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The Parade Ground / 2500 no duplcate choices comp
« on: April 20, 2016, 12:39:20 PM »
Hi guys, I'm hitting a tournament that has a no duplicate choices allowed 8th Edition. So thought I'd run my list by you to see what you think or if there's somewhere I could improve.

Karl Franz, Ghal Maraz, Peg
Level 4 Light

Level 1 Light, Scroll
Warrior Priest, HA, Sh
Captain, BSB, Ench Shield, Dawnstone
Master Engineer

38 Halberdiers
- det 6 Swordsman
- det 6 Spearmen
5 IC Knights
10 Handgunners
10 Archers

5 Reiksguard
5 Outriders
4 Demigryphs, Steel Standard

Hellblaster Volley Gun

The tactic is for Franz and the Demis to go ripping through anything big with multiple wounds, whilst the Halbediers hold my main battle line, with about a million options for buffs. The Knights and detachments are used as chaff, whilst the Hellblaster, Outriders and Handgunners clear my opponents chaff.

I did think about dropping the level 1 and scroll for a Witch Hunter with Van Horstmanns who could act as a cheap redirector if things got a bit, touching cloth, and could also bust out to challenge a big scary character.

What do you think, anywhere I could improve?

The Battleground / Fires of the Old World 8th Edition Tournament
« on: December 04, 2015, 10:32:13 AM »
Hi all,

I couldn't work out where to put Battle Reports so the first two games are in this link.


Game 3 - High Elves

His list
Archmage on Metal


Prince on horse

3 units of 15 Archers

2 units of 5 Ellyrian Reavers

24 x White Lions BotWD

9 x Dragon Princes

Frostheart Phoenix

2 Bolt Throwers


The deployment for this game was Dawn Attack and my opponentthankfully ended up with his Dragon Princes and a unit of reavers on my right flank, and White Lions on the Left alongside a unit of Archers, in the centre were his two archers which he spread with his bolt throwers in between his Ellyrian Reavers and his Phoenix supported his White Lions

I had a unit of Knights on the right with a cannon and my Halberdiers on the left, in the cntre I had my Demigryphs supporting the Halberdiers, Hurricanum and Luminark which supported the two combat blocks and the Hellblaster which I put to support the cannon, and the second cannon quite central so he could pick off the Phoenix of the Bolt Throwers as needed. Then the Knights which I put on the right to either hold up the Dragon Princes or threaten the Bolt Throwers.

His reavers vanguard up towards my warmachines, and the others pull up towards the Demis.

Turn 1 - High Elves
My opponent went first and pulled his Ellyrian Reavers right in front of my Hellblaster to stop my shooting his Dragon Princes and the others down in front of my Demigryphs. The Dragon Princes pull up slightly and the White Lions do the same with the Phoenix still supporting.

He tries to cast Final Trans on my Halberdiers but fails to irresistable and I scroll it, he then tries Big Searing Doom on the Demis but fails to make the casting value.

Shooting kills off a knight and the bolt throwers fail to any damage to the cannon.

Turn 1 - Empire

I charge the Ellyrians with the Demis, The knights in the centre pull up putting the building between them and the dragon princes, the other knights move slightly forward to stop then Dragon Princes overrunning off the table after they charge me.

my Halberdiers move forward into a wood, and the Luminark and Hurricanum move up to keep both blocks in range of their buffs and to povide a countercharge if needed.

Magic sees a bolt from the Luminark taking 1 wound off the Phoenix and some small buffs on the Halberdiers for the impending charge from the White Lions.

shooting kills the Reavers in a barrage from the Hellblaster, whilst 2 cannons take out one of the Bolt Throwers.

Combat the Demis rip through the Reavers and Reform to face the Lions, if I can kill them before the Dragon Princes get over I'll easily win this.

Turn 2 - High Elves

The Dragon Princes charge my Knights and the White Lions try to charge the Demis (That was when I knew the Lions had BotWD) they fail needing a 10 on 2 dice and amble forward a bit. The Phoenix moves up to counter charge .

Magic sees big searing doom failed to cast again so nothing goes off.

Shooting takes off a couple of Halberdiers.

Combat the Dragon Prince take the Knights apart and reform to take some warmachines out.

Turn 2 - Empire

Franz charges out of the unit into the Frostheart, the Halberdiers attempt a charge into the flank of the White Lions but fail. The Demis prepare to be sacrificed by moving up to hold the White Lions in place for a turn and stopping them charging into the flank of Franz should it all go wrong. The Knights also charge into a unit of archers taking two wounds on the way in.

Birona's Timewarp goes off on the Demis, at least they can kill some before they die.

The Hellblaster takes off 4 Dragon Princes and the cannons take off the remaining bolt thrower.

Combat sees my knights win and the archers fail they're steadfast leadership, I chase them off the board. Franz wins his combat and chases after the fleeing phoenix but fails to catch him.

Turn 3 - High Elves

The White Lions charge into the Demi's the Dragon Princes charge into the Hellblaster, and the phoenix rallies. Magic once again sees nothing going off and shooting manages to take a wound off of Franz.

The Dragon Princes kill the Hellblaster and overrun into a cannon my right flank is definitely doing it's job of being sacrificed for the greater good. Whilst the White Lions combat goes badly I put two lots of demis attacks on the level 4 and fail to kill her, the other demis do some damage to his White Lions, thankfully he fluffs a few attacks and I only end up losing by 2, with Franz in range I easily pass the ld8. but my demis are down to two men, they'll die on my next turn.

Turn 3 - Empire

Franz charges the Phoenix which hold, the Halberdiers charge the flank of the lions, my archers move up to get everyone in range for a bubble Bironas. I throw 6 dice at Birona's on the bubble and got 3 1s, 2 2s and 1 3, it's definitely not cast, My knights come back on the board and walk towards the remaining archers.

Combat sees the Cannon die but the Dragon Princes don't reform for the other cannon, they're going to try to get right into the combat, but it's definitely too late. The Whitelions kill off the remaining Demigryphs, but take a lot of wounds in return from the Halberdiers including killing off the level 4 and taking them down to one rank, they reform to face me.

Franz goes through the Phoenix and overruns into the Archers, there's a lot of shotting on the table and he's very susceptible to shooting even with a 3+ 4++ so this should keep him busy for the rest of the game.

Turn 4 - High Elves

The Dragon Prince are still too far away for the charge so they move in closer to get it next turn. the central archers reform to face the Knights.

Shooting sees my KNights survive, and in combat I fluff my attacks and only kill 3 White Lions, Franz does 6 wounds to the Archers and they get nothing back, but hold on their steadfast.

Turn 4 - Empire

The Luminark charges into the flank of the White Lions, however they're out of arc for the Hurricanum so he moves around to block off the Dragon Princes should it all go wrong. Knights charge the Archers, but die to stand and shoot.

I pull my level 4 and archers out of arc of the dragon princes and magic sees me get through Bironas on the Halberdiers and a 5++ from the Warrior Priest. The remaining cannon shoots off the back rank of Princes.

In combat Franz deals another 6 wounds and breaking steadfast the archers flee off the table, he reforms to face the Dragon Princes.

Turn 5 - High Elves.

The Dragon Princes charge the Halberdiers and deal a good number of wounds, but in retaliation the Halberdiers kill all but 1 Dragon Prince and the Prince with the star lance. He wins combat but I hold with steadfast.

The archers fail to do anymore wounds to Franz.

Turn 5 - Empire

The Hurricanum goes in one flank, the Luminark in another and they succumb to the impact hits, everything reforms to face the archers.

Turn 6 - High Elves

The archers go for Franz but do no wounds.

Turn 6 - Empire

The whole army moves towards th Archers and I realize I had forgotten my mission :S

Final recap, I had to sacrifice a lot of stuff to handle the hard combay blocks, but thankfull the deployment helped me out. I walked away with a 19-1 but forgot about my secret mission which was to have a unit in his deployment zone, which would have been easy to achieve and would have bumped me up to joint 1st place, with Franz just moving to his side of the board.

The Tactica Board / Re: Fires of the Old World 8th Edition Tournament
« on: December 03, 2015, 11:19:32 AM »
Cheers, I was looking for where they should go but couldn't find it :S

The Tactica Board / Re: Fires of the Old World 8th Edition Tournament
« on: December 02, 2015, 05:31:28 PM »
Game 2 - Beastmen

His list
Doombull, Mark of Tzeentch, Arabyan Carpet, 4++

Level 4 Wilds Dispel Scroll


5 units of 10 Ungor Raiders

4 Tuskgor Chariots

6 Minotaurs

2 Razorgor Chariots

2 Razorgors



My opponent chose the Beastmen secret mission of have 2 units with the Beastmen Ambush special rule ambush, so two units of Ungor raiders started off the board. He then deployed a strong right flank with his wizards fairly central and his minotaurs and Doombull on the far right.

Having a tonne more drops than me meant I was down before him so I deployed quite castley in the middle of the board, with my warmachines spread to reduce damage on them.

Slugtongue Drops the Death, as he's in the middle of his army slugtongue hits everything with his special power and kills a cannon, the Hellblaster, then puts a wound on the Luminark and 2 on the Hurricanum, thankfully the wounds on the demis are saved by the Luminarks ward. :S

Turn 1 Empire

I'd like to deal with the Doombull before he can get too much into my lines so I hold back, moving my knights forward to open up the path for the rest of my army, and the demis with Franz pull up slightly more on the right to sweep the flank, I'm fairly confident that Franz will kill anything in his army outside of the Doombull, so I hope to lure him into some charges that will then overrun into the demis, they'll take some damage but nothing they can't handle.

Magic sees me casting Banishment at a unit of Ungor Raiders and causing them to flee, I try to shoot his Doombull off with the cannon but no such luck.

Turn 1 Beastmen

He pulls everything forward The Doombull flies up my right flank, I'm fairly certain he's aiming for my cannon but don't want to leave my Halberdier flank open. He charges two chariots and a Razorgor into the knights on the left flank, and fails the charge with the chariot and the Razorgor into the right flank, his Minotaurs move up and his Ungors with the level 4 moves down to get in range.

Magic he gets off Traitorkin on the Demis killing 1, and I pass my bitch test. he shoots at my knights and Demis but doesn't do any wounds. The Cygor throws his rock but misses everything, he had some bad luck with the Cygor aganist me but it wen't on to one squash a terrogheist and a Black Dragon.

His charoits and Razorgor rip through my Knights and the chariots overrun into the Demis the Razorgor i just out to the side.

Turn 2 Empire

I turn my Halberdiers so they can see the Minotaurs and the Doombull and my knights charge Slugtongues unit, he flees so I redirect into the Razorgor Chariot that failed the charge earlier. My hurricanum moves up to avoid being anywhere near the Doombull and so does my Luminark.

Magic I get Big Daddy Bolt off on the Luminark, Dealing 3 wounds to one of the razorgors and taking it off the table and I get off Birona's Timewarp and Speed of Light on the Halberdiers just in case they took a double charge from Minotaurs and the Doombull. I try to shoot him with the cannon again but no luck.

Combat sees my knights rip th chariot to pieces and overrun onto a hill and Franz and the demis do the same in their combat I reform to face the flank of the remiaing chariots and minotaurs.

Turn 2 Beastmen

The Doombull charges the cannon, which I was hoping for, the Minotaurs charge the Halberdiers but needing a 10 on 2 dice they fail. The level 4 moves up to some woods ( my mission was control more natural terrain pieces so I had to get rid of that unit.

His ambushers come on one on the right flank, one on the left, there's nothing on the left flank and my whole armies about to push forward so I'm not worried about the ones on the right either.

He tries to get Traitorkin off again, but I dispel it. his Cygor misses again and shooting just can't get through the 1+ of the Demis.

The Doombull goes through the cannon and overruns off the table

Turn 3 Empire

It's time for the push forward, Demis and Franz smack into the side of the chariot, the Halberdiers decide to go toe to hoof with the Minotaurs, my archers and level 4 pull up as far as they can away from the Doombull coming back on. My knights charge down on Slugtongues unit

Magic buffs up the halberdiers and puts Net of Amyntok on the level 4.

The demis rip through the chariot and reform to face the level 4 The Halberdiers with their buffs kill the Minotaurs and overrun towards the Cygor and the knights kill slugtongues unit and reforms to keep the hill.

Turn 3 Beastmen

The Doombull comes back on, and the chariot that was left charges the flank of the Luminark, the Razorgor charges the flank of the Hurricanum the level 4s unit tries to shoot the demigryphs but fail. The Cygor charges into the Halberdiers

Magic has nothing cast after the level 4 fails the Net's str test, shooting causes no damage and in combat the chariot kills my Luminark on impact hits and overruns into the Hurricanum also killing it on impact hits and overruns the Razorgor reforms. The Cygor is decimated by the Halberdiers who turn to face the Doombull and chariot.

Turn 4 Empire

The Demi's charge the level 4, he tries to flee but fails the str test, taking enough wounds to panic, so flees anyway, but then fails the str test to actually flee so just stands there as my demis come in autokilling the unit. The Halberdiers charge the Chariot

Banishment takes out the Razorgor and the Chariot falls to the Halberdiers who turn to face the Doombull, the Demi;s also use their free reform to turn to face the Halberdiers in case they need help.

Turn 4 Beastmen

His Doombull charges my level4, I flee and easily get away, his ambushing units move up slightly.

Turn 5 Empire

Halberdiers charge the Doombull and with some magic buffs take it off in one turn of combat

It's called there and I take a 20-0 with my secret mission.

The guys army was really cool, very fast but I think there was too much chaff that it was impossible to get his toys out of the way, he had a great story behind his list about a pig farmer who got attacked my chaos and he and his pigs were all turned into beastmen, so all his minotaurs were ogres with pigs heads sculpted on. Hopefully the next few games would go similarly.

The Tactica Board / Fires of the Old World 8th Edition Tournament
« on: December 01, 2015, 09:49:58 PM »
Hi All,

So after spending the weekend at the Fires of the Old World tournament in Hockley, I thought I would right up about the games I played there.

The tournament was 5 games at 2400pt and used a traffic light comp system. special characters were allowed and all games were done on a 20-0 system with an additional 5 tournament points for a secret mission each game. I ended the tournament in 3rd place and was 200 points of bloodiest general (most Victory Points taken).

My List
Karl Franz on Pegasus with Ghal Maraz

Level 4 lore of Light with Dispel Scroll and 4++

BSB, Full Plate, Enchanted Shield, Dawnstone

Warrior Priest, MR2

45 Halberdiers, Champ, Standard
det 10 Archers

5 Knightly Orders, Standard

5 Knightly Orders, Standard

4 Demigryphs, Champ, Standard, Steel Standard

2 Great Cannons


Luminark of Hysh

Celestial Hurricanum

Game 1 - Dark Elves

His list

Dreadlord on Black Dragon, 4++

Level 4 lore of metal

Death Hag, +2 Str sword, Rune of Khaine

25 Corsairs

30 Witch Elves

24 Executioners

10 cold one knights

5 Warlocks

My first game was damning for me, nothing went right for me, and I made a lot of mistakes, clearly didn't have my game face on.

We both deployed on the same flank, I was fairly certain I could break the inside quickly as it was franz and the demigryphs vs the cold one knights then he had his dragon, corsairs witches and executioners, with his warlocks behind the Cold Ones.

Behind the demis I had my luminark. Next to the demis I had a cannon, with the Hellblaster supporting it, then a building (just outside of my deployment zone) my halberdiers and the archers behind them in front of the halberdiers were my two units of knights, and behind was the hurricanum and finally on the right was the other cannon.

Dark Elves got Turn one and it went wrong from there.

Turn 1 - Dark Elves

His unit of Warlocks had vanguarded down, and they made a beeline straight towards the side of my Hellblasterso they could charge and overrun into my over cannon, the Dragon pulled forward putting the building between it and one of the cannons, the knights came forward towards the demis, whilst the executioners and witch elves followed suit and moved towards the halberdiers. The corsairs unsurprisingly sat in the forest.

The winds of magic were not strong for him and with my channel and Luminark I ended up with an extra dice so he got no spells off this turn.

Turn 1 - Empire

I completely forgot about his death hag and thus chraged both knight units into his witchelves, my halberdiers moved up to block up his executioners if they tried to charge, my demi's charged into his cold ones, the rest moved up to support the units.

my magic phase saw  Banishment going off and killing 4 warlocks, with my hellblaster seeing off the last one. The Luminark went for the bolt of doom against his dragon, cast it and rolled a 1 to wound. the cannon that could see the dragon took a shot, and misfired, thankfully survived.

The demis made short work of the cold ones and the three left fled, I restrained and turned to face his flank with everything in range. the Witch Elves went a lot worse than I expected with the Death Hag taking 4 out and the witches 4 from the other unit. Naturally the two banners left ran, dieing on the run and the Witches overran clipping my slightly overhanging halberdiers :S

Turn 2 Dark Elves

The Dragon goes in to wipe the floor with my Halberdiers, the executioners turn to face my demis and the cold ones rally (why didn't I chase them down?!)

His magic phase once again sees no spells off between my extra dice and scroll.

Combat sees my Halberdiers take a pounding, my only chance is to take a rank off of the Witch Elves to stay steadfast. Hint I couldn't. The Halberdiers lose by 16 and get go for a jog, bth units chase, the witchelves hitting my hurricanum, the dragon my archers flank with my lovely light wizard.

Turn 2 Empire

with the now threat of executioners Franz gets out the way by charging alone into his corsairs, maybe I can kill thewizard and get some points back, the Demigryphs reform to take both units in the front (which I messed up again) Magic I get two 1s and cast speed of light on the demi's, he stops it on his one dice. My hellblaster opens up on the executioners dealing 6 wounds.

My lumianrk takes a pop shot down the flank of his cold ones, and rolls a 1 to wound (That's the second time in two turns)

Combat my archers get eaten, and stomped into the dirt and my wizard runs off the board, franz challenges because I'm an idiot and I fight a champ for a turn, win combat but can't get past ld 9 steadfast. and the witch elves destroy the Hurricanum

Turn 3 Dark Elves

The Dragon takes shelter behind the building so he can support the fight against Franz, the Witch Elves charge a whopping 15" into Franz flank, the executioners charge the demis, the cold one's charge the flank.

A bit of magic sees the Executioners with glittering scales, enchanted blades and the Demis Transmuted.

The demis flee off the table the executioners chase going 5" Franz doesn't challenge (he probably should have that turn) and takes 2 wounds in the ensuing madness but kills a Death Hag in return. Losing combat he runs and gets caught by the witches.

Turn 3 Empire

My luminark moves out of everythings arc and takes another shot at the dragon, rolling a 1 to wound (Third time's not the charm)

My hellblaster opens up on the executioners and kills all but 1 and my cannon takes out another cold one, my other cannon shoots the dragon, hit wounds the dragon doing 4 wounds and wounds the rider but it's ward saved.

Turn 4 Dark Elves

He moves his units around a bit to try and pin down my luminark, his Cold ones head for my artillery

Turn 4 Empire

The Luminark runs away a bit and tries to shoot his dragon, fails to cast. The Hellblaster opens up on the Cold Ones, two misfires, can't shoot this turn or next, the cannon misfires, can't shoot this turn, the other cannon falls just short of the dragon.

Turn 5 Dark Elves

The Cold One's charge the Hellblaster, removing it from play, the dragon pulls out to face off against the luminark the witches move in

Turn 5 Empire

The Luminark hides next to the Dragon and tries to pick off the lone executioner for some points. The cannon gets sared of the cold ones now next to it and grapeshots the remaining 2 to an early grave, the other cannon finally kills that damn dragon, but the rider wards it off again.

Turn 6 Dark Elves

With the death of his dragon the Dreadlord can now see my Luminark and wants blood he charges in, the with elves amble about in hopes of finding some more blood. The Luminark is beaten and the dreadlor runs off the table.

Turn 6 Empire

My Cannons try to blast off the remaining executioner but fail miserably.

End of game 20-0 but I did achieve my secret mission of more table quarters as I had a cannon in two different quarters and his whole army was in another so total of 5 points for me

I learnt a very good tactic here, it's called playing better.

The Brush and Palette / Re: DanWhites Empire
« on: November 13, 2015, 11:45:35 AM »
Thanks Weib,

I'll definitely give that a try.  :icon_biggrin:

Dan White

The Brush and Palette / Re: DanWhites Empire
« on: November 13, 2015, 09:57:29 AM »
A little update as I was quite busy yesterday I didn't get time to do as much as I'd have liked, but I started work on the ogre unit filler, mostly sculpting his greatsword and some plat mail in place of hi gut plate, I definitely need to improve at doing smooth surfaces :S

and I finished off my demigryphs as I'll be using them in a tournament at the end of the month. Including my first attempt at a freehand banner, probably should have picked a simpler idea, and not tried to cheat with a fineliner to blackline.

Dan White

The Brush and Palette / Re: DanWhites Empire
« on: November 12, 2015, 04:12:05 PM »
Hi Syphon,

Cheers, I will try but they're taken on my phone which has no flash, I'll see if there's a better place to take them.

Dan White

The Brush and Palette / Re: DanWhites Empire
« on: November 12, 2015, 12:36:20 PM »
Thanks Matt,

I was planning on hiding one in each main unit and then have a few hidden around the board for them. I usually make armies quite organically as I tend to do a few comped tournaments and the constant changes to lists make it a little tricky to plan out from one to the other, but thought it was about time to start focusing on one army and then having the choice already made and painted before the tournaments lol.

Dan White

The Brush and Palette / DanWhites Empire
« on: November 12, 2015, 10:07:17 AM »
Hi all,

I'm trying to work more on scenic bases at the moment and thought what better way than adding the wonderful Greatswords to sculpted bases so I thought I'd put this up here to show you guys a little bit about my process and hopefully get a little feedback on where I can improve.

So in the beginning I always like to create a rough idea for the army, in this case I'm taking two seperate griffon formations, 40 halberdiers with 2 detachments of 20 halberdiers and 40 greatswords with 2 detachments of 20 halberdiers. then archers to block out my opponent, especially after I managed to hold my own with a unit of 5 archers vs a phoenix for 2 turns (albeit with some crappy rolls from my opponent).

So with that in mind I decided that I wanted the army to be setting up to leave Marienburg, I will dd the ports and such later to when I can get a board for the army. But for now I'll focus on the great swords.

Here is the initial ideas I came up with, either on the cobbled streets, with a couple of fillers or in a courtroom with a textured floor, the street was obviously easier to achieve in the grand scheme of things so I started there.

I decided that just cobbles would probably get a bit boring so I added in a couple of features, such as the sewage grate in the middle, a couple of areas which were cobbled to the end and on the right side of the unit ( the bottom of the picture, there starts to be the beginning of wooden slats, the idea here was that one of the detachments would be coming off a ship onto the dock, so will fit quite nicely next to the greatswords and have a little continuity.

With the ideas down it was time to start sculpting, I began with a couple of the more basic sections of road, and also tackled the sewage grate, I love having other armies fighting in my units, like the zombies in my Sylvania force, but decided that with the sewers skaven would be the best choice and they were less likely to jump up in the middle of a block of greatswords, so theres a little clanrat taking a peek out of the sewers.

Dan White

The Tactica Board / Re: Vampires.. Solutions please
« on: November 09, 2015, 09:15:55 PM »
What is it you are using?

I have played a lot of VCs and I find the best solution is to take out the threats, hand in hand the core troops can win out over skellies/zombies for a period, so try to maximise the attacks you can put onto the vampire by combat reforms. Use artillery to take out the fast threats terrorgheists, vargheists, Black Knights etc.

Personally I focus mostly on aggressive lists and have had a lot of success with a level 4 light wizard for the buffs, but naturally if you take a light council, you can hold back and blitz your opponent on his way in before sweeping up the remnants. You are almost guaranteed the shooting advantage outside of taking an all combat list, so use that to your advantage if you can castle up in a corner and pick off the bits that will threaten you in combat, and never be afraid to try for a cheeky cannon snipe on the vampire lord, this has turned a couple of games for me, though shouldn't be used as a guaranteed tactic, just a nice bonus.

But as I say, let me know what list you are using, and I'll hopefully be able to provide better advice.


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