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9th AGE / Dwarven Hold of Nevaz Barim (T9A South Germanic)
« on: May 18, 2019, 01:44:05 PM »

Dwarven Hold of Nevaz Barim

The central of the three great Dwarven Holds of Vetia's White Mountains, namely Nevaz Barim and her surrounding lesser daughter Holds, could be based on south Germanic tribes. Both Celtic and Germanic styles have always went along well with Dwarven designs, and the sheer warlike nature of the ancient Germanic tribes will always make for a ferocious combination with wrathful fantasy Dwarves. Nevaz Barim's arsenal would entirely be that of the bread and butter Dwarven Hold army list, yet the craft designs would be distinct from its neighbours. Suebian knots would certainly feature! Ancient south Germanic tribes did not sport as strongly distinctive styles of their own, as the Nordic peoples of Vendel and Viking age Scandinavia did. South Germanic tribes sported visual influence from Celtic, Dacian, Roman and, to a lesser degree, later also Hunnic styles. Still, some distinctive styles can be picked up along the way, ready for fantasy duty in Dwarf armour: Some Marcomannic shields shapes, Migration Era Germanic shield bosses, ornate Anglo-Saxon helmets (based on spangenhelms) and some Merovingian jewelry.

Nevaz Barim could have a close ancestral connection to Northern Dwarves, made distant by the passage of many Ages, to the point where their Northern kin view them as but yet another southerner people of Dwarrows, with no special bonds between them. The Dwarves of Nevaz Barim (and her daughter Holds) could have a particularly warlike reputation, sporting an unusually large number of Grudge conflicts with other Dwarves, and indeed with each other, aside from a bloodthirsty record of wars again other races. They are fractious yet strong. Foreigners who have come to know the denizens of Nevaz Barim closely, all tend to conclude that these Dwarves are not primarily interested in gains and victory at the end of the day, but instead they wage war for the sake of war itself.

Nevaz Barim could be particularly famous for its iron mines, steel works and mighty fine weaponry; while its eastern neighbour Nevaz Derom is best known for its gold.

Please share your ideas, comments and criticism for this quick Dwarven culture proposal. :)

Reference images (concept drawing partially inspired by Sergio Artigas' Lotr artwork of Ironfists):

See also:
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9th AGE / Dwarven Hold of Nevaz Derom (T9A South Germanic)
« on: May 15, 2019, 04:58:17 PM »

Ladies and gentlemen, let's sprinkle some gold into the world of the Ninth Age. Glittering gold.

Eastmost of the three great Dwarven Holds of the White Mountains in Vetia, we find Nevaz Derom. Given its location, which corresponds to the Carpathians of Europe, I propose that the Dwarves of Nevaz Derom and all her daughter holds in the area be based on ancient Dacians. This historical people were famous for their gold mines, their mountain fortresses, their curved falx swords, their wolf-topped draco standards and their wars against Rome which have been immortalized in Trajanus' triumphal column.

Aesthetically, basing Nevaz Derom on ancient Dacia brings with it advantages outside the scope of the Dacian basis in and of itself: For the prevalent scale armour, high helmets and curved swords all nods to the Infernal Dwarves farther east, which ought to suit the easternmost of the three great Dwarven Holds in Vetia. It also give a good excuse for wolf pelts and fangs, and lupine iconography in the Dwarves' handicraft designs. Moreover, with ancient Dacia being stylistically influenced by the Roman and Greek Mediterranean world, we find here - if anywhere - a decent Dwarf culture candidate to feature designs reminiscent of the ancient (or mediaeval) Roman Empire, particularly given Nevaz Derom's close proximity to Avras. As with the proposed Dwarven Holds of the Maidens (T9A Celts) and the Crimson Peaks (T9A Celtiberians), Nevaz Derom is fully a part of the Vetian Dwarves' world of shared high technology, and moreover Nevaz Derom would be a bustling industrial centre of science and invention in its own right unlike the two mentioned peripheral regions. So its arsenal would be the standard Dwarven Hold one.

And of course, Nevaz Derom would be famous for its gold mines and its goldsmiths, and its people and warriors would sport plenty of golden art about their persons.

Please share your ideas, comments and criticism for this quick Dwarven culture proposal. :)

Reference images:

See also:
Dwarven Holds of the Maidens (T9A Celts)
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Borean Elves (T9A Finno-Ugrians)
Saurian Ancients of Aotarakoa (T9A Indonesia)

WHFB The Electors' Forum / CDO: Golden Hat Gallery
« on: May 03, 2019, 11:18:48 AM »
As part of Chaos Dwarfs Online's ongoing restoration, we have setp up a new gallery for all our Golden Hat contest entries. Huge thanks to Jasko for salvaging all pictures, and to cornixt for compiling the index!

Google Drive Folder
CDOstaff Imgur Album

Just as this thread deals with the evolution of Chaos Dwarf concepts in official miniatures, these Golden Hat entries provide a glimpse in chronological order of  the massive homebrew developments that have catapulted Chaos Dwarf concepts during the last decade. I wanted to share it with you to inspire others.

Check it out below! :)


Golden Hat Gallery

1. Convert a Battle for Skull Pass Dwarf Warrior into a Chaos Dwarf
Announcement - Entrants - Winners

Gold: 4 grom

Silver: 1 Revlid

Bronze: 6 Patsy02

2 Xander

3 Someone2040

5 angryboy2k



2. Convert a model to represent Rykarth The Unbreakable
Announcement - Entrants - Winners

Gold: 1 angryboy2k

Silver: 4 Arashi

Bronze: 7 WarplockMonkey

2 Hobgobler

3 Hashut's Blessing

5 Kyte

6 Dedwrekka

8 The Flying Beaver

9 grom



3. Convert a Hobgoblin Hero
Announcement - Entrants - Winners

Gold: 8 Ishkur Cinderhat

Silver: 1 Snotling

Bronze: 7 Grunts

2 The Evil Twin

3 Canix

4 cornixt

5 Orclord

6 Dedwrekka

9 Revlid

10 Lord Archaon



4. Five Slaves representing either Orcs or Goblins
Announcement - Entrants - Winners

Gold: 1 al-hashut

Silver: 2 Grimstonefire

Bronze: 3 Theory_Man

4 melic67

5 Hashut's Blessing



5. Standard Bearer
Announcement - Entrants - Winners

Gold: 16 Grimstonefire

Silver: 9 Clam

Bronze: 2 Abyss

1 furrie

3 Revlid

4 Hashut's Blessing

5 Vexxus

6 Kera Foehunter

7 torn

8 Pyro Stick

10 Warplock Monkey

11 Willmark

12 Ishkur Cinderhat

13 Hammer Hand

14 Knight of Awesome


17 grom

18 Xander



6. Chaos Dwarf Gaoler or Slaver
Announcement - EntrantsTop Two Runoff - Winners

Gold: 10 Snotling

Silver: 7 Obsidian

Bronze: 13 Vexxus

1 al-hashut

2 Clam

3 furrie

4 Hashut's Blessing

5 Kera Foehunter

6 Knight of Awesome

8 orclord

9 Revlid

11 Sojourn

12 tirli_pinpon

14 Viskar Zhragoth

15 Warplock Monkey



7. Duel
Announcement - Entrants - Winners

Gold: 6 Warplock Monkey

Silver: 3 GRNDL

Bronze (tie): 2 Grimstonefire

Bronze (tie): 5 Pyro Stick

1 furrie

4 Kera Foehunter



8. War Machine
Announcement - Entrants - Top Ten - Winners

Gold: 18 Ishkur Cinderhat

Silver: 26 Xander

Bronze: 8 tjub

1 Alvarok

2 Loki

3 Zanko

4 orclord

5 demi_morgana

6 dedwrekka

7 Cryonicleech

9 Tarrakk Blackhand

10 Hazkar

11 Swissdictator

12 Borka

13 Borador

14 Kera Foehunter

15 Arashi

16 the unheard one

17 Astranagant

18 Clam

20 Maul

21 Obsidian

22 Canix

23 Pyro Stick

24 Grimstonefire

25 Revlid

27 WhyNotCrashDifferently




9. Bull Centaur
Announcement - Entrants - Winners

Gold: 18 Bassman

Silver: 11 tjub

Bronze: 20 kefas

1 Jaakko

2 warh

3 Thommy H

4 Loki

5 Zanko

6 Lord Archaon

7 dedwrekka

8 Hashut's Blessing

9 Hazkar

10 Astranagant

11 Luku

13 kerbak

14 Pyro Stick

15 snowblizz

16 Tarrakk Blackhand

17 Clam

19 chipie_ambrosia



10. Anything Chaos Dwarf themed
Announcement - Entrants - Winners

Gold: 9 m3lvin

Silver: 8 Bassman

Bronze: 10 Ishkur Cinderhat

1 wallacer

3 warh

4 Zanko

5 happyzappydude

6 maelzch

7 Mahtipakarat

11 Hashut's Blessing

12 shadowforged

13 Xander

14 Gar Shadowfame

15 Grimstonefire

16 chipie_ambrosia

17 black hammer



11. Sorcerer
Announcement - Entrants - Winners

Gold: 26 m3lvin

Silver: 18 Snotling

Bronze: 12 Bassman

1 Dncswlf

2 Bolg

3 warh

4 Zanko

5 arashi

6 Willmark

7 tjub

8 Tarrakk Blackhand

9 Loki

10 Border Reiver

11 centauro enano

13 Borador

14 Grimstonefire

15 Ogrob

16 Pyro Stick

17 Clam

19 The Snowman

20 bas_2312

21 The Brain

22 Amotep

23 Balserapth

24 Revlid

25 black hammer

27 Thorne



12. Blunderbuss unit
Announcement - Entrants - Winners

Gold: 7 Clam

Silver tie: 9 Skink

Silver tie: 10 Grimstonefire

1 Laurellien

2 Arashi

3 Nicodemus

4 Dhark

5 Kerbak

6 Arhakk

8 Pyro Stick

11 Vulcanologist

12 warh

13 Tarrhakk Blackhand



13. Musician
Announcement - Entrants - Winners

Gold: 2 Blind Berzerker

Silver: 13 Obsidian

Bronze: 6 Grimstonefire

1 Abecedar

3 Blue in VT

4 Arashi

5 Da Crusha

7 Golder Goldeater


9 Hashut's Blessing

10 JavlinVII

11 Nicodemus

12 Zanko

14 silentbob27

15 Tarrakk Blackhand

16 Thommy H

17 tjub

18 Vash

19 Vulcanologist

20 warh

21 Nitroglysarine

22 Bassman



14. Monster
Announcement - Entrants - Winners

Gold: 12 Skink

Silver: 11 tjub

Bronze tie: 2 Ishkur Cinderhat

Bronze tie: 4 Clam

1 Vulcanologist

3 nitroglysarine

5 Alfract

6 Tarrakk Blackhand

7 Grimstonefire

8 Zanko

9 Kered

10 warh



9th AGE / Khuralshki Dwarves (T9A Udmurt)
« on: April 30, 2019, 10:52:15 AM »

Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to go weird! To the hilt.

As you can see here, the first Chaos Dwarf concepts of the 1980s had a distinctly twisted bend, and this style has been followed up by many different miniature manufacturers who have all given their very own interpretation of this evil Dwarf aesthetic, first pioneered by Citadel Miniatures. Such as:

Darkling Games

Clam's Ewal Dvergar

Four A Miniatures


Oldhammer Miniatures by Andrew Taylor

Ral Partha

Wood Axe

Oldschool Miniatures

This style is only loosely based on historical armour suits and weapons, and is not founded on any particular culture. This won't do for the Ninth Age, and so here is a proposal from me: But much more from Uther the unhinged over on Chaos Dwarfs Online, who is a true fantasy visionary that can imagine whole bizarre armies filled with strange units at sweeping pace, and moreover have the writing skills to describe them in a thrilling manner. We both would like to see Oldhammer style Infernal Dwarves given a place of their own in the rich Ninth Age setting, and so we have gripped a crowbar to get one in on the map, in the hopes that T9A background developers picks up on it.

The basic concept is one of a tragic post-apocalyptic landscape in the heart of the Wasteland, and of a mountain range that has been all but forgotten it existed by other races than Dwarves. The historical basis is loosely that of Udmurts and the Chuvash people of the Urals, and of Russia in general, though truly Dwarven in possessing full plate armour and other technologies. I will let Uther describe the strangeness:

Quote from: Uther the unhinged
There have been Dwarves in the Khuralsh peaks for as long as anyone can remember. They were never renowned for their riches or their technological advancement. Instead they were renowned for their stubbornness and alcohol tolerance. Interestingly attributes valued equally or even slightly more than the others by Dwarves. Indeed it was said that only a Khuralshki dwarf would be drunk enough to start a starinrg contest with a statue. And only a Kuralshki Dwarf would be stubborn enough to win it!

As such it was no surprise to anyone that the infernal dwarves made no progress whatsoever in their attempts to move northward through the mountains. Implacable resistance met every attempt. In the end the Infernal Dwarves turned their attention to easier prey.

However all that was before catastrophe that led to the waste. The Infernal Dwarves disastrous meddling with infernal powers devastated the land around, creating the wasteland. Sadly that was not all. The magical energies infused the great roiling dust clouds that formed. Some of these settled on the wastelands. Fine dust particles coated the Khuralsh peaks. Indeed for years afterwards the winds would sweep across the wastelands. The air would climb the the Khuralsh slopes and deposit the dust in the regular rains that watered those high peaks.

The catastrophe and the devastation it caused cut links from the outside world to the Khuralshki dwarf holds. Indeed it was well over two centuries before traders began to tread the old roads into the Khuralsh mountains from the north. What they found shocked them.

When the dust had first started to fall the Khuralshki locked their holds and huddled safe inside. Trusting to the stone and tuned to protect them. They were right to. The infernal energies saturating the dust poisoned thousands of creatures, devastating the gains of the area. Over the following months much of the flora was affected too. The weaker annual plants just died. The hardier ones either failed to thrive or became twisted parodies of their former selves. Safe within their walls the Khuralshki ran down their stores and waited.

Eventually the dust clouds passed and life began to return to a semblance of normal. Still many of the weaker plants would not grow, or grew and died rapidly. Animals from the northern peaks and eastern slopes repopulated the area. The Khuralshki emerged unscathed. At first. Dwarves are a resistant race, but they are long lived. Over the long years that followed the Khuralshki could not avoid the poisons that had sunk into the earth, entered the water and built up in the tissues of the animals of the Khuralsh. Even their precious ‘water of life’ (the terrifyingly strong liquor the drank from childhood) was affected. A less hardy race would have perished. A less stubborn race, left. The Khuralshki did neither. But they did change. Confidence became arrogance. Grudges became hatreds. Independence became rebellion. The great holds were riven first by factions, then by war. Kingdoms split into territories of rival warlords. What had been a disdain for other races became a disregard. The focus of their culture became war and violence. Age was no longer revered, just strength, and alcohol tolerance of course (they were still Khuralshki after all).

Their technological advance halted as civilised society collapsed. Then the mutations began to be noticed. At first small changes, often hidden by parents. Sometimes the child was killed or abandoned in the wilds. Some changes were merely cosmetic. Others not compatible with life. Others were useful! Khuralshki arose who could master magic. Others with abnormal strength, or speed or healing. But always with the mutation came lust for power.

The collapse of order amongst the Khuralshki should have made them weak. It should have left them ripe for conquest by their infernal brethren. Easily beaten or co opted to their cause. Such ran the arguments in Zalaman Tekash. Such was the logic that drove the invasion. Their organisation, their technology, their power would crush the opposition they told their legions. Unfortunately they failed to tell the Khuralshki.

Unlike their southerly cousins the Khuralshki did not seek infernal power. They gloried neither in its evil nor the effects it wrought upon them. The hate that seeped into their souls they directed outwards in all directions, elf, man, greenskins or dwarf, it made no difference. Yet a special hatred was reserved for the architects of their downfall. The Infernal Dwarves would find no allies in the Khuralsh mountains. True, they abandoned their old gods, much as they themselves had been abandoned. Yet though their new deities gloried in warfare and bloodshed they were Khuralshki to their core. They would bow to no other. They sought not just the destruction of their traditional enemies. They sought the destruction of all powers and dominions, divine or infernal. All must be brought to glorious ruin. An eternal hate (and alcohol) fuelled storm of violence. A beautiful combat where only the strongest of will would dominate. Where the Kuralshki would stride through the chaos, masters of the revels. It was into this culture the infernal dwarfs marched so confidently.

The catastrophe that created the wasteland virtually cut off the Khuralsh mountains. As the world reeled from the disaster the Khuralshki Dwarves were forgotten. Indeed the younger races even began to leave the mountains off their maps. Soon only the Dwarves remembered their kin (there were grudges to settle after all). Even their cousins did not think the Khuralshki could survive. Surrounded by the wasteland. Assailed by daemons. Cut off by the followers of the Dark Gods. Surely they could not survive. Surely even the Khuralshki would have to leave their homeland or perish. When no Khuralshki came out the worst was  assumed. But as Wartrob Iron Tooth (the legendary Orc big boss) once remarked after a failed Waaaargh against the Khuralshki: “Dem stunties is too stoopid to no wen dey is ded.”

The Khuralshki did not flee. They did not die. But they did change.

The fate of the Khuralshki was unknown until fairly recently. Traders seeking a northerly route to the east (avoiding the Infernal Dwarves) came across the northernmost Khuralsh peaks. These seemed to be spared from the devastation of the wasteland to the South. Explorers began entering them to see if the could provide a route south and east into Augea. Few came out. Those that did spike of the change wrought in the Khuralski and shivered at the thought of a return. This was no safe route to Augea and Tsuandan.

Thus it was that their infernal cousins learned of the Khuralskis' survival. Surely theses Dwarves could be cajoled or forced to join the empire. A bastion of Infernal Dwarves in the Khuralsh could make the Wasteland passable. The lure of access to the sea of storms and the possibilities that it raised were tempting.

The plan was long in formenting. Access through various Ogre Khans' territory needed to be negotiated. Favours offered, bribes paid. Similarly deals were struck with various warlords sworn to the Dark Gods. This did not prevent all skirmishing or indeed Daemon assaults. Yet it was enough to allow the army access across the narrow stretch of Wasteland and the relative sanctuary of the lower Khuralsh slopes.

Their first objective reached, the Infernal force paused. Earthwork fortresses were constructed. Their Daemonic machines repaired and stores established. All the while the higher peaks overlooked them in inscrutable silence.

To be continued.

Quote from: Uther the unhinged
Couple more thoughts on Khuralski sorcerers:

They Khuralshki refused the daemon binding route taken by the ID. Instead they chose a different route. The Sorcerors developed tunic collars, placed round a slaves neck they provided control. The simplest constrict on a command word and are made by the acolytes to control and train the great bears, trolls and skin wolves. The more complex made by the Soulbinder sorcerors are linked to golden runic  bracelets. These allow construction but also a degree of direct control telepathically. These are used for the ogres and captured sorcerors of the dark gods. This enables Khuralshki Soulbinder sorcerors to wield great power and avoid the sorcerors curse. Of course only lesser sorcerors can be so controlled and only one per Khuralski lord. Death of the lord frees the bound souls but they are too damaged by the trauma and are driven mad lashing out at friend or foe or just sitting stuporose.

What do you think?

Please share your thoughts, ideas and criticism for this corrupted Dwarf proposal! We'd love to hear it.

I have neither time nor intention of turning this into a Homebrew army book, though others are of course more than welcome to do so! :)

And now, get thinkin', and get thinkin' in weird ways...


Reference Images:

See also:
Dwarven Holds of the Maidens (T9A Celts)
Dwarven Holds of the Crimson Peaks (T9A Celtiberians)
Nekoshim: Dwarven Holds of the Copper Mountains (T9A Nabateans)
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Historical Games / Vikings from Victrix!
« on: April 29, 2019, 05:41:30 PM »
Victrix has their vikings now up for pre-order!

WHFB The Electors' Forum / Chaos Dwarfs Through the Ages
« on: April 18, 2019, 07:54:19 PM »
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the first ever compilation of official Chaos Dwarf miniature developments through the ages!

This overview of Games Workshop and Forgeworld's various iterations of Chaos Dwarfs will take you from the very beginnings up to the present day (April 2019), and showcase the evolution of the weird and wondrous concepts embedded in Chaos Dwarfs.

This thread deals with Chaos Dwarf concepts in official miniatures. For compilation attempts at community homebrew work on Chaos Dwarfs, see Carven Images (CDO 2007-2017) and the Chaos Dwarf Culture Project.

Enjoy! :)

9th AGE / Infernal Dwarves of the Barren Mountains (T9A Hittites)
« on: April 11, 2019, 10:33:03 PM »

Ladies and gentlemen, can you sense the smell of the Inferno in the air? What weird, wonderful and horrible realms and peoples could be found in the benighted east? Enter, if you dare trek across the Barren Mountains on your way to reach the infamous city of Zalaman Tekash...

Let's give spice to the setting with a reverse image of the Nekoshim Dwarven Holds of the Copper Mountains: Where the Nekoshim are descended from the same stock as the benighted Infernal Dwarves in the east, and speak a cousin of the same language, they are uncorrupted, or so they claim.

As such, in the Barren Mountains could be found Dwarves of the same language family as those of Vetia, but corrupted to the core. These highland Infernal Dwarves would be a reference to the ancient Hittites of Anatolia, famous for their monolithic stone architecture, early smithing of iron, larger chariots, and being the Egyptian's great imperial enemy in the Battle of Kadesh. The Vetian Dwarf language of these Infernal Dwarves of the Barren Mountains would be a reference to the Hittites speaking an Indoeuropean language.

The cursed Dwarrows of the Barren Mountains could have had a golden age of mighty empire long ago, which they remember with longing and festering hunger for power. Yet this Infernal Dwarf people of the highlands and their distinct culture remain for all their losses and and disasters, while the bite of their steel weapons tend to be directed by their suzerain overlords in Zalaman Tekash. They have sworn to reconquer the entire Barren Mountains range, which is now largely infested with barbarian Orc and Goblin tribes. While peripheral to the juggernaut power centre and hub of invention that is Zalaman Tekash, the benighted Dwarrows of the Barren Mountains still partake fully in the shared technology, science and forbidden lores of the Infernal Dwarves; sporting essentially the same arsenal and much the same ways of war. The Infernal Dwarves of the Barren Mountains still build in an archaic style of monolithic stones true to their ancestors of dark glory, and they have likewise preserved bull chariots for more than just ceremonial and luxury usage. For occasionally their hosts will field mighty trundling bull chariots, side by side with smoke-belching Infernal Engines and other modern mechanical contraptions.

It has been remarked, by nasty people, that Dwarves are a pest impossible to exterminate. And so the world of the Ninth Age sport an intoxicating myriad of wildly different Dwarf cultures, whose penchant for preserving ancient traditions is only matched by their innovative craftsman minds and hands. The hard-bitten Infernal Dwarves of the Barren Mountains are living proof of this.

Please share your ideas, comments and criticism for this quick background proposal, folks. :)

Reference images:

See also:
Dwarven Holds of the Maidens (T9A Celts)
Dwarven Holds of the Crimson Peaks (T9A Celtiberians)
Nekoshim: Dwarven Holds of the Copper Mountains (T9A Nabateans)
Dwarven Holds of the Sky Foothills (T9A Akha)
Dwarven Holds of Aseadal Peaks (T9A Gaya Confederacy)
Dwarven Holds of the Wrathful Mountains (T9A Inca)
Lost Islander Dwarves (T9A Rapa Nui)
Karuits: Polar Dwarves of Remotest Silexia (T9A Inuits)
Cave Dwarves of the Mountains of Gold (T9A Prehistorical)
Infernal Dwarves of the Torture Valleys (T9A Moche)
Borean Elves (T9A Finno-Ugrians)
Saurian Ancients of Aotarakoa (T9A Indonesia)

The Brush and Palette / Lan Studio's Lava Base Tutorial
« on: April 10, 2019, 07:18:11 PM »
Lava base painting tutorial by Lan Studio. Savour your eyes on this roasted hellfeast of astonishing quality:

Quote from: Lan Studio

I've posted my "Magma Knight" base on instagram and there were quite a lot questions about how I did it so here is small "tutorial" about the process. I hope you like it and find those pictures usefull!
The rocks are made of "modeling clay" that was heated up in oven and "opened" still while it was hot inside and devided into smaller pieces, this way some intersting shapes were randomly created.
The cracked ground is GW technical paint aplied in thick layers and then fixed with "sand and gravel" glue.

Stage 1:
After black undercoat whole base was airbrushed pure white, marking some brighter spots with stronger layers.

Stage 2,3 and 4:
I applied with airbrush colors sol yellow (Scale 75)/yellow from Kimera Models first (leaving some white spots), Acrylicos Vallejo orange fluo followed by Kimera Models red and later this red mixed with black.

Stage 5:
Some black was aplied with airbrush and then I did a few layers of drybrush, starting with Kimera Models red then followed with red + black and in the end pure black.

Stage 6:
I applied thick pure white in some spots to mark the most hot places.

Stage 7 and 8:
Over white spots I applied layers, using brush, of yellow, orange fluo and red in this way I acheived high intensity of colours.

Stage 9:
I applied more Scale 75 black over the rocks then drybrushed them with mix of black and beige and later with brush adeed some more details.
More or less done!


WHFB The Electors' Forum / Chaos Dwarfs Online Contests
« on: April 10, 2019, 12:03:05 PM »
This thread is for all Chaos Dwarfs Online competitions. Modelling and painting, story writing, scenery making and art contests are all on the menu! With prizes galore. Join the fun, folks. ;)

The twelfth Scribe's Contest is all about salty seas, seafaring, shipwrecks and harbours! It has been sponsored by Zanko. There will be one prize of this unpainted Forge World Daemonsmith for the Gold winner:

Entries from all settings are welcome. Yarr!

9th AGE / Dwarven Holds of Aseadal Peaks (T9A Gaya Confederacy)
« on: April 09, 2019, 11:06:49 PM »

As was discussed here, let's propose T9A to have both a fantasy Human Korea (quite much a given, to be expected) with a few Dwarven Holds in its numerous mountains (not a given). Let's pick Aseadal as a working name for this land, for the moment being; by taking Asadal (the name for the mythical first Korean city, founded by Dangun, a God-King descended to Earth) and inserting "ea" from the end of Korea for a mash-up. In the concept drawing above, the Dwarves of Aseadal Peaks take aesthetic cues from both Korean bronze age culture (especially the Liaoning type dagger), and the ironworking Gaya confederacy (42-562 A.D.) of the Three Kingdoms era, with its famous plate armour suits. The hexagonal shield shape is borrowed from Baekje, contemporary of the Gaya in the peninsula.

To distinguish the more heavily armoured Dwarrows of T9A's fantasy Korea from the proposed Sky Foothill Dwarves, all Dwarven Holds within Aseadal ought to be independent of the Human kingdom surrounding them, as is the norm for isolated Dwarven Holds elsewhere in the world. Having Dwarven Holds within the borders of Grand Tsuandan be subject to the Human Emperor is one way to play up the sheer exceptional power of Tsuandan (able to cow even Dwarves bunkered up in their heavily fortified highland Holds, and thus field some Dwarven auxiliaries in her armies), while the Aseadal Dwarves face a normal separated situation visavi the Humans around them.

Please share your ideas, comments and criticism for this background proposal, folks. :)

9th AGE / Dwarven Holds of the Sky Foothills (T9A Akha)
« on: April 06, 2019, 09:38:20 PM »

Ladies and gentlemen, let us better not leave eastern Augea without some Dwarven presence: That would be all too predictable run-of-the-mill poor form for a fantasy setting. Although the equivalent of Korea could work well as a basis given their history of innovation (most famously with the turtle ships employed during two 1590s Japanese invasions of Korea), the lack of mountains there on the world map would seem to advise to leave Korea be for fantasy Human duty (and likewise we cannot infringe upon the equivalent of Japan/Nippon, wa or not). As such, let us instead turn to the highlands of Southeast Asia with its hill tribes, who can serve well as basis both for Human, Dwarf and Greenskin peoples in this region of the Ninth Age World. In the case of the above concept drawing, the Akha has been used for aesthetic inspiration, along with the bronze age Dong Son culture and the distinct Shan Wei Kai type of armour from Song dynasty China.

Here is a background proposal to get the ball rolling:

During the long First Age, the Saurian Ancients of great Aotarakoa imported and bred Dwarf Slaves, whom they drove by whip and claw to mine the southern Sky Mountains for valuable minerals. The Skyhammer that set all slaves free did likewise in these parts of Augea, and these easterly Dwarves eastblished kingdoms all along the range of the southern Sky Mountains, and very slowly their prospectors and settlers began to work their way northward, under this massive mountain range. However, the ages of chaos anad barbarity that followed, took a heavy toll on the Dwarrows of the Sky Mountains, and through many millennia of ceaseless back-and-forth warfare (filled with setbacks and temporary reconquests) they were eventually driven out of almost all their ancestral holdings. Refugees fled east, away from the overrun Holds and into the Sky Foothills that extended in a southeastern spur from the mountains, and bolstered the small and humble mining and hunting colonies which settlers had already established in these highlands. What had once been their backwater periphery, now became their living homeland, and the Dwarves of the Sky Foothills fought tooth and nail to defend their kin and survive out in these harsh environs. At length, their industrious work and relentless warfare halted their long and steep decline, and at last these easterly Dwarves were reasonably secure in their fortified foothill Holds.

Their legends abound with the great and lost splendour of the southern Sky Mountains which their ancestors once peopled, though in truth the Dwarves of the Sky Foothills have managed to carve out respectable Holds in their own right, filled with the brilliance and ingenuity which Dwarven hands have wrought, and sporting large underground halls and tunnel networks. Despite their living glory, these Dwarves consider themselves petty for having been forced out of the soaring Sky Mountains and forced to live in their shadow. In their hearts smoulder a desire to reclaim their lost kingdoms or at least find their lost treasures, and occassionally small bands of adventurers set out westward during times of strength, plenty and booming population. Most such expeditions do not return, but disappear amid the fabled peaks that spear the underbelly of the sky, brought low by much the same savages that conquered their original homeland.

The most northerly of the Sky Foothill Dwarves have been pulled strongly into the orbit of Longjing. Although their instinct to resist the Human expansion at all costs was strong and initially resulted in some fierce highland wars against Tsuandan frontier armies, the bitter wisdom learnt from the humiliation and catastrophic loss of their ancestors contributed greatly to these northern hill Dwarves eventually kowtowing to the Emperor, accepting the suzerainty of a Human overlord, with some retained autonomy of their own. Occassionally, heavily armoured contingents of vassal Sky Foothill Dwarves can be seen marching with the Imperial Banners of Grand Tsuandan, and more than one host of foes at distant fronties have been annihilated amid their surprise at facing the pent-up wrath of these warlike and unexpected Dwarf auxiliaries.

Many centuries of constant warfare have shaped the culture of these highlander Dwarves into a martial one. Their boys and menfolk practice violent forms of wrestling and boxing to build up strength and better overcome enemies in a tight struggle, and their heavily fortified Holds and clan outposts resound to the weapon practice of young and old alike. For the Dwarves of the Sky Foothills know all too well that war may utterly ruin the losing party. And so they fight to live and live to fight, and harbour hateful grudges indeed against those filthy hordes that overran their ancestral mountain homes.

As of late, these old scars have been opened raw anew. For the Dwarven Holds of the Sky Foothills were outraged at finding their benighted cousins from the west construct the Steel Road right through the heart of their lost homeland. As the Steel Road gnawed closer to their highlands, many Holds (both independent ones and those under the formal yoke of Tsuandan) have repeatedly sent money, arms and contingents of vengeful warriors, who band together in the westmost Sky Foothills and set out to attack the Infernal Dwarves that build and guard the infamous Steel Road. The slavemasters have found themselves bogged down in this area, being forced multiple times to repair sabotaged sections of track, replace lost slave labour and send out armies to safeguard the Steel Road and strike preemptively at the tenacious Dwarrows of the Sky Foothills.

Please share your ideas, comments and criticism for this quick Dwarven culture proposal. :)

Reference images:

9th AGE / Veil of the Ages: The Breach [Kickstarter]
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Ladies and gentlemen, please look closer if you wish to see more fresh blood in our hobby!

This initiative by Veil of the Ages for a low entry barrier should be of interest for all fantasy wargamers, regardless of what wargame they happen to play:

Quote from: Veil of the Ages
Many fantasy lovers are skeptical about wargames because of the money and time investment they usually require. This is why we developed "Veil of the Ages: The Breach". A starter set in a small box, with pre-assembled miniatures to paint, simple rules to learn, and at a low price tag. You will only need two miniatures and one page of rules to start playing. We created 5 scenarios that will help you learn the core mechanics of a skirmish, and that pave the way to a richer, more complex game system. Each scenario is so simple that its rules fit into a single gaming card. The perfect tool for stepping into a new hobby... or for sharing your passion with a new player!

"Kamorko, you are crazy! That palace is full of elven guards!"

On top of this, Veil of the Ages will make available a free pen & paper version of the Breach, including bidimensional scenery. All you need is to download access to a printer!

Hambi the Dryad, sculpted and painted by Johan Gehlen

This is not all, however, for Veil of the Ages also aim to provide a free videogame expansion (for which you will need Tabletop Simulator, which is not supplied in the starter set). You can then emulate the tabletop experience, walk around the battlefield, look at miniatures from all angles, roll dice, and play against opponents from all over the world.

Furthermore, Veil of the Breach will produce free print-at-home supplements and paper miniatures for the community-driven wargame Ninth Age (T9A) and its Quickstarter for beginners. This community-driven spirit is embraced by Veil of the Ages in more than one fashion, because you, the community, will be able to influence which miniatures will be produced for future stretch-goals (soon to be added).

In short, Veil of the Ages: The Breach is entirely crafted for accessibility and to enable us to introduce new players with ease, regardless of their age. It has been carefully designed as the bwar entry point into fantasy wargaming that has ever been created, and our entire hobby niche (that we cherish) would benefit from seeing it succeed and make it into brick-and-mortar stores, and indeed into our own collection! By being introduced via Veil of the Ages, new players will then be able to discover the myriad companies and tabletop wargames that cater to the fantasy collectors and players.

Sculpt: Admiralty Miniatures, Paint: Andrea Febo, Terrain: Mauro Cangemi

The Kickstarter for Veil of the Ages: The Breach is run in a way that reward early bird backers. Find out much more about this, and everything you'd like to know, by reading the Kickstarter description.

Francesco Cangemi and his crew at Veil of the Ages has worked dead hard to make this happen. Please consider backing this Kickstarter - into the Breach! - and support our whole hobby.

Stay tuned for updates on newly revealed stretchgoals and suchlike!

9th AGE / Dwarven Holds of the Crimson Peaks (T9A Celtiberians)
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The Crimson Peaks of southwestern Vetia in the Ninth Age, corresponding to the Pyrenees mountain range, is a chance to once and for all correct Warhammer Fantasy's error of having virtually no Dwarf presence at all in the mountains of their version of Iberia, namely Estalia. These wild mountains could be filled with Human highlanders, monsters, Orcs & Goblins, and minor Dwarven Holds. The Dwarrows of the Crimson Peaks could be based on the ancient Celtiberians (connecting to the Celtic basis of many Vetian Dwarves), whose lengthy resistance to Rome finally ended with the great siege of the oppidum Numantia. Like the Dwarven Holds of the Maidens mountain range, the Crimson Peak Dwarves would be on the periphery of Vetian Dwarfkind, yet fully part of this region's culture of shared Dwarven technology, having thus essentially the same equipment for war. The aeshtetic style and dialect of the Crimson Peak Dwarves would however be distinct.

Just remember that relentless Dwarves do not even know what siesta is!

Please share your ideas, comments and criticism for this quick Dwarven culture proposal. :)

Reference images:

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9th AGE / Dwarven Holds of the Maidens (T9A Celts)
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The Maidens mountain range in Equitaine may be a reference to the Massif Central of France, moved up northwest and stretching into the equivalent of Brittany. At a guess, the Maidens from foothills to mountain tops may harbour settled Equitainians and human brigands alike, as well as monsters in general, Greenskin highlanders and some minor Dwarven Holds (because it would be a wasted opportunity to not have some living Dwarven presence here, aside from ruined overrun Holds). As to Dwarves, let's take these mountains as an open invitation to propose that the most Celtic-based of Vetian Dwarves live in the Maidens, and possibly the Dwarves of the Maidens could be the closest link in the occassional and fragile contact between Vetian and the Northern Dwarves. The Dwarves of the Maidens, being peripheral compared to the Dwarrows of the White Mountains, would not be a particularly strong driving force in the Vetian Dwarves' innovations and scientific discoveries, though they would fully partake of this culture of shared knowledge and technology, and their arsenal would essentially be the same. The aesthetic style and dialect, however, would be distinct.

As of present, Westwind Productions' Dwarf Wars range (both Shaven and Scots) contain some kits that could be of interest for anyone wishing to inject even more Celtic styles into their Dwarves, and there are probably other models in a similar vein from other companies.

Please share your ideas, comments and criticism for this quick Dwarven culture proposal. :)

Reference images (concept drawing partially inspired by Sergio Artigas' Lotr artwork of Firebeards):

Ladies and gentlemen, I want to share something extraordinarily well crafted with you. It is a true gem of fantasy, carved by the skilled hands of master artist Sergio Artigas (whose gallery is well worth a look). Here, you will find a learned and imaginative exploration of Middle-Earth's Dwarves like you never have seen before. It is a magical, and it is golden, and it is true to the spirit of the setting.

If ever you are looking for inspiration to craft historically based fantasy settings, then this is a source of purest water to drink from.

If ever you wanted to see the Dwarrows of Tolkien's world brought to life and carefully expanded upon the canon Legendarium, then this is for you.

You have found the Halls of Stone.

Quote from: J.R.R. Tolkien in his epigraph for the Lord of the Rings
"Three Rings for the Elven-kings under the sky,
Seven for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone,
Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die,
One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne
In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.
One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie."

Quote from: Sergio Artigas
The seven houses of the Khazad.
An enduring theme in my mind that intrigued me from the first time I read Tolkien’s work.
I have been developing this idea for years now and it is with great satisfaction that I present you my take on the seven clans of the dwarf kind.
There is hardly any information to be found on the books though, so I had to ground my designs on what could be guessed from their names and the sparse information you have from canon material and also by loosely comparing their rough geographical location on ME with real word maps and cultures and of course filling the gaps with a lot of guess work and plain imagination.
I imagine them as portrayed here to be somewhere on the second age, and wanted to give hints of their cultural traits and location through their looks.
I did an extensive research for that, specially maps, but they are very confusing and sometimes contradictory or incomplete, so any critics from my lore master friends are most welcome.

The guide I wrote myself and followed for their tribes is, as follows:

Quote from: Sergio Artigas
Longbeards: Noble and wise rulers, originally from the northern part of misty mountains on Mt. Gundabad (under which Durin himself is said to have awaken) and later on its southern ranges where they founded the great city of Khazad-dum, dug under the three peaks- Barazinbar, Zirakzigil and Bundushathûr. Regal, prosperous and traditionalist, they are the righteous heirs of Durin I The Deathless, and are therefore the supreme rulers of the dwarf kind. The Longbeards are held as a divine and sacred lineage by the other clans and command great power.

Quote from: Sergio Artigas
Ironfists: Proud, strong and fierce, the Ironfists are renowned for their formidable warriors of noble descent and their military might. Hailing from far up north on the Orocani mountains and near the gulf left by the now extinct sea of Helcar, they are said to be the first to unveil the secrets of Iron and Steel, which they brought to Durin as their gift when they answered to his call. They are a very warlike and greedy people though, and are accounted to have been involved in many shameful minor wars against other clans, particularly with the Firebeards, to whom they bear a grudge and consider to be their rivals. It is also with great difficulty that they accept to be ruled over by the Longbeards, and despite recognising their authority as rightful rulers of the dwarfkind, they take every opportunity they can to act independently. They were the third to come to Durin.

Quote from: Sergio Artigas
Blacklocks: Great architects and Jewell makers that made their homes in the Mountains of Shadow’s far eastern side (Ered Glamhoth), among the remnants of Hildórien in the arid lands scorched by the never-ending sun. They were the first to develop civilization and are prodigiously rich and unbelievably proud. The Blacklocks are very famous for their wealth and the beauty of their women, considered by many to be the most beautiful of the dwarf-kind, and they guard both with extreme avarice. They were the last to answer Durin’s call, but were also the ones to bring him the most precious gifts when they finally came.They are also accused of being the “black sheep” of Durin’s folk and of being greedy and selfish, as well as of worse things such as dealing with orcs and perhaps even Mordor. Unfortunately, many times those accusations bear more than a hint of truth.

Quote from: Sergio Artigas
Firebeards: Hot-headed, warlike and tough, Firebeards came from Nogrod (Tumunzahar) in the Blue Mountains. Supreme metalworkers, they are said to have invented maille. They are also hailed as the greatest Blade-smiths among Dwarves, and naturally many of the best came from their ranks, such as:  Gamil Zirak (said to be the greatest of all times, maker of the knife Angrist, the sword Andúril and the Dragon-Helm of Dor-Lómin), as well as the legendary Dwarf-smiths Telchar and Garmur. They befriended the elves with whom they traded profusely, and were commissioned by King Thingol of Doriath to delve Menegroth as well as to create treasuries and weapons for him. The necklace Nauglamír was their greatest creation for the King, and the cause of equally great woe. They were the second to answer Durin’s call, and brought with them copper as a gift to the father, making them the first to understand the mystery of metal.

Quote from: Sergio Artigas
Broadbeams: Great merchants from Zirakbhund (Mallost) and later Mount Dolmed in the Ered Luin, they were Founders of the great city of Belegost (Gabilgathol). The Broadbeams are well known for their wealth, their prosperity, and the formidable fortresses they have built. They are also widely respected for their military might, and in particular for their legendary Dragon-Warriors. They are also considered the greatest armourers the dwarves had ever produced and were the creators of the fearsome Dwarf-Masks. Most prominent among the Broadbeams was King Azaghâl who wounded Glaurung the Dragon, and whose Dragon-helm was later passed down to Turin Turambar as part of his family heirloom.

Quote from: Sergio Artigas
Stonefoots: They are the somewhat less developed branch of Durin’s folk, widely regarded as great miners, gem cutters and delvers. They are otherwise considered by many to be quite simple-minded, stubborn and difficult to deal with, but despite that they are greatly favoured by the Longbeards, which hold them in high regard as dependable and trustworthy allies, for they were the first to answer Durin’s call, bringing with them nothing but their loyalty. They dwell on the southern part of the Orocani on the east side, near the pinewoods and shores of the sea of Rûn.

Quote from: Sergio Artigas
Stiffbeards: Renowned Craftsman, they make their homes in ice caves on the vast frozen lands up north, starting around the ice bay of Forochel and all the way down in between the mountains of Angmar and the grey mountains (Ered Mithrim). Very secretive and peaceful, they avoid taking part in any troubles from the outside world at all costs. Despite their secretive ways, they are also accomplished merchants, and regularly travel vast spans of the frozen lands to trade with many diverse cultures. The items they create from exotic materials such as Ivory and bones from sea monsters are very sought after, in particular their fabled toys. Stiffbeards are ultimately free spirits, lovers of music, stories and the tribe above everything else.

Be welcome to leave master Artigas a comment under the artworks on Deviantart, and stay tuned for something special... ;)

9th AGE / Cave Dwarves of the Mountains of Gold (T9A Prehistoric)
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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the campfire! How about a cup of Stone Age?

When I first glimpsed this brainstorming map for Taphrian factions here, my initial thought was roughly: "Hell no to Cave Dwarves in Kegiz Gavem! No wasting opportunity with Neolithic primitives. This will be fantasy Ethiopia in advanced splendour or bust, worthy of true Dwarves."

Still, the general idea of Cave Dwarves (with all the connotations of caveman as part of the deal) isn't without merit. It's just one that is fit for some real isolated obscure remnant duty, on whatever continent happens to fit. The above doodle is loosely inspired by Lorenz Frølich's Two Völuspá Dwarves and Sergio Artigas' subsequent Primitive Dwarves artwork. As a starting point, this is not a culture based upon any particular one in recorded history, but is instead a reference to prehistorical humans (of all species) in general, and to finds of prehistorical humans from South Africa to Ethiopia in particular. The Mountains of Gold in southern Taphria lacks a mention of Dwarven presence, and this will not do, so I propose that here is where we plant our Cave Dwarves.

The basic concept is one of a small Dwarf remnant left over from either the First Age (end of mining slavery under Saurian Ancient mastery - possibly with extermination campaigns launched from Nsisiboko to purge the nearby Mountains of Gold from all rebellious Dwarf slaves) or Fourth Age (fall of Holds). Possibly originating from a single family unit hidden away in caverns, this bottleneck event saw a virtually complete loss of accumulated knowledge and crafts, a slate wiped clean. These were the origins of the Cave Dwarves,whose existence is unknown in nought but travellers' rumours even in the closest of grand Dwarven Holds, namely Kegiz Gavem up in the Mountains of the Moon. The Cave Dwarves are a lost folk of savages to the outside world, highly reclusive and living in nigh-inaccessible parts of the Mountains of Gold and their cave systems. It is unknown why these of all the world's Dwarrows have stayed at such a primitive level of crafts, yet even their seeming wretchedness harbour a fine hand at stone tool carving, and the shaping of ancestor figurines from various kinds of rock or even nuggets of gold. This peculiar remnant seem absorbed by a life amid stone, and have a spiritual affinity in tune with the heart of the mountain, the lore of which is shrouded in mystery. A few wild tales of wanderers even speak of very rough beings made out of almost unworked stone. Others speak of cavernous cannibals little better than the most feral of Orcs and Goblins, with a passion for hunting that is only matched by their ferocity.

And so the Cave Dwarves eke out their taboo-regulated existence in kingroups, remaining virtually unknown, a curious relic from truly olden times trapped - or mayhap blessed - in remotest isolation.

Please share your own ideas, thoughts and criticism. :)

Reference images:

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9th AGE / Lost Islander Dwarves (T9A Rapa Nui)
« on: March 26, 2019, 06:00:35 PM »

Lost Islander Dwarf

My colleague Tjub (of the Tjublings) wanted me to draw a south sea dwarf, and so here it is! The islands of the Pacific Ocean is not the first place one would think of Dwarves for, when converting real world history to fantasy, yet the famous Rapa Nui of Easter Island did carve (and transport) Moai statues out of stone, so they, if anyone, will serve for Dwarf duty. A good distance to the west of Easter Island lie the Kiribati islands, of which the warriors of Gilbert Islands were famous for their armour (overall and cuirass) woven out of coconut fibres, which protected the warrior elite against sharp tooth weaponry during ritualized combats which were not supposed to end in the death of the enemy (which would incur a fine of lost land for the killer). The warriors also wore porcupinefish headgear to top it all off. This exotic wargear required some skilled craftsmanship to produce, which is ever a must with Dwarves. And so I present to you this concept of the Dwarves of the Lost Islands, stranded out at sea to the west of Virentia:

While by far the most of the scattered islands of the giant ocea between Augea and Virentia-Silexia are inhabited by Humans (or other sentients), a corner of this vast sea harbour a pecularity which will surprise any explorer that ever happens to come upon it. For thrown out far from land and far from other isles are to be found the Lost Islands, formed in bygone eons by volcanoes. These volcanoes deposited some rich mineral deposits on some of the islands, which the world-dominant Saurian Ancients sought to exploit during the long First Age. As such the reptilian overlords imported Dwarves from their breeding pens and silver mines in Virentia's Wrathful Mountains, and set about strip-mining the ores and gemstones. This mining operation was carried out with great investments and vigourous slavedriving, and as the skyhammer fell, the underground of the islands were all but empty of minerals. The thunderous impact of the distant comet reverberated the world over, and under the Lost Islands it pulled out reinforced masonry that held back the sea.

Enormous quantities of water crashed into the mining tunnels and devoured almost everything and everyone left down there, drowning both master and slave and dashing their corpses against the rock. Yet some Dwarven slaves survived above ground, and some others managed to find shelter in underground caves into which the water could not rise, and then succeeded in swimming out from these pockets of air. The lucky divers emerged and set their brethren above ground free, and together they drove the remaining Saurians to extinction in a vicious series of running battles. Yet this celebrated victory was also the beginning of everlasting woes, for these wayward Dwarves were lost far out at sea, with no mountains in sight and no metal to mine and forge. Thus began their long isolation, during which the Lost Islanders made do with the materials at hand, and after a fashion they crafted their items with such raw materials as coconut fibre, wood, stone, shells and shark teeth.

Although the sun warms well, in their Dwarven hearts lurks an eternal yearning for mountains, and their songs tell of their longing and plight, and their stories are filled with wondrous lands beyond the horizon, which they however cannot in reality reach.

Reference images:

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9th AGE / Saurian Ancients of Aotarakoa [T9A Indonesia]
« on: March 22, 2019, 08:11:22 PM »

The Ninth Age (T9A) concept art for fantasy Indonesian Saurian armed with copper klewang, based upon Nias warrior garb. The Nias tribe were famous headhunters and warriors who carved wooden figures and small stone monuments for their houses. Saurian inspired by the sterling sculpting work of Rikard.

The Saurian Ancients are Reptile peoples of the equatorial tropics who once ruled the entire world during the long First Age, yet their dominion was rent asunder by a giant comet followed by massive slave rebellions. The ascendant thralls of many different species went their own ways and founded civilizations and nomad hordes whose turbulent development have dominated all subsequent eight Ages. The Saurian Ancients are still great regional powers to be feared, however, for theirs is the pulsating might and olden glory of rich resources, and their claws and fangs are sharp even against foes bedecked in steel. As Vetian countries start to explore and colonize distant parts of the world during the Ninth Age, they come into frontal collision with the Saurian Ancients of Virentia, Taphria and southeastern Augea.

And this struggle between man and lizard is by no means a foregone conclusion...

Reference images:

9th AGE / Infernal Dwarves of the Torture Valleys (T9A Moche)
« on: March 16, 2019, 12:18:24 PM »

"My reverend lord, did you bring a straw? Or how on earth will you consume the blood with that nose ornament in the way?"

"I'll drink to that!"

Infernal Dwarves of the Torture Valleys

Ladies and gentlemen, I invite you all to participate in a brainstorming for this new concept, courtesy of Uther the Unhinged: Fantasy South American evil Dwarves!

I'd like to scoop up all wild ideas you have. Let's have some fun! :)

You don't have to know anything about the Ninth Age (T9A) to participate. Just assume it's the Warhammer world, with different names and lots of more stuff in it. It's a dark fantasy smörgåsbord based on history. I'll sift through ideas here and present them oo T9A, due credit and quoting given. In this instance, we're concerned with a cousin of Lustria, but with something more than Lizardmen to speak of on the continent. There's gotta be Dwarves...

Ready? Then let's travel to faraway Virentia, over whipping seas, steaming jungles and Wrathful Mountains, and emerge onto a desert coast beyond the edge of the mapmaker's knowledge...

This concept was spawned as the fallen brother culture to these proposed Inca Dwarves. Uther the Unhinged had lots of fertile ideas:

Cool concept. I think you could have standard and infernal dwarves in the continent. It is a big place and mines would have been well separated leading to multiple revolutionary movement. Infernal dwarves obviously utilizing fire sorcery/daemons (sorry not T9A literate) and playing up the sacrifice aspect of Incan/Aztec culture. Possibly binding daemons into animals. The standard dwarves animating statues. Again to differ from other pld world dwarves the statues could be animal/totem based snake like caymen panther jaguar etc. Longer association with saurians might have led to more magic/rune binding. You could go down the lack of iron route with rune encrusted war clubs. Obsidian daggers, obsidian encrusted clubs (for both types). As for artillery again standard torsion engines with animal totemic themes fir standard dwarves but enslaved/mutated/daemon bound animals for infernal dwarves. Like tortured bloated snakes spitting incendiary venom as counts as firearms. Sort of twisted Lizardmen technology, which would fit fluff wize.

The uprising of the dwarves would have been sporadic and disunited due to geography and a clampdown by the saurian masters. Each mine (future hold) would develop differently. All paying religious homage to ?? Queznir (I know Quetzacoatl was aztec but he was famously bearded). However secet symbols and signs were used often utilizing local animals. Over the years these took on totemiic status rising as quasi-deities themselves. The defeat of the saurians was piecemeal each hold achieving independence at different times and often facing several attmpts to retake it. Thus it was years before the dwarves (the Quezcuz as they call themselves) started to contact each other.

Magic stolen /learned from the saurians is used to infuse stone statues of their totemic animals. Arcuballistae, bows spears atlatlt stone headed tomahawk like axes and mauls. Armour rune/totem bound leather or padded cloth. Iron usage is unknown. Shields wicker?. But gold and silver adornment common. All totems are bird, mammal or fish. Reptillian and amphibian totems are taboo given the link to their hated saurian oppressors. Now contactbetween holds maintained by giant condor.

However not all mines followed the same path. Some came across knowledge of the infernal (again not sure of T9A fluff so this needs work). This great mine too eventually won its freedom using the infernal skills they had developed under the guidance of their infernal god (Haztet? Gotto reference the father of darkness somewhere). The dwarves of this mine (the Hazcuz) used magic to bind deamons into anomals to fight for them (rather than statues). With the overthrow of the saurians they used the reptiles of their previous masters as beasts of war and burden (twisting them with their infernal magic). Far from avoiding reptillian iconography the Hazcuz subverted it. Thus it was that when the Hazcuz made contact with other freed dwarves they were not greeted as long lost cousins but as evil blasphemers. Several Quezcuz holds united against these heretics and besieged them. Faced with overwhelming odds and the threat of extinction they broke out from the suege and embarked on ‘the long trek’. Effectively a running battle with pursuing Quezcuz, Saurians seeking to recapture them, grenskins and others. The trek lasted over 2 years. It did not end till the Hazcuz were driven from their mountain home to the lowland and escaped the pursuing Quezcuz in the jungle. Eventually they reached a land where they felt safe (unsure if this should be far south Terra del Fuego or Mexico). a hot forbidding land. Here they built their step puramids in memory of their lost mountain home. If you go with the Mexico option you can go full aztec.

Magic is using runes/reptillian totems to bind infernal spirits into creatures thus empowering them ?twisting? them but seriously reducing their life span (they literally! Burn out) runes/totems branded on (fire dwarves yay). Weaponry bucklers of alligator hide. Armour of toughened reptile skin. Wooden Warclubs (see plains indian warclubs) with obsidian studs/shards. ?slings? Spears. Animals adapted as weapons eg venom spitting reptile held as hand arms etc.
There that is me done. It was a long drive today.

...Anyway if we don’t do something our hated vanilla cousins will steal all the glory!

Now, there is a prime candidate among ancient cultures in South America that fit the bill perfectly: The Moche culture (100-700 AD). The Moche lived by the coast of what is today Peru, inhabiting nine river valleys with arid desert in between. The Moche are an archaeological culture, meaning they left no written documents behind, but they sure left behind monumental architecture, eyecatching craft objects and proof of ritual cruelty!

The Moche were fine craftsmen who produced works of art in gold for the highly elaborate dress of their elite, and they likewise have become famous for their erotic pottery. The Moche built stepped pyramid temples and practiced a warfare reminiscent of the Aztecs: They fought wars to capture enemy warriors, whom they stripped naked, bound, tortured and sacrificed to their gods. Sounds like Infernal Dwarf material?

Now let's pool all our ideas! :cheers

Here are some video/audio links for those who want to listen and learn while working or driving. Documentaries:

Moche Tombs of Sipan

Treasure and Secrets of a Moche Tomb


Warfare and Human Sacrifice in the Moche World: New Discoveries and Continuing Debates, by John Verano

Recent Research on the Moche, by Richard Stutter

Tales of the Moche Kings and Queens: Elite Burials from the North Coast of Peru, by Jeffrey Quilter

Reference images, primarily of Moche and of various coastal Peruvian cultures, mainly drawn from the master artist Coricancha's gallery:

9th AGE / Polar Dwarves of Remotest Silexia (T9A Inuits)
« on: March 13, 2019, 10:09:55 AM »

Ladies and gentlemen, do you agree that we gotta have Inuit Dwarves for the Ninth Age?

Thickly built Dwarves are well suited to survive in extreme environments, not least by the craftiness of their hands and minds. Polar Dwarves are to be found in the inhospitable climate of remotest Silexia to the far north. They are great hunters and fabled traders of ivory who seldom encounter people from the outside world. This warrior is armoured in bone lamellar with laminar back "wings" for rear protection. Note snow goggles.

Inspired by the Stiffbeard in Sergio Artigas' Lotr Dwarf masterwork. His description for the Middle-Earth Dwarrows, for inspirational reference:

Stiffbeards: Renowned Craftsman, they make their homes in ice caves on the vast frozen lands up north, starting around the ice bay of Forochel and all the way down in between the mountains of Angmar and the grey mountains (Ered Mithrim). Very secretive and peaceful, they avoid taking part in any troubles from the outside world at any costs. Despite their secretive ways, they are also accomplished merchants, and regularly travel vast spans of the frozen lands to trade with many diverse cultures. The items they create from exotic materials such as Ivory and bones from sea monsters are very sought after, in particular their fabled toys. Stiffbeards are ultimately free spirits, lovers of music, stories and the tribe above everything else.

I'll have to be brief for the moment being. Please share your thoughts, ideas and criticism. There are a lot of fertile historical and mythological material to tap into for brainstorming about Eskimo Dwarves, and of course wacky fantasy potential in general for the Arctic region.

Let's make this happen! :)

A few reference images:

9th AGE / Beast Herds of the Veld
« on: March 11, 2019, 09:17:36 PM »

I recommend you to click on the link and read Ghiznuk's intro post for a great presentation of the concept: Of fantasy Bantu iron-wielder migration being met by natives turning to magic to become the beast in order to resist.

Reference images:

Kings of War / 15mm Flora & Fauna in the Ashlands out now!
« on: March 11, 2019, 09:54:37 AM »
Beyond soaring mountains lie the vast Ashlands, a harsh patchwork of landscapes varying from steppe to lava pools and giant briar forests, cut through by dry wadies, gaping earthquake fissures and unclean streams alike, and dotted by oasises that are all too often toxic. Foreigners' babbling rumours has it that this is nought but an empty desert - nay, it is hell on earth, a realm of smoke where daemons in towering headgear cavort in fields of fire!

Yet in these nightmarish environs, life is still to be found, far more plentiful and rich in shapes and species than one would expect of such inhospitable wastelands. These are all rugged lifeforms, made deadly or cunning or wretched to survive and prosper in such dangerous lands.

On the southern Bonefields, the fabled Bak-kak-ku bird hunt and breed, infamous for its aggressive temper and sought after as a monstrous mount by Tjubgob riders.

Dreaded Bonestingers skitters on the Bonefields among the graveyards of monsters, their bodies shaped like skulls, ever the main prey of the Bak-kak-ku.

Floating on hot streams of air are to be found the Yri-Moss-Han, great creatures resembling jellyfish with paralyzing tentacles, which Tjubgob shamans collect to chew on, in order to increase their magical potential and open up their minds.

The Wanderlust Fungus is an insidious horror of the Ashlands, for it infects living beings and alters their personalities until the host body is little more than an empty shell wandering about the wasteland, until they come across optimal conditions for founding a new colony of fungi.

All over the Ashlands can be found Trailers, slightly resembling armadillos and turtles. These tough scavengers are attracted to caravans, and will eat almost anything left over by the caravan. The longer a caravan has travelled, the more Trailers follow in its wake.

Not all life in the Ashlands has a beating pulse, nor even a breath. The winding way to the Plateau of Madness is guarded by the Watchers of Zhubb, groups of ancient stones shackled together, possessing eyes that strike terror into all wanderers. Few can gather the courage to approach them, and fewer still to meet their many-eyed gaze. These mysterious rocks are old beyond the reckoning of mortals, mute witnesses to forgotten secrets...

Such are some of the flora and fauna in the Ashlands.


These miniatures are out now! Order your 15mm Flora & Fauna here: Sculpted by Tobias "Tjub" Torstensson and spincast in whitemetal by War Banner. Sold unpainted and unassembled.

Please note that 1 in 4 of each kit of Bonestingers only come with 1 claw, due to mating season battles and casting quirks. Fancy some weird wildlife for your fantasy collection, or perhaps some alien critters for your science fiction games?

9th AGE / Virentian Dwarves of the Wrathful Mountains [T9A Inca]
« on: March 07, 2019, 02:04:34 PM »

Ladies and gentlemen, the historically based fantasy world of Warhammer, beyond naval expeditions, found one way of pitting Dwarfs against Lizardmen. This was by the means of the lost hold of Karak Zorn in the Southlands, having Lizardmen in their southern vicinity. (Karak Zorn always had a vibe of Prester John about it, but it was ultimately not meant as a realm of Ethiopian fantasy Dwarves.) However, a brief glance at history will make it instantly clear that Warhammer (for all its brilliance) missed an open goal for pitting Dwarfs against Lizardmen, and thus missed a chance of making Lustria itself into something more than an almost purely Lizardmen continent.

We're of course speaking about the Andean civlizations, of which the Inca Empire with its well-organized army is the most famous, but which also include such cultures as the Moche, Caral and Nazca, to name a few. Lord-Triceratops on Deviantart has already dabbled some with the concept of Incan fantasy Dwarves, including their use of domesticated Glyptodons. Let the Ninth Age be the first major fantasy setting to sport Incan fantasy Dwarves: Mountain dwellers, miners and skilled metal workers who build terraces, roads and towns in stone on altitudes few other peoples would even consider to climb.

Sounds Dwarven enough? Then let's head for the Wrathful Mountains in faraway Virentia, and follow the rumours of gold!

Just to get the ball rolling, here are some proposals: The Virentian Dwarves of the Wrathful Mountains have been isolated from all others of their kin since the most ancient ages. Originally imported as mining slaves for the Saurian Ancients during the distant First Age, these Dwarrows endured a longer slavery than others of their kind, for they lived close to the Saurian power centers of tropical Virentia, and were among the few peoples who still endured the Saurian yoke for many centuries after the Heavenly Mace set others free. Nevertheless, the great comet still set in motion a long and arduous struggle for freedom, for the bands of escaped rebel slaves waged a long guerilla campaign in the mountains and in the mining tunnels.

After a long and bloody struggle, the Dwarves of the Wrathful Mountains drove out their former Saurian overlords. Freed at long last, these Dwarves peopled the long mountain chain and heavily fortified their nigh-inaccessible dwellings, building kingdoms and city-states that battled Goblins, Saurian Ancients and each other alike. Slowly, and through many blood-soaked setbacks, the Dwarves spread throughout the great Virentian mountainss, and emerged from the highlands to colonize some of the coastal lowlands to the west. And to this day they will make any Saurian intruders come to regret their quest for regaining lost glory, for the Wrathful Mountains were thus named for a reason.

The Dwarves of the Wrathful Mountains are little known outside their towering homeland, yet legends speak of great realms of strong armies and finely carved stones laid upon stones, of giant mines, of master smiths toiling with copper and gold, and of great builders of roads, farming terraces and rope bridges that defy the soaring landscape. And most of all, the rumours speak of treasures beyond the dreams of mortals...

There are lots of questions, if you buy into the idea of Andean Dwarves in the first place:

Are these Dwarven Holds, or Infernal Dwarves?

Should T9A go for an all-encompassing empire like the Inca, or go for a smattering of independent Dwarven Holds?

The former conform to the Renaissance reality, the latter to the older historical reality of the Andes, and may open up for more local variation and opportunities for rowdy infighting.

How advanced are these Virentian Dwarves?

Given the Inca's comparatively sophisticated grasp of technology, torsion war machines could possibly suit their fantasy counterparts, since Dwarves are more mechanically minded than humans, and live longer thus not wasting all that accumulating knowledge and skills on an early grave, resulting in higher levels of technology. What do you think?

What about slings, spear-throwers and bows instead of crossbows as infantry ranged weapons to underline the lower level of technology compared to Dwarves of all kinds found in Vetia, Augea and Taphria?

There are many fields of opportunity to the ardent thinker here, so please contribute your ideas and criticisms to this brainstorming!

This is a natural extension of Northern Dwarves, Kegiz Gavem and Dwarves of the Copper Mountains. There can be no such thing as too many Dwarfs. ;)

Roll out your thoughts on these potato-eating Dwarves and let's make the world of the Ninth Age distinct also in this quarter!


Reference images:

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