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9th AGE / How do I beat a Undying Dynasties MSU army
« on: September 13, 2017, 03:13:09 PM »
I´m playing in a 9th AGE league, I´m lost, how do I beat this MSU nightmare.

First my army, its a fluffy one:

Lead by Prince Romeo

Imperial Prince: Sonnstal, Talisman of greater shielding, plate armour, shield, pistol on a Griffin called Joton

Marcus el Piadoso the Prelate; hardened sheild
Judestrof the Prelate; Lucky shield
Marxco the BSB; Lucky charm, Heroes sword, Black helm
Nicodemus the fire Wizard, Pyromancy 4 spells, talisman of protection on Arcane Engine, premonition

6 electoral cavalry, 2 handed weapons,shields, champion
50 heavy infantry halberds, full command
11 state militia, pistols skirmish
10 state militia bows
10 state militia bows

3 sun griffins lance shield
3 sun griffins lance shield
23 imperial guard, great weapon full command

1 Volley gun
1 Mortar
1 Steam Tank

I do well with this list but I will be facing this list of terror:

1 death cult apprentice 1 spell, sand storm cloak, hirophant
1 death cult apprentice 2 spells

16 skeleton archers champion
16 skeleton archers champion
16 skeleton archers champion

10 skeleton archers
10 skeleton archers
10 skeleton archers
10 skeleton archers

15 Necropolis Guard, banner of the entombed
15 Necropolis Guard
15 Necropolis Guard
15 Necropolis Guard

1 Battle Sphinx
1 Battle Sphinx

1 Charnel Catapult
1 Charnel Catapult

1 Sand Scorpion
1 Sand Scorpion
1 Sand Scorpion

1 Colossus

This is going to be hard as hell.
Its the standard battle line and the secondary objective is break through
Any advice on how to deploy and tactics for this battle would be very appreciated

We´ll be useing the 8th map from the map pack
Front line clash battle and break through as secondary objective


9th AGE / Re: The 9th Age?
« on: September 05, 2016, 07:15:15 PM »

And the Flaggies? At 8 points after the first ten and Fanatical: ​Models with this rule benefit from Frenzy and may never lose it. Casualties suffered in Close Combat are removed at Initiative zero

They'll get nerfed soon I'm sure  :unsure:

9th AGE / Re: 9th age Empire meta
« on: September 05, 2016, 07:11:09 PM »
Thanks for the positive feedback on my list patsy02, yes the 2 canons plus the Stanks canon are for redundancy and to kill at least one enemy monsters per turn.

Most opponents have a hard time dealing with my list. Because I have redundancy in most things, for example; I have lots of infantry I can buff very well, good magic and shooting. This Wednesday I have a battle vs. Warriors of the Dark Gods

At first I also missed guessing ranges, but now the game is much quicker with just pointing and rolling the dice. All the same an average battle for me can last at least three hours  :-P

9th AGE / Re: How do I beat a fighty 9th Age Dwarf army?
« on: September 01, 2016, 05:56:47 PM »
He stopped the first banishment from the wizard but he couldn't stop the one from the Waltar, that way I killed his organ gun first turn, lucky for me I didn't cast it with irresistible force!

I used my volley gun, small arms shooting and every magic missile I had at his Iron guard to thin them out, by the time they reached me they were half strong, he charged my Stank but only did a few wound then my grinding attack took them down even more.

On my turn I said F%&k it and CHARGE!
My Helbadier horde lead by my BSB in the front and my WAltar in the flank. Buffed up my units with all the blessing I could and did the FiER order so it was about 40 attacks with hatred from the WAltar and +1 to hit with the Arcane Engine, re rolling to wound with the blessing and if I remember correctly the speed of light spell, impact hits from the WAltar plus the grinding attacks from the wounded STank.

He couldn't save against so many wounds. I also concentrated attacks on his rune priests and killed them before he could give any more armour piercing and rune magic to his troops.

It was glorious.

9th AGE / Re: How do I beat a fighty 9th Age Dwarf army?
« on: August 31, 2016, 07:27:39 PM »
I won! In fact I massacred my dwarf opponent. He deployed his general in the middle and the other units on the sides

I held back because he put his army down first, and when it was my turn I used my banishment bound spell from the War Altar to destroy his organ gun,
Then I concentrated eveything I had to kill his main block of Iron Guard in the center with his general.

My knights and sun griffins charged his rangers that held them in place all battle, my skirmishers chaffed the left unit of his grey beards all game too.

His general charged my Stank that held up nicely and I counter charged with my helberdier hoard and Prelate all buffed up with hatred and lightning attacks from the arcane engine, same thing with my imperial guard that got charged by the other unit of grey beards. But as the Imperial guard had the Arcane Engine giving them lighting reflexes meaning as they had two handed weapons they strike by initiative order meaning I got to kill them real dead first.

The War Altar, Arcane Engine buff wagons rule!!

In the end we ground down the Iron Guard and then dwarf king rolled two sixes and fled but my general caught him and took him as prisoner.

Great game, thanks for all the advice!

9th AGE / Re: 9th age Empire meta
« on: August 31, 2016, 07:11:22 PM »
Thanks Midaski, our community is not so big (about 30 players) so we try to treat each other well, our club in Chile wants to branch out to the other groups in South America and start to hold continental tournaments, nothing as big as ETC but you have to start somewhere. 

Here the meta is varied, for example me and another empire player have the highest winning streak in the community and they say that Empire is OP hahah. :-P

 It's not that our beloved empire is Over Powered it's just that we are better generals than most, we read about tactics study our own books and our enemies. That's what I like about the 9th Age. It's not a pay to win game, this is because the 9th Age is not a miniature company. It's not trying to sell you anything. Now all armies are more balanced and now for example Beast Heard (Beastmen) and Undying Dynasties (Tomb King) are very good to play with

I consider the Vermin Swarm (Skaven) and Infernal Dwarfs (Chaos Dwarfs) armies to be OP or at least better than the other books, with more options and synergies.

WHFB The Electors' Forum / Re: Is every1 still playing 8th ed?
« on: August 29, 2016, 10:31:33 PM »
Arg it's all too much , i feel like ive been smacked round the face with a rubber fish,

can any1 give me a brief summary of main comments , main benefits of this 9th ed?

QUick examination leads me to conclude small tweaks, like ASF is now called  Lightning Reflexes, +1 to hit ,,,,,,

Army lists look the same, but with points tweaked, and other small tweaks ,

Most of us here have moved to 9th Age. And we all are very happy.

 We are a community of Wargames Fantasy which has been constantly playing for around three years. I, myself have been playing since 5th and I enjoyed 8th very much while it was alive.
We play at a Cultural Center that me and a mate run. We saw how our favorite game fell to pieces with age of Sigmar.
We thought we were in turmoil and that soon they (GW) would change the game and go back to what it really was: square bases, ranks and flanks. But, we were drifting aimlessly, like a surviving hero but with no army, wandering around and watching other games, other systems.

But anyway, I still remember when our friend Paul took the ninth age book printed explaining that
this could be our future. It’s the same as warhammer but as if it were the 9th edition that GW never did.
Much debate followed as a community, some reluctantly accepted the challenge to test the new system. Most of us loved it after one game.   

Always bearing of what was most important: Brotherhood and a game of gentlemen that has been maintained.
Helping, rectifying errors, holding tournaments, even lending miniatures to the other player.

All worth it with a cold beer with your mates after (sometimes during LOL) the game to discuss the match ...

This wonderful game called IX age.
Yes, it feel like a lot at first with all the small changes but once you have a few games under your belt it'll be all good.
Also check out some the youtube players such as Chihammer warhammer fantasy and Oncebitten 360 their battle reports are fun to watch

9th AGE / Re: 9th age Empire meta
« on: August 29, 2016, 10:16:26 PM »
Wow, chill out dude., for starters this is my league list made to win.

I have beaten dwarf, Equitaine, pestilance daemons and chaos warriors with this list. I drew against Sylvan elves

I can out grind dwarf by first softening them up with magic missiles and shooting, then buffing up my units with the wagons.

Against ogres I chaff up their death stars with my militia and shoot  with cannons and magic missiles.

Spear elves get the mortar treatment.

Chaos warriors, after softening them up with magic and cannons fight my flagellants and die but are themselves take them down enough to be dealt with.

Monster heavy lists get the 2 cannons plus the Stank cannon in the face.

Ambushers, I line up my militia men all along the back line and so they can't come up from behind and bum rush me.

I can't line up 100 guys and go forward because every one has to stay close to my War Altar and Arcane Engine. Don't insult me with the AoS word!

So, tactic is, I have to stay close together, stay back and shoot and magic for a few turns then move forward and try to kill what's left.

I have read the support rules, my militant support my main block of helbadiers with their stand and shoot rule.

I'd like to try a prince on a dragon one day for a fun list thou

9th AGE / Re: 9th age Empire meta
« on: August 29, 2016, 08:52:22 PM »
At 2500 points, I use a Prelate on a war altar with locket of sunna, armour of Volund and dusk stone and an arcane engine to back up my 50 man, full command, helberdier unit, flanked by 2 units of flagellants.
2 lvl 2 light wizards one with dispel scroll and one with book of arcane power,
 a BSB tanked out to survive in the helberdier unit to give orders (I usually use the fight in extra rank rule).
 A 6 man unit of electrol cavalry with banner (to help capture secondary objectives) and 3, 10 man militant skirmishers (light wizards bunker in one behind my lines)
2 cannons
1 mortar
1 Stank

WHFB The Electors' Forum / Re: Is every1 still playing 8th ed?
« on: August 29, 2016, 08:23:53 PM »
All of my group now plays 9th Age.
We are having a 20 man tournament in September.
A few play King of War but they are the least.
None play AoS

mr chumley warner, write in Google; The 9th Age, and there you go  :icon_razz:

9th AGE / Re: Empire of Sonstahl
« on: July 19, 2016, 09:10:17 PM »
At first I was also not in favor of the rule but now I quite like  my Canons. You get +1 to hit large targets and if you put in an Artificer (engineer) you use his BS, so it's good vs. monsters. Yes, it's normally d3+1 and d3+2 wounds vs flyers. Did 5 wounds to a dark elf dragon on turn 2 last game. Made him hide it for the rest of the battle.

The volley gun is still rightly feared.

Orders are very cool:
On The Double! The target unit gains +2 Movement. If it declares a Charge this turn, it gains +1 Movement

Steady, Men! The target unit may roll an additional D6 when taking Leadership Tests and discard the
highest roll. A unit that receives this Order and passes a Rally test may move and shoot in the
same turn, but will always count as having moved, cannot March, and cannot declare Charges.

Ready! Aim! Fire! The target unit gains +6” range with mundane Shooting Weapons.

Brace For Impact! The target unit gains Fight In Extra Rank. (I make my Imperial Guard great swords fight in 3 ranks!)

I recommend it, great games no power creeps, no pay to win armies

9th AGE / Re: How do I beat a fighty 9th Age Dwarf army?
« on: July 07, 2016, 08:30:32 PM »
Thank you for the advice SorenJ, yes I plan to hang back for a few turns to shoot him with what I have and I'll charge one of his blocks with my Stank that doesn't have the dwarf king in it.
I guess I'll use my skirmish troops to chaff him up lure him into a trap and try to take out his units one at a time.
The Arcane Engine is with lightning reflexes so that should help with the Imperial Guard great swords hitting first.
Captus will probably try to take out the organ gun and/or the copter.
All the same I'll try to use my light council to weaken him a bit and then buff myself up as much as possible before I go in for the kill.

If anyone else has adivice I'd love to hear it.

He has little shooting so he has to come to me. It's not going to be easy but for the Empire I'll do my best!

9th AGE / How do I beat a fighty 9th Age Dwarf army?
« on: July 06, 2016, 08:17:36 PM »
I'm not sure if this is the place to post, if not please move to another section.

So, I have a battle against a Dwarven Holds player. This is the decisive battle to see if I pass to the second round of the Dark Dwarf League we are having. I won the league last year, but now I'm in danger of not qualifying if I don't beat this drunken dwarf!  My list is as follows:

Marcus el Piadoso:- Plelate on Waraltar
Omusairopus:- Lvl 4 Light on Arcane Engine
Jose Miguel:- BSB on foot
good ol Captus:- Captain on Pegasus
Mithrandir: scroll caddie Lvl 2 Light
Pato: Artificier

X2 units of skirmishing pistols militia
1 unit of skirmishing militia (Mithrandir scroll caddie goes here)
48 halbadiers
6 electoral cavalry
18 imperial guard (great swords, BSB goes here)
3 Knight of the Sun Griffon
1 Volley Gun (Pato the Artificier goes here)
1 STank

I usually put my 2 buff wagons (Altar and Arcane Engine) behind my block of helbadiers and imperial guard.
 I win most battles with this list.
But, he's coming at me with:

Khalim Balin- Dwarf King on shield bearers
X3 Runic Priest
X2 units of 19 grey beards
X1 27 Iron Guard
X1 Copter
X1 organ gun
X1 unit of 16 Rangers

He's coming at me mama!  :ph34r:

How do you recommend I take him on?

9th AGE / Re: The 9th Age?
« on: May 31, 2016, 08:13:14 PM »
Yes, It's been a good month, lots of games, tournamentes and fun. viva 9th Age!

95% of our club now plays 9th Age all the time.

9th AGE / 9th Age Orders for our Generals
« on: March 17, 2016, 09:41:41 PM »
What I like about 9th Age is that it gives us Orders to use with our Marshals and Captains. It gives us so much flexibility.

Lord Characterswith this special rule may give a single Order to a friendly Parent or Support Unit within 6”,whilst Hero
Characters may only give a single Order to a Parent or Support Unit they have joined. Orders are given at the start of
each friendly Player Turn. The effects ofOrders apply immediately to the target unit and last untilthe beginning of your
next Player Turn. A unit cannot receive the same order more than once during the same turn. Each order has the
following effect:

On The Double!  The target unit gains +2 Movement. If it declares a Charge this turn, it gains +1 Movement

Steady, Men!  The target unit may roll an additional D6 when taking Leadership Tests and discard the
highest roll. A unit that receives this Order and passes aRally test may move and shootin the
same turn, but will always count as having moved, cannot March and cannot declare Charges.

Ready! Aim! Fire!  The target unit gains +6” range with mundane Shooting Weapons.

Brace For Impact!  The target unit gains Fight In Extra Rank.

Marshals cost 90 points and may be upgraded  following:
Seasoned General ​(10 pts) Great Tactician​(30 pts) Imperial Prince ​(100 pts)  

A Seasoned General gains +1
Weapon Skill. If a Seasoned General
is included in the army, one unit of
Heavy Infantry may be upgraded to
Seasoned Soldiers. Additionally, one
unit of Light Infantry may be
upgraded to Seasoned Soldiers. Seasoned Soldiers: (State Troops) Heavy Infantry ​Models get +1 Weapon Skill and +1
Light infantry:(handgunners and crossbows):​Models get +1 Ballistic Skill and gain
Light Armour.

A Great Tactician may give two
Orders per turn instead of one and
these two Orders may each target a
different unit. If a Great Tactician is
the General of the army then he may
give Orders to any Parent or Support
Unit within the range of his Inspiring

An Imperial Prince gains +1 Attack
and is equipped with The Sonnstahl. (Rune Fang)
An Imperial Prince may not
purchase any other Magical Weapon
and may only take up to 25 pts of
Magical Items. May ride a dragon

Now you dont always have to take an Archlector. Which would you recommend?

9th AGE / Re: The 9th Age?
« on: March 02, 2016, 07:46:42 PM »
The good thing of 9th Age is that the power creep level has gone down and now the idea is to have all the armies at the same level and that the best general has the best posibility of winning.

I have killed horde stars before, once I place a unit of 5 archers in front of a horde of chaos worriors and he charged them, I fled, and he had a failed charge, then on my turn I flanked them with a big unit of knights with a priest, buffed up my unit as much as possible and hexed him in my magic phase. End result, I won by a lot and even though he was stedfast he failed his leadership test, fled and got run down.

Epic stuff that happens.

9th AGE / Re: The 9th Age?
« on: March 01, 2016, 08:19:33 PM »
Fight in Extra Rank:
Models with this special rule can make Supporting Attacks from an additional Rank. (So, normally, this means that
models with this special rule will be able to make Supporting Attacks from the 3rd rank). This rule is cumulative,
allowing an additional rank to make Supporting Attacks for each instance of this special rule.

Now you always get the FiER bonus even when you charge

Hordes can be taken out the same way as always, chaff them up for a while, shoot them to lower their number while you kill the rest, then go in for the epic win

FANTÁSTICO :eusa_clap:

9th AGE / Re: 9th Age infantry
« on: February 24, 2016, 08:07:45 PM »
The good thing is that spear men are usable again with killing blow to cavalry, monstrous cavalry and chariots plus they got Armor Piercing (1). Before that I would have never thought of using them.

As for sword men sure they have become, in this moment, probably the least used unit but you can still make a good anvil with them even holding up Warriors of the Dark Gods because the can only hit you with a 4+ (before buffs). Not too bad I guess.

Still, I just love my 50 man halbadier unit. I'd take strength 4 any day  :-P

9th AGE / Re: The 9th Age?
« on: February 24, 2016, 07:47:37 PM »
I like the new detahment rules for example they now have to be 6" away and can support any Parent unit within range, plus both units may combine their rank bonus.

Taken from the rule book:

Parent Units And Support Units

Certain units in this Army Book are designated as either Parent Units or Support Units. Support Units are considered
Insignificant to Parent Units and may perform Supporting Actions.

Supporting Actions
Whenever a Parent Unit is the target of a charge, or successfully declare a charge, a Support Unit within 6” ofthe Parent
Unit may perform one of the following actions:

1. The Support Unit may Stand and Shoot as if itwere the target ofthe charge, applying all usual restrictions for a
Stand and Shoot reaction.

2. The Support Unit may declare a Charge upon an enemy unit which has successfully Charged a Parent Unit,
applying all usual restrictions for Charging. This counter-charge is completed during your opponent's turn,
after all charge movements have been finalized, but before the Compulsory Movement Sub-phase.

3. The SupportUnit may declare a charge against the same unit that the ParentUnit has declared a charge against.
At the end of the round of combat,when calculating the CombatResolution, both units may combine their rank
bonus (following all normal restrictions), up to maximum of +6.


9th AGE / Re: The 9th Age?
« on: February 22, 2016, 06:09:48 PM »
Most of us here have moved to 9th Age. And we are very happy.
Glad you're happy. :::cheers:::  At the same time, how is the concept of "most of us here" being measured?

Because only 2 or 3 of our group preferred to stay with 8th edition while the rest of us (over 20) got into 9th Age where we all play at our club, and now we have a League call Dark Dwarf Age of Marcus. We also are doing the Tamurkhan campaign using rules of 9th. So interest is high

BTW, I'm Marcus el Piadoso the winner of last years league.

So yeah most of us are very happy and the few that refused to come on board just play with the same people over and over while our group has many more players to face and drink beer with after LOL

9th AGE / Re: The 9th Age?
« on: February 17, 2016, 05:56:02 PM »
They made the old purple sun a line template. Kill a lot of dudes but not the whole unit

9th AGE / Re: The 9th Age?
« on: February 16, 2016, 07:24:03 PM »
Taken from the 9th age forum

Since this is a community project, let's make a sound analysis of differences between rules in The 9th Age and the last version of WFB.

There is big demand for such a summary.


Alternating deployment has been made more complex/ strategic: you can choose to drop any amount of models on your go, and you get to add the number of drops your opponent makes after that to your start roll

fleeing units that are at 25% or less of their starting nr's rally at half the leadership value, rounded up, instead of snake eyes.

Line of sight
Line of sight uses a tier system similar to 7th, rather than true line of sight.

Always Strikes First
Changed to Lightning Reflexes, which only provided +1 to hit and striking at initiative with great weapons.

Handheld weapons that used to have this rule now have Unwieldy: suffers an additional -1 to hit when moved.

Killing Blow
Now Lethal Strike. Rather than killing a small model instantly (barring ward saves), it just ignores armor and regen on a single wound.

Close combat weapons
Many have changed. Spears now have AP(1), FiER when charged too and Lethal Strike(cavalry, monstrous cavalry and charriots, but upfront only). Additional hand weapons grant +1 to initiative. Flails cause the wielder to offer +1 to hit to his opponents.

Uses ballistic skill now

Victory Points
You give half of Victory points to opponent if you have 25% or less wounds left on a unit/model at end of the game.

More balanced out, cost per model of minimum amount may differ from additional models

Ridden Monsters
New rules from combined profiles

Maximum overkill is +3

Characters protection in unit's
Characters automatically dodge shooting damage id they are the same troop type

If the unit has champion it will automatically roll a minimum of 4 for charge as to before of no minimum distance rolled

Losing Combat
When unit is broken in combat it just loses the "standard" but not the model+standard
Insane courage has been removed: unit;s now autoflee if they can't roll a rally

Combat: tie
If combat is drawn, player with musician will win but no break test is needed compared to player with musician winning by 1

Combat reform
Can no longer combat reform but can only combat pivot as to can do both before

Make Way
"Make Way" can only be applicable for characters in the front rank and not in base to base contact with enemy models whilst it use to be characters in any rank not in base to base contact with enemy models.

Linear templates can hit more than 1 model/rank.
Tear shaped template is not used anymore

Monster Handlers
Monster&handlers rule no longer applies, despite the actual models.

Fear now causes -1 Ld
Armywide fear for daemons, undead and ogres has been removed.

Allocating attacks
attacks in CC can always be allocated to R&F models, even if the front rank is all lords.

Very different ..
Lore (=Path) Attributes are separate spells in their own right that are cast automatically when a spell is succesfully cast.
Overwhelming Power can be dispelled.

New type of shooting ability
Volley Fire weapons ignore cover provided by intervening models, and shoot with the whole unit if stationary.

Parry changed
Parry makes the attacker hit on 4+ (at best) before applying other modifiers (such as Lightning Reflexes or Spells).

Flammable no longer double wounds but reroll failed to wound rolls

9th AGE / 9th Empire of Sonnstahl Blessings and Zelot rule
« on: February 16, 2016, 06:57:47 PM »
Hi all, I wanted to do a review of the 9th Age Empire book.
This version 0.11.1 will last this month before they do some changes in march with the 0.12 version.

Without further a do lets take a look at the blessings:

Characters with this rule have Hatred and grants this bonus to any unit they join. The character may cast three different
type of Bound Spells (Power Level 3) with the keyword Augment. These Bound Spells automatically target the caster's
unit and last one turn.

Volund’s Blessing- Target unit may Reroll failed rolls to wound in close combat.

Sunna’s Blessing- Target unit gains Flaming Attacks. Any enemy unit in base contact with the target
takes D6 Strength 4 Flaming Attacks hits.

Ullor’s Blessing- Target unit gain a Ward Save (5+) against Close Combat attacks.

These are the same as the prayers. But what really caught my eye was the Zealot Rule:

A character with this special rule may join units of Flagellants and gains Unbreakable while it remains in the unit.

That is pretty strong to have a Priest or Prelate (Archlector) in a unit of Flagies, with the blessing and stuff, Not bad!

What do you guys think of this rule?

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