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I just kind of stopped posting there, the one guy flaming 6th every chance he could while promoting 8th kind of got on my nerves. There was bad blood between him and Tony, leaving me to just opt out of that forum all together.

Yeah I think I saw some of those arguments before, and sided with Tony. The thing is, I had no idea which edition I would like the most when I got the 6th, 7th, and 8th starter sets. I thought that maybe the later versions would be more refined and easier to grasp, and at the least I would get 6 cool and different starter armies out of it. Over time I would digest the rulebooks and then decide which way to go. One of the immediate things I understood about 8th was that the magic was too powerful, and since I was playing small games of mostly units of 10 infantry (with some exceptions), I knew that wasn't for me. Didn't matter what else it had going on for it. And I love wizards and all that, but just prefer they play a role and not dominate.

In the end though, I loved the dark atmosphere of 6th (I always found the previous versions too colorful and circus-like), but most importantly all the literature that was released during it, much of which is going to take me a long time to read through. And it was literature written for 6th. I don't see much for 8th except all of the End of Times stuff which essentially kills the world.

I am attracted to the spirit of the game as much as I am the models and the mechanics themselves. I want an expansive universe, but one that is grounded too. I think that is why I love 6th so much. It isn't just the rules for 6th, but Skirmish, Siege, Mordhiem, etc. The 6th edition is a pretty dense rulebook with a lot to explore, even if it might be thinner that the hardback 7th and 8th edition rulebooks. It manages to give you a variety of ways to play games with the same miniatures. I wish GW had done the same with 40k at the time. Plus I see 7th and 8th being run by the sales department as opposed to the designers who really loved the games. There was obviously a lot of passion for WFB 6th at the time, just as there was for 40k 3rd. Both had pretty long shelf lives and a lot was explored for both.

I am slowly piecing together my DoW army. I plan to use my empire stuff as stand in for the cores and such. I have ended up with a decent amount of the Regiments of Renown already too. Giants of Albion, Tichi-Huichi, Cursed Company, Long Drong, Goblin Hewer, and Gotrex and Felix. Never mind all the Ogres I have already from the Ogre Kingdom army, if you didn't know, most of the regular ogre choices are DoW, things like gnoblars, yhettes etc aren't. I would say if you find them cheap, grab them. But don't overpay

Yeah I saw in the Ogre Kingdom rulebook they specify that some units can be mercenaries. Brilliant.

BTW, since I am using RH for all my army lists, and Ogre Kingdoms isn't in it, I am essentially applying the same points for Champs, Musicians, and Standards for Ogres as they are in RH, 10 points for each. Anyone see a problem with that? The reason is that across the official army books those values do vary from army to army but they are all the same in RH regardless (except for Calavry). Just wanted to keep things consistent.

I've actually been doing the same thing in 40k as I am with WFB... buying up some of the older Battle Force sets and filling things out to make 700 point armies, so I have been holding up some purchases of WFB.

Oh, I did get those GF9 Rivers that were suggested and yes they are nearly perfect! Pre-painted well enough for me to finish. I had given serious thought to making my own, but this frees up a lot of time. Will touch them up some. Very happy, thanks for the recommendation to whoever recommended those.

Thanks FoS, it turns out I have some of those books and indeed there are some rules in there. Thanks. I can't believe how much literature was produced for 6th edition. You guys must have been giddy every time a new book came out.

Also while looking over Chronicles 2003 book, I came across the massive FAQ and Errata section. Jesus. I barely have digested the rulebook and see there was a lot of confusion with the rules back then. But then, I guess 40k was like this too. I remember 'lite on the rules, heavy on the FAQs'.

At present I am trying to digest charging and how the models line up. All the diagrams show these neat positions that I can see rarely happen in actual game play. What if a unit of 6-20mm bases is charged from the front at an angle by a 4-wide unit of 25mm bases. How do you determine where the models start to line up as the difference in stands mean that they will overlap each other. Who gets to decide who in the charging unit lines up with who? Especially if the defending unit has to pivot around to face the charge?

All this would make sense in 2min if I could see this in person and ask questions.

Out of curiosity, why were you banned from Dakkadakka? What behaviours do I need to watchout for  ::heretic::

Well, I am an easy going guy, but I am going to stick up for myself. Dakka is a pretty snarky place. Lots of arrogance going around too for a bunch of gaming dorks, and for no reason. And the peeps owning most of the fault for this are the mods, who are the absolute worst. I have the feeling they follow their rules for some people, and let them go lax for others, and what ends up happening is posters feel others are getting away with jabs, see no punishment for that, get frustrated, and bitterness follows. And to avoid breaking obvious rules they do things passively. But its all the same shit. Its a very toxic place in my opinion. I have no idea why I posted there as long as I did. I guess cause I don't really bounce around from forum to forum much.

And I guess it can be argued that I am not 'banned' per say, but suspended for a ridiculously long time. Also two of the guys who gave me the most dings stopped being mods. And most of my dings were in the US Politics thread which eventually was shut down.

You are never going to see me getting hostile over gaming. That is just silly. But if you are from outside the US and taking shots at America, well, you are going to get a shot back so to speak. And I don't mean legit criticisms, I mean just acting like a dick.

I don't see a Politics and Religion thread in here so we're good! lol

Hey man! Yeah I had no choice I got banned! lol

So I recently picked up the Dogs of War, 5th edition army book, and I love it. I have to be honest many moons ago, and it might have been when this book was first published, I remember seeing Braganza's Besiegers in White Dwarf, and really liked them. I always thought if I had a Warhammer army, I would have a unit of those guys in it. Well, I have stayed away from any thought of Dogs of War since they aren't in RH, but RH does mention using 'Mercenaries' as a Rare Choice. I haven't dived deep enough into the 6th edition rules to know how the 5th edition Dogs of War would fit in it. Was there ever 6th edition rules made for these guys? Is it fair to use them as they are in Dogs of War?

Not sure a small unit of the Besiegers would make a difference, but since I am going with small armies anyway, it wouldn't take much to field a unit for some character. What do you guys think? Do I go down this rabbit hole?

It might take some time before I get to the Bretonnians... I started the armies in my starter sets and want to knock them out first. I would love to post pics as I go, but the last time I tried to upload a photo from my iphone the forum said it was too big. Any ideas?

Useless information incoming.

So when I started collecting WFB stuff, I started before I knew the rules. I knew a lot more about Mordheim than I knew Fantasy Battles. And since I didn't know which edition of the rules I was going to be pursuing, I kind held off reading into the rules too much. But that didn't stop me from collecting the armies.

One of the things I did was create look-alike character models on foot if I had mounts for them, one mounted the other on foot. It was easy when I had an extra Empire and Orc command sprue from the 6th Stater set, but I did this with the Elf Noble, etc. Anyone who had a horse mount, or even the Elf Griffon in the 8th set, got the same guy on foot. I thought at the time, well, what if the guy loses his horse? I don't want to replace the model with some rank and file guy. I was told monsters could die so I assumed horses could too. It wasn't until later did I find that horses just make the model's save better. So I did all this silly work for nothing. Except, that I love it. I guess this gives me some flexibility if I want to play skirmish or play around with my lists, but it also really puts the emphasis on the character leading my armies.

That being said, I picked up the last of what I needed for the Bretonnians which arrived this morning. I have the more 'recent' Battalion set that comes with the single Pegasus Knight, and I picked up an extra helmet that comes in the set that is similar to the Knight on the cover of the box, who I am modelling the General of my army after. So now I have 3 of the same helmet. I picked up an extra Knight-ish looking figure from the command sprue as well. So when I am done, I will have the same jabroni on foot, on horseback, AND on a pegasus. Painted up as he is on the cover of the box. Totally stoked.

I know, I am brilliant.

Jesus Christ. I am new to Warhammer and know very little of the fluff as I am still trying to digest the rules, but this thread is f'in amazing. Totally wrapped up in the art and the description as if it really happened in real life.

Outstanding, so I will dress up the champions a little adding a wreath on some. Not all I donít want to over do it. Also on the shields, I hadnít planned on it, but I am def going to customize many of them as suggested. Not quite like the Knights shields, but since I will be mounting some symbol on the shield, I think I will make some slight variations in the colors behind or around them. Maybe add some checkers or some small crest in a corner. I hadnít thought of going that deep into the colors for these guys, but I figure each of my units only have 10 figures I might as well try to make them stand out.

You guys sure know your stuff.

That being said, I didnít realize how ĎEmpireí this board was until I really started looking around lol. I have many interests as my OP states, so after I finalize my Empire stuff, I am moving on to my Orcs, then who knows what. I assume you guys have more interest than just the Empire right? I will want to ask your opinions on all of my armies.

BTW, my Black Coach arrived today and so did my Boar Boyz. Very thankful I got those guys. No idea what the hell I was thinking not getting them sooner. Well, I am trying to stay in something of a budget, but as I was advised when I started getting into this, I might as well give up on any Ďmodestí plan when it comes to collecting. Especially as some of it is OOP.

I really plan to stay within 1000 point armies but I do want some unique looking models. Currently considering getting the new model of the Wood Elf Treeman. I know the kit makes a variety of them but RH only has the one kind and are cool with that. Has anyone played/played against it? Is it too overpowering for small games? I love the model.

Oh, I also wanted to note that I just picked up my 4th Citadel Wood. Only $25 too. Mostly because I heard a rumor GW is replacing it with another and I really like the current one. I also wanted to make each one unique, not only using the various bits that come in them (like the handing sign, etc), but I also want to use many of the Wood Elf creature bits and I think there is a snail in the Bretonnian set too. I didnít want to overdo these by adding all these to each Wood (that would be overkill), but sort of give each base itís own character if that makes sense. Really excited about this. I love trees on the gaming board.

Anyone have any suggestions on where I can buy rivers? I thought of making my own but if there is a nice set out there you would recommend please let me know.

Holy crap FvS, that thread is awesome and a ton to digest. Will have to read through it when I have some more time.

In the meantime, inspired by what I have read and seen of the Lanksknechte, I managed to scrounge up enough bits to make a unit of 10 Halberds with Champion, Standard, and Musician (got to love those lot purchases - glad I saved everything I didnít think I needed). The best part is I have a bunch of heads with caps and lots of extra feathers so I am really going to pimp these guys out like I have seen in some pics. I didnít really go nuts with my other units so I am excited about doing these guys up.

Wreaths. Knights have them on their shields. My knight spruces came with extras. Are these limited to Knights? If so where else would I put them? Can any of these go on a Spearman or Swordsman Champion or Standard?

Thanks for all the help guys, I am really pumped about my little Empire army.

Wow I never heard of those guys and are enjoying reading up on them. Thanks for the info.

The one semi-circle with an arrow? I think it is put on the corner of a unit to determine the front/flank/rear arc. Can be used to see if the unit sees an enemy unit, or if an enemy unit can charge the unit flank, etc.

Ahh... yes. I can see that now. Many thanks. I just picked up that gold set that includes that off eBay.

As Zygmund sayd that is allowed in 6th edition, but you do need to make that choice at the start of a close combat and stick to it until that close combat has completely ended.

Ok so if they start out with the Halberds, they have to finish with them.

Seems odd they would be the same point costs as regular swordsmen then, since they have more options. Same with Spearmen.

Also, still have a pending question about designs on shields. Should my whole army be using the same design? Or would these differ between regiment? Or even if I had two units of Swordsmen, would they have the same pattern, or be different?

Like I have some shields that are plain with a choice of symbols to put on them. I have enough different symbols to give each unit their own one. But if they are in the same army, should they all be the same?

Also I have a question about Halberds and Shields in 6th edition and Ravening Hordes.

State Troops with Halberds come with hand weapon, Shields, and Halberds. Halberds require two hands in close combat, so they canít use their shields while using them. So does this assume they can use them while being fired upon with ranged weapons? I assume there also might be cases where a player might pass using the Halberds and use the hand weapon and shield instead if they wanted better protection in a round of combat? Is that allowed?

Tomb Guard are also armed this way and it seems reasonable that this was done to make them flexible troops, but I see many examples of those models with shields whereas the Halberd models I see typically donít have shields. Not even slung over their backs, which is something I would do.

Hi, yes the top picture there is one of the ones I was talking about. The other this one:

There look like two different ones were made.

Any idea what that gold compass-looking thing is in the gold set?

Yes I had put the Snotling Pump Wagon on my interest list (it is in RH) but itís a Rare choice and I already have that slot filled with the Spider Riders that came in that Starter set. Not sure how good either is tho, although I am guessing the Spider Riders might be more reliable. But the pump wagon looks like a fun model.

Question: On eBay I am seeing two different sets of WFB counters. One comes in a red tin with paper counters I canít make sense of (canít zoom in well enough) and the other has plastic pieces and comes with come kind of tracker. Combat resolution tracker? Both are pretty inexpensive and I was wondering if they were worth getting. I am not playing big battles but if one or the other will help with reminders I am up for getting either. Anyone have these?

I have the Goblin army from the Battle for Skull Pass, but other than buying the Bolt Thrower (which the Orcs weíre borrowing too), I havenít done much with them. Presently in order to field a 1000 point army I have to borrow some Orcs, which just doesnít feel right. Not sure what to do about them as I know Goblins are cheap and I donít want to paint 300 of them.

As far as your Boar Boy bitz, I actually have many of those parts and compared them with the Boar Boyz Set I was watching on eBay, and I felt the variety of the models in the official boar boy set gave me some more character. Like the standard and musician especially. I actually bought the Orc Boyz set that came with options for spears or swords because the back of the box showed a different banner than I already had, only to find the same warboss/standard/drummer sprue that came in the 6th edition starter set.  :icon_mad:  I really want a variety of standards to add character to my units. So that being said your post did convince me to buy the set I was watching so I am now the proud owner of a Boar Boyz unit. This means they will be replacing the troll and bolt thrower and some other items, but I agree with you those do belong with the Goblins. And honestly whatís an Orc warband without Boar Boyz? I should have known better.

Trying to watch costs though!

Thanks for your input!

Well, I am trying to keep it simple, cost effective, and trying to avoid going down the rabbit hole with all the army books and special rules. As I mentioned in my OP that I am hosting 99% of the time, so I am trying to fulfill the desire to do the hobby and be able to play some easy, straight forward games. Blocks of 10 and 20 might work for some and not others, I know, but many of the <expansion> sets I am buying come in blocks or those. So rather than trying to dig up extra figures here and there, I am just going to keep them as they come.

The detachment thing I am aware of as well, but that involves using the Empire Army book and and then god knows what else special rules. If I were playing against you guys then sure, I would prob need to overhaul my armies. But in this case I am just trying to field some cool armies with some variety that aren't too complicated to play. Hence Ravening Hordes.

I am making an exception for the Ogre Kingdoms tho. Since they don't appear in RH I am using their book with some minor tweaks. I'll get to those guys in oh... about two years lol.

BTW, speaking of Orcs, here is my plan for them. I need advice at the end.

Big Boss (General) - 65
 + Light Armor - 2
 + Shield - 2
 + Boar - 12
 + Bronze Axe - 50

Shaman - 65
 + Badum Staff - 50

Big Boss - 65
 + Light Armor - 2
 + Ogre Blade - 40

Black Orcs (10) - 120
 + Champion - 10
 + Standard - 10
 + Musician - 10

Boyz (10) - 50
 + Extra Choppa - 20
 + Champion - 10
 + Standard - 10
 + Musician - 10

Boyz (10) - 50
 + Spears - 20
 + Shields - 10
 + Champion - 10
 + Standard - 10
 + Musician - 10

Arrer Boyz (10) - 50
 + Bows - 40
 + Champion - 10
 + Standard - 10
 + Musician - 10

Chariot - 80

Troll - 50

Bolt Thrower - 30

Total comes to about 993.

I know the Troll should be in a unit of at least 3, but I needed to fill in some points and I got him from the 7th Starter set. Figured it wouldnt be a big deal. However, I feel like I have a lot of foot units and was wondering if I should hunt down a box of 5 Boar Boys and fit them in here. I don't know much about them, but just about all of my other armies have some kind of cavalry. I was initially just building armies to match what was in the other starter sets, which came to about 700 points, so I thought just having a single chariot would be fine, but now with 1000 points, it feels like a single chariot wouldn't have much of an impact. Not crazy about building another on of them either.

What do you guys think?

EDIT: At Warlord's suggestion I did pick up a unit of Boar Boyz, so I adjusted my army.

Removed the Troll (-50) and Bolt Thrower (-30).

The second Big Boss (65) now has a Biting Blade (10), Light Armor (2), and Shield (2).

The Orc Boys with Spears no longer have spears (-20).

And added the Boar Boyz (85)
 + Champion - 15
 + Standard - 15
 + Musician - 15

Army is now at 995 points.

Warhammer 40k Discussion / Re: 8th edition on route.
« on: May 13, 2019, 08:56:04 PM »
Well, those Knights look awesome, but here is where I think 40k is getting really silly. That Repulser Executioner is just ridiculous. Main cannon, gatling gun, twin-liked heavy bolters, heavy stubber (when did Marines start using those?!? And missiles all over the turret. All the weapons look so cheesy. And the Skorpius Dunerider and Skorpius Dsintegrator are cool being hovercrafts, but the Disintegrator suffers the same thing as the Executioner with the weapons all over it, especially the missiles in the front, just look ridiculous.

'Where do you want to mount the missiles?'
'How about right in front, where the enemy bullets are going to hit.'

Its like GW designers are thinking, 'Hey the kids are going to love all the guns sticking out of these things, and that will make these guys sell, so put guns everywhere regardless how ridiculous it is.'

This is why I have lost interest in 40k. Its a shame too because the techniques they are using to make these new kits are amazing, but they just seem to be losing touch with reality. I know this is the same universe where people are running around with chainswords, but still. I used to think GW was grounded in some kind of reality but I think they have lost it. Its becoming more fantasy than Age of Sigmar.

The Primaris guys are missing out on vehicles. Looks like they have 2 to choose from. Anyone know if they are making update Land Speeders or Bikes for them?

Warhammer 40k Discussion / Any of you guys 3rd Edition fans?
« on: May 13, 2019, 08:43:12 PM »
Hi, I am new here and primarily here for Warhammer Fantasy Battles (http://warhammer-empire.com/theforum/index.php?topic=53028.0), but I have been a fan of 40k for a lot longer. I first discovered 40k via Dragon Magazine of all places, with seeing an ad for Rogue Trader. Well, I spent the next year drawing beakie Space Marines for the next year without knowing much about them. Then some friends and I got into Adeptus Titanicus/Space Marine v1, played the hell out of that, and eventually tried out the 28mm scale version of battles. I thought Rogue Trader in those days was an absolute mess, and I was so thankful for when 2nd Edition was released and my friends had a great time with that game.

I eventually got out of the hobby, sold just about everything I had, only for years later a new group of friends were interested in getting into what was now 3rd edition, so I had to go out and buy all the old models I used to have.  :eusa_wall:

I remember 3rd Edition being pretty controversial at the time, as a lot of people complained about it. Truthfully, my group didn't stick with it for long, and while I collected here and there, I really didn't get much else, nor play, until 6th came along. While I think the Dark Vengeance set is pretty impressive, the rulebook is pretty hard to read, and I didn't want to buy all the new codexes, so the few times I played it we just stuck with what is in the set.

Around the time 8th came out I lost all interest in current 40k. Hate Primaris Marines. Hate no template weapons. There are some cool models coming out, some of which I used to replace my older models, but some of them are larger than the old models and I feel like everything is getting really cramped on the gaming table. So recently I sat down and looked over my 3rd edition rulebook and realized how great 3rd really was. Most importantly how comprehensive the rulebook is, especially with including get-by army lists in the back of the book (the last time we would see this). If you think about how expensive it is just to get into ONE army in 40k is today, at least with that rulebook you had enough rules to try out multiple armies. I know the edition suffered a little from codex creep, but there were also a lot of new armies released back then.

Anyway, its motivated me to hunt down all the old Battleforce sets (not the square ones, but the rectangle ones) to keep forever. Even the armies I had no interest in back then. I just feel 40k is changing, and not in ways I am crazy about, and I can see the day GW moves on from Space Marines as we know them for whatever they can feel they can make the most money on. Creative Destruction and all.

I still have my 2nd Edition set, but I think that is more complex for new players (especially my friends) and all the cards and chits are a pain. I don't know enough about the 4th ed or 5th rulebooks, but in order to play those you had to have the codexes. I am really past collecting all of that.

Anyone else think fondly of 3rd edition? When was the last time you played it?

I need to see all this on a gaming board!

Awesome work!

Off the hip? Like on either side?

Thanks everyone!

I was assembling all sorts of random stuff, but I have decided to focus by starting with the armies I got first, so starting with finishing my Empire army and working my way to the most recent. Orcs will be next.

My Empire army list (based on Ravening Hordes):

Captain (as my General) - 50
 + Sword of Might - 20
 + Light Armor - 2
 + Pistol - 7
 + Shield - 2
 + Warhorse - 10
 + Barding - 4
 + Talisman of Protection - 15

Captain - 50
 + Sword of Swift Slaying - 25
 + Light Armor - 2
 + Pistol - 7
 + Shield - 2
 + Warhorse - 10
 + Barding - 4

Battle Wizard - 60
 + Ring of Volans - 30
 + Power Stone - 20
 + Warhorse - 10

Knightly Order (5) - 120
 + Champion - 15
 + Standard - 15
 + Musician - 15

Spearmen (10) - 70
 + Champion - 10
 + Standard - 10
 + Musician - 10

Handgunners (10) - 80
 + Champion - 10
 + Standard - 10
 + Musician - 10

Swordmen(10) - 70
 + Champion - 10
 + Standard - 10
 + Musician - 10

Great Cannon - 100

Mortar - 80

So total is about 985 at the moment so have some points I can play with. I probably should have more troops, but I am using blocks of 10 for human and Orc sized figures and 20 for the smaller like Goblins and Skaven.  Essentially using the 7th and 8th starter sets as guides. Not trying to build a power army, just get the most out of the figures I have. I ended up getting some duplicates in some lot auctions so that is why I have a second captain and a mortar for example. Might as well use them than sink more points into more troops.

I have some questions about the Empire:

The patterns on their shields... are they basically representing the regiment? The models all come with different shields with different designs on them. I wasn't sure if these represent a particular city in the Empire or a regiment themselves.

Also, I had the OLDER State Trooper sprues to make my swordsmen, and on the sprues were these two pouch looking things. I couldn't see them being used in any of the official GW studio models, so I am not sure what to do with them. The kinda look like they might be something that goes on the waist to protect the crouch or butt area. I tired to upload a pic from my phone but the image is too big.

Found them online!

They are the last two pieces on the bottom right... any idea what these are for?

Actually while I am at it, what is the thing above them? A canteen?

And, is there any significance with the feathers? Just deco or do they mean something?

Hi everyone, new to the site. I literally stumbled on it for the first time today searching for Warhammer terrain and was led to the thread of people showing off their work and was blown away.

So this is going to be a long post but I thought I would share what I am doing and where I am at, because while I have been aware of WFB for a long time (long 40k fan), I never got into it and only started buying stuff for it when GW killed Warhammer and moved on to Sigmar. I actually have lost interest in 40k too. I am just not thrilled with what direction GW is taking these days, so I guess I am reaching back into the past and are amazed at what I missed.

I started by picking up mint copies of the 6th Edition, 7th Edition Battle for Skull Pass, and 8th Edition Island of Blood starter sets. I really didn't know any difference between the versions of the rules, and I am a sucker for starter sets, so I hunted those down and thought I would mess around with them until I figured out which I liked. I don't have many friends who play these games, let alone collect, so typically if I can get one to play I have to provide everything. So I would base what I would collect around the starter armies from these sets.

Well, it didn't take me long before I was blown away by 6th Edition, and how comprehensive the rulebook was (with Skirmish, Siege, etc). I had a variety of ways to play with the same miniatures! I also picked up Mordhiem (which I had previously but never did anything with and foolishly got rid of), and fell in love with the era even more. With the Best of Town Cyrer, I now had rules for warbands for all the armies from Warhammer Fantasy, so even more to explore. I picked up the General's Compendium as well and an annual or two. Its obvious there was a lot of love for 6th Edition at the time just for the sheer amount of stuff GW released for it. The editions after do not look like they got the same love and attention as 6th did. Maybe nicer models though.

But what really did it for me with 6th is Ravening Hordes. I didn't even know it existed until after I got all the starter sets, and when I found I had rules for just about every mini I now had, it kind of sealed things for me. I really didn't want to hunt down all of the army books (especially for each edition), or worry about power creep, and most importantly, complicated rules for the few times I play a game with a friend and I keep having to go back and refer to special rules. So this also means, if it isn't in Ravening Hordes, I don't buy it or plan on playing it. (with once exception below)

So sticking with the starter armies in those sets, and adding a wizard, extra character or unit here an there, I had six armies with each about 700 points. I was told by some veterans those armies were simply too small for WFB, but I explained that I wanted variety and to expand on the number of armies rather than put all my money into a few armies. I wasn't thrilled about painting up 20 Empire Spearmen if I could just do 10. I could give 10 my best but 20 would involve me cutting corners. But I also started looking at the old Battalion sets on Ebay and before long I was buying them, adding a unit here and there with some heros, and the next thing I knew I had about 1000 points from them, so I went back and bumped my original 700 point armies to 1000 as well.

So all last year and the beginning of this year I managed to accumulate:

Empire (from 6th Starter) plus some extras like Knights, Wizard, Swordsmen.
Orcs (from 6th Starter) plus some extras like Black Orcs and Shaman.
Dwarfs (from 7th Starter) plus Longbeards and Ironbreakers.
Goblins (from 7th Starter) plus a couple of Bolt Throwers. Still need some more to buy here I know. Might just pull from my starter Orcs.
High Elves (from 7th Starter) plus Spearmen and Repeater Bolt Thrower.
Skaven (from 7th Starter) plus Stormvermin and I might get a couple more units as I love the Skaven. Maybe a Doomwheel.

But then, I got:

Lizardmen Battalion - I had no idea how nice these models were going to be and I fell in love with the set the minute I opened the box. I added a Saurus Hero and Skink Shaman. I love the Slann model even tho I can't play them with armies this small, but I will probably end up getting him some day. But the Battalion had just about everything I needed for a 1000 point army.

Wood Elf Battalion - I got this set honestly because it was cheap, but reading more into them I fell in love with them. I am a big nature guy, and I love the Dryads and so forth, and I can't wait to really built these guys. They are not a conventional army I am used to playing so its nice to have them. Added a Commander, Mage, and using a box of Eternal guys as Glade Guard since RH doesn't have rules for them.

Chaos Warrior Battalion - This was a must and I got it for a good price. Added some bits to make a Champion out of one of the warriors, then a sorcerer and a Chaos Chariot. Really like this set. Oozes bad-ass.

Daemon Host - I got this, not sure what to do with it. Daemons are expensive in RH and I actually can't even field everything that comes in the box in a 1000 point game. Will come back to this some day.

Bretonnian Battalion - Yes, I got this, yes I paid big money for it. And to be honest, I wasn't even that big on the Bretonnians. I felt I already had a human army with the Empire, and I thought they were too historical looking for fantasy. But once I got the models I fell in love with them. Picked up some old mounted Squires and and a wizard to round out the army. Love this set.

Beastmen Battalion - I got these because like the Wood Elves they were fairly cheap, but I wasn't prepared for how much I would like them. I really, really like these guys. I think they are more Chaos-y than the Chaos Warriors themselves. I picked up not only a Beastman Hero and Shaman, but also a box of plastic Minotaurs which are awesome. Round out this army using the Chaos Hounds that came with the Warriors set to make 1000 points. At least for now. I thought about hunting down some Harpies. Let me know what you guys think.

Dark Elf Battalion - Like many of the other sets, I was surprised how much I would love these guys. Online pics just don't show off the detail these models have, since they are painted so dark. I picked up a Sorcerer and that was pretty much all I needed, but I also sprung for a Repeater Bolt Thrower too I will swap out a unit for at times. I like the Dark Elves so much I want to expand on them just for the sake of having, like the Dark Riders and Black Dragon, even if I will never play a game big enough to use it.

Vampire Count Battalion - I have the set with the red armor Vampire on the cover, and I love that pic. The set though comes up light. I do not have rules for the Corpse Cart in RH so I am going to try and convert it into a Black Coach. But I don't need it because I also picked up the Grave Guard, Bat Swarm, and more importantly plastic Dire Wolves which seem hard to find. Oh, and of course a Vampire and Necromancer too. Its not my favorite set but what is Warhammer without Vampires?

Tomb King Battalion - I will be honest here, I do not like any kind of historical references in Warhammer so I felt the Tomb Kings were just too Egyptian to me, but once I got the set, I was impressed with the models. The set comes with 40 Skeletons so I divided them up to make 20 warriors, 10 bowmen, and the last 10 to be converted into Tomb Guard. All I had to do to complete this set was add a Liche Priest and Tomb Lord, which I did.

And finally, The Ogre Kingdom Battalion - I know they are not in RH, but I am making an exception here using their 6th edition army book because I love these guys. The Battalion set didn't come with any Gobnars like the older set did, which is fine as they made up for it with more Ogres. I hunted down two sets of Gobnar regiments only to discover I only had enough points left to field one. But that is okay, because I want the extra Gobnars to be available down the road for when I get down to collecting a Chaos Dwarf army, since they ARE in Ravening Hordes, where I will refer to them as hobgoblins. Oh, I did get a Ogre Bruiser for a general.

I also picked up several sets of the modular movement trays and the Fortified Manor set. Also picked up 3 sets of Citadel Wood, and a nice stone looking bridge I think comes from the Bolt Action (?) game. I got it used so not sure. Hope to find more stuff to spice up my table.

So yes, that's where I stand now. I am sure many of you doubt this story but it true. I have been at it for about a year and was pretty obsessive getting to this point. But I am finally here and can take my time. I have started assembling what came in the starter sets and will move on to the others as I finish. I expect it all to take some dozen years at the rate I move lol.

Anyway, the reason for posting all this is that I wanted to say how I am really envious of you guys who have been involved with this game over the years and think you are really lucky to have gotten to play it while it was in its peak. I hate Sigmar, but at the same time can understand why GW went the direction they did. But it isn't fantasy as I am used to, and it's too over the top. WFB 6th, with its grit, is a lot like Games of Thrones with villages to be defended and monsters to kill. I am really having a blast exploring all this, even though I am really late to the party.

Will share my army lists in the future to knock for being too small!

Thanks for reading!

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