Apprentice of Meikle

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Your aimless wanderings about the cluttered halls of the College of Engineers is suddenly drawn to the sound of a muffled explosion from one of the institute’s many workshops. A billow of smoke creeps out from under the door before it bursts open to reveal an unkempt young man garbed in the attire of one of the college’s budding students. He stumbles out of the smoky interior before noisily coughing to excise the acrid stench from his lungs. It is after an awkward moment that he turns to notice you, his soot covered face warming to a welcoming smile.

“Greetings, please don’t mind the commotion mein Herr,” he exclaims before swiftly dusting himself down with oil stained hands. Before you can utter a response he excitedly pontificates aloud about seemingly random topics of experimental engineering. Lost in conversation, occasionally to himself, he spontaneously interrupts his stream of thought, “Ah, please excuse me. Where are my manners?” He respectfully doffs his well worn cap with a courteous bow, “Apprentice of Meikle, at your service!”
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