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So hopefully this log will actually be successful and motivate me to get some fecking painting done. So for the first day then I haven't had much time as I had to unpack but so far I've got this done, hopefully more to get done today.

So this little chap was partially done but has been finished and based and everything, I think.

He's one of the few survivors of the phoenix guard, butchered by the beastmen.
He was an experiment in speed painting puffed up clothing, I think it went ok...  :dry:

C&C always welcome.

Hobby and Fluff section / Revelation - The (Weekly) Paper
« on: February 27, 2013, 06:32:56 PM »
So here is our sort of weekly, or more likely whenever I can be bothered and find the time, newspaper. Naturally it is completely unbiased and impartial in every single way.  :biggriin: Enjoy!*

*All data correct at the time of printing.

Hobby and Fluff section / I think we may be lost...
« on: February 09, 2013, 05:13:10 PM »
Imagine seeing a herd of beastmen riding steeds out a forest and into plain sight. You would most likely be as confused as everyone else and might even head for the safety of the nearest privy. But those who are slow and dull of mind will quickly learn that they are in fact humans, caked in mud and wearing brown furs but definitely men. Yet those who stick around long enough to smell them might not be so sure.

The Brush and Palette / HELP! (would be appreciated)
« on: July 24, 2012, 06:12:53 PM »
Basically, I've made a plinth to mount a statue of Ursun on and there is sufficient for almost any model in existence.
The problem however is that I'm at a bit of a dilemma.

Option A: is to get a sufficiently wild model. My research tells me that he should be wearing a loincloth, however I think the empire Amber wizard finecast would probably be quite good (with a little bit of converting), though if anyone can think of something better I am very interested (links or pictures would be ideal).

Option B: is to get a model of a bear, however I just can't find a sufficiently intimidating model of a bear anywhere so I'm asking if anyone knows of one could the please post a link.

Hopefully I will be able to get hold of a camera and take pictures of the product when it's finished but unfortunately I current have no camera. That is if real life allows me, something it has been doing its best not to do recently.

Thanks in advance.

The Parade Ground / 8th Edition - Hammer List
« on: April 11, 2012, 01:09:48 PM »
So then here's my list. It's fluff comprised and consists of models I already own, just curious as to what you guys think of it.


General of the Empire (95)
-Armour of Meteoric Iron (50)

Heroes = 449

Markus Wulfhart (140)

2 Battle Wizards (200)
-level 2 upgrade
-Light and Life

Battle Standard Bearer (109)
-Full Plate Armour & Shield
-Barded Steed


49 Halbediers (324)
-Full command
(general goes here)

Det: 10 Free Company (60)

Det: 10 Free Company (60)

9 Knights (228)
-Full command


Great Cannon (120)

5 Outriders (125)
-Champion & musician

3 Demigryph Knights (204)
-Full command

The Chosen Men (120)
(Wulfhart's Huntsmen)


Helblaster Volley Gun (120)

I could potentially take a helstorm instead of my cannon/volley gun or another cannon seeing as they all cost the same now.
I do have 45 points left over (it's a 2000 point list) something that's never happened before, and I don't know what to do with it :)
C&C welcome, cheers  :::cheers:::

The Brush and Palette / The Painting Challenge
« on: April 10, 2012, 04:54:50 PM »
Hi there!
I recently acquired myself the model of the Huntsmarshal, Markus Wulfhart. Owing to the power of his upgrades I have also decided to make his unit of chosen men however there is an interesting flaw...

Each of his men would come from a different province/state to represent their mixture but my unit will only be 10 men and I can't decided which province/states to use. I also HAVE to include one kislevite archer which means there are 9 remaining choices to be made. I will be posting pictures of these guys as I paint them but any thoughts on which provinces/states I should use would be appreciated as I'm stumped not knowing a lot about any of them other than Ostland.

I am a very slow painter but I will get it done. Cheers  :::cheers:::

The Brush and Palette / The Skaven Awards
« on: February 11, 2011, 06:37:18 PM »
So, basically, I would quite like to build an ingenious skaven invention, but I have no idea what I want to make. So I ask you to submi pictures, or fluff to help me get going. The one I judge is the best will get the (yet to be) coveted 'Skaven Award'.

So, thanks for the help. The prize, you get to be called master engineer, by me at least...  :engel:

EDIT: I have decided to put a deadline on this. All entries must be in before the 1st of March GMT. Cheers  :::cheers:::

The Imperial Office / A Collection of Letters
« on: January 14, 2011, 01:55:19 PM »
These letters are those written by Karl Freidmann to his wife Marianna during the time of the great war for Estalia (aka A5)

So the first three. C&C welcome.

Dear Marinna,
I have arrived in Muros. Upon docking I followed your instructions and went to visit the house of your brother, alas he was not there. I asked the neighbours and they informed me that he had moved to a small plantation East of the city, but had retained a new shop on the town square and sometimes stayed in the spare room above it. Upon arriving the men and women present immediately pressed various cloths into my hands, and it took some persuasion to get one of their number to lead me to your brother. I have grown lazy and need to reacquaint myself with the language. Your brother was most hospitable, and offered me a room in his new residence. I declined, politely I hope, and insisted on staying on board the Francesca. Tomorrow I am hoping to go and visit the current King whose name I have forgotten. It also seems that I am not alone here in my wish to defend Estalia. Already a group of warriors have formed themselves, a dwarf named Unbrok, a general who hails from the province of Wissenland, besides others whom I do not know yet, though I have heard rumours of an orc who also seeks to protect your country. So wish me well and I hope you feel better soon my love. I must go now and attend to the needs of my ship. I will write again soon.
Your ever loving Franz

My dearest Marinna,
I have met the ruler, and he seems a very nice man though he is troubled. Few have come to aid him in his attempt to save Estalia, and he fears that if we are attacked we will not be able to hold them. I have warned your brother of the dangers, but he seems to not know or care about what will happen. I can only wish that he realises soon. The Francesca is looking good, and has new sails, courtesy of your brother. If only the one whom she is named after was still alive, I’m sure your pain would not be nearly so great. Already refugees are coming to Muros. We have heard that a Brettonian force is riding south under the command of Evette, as well as a force that marches North from Araby. Little can be done to prevent the two armies, who both claim to be acting for the good of Estalia, the Brettoni calling themselves a ‘Protectorate’ and the Arabyans an ‘Intervention’. Orcs are also coming from the East, along with foul ratmen, and the black elves of Naggaroth. Let us only hope we can find an ally before the fighting begins.
Your Franz

My Love,
I apologize for not having written over the past few days. Refugees have been pouring into the city with tales of skaven, orcs, goblins and evil elves. There is talk about setting up a refugee camp to sustain them all. I went up the harbour tower today to try and get away from all noise in the streets, and found huge feathers there, ones that appeared to have come from a griffon, though I know that sounds preposterous. I received a letter from the ruler, which enquired as to whether I would be interested in a building project. I replied yes, and now I wait in anticipation for the plans of his mind. In his letter he stated he had a great workforce, and have become something of an expert in engineering. I suppose being a ship’s captain I know a bit, and then there was those few Ostforts I designed for the elector, but really, he must be hard pressed if he is asking me to make buildings. I had ordered for my other ship to return with strong men and today they arrived. They have all arrived, and they seem to be a regiment of Handgunners, maybe thirty men, and fifty halberdiers. I’m afraid I must go now, as they want me down on the docks. It appears they brought a single great cannon. So goodbye my darling, until my next chance to write.
I hope you are feeling better, Franz

The Brush and Palette / Ostland/Kislev Blog - Very slow
« on: November 26, 2010, 06:18:37 PM »
Well, I've decided to start my own blog. :icon_mrgreen:
So, with out further ado, the first picture.

First up, an artillery crew (take notice of the chequered pattern, took 2 hours!) and a Kislev veteran...

Next, a couple of headless guys, one a crossbowmen and the other a (gun) Captain...

And his command...

A few black headless swordsmen (as you've probably worked out, I don't like painting heads) with the kislevite again...

And finally, a tower made completely out of a box of crunchy nut...

Enjoy! :biggriin:

The Parade Ground / 1000 pts
« on: October 27, 2010, 10:48:43 AM »
Here it is. I've chosen life as my lore as I hope to get regrowth on my Greatswords and possibly my Knights.

HEROES   282            
   Warrior Priest         90   
      Armour of Meteoric Iron   25   
      Shrieking Hammer      10   125
   Wizard - life         65   
      Level 2                    35   
      Van Horstmans Speculum   35   
      Barded Warhorse      12   
      Rod of Power      10   157
CORE   390            
   35 Halbediers         175   
      Full Command      20   
      det- 10 Crossbowmen   80   275
   5 Knights                      115          115
SPECIAL   325            
   Mortar                       75   75
   Great Cannon         100   100
   10 Greatsword         100   
      Full Command      50   150

Engineers Guild / Mortar and HSRB rules?
« on: October 25, 2010, 10:12:06 PM »
When firing the mortar or HSRB do we guess the distance or use the rules for stonethrowers?

Cheers. :::cheers:::

The Imperial Office / Captain Klaus Schinkler - A Nordlanders Tale
« on: October 23, 2010, 04:58:53 PM »
Hi :blush:

I got a little bored now the T&G campaign is over and so is the legendary Kislevite Warrior. I bet none of you saw his death coming did you.  :Ohmy:
Anyway, I asked people for inspiration (thanks to you guys that gave it to me) and have since started my new story.

You never know, I might change all the place namesand get it published one day as a fantasy novel, in which case you guys are reading a free copy :engel:

So here is the first chapter. C&C welcome, especially criticism.

Klaus stood at the helm of his ship. He felt the wood beneath his hands, still rough as it had not been smoothed by the hands of men. This new ship, his new ship, was about to set to sea for the first time.
He had been sailing ever since he was six, going out in the harbour in his little rowing boat and emptying his pots. At the age of ten he had gotten a small yawl, with which he and his best friend Hans had gone up and down the coast line, exploring every nook and cranny, until he knew it like the back of his hand. At sixteen he had joined the one of the gun boat crews and by nineteen was in charge of one of them.
Klaus was the only son of his father, Hermann and his Sylvania mother Freya. His father was a wealthy merchant, who had been elected the mayor of their small town, and in his lifetime had turned it into a great town. The walls were strong and had repelled many raiders from the North. They had a constant militia of a hundred men, and all the able male population were trained as reserves. There were now many gunboats sitting in the fortified harbour and was full of ships bound on their way to Erengrad.
Located just behind Manann’s Teeth, on the River Schaukel, the town of Spelktzer was sheltered from the Sea of Chaos. This meant that they were the perfect have for ships travelling long distances. They came from as far away as Araby, Grand Cathay and Lustria, to trade their valuables for those that only Kislev could offer; furs and pelts.
On the tip of Nordland, between the Sea of Claws and the Sea of Chaos, his father had realised the potential of their village and sought to make it an important and wealthy town. He had succeeded and now they were a successful port.
They had twelve gunboats, two brigs and this new vessel, of which Klaus had been given command. His was designed solely for speed, and so the beam was incredibly thin. In fact, though Klaus didn’t know it, it was the fastest ship of its time.
They carried long nine pounders, eighteen of them on either flank. The furthest forward and back cannons could be towed to alternative firing positions, and be used as bow or stern chasers.
His crew were all experienced sailors, though not one them was a day over thirty five. He had two lieutenants, Hans his best friend was the first lieutenant and Petr, a Kislevite, was the second. Klaus and Hans were both twenty three, though Petr was thirty one. Klaus was in charge of the deck and Petr the guns, as none was a better shot than Petr. He could hit a chicken at thirty paces with a pistol.
Klaus took in a deep breath as he prepared to give his first orders as captain. Some would argue that his vessel was so small he should only have the rank of commander, but Klaus didn’t care.
‘Slip lines! Tell the longboats to row! We’re warping out f harbour!’ It felt strange to be giving orders, but he knew that he would have to get used to it if he hoped o be a good captain.
He felt the planks below his feet move as they began to creep forwards. He turned the wheel slowly a larboard, he had to use small movements as there was little room in the harbour. They kept moving, out through the harbour walls and into calm sea, where only a few knots of wind were blowing.
‘Retrieve boats!’ The longboats came alongside and where winched up on deck. ‘Loose sails!’ The top men scurried up the rigging, heading aloft to the yardarms where they could loose the sails and get them moving. They moved quickly, but not quickly enough for Klaus. He would have to train them hard, make sure they were as quick as jack rabbits handling those sails. He didn’t know how good they were at gun training, but he would soon find out.

Anyone care to guess what will happen next?

The Imperial Office / Need Ideas for a Story.
« on: October 21, 2010, 07:22:35 PM »
Same as the title.

I just finished the Tale of a Kislevite Warrior, and am know bored, as there is no light in the evenings around here and my electricity is shot.

Any suggestions. I just need an idea, a spark to get me going.

My writing style is quite quick and to the point, though still quite detailed.

Thanks :::cheers:::

The Parade Ground / First 500
« on: September 12, 2010, 05:00:49 PM »
So here is what I was thinking:

Captain of the Empire:
full plate armour,
dragon helm,
enchanted shield,
shrieking blade,
luckstone                                       88

20 swordsmen: full command           145
     det- 5 free company                   50
     det- 5 free company                   50

5 pistoliers: musician                       97

Hellstorm Rocket Battery                  115

Total: 500

Tell me what you think.

The Count's Tavern / Treachery and Greed: Join the Tyrian Guild
« on: September 07, 2010, 08:24:16 PM »
Exactly as it says on the title.

If you have signed up for the T&G campaign, which by the way is AWESOME! (well done campaign team! :eusa_clap:) then I would reccomend the Tyrian Guild.

We are a very friendly bunch, and always welcome newcomers.

Though some describe us as the greenskin faction we are not, as we are full of Orcs, humans from all over, elves and more. We currently control all of South West Tilea.

If you still have doubts go over and see us. And even if you don't join our faction join in the campaign. You don't even need to now how to play Warhammer (I don't... yet :icon_cry:).

Cheers! :::cheers:::

The Parade Ground / 500pts, advice wanted
« on: September 04, 2010, 09:59:59 PM »
OK, so here it is, C&C please.

Captain, armour of meteoric iron

20 Swordsmen, full command
      det- 6 crossbows/hangunners
      det- 10 free company

5 Pistoliers, musician

1 Cannon

I could always swap the captain for a lvl1 wizard on warhorse if needs be.

WHFB The Electors' Forum / Magic: Q&A
« on: August 28, 2010, 09:19:12 PM »
This is for all magic related questions and answers.

First question: if I cast Transformation of cadon with irresistible force, what happens about dispelling in later turns and what happens to the miscast.

The Brush and Palette / Kislev convertions - advice
« on: August 14, 2010, 06:09:23 PM »
I am doing a contingent of kislevittes, and I was wondering if anyone nows some good GW models that I could convert to Kislevites

Cheers :::cheers:::

The Imperial Office / Tale of a Kislevite Warrior
« on: August 06, 2010, 05:28:05 PM »
This here tale will be regularly continued, and is also in the T&G forum.

Please tell me what you think, here goes...

"Storms brewing" said Doshov, as he attempted to wrap his extremely worn coat around his thin body.
"Yes" replied Mikosov, gazing into the distance, and seeing the nothing but white snow.
"Have you heard about that business in Tilea?”
"No", Mikosov turned quickly to look at his new friend. "Having problems are they?"
"Problems, no. Only the largest bloody war between just about every race on the planet, that's all". Doshov stared at his friend in disbelief, "Don't you listen to the talk in the 'white hart'".
"How could I, I've been out in the forests for the past month".
"Oh yeah, that's right. Did you catch anything?"
"No", replied Mikosov bitterly.
"Aw well, you'll get your first kill next time." Mikosov hated when adults did that, treated him as if he didn't know better, as if he was an inexperienced child who was going to have a tantrum any second. He was as good a shot as some elves, well, the young ones. He would have got himself a stag, had it not been for a bloody convoy from Cathay scarring the Stag as it came past. Another couple of seconds and he would have had it.
"So why are we bothered by stuff happing all the way down there?"
"Because, rumour has it that they are after mercenaries, and some of the lads are interested in the pay, they here it is very good"
 “Really...” said Mikosov quietly. Good pay, warmer climate and without the constant threat of those damned warriors of chaos who kept coming down from the North, he could just picture it. Much of Kislev was still in ruins from their last invasion, and the Ice Queen herself had fled off to her Winter Estate in the East. “When does our shift end?”
“Any minute now” Doshov replied looking irritated at his watch. Just then a faint red glow appeared to the East, “Password” Doshov called out.
“Come on Doshov you know full well that no-one ever remembers General Tushkins passwords” came the reply.
“Well I recognise your voice Puvi, but try and remember the next one, wont you.”
“But he chooses the most ridiculous passwords ever” protested Puvi.
“Come on Doshov” Mikosov said to his friend, “Do you want to stay here arguing or do you want to get out of this blizzard, into the pub and get a drink.”
“I’ll take the drink.”
A few minutes later they were walking down the high street, a fight had started in the middle of the street and Mikosov and Doshov steered well clear of their friends who were goading them on. They went into the White Hart at the end of the street. It was stifling in the small confines of the pub. Everyone was in the same places as every pub in Kislev, the wenches sitting behind the far table in the corner, wearing revealing clothes and smelling strongly of cheap perfume; the barmaid, also the owner, was standing behind the bar. Just to her left Mikosov noticed a barrel with XXXXXX written on it, and two armed men standing by it, both of them looked as if they had never smiled in their life, they probably didn’t even know the meaning of the word ‘happy’, thought Mikosov.
“What can I get you love?” asked the barmaid.
“Just two pints of house mead please” he replied.
“Sure you want a whole pint” Doshov said with a wink in his eye.
“Piss off”
“There you go.” Mikosov reached into his pocket, the barmaid seeing him said: “Don’t worry love. Soldiers get their first drink free, you deserve it.”
“Thanks” he said. “Your accent, Uzulakan isn’t it.”
“Very good” she leaned in closer to him; “If you like I could make your night more enjoyable, seeing as you’re such a charming boy” she nodded towards the wenches, “At a very reasonable price”
“No thanks. But I think Doshov might be interested”, he said as he caught sight of his friend striding over there, pulling out his money bag. Instead Mikosov went over to the loud young men who were singing songs in extremely slurred kislevspiel and acting as if they didn’t care about tomorrow.
He arrived just in time to hear them finishing off another song. “And we’ll be a gettin’ a drink’ me luv’ with ta’ gold we get from Tilea”.
“What’s this then”, he said. A bunch of them looked up at the new arrival one of them remembered a small portion of his manners and said: “Hello, come to join the party, we could use soldiers.”
“Why?” respond Mikosov interested now, any opportunity to get away from this God forsaken village and somewhere where the cold didn’t gnaw at your bones all day was fine by him.
“We’re goin’ to Tilea. There is a host of money as can be made there as mercenaries, I’m Capt. Kiv and tis’ be my crew.” He said hiccupping after every sentence.
“When do you leave?” he asked. His heart was pounding; this would be his chance to leave, for good, with money in his pockets and a future.
The Captain replied, “We leave for Erengrad at dawn, and from their a week on my ship, can I count you in lad?”

WHFB The Electors' Forum / Which do you use first, ward or armour?
« on: July 16, 2010, 04:32:58 PM »
I was wondering, if you have a model with a ward and armour save, can you use both, and if so, which first?

Thanks for your help.

The Town Square / Workshop link broken
« on: July 04, 2010, 10:01:14 AM »
I just notice that in the work shop, under modeling, when you click on the steam tank link it actually takes you to the one about elector counts.

The Brush and Palette / Dioramas, post here.
« on: July 03, 2010, 03:24:45 PM »
This is for anyone who has a diorama they would like to post, I think it might be useful for comparisons and inspiration.

The Parade Ground / 2000 pts army, yes there's no cavalry
« on: June 28, 2010, 04:39:14 PM »
I have posted a few other armies that all seemed a bit too farfetched, I have created a new army list which I will be using 8th edition rules with.

Here goes;

Arch Lector (joins Griffons' Talons): armour of meteoric iron, holy relic, hammer of judgement                                220pts

Warrior Priest (joins Swords of Sigmar): crimson amulet, van horstmans speculum, heavy armour, shield             146pts
Warrior Priest (joins Wolfenburg Guard): dawn armour, wyrmslayer sword, shield                                                 142pts

Griffins' Talons, 49 spearmen: full command
                       -10 handgunners/crossbowmen
                       -10 swordsmen                                                                                                                                  405pts

Swords of Sigmar, 38 swordsmen: full command
                       -10 handgunners/crossbowmen
                       -10 swordsmen                                                                                                                                  393pts

Wolfenburg Guard 38 swordsmen: full command
                       -10 handgunners/crossbowmen
                       -10 swordsmen                                                                                                                                  393pts

Great Cannon                                                                                                                                                           100pts
Great Cannon                                                                                                                                                           100pts
Great Cannon                                                                                                                                                           100pts

Comments and Criticism welcome. :::cheers:::

The Parade Ground / Choose an Army
« on: April 22, 2010, 08:06:33 PM »
Hi, I am in the process of making an empire army, and I would like some suggestions for an army that I could field with the models I have and a few more. I'm looking for 500pts

I have: General on horse
            10 halbediers
            10 handgunners
            10 archers
            1 helstorm
            1 hellblaster
            1 battle wizard (light)

Cheers,  :::cheers:::

The Brush and Palette / How long to make a miniature?
« on: April 18, 2010, 09:34:27 AM »
Hi, I know there is a webpage for how long do you spend on the hobby, but what I really want to know is how long it takes everyone to get a miniature from in the box to fully painted.

That includes, clipping, filling, assembling, painting and basing.

Could you please give me howlong that takes, for say a halbedier.


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