed in the two days I have been lying here?"
Ivanistoff stepped forward to report but Lord Bieter opened the door and stepped through.
"Perhaps I can help with that. . . "
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"Perhaps I can help with that." Lord Bieter said.
All turned to him as he stepped through the door,

"I'm glad to see you well again, Your Grace, but I'm afraid further recovery will have to wait. “Since Giuseppe first began treating that wound, the bandits have struck at the docks, sinking several vessels, including a ship from my realm, and setting fire to Gilles' Wine Bar.

“This has understandably aroused greater Watch presence in the town, and Bailiff Reiter has been a whirlwind of activity.

“Unfortunately, no word yet on the bandits origin, and I dare not inform the Watch of the Runefang's loss, lest the Nightlord move deeper underground.

“On our front, Hardeknud has discovered numerous leads that led to nothing, I've spoken and bribed no less than 13 underworld informants, and Herr Kemmler has spent night and day hunting down various suspected bandits. All of this points to one answer, the Nightlord will only be where we can get at him on one night, the Ball itself. Unless your rest has told you something I've missed?"

Derek frowned as he absorbed it all in.
“I agree with your discretion about Grudge Settler Graf, and the Watch presence is something that can’t be helped.

“Unfortunately we need them to stay out of our problem, if this got out, my reputation would be ruined.”
Bieter nodded, but behind his eyes he sighed.
‘Of course, now get to the point.’

“Captain Hemmler overheard these SSS cultists and the plans of attacking the ball from the sewers, it stands to reason that that will be the best place to meet them, ambush them, and take back the Runefang.

Bieter nodded, “When should we get started?”

“Obviously we cannot start straight away as this Nightlord will have moved his plans later or earlier as he wishes to accommodate our attack.” Ivanistoff had placed the bottle of vodka on a table when he stepped forward to join the conversation. “Perhaps we should do some more investigating into why these cultists need the Runefang to kill the Baroness? There could be more to this than a simple assassination attempt.”

“I agree”, Lukas began. “There must be someone else backing this Nightlord for him to have amassed such a large following who seem to be fanatical in their desire for him to succeed. Perhaps it could be a powerful Solland Supporter who wishes to destabilise the region of Old Solland for another political upheaval?”

Derek looked sharply at his Greatsworder, “That is a fancy way of saying someone wants to start a war Elias.” Elias Lukas kept his lords gaze for several seconds before lowering his head.

“I meant no disrespect your Grace, but it is a conceivable thought that one of your old compatriots who helped start ‘The Solland Effort’ merely wish to end what they began.”
Pietr looked like he was about to jump in before Derek cut him off.

“This is not the time or the place to talk of such things. These plans and thoughts need to be done in a council in a more secretive place than this.” Derek nodded to Graf Bieter as he finished.

“Bieter, I have a townhouse in the Merchant Quarter, perhaps we should meet there with your staff and soldiers? The SSS have not attacked there yet and chances are they will not again, however we need a new stronghold, this one here has been gutted. Lord Zell will probably be angry, but I suppose you have the influence right now to shrug him off. If needs be I can pay for the damages, since it was my fault that this happened.”

Johann leaned on the silver horse-headed cane his grandfather had used after an orc had taken the use of his right knee, confused. Finally he hit upon his course, "I believe such a decision could be to our mutual advantage. Preceptor!" he shouted down the hallway.

"Yes, milord?"

"You have two hours to ready the men for departure. We head for His Grace's base in the Merchant Quarter then."

"It will be done, milord."

"Now as for this business with the Lord Zell, damages will be paid for on my account. Guest in my house, etc. etc." he hobbled out while Derek readied his men for transport as well.

Within 6 hours they were unpacking crates at Contyre's townhouse. The noblemen had reconvened their meeting in the safety of a small parlour in the center of the ground floor, Herr Kemmler's idea. As they sat down again, Johann felt the back of his mind tickle for a moment. He knew that feeling well, and had expected it for some time. It told him something wasn't right about his thinking.

"This second rising of Solland idea your man's bandying about, do you really put any stock in it? Whoever this man is, he is both strong enough to lay about this whole region with his influence, but weak enough that it is not felt outside the immediate area. Either that, or the object of his desire is closer to home. He stole the Runefang, but is that any guarantee of his plans to raise Solland again, or that his master, if he has one, has such. I don't know, I just feel like we're being used, these attacks have been too haphazard, they've been badly planned except in the singular detail of escape, and they just tell us to much about the foe. Why did his men tell you what the Nightlord was planning? How did Capt. Hemmler manage to get such excellent information, when he was only listening in on low-level operatives. It just doesn't add up!" He paced for a moment, lost in thought, gears whirring in his head as he worked around answering his own conundrum.

Derek sat in his favourite armchair in the room. This townhouse, more for convenience than actual practicality was nonetheless extremely comfortable as one befitting the merchant quarter is. One door led in and out of the room which was guarded outside by two Hamburgian Greatswordsmen in their customary full plate armour, though each had a shield and sword rather than their Zweihander.
On the inside of the room were Derek, sitting at the armchair near the fire, Graf Bieter sat opposite him. In numerous spots around the room; Bieter’s Preceptor, Lukas, Pietr, Captain Hemmler, Corporal Ivanistoff with his bottle of Starka and Hardeknud.
“I hate to say it but you are right, I’ve been thinking about this for a while and it seems too convenient, too easy to know where they will come from.”

“It seems this Nightlord wishes to make fools of you all.” Ivanistoff stepped into the circle.

“I can imagine it now, Graf Bieter and His Grace the Duke of Nueremburg emerging from the sewers chasing phantoms... The whole Barony would be laughing at you for years to come.”
Hemmler’s fist hardened but it seemed Ivanistoff didn’t notice.

“Although I can see the humour in it, I would not wish that upon my lords in presence, we need to get more information about this Nightlord character and his organisation.

“Lord Bieter, you said before that you had bribed thirteen people, did you have them followed? Capt. Hemmler, you have seen more of this city in your raving madness than any of us, in your angry persecutions did you notice any hotspots? Any where regular citizens would not go near even in broad daylight?

“Those are the places we need to watch and search, the places the Watch do not go near.”
Ivanistoff took a swig as he finished while Pietr stepped in.

“My lords, while Capt. Hemmler has been searching the town, I have been listening in at the docks and the lower river side. There is talk of the attack at Lord Bieter’s townhouse, but there are no names and only snippets of rumours.

“The troubling thing is that they are all saying one thing in common, and that something extremely valuable was taken from one of the suitors.”

“Word gets out fast apparently.” Derek said, dryly.

“Not that fast my lord.” Lukas stepped in quickly, “These rumours are all that there is, and many only just having appeared in the last few hours.”
Derek looked at Bieter, “what do you think Bieter? Where should we start now? At the docks, Upper river side, lower river side?

“This Nightlord could be anywhere with the Emperors Runefang.”

The Graf pondered a moment, finally coming to a conclusion, "It is my theory that with what I've heard, and what we've gathered, that the best place to begin is on the docks. I don't have any friends there, and from what I know, neither do you, it has access across both the town and region beyond, it has numerous nooks and crannies, and it's already shady reputation presents a fine cover for any more devious organization. Markus?"

"Aye milord?"

"I think perhaps an expedition would be advantageous."

"It will be done, but I must say milord, what you say is true, but this Nightlord has shown himself more devious than we have ever thought likely."

"Tis true, but remember Preceptor, the enemy now has one great weakness. The stolen Runefang. No amount of concealment can hide such a magnificent weapon for long, Her Generalship willing, we will find it."

He stood, pacing around the room.

Maybe Grudge Settler is gone, but he could still feel its presence. It couldn't be far!

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The Docks, Sonnefurt, three days before the ball.

Derek stood casually in ‘normal’ clothes, his only defences a short sword, dagger and hidden pistol. Across the street Ivanistoff was sitting in the gutter nursing, not Starka but a pitcher of beer instead.
He was stone cold sober, though he was the loudest drunk in the street.
It had been a long six hours of watching and waiting, and nothing had happened so far to warrant anymore attention from him. Derek nodded imperceptibly to Ivanistoff and slipped into the crowd. Though crowded Sonnefurt, it had nothing on his city sized Nueremburg, where on average thousands of people covered the city every day. And that was all before mid morning.
Weaving through the crowds like a street performer, Derek managed to duck into an alley that was dark enough for him to make his way into the Merchants Quarter.
The crowds grew a little thicker there, but, being a city dweller, Derek slipped through without anyone even tumbling.
While he walked he thought about the last few days. Not having the Runefang on his hip felt like he was missing an arm, or possibly a hip.
Images of the fighting in Bieter’s townhouse kept reliving themselves over and over in his mind’s eye, every move, slash and cut of the battle.
‘Where could those thieves have gone? It could be anywhere by now.’

Though thronged with people getting ready for the Baroness’ Ball, there were guards at every entrance and also walking through the crowd. People gave them a wide berth, coming under close scrutiny if they got too close.
Derek was one of those avoiding the guard’s, he did not want to be recognised in the middle of this tide of humanity and have people swamp him.
Being a nobody never felt so good.
Smells of the town wafted through the Merchants Quarter with a change of the wind, bringing fresh bread, meat, tanneries and even smoke wafting into the smells that accompany a marketplace.
Once through the crowds, Derek managed to not look at all like he was heading towards his own townhouse and snuck into the back door.

“Don’t worry, it’s me.” He took his cloak off and hooked it on one of the hooks behind the door.
The five soldiers lowered their swords(one had a greatsword) and a collective sigh rippled through the room.
“Don’t bother asking either.” Derek started before anyone jumped in. “The only thing I managed to get was sunburn.” Taking off his hat everyone could see his burnt neck.
“I just hope Graf Bieter and Captain Hemmler have a better time on their side of the docks.” He said just before biting into a piece of fruit bread.

Upper Docks, 12th bell

Johann leaned stiffly against the back alley wall, condensation creeping through his wool doublet, his simple wooden cane gripped tightly in hand. Should've worn a leather jack like Kemmler he thought with a snort But no, it had to be father's old doublet He always wore his father's clothes when he was at home, and the old doublet from his father's school days in Averheim was the only one that looked half like something a normal citizen would wear. He looked over at Kemmler to see if the soldier had picked up anything, the grizzled vet looked up for half a moment and surreptitiously nodded. As they had planned Johann came forward slowly from the alley, joining the crowd heading toward the recently docked merchantman from Wusterburg, and breaking off to begin heading for an untended pile of cargo from a fat barge from Scharmbeck where Kemmler was waiting for him. They began their scripted conversation.

"So the bales from Quenelles were spoiled during the storm?"

"Aye, though some of the yellow bolts were saved. Debeaux's work I believe."

"The yellow? From Master Debeaux? That's good then. Any word on The Settler? She's been missing for some time."

"Master Debeaux should have been the last to see her. Perhaps you might send him a message?"

"Good thought, I'll do that. I was off to Nuestaat this morning, but if you could send word there about my absence, I'll stay and meet the mail barge to Kreutzhofen before it reaches Serrig."

"Right. See you at the Griffon later this evening?"

"If I catch the barge in time, if not I may spend the night at Herman's if I can. I'll try to send word."

"Alright then, see you when I see you boss."

"Til then, Captain."

They parted ways at that, he heading towards the Ertingen Ferry, Kemmler down the docks toward Contyre and his men. If what Kemmler had heard was accurate he didn't have much time.

Old Solland Inn, Ertingen, 4th bell

The Old Solland was, as its name implied, an old inn, for nearly a century it had stood with its cracked sign of the smiling sun from the Heim Crest, and its diamond pane windows on the second floor. Johann walked to it carefully, the parchment windows on the first floor flung wide to reveal only a few travelers and locals sharing an early dinner or mid-afternoon drink. Johann stepped inside, letting the smell of sourdough and sausage wash over him from the communal table used by the guests and owners alike. The few locals were sitting at the bar, downing their local-brewed lagers down their local throats as quickly as they could so they could return to whatever menial tasks awaited them. Golden Lady, but he hated the poor sometimes.

His man was sitting just beside one end of the table, pieces of sausage fed to him by the plump innkeeper's daughter. How she cackled at his jokes! Wolfgang Schöne was a clever if often easily seen through sort of conman, the kind Johann had delighted in toppling on his travels, but just now was not the time. Johann took out the little hammer and the bill Kemmler had made for him. He quietly nailed it to the wall just in Schöne's  sight. It was a notice of the reward on his head. Wolfgang turned from the giggling maid to take a drink from a tarred alejack in front of him and spotted the bill staring him in the face. Now it was a matter of waiting.

It wasn't a long one, Wolfgang was outside half an hour later, a rucksack on his back and a pistol in his belt. Still, Johann had been waiting for him, and the thick oaken cane took him down in one quick strike to the back of his head.

Some time later...

Wolfgang woke up in an unfamiliar place, a barn or a warehouse maybe, with his legs tied together and the ropes nailed to the floor. He rubbed the sore knob on the back of his head, before feeling for the gun he knew would be gone. After confirming his unhappy suspicion, he started as he was suddenly face to face with a distinctly annoyed looking gentleman on one knee in front of him. Wolfgang cleared his throat.

"I think there may be some *swallows* mistake...?" The man was not impressed, then he began talking, a very even, clipped, utterly emotionless tone.

"Afraid not, Herr Schöne. Tell me, Herr Schöne, you offer many services to the criminals around these parts do you not?"

"I prefer the term smuggling but yeah, Herr..?"

"You don't need to know that, Herr Schöne, I will be asking the questions from now on. I was worried you'd be gone before I arrived. Where were you heading, Herr Schöne?"


"Why, Herr Schöne?"

"To see friends, that's all."

"You lie, Herr Schöne. I don't want to hurt you, Herr Schöne, but I will."

"I tell you, I was going to meet some friends in Serrig, we were gonna go fishing in Caspar's Pond, the carp are in."

"I really don't like to hurt people, Herr Schöne, but if you keep lying.." He pulls out the small hammer.

"Listen, boss, that's what I where I was going!"

"Oh I know that, Herr Schöne, you just weren't going fishing. Besides, Casper's Pond dried up last year. Quite a blow to Baron Pfreiraucher's son, he liked that pond."

"Oh, yeah..." The man grabbed his and splayed the fingers. His grip was like iron, the arm never even moving as he struggled. He raised the hammer, and brought it down slowly and gently on the knuckle of his middle finger, before raising it again.

"Sigmar's sake! Let me loose!"

"One last time, Herr Schöne." His voice changed ever so slightly, darkening by a fraction. "Why were you going to Serrig?"

"To meet friends! Sigmar's balls! TO MEET FRIENDS!" The hammer came down hard, the crack was barely audible, but the pain would've blotted out an explosion. Cartilage and bone breaking up through torn flesh where once his middle finger had ended. He started sobbing uncontrollably, between squeals of pain.

"Now, Herr Schöne, why were you going to Serrig. If you lie again I will hurt you again, and again, and again, til I have the truth."

"*Blub*I-I *sniffle* meet *more blubbing* the smith."

"What smith, Herr Schöne?"

Wolfgang finally stops crying "Ironcracker, Dammar Ironcracker. From Karak Norn."

"A dwarf? What dealings could you possibly have with a smith?"

"He's a friend of the boss's, made him this big sword. Thing of beauty, that."

"What happened to it?" The man's eyes have narrowed, and he leans forward in interest.

"No way, he'll kill me!"

"I'll kill you, Herr Schöne. Now or later, when would you like to die?"

"Point...taken *swallows*. The boss gave it to the Rats, something about trading it with some nob, I don't know."

"Good, Herr Schöne. You may survive this encounter. Are you sure you didn't catch the nobleman's name?"

"No, boss. Honest! He just talked about his daughter!"

*Confused* "What daughter?"

"He mentioned, 'his Grace', I assumed it was his daughter. I guess it might of been his wife too come to think of it."
*Rising* "Very good, Herr Schöne. You've been a great help."

With that he walked toward the wide double-doors out of the derelict.
"Wait! I answered right, didn't I! Don't I go free?"

"Almost forgot, Herr Schöne. You'll need your weapon back I suppose."
The man turned around, cocked the pistol, and tossed it barrel-first toward Wolfgang. The gunshot resounded off the walls.

"Goodbye, Herr Schöne."
Johann needed to reach Contyre, fast. He couldn't even yet believe what he was going to tell him.

The Contyre Townhouse, Merchants Quarter, 18th bell.

Derek listened to the story with mounting interest, though Bieter had left the torture and killing out of his story, the effect was dramatic nonetheless.

“So, we have a shady outline of who it could be, noble, that much is apparent, and one with a great deal of wealth to have a replica Runefang crafted by a dwarf no less!” Derek sat forward,
“So when do we go for the dwarf? He will be next in line for our lines of questioning.”
Hemmler, Ivanistoff, Bieter, Markus and Hardeknud sat in the sitting room, Lukas and Pietr stood guard at the door.
“I would suggest we go straight away, we have only three nights and two days left till the ball, and much is needed to be accomplished in that time, the ride to and from Serrig alone will cost us a day at least, not to mention we have to find this dwarf and extricate his information.”
Hemmler managed to make ‘extricate’ sound like a deeply affectionate term.
“We need to somehow take him alive though,” Ivanistoff began, “Dwarfs are tough bastards at the worst of times, and at the best I’ve seen them shrug off as much damage as the bigger orcs.”
Derek nodded. “We can plan the particulars along the way, but for now, who will stay here and continue the investigation?” His gaze scanned each face in the room and rested on Ivan Ivanistoff.
“Corporal, will you?”
The Kislevite nodded.
“Let the chase begin.” Bieter finished.
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Serrig, 15th bell.

The horsemen came to a halt outside the town, it looked shabby from the outside. Low clouds cast a droll outlook over the entire place, almost giving it a gloomy aspect. Something strange for this time of year.
Derek casually rode his horse into town, the men behind him following at their own pace. Behind him to the left was Graf Bieter, and on his right rode Captain Hemmler, all in all a subdued group as they entered the town.
The day's riding had been hard on everyone, the frantic pace set by Duke Contyre pushed even himself to the limit of his endurance, but this coming trial needed to be dealt with as soon as possible. The people of Serrig parted uneasily for the soldiers and their lords as they trotted the horses onto the main street, the gap deepening as word spread about the soldiers in strange multicoloured livery.
Looking to Graf Bieter, Derek nodded to him and the party made their way to a nearby tavern; The Broken Arrow.
Dismounting, Derek quickly gave the orders to his troops to dismount and take care of the equipment and horses before walking inside...
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Igor sighed as he looked himself over in the looking glass and fixed his heavy sash around his belly. He was still fit but anyone could see he was turning to fat.
"How do I look?" Igor asked the man behind him
"Like a champion of Manann sir" Warden-Sergeant Markus said
Scoffing Igor looked back at himself again

Standing there looking in that glass he saw himself.
He wore a heavy robe of the lightest grey, trimed with black Kislev bear fur. Around his waist was a cream white sash. On his feet were shoes of the softest Hochland leather. Beneath all this he wore a vest of that same shoftest leather, a black shrit and brechees of a deep blue so dark they may have well have been black. He had even shaveed off his thick beard leaving just is long drooping moustache.

And of course rirght there on his right hand's ringfinger was the golden ring.
The Ring of Tlanixa.
Damn thing still won't come off he thought

Pulling back his long hair he tied in in a long tail and combed it out and then turned back to Markus to get his thoughts.
"Again, you are a champion sir" he said handing a slim, long bladed Elven dagger to Igor.

Pulling the dagger free Igor stared at it. A foot of strong Elven steel. It would serve. Straping it in to his vest's inner pocket.

"Funny thing Markus, I don't feel like a champion. Infact I feel like a scum bag. I have done many thing I ain't proud of, you know, the bank in Altdorf, that gril in Kislev, oh don't forget that damn Skaven and those contracts. No I am not a good man, at least I don't think so."
"You, WE, hade no choice to do those things. If we had not gone to Altdorf, had we not tryed to find Ana, had we not done that damn Skaven contracts a great deal more hurt would have happened"
"Realy? Do you truly think so?"
"Oh well that makes it all better then"
"Theres no need to be snide sir"
"NO?' Well if you say so. All I know is that I have done thigs that would get me maimed or worse if anybody ever found out"
"Yes sir"

"Well" Igor said at last takeing amarch around the room a few time to test the outfit The balls in two and a half days so this will have to do"
Pausing he looked at Markus "Know anything about the others?"
"You mean the other possible husbands?"
"That I know of right now?"
"Well my men have ears as you know and there seems to be two knoe worthy folk here in town"
"Go on"
"First theres Lord Bieter. He a rather fine fellow from, oh I can't remember, but he has many holdings and he is a former knight"
"Realy? Well thats just great"
"A former Knight of the Blazeing Sun"
"Even better" Igor said, glumly sitting himself down
"It gets worse the next one is one of Lord Conntyre's children"
"Damn! Wich one?"
"I see. I don't know much of his father but I do know that Derek fought in the Storm against Archon I saw him on the battle field a number of times not never spoke with him, not even once. Thats an ace right there."
"Is it just me Markus or are thing going to get even more coplacated?"
"Ithink so sir, Derek was spotted by one of my men"
"Find him, bring him, and perhaps we can work a deal"

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The Broken Arrow,
17th Bell

Derek sat at the grimy table in the bar long enough to sate his thirst.
The torture had been the hardest part, Dwarfs are notoriously stubborn, though with the gold he carried, the dwarf almost tore his shackles out to get to it.
The search had almost been too easy, though subduing a dwarf armed with axe and crossbow proved a bit more difficult than imagined. Even now Captain Hemmler's headache had not abated, which worried him considerably.
Forcing the truth of the tale out of the dwarf however took some ingenious planning, but in the end it was Ivanistoff who managed to do the deed that pushed the dwarf over the edge, threatening to pull his fingers out one at a time, for when a dwarf has no fingers, he has no craft.

Although that might of been the realisation that the sword he had held scant hours before was in fact one of the twelve legendary Runefangs of Alaric the Mad which convinced the armourer that what he had done was worth becoming a slayer over... But gold seems to aleviate a Dwarfs morals in more ways than one.
His tale told them of a plot to forge a fake sword to replace the one stolen from some noble suitor for the Baroness,  though that was all the dwarf seemed to know.
Hemmler and Graf Bieter were intent to continue their questioning however and had wandered arounf the town together. 
Derek in the meantime had seated himself close to the fire in a large and surprisingly clean chair, the mug of beer comforting his sorrows somewhat in the face of another search in Sonnefurt a day before the wedding.
"This is getting on my nerves, why the hell would anyone want to steal a Runefang? Sollands Runefang no less." He took a swill of his beer and mulled it over, the thoughts swirling around in his head.
Title: Re: A Wedding in Wissenland
Post by: Derek Contyre on September 27, 2012, 11:23:39 PM

Hey everyone, been been doing alot of reading lately and just wondered if this was ever going to be finished?

My creative juices are flowing :)
Title: Re: A Wedding in Wissenland
Post by: Captain Dob Van Dwi on January 06, 2013, 06:50:15 AM
Sorry for not replieing sooner Derek. Yes I would consider continueing the story. However it seems that the others have dropped off and it's all up to Le Pistolet as well.
Title: Re: A Wedding in Wissenland
Post by: Baron Garin Larenreid on April 10, 2015, 02:34:17 AM
So I am feening to finish reading this story. Come on people! Finish it!  :eusa_clap: :eusa_clap:
Title: Re: A Wedding in Wissenland
Post by: wissenlander on April 12, 2015, 09:20:06 PM
Sadly, fairly unlikely given the time that has passed.
Title: Re: A Wedding in Wissenland
Post by: Baron Garin Larenreid on April 19, 2015, 12:51:54 AM
UNACCEPTABLE!!!   :icon_evil:  :icon_exclaim:
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Post by: Inarticulate on July 11, 2016, 08:07:48 PM
Very sad we never got to finish this!
Title: Re: A Wedding in Wissenland
Post by: GamesPoet on July 11, 2016, 08:46:14 PM
Agreed.  Wonder where he is and hope all is ok.
Title: Re: A Wedding in Wissenland
Post by: Inarticulate on July 11, 2016, 09:35:20 PM
Agreed, I think he pops up every now and then. What was this about a possible new campaign in the same vein as The Solland Effort?
Title: Re: A Wedding in Wissenland
Post by: GamesPoet on July 12, 2016, 09:59:44 AM
It's been considered, along with options for an on-line campaign of some kind.  Unfortunately my time and energy have been going to other things and that needs to continue for the moment.  Perhaps one day, yet we'll see.