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9th AGE / Dwarven Hold of Nevaz Barim (T9A South Germanic)
« on: May 18, 2019, 01:44:05 PM »

Dwarven Hold of Nevaz Barim

The central of the three great Dwarven Holds of Vetia's White Mountains, namely Nevaz Barim and her surrounding lesser daughter Holds, could be based on south Germanic tribes. Both Celtic and Germanic styles have always went along well with Dwarven designs, and the sheer warlike nature of the ancient Germanic tribes will always make for a ferocious combination with wrathful fantasy Dwarves. Nevaz Barim's arsenal would entirely be that of the bread and butter Dwarven Hold army list, yet the craft designs would be distinct from its neighbours. Suebian knots would certainly feature! Ancient south Germanic tribes did not sport as strongly distinctive styles of their own, as the Nordic peoples of Vendel and Viking age Scandinavia did. South Germanic tribes sported visual influence from Celtic, Dacian, Roman and, to a lesser degree, later also Hunnic styles. Still, some distinctive styles can be picked up along the way, ready for fantasy duty in Dwarf armour: Some Marcomannic shields shapes, Migration Era Germanic shield bosses, ornate Anglo-Saxon helmets (based on spangenhelms) and some Merovingian jewelry.

Nevaz Barim could have a close ancestral connection to Northern Dwarves, made distant by the passage of many Ages, to the point where their Northern kin view them as but yet another southerner people of Dwarrows, with no special bonds between them. The Dwarves of Nevaz Barim (and her daughter Holds) could have a particularly warlike reputation, sporting an unusually large number of Grudge conflicts with other Dwarves, and indeed with each other, aside from a bloodthirsty record of wars again other races. They are fractious yet strong. Foreigners who have come to know the denizens of Nevaz Barim closely, all tend to conclude that these Dwarves are not primarily interested in gains and victory at the end of the day, but instead they wage war for the sake of war itself.

Nevaz Barim could be particularly famous for its iron mines, steel works and mighty fine weaponry; while its eastern neighbour Nevaz Derom is best known for its gold.

Please share your ideas, comments and criticism for this quick Dwarven culture proposal. :)

Reference images (concept drawing partially inspired by Sergio Artigas' Lotr artwork of Ironfists):

See also:
Dwarven Holds of the Maidens (T9A Celts)
Dwarven Holds of the Crimson Peaks (T9A Celtiberians)
Dwarven Hold of Nevaz Derom (T9A Dacians)
Nekoshim: Dwarven Holds of the Copper Mountains (T9A Nabateans)
Dwarven Holds of the Sky Foothills (T9A Akha)
Dwarven Holds of Aseadal Peaks (T9A Gaya Confederacy)
Dwarven Holds of the Wrathful Mountains (T9A Inca)
Lost Islander Dwarves (T9A Rapa Nui)
Karuits: Polar Dwarves of Remotest Silexia (T9A Inuits)
Cave Dwarves of the Mountains of Gold (T9A Prehistorical)
Infernal Dwarves of the Torture Valleys (T9A Moche)
Infernal Dwarves of the Barren Mountains (T9A Hittites)
Khuralshki Dwarves (T9A Udmurt)
Borean Elves (T9A Finno-Ugrians)
Saurian Ancients of Aotarakoa (T9A Indonesia)

9th AGE / Re: Dwarven Hold: Nevaz Derom
« on: May 18, 2019, 11:51:22 AM »
Dînadan on Deviantart this proposal to share, which makes a lot of sense given Nevaz Derom's proximity to Avras:

Quote from: Dinadan-Ermorfea
One idea - how about instead of wolves they use something like moles or other such subterranean creatures in their iconography?

Not up on 9th Age lore, but does there exist the same animosity between dwarves and ratmen as between WH Dwarfs and Skaven?  Maybe they could even be ratman pelts?

While Mercenary Armies on T9A had this to share. Seeker nest like Karak Kadrin ahoy?

Quote from: Mercenary Armies
I wrote this about Nevaz Derom

"4. The Gates of Nevaz Derom

The old great iron eastern gates of the white mountains are still able to protect the Nevaz Derom pass and access to the heart of the territories of the strongholds.

At the time of their construction, the gates were able to open mechanically and were heavily armed. Despite the extraordinary structural defense, the gates fell against the astuteness of the Rat Legions. The gates serve as a wall and fortress, no longer moving, and as a stronghold of the Path of Revenge, the famous crested dwarf brotherhood."

. it fits with a Dacian style, defeated by romans / rats legions.
for me is a good starting point. we should try to find a name and a good bg for characters. Decebalo but dwarvish version.

the Path of Revenge is a project to make an army out of Fireslayers/Seekers

While Thunderförge on Bugman's Brewery had this idea:

Quote from: Thunderförge
I wonder if the concave blade could be applied to an axe in the Dacian style? Like back to back crescent moons with a handle?
I’ve always considered that axes are such a deep part of dwarf psyche that they transgress cultural stylings.


Artwork by DracarysDrekkar7, being a fantasy Hittite Infernal Dwarf of the Barren Mountains concept for the Ninth Age. This artist has a deft hand at illustrating fantasy, capturing both an impression of rugged life and craft refinement in fine detail. Check out the wild eyes and strong hands!

And do check out his Deviantart gallery and leave him a comment! :)

9th AGE / Dwarven Hold of Nevaz Derom (T9A South Germanic)
« on: May 15, 2019, 04:58:17 PM »

Ladies and gentlemen, let's sprinkle some gold into the world of the Ninth Age. Glittering gold.

Eastmost of the three great Dwarven Holds of the White Mountains in Vetia, we find Nevaz Derom. Given its location, which corresponds to the Carpathians of Europe, I propose that the Dwarves of Nevaz Derom and all her daughter holds in the area be based on ancient Dacians. This historical people were famous for their gold mines, their mountain fortresses, their curved falx swords, their wolf-topped draco standards and their wars against Rome which have been immortalized in Trajanus' triumphal column.

Aesthetically, basing Nevaz Derom on ancient Dacia brings with it advantages outside the scope of the Dacian basis in and of itself: For the prevalent scale armour, high helmets and curved swords all nods to the Infernal Dwarves farther east, which ought to suit the easternmost of the three great Dwarven Holds in Vetia. It also give a good excuse for wolf pelts and fangs, and lupine iconography in the Dwarves' handicraft designs. Moreover, with ancient Dacia being stylistically influenced by the Roman and Greek Mediterranean world, we find here - if anywhere - a decent Dwarf culture candidate to feature designs reminiscent of the ancient (or mediaeval) Roman Empire, particularly given Nevaz Derom's close proximity to Avras. As with the proposed Dwarven Holds of the Maidens (T9A Celts) and the Crimson Peaks (T9A Celtiberians), Nevaz Derom is fully a part of the Vetian Dwarves' world of shared high technology, and moreover Nevaz Derom would be a bustling industrial centre of science and invention in its own right unlike the two mentioned peripheral regions. So its arsenal would be the standard Dwarven Hold one.

And of course, Nevaz Derom would be famous for its gold mines and its goldsmiths, and its people and warriors would sport plenty of golden art about their persons.

Please share your ideas, comments and criticism for this quick Dwarven culture proposal. :)

Reference images:

See also:
Dwarven Holds of the Maidens (T9A Celts)
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Nekoshim: Dwarven Holds of the Copper Mountains (T9A Nabateans)
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Dwarven Holds of Aseadal Peaks (T9A Gaya Confederacy)
Dwarven Holds of the Wrathful Mountains (T9A Inca)
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Karuits: Polar Dwarves of Remotest Silexia (T9A Inuits)
Cave Dwarves of the Mountains of Gold (T9A Prehistorical)
Infernal Dwarves of the Torture Valleys (T9A Moche)
Infernal Dwarves of the Barren Mountains (T9A Hittites)
Khuralshki Dwarves (T9A Udmurt)
Borean Elves (T9A Finno-Ugrians)
Saurian Ancients of Aotarakoa (T9A Indonesia)

WHFB The Electors' Forum / Re: CDO: Golden Hat Gallery
« on: May 10, 2019, 03:02:41 PM »
Ah yes, you're the one with the cool masked Bull Centaur conversion! Simple, but one of my favourites from the early years of CDO.

Count me as a fan.   :::cheers:::

WHFB The Electors' Forum / Re: CDO: Golden Hat Gallery
« on: May 10, 2019, 11:29:13 AM »
You're still there: http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/search.php?action=finduser&uid=129

I swear I've seen your conversion somewhere on the forum during 2017's arduous image salvage. It looks really familiar. :)

WHFB The Electors' Forum / Re: CDO: Golden Hat Gallery
« on: May 09, 2019, 05:41:07 PM »
Roger that! Could it have been a contest on Hand of Hashut instead of CDO, by any chance?

WHFB The Electors' Forum / Re: CDO: Golden Hat Gallery
« on: May 08, 2019, 02:36:05 PM »
How odd! Did it disappear somehow along the line? Do you recall seeing it in the entries in the voting thread? 2007 was way before my time on CDO, but I can add you back in now. ;)

What's your CDO account name? Warlord as well?

I like the Dwarf conversion! Simple, but good aesthetic degree of Chaos in it.

WHFB The Electors' Forum / Re: Chaos Dwarfs Online Contests
« on: May 08, 2019, 09:29:52 AM »

Artisan's Contest XXVII is up now! The theme for this contest is Chaos Dwarf monuments. Perhaps you fancy your favourite army slaughtering Chaos Dwarfs atop their monuments? ;)

Prizes, the first sponsored by Zanko:

9th AGE / Re: Dwarven Hold: Kegiz Gavem
« on: May 06, 2019, 10:56:11 AM »
Dwarves tinker and toil! Phaeoron has drawn a Gavemite Seeker:

WHFB The Electors' Forum / Re: CDO: Golden Hat Gallery
« on: May 03, 2019, 11:20:11 AM »
22. Chaos Dwarf End Times miniature
Announcement - Entrants - Winners

Gold: 12 BeeZharr

Silver: 5 DAGabriel

Bronze: 4 TheHoodedMan

1 torn

2 Parish

3 Herby

6 tjub

7 Zanko

8 cornixt

9 Abecedar

10 Bloodbeard

11 MadHatter



23. Chaos Dwarf Battle Standard Bearer
Announcement - Entrants - Winners

Gold: 10 Engra1980

Silver: 8 Fuggit Khan

Bronze: 5 Admiral

1 Kamphre

2 Heavygear

3 Zanko

4 Timothy Archer

6 Axtklinge

7 Abecedar

9 Hill_Billy_Bub



24. Chaos Dwarf Open Theme
Announcement - Entrants - Tie Break - Winners

Gold: 11 Loidrial

Silver: 3 Jackswift

Bronze: 6 Fuggit Khan

1 Papy_truc

2 Pyro Stick

4 Bloodbeard

5 Willmark

7 Zanko

8 Hill_Billy_Bub

9 Aron

10 Darkmeer

12 Helblindi

13 TheHoodedMan

14 Abecedar

15 Grimbold Blackhammer

16 Kamphre

17 Malorndk



25. Five rank and file Chaos Dwarfs with command
Announcement - Entrants - Winners

Gold: 1 Enjoysrandom

Silver: 2 Will Liam

Bronze: 5 TheHoodedMan

3 Helblindi

4 Zanko

6 Carcearion

7 Timothy Archer

8 Darkmeer

9 Abecedar



26. Mounted Character
Announcement - Entrants - Winners

Gold: 7 Pappa Midnight

Silver: 8 Slavemaster Hod

Bronze: 2 Enjoysrandom

1 Pyro Stick

3 Zanko

4 Bassman

5 Will Liam

6 Abecedar

9 Kamphre

10 Murkwood

11 Jackswift



27. Airship
Announcement - Entrants - Winners

Gold: 1 Grimstonefire

Silver: 3 Pappa Midnight

Bronze: 6 Will Liam

2 Carcearion

4 Zanthrax

5 Zanko

7 Daith

8 Abecedar



28. Chaos Dwarf Gunnery Team
Announcement - Entrants - Winners

Gold: 6 Zanko

Silver: 2 HPN

Bronze: 7 Will Liam

1 TheHoodedMan

3 Daith

4 Zanthrax

5 Abecedar



29. Blood Bowl Miniatures
Announcement - Entrants - Winners

Gold: 4 tjub

Silver: 8 Pappa Midnight

Bronze: 7 Ryanamandaanna


2 Enjoysrandom

3 Helblindi

5 inforthepain

6 Abecedar

9 Uther the unhinged



30. Open Competition
Announcement - Entrants - Winners

Gold: 1 Will Liam

Silver: 2 Helblindi

Bronze: 5 Abecedar

3 Zanko

4Uther the unhinged



31. The Flaming Taurus
Announcement - Entrants - Winners

Gold: 3 Abecedar

Silver: 5 HPN

Bronze: 4 Admiral

1 Zanthrax

2 Uther the unhinged



32. Chaos Dwarf Warriors
Announcement - Entrants - Winners

Gold: 9 Reaver of Uzkulak

Silver: 8 tjub

Bronze: 1 TheHoodedMan

2 Gargolock

3 Abecedar

4 dancingyakminiatures

5 Zanko

6 Hashoooot

7 Filmdeg

10 Uther the unhinged



WHFB The Electors' Forum / Re: CDO: Golden Hat Gallery
« on: May 03, 2019, 11:19:43 AM »
15. Epitome of an Evil Dwarf
Announcement - Entrants - Winners

Gold: 16 Bassman

Silver: 24 G2

Bronze: 2 Blue in VT

1 Hashut's Blessing

3 Vexxus

4 frostbit3

5 Xander

6 JavlinVII

7 Nitroglysarine


9 Pyro Stick

10 Snowblizz

11 Alfract

12 Clam

13 Bolg

14 Admiral


17 Ryanmandaanna

18 Wallacer

19 Zanko

20 tjub

21 Mahtipakarat

22 Bootbass

23 Thommy H

25 Vulcanologist

26 Golder Goldeater

27 Borador

28 Fonejacker

29 Abecedar



16. K'daai Fireborn unit
Announcement - Entrants - Winners

Gold: 7 Ryanamandaanna

Silver: 13 Ishkur Cinderhat

Bronze tie: 2 Herby

Bronze tie: 8 tjub

1 the forgefather

3 Baggronor

4 BeeZharr

5 Zanko

6 Lord Aldades

9 Vulcanologist

10 Abecedar

11 AliEvil

12 Alfract

14 warh

15 aka_mythos



17. War Machine
Announcement - Entrants - Winners

Gold: 19 Skink

Silver: 20 Engra1980

Bronze: 16 Bolg

1 Nappo

2 warh

3 rob and roll

4 Dervish Helldance

5 Abecedar

6 Loki

7 Zanko

8 Lord Aldades

9 GeneralKale

10 Unzul

11 Herby

12 Vulcanologist

13 tjub

14 Vaftrudnir

15 Bassman

17 bas_2312

18 JMR

21 Dezmord

22 DAGabriel

23 Ryanamandaanna



18. Hobgoblin Slaves
Announcement - Entrants - Winners

Gold: 12 DAGabriel

Silver: 4 Bolg

Bronze: 3 warh

1 Blue in VT

2 devlanmud

5 Da Crusha

6 Abecedar

7 Lord Aldades

8 Herby

9 Ryanamandaanna

10 Vulcanologist

11 Yawarakaimatsuka

13 bas_2312

14 Zanthrax



19. K'daai Destroyer
Announcement - Entrants - Winners

Gold: 16 bas_2312

Silver: 24 Yawarakaimatuska

Bronze: 18 Engra1980

1 sheogorath

2 Zanko

3 Topota

4 Vaftrudnir

5 Jake

6 speedygogo

7 Herby

8 Yodrin

9 Kera Foehunter

10 Sherlocko

11 Fuggit Khan

12 Abecedar

13 Soulassassin

14 Vulcanologist

15 Kamphre

17 sky-titan

19 Bolg

20 cornixt

21 kimal79

22 Tolyci

23 Xander



20. Show how cool Chaos Dwarfs can be
Announcement - Entrants - Winners

Gold: 8 Fuggit Khan

Silver: 15 JMR

Bronze tie: 2 BABIS

Bronze tie: 11 Nicodemus

1 gIL^

3 tjub

4 Vogon

5 Topota

6 Zanko

7 Herby

9 DAGabriel

10 Skink

12 Yodrin

13 Abecedar

14 Dînadan

16 bas_2312

17 Bloodbeard

18 Sticklander

19 Bolg



21. War Machine Slaves
Announcement - Entrants - Winners

Gold: 10 Fuggit Khan

Silver: 7 BABIS

Bronze: 1 Abecedar

2 Kamphre

3 TheHoodedMan

4 Zanko

5 torn

6 MadHatter

8 Herby

9 Bloodbeard

11 Sticklander



WHFB The Electors' Forum / CDO: Golden Hat Gallery
« on: May 03, 2019, 11:18:48 AM »
As part of Chaos Dwarfs Online's ongoing restoration, we have setp up a new gallery for all our Golden Hat contest entries. Huge thanks to Jasko for salvaging all pictures, and to cornixt for compiling the index!

Google Drive Folder
CDOstaff Imgur Album

Just as this thread deals with the evolution of Chaos Dwarf concepts in official miniatures, these Golden Hat entries provide a glimpse in chronological order of  the massive homebrew developments that have catapulted Chaos Dwarf concepts during the last decade. I wanted to share it with you to inspire others.

Check it out below! :)


Golden Hat Gallery

1. Convert a Battle for Skull Pass Dwarf Warrior into a Chaos Dwarf
Announcement - Entrants - Winners

Gold: 4 grom

Silver: 1 Revlid

Bronze: 6 Patsy02

2 Xander

3 Someone2040

5 angryboy2k



2. Convert a model to represent Rykarth The Unbreakable
Announcement - Entrants - Winners

Gold: 1 angryboy2k

Silver: 4 Arashi

Bronze: 7 WarplockMonkey

2 Hobgobler

3 Hashut's Blessing

5 Kyte

6 Dedwrekka

8 The Flying Beaver

9 grom



3. Convert a Hobgoblin Hero
Announcement - Entrants - Winners

Gold: 8 Ishkur Cinderhat

Silver: 1 Snotling

Bronze: 7 Grunts

2 The Evil Twin

3 Canix

4 cornixt

5 Orclord

6 Dedwrekka

9 Revlid

10 Lord Archaon



4. Five Slaves representing either Orcs or Goblins
Announcement - Entrants - Winners

Gold: 1 al-hashut

Silver: 2 Grimstonefire

Bronze: 3 Theory_Man

4 melic67

5 Hashut's Blessing



5. Standard Bearer
Announcement - Entrants - Winners

Gold: 16 Grimstonefire

Silver: 9 Clam

Bronze: 2 Abyss

1 furrie

3 Revlid

4 Hashut's Blessing

5 Vexxus

6 Kera Foehunter

7 torn

8 Pyro Stick

10 Warplock Monkey

11 Willmark

12 Ishkur Cinderhat

13 Hammer Hand

14 Knight of Awesome


17 grom

18 Xander



6. Chaos Dwarf Gaoler or Slaver
Announcement - EntrantsTop Two Runoff - Winners

Gold: 10 Snotling

Silver: 7 Obsidian

Bronze: 13 Vexxus

1 al-hashut

2 Clam

3 furrie

4 Hashut's Blessing

5 Kera Foehunter

6 Knight of Awesome

8 orclord

9 Revlid

11 Sojourn

12 tirli_pinpon

14 Viskar Zhragoth

15 Warplock Monkey



7. Duel
Announcement - Entrants - Winners

Gold: 6 Warplock Monkey

Silver: 3 GRNDL

Bronze (tie): 2 Grimstonefire

Bronze (tie): 5 Pyro Stick

1 furrie

4 Kera Foehunter



8. War Machine
Announcement - Entrants - Top Ten - Winners

Gold: 18 Ishkur Cinderhat

Silver: 26 Xander

Bronze: 8 tjub

1 Alvarok

2 Loki

3 Zanko

4 orclord

5 demi_morgana

6 dedwrekka

7 Cryonicleech

9 Tarrakk Blackhand

10 Hazkar

11 Swissdictator

12 Borka

13 Borador

14 Kera Foehunter

15 Arashi

16 the unheard one

17 Astranagant

18 Clam

20 Maul

21 Obsidian

22 Canix

23 Pyro Stick

24 Grimstonefire

25 Revlid

27 WhyNotCrashDifferently




9. Bull Centaur
Announcement - Entrants - Winners

Gold: 18 Bassman

Silver: 11 tjub

Bronze: 20 kefas

1 Jaakko

2 warh

3 Thommy H

4 Loki

5 Zanko

6 Lord Archaon

7 dedwrekka

8 Hashut's Blessing

9 Hazkar

10 Astranagant

11 Luku

13 kerbak

14 Pyro Stick

15 snowblizz

16 Tarrakk Blackhand

17 Clam

19 chipie_ambrosia



10. Anything Chaos Dwarf themed
Announcement - Entrants - Winners

Gold: 9 m3lvin

Silver: 8 Bassman

Bronze: 10 Ishkur Cinderhat

1 wallacer

3 warh

4 Zanko

5 happyzappydude

6 maelzch

7 Mahtipakarat

11 Hashut's Blessing

12 shadowforged

13 Xander

14 Gar Shadowfame

15 Grimstonefire

16 chipie_ambrosia

17 black hammer



11. Sorcerer
Announcement - Entrants - Winners

Gold: 26 m3lvin

Silver: 18 Snotling

Bronze: 12 Bassman

1 Dncswlf

2 Bolg

3 warh

4 Zanko

5 arashi

6 Willmark

7 tjub

8 Tarrakk Blackhand

9 Loki

10 Border Reiver

11 centauro enano

13 Borador

14 Grimstonefire

15 Ogrob

16 Pyro Stick

17 Clam

19 The Snowman

20 bas_2312

21 The Brain

22 Amotep

23 Balserapth

24 Revlid

25 black hammer

27 Thorne



12. Blunderbuss unit
Announcement - Entrants - Winners

Gold: 7 Clam

Silver tie: 9 Skink

Silver tie: 10 Grimstonefire

1 Laurellien

2 Arashi

3 Nicodemus

4 Dhark

5 Kerbak

6 Arhakk

8 Pyro Stick

11 Vulcanologist

12 warh

13 Tarrhakk Blackhand



13. Musician
Announcement - Entrants - Winners

Gold: 2 Blind Berzerker

Silver: 13 Obsidian

Bronze: 6 Grimstonefire

1 Abecedar

3 Blue in VT

4 Arashi

5 Da Crusha

7 Golder Goldeater


9 Hashut's Blessing

10 JavlinVII

11 Nicodemus

12 Zanko

14 silentbob27

15 Tarrakk Blackhand

16 Thommy H

17 tjub

18 Vash

19 Vulcanologist

20 warh

21 Nitroglysarine

22 Bassman



14. Monster
Announcement - Entrants - Winners

Gold: 12 Skink

Silver: 11 tjub

Bronze tie: 2 Ishkur Cinderhat

Bronze tie: 4 Clam

1 Vulcanologist

3 nitroglysarine

5 Alfract

6 Tarrakk Blackhand

7 Grimstonefire

8 Zanko

9 Kered

10 warh



9th AGE / Re: Infernal Dwarves of the Torture Valleys
« on: May 03, 2019, 06:13:32 AM »
It seems The Snowman was ahead of his time. Hazcuz before there were Hazcuz!

From Golden Hat XI (2010):

9th AGE / Re: Dwarven Hold: Kegiz Gavem
« on: May 02, 2019, 08:43:22 AM »

There was once an Infernal Dwarf captain serving aboard an ironclad warship. He was a cruel soul hungering for the chance to domineer and crush others underhoof. He was also known for his tenacity, and many believed that he would let nothing stop him once he had put his mind to the task.

One day, the lookout of this Infernal Dwarf's ironclad caught sight of one of our stone ships, flying the banners of Kegiz Gavem in broad daylight. The captain of the steel ship was gripped by a desire to board or sink this enemy vessel, and so he roared out orders on deck and set to the task of sea warfare with vomiting smokestacks. Paddle wheels steamed him closer, swinging in for a broadside, and he ordered his crew to open up with artillery fire.

Yet the Infernal Dwarf had the worst of this duel, and our barrage worsted him. And so he roared out orders to board us. Paddle wheels steamed him closer, and grappling hooks gripped our stout railing. And he ordered his crew to assault us.

Yet the Infernal Dwarf had the worst of this combat, and our warriors worsted him. And so he roared out orders to disengage and ram us instead. Paddle wheels backed water for him, and then steamed him onward at full speed. And he ordered his crew to brace for impact.

Yet the Infernal Dwarf had the worst of this ramming action, and our rock hull worsted him so badly that his metal hull creaked and ripped open as rivets popped. And the whole ironclad sank with all hands, except for the Infernal Dwarf captain.

And so he swam toward us, and our merciful warriors produced a rope-ladder for him to climb and thus save his life if he swore to surrender to the victors of naval battle.

Yet the enraged Infernal Dwarf captain refused this offer, and instead started to crash his horned head against our carved stone hull like a mad bull, throwing himself against floating rock again and again until his horns broke and his skull cracked and his brains burst. And so we left the Infernal Dwarf's corpse dishonourably for the sharks to devour. For stubbornness is a virtue, but stupidity is a sin.

- The Infernal Dwarf Captain and the Stone Ship, by Karhemaq Telltongue, mutilated war veteran and author of fables in Kegiz Gavem

Cheers, folks! Much appreciated. Warhammer always needed more ancient and dark age stuff in it, so this is my shot. ;)

My colleague tjub asked for Hobgoblins to go along with the Infernal Dwarves of the Barren Mountains, so here goes a remnant of fantasy Cimmerians, with cues taken from the Andronovo and Koban archaeological cultures, settled in the fantasy equivalent of the steppe inlands of Anatolia (which attracted Turkic nomads following the battle for Manzikert):

The steppes of Vetia and Augea are nowadays largely dominated by Makhar Humans and Ogre tribes, with Hobgoblins being a persistent but minor part of this volatile, shifting landscape. It was not always such. The very first true lords of the steppes were Hobgoblins, for it was they who first mastered mounted combat and spread terror far and wide with their wolf chariots and riders. The Fourth Age, that ruinous age of iron and barbarity, saw Orcs and Goblins rise like a savage tide in Vetia, and their Hobgoblin cousins were likewise ascendant on the vast steppes in the inlands of Vetia and Augea. Later on, the Hobgoblins were overshadowed by Ogres and Humans, but the Fourth Age were their absolute peak of dominance on the steppes. Yet Hobgoblin ascendancy predates this age, for the very first hordes of mounted steppe nomads appeared during the late Third Age, when their chariots and later wolf riders struck terror into western Augea and pillaged far afield. The warlike exploits of these most ancient of Hobgoblin tribes were the subject of alarm and fear during their heyday, and echoes of this chaos and scare still lives on in scattered legends and surviving writings, in the shape of odd tribal names and short descriptions of war and fabulously unlikely conquest of cities by cunning Hobgoblins armed with bronze weapons.

While the original tribal confederacies that ravaged the late Third Age are long gone, leftovers from this initial age of greatness still lingers in the steppe-like inland of Minor Augea, for here the Kundrocerian Hobgoblins roam the small steppe, serving as vassals to the Infernal Dwarves of the Barren Mountains and clashing with local enemies such as Vermin Swarms, Orcs and Goblins, as well as Avrasian and Chiomarean Humans.

The many varied landscapes of Minor Augea are home to several archaic remnants from earlier ages, who have managed to preserve much of their ancient way of life and war. The Kundrocerians are the most archaic, and their tribes are still alive and kicking as ruthless slavers, raiders and ambushers; an echo of great invasions during bygone ages of ruin, still sporting wolf chariots and ravenous riders with devious cunning in their quivers and cruelty in their eyes.

Please share your thoughts, criticism and ideas on this Hobgoblin sidekick proposal for the fantasy Hittite Infernal Dwarves of the Barren Mountains. :)


Reference images:

9th AGE / Re: Veil of the Ages: The Breach [Kickstarter]
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2 days left, so close now. Go! Go! Go! :)

9th AGE / Khuralshki Dwarves (T9A Udmurt)
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Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to go weird! To the hilt.

As you can see here, the first Chaos Dwarf concepts of the 1980s had a distinctly twisted bend, and this style has been followed up by many different miniature manufacturers who have all given their very own interpretation of this evil Dwarf aesthetic, first pioneered by Citadel Miniatures. Such as:

Darkling Games

Clam's Ewal Dvergar

Four A Miniatures


Oldhammer Miniatures by Andrew Taylor

Ral Partha

Wood Axe

Oldschool Miniatures

This style is only loosely based on historical armour suits and weapons, and is not founded on any particular culture. This won't do for the Ninth Age, and so here is a proposal from me: But much more from Uther the unhinged over on Chaos Dwarfs Online, who is a true fantasy visionary that can imagine whole bizarre armies filled with strange units at sweeping pace, and moreover have the writing skills to describe them in a thrilling manner. We both would like to see Oldhammer style Infernal Dwarves given a place of their own in the rich Ninth Age setting, and so we have gripped a crowbar to get one in on the map, in the hopes that T9A background developers picks up on it.

The basic concept is one of a tragic post-apocalyptic landscape in the heart of the Wasteland, and of a mountain range that has been all but forgotten it existed by other races than Dwarves. The historical basis is loosely that of Udmurts and the Chuvash people of the Urals, and of Russia in general, though truly Dwarven in possessing full plate armour and other technologies. I will let Uther describe the strangeness:

Quote from: Uther the unhinged
There have been Dwarves in the Khuralsh peaks for as long as anyone can remember. They were never renowned for their riches or their technological advancement. Instead they were renowned for their stubbornness and alcohol tolerance. Interestingly attributes valued equally or even slightly more than the others by Dwarves. Indeed it was said that only a Khuralshki dwarf would be drunk enough to start a starinrg contest with a statue. And only a Kuralshki Dwarf would be stubborn enough to win it!

As such it was no surprise to anyone that the infernal dwarves made no progress whatsoever in their attempts to move northward through the mountains. Implacable resistance met every attempt. In the end the Infernal Dwarves turned their attention to easier prey.

However all that was before catastrophe that led to the waste. The Infernal Dwarves disastrous meddling with infernal powers devastated the land around, creating the wasteland. Sadly that was not all. The magical energies infused the great roiling dust clouds that formed. Some of these settled on the wastelands. Fine dust particles coated the Khuralsh peaks. Indeed for years afterwards the winds would sweep across the wastelands. The air would climb the the Khuralsh slopes and deposit the dust in the regular rains that watered those high peaks.

The catastrophe and the devastation it caused cut links from the outside world to the Khuralshki dwarf holds. Indeed it was well over two centuries before traders began to tread the old roads into the Khuralsh mountains from the north. What they found shocked them.

When the dust had first started to fall the Khuralshki locked their holds and huddled safe inside. Trusting to the stone and tuned to protect them. They were right to. The infernal energies saturating the dust poisoned thousands of creatures, devastating the gains of the area. Over the following months much of the flora was affected too. The weaker annual plants just died. The hardier ones either failed to thrive or became twisted parodies of their former selves. Safe within their walls the Khuralshki ran down their stores and waited.

Eventually the dust clouds passed and life began to return to a semblance of normal. Still many of the weaker plants would not grow, or grew and died rapidly. Animals from the northern peaks and eastern slopes repopulated the area. The Khuralshki emerged unscathed. At first. Dwarves are a resistant race, but they are long lived. Over the long years that followed the Khuralshki could not avoid the poisons that had sunk into the earth, entered the water and built up in the tissues of the animals of the Khuralsh. Even their precious ‘water of life’ (the terrifyingly strong liquor the drank from childhood) was affected. A less hardy race would have perished. A less stubborn race, left. The Khuralshki did neither. But they did change. Confidence became arrogance. Grudges became hatreds. Independence became rebellion. The great holds were riven first by factions, then by war. Kingdoms split into territories of rival warlords. What had been a disdain for other races became a disregard. The focus of their culture became war and violence. Age was no longer revered, just strength, and alcohol tolerance of course (they were still Khuralshki after all).

Their technological advance halted as civilised society collapsed. Then the mutations began to be noticed. At first small changes, often hidden by parents. Sometimes the child was killed or abandoned in the wilds. Some changes were merely cosmetic. Others not compatible with life. Others were useful! Khuralshki arose who could master magic. Others with abnormal strength, or speed or healing. But always with the mutation came lust for power.

The collapse of order amongst the Khuralshki should have made them weak. It should have left them ripe for conquest by their infernal brethren. Easily beaten or co opted to their cause. Such ran the arguments in Zalaman Tekash. Such was the logic that drove the invasion. Their organisation, their technology, their power would crush the opposition they told their legions. Unfortunately they failed to tell the Khuralshki.

Unlike their southerly cousins the Khuralshki did not seek infernal power. They gloried neither in its evil nor the effects it wrought upon them. The hate that seeped into their souls they directed outwards in all directions, elf, man, greenskins or dwarf, it made no difference. Yet a special hatred was reserved for the architects of their downfall. The Infernal Dwarves would find no allies in the Khuralsh mountains. True, they abandoned their old gods, much as they themselves had been abandoned. Yet though their new deities gloried in warfare and bloodshed they were Khuralshki to their core. They would bow to no other. They sought not just the destruction of their traditional enemies. They sought the destruction of all powers and dominions, divine or infernal. All must be brought to glorious ruin. An eternal hate (and alcohol) fuelled storm of violence. A beautiful combat where only the strongest of will would dominate. Where the Kuralshki would stride through the chaos, masters of the revels. It was into this culture the infernal dwarfs marched so confidently.

The catastrophe that created the wasteland virtually cut off the Khuralsh mountains. As the world reeled from the disaster the Khuralshki Dwarves were forgotten. Indeed the younger races even began to leave the mountains off their maps. Soon only the Dwarves remembered their kin (there were grudges to settle after all). Even their cousins did not think the Khuralshki could survive. Surrounded by the wasteland. Assailed by daemons. Cut off by the followers of the Dark Gods. Surely they could not survive. Surely even the Khuralshki would have to leave their homeland or perish. When no Khuralshki came out the worst was  assumed. But as Wartrob Iron Tooth (the legendary Orc big boss) once remarked after a failed Waaaargh against the Khuralshki: “Dem stunties is too stoopid to no wen dey is ded.”

The Khuralshki did not flee. They did not die. But they did change.

The fate of the Khuralshki was unknown until fairly recently. Traders seeking a northerly route to the east (avoiding the Infernal Dwarves) came across the northernmost Khuralsh peaks. These seemed to be spared from the devastation of the wasteland to the South. Explorers began entering them to see if the could provide a route south and east into Augea. Few came out. Those that did spike of the change wrought in the Khuralski and shivered at the thought of a return. This was no safe route to Augea and Tsuandan.

Thus it was that their infernal cousins learned of the Khuralskis' survival. Surely theses Dwarves could be cajoled or forced to join the empire. A bastion of Infernal Dwarves in the Khuralsh could make the Wasteland passable. The lure of access to the sea of storms and the possibilities that it raised were tempting.

The plan was long in formenting. Access through various Ogre Khans' territory needed to be negotiated. Favours offered, bribes paid. Similarly deals were struck with various warlords sworn to the Dark Gods. This did not prevent all skirmishing or indeed Daemon assaults. Yet it was enough to allow the army access across the narrow stretch of Wasteland and the relative sanctuary of the lower Khuralsh slopes.

Their first objective reached, the Infernal force paused. Earthwork fortresses were constructed. Their Daemonic machines repaired and stores established. All the while the higher peaks overlooked them in inscrutable silence.

To be continued.

Quote from: Uther the unhinged
Couple more thoughts on Khuralski sorcerers:

They Khuralshki refused the daemon binding route taken by the ID. Instead they chose a different route. The Sorcerors developed tunic collars, placed round a slaves neck they provided control. The simplest constrict on a command word and are made by the acolytes to control and train the great bears, trolls and skin wolves. The more complex made by the Soulbinder sorcerors are linked to golden runic  bracelets. These allow construction but also a degree of direct control telepathically. These are used for the ogres and captured sorcerors of the dark gods. This enables Khuralshki Soulbinder sorcerors to wield great power and avoid the sorcerors curse. Of course only lesser sorcerors can be so controlled and only one per Khuralski lord. Death of the lord frees the bound souls but they are too damaged by the trauma and are driven mad lashing out at friend or foe or just sitting stuporose.

What do you think?

Please share your thoughts, ideas and criticism for this corrupted Dwarf proposal! We'd love to hear it.

I have neither time nor intention of turning this into a Homebrew army book, though others are of course more than welcome to do so! :)

And now, get thinkin', and get thinkin' in weird ways...


Reference Images:

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Coffee beans!  :::cheers:::

Ethiopia is famous for its coffee. The coffee plant and custom of drinking coffee originates from Ethiopia in the first place.


9th AGE / Re: Dwarven Hold: Kegiz Gavem
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Cheers!  :happy:

Artwork by DracarysDrekkar7, being an Ethiopian fantasy Dwarf concept for Kegiz Gavem in the Ninth Age. This artist has a deft hand at illustrating fantasy, capturing both an impression of rugged life and craft refinement in fine detail.

Check out his Deviantart gallery and leave him a comment! :)

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Victrix has their vikings now up for pre-order!

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Voting thread is up now for Scribe's Contest XII: Check out the entries! :)


Quote from: Matthew Klaas de Witte
Unofficial fan content

The Brightwoad Bearer has been tattooed with Magical Woad. The dye comes from sap that is tapped from a special type of tree, it is not truly woad but similar in colour, and contains photophores. A closely guarded secret of the Truthsayers; only they know how to extract, distill, and use it on warriors to apply its extremely potent effects. The process is otherwise too dangerous to undertake, and will cause death in the wearer if not done by an experienced hand. Even when it is properly done, the wearer slowly goes mad from the chemicals within seeping into their bloodstream. While sane, and even when completely lost to a drooling rage, the warrior is a devastating unit of shock infantry. Fighting with preternatural speed, strength and agility. But the most powerful aspect of this woad is that it has been known to chip an axe and break arrows. They are not truly invulnerable, but it does provide great protection that unnerves and surprises the enemy.

This particular warrior is carrying a shield of Arch-bronze, and a sword which has been made in the Forge of the Old Ones. Identifiable by its undulating pattern.

I had to make a decision on what to make as the elite unit of Albion, something like a Phoenix Guard, or Temple Guard. I thought about what the most famous unit was from the Celtic world, something that people who have almost no knowledge about them might know about. Woad wearing naked warriors. Charioteers were my second idea, and they will come. I am thinking I would like to push the unit further into fantasy, glowing eyes and more jewellery. I would also like to push the glowing aspect of the woad.

Arch-bronze is my way of including bronze in an otherwise mostly medieval fantasy. Because it looks better than steel imo. And it adds to the Celtic aesthetic.

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Good to know. Perhaps we shall ask a mod at Bugman's to merge all the 9th age concept threads there? The intention is certainly not to clog up the forum, but it's all in the hopes of attracting interested members to what are in effect many different topics.

Originally, when I started sharing T9A doings on CDO, it was (and still is) contained in a single thread, where others come with input. But I wasn't happy with the whole set-up, since it was in effect many different topics rolled into one thread. It was a rather messy structure where discussions about one distinct topic gets mixed up with another (each culture proposal is in effect a different topic), and so I've kept to different topics elsewhere on other sites: Because where lots of good input has been incoming (such as in several threads here on this very forum), it all was justified to keep different topics in different threads. But a less lively forum than Warhammer Empire gets problematic in this regard: There have been some good input on Bugman's (and I'm an incorrigible optimist), but not like here or on Ulthuan. And when there on top of low activity is no dedicated T9A subforum, should the topics be rolled together on such sites at Bugman's Brewery to leave more space for other games?

Three things to keep in mind:

First, I much, much prefer forums' library-like resource accumulation (where you can actually find stuff again) over Facebook's gone-with-the-wind kiosk newsfeed. And I want to help keep forums active by sharing content and encouraging others to get involved, and hopefully share content themselves. So this is my attempt at contribution and re-energizing

Second I'm not posting to myself, I'm posting in the hopes of silent readers reading, and not least in hopes of audible readers responding. This is not that vain a hope: Darko Stojanovic, an artist I've talked to on Deviantart and a long-time member of Bugman's Brewery (who has never posted in any of T9A concept threads AFAIK), mentioned a while ago that he missed BB's past glorious activity and content, but he saw the Kegiz Gavem thread as a new light in the darkness and a delight to read. Lurkers do exist.

Third, most new T9A culture concepts have been Dwarven. I naturally hoped to get response and participation over on the Dwarf forum. :)

Now, I hope you can give me some pointers: Which forums do you frequent, and  where  do you find it problematic in particular? Think structurally: I'll continue to share all things I hope will interest and inspire others at all living hobby forums, but the format can be different for different sites.

Spontaneously, the unintended problem would seem to be most present where no dedicated T9A subforum exist. So that the 9th Age concepts don't just provide more life to their own forum, but unintentionally elbows up shared space with other systems. Better merge 'em all there?

Please tell me, and I might be able to go some way towards you. :)

Ultimately, we'd all like to see more activity on forums!


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Great guess, Zygmund! I'm sharing it quoted, due credit of course given, on all other forums for others to consider.  :smile2:

Also, check out the 1980s compilation. Updated with Mini-Me Chaos Dwarfs beside their Human Chaos Warrior counterparts!

@Warlord: I'm also curious. Please tell us more.

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