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Title: Guide for use of the the Count's Tavern
Post by: Midaski on January 11, 2005, 08:58:22 PM
Greetings - this is our OT forum, which is only viewed by members.
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Update Edit 19.2.2005

The Emperor has consulted with his learned advisors and has decreed that as of this day, all sensible discussions will be permitted in the Count's Tavern.
He will not hear in his beloved court, however, any ramblings of a political, nationalistic, or religious nature, (he has enough trouble keeping the Sigmarites and Ulricans under control).

Discourses on all aspects of Warhammer, and associated games, as well as mature observations on wider subjects are encouraged, particularly if they allow members to better appreciate their fellows.

This is the place for the true veterans to venerate those games from the early dark ages [1980's] and for the youngbloods to expound on the virtues of modern day alternatives.

It would also seem that the subject of 'snadwiches' will be consigned to folklore as the prime example of the sort of inane topice that will not be tolerated.
[The spelling mistake is intentional]

Please note that we still expect that the high standards of the rest of the forums are maintained in the tavern!

Thank you,

--Warhammer-Empire.com Staff

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