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Title: The Pale Company - Stirland Boarder Patrol
Post by: Anubis on February 16, 2016, 08:20:56 PM
Hello all you fellow Empire generals out there. I've been slowly working on a Stirland themed army, but now that I've gotten a few pieces put together and some concept ideas. I thought I would introduce you all to the Pale Company - A group of grizzly well worn troops that guard the eastern boarder between Stirland and Sylvania. Their reputation of gruesome severity to root out all Vampires, cults, and other dark monsters. Lead by the self proclaimed High priest of Morr, Father Durrin, and joined by Gilgad of light (much to his displeasure) the Pale Company patrols night and day ever vigilance.

Images/updates of the models can be viewed here:

And some fluff to catch your attention (I hope).

On the eastern boarder between Stirland and Sylvania a group of grizzly well worn troops despised by all, but needed by most. Their reputation of gruesome severity to root out all Vampires, cults, and other dark monsters. Lead by the self proclaimed High priest of Morr, York Durrin, and joined by Gilgad of light (much to his displeasure) the Pale Company patrols night and day ever vigilance.     

Gilgad stared out over the endless misted moors. Nights cold embrace still clinging to the shadows in the early dawn light. Looking to the cloud covered sky Gilgad scowled in discontent, it was already turning out to be a dismal day. Up ahead just off the road Gilgad spotted the regiments leader, Father Durrin. The stout man sat unmoving on his massive shaggy horse that Gilgad swore must be part bear. Gilgad had had a horse when he was first assigned to the regiment, I pure white one with fur like silk, Dawnlight he had called him. He was dead now, killed by a varghulf in an ambush. With supplies stretched to the limit, Gilgad had yet to procure another horse. For now he marched along with the 13th Cohort, a bunch of brigands and filth that should all be locked in the stockades not armed and allowed to roam freely. Although, looking out at the bleak mist cover hills, Gilgad supposed being stationed here was a sort of prison. With another sign Gilgad rejoined the thin gray line of troops marching on the road.

“Looks like another gray day.” Captain Barrik muttered galloping up next to Father Durrin his right arm clenched tightly on the armies standard. Father Durrin merely grunted in reply shifting his bear’s cloak. Captain Berrik paused for moment waiting to see if Farther Durrin would say anything else, he didn’t. Captain Barrik sighed, when he had first joined the Pale Company he had been fresh from the academy, bright eyed and bushy tailed. That had been almost four years ago now. He had graduated with high honors top of his class his pick of military posts, and where had he picked? The eastern boarder, and why? Because he thought it would be exciting. He had been such a naïve little twat. When he had told Father Durrin of why he picked this posting he had bellowed such a laugh, Captain Barrik was afraid he would wake up the dead. To his credit Father Durrin had been strait with him, telling him exactly what the Pale Company did, endless marching in damp cold conditions. And when they did fight, they where usually fighting for their lives against some undead horde or a warband of either orcs or beastmen. His first few months had been the worst, no one in the regiment respected him, often whispering behind his back and although no one called it to his face Captain Barrik the ninny was his given title. The bushy tailed Captain Barrik the ninny had died in their first encounter, a beastmen raiding party trying to sneak across the boarder near the Hunger Woods. The battle had been short and decisive; the enemy had been vanquished before the cannons had even been unhitched from the horses. Captain Barrik, being the armies’ standard-bearer, road next to Father Durrin and the Sacred Scythe Knights right into the thick of the enemy. After the battle Father Durrin had said that the Captain Barrik had fought with such grim determination that from then on he would be known as Captain Barrik the Grim. The men had taken to it like rum, afterwards everyone in the regiment recognized him as one of their own, a long lost brother late to the party, but welcomed. A grunt from Father Durrin, brought Captain Barrik from his memories.

“The ravens fly today.” Father Durrin grunted his voice like stones grinding past one another.

“Is that a bad thing?” Captain Barrik asked.
“It means trouble.” Father Durrin replied looking over at Captain Barrik with a wide grin. Captain Barrik had seen that grin before, every time they encountered the undead. He still didn’t know why, but Father Durrin HATED the undead far more then any other Morr priest Captain Barrik had met. Every time they faced an undead horde Father Durrin’s eyes gleamed with pleasure. If Father Durrin said they were to encounter undead, then they were going to encounter undead.     

“I’ll prepare the men.”               

Comments and questions welcome.

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Post by: Doc J on February 17, 2016, 01:37:20 AM
Its good, Barrik the Ninny  :lol: next installment should give us some of the enlisted men
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Post by: Anubis on February 22, 2016, 06:13:04 AM
Regiments of the Pale Company

The unlucky 13th
The 13th Legion was originally levied, along with its twin the 14th legion, in response to the third Vampire War. At the beginning of the war it was clear that the forces present would not be enough to stop the undead tide, hence the need for the raising of more troops. The 13th legion fought in a number of battles including the final battle at Hel Fenn. After the war ended many of the veterans of the 13th legion retired their places filled with fresh green boys. With no immediate treat to the empire the 13th legion bounced around from outpost to outpost fighting local bandits or invading war bands, as a result the 13th legion became undisciplined and lax. With many of its founding members gone the legions glory faded only to be replaced with suspicion and discontent. After a series of disastrous military defeats the 13th legion was titled as unlucky and frequently left behind to guard the camp during battles and raids. As the talk of another war in the north loomed the 14th legion along with several cohorts from the 13th, to reinforcements it, marched north to support the northern army. The remaining 13th legion was reformed and tasked to guarding the eastern boarder between Stirland and Sylvania. Whispers of a nameless fear returned and the walking dead once more roamed the lands of Sylvania. With the war in the north consuming every resource the 13th legion (now known as the unlucky 13th) is left to fend for itself using less then honest means to acquire supplies and ammunition to continue on safeguarding the eastern frontier.

The Gravediggers
The Gravediggers started out as a collection of farmers, artisans, and foreign mercenaries all coalesced together to patrol the boarder-lands of the empire. With warfare ever constant this ragtag force was quickly tempered into a fighting force. Under their vigilant eye the boarder-lands remained undisturbed from invaders for seven years. When an orc warlord invaded from the North East the Gravediggers were assigned to the quickly assembled army to halt this aggressive invader. When the force assembled caught up with the orc warband the general fool hardily launched an attack before waiting for reinforcements. Out numbered and exhausted from weeks of chasing the empire lines quickly faltered. Seeing the lines collapse the general started withdrawing his troops. Taking advantage of the retreat the mounted orc warboss charged in shattering the empire withdrawal. With the battle all but lost a single company (The Gravediggers) held strong defending the center of the lines holding out long enough for reinforcements to arrive. With the help of the reinforcements the empire pushed back the green tide. At the end of the battle the only remaining unit of the original army was the company that had held the center hill. With thousands of their comrades dead the lone company went to work burying them all earning them name the Gravediggers. With the company so depleted after the battle the Gravediggers were assigned to boarder patrol on the eastern boarder of the empire.   

Comments and questions welcome.

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Post by: Doc J on February 22, 2016, 12:50:17 PM
Its really good fluff and its makes sense, I like how you tie in past battles give the units more character.
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Post by: Anubis on April 04, 2016, 07:37:31 PM
Another regiment fluff for the Pale company.

The Black Crows

The Black Crows in their origin were one of a number of musket regiments raised to defend the boarders from foreign invaders. Presently it is one of the oldest musket regiments to contain its founding members. Having already served on the boarders of the Empire for years the Black Crows are the oldest regiment in the Pale Company. By the time the Black Crows joined the Pale Company they had been reduced from a regiment of musketeers to glorified club men having long ago run out off black power for their muskets and never been properly resupplied since. When they joined the Pale Company the general sold off the remaining functional muskets to pirates and others of a less savior notion and purchased second-hand crossbows the regiment. There name “The Black Crows” stems from the fact that the regiment uses the feathers of Crows and Ravens to fetch their bolts. Due to this reliance on the birds of the dead as a source of equipment the regiment took the crow as its sigil for their banner. The men of the Black Crows now march side by side with the rest of the Pale Company ever vigilant on the boarder of the empire.

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I like the origin story about selling off muskets, Good stuff give us a pic.