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I'm building up an Army of Altdorf after getting back into the hobby through playing the blasphemous Daemons. I also started collecting a large Skaven army with the release of IoB. Besides those armies I have small Space Marine and Dark Eldar 40k armies though rarely play that. I also have a large Epic Orkz army.

I took a ten year hiatus from Warhammer, which I played in my teens, only starting to play again after moving back to the NE of Scotland and finding a couple of my old buddys who were still into the hobby. I kind of wish I hadn't sold my war wagon though!

Anyway we decided to build our armies in an escalation league style and without knowing any better, I took the Daemons of Chaos as my choice. My friends chose Tomb Kings and Vampire Counts respectively although they both had other armies already. Anyway to cut a long story short it became pretty obvious, especially at those lower points games, that the Daemons were overpowered and I think I went through the entire year suffering only one loss to the tomb kings (I blamed a slightly blasť deployment from thinking myself unbeatable) and one minor defeat against Dwarves. Pretty much scoring a massacre or solid victory in every game, I finished the year throwing out a couple of crushing defeats to the Dwarves helped by the final model in my 3000pt army - A Bloodthirster of Khorne!

Anyway after a lot of thought, this year I decided to take an army that would offer up more of a challenge. It's not in my nature to draw up a deliberately weak list, I want to try as hard as I can with every battle, so I am looking forward to making the empire as competitive as I can! Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the game but the part I love is devising strategies and seeing how they work out in a game as well as thinking up back-story and modelling and painting up an army to fit that theme.

At the moment I still play with those friends and we have tried out a gaming club in Elgin and the local GW store in Aberdeen to find other matches. I also went down to Conflict Scotland in 2010 (supporting my friends, who ran a dwarf and wood elf list).

Apart from that by day I'm a video producer/filmmaker and I'm currently doing a lot of training and art based work in the NE of Scotland. I also enjoy photography and music!
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