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Squishing Squickhoppers since 1999
The Netherlands
I'm from the Netherlands (yeah yeah come with the jokes on weed and Amsterdam we all know them) and I started playing WFB around 1999 with Edition 5 rules. And with the added special magic box which is completely redundant nowadays..
I played a few years with friends and a little bit on the local club but never really came around on finishing up on my army with the painting duty. Eventually my interest dried up a bit (friends stopped playing and the club demanded to play with 80% painted armies) so I stopped with the game for a while with some sporadic interest in getting around with painting and trying to keep updated with the new rules.
But in 2010 (ish) my interest really awoke again due to the husband of the sister of my girlfriend that had a display case full of Skaven and some Dwarfs which triggered my interest again.

So I started to read up again on stuff and bought myself the new Empire army book and some new glue (somehow the old tubes got lost...) and started fixing up a box of Militia I had lying around.

Back in the days I might be able to field a 3k or even a 3.5k army, but some of the units I got became redundant for play with the new rules. Though might still be interesting to field in friendly games.
Some Kislev horse archers + the Ice Queen
Halfling archer unit
Ogre Dogs of War unit
Empire Warwagon
Reiksguard Knights (footmen)

Somewhere halfway I also got the 6th Edition rule book and got to my hands on the new 7th edition as well.

For play I'll be looking into strengthening my core units a bit more. Back in the day my mainstay was a Halberdiers unit, but with one core box I can improve my swordsman unit a bit more. Though my main focus will be painting for the coming time instead of expanding (as my girl doesn't let me buy new units till most of the army is painted)

And now my interest is even bigger with AoS, a really fresh start and feeling good with my start into Stormcast Eternals and waiting for Free People, but also trying to fire up my Seraphon and keep tabs on some Khorne Bloodbound.
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