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WHFB The Electors' Forum / Road to Adepticon - My Army Blog
« on: November 09, 2012, 04:40:21 PM »
It has been a long time since I’ve played with my Empire army.  Also I moved so I haven’t gotten nearly as many games of Warhammer as I used to.  Now that the new army book is out, and I have a target tournament in mind – Adepticon 2013, I’ve decided to break the army back out and get it painted up.

I had originally designed a 2500 point list as that was what my old local store was playing.  The Adepticon tournament last year was 2200 points to that is what I’ve started planning for.  The goal is to have a nice balanced all comes list that will look great on the table and still be able to steal some extra objective points.  Last year there were bonus points for controlling terrain pieces and having banners in certain areas of the table.  I’m trying to make sure I have enough of both to get these extra points.  That said, here is what I came up with as a first pass at 2200 points:

General of the Empire (Full Plate Armour, Enchanted Shield, Talisman of Preservation, Crown of Command) – 189 points
Captain of the Empire (Battle Standard Bearer, Full Plate Armour, Shield, Dragonhelm, Dawnstone) – 128 points
Warrior Priest (Heavy Armour, Shield) – 69 points
Warrior Priest (Heavy Armour, Shield) – 69 points
Battle Wizard (Lore of Fire, Dispel Scroll, Dragonbane Gem) – 95 points

38 Halberdiers (Sergeant, Standard, Musician) – 258 points
General and Warrior Priest go here
15 Swordsmen Detachment – 105 points
5 Archer Detachment – 35 points
6 Knightly Orders (Inner Circle, Standard, Musician) – 170 points

38 Greatswords (Count’s Champion, Standard, Musician) – 448 points
BSB and Warrior Priest go here
15 Swordsmen Detachment – 105 points
5 Archer Detachment – 35 points
Great Cannon – 120 points
Great Cannon – 120 points

Steam Tank – 250 points

Army Total - 2196

I created the initial army before reading the great post about the Griffon formation.  I like sticking with two half griffons as I don’t see the need for that many archers.  That said I don’t have a spot to put my wizard yet.

In general the plan is have my almost completely stubborn army slowly grind away at the enemy.  The Regimental Units will be in horde formation unless they will be fighting a superior horde formation (say a 10 wide unit of Chaos Warriors, in which case they are probably screwed anyway).  The swordsmen and archer detachments are strictly in the army to protect the flanks and redirect any trouble from the parent units.  I especially like two key items:  the ability to hold with the swordsmen and the versatility of the archers as detachments.

The swordsmen will be deployed outside of their Regimental Units almost exclusively as flank protectors.  If my flanks are clear I will look for a counter-charge opportunity.

The archers will be used to clear away chaff, hold down pieces of terrain and in key circumstances be used as redirectors or conga holders.

The Knights will either be used as a rear guard hiding behind my army, or more likely will go monster hunting.  I have found since 8th edition, the best thing about cavalry is they can’t be stomped.  That saves a ton of potential damage without dice even being rolled. 

The cannons are there for one of the biggest issues this army would have otherwise, killing monsters.  They are also great versus other war machines.  The only time I seem them as useless is if facing a horde army with only troops.  They’ll have to earn their points back over several turns.

Steam Tank is so versatile I don’t have a plan for it.  First idea is to deploy it between the two infantry blocks.

Each main unit has a Warrior Priest for prayers/hatred and a “Hold the Line!” character.  The wizard is a scroll caddy with fire magic so I have the flexibility to roll 2 dice or 6 dice with a basic fireball depending on what I roll.  If I get Flaming Sword of Ruin as his spell, that is even better.

Possible issues I see with this current army list:
- Opposing hordes armies.  Difficult to eliminate units for VPs
- Opposing chaff.  I don’t have too much to take them out.  However if not playing against a gun line I should have the initiative with shooting priority
- High magic level armies.  Not much magic defense and not much ability to weather a storm.

I plan on using this post as a blog going forward, which is why it isn’t in the Parade Ground.  I hope to post some pictures of my first units soon as well as some of my game experiences and any list tweaks.

Any comments or suggestions are of course appreciated.

I'm looking at developing a 2200 point list for the Adepticon tournament next year. It's been a while since I've played with my Empire and its definitely different then the Flaggie horde from the last edition. I'm a big fan of boots on the ground so have based my list on having big blocks of infantry.  The only issue I currently see with the list is deploy and maneuver. If anyone has any list tips or deployment tips I'm all ears...

General of the Empire with Full Plate, Enchanted Shield, Talisman of Preservation, Crown of Command
Captain of the Empire with Full Plate, Shield, Dragonhelm, Dawnstone, Battle Standard Bearer
Warrior Priest with Heavy Amour and Shield
Warrior Priest with Heavy Amour and Shield
Warrior Priest with Heavy Armour, Shield, Barded Warhorse
Battle Wizard, Lore of Fire, Dispel Scroll

39 Halberdiers with Full Command, 20 Swordsmen, 5 Archers
9 Inner Circle Knightly Orders with Full Command and Great Weapons
39 Greatswords with Full Command, 20 Swordsmen, 5 Archers
2 Cannons

Total 2198

Any comments?

WHFB The Electors' Forum / Hiding Characters in Detachments
« on: April 14, 2012, 02:23:02 PM »
Did anyone notice that they removed the restriction saying if a character joins a detachment it is no longer a detatchment?

This gives us the ability to protect certain characters we don't want (or do want) to be in certain places. I'm thinking something like hiding a wizard or maybe a witch hunter in a unit of archers until he can charge his quarry.

Any thoughts?

WHFB The Electors' Forum / Warrior Priest spam casting
« on: April 12, 2012, 11:50:34 PM »
I think the prayers of the Warrior Priests are too good to pass up.  It also appears that each priest can cast more than one prayer per turn.

I looked at page 37 in the BRB and it states that failing to cast a bound spell does not break a wizards concentration so they can keep casting.  This makes me think that a heavy faith Empire army can just keep rolling one die for prayers. The only thing that would prevent a warrior priest from casting again that turn is a miscast - but if you are only going to roll one die per spell there is no chance of that happening!  The only issue I see with this is it's only a 66% chance of success so you'll fail one spell in three.

Has anyone considered doing this?

I'm thinking of throwing in a level one exploding power die caddy (read wizard with forbidden rod) just so I can cast more prayers.

WHFB The Electors' Forum / Return of "The Special"
« on: April 08, 2012, 03:02:22 PM »
I've noticed that with the new book the VHS now longer swaps weapon skill. This puts it back in line with the sixth edition army book.

I'm now exploring various Wizard Lord options or Arch Lector options using the VHS to try and maximize for challenges.
1) Wizard Lord on an Imperial Pegasus with VHS, Sword of Striking and Talisman of Preservation
2) Wizard Lord on Foot with VHS, Fencer's Blades and The Other Tricksters Shard

The first gives the Wizard more mobility and more direct protection. The second can be hid in a unit for a surprise attack and is more offensive hitting more often on a 3+ and forcing the reroll on amour saves.

For spell choices, Death is good for the first wizard: weakening the enemy before charging in to finish him. Metal is also good for targeting characters and weakening them for a final charge (Plague of Rust). My personal favorite though is Beasts to make your Wizard even better.

For something a little more comical Heavens can be used to help your Wizard (Harmonic Convergence) or hinder the enemy (Curse of the Midnight Wind). Or you can fly circles around them while Wind Blasting them with annoyance.

I have noted someone mentioning using a Witch Hunter with VHS as a "Living Missile" to get enemy characters. I like this option too but am worried about the Witch Hunter not being able to take much else.

WHFB The Electors' Forum / The Shooting Phase...who needs it?
« on: July 19, 2008, 01:39:45 PM »
With the increase in Daemon and VC armies there is a lot less chance of panicking units off the board with shooting since they just don't care.

Lately I've been fooling around with the amount of shooting in my army list...
- 2 cannons...
- a cannon and the steam tank
- 2 cannons and a Helstorm
- 2 x 5 Pistoliers and a steam tank
- 2 x 10 Handgunners with Hochlands, a Mortar, 5 Outriders with a Hochland, 5 Pistoliers

The list I plan on using in the short term has 5 Pistoliers as the extent of my shooting.  And they aren't their to shoot, shooting is just a bonus.

I know that one of the strengths of the Empire army is their shooting phase, but I'm a firm believer in part of what TVI had first post...going on the attack!  This leaves anything that doesn't move as a waste of points.  Of course the last thing that anyone wants it to drop a Rocket Volley on their own unit as you move in for the kill!

My question is, what have people used in terms of 'volume' for shooting recently?  Please explain why you use what you use (regular opponents, the fact that you like shooting, that you're a sadistic human being that likes to hit things with cannons, you like making rocket sounds...etc) and how effective you find your shooting phase to be.

WHFB The Electors' Forum / Warhammer Leagues
« on: March 26, 2008, 09:21:51 PM »
I'm looking at starting a league in my area.  Something small at first but ultimately I'd love to use this as a tool to expand membership to my gaming club as well as expand the hobby.

Around here, tournament armies are "balanced" out by things like composition scoring (PLEASE don't let this turn into an army composition discussion).  I'm looking to use scenarios to balance things out and force players to not rely too heavily on one phase of the game.

I'm looking at a few options such as rolling randomly for scenario at the start of the game or the classic 'scenario cards' where you have a set of 6, and use each card against a different opponent - while only using each card once.

Does anyone have any experience running a tournament with special scenarios and if so, could they post some of their findings?

The Count's Tavern / Toronto Gaming Club Plug
« on: January 21, 2007, 04:35:53 AM »
I've seen a few more people recently join this site from the Toronto area.  Just thought I'd plug in the biggest club in Canada.


Casual gaming club that does Warhammer, 40K, Flames of War, DBA and pretty much any other minis games.

WHFB The Electors' Forum / Conflict Montreal had a copy of the New Book!
« on: November 13, 2006, 02:37:14 PM »
I must say, I'm really excited about the possibilities of the new army lists that can be made.  This will be a topic strictly on the new army book, leave the cost of the new minis out of this one...

People were worried that the army would have a more "steam-punk" feel.  I disagree.  I find the army can now have 4 strong themes.

Army of the State:
With all non-missle state troops being cheaper (free company cost the same, and greatswords are now 10 points), you can get a lot more troops into a state army.  And I can see Halberdiers as a solid detachment choice at 5 points (the same as free company now).  Lets not go over the statistics...now that they are the same points, the are more attractive.

Knightly Army:
It's sad that White Wolves are armed with plain ole great weapons instead of Cav hammers.  But now they only cost 23 points.  "Knightly Orders" is a single option now in the army list, and you can arm your knights with lance and shield, or great weapons.  This means you can have more than one unit of Knights of the White Wolf.  IC knights are special, but in a knight army, they would only be competing with Pistoliers (which are a point cheaper) or possibly Outriders at 21 points each.

Machinist List:
Master Engineer...65 points...Pigeon Bombs...25 points...Mechanical Steed...25 points.  He's expensive, but I think I may try him once or twice.  That being said, the steam tank is now a single rare choice so 2000 point armies can include 2 of them.  They can only be the conqueror varient.  The Helstrom Rocket Battery looks cool, but it will take some time to learn how to aim the thing.

List of Sigmar:
This is the one I'm most excited about.  Warrior Priests are so nasty with the new rules.  They hate everyone, their prayers are better and at bound 4.  I'm considering using 4 of them!!  One unit of flaggelants becomes core if you use a warrior priest, and they are no longer 0-1. 

You can get 4 Unbreakable units in a 2000 point Empire army, with the possibility of more with the Warrior Priest's Prayers.  That seems strange to me with an Empire army, but I'm not going to complain about it.  GW did make all of the above themes very attractive choices for a new Empire army, and to summarize everything up "I am very excited to be an Empire player"

The Imperial Office / Buildings and the Empire
« on: September 19, 2006, 10:57:56 PM »
One of the biggest changes in the “new” warhammer is the rules for buildings.  In 6th edition buildings pretty much just got in the way.  However, there were rules for knocking them over and/or blowing them to pieces if you had a high enough strength.

Now I know not many people currently play with buildings on the table, but that may change with the new rules and the possibility of GW releasing a fantasy buildings set.

Now buildings no longer have the official rules to knock them down (although this may change with the release of the SEIGE supplement).  Instead there are detailed rules on occupying buildings with infantry, which I think are fantastic!!  Put a unit in a building and dare your opponent to get them out.

Looking through the rules, there are a few things that the Empire can do to take advantage of these rules, and a few things to watch out for. 


Psychology test are and always have been a problem for our troops.  The fewer tests we have to take, the better.  Occupying buildings will not help much in lessening test.  On the contrary, the building will probably make them take more tests.  The rules state that any units occupying a building measure all ranges as if from the building itself.  This means that if friends break or are destroyed within 6” of the building you will be taking a panic check!

Also imagine if you’re canny opponent deploys a single wraith inside that building.  No longer is it 6” from the wraith that units have to check for terror, but 6” of the entire building!  That’s like getting a terror range increase!


Shooting can act both ways for the Empire.  For starters, the rules state that a “unit strength of 5 can shoot out of a building for each storey”.  This means only 5 of that unit of 10 handgunners can shoot out of a single storey building.  The benefit being that the range is increased to any point of the building and line-of-sight for the unit is in a 360 degree arc of the building.  Remember though, with the new rules, all of the handgunners can only shoot at a single target.

Now let’s go back to that canny vampire count player but change the wraith to a banshee.  Now there is a single banshee in the building that counts its 8” range from any point in the building.  If it’s a big enough building then that banshee has a lot of options of where to scream.


Since buildings only allow certain unit strength to attack each turn (US10), and wholly dependant on casualties, the Empire List doesn’t contain any troops that can really go toe to toe with the big boys in an assault, or on defense.  The ideal units when it comes to building attack and defense are units with a high I and S values.  Swordmasters and Chaos Warriors are by far the best choice.  Once these enemy units are inside of a building, I don’t think there is anything in the Empire that can get them out.  If there were still damage points to buildings I’d suggest blowing the building up with a cannon, but it seems like that is no longer an option.

However, on the defensive, we have an excellent unit.  Since Greatswords are stubborn, and all a defensive unit has to do is not break in order to repel the assault, Greatswords are an idea choice to stick in a building.  If an enemy charges the building, all the greatswords have to do is hold and you can flank the assaulting unit with some of your knights.

I have another suggestion which I have added below.


There are two different types of fleeing in this section.  Fleeing from a building and fleeing into a building.

If a unit flees because of psychology (panic, terror ect.) then there is no difference and the unit flees like it would normally, directly away from the source of the panic 2D6” or 3D6”.  A unit fleeing from a failed break test is different.  A defending unit that fails a break test will flee as normal, and will automatically escape from the assaulters “out the back door”.  The assaulters then have a pursuit option, either restrain, or occupy the building.  Either way your unit escapes.  Note:  if there are enemies on the other side of the building and you flee through them, your unit is destroyed.

The other thing to watch out for is fleeing through a building.  The rules for buildings state that “a building counts as impassible terrain to any unit that is fleeing”.  According to the rules for fleeing, if a unit flees into impassible terrain then that unit is destroyed.  Use this to your advantage.  Using the “crossfire rule” with the building acting as one of our own units is always helpful.


While reading through the rules for buildings, I came up with what believe is to be two great tactics that the Empire and its detachments rule can utilize.

The first uses and main unit of handgunners with 1 or 2 detachments.  Let’s make it a 10 man handgunner unit with a marksman with repeater handgun, and 2 detachments each of 5 handgunners.  Have the main handgunner unit hide in the building while keeping the detachments within 3” of the building itself.  If an enemy unit charges either detachment you flee and shoot them with what you can.  If they charge the parent unit, countercharge with one detachment and stand and shoot with the rest.  According to the building rules, if the ‘assaulting unit’ (the one that is charging the building) is in combat with a unit not in the building (the counter-charging detachment in this case) then the assault on the building doesn’t take place and a regular combat is fought.  This means that only the countercharging detachment and the enemy charging unit are in combat.  If the enemy wins combat, they can either pursue the detachment, leaving the handgunner parent unit alone, or restrain and sit for another round of shooting against the parent unit and the other detachment!!

The other tactic involves a shooting detachment being deployed in a building.  If you deploy a shooting detachment in a building next to its parent unit, the shooting unit gets significantly better defensively.  The enemy can choose to charge the parent unit, facing a stand and shoot from the detachment, or charge the shooting detachment in a building assault.  If the detachment loses combat, the enemy unit has the choice of restraining, and getting flanked by your parent unit, or occupying the building.  If they occupy the building, they cannot charge out next turn (building rules state that a unit leaving a building moves as if it just returned from a pursuit off of the table), giving you two turns to position troops for a counter attack if the enemy decides to leave the building.  If the shooters actually do win combat (combat is decided wholly on casualties, chargers lose their charge bonus, fights are done in initiative order) then the assault fails and you can charge the enemy with your parent unit on your next turn!

Things will change with the release of the new Empire rules coming this winter, but I hope that all of your troops will stay warm in nice buildings for the entire winter, gaining a tactical advantage in the process.

WHFB The Electors' Forum / Conflict Toronto Report (Very Long)
« on: September 13, 2006, 11:32:16 PM »
It’s been a long time coming but I finally went to my first major GW tournament.  Conflict Toronto was last weekend (September 9-10, 2006).  For those not familiar with the Canadian Conflict system, it’s a combination of a mini Games Day and the UK GT Heat System.  The only way to get to the Canadian GT final is to either win one of the Conflict events (in which case GW pays for you to attend thee GT) or score in the top 25 for most points collected at tournaments throughout the year.

I guess I’ll start with Friday night.  GW was holding night gaming all over the world for the release of Skull Pass and Conflict Toronto was no exception.  There was even a wall of the boxed game on the wall (that fell down on Sunday…)

I picked up my friend Adrian at Yorkdale mall and got to the convention centre about 20 minutes early.  How the system worked for us is that there were 1000 point games each with special rules (randomly determined for each table).  There were crazy things like “your army has killing blow” or “your entire army has animosity like O&G”.  Then there are objectives and for each objective you complete, you get a card.  The highest poker hand at the end of the night gets first pick from the prize table.

All three of my games on Friday night had “both armies suffer from animosity” AND “both armies get a free 2D6” move before the game starts”.

I decided to bring my Tree Spirit list to this event for fun.  The list had a Branchwraith, 45 Dryads (5 units) and a Treeman.

My first opponent, Will and his Nurgle Daemons, finished 4th overall in the main tournament.  His list wasn’t as good at the night gaming.  He had:

2 Nurgling Bases
21 Plague Bearers
Exalted of Nurgle
Nurgle Chariot

We did our “Charge!” move and were pretty close to start the game.  He got the first turn.  His Exalted squabbled (because we had the animosity rule) and chariot got “‘ere we go!”  It went downhill from there for him.  His chariot charged my treeman and popped.  I surrounded and killed his Plague Bearers, and popped his Nurglings.  His Exalted did kill my general.  The game was very fast thanks to the “Charge!” rule so we played a second game with pretty much the same result, except his chariot did mass killing and his Exalted Popped.  We both determined the difference in a 2000 point game is that his Battle Standard would have kept the Daemons from popping.

In the second game, the youngest player got to challenge anyone, then the next youngest and so on.  I challenged Scott, who we figured out I had played almost 10 years ago at my first ever tournament (he had kicked me hard then with his Tzeentch Daemons).  He had a good Lizard list with some skinks and Sallies and some Saurus Cavalry.  He finished 2nd Overall in the main tournament winning best Sportsman.  I actually don’t remember much about this game, except that we both ended up with a mittfull of cards, and that it was a great game.  If his other games were like that one, he deserved best sportsman.

My last game was a team game where I teamed up with my friend Adrian and his Plague Court of Nurglitch against Chris (Skaven) (that's a picture of his 2000 point army) and Dan (Dwarfs) from Windsor.  They had 11 blocks of infantry on the board between them.  Chris won the main tournament and you’ll see him in the Canadian White Dwarf and probably on the GW Canada website.  All I remember from this game is that both sides ended up with a lot of cards (tends to be a trend).

I ended the night with 4 6’s in my hand which got me third place.  First place walked off with an autographed copy of the new rulebook and a Battle of Skull Pass box.  I picked up the Konrad Saga (I hope it’s good).  Not a bad prize for getting the night gaming free with the tournament.

It then took me an hour and a half to get home that night (15 minutes to get there) because of construction and road closures on the highway.  Got in bed at 2 hoping I wouldn’t be dead for the next morning.

Got up at 8 on Saturday and made my way back to the convention centre with my Empire in tote ready to have some fun.

My Empire Army was Knight heavy and looked like this:

Grand Master
Battle Standard (Mounted)
Warrior Priest (Mounted, Great Weapon, Heavy Armour, Icon of Magnus)
Level 1 Wizard (2 Scrolls)

24 Swordsmen (Standard, Musician, 10 Free Company, 5 Handgunners)
24 Swordsmen (Standard, Musician, 10 Free Company, 5 Handgunners)
5 Huntsmen
5 Inner Circle Knights (Full Command) (GM here)
5 Knights (Full Command, War Banner) (Warrior Priest here)
5 Knights
5 Knights

2 Cannons

5 DoW Light Cavalry (also known as the Hounds)
5 DoW Light Cavalry (also known as the Hounds)

In game 1 I was playing Michel and his Vampire Counts.  It was a very nice looking Cult of Ulric undead army with a pretty standard composition.  (Vamp Lord, 2 Necros, 2 x 20 Zombies, 20 Grave Guard, 2 x 5 Wolves, 4 Bats, 5 Ghouls, 6 Black Knights, 3 Spirit Host).  His Vampire Lord, while not being in combat until turn 5, was always in the right place at the right time – damned Cursed Book.  He would hide behind his main blocks giving me that -1 to hit that hurt so badly.  I charged into his grave guard with my Warrior Priest and his unit, and did only one wound even with the hatred.  They of course got ran down.  Pretty much all of the combats went that way except one notable exception.  My General’s unit, after killing some Ghouls got charged by the Black Knights, which did no wounds, and took 3 in return popping the unit.  I think those were the only VP’s I got.  His Vampire then ran over and kicked the snot out of the knights.  It really didn’t help that I had no magic weapons or attack spells, which allowed his Spirit Host to run around the board pretty much unopposed (he kept them away from my ranked units).  Massacre against the Empire.

Walking around between games, and enjoying a million dollar convention centre lunch, I ran into Warhammer-Empire’s very own Calvin.  He introduced me to his brother “Dragonis” who was at the painting station.  We wandered around the small area were events were happening, talked to one of the regional managers about the O&G book before I had to go back for my next game.

In game 2 I played Ryan and his beautiful High Elves.  Ryan was up for best presentation where he finished 3rd.  He had 2 units of Silver Helms and Big Block each of Spears and Swordmasters, 2 Eagles, 2 BT’s and 2 chariot riding characters (one a mage).  He also had a prince and another mage.  He managed to get a good diversion with his Eagle against one of my main knight units while my Hounds killed one of his BTs.  I had charged his other BT with my other unit of hounds, failed to break him and got charged by his spears.  My General’s unit got lucky running down the Eagle and ended up getting a good charge on the Spears.  He lost combat by 4 and passed…then hit me in the rear with his chariot.  Somehow, I only lost the next combat by 1, but of course broke and that was the end of my general.  His Sword masters walked practically across the board unopposed, but did get shot a few times by the handgunners.  The swordmasters got to charge my cannon and overran into a unit of knights I had in the backfield.  They then got flanked by my free company.  Things went really wrong when he passed another break test (this time he lost by 5) and move his prince, with the Blade of Leaping Gold to the side of the combat where the Free Company was and he killed more than enough to make me run away.  I did get both of his mages and points for one chariot and half his silver helms.  I somehow walked away with only a minor loss.

(Forgot to take a game 3 picture)

In game 3 I played John and his Gobbos.  He was having the same kind of tournament I was.  He ended up finishing at the bottom of the Battle Point standings, but as they say about O&G when they’re bad, they’re very bad, when they’re good, they’re AWESOME.  He proceeded to hit me left and right.  One turn, his 4 Bolt Throwers killed 16 Swordsmen.  I only had 6 models left on the battlefield at the end of the game.  But I did manage to kill his unit of 4 Trolls (lead by his general AND battle standard) so I squeeked away with a solid loss.

Three losses on day 1.  Not a good start but at least the day wasn’t over yet!

Then we went out for a quick dinner.  Me, the boys from Windsor, Scott and Chad all went to this pub across from the Airport.  We ran into the crew from Ottawa there (who later in the weekend accused us of following them).  We only had an hour until night gaming started so we figured we’d eat quick and run.  It took over an hour just to get our food and three of the guys had to get theirs to go.  They knew we were coming so they held off starting before the 6 of us got back.

Since we lost about a half an hour we played the first game of night two’s gaming as a game of “just throw the dice on the table and see who win’s hammer”.  I had brought my tree list for the night gaming again.  I played Dan and his Dwarfs again (the 5 blocks of infantry).  It in essence became a game where I ran in circles around him and let him charge the treeman (I’d get one strangle root attack first).  I got 6 cards (out of 7).

The second game I played Andrew and his beautiful undead Dwarfs.  The army is posted on the Canadian website here.  What do you know another game where the special rules are “Charge!” and “Animosity”.  This was almost another game of throw the dice.  I ran around him in circles and we both collected a lot of cards.

In the final game I teamed with Clarence and his Undead against Chris (playing a friend’s undead) and Adrian (there weren’t many people at late night gaming).  We had the scenarios where you deploy your troops anywhere on the board and then scatter for facing.  With all of the Beast Herds and Dryads, it didn’t make much of a difference.  The MVP was a unit of 5 Plague Censer Bearers who ate 20 Zombies, 20 Skeletons and 2 units of Dryads.  I got 4 of 8 cards so I was happy.

I finished further down that night overall, but with the better prizes I walked away with a box of Wild Riders!!  More forest spirits for my army!!

I dropped Adrian, his friend Bruce, and John (a really nice guy that was playing 40K who got lucky when he yelled out if anyone could drive him home) and got ready for one more day of warhammer.

Got up and got to the convention centre in no time ready to kill some dwarfs.

Paul’s Dwarves were absolutely stunning.  He ended up winning best army presentation and he really deserved it.  He was also a great guy and would have won best sportsman if he didn’t win best presentation.  His Anvil was supporting blocks of warriors, longbeards and slayers, a unit of miner, 10 Thunderers, 2 BT’s and an Organ Gun.  His miners came on the board and anviled into my general’s unit.   My general lost and fled, rallied and got charged by anviled miners, and my general fled again, rallied, got charged AGAIN by anviled miners.  My general lost, and fled, but then managed to rally, charge into the miners and run them down.  I ran down his battle standard his unit of warriors, but I charged his Longbeards from three sides, and his oath stone made all of my units run away.

After about 6 rounds of combat (and 2 “leather jerkin” saves) I killed the last crewman of his organ gun with my hounds unit.  That one organ gun killed my huntsmen, and a unit of hounds, along with tying up the second unit with that single crewman who just wouldn’t die.  All in all, a solid win for the Empire!

I just had to add a picture of his warrior unit and battle standard!!

Forgot to take a picture of the last battle.

My last game was against Doug and his Lizardmen.  Doug has brought a Red Crested list from the Lustria book lead by Tenihuan (however you spell that).  He also had a special skink battle standard, a priest and a Scar Veteran.  One thing I have to say about this list is a ranked skink unit with 3 attacks each is nasty.  All units come with the make of Sotek (+1 attack on the charge) and the battle standard’s unit was frenzied!  He had a large block of 28 Saurus (7 across, 4 deep) that I managed to bait and flee with every turn of the game (it’s not very honorable, but I just didn’t want to face that unit in combat.  I used my knights to kill skink skirmishers and my general’s unit tied up Teni and his swarms.  One of my swordsmen units – with detachment killed his two skink blocks including the frenzied unit with the battle standard.  Teni, in three consecutive rounds of combat challenged and killing blowed my unit champion, my battle standard and my general.  Even with all of those points I walked away with a massacre win!  I felt really bad about baiting and fleeing against his saurus unit for 4 turns, so I could get flank shots on the unit, but I couldn’t think of another way to beat the saurus (they were flank on either side by a building and the table edge.

After 48 hours, 11 games of warhammer and a whole lot of fun, the weekend was over.  I finished with 43/75 battle points and finished 17th overall (out of 40).  Top half isn’t too bad for a first big tournament.  Of the other two Empire armies in the tournament, Andrew who I played at another tourney a while back (a really great game) had a Militia army lead by the Grand Theogonist (great War Alter conversion) tied me for 17th.  The other army, Haig, had kicked the snot out of a lot of people – a lot of upset people.  He was tied for 3rd in battle points but very low comp scores thanks to the gun line with 2 helblasters knocked him down to 33rd. 

I never realized how huge ‘soft scores’ are at the Canadian Tournaments.  In 5 games there is a possible 75 for battle points and 80 for soft scores!!  Plus if you’re voted favourite opponent or Best army there is bonus points!  I scored an 18/20 in presentation (which includes painting) which really surprised me.  Conflict’s Montreal and Windsor are coming up, and there is plenty of room for improvement!!

Thanks again to my great opponents and everyone else I met.  I look forward to seeing you guys at another tournament this season!

WHFB The Electors' Forum / Throwing in the Towel (Conceding Games)
« on: August 08, 2006, 12:58:10 PM »
Based on the topic about WAAC players and how to get them to change, many players said if a person quits a game, then they have a bad attitude.  Someone also said, "I only play the game if I think it's going to be fun for me" (which I take as saying that it's a fair game for both sides, not that that person was a powergamer himself).

Now, there is a certain point in a game where it is no longer fun.  You're getting the snot kicked out of you tactically and you have one unit on the board that is about to be charged from 4 sides (and you have yet to score victory points).  The question here is, you know you're defeated, is it ok to throw in the towel??

Of course this can depend on the situation.  If you're at a club gathering and want to play another game is it ok to quit to start a second game?  Is it ok to quit in a tournament?  Is it ok to quick and ask to start over if a friend is over for a friendly game?

An few examples with a friend of mine (from 5th edition):
- we were playing HE vs Tzeentch Chaos @ 2000 points.  He disced his sorcerer point blank range of my army and Bolt of Changed the Everqueen (I was using her for fun) which I failed to dispell on a 1.  Would it have been ok to quit at that point after losing 500 points without having a turn?  I kept playing but it wasn't much fun.

- same friend, Lizardmen vs Chaos @ 10000 points.  He tooled up his Lizardmen with as many dispell scrolls as he could expecting me to be Bolt of Changing his Slann left and right.  I brought an all Khorne army with 4 Bloodthirsters and 2 Lords on Chaos Dragons.  By turn 2 there wasn't much left and he resigned.

WHFB The Electors' Forum / Imperial Statistics (for this site)
« on: August 01, 2006, 11:58:56 AM »
How come no one pointed this out to me:


Lots of stats on the website!!

My favourite one is the male to female ratio  :-D

The Parade Ground / 2000 point list for Conflict Toronto
« on: July 06, 2006, 08:00:59 PM »
I'm just getting a head start, the tournament isn't until Sept 9th.  I haven't really decided on whether I'll use Lizardmen or my trusty Imperials but since I'm picking up my copy of the 7th edition rulebook that weekend (I bought the hardcover rulebook with my ticket, it gave me a discount on the tournament ticket).   I'm leaning towards one last hurrah for 6th edition Empire.

Here is the list I'm considering bringing:

Elector Count (Barded Horse, FPA, Shield, Lance)
Captain (Barded Horse, FPA, Shield, Lance)
Captain (Barded Horse, FPA, Shield, Lance)
Wizard (2 Scrolls)

24 Swords (Standard/Musician)
Det:  12 FC, 8 Handguns

24 Swords (Standard/Musician)
Det:  12 FC, 8 Handguns

6 Huntsmen

5 Nilla Knights
5 Nilla Knights

5 Knights (Full Command, Warbanner)
6 Knights (Inner Circle, Full Command)

2 Cannons

12 Flaggies

I plan on keeping the handgunners and the Command Knight units in reserve while anchoring my flank the best I can on one side with terrain/table edge and the other with the flaggies. 

Swordsmen will be 4 wide, 6 deep.

I haven't really decided what to do with the characters.  I thought about each infantry unit being lead by a captain and keeping the EC with the Warbanner Knights in reserve.  I also considered making one of the captains into a Warrior Priest and dropping the Huntsmen.  Then I'd have an extra dispell die and I can put the priest in reserve with the knights to cause hatred.

Any thoughts?

WHFB The Electors' Forum / Wierd Question: Fire and Immunity
« on: June 28, 2006, 06:04:06 PM »
I'm imagining a wierd situation where I'm playing a guy from my club that has a Great Taurus riding Lord.  I was using my "Clarkarias Special" against him and didn't make it into combat but was in a perfect position to hit him with firey magic missles from far away before I got in the charge.  Of course I forgot that Taurus' and their riders are immune to flamming attacks.

Now, how does this work with the Flaming Sword of Ruin or a simlar item (say the Burning Blade of Chotec or anything with the Rune of Burning) against something immune to fire attacks (Taurus, Dragon Armour).  The rule states that you must use your magic weapon.  Does this mean that the immune to fire is immune to the flaming attacks?

I'd like some opinions.  I'd go with ignoring the rules of the magic item and counting it as a regular hand weapon (or cannonball in runic dwarf cases)

The Imperial Office / When Wizards are Needed
« on: June 09, 2006, 07:05:36 PM »
When Wizards are Needed

I’m one of those guys that think that characters shouldn’t be an army, they should be supporting an army.  This is probably why I have both an Empire army and a Dogs of War army (I also have Lizards and Wood Elves but that’s beside the point).  So picking the correct character choices to compliment my army is very important whether it’s filling in a weakness in my army such as punch or leadership, or providing the magical defense necessary to keep my troops from harm.

With the latest version of TVI’s (The Village Idiot) Tactica at Warhammer-Empire.com and the ensuing discussion of what other armies can his principles be applied to I came to some conclusions about the inclusion of magic users in Warhammer Armies.

I’ve categorized the armies out there as 4 different types:
-   Defensive armies
-   Offensive Powerhouse armies
-   Dispel Dice Generation lists
-   Dwarfs

I won’t go much into Dwarves because they are pretty self explanatory.  They can’t go offensive in the magic phase and always generate a decent amount of dispel dice.  It is the other three I’m more concerned with.

Defensive Armies

These are the armies out there that generally include a low level wizard or two either loaded up on dispel scrolls or ‘magic die switching’ items like the Black Pariapt, Diadem of Power or Rod of Power – which allow you to store magic dice for later magic phases.  In these armies, the wizards are only present to protect the rest of the army from enemy wizards.  The downside being that this protection is costly since wizards are so expensive points wise.

Offensive Powerhouse Armies

These are armies that put a large emphasis on magic to win them the game.  Slann lead Lizardmen armies and High Elf Book of Hoeth lists are good examples.  The plus side is that magic can be devastating to an enemy army.  The bad side of course being that magic is fickle and a badly timed miscast can cost you the game not to mention the price of putting those wizards on the field.

Dispel Dice Generation Lists

There aren’t many of these types of lists out there but they do have a purpose in this article.  Dwarfs are the extreme example but other examples are a Khorne Chaos Army and a Tepok Lizardmen army.  These armies generally generate enough magic dice by themselves without having to use an expensive wizard.  Although the dice generation ability is often costly, it saves from having vulnerable wizards running around the board.

When Wizards are Needed

This article focuses on the first and to a lesser extent the third of the three types of armies.  Offensive powerhouse armies will be using wizards for both offense and defense so wizards will be on the battlefield anyway.  This article focuses on the “Defense Against the Dark Arts”.

In TVI says in his “Refined Idiocy” that the standard defensive setup of two low level wizards is pricey and next to useless against heavy magic armies and that those points are better spent on more troops.  “Let them blast your troops into oblivion, you have more”.  Now this philosophy works if you have lots and lots of cheap troops that are expendable – which is the whole idea of the TVI Philosophy – but what about those other armies out there!!

I think the need for Defensive Wizards is completely dependant on troop choices.  The more cheap troops you have on the board, the less you need a wizard to defend them because you can afford to lose that 100 point unit of goblins.  I once saw an army of 600+ Night Goblins lead by a single Warboss.  No wizards.  What’s the point of having a wizard to protect your units when you have so many of them!!

Now this is totally different if you’re playing a Chaos Warrior heavy list for example – two to three main units and if you’re lucky (or smart) several smaller support units that are very vulnerable to magic.  So some dispel dice and some scrolls are needed to protect your units since each one is important to you.  Not much is worse then seeing all of your Chaos Knights all go down on turn one to a Plague (I recently saw this happen to a Bretonnian list, it wasn’t pretty).  That same plague spell against a unit of Orcs wouldn’t be close to as bad since you can have 8 orcs for every chosen knight!

I’ll use the armies I’ve played with recently as examples.

My Empire army I’ve recently changed to not include any wizards.  It has 150 models and still has enough points to include the Steam Tank!  My units are very big and I have plenty of them so allowing a fireball or even a Conflagration to kill one of the units isn’t that big of a deal to me.

My DoW Kislev list is another matter.  It is all cavalry, so they are very small units, so I have 2 wizards loaded with dispel scrolls to counter enemy magic that will take out any of my important units.  Playing an army that doesn’t have heavy magic makes those dispel scrolls practically useless, but in a tournament I think that it’s worth the risk.

In the middle is my Lizardmen army.  I have quiet a few units which means I don’t need too much magic protection, but I have some very important units that are vital to my plan, and are very susceptible to magic attacks (Terradons, Salamanders).  So I have one priest with scrolls and another with the Diadem of Power, a ‘magic die switching’ item.  This gives me the option to go defensive if I need to or on the offensive if my opponent isn’t heavy in the magic department.

Of course with the Lizard list I could always put the mark of Tepok on my Saurus units and characters giving me more dispel dice but I think that in my list it is better to just have the priests to possibly give me a little punch back.

Think about it and decide what kind of magic defense you would include in:
-   An all knight Bretonnian army
-   A balanced Bretonnian list
-   A Bretonnian Peasent Horde
Would you want the same magic defense for your troops in each case?

There are other things to consider.  Your army’s ability to hunt down enemy wizards being a big one.  If you think you can kill their wizards quickly then you don’t need a strong magic defense.  Your opponent is another big consideration.  At a tournament you don’t know who/what you’re going to face but in a ‘friendly’ game you can tailor your defense on whether it’s Ogres or Undead on the other side of the field.

As a warning, there are those armies/spells out there that if you don’t have the magic defense for, they will get you the ‘subtle’ way.  These ‘subtle’ spells are movement spells like VanHal’s Danse Macabre which can really put a thorn in your side (I’ve had a few irresistible VanHal’s – from the same opponent) put the pickle in the crap sandwich that is the game.  Be prepared for these spells using other means such as maneuvering and shooting to your advantage.

So be careful with your character choices, your wizard might just turn you into a newt like mine did!!  I got better….

WHFB The Electors' Forum / Tried New List against Chaos Mortals
« on: June 07, 2006, 07:45:19 PM »
Hey all!!  I’ve been trying out a new list for the Empire after spending some time not playing because of school and before that using my Tree list (No Elf Wood Elf army).  I’ve played two games both against Chaos Mortal armies.

My List

Elector Count (Full Plate, Shield, Rod of Command, Holy Relic)
2 Captains with Knight Kits
25 Swords (full command, 12 Free Company, 8 Handguns, Griffon Standard)
25 Swords (Full command, 12 Free Company, 8 Handguns)
25 Spears (Full Command)
5 Knights (Standard, Musician, Warbanner)
5 Knights (Standard, Musician)
Steam Tank (Steam Gun only)

The first game was against a warrior HEAVY mortal list.  It looked like…
Exalted of Khorne
Exalted of Slannesh
Aspiring Battle Standard (Banner of the Gods)
Sorcerer Caddy

16 Warriors (Chosen, Shields, Full Command)
16 Warriors (Khorne, Additional Hand Weapons, Full Command)
16 Warriors (Slannesh, Halberds, Full Command)
5 Flesh Hounds

It wasn’t a very pretty game.  I shot up most of his units and his flesh hounds got tied up with one of my Captains for 6 rounds of combat before the captain finally finished them off.  Meanwhile, my knight unit with the warbanner just sat on the flank and waited for the advance to come passed a hill so they could flank charge.  The steam tank took out a lot of warriors before getting butchered by the Halberd armed warriors and I lost my Griffon Swordsmen unit to the charge of the Khorne Warriors. 

At the end he only had his Khorne Warriors, his Battle Standard (which I never got a chance to snipe at with my cannons) and his sorcerer while I lost the tank and the Griffon Swords.  WIN FOR THE EMPIRE.

The second game I played a mild Tzeentch Archaon’s Hoard list.  It included:

Exalted General (Mark of Tzeentch, Daemonic Steed)
Exalted (Mark of Tzeentch, Disc)
Aspiring Battle Standard

20 Warriors (Full Command, Mark of Tzeentch)
10 Warriors (Full Command, Chosen, Mark of Tzeentch)
6 Knights (Full Command, Chosen, Mark of Tzeentch)
25 Marauders (Full Command)
5 Marauder Horsemen (Throwing Axes)
6 FlayerKin

We played all 6 turns but it was over pretty quick.  My turn 1 saw both cannons shoot at the exalted leading the knights on his daemonic steed.  They panicked and ran off the board.  My Turn 2 saw my captain charge the flayerkin, win and run them down causing the marauder horsemen to panic and run off the board while my tank killed 6 chosen warriors.  Turn 3 saw the tank along with handgun fire panic the marauders on foot (who ran off the board) the tank kill some more chosen warriors and my captain that killed the flayerkin kill the spawn.  Turn 4 saw my cannon crew killed by the disce, which caused my knights to panic and run off the board.  It also saw the end of the chosen warriors.  Now on turn 5 I had his one remaining unit, the regular warriors in a giant shooting kill zone, but since this was a fun game I instead charged his front with a Captain led knight unit and the rear with the other captain.  I made a wild stab to try and turn and run the tank into that combat, blowing up the tank.  The warriors then butchered my one Captain and the unit Champion which I lost combat and ran away.  The last turn, I charged the flank of his warriors with my spearmen, he fled hoping to rally on the last turn, but didn’t run far enough and was run down.  Although, his discer fought my Elector Count. And ended up killing him because of outnumber and fear…So he did get 1000 victory points for my knights, my tank and my general (and one cannon) but all he had left on the board was his Disc rider.  Imperial Victory!!

I love the list with no magic.  It seems that you can get so much more into your army when you don’t have a mage.  Even with the tank I could field a lot of troops.  I’m working on a list that will get rid of the Griffon Standard and the Magic Items from the Elector Count.  I think I may just put the Elector on a Barded Horse and maybe give him the Enchanted Shield and the Helm of the Skaven Slayer (give him a -1+ armour save for only 27 more points).  Then I’ll work on filling more troops into the list!

Mind you, the Tzeentch army I played didn’t have many power dice (only 9 and he didn’t even get that for a turn…so 6 was the max) so I’m still not sure how this will fare against heavy magic armies, but getting more troops will probably help that out.

Hey folks,

I'm not usually the one in the know, but they had a copy of the new rulebook at Games Day Canada.

Here are some highlights from what I remember:

Great Weapons:  Mounted Characters now only get +1 when using a great weapon.  This makes Questing Knights a little worse, and makes the Cavalry Hammer the best in the game!

Psychology:  All ranges for psych tests are standardized

This is where most of the changes have taken place.  Wizards can only use dice from the general pool and what they generate themselves.  If they carry items that add dice, those dice go into the pool

The miscast table makes the Waaagh! table look so much better now.  No matter what you roll on the miscast table you're going to walk away with atleast a strength 2 hit (no armour save).  Rolling a 2 blows up your mage.

The lores have been changed around a bit.  Portant of Far is now the default spell for the Heavens Lore and is a 5+ to cast.  Pit of Shades, if you now fail your I check, you die.  Bear's Anger is the default spell for Beasts.  Lore of life now has a spell that is like a bolt thrower that can move and fire but doesn't need to roll to hit (I believe this was a 7+).  And The Rule of Burning Iron, in the lore of metal now specifically states that you can ignore targeting restrictions when casting (so run rattling guns) and it also goes up to S7 aginast targets with a 1+ save.  It's a 5+ to cast instead of a 3+.  And the last spell in the lore of metal is similar to the Rule of Burning Iron except it's 2D6 hits to a unit.

Hand Weapon and Shield rule.  No Change. 
I forgot to look at the halberds to see if there was any change.

I'll try and remember more, but ask questions and I'll try to give more info.

The Count's Tavern / First Lord of the Rings games
« on: December 08, 2005, 01:49:23 PM »
Hey again all,

I was wondering if anyone else plays the Lord of the Rings Game.  I played my first games last night and they were great!!  2 500 point games in under 3 hours isn't bad for 2 guys that had to check on rules quite a bit.

It was the forces of Isengard against a patrol from Minas Tirith.  

Both Games I brought:
Mounted Faramir
2 Captains on foot
2 Banners on foot
8 Spearmen
7 swordsmen
6 bowmen
5 knights

In game 1, my opponent outnumbered me (yes with Uruk-hai) because he only brought one banner and one Uruk-hai Captain.  This is what lead to his dimise.  I was rolling really well with my wounding rolls and my captains were in excellent spots to help my troops (heroic move kept his Wargs from charging).  Faramir got into a lot of 1 on 1 combats which helped.  He broke first and the first thing to flee was his Captain (failed his Stand Fast! roll).  Win for the good side!!

In game 2 a TON of more terrain was put on the board.  It made the game longer but it was fun.  He brought out his Saruman list which still outnumbered me (I think I may need to fix that...).  Saruman was the only character in the list and he didn't have a banner.  All of my cavalry went down fast:  I hate sorcerous blast.  My last night had a chance to get through to Sauruman, but he Sorcerous Blasted the combat and away I went.  Lost my horse (poor Cinnamon) but did proceed to stand up and beat the Uruk on the next turn.  Every other turn Faramir was immobilized.  Those 2 points of will only last so long.  I got a good schlacking when my flanking force didn't win a single combat and was eventually wittled to nothing.  A triumph for the evil side!!

Mages are really good in that game.  Atleast the ones with free will are.  I'm painting up a ringwraith for my Mordor force and hopefully he can do something too.

WHFB The Electors' Forum / Swordsmen Detachments
« on: December 08, 2005, 01:30:38 PM »
High folks,

How many of you have had trouble with your detachment countercharging a big block unit of something with a ton of attacks and then losing because those massed amount of attacks on both the front and flank.  How about this.

Get a unit of spears or halberds (yes I know, but they're cheaper) don't even bother giving them command, just musician.  If the monster unit (chosen warriors, saurus ect) charges your parent company, flee with the parent and countercharge with the detachment.  The detachment should be 12 strong and 4 wide in order to even go into winning combat, and make them swordsmen for that staying power.  

To be fair, you only go in winning by one (Them:  Outnumber, Standard, You:  2 ranks, flank).  But, if you lose, there is the possibility that the unit will fail it's restrain and be forced to run after your 84 point unit leaving you a nice juicy flank with those IC knights that were roaming around behind your infantry.  Or you can try this tactic with a Richtmark Battalion and hit em with a Steam Tank (warning, lots of high strength attacks can kill the tank in a few rounds)

I'm an excitable guy, and I do enjoy my warhammer.  Probably a bit too much.  But when I get excited I sometimes forget things.  Like certain steps that don't have much of an effect earlier but would have turned the game around if I would have remember then at key times.

For example, the very poor game I played for our campaign against a Chaos Dwarf player.  I have brought one cannon with me and killed his two earthshakers on turn 1 and 2.  on turn 3, I forgot to shoot his lord or a taurus because I wanted to get to hand to hand...that pretty much finished my army single-handedly.  On top of this, I moved my pegaus riding wizard lord (which I'm now using  :-D ) to blast away at his general and forgetting that both the taurus and the rider were immune to fire (rider had a magic item...)

How do you keep your cool during the games that we all love?  Do you have a sheet that tells you what you need to remember every turn?

Oh, and a note, don't cast comet when you bring a cavalry army.  The 27" comet last night killed pretty much my whole army...it wasn't pretty.  I had one chance to still win, and that was charging his Vampire Lord with my de-horsed mage lord.  Of course and irresistable van hals and his other unit of zombies marches in a wipes out the mage...

WHFB The Electors' Forum / Kislev Army Problems (and now another choice)
« on: November 24, 2005, 07:57:33 PM »
Ok folks, there are a few topics down the search page that help with creating Kislev lists.  As most of us know, a list from our neighbours to the north (and their unofficial ambassador Midaski  :wink: ) isn't really tournament viable on it's own.  It lacks magic defence and things to take down the 'big stuff'.  

I'm trying to make a list that is tournament allowable (although I know 90% of tournaments won't allow this) and competitive.  Here is what I came up with.  The base is a DoW army with an Allied contigent.

Mercenary General (HA, Shield)
Paymaster (HA, Shield)
2 Wizards (level 2, 1 scroll each - Lore of Ice if given permission otherwise life)

19 Pikemen (FC)
19 Pikemen (FC)
10 Crossbows
10 Crossbows
5 Light Cavalry (Bows)
5 Light Cavalry (Bows)

Boyar (Barded Warhorse, HA, Shield, Lance)
9 Winged Lancers (FC)
10 Gryphon Legion (FC)

That's 1986 points.  6 points short of upgrading the Light Cavalry to Ungol Horse Archers.  Any oppions on this list and:

1)  If you ran a tournament would you allow this list to participate.
2)  Would you allow me to use ice magic to keep the theme.

WHFB The Electors' Forum / Army Creep...
« on: November 22, 2005, 01:32:15 PM »
I know this has been discussed elsewhere but I'm not sure if it's been done here.  A guy at my gaming club who has a 40k army was watching our Warbands tournament last weekend (I finished 2nd of 10 with my Wood Elves) and he asked me if fantasy has the same 'army creep' problems as 40k.  

My answer was right away 'yes' and I totally believe in that answer.  GW says it doesn't try this but I think they do it on purpose and just sometimes fail (Ogres and Tomb Kings).  Gav Thorpe was quoted as saying "Minitures aren't used to sell warhammer, warhammer is used to sell minitures".  What better way to sell minitures then to make the new army 'better' than all of the old ones.

Of course, eventually the armies will get too powerful and they'll all have to be started from scratch as what happend with 6th edition.

I want to hear others opinions on this topic.  And remember, keep it clean...

The Count's Tavern / WHERE ARE YOU MAP? Enter your location.
« on: November 07, 2005, 04:09:56 PM »
I've seen this at a few sites and I think it's a great idea.  You can find people in your area easier and it's cool to get a demographic on where people are (just like the post not long ago about how 40k is played more in the US then Europe).  

This is still in beta but I think it's good.  

Click here for the map.

Mod Edit: It has been decided that this might be more fun in the Elector's Forum, so we have moved it and made it a sticky.

WHFB The Electors' Forum / Imperial Warbands (500 points)
« on: October 05, 2005, 02:55:02 PM »
Hi Again all,

We always discuss tactics and possible lists for 2000 point games, as those are the standard.  1000 point games come up from time to time too.

Now, my gaming group is having a Warbands tournament.  I know some aren't familiar with the rules so you can find them here.  The general game rules are all the same, its the senario and list rules that change.

With Warbands there are a LOT of different possibilities for what opposing, as well as my own, armies will appear.  You could see a wood elf list with 1 treeman, 10 dryads and a branchwraith.  Or you could see 120 Goblins, 10 wolf riders and a BT line up across the board.

I can point out that against most armies shooting is the way to go in warbands.   But that can turn into a really boring game.  But since there are no comp/sports/painting points for this mini-tourny, going to win would be the way to go.

At the risk of letting Will (who's running and probably playing in this tournament), I want to get some ideas for lists recommended by people.  I've already tried a few different list.

List 1:
3 x 5 knights
2 x 2 knights
knight captain

List 2:
4 x 3 handguns
3 Archers
5 knights with stand/musi
knight captain

List 3:
15 Swords with full command (5 man FC detach)
5 knights with Standard/Musician
5 handguns
4 handguns
3 Archers
knight captain

All 3 performed well.  But they went up against small armies.  Any recommendations?

Note:  I have no idea what armies I'll face...but I expect Wood Elves, High Elves and Skaven are on the list...

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