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The Brush and Palette / My Dogs of War - And other army projects
« on: November 27, 2018, 07:44:36 PM »
Hey there, friends!

I've decided to set up 'shop' properly around here after the old Dogs of War Online forum got locked [unfortunately, suffering from a measure of bots and very few frequent posters, if at all  :unsure: ] to bring thee my Imperial, Tilean and Other related miniature projects regarding both Warhammer Fantasy Battles and, on occasion, Age of Sigmar. I find it a waste of efford to use miniatures set for a single system, so you'll find out that I mostly base my fantasy figures in square bases, allowing me to field them either in WFB, Age of Sigmar [given the basing doesn't really matter] or even the occasional Kings of War match.

I've been about to dive head-first into Dragon Rampant, after all, and I find the same phylosophy applied to that system's design, and it appeals to me greatly.

Without any further ado, let's see some pictures, shall we?

When I first started with my Dogs of War project, I've been mostly into Borgio the Besieger and the Principality of Miragliano in general. It always amused me how Cavatore and Stillman gave him a string of victories to parody the military italian victory of Vittorio Veneto [Via Veddia, Villa Venia and Vittoria Viccia]. Currently, however, I've been fielding them more often all around the Old World - from Luccini to the Border Princes!

Braganza's Besiegers! Invincibility at no extra charge!

These have been some of my favorite figures ever since I've first started to get into Warhammer back at 6th edition. I only started collecting and playing at 7th, however.

A Hireling Wizard Lord, Lore of Heavens, Tycho Braahms.

I've done something different when trying to paint him. At first I went for a deep blue, but decided to repaint him black so I could build up colors like celestial nebulas. It was pretty simple, but I like the effect.

And a little bit of a parade with figures painted in the last week, with my current Prince, Lietpold the Black. What a gorgeous little figurine - a pleasure to paint. I really like his arrogant pose and sneering expression!

Curiously we could say he's one of the few 'evil' characters Dogs of War had gotten throughout the years although people could certainly argue that the figure was not meant to the Dogs of War, but to the Empire alternative list featured on Tamurkhan, but no worries, you can't convince me otherwise. ;)

I've also started the daunting task of working on 60 Pirazzo's Lost Legion models. I've finished 20, so I can already start fielding them with anything close to combat effectiveness!
"Are you a poverty-striken youth? Join Pirazzo's Lost Legion! Trained in Lustria - We know where the gold is!"

I've found out that these pikemen look real intimidating when all properly ranked up, like they could roll through anything [which they hardly ever do at all, being simple humans and all that on a world with demons and always-strike-first elves! XD].

And lastly, the Greatest Mercenary in the World - Golgfag Maneater!

He was quite fun to paint, despite how the finecast material being mangled upon delivery.  :dry: I've had to convert him slightly to fix the figure, but I like how he ended up!

I'll eventually tackle the basing as well, it's just that I am currently feeling quite lazy XD

The Imperial Office / The Northern Situation - IC 2518
« on: March 09, 2018, 02:22:34 PM »
There are evils lurking at every corner... – Ravandil’s Quest

AAR of my current Mighty Empires, using the 1991, for  Warhammer Fantasy Battles – 8th ed.

Forgive the unpainted figures, we are working on it as the campaign develops!

Year 2518 of Our Lord Sigmar

Marienburg, 20 Jahrdrung
Long Drong Slayer’s Pirates have disembarked in the southern docks, coming straight from Sartosa. In half a day’s time, they had been quartered and billeted, and their captain now holds a letter of marque issued by the Council. While the filthy company of the dwarfs is quite… unpleasant, Liutz Dorfer claims it is much better to have the pirates in the employ of the city than against it – we are already plagued enough by the buccaneers in Wrecker’s Point occasionally attacking the cogs on their way to Estalia and the south. Few madmen would sail to Kislev – nothing useful or valuable there. Let us see if the dwarfs are as effective as they are smelly.

Marienburg, 24 Jahrdrung
The spice merchant Ruprecht van der Klatz was elected by the Council as Comissar provisioner towards the management of contracts with Dogs of War, from the great free companies to the individual vagabonds. The volume of scrolls and parchment to be addressed make of this an insane job – even the most miserable peasant in Bretonnia would frown at such task. The Registry Officers have been sinking in the Reik, as everyone knows, and tens of such documents are either mouldy or illegible. As any nomination, it was contested under the cries of ‘thief’ or ‘schemer’. Some of our dignified councilmen called van der Klatz an illiterate.

Marienburg, 29 Jahrdrung
A sinistre vessel unloaded the Coin-Bought Prince, Lietpold the Black, to the docks today. People that know of his reputation will spit to the cobblestones where he treads, but the man smiles, despondent with a terrible and cruel glare. Apparently van der Klatz had already done business with the mercenary to assume general captaincy of the sellsword armies of Marienburg. Captain Rainier van Wulfschloss has received an extension of his command, and remains the general of our own brave warriors of old jutone stock; but Lietpold brings with him dogs of war from every corner of the world, much outnumbering our native guards. Someone mentioned seeing Golgfag and his maneaters, huge ogres the size of the smaller homes in town. I’ve seen by myself pikemen in astounding numbers.

Rainier von Wulfsburg and Ruprecht van der Klatz

Marienburg, 7 Pflugzeit
News from Nordland claim that, in Salzenmund, troops of the new Elector-Count are mobilizing to reaffirm the alliances with his nobility and villages which, on the occasion of the passing of the old count were left to their own devices. But the poor fishermen that call themselves the nobility of Nordland have no great ambitions, and swiftly accepted becoming vassals to the count. What worried us here is the swift taking of Dietershafen and the eviction of our usurers from the port. The Council whispers resentment against the new count, but as long as he lays no foot in Marienburg, he should be safe.

Marienburg, 13 Pflugzeit
A figure tailed Lietpold before the Council. Thin, short and pale, with dark oiled long hair and robes. Everyone knew it to be a wizard, but here in Marienburg we are less… simple than in the Empire, and we do not chain mages as long as they keep a low profile and honor their trading debts. Captain Rainier has lead an expedition to clean up the Reik of pirates back in the 8th, and now Lietpold and his foreign companion – likely tilean by his fragrances – have disappeared in the marshes and swamps that extend to the horizon  surrounding the city. Lietpold took with him a small group of well-armed warriors, but his warlock walked on his own. In the night, terrible whispers rose from the northeast, and colorful flashes lit up the thin woods in the distance according to the men stationed on the walls. If they are not careful, the fimir will carry them to a pot!

Marienburg, 14 Pflugzeit
Lietpold is back, as is his tilean mage, Corrado. Both only smirk at being questioned on whatever dark business they had to solve on the bogs as if smugglers. They have only mentioned new allies and regiments should protect Marienburg, why, certainly not the Fimir!

Marienburg, 18 Pflugzeit
From the Eastwall towers, some soldiers must have been drinking too much. They say that in the twilights, one can see the dead walking the earth once more, rotten banners and hoarse drums playing, but those figures do not approach the walls. Necromancers once more dwelling in the swamps? A letter was handled to Ruprecht van der Klatz with the monogram and the contract of service of a certain Richter Kruegar, but nobody has ever seen them. Some councilman must be falling to corruption and sleighing his hand over the city’s coffers.

Marienburg, 2 Sigmarzeit
Beeckerhoven  has joined the new count of Nordland, as did Hargendorf, Oldenlitz e Dünsen, on the borders with Middenland e Hochland. We don’t yet know if the count will try to negotiate marriages or alliances with the other Electors, but it is an arrivist, a newly0made man. The Council might not need to take measures. In Zandt, captain Rainier van Wulfschloss was barred from the citadel, and there was fighting. In Klessen, Ruprecht van der Klatz was too forbidden from entering the city. The burgomeister was cast out after violent combat, to which News Lietpold snarked that the council should keep it’s merchantmen inside the city rather than sending them to the field of honor bearing swords. There were no smiles except his own.

Marienburg, 16 Sigmarzeit
The Count of Nordland Nordland has built a castle in Dünsen. The Midden Mountains are dangerous and all sorts of bandit and beastmen wander the slopes and forests over them. Our warriors are shy and wish not to tread into Laurellorn – not because of crossing the Nordland border, but fearful of – imagine that! – elves. As if elves wandered the Old World! Old legends of the wilds to scare the foolish and the simpleton.

Marienburg, 24 de Sommerzeit
Plague castigates Nordland. Sigmar protects! May Shallya not allow the plague to spread this far, but thanks to Taal there are few cities to spread the sickness between Salzenmund and Marienburg, not to mention the dense forest of Laurellorn. We are accustomed to marsh fevers and malaria in Marienburg, but it is always scary when blood descends through the ears, eyes and nostrils. A sigmarite preacher declared the divine punishment to the new count, which he calls illegitimate. We had fun with his hallucinated words until the old man began to predict that the plague would punish the noble merchants and burgomasters of the Council. A good beating by the tilean bravos silenced him for the rest of the day.

Marienburg, Sonnstill
It is summer solstice, and Tycho Braams, Lord Magus in the service of the Council - and also counselor, why should not it be? - retired to his tower in Rijker. It's time for the great spells, and the Winds of Magic blow in a more terrible way than before. In order to punish Zandt for the impertinence in denying Rainier van Wulfenschloss the friendly embrace of Marienburg, the Magician made the Reik overflow sudden and terrible. The filling swept the village of the map. Also under Rainier's suggestion, divination spells were prepared to give an end to the pirate problem at Wrecker's Point. I can not imagine what the wizards at the Earl's court are up to, but Tycho mentioned that earthquakes rocked Wrecker's Point. Does the Count also intend to remove the pirates?

Marienburg, 15 Vogerheim
Bandits across Westerland are looting key villages to feed the fat Marienburg. Rainier had been censured by the Council for his inability to prevent mere looters from reigning over the lazy field.

Marienburg, 23 Nachgeheim
In Klesse, emissaries are sent to calm the moods after the disastrous action of Ruprecht van der Klatz. They are surprised by emissaries from Nordland, so close to Marienburg. Well, can’t the count know he will be hanged if we find him in Marienburg? The council did not like this news, much less when the baronet who rules Klessen expelled our diplomats by agreeing to marry a distant cousin of the Count of Nordland! The audacity of that miserable scavenger of shells!

It's war! The whole Council calls for war against Nordland.

Marienburg, 23 Erntezeit
With the declaration of war, a large fleet is bring prepared on the Marienburg’s piers. My own neighbors are happy with the profits they will make by selling their merchant cogges to the Council for cheap prices - merchant ships being adapted for war must without much trouble win the canoes the Earl of Nordland has prepared in Dietershafen! Winter promises storms.

Marienburg, 30 Erntezeit
Long Drong Slayer, in bold action, took Wrecker's Point from the pirates of Hinrich Eich, called 'Master of the Claws'. With his dwarf ship, ‘Fair Fregar', Long Drong waded through the Teeth of Manaan and managed to disembark his pira ... I mean, his privateers near the badly-manned fortress of the pirates. In fact, the earthquakes had crushed part of the walls, and many of the pirates were patrolling the coast without their small ships. Although Long Drong was injured, and Hinrich Eich escaped unharmed, the square was taken by the glory of Marienburg and his Council! I have never doubted Long Drong, and he will be honored at his return by the burgomasters.

Marienburg , Brauzeit
Cool. In the tavern I found a curious figure-a man with a peasant accent, perhaps from Talabecland or even beyond, dressed in old-fashioned outfits, drank in the company of two huge mastiffs. After much conversation with the figure in his simple outfits, I learned to be Wernher von Glocke, and that he had business in the city. As discreet as I may be, I warned Werner that the actions of the Templars of Sigmar are not recommended on the streets of the city - though they are not in fact forbidden. Oh, yes, I remember the 'wicked' shouts that came out against the Council when they tried to stop the Witch Hunters in town two years ago. Some have suggested that the Great Theogonist would declare a crusade against Marienburg if the law were actually voted. Werner only smiled when I identified him, but said that if I was afraid of Sigmar, neither he nor I should fear anything ...

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