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Warhammer 40k Discussion / 40k Stuff Sometimes Maybe
« on: September 01, 2016, 03:54:30 PM »
So in the coming months I'm going to be doing a series of 40k projects, including Necromunda, Gorkamorka and Kill Teams. I thought I might as well put this here to prove I actually do something in the hobby (though I have been painting stuff, it's almost entirely non 40k. Infinity, Dropzone, Warzone, Gates of Antares, Bushido etc). Gorkamorka is currently the first thing I'm doing, and when I get to Necromunda it will be a Genestealer Cult using the models from the boardgame.

Anyway, nothing painted yet, but have been working on magnetising a trukk for Gorkamorka.

And after a game or two, if I get teef for it I plan to add a little perch for a sniper grot with a shoota, though I need some more bitz to do that (30mm mdf base is a placeholder)

Currently 4 orks can fit fairly easily in the back, which is all that's needed for my gang. I've also put some magnets down in the back of the trukk so the orks in the back wont rattle around when the trukk moves. When I get more I've already ordered a buggy for them from puppet wars, and also will be adding bikers.

The Brush and Palette / Empires, of a sort - FIW British
« on: December 22, 2012, 08:28:50 PM »
Well, I haven't really painted much of anything at all in ages, but last night I painted two figures for the start of a British force for Muskets and Tomahawks.

Patsy informed me I was allowed to post this, so  I assume I will be banned shortly.  :engel:

Major De Whit

and Lieutenant Conor

The Count's Tavern / Help with ideas
« on: April 29, 2010, 12:52:37 PM »
So, I've finally started that pre-split undead army I harped on about for so long (you know, Tomb Kings rules, but with necromancers as priests and vamps are kings/princes).

The chariots are merely TK chariots without the TK iconography, with mantic games skeletons on them. The troops are all mantic games skeletons.

I've already done my casket (it's a necromancer reading from the Liber Mortis), but bearing in mind I want to keep this whole army cheap, what can I use for the following?

Tomb Scorpions - No clue at all. (tempted to give a spare ogre or two a shovel  :engel: )

Bone Giant - No clue on cheap options.

Ushabti - Already going to get some Ogres for these, and "undeadify" them. Any better suggestions would be helpful though!

The beauty of this is it also lets me double it as a Vampire Counts force.  :biggriin:

The Brush and Palette / Magnets!
« on: February 28, 2010, 03:35:37 PM »
I used to be quite skeptical of magnetising armies before. Now I am envious of those who have magnetised their fantasy forces.

As a test, after getting 150 rare earth magnets for a fiver, I decided to stick 4 onto the base of a Malifuax figure. The end result was a frantic effort magnetising all my undead forces.

I love being able to shake this tin, turn it upside down, and know nothing moved.

The Count's Tavern / Malifaux
« on: January 24, 2010, 10:57:42 PM »
So, has anyone played this? One of our club members demo'd it today and it looked very cool. I sold some Chaos warriors for 30 and promptly gave the man the money to purchase me some starting stuff as the figures are just nice.

The way actions are resolved is very nice too! No dice!

Also, Teddy is frightening.

Warhammer 40k Discussion / 40K
« on: January 24, 2010, 03:17:29 PM »
Much like world of warcraft sucks when compared to playing AD&D (or any other fantasy role-playing game you sit around a table playing). Instead of an intricately balanced game, it's a hack & slash botch job.

Amusingly a lot of 40k players say that about Fantasy.  :engel:

The Count's Tavern / More Blood Bowl Fun!
« on: November 18, 2009, 05:37:14 PM »

The Parade Ground / 2,000 Points Soft List
« on: September 11, 2009, 08:52:41 PM »
Ok, I've not posted a list here (if I have, I've forgotten  :-D ), but I'm not exactly looking for a competitive list. I'm trying to make a nice, soft cheerful list for starting a mini-campaign against a friends newest army, Ogre Kingdoms.

This is also an exercise in getting my army painted (and so contains a lot of state troops, knights and stuff I've not used).


Templar Grand Master (145), Laurels of Victory (55)   200         UNPAINTED

Warrior Priest (90) Heavy Armour (4) Shield (2)
Great Weapon (4) Barded Warhorse (14)
Doomfire Ring (30)               144         UNPAINTED (NEED TO PURCHASE)

Warrior Priest (90) Heavy Armour (4)
Great Weapon (4) Icon of Magnus (25)         123         PAINTED

Wizard (65) Level 2 (35) Rod of Power (30)
Barded Horse (14)               134         UNPAINTED

Total: 601


23 Spearmen, Full Command, Shields         158         PAINTED
- 10 Halberdiers               50         UNPAINTED
- 10 Crossbowmen (Represented by Handgunners
     using special Long Guns)            80         PAINTED   

23 Spearmen, Full Command, Shields         158         UNPAINTED
- 10 Halberdiers               50         UNPAINTED
- 10 Crossbowmen (Represented by Handgunners
     using special Long Guns)            80         UNPAINTED   

5 Knights, Musician               123         PAINTED

Total:   711


9 Inner Circle Knights, Full Command         274         UNPAINTED

Cannon                     100         PAINTED
Cannon                     100         UNPAINTED

5 Pistoliers, Musician, Outrider Champion with
Repeater Pistol and Pistol            114         UNPAINTED

Total:   588


Helblaster                  110         UNPAINTED

Total: 110


5 of 16 Painted

Hopefully that formatted right. Anyway, we're both going to be using mostly soft lists (his will involve lots of gnoblars, bulls and ironguts, 2-3 butchers, a tyrant and if 2 butchers, a hunter).

I've done one bad thing in my list though, the big block of inner circle knights with a Grandmaster.

Are there any changes anyone would recommend, without changing the level I'm aiming at?

So I just read a thread over at that place Shadowlord wants burned down, along with everyone in it, and came across a gem of rules interactions.

Infiltrate is like scouting, so the usual line of sight hijinks arise.

Reserve allows you to keep your models off the table for the first turn, then arrive as reserves.

So, Tau versus White Scars biker army. Entire biker army goes into reserve. Tau player deploys his infiltrators along the White Scars board edge.

Tau player wins a total victory before dice are rolled (units cannot enter within an inch of an enemy model, if they can't be brought on, they're probably destroyed. A tank can tank shock through it though, but it was an all biker army).

It did start an amusing debate on whether doing so made the Tau player a fishhead.


End of page 3 has a picture of the winning deployment moment.

The Count's Tavern / War of the Ring BR, 1500 a side
« on: August 16, 2009, 08:58:50 PM »
Should have taken the ent. This thought rings with me still.

Apologies first, I forgot to take pictures on several turns, thus we shall pretend they didn't exist, unless it was to my glory.

I would like to say, considering 3 people here had never played the game, and how many times we had to look up rules and stats, the game flowed incredibly fast. The is one thing I like about it, it's fast and fun, simple yet tactical, and other sayings which imply good things. Everyone enjoyed the game, and are now going to collect larger armies (yes! What I was hoping for, more players! Now to do the same with At 43!)

At the start, there were five of us. At the end, there were five of us, as no-one got wiped out, which is a shame. 3 on the bad side, 2 on the debatedly good side (gondor and uruk hai?).

Almost every turn saw 1 or 2 men/horsemen die to Archery. There were no spectacular shots barring one instance, so I probably didn't note it very often.

Anyway, we all deployed, and immediately noticed that "Good/Confused" outnumbered "Evil/bickeringhousewifes". That'll teach you to take so many heros!

For the first turn, everyone promptly advanced, apart from the Easterlings at the bottom who bloody flew across the damn table using that Wings of Terror spell. Archery saw very little die, the trebuchet killed a single Easterling. This was to prove it's only contribution to the entire battle. Damn you warlordgames, I needed those bolt throwers! (Edit) The Easterling archers up north oblitered the poor orc archers up top. Heartless.

Just look at the bottom, first turn they get a point blank charge, madness. Fortunately, as they had metal pikes, the owner speared himself at least once a turn, every time to our laughter.

He also made sure I took this picture to show their martial prowess (he killed 9 archers, the rest promptly rolled a 6 for Steadfast and ignored it)

There's a gap here, where the Gondor block of troops charged the 3 companies of Haradrim, and annihilated them in one turn (killed half, so he had a stand and a half left, then he rolled a 1 for steadfast, failed leadership by enough to lose second stand, 1 on steadfast auto kills unit if it falls below 50% of stands. Woo). Note my avoiding the troll. Monsters are horrendous versus troops. And those southern pikemen still only manage to kill half the archers.

The Northern battle with the Uruk Hai picking entirely on one of the 3 bad guys was a rather half hearted affair of 2 steps back, then 2 more. Apart from the amusing incident when a single Easterling Archer headshot the Uruk troll, who promptly screamed "Hax!" and fell over dead. The Gondor Knights charged Saladin and his bodyguard, broke them, and made them flee like the little, unpainted girls they are.

The Knight of Umbar, finally remembering he existed beyond casting Wings of Terror, killed both the Failbuchet and the Archers with two spells. Never taking a damn trebuchet again. Everytime it fired, it missed, apart from turn 1 when it killed a 1/8 of a 35 point company. It costs 100 points.

The Knights of Gondor charged the haradrim archers, and killed lots of them. They broke, and spent the rest of the game wetting themselves. The taunting between the Uruks and the Easterlings escalated to actual threats.

And now, the final image, missing quite bit of time. I'd like to say there were easterlings left in the north, they were just packed up by name, and Saladin and 4 of his mates were still alive, pounding the knights of gondor. The troll had also been repeatedly beating on the block of Gondor troops, whilst the pikemen dithered about, scared of Faramir. Really, look at the guy, how can you be scared, he's a pussycat. Boromir is the scary one.

Finally, the Uruk hai struck, the berserkers killing every archer up north in a wonderful display of what strength 8 does to the enemy, coupled with two handed weapons (2+ to kill). Lurtz and his band of travellers kill some Easterlings, and scare off Khamul. The troll continued to beat up Faramirs unit whilst avoiding being near Faramir. The pikemen down south dithered, Saladin mocked everyone with his restoring might, and then the game ended.

We did a pretend extra turn, whereupon I finally killed the damned Mumatroll.

The Count's Tavern / Warmaster forum
« on: July 20, 2009, 04:29:10 PM »
I've starting up a Warmaster tomb kings army (lots of infantry, bolt throwers and a giant already got), and I was wondering two things:

Firstly, is there any form of active Warmaster forum around that anyone knows about?

Secondly, has anyone here played it much, and have any strong opinions on the game itself?

I've only played the LotR warmaster game once, and that's about it for my actual playing experience.

Edit: and does anyone know where to get decent terrain for it?

The Count's Tavern / Dark Omen
« on: July 03, 2009, 05:28:18 PM »
Whilst searching through boxes, I found this gem, the Dark Necromancer on the cover beckoning to me.

So I install the game, and it works! So old, and it works on Vista! I was most joyous.

Played a few missions, and it's made me want to buy a Warmaster Undead army (which I will, but that's beside the point).

Anyway, does anyone here have it and want to try a small game of it sometime? I believe you'd need Hamachi to make it work.

The Count's Tavern / Battlereport Chronicler
« on: May 14, 2009, 09:29:22 AM »
Just been having a look at this, and it seems quite decent.


As with all new programs, takes a bit getting used to but it's quite nice.

WHFB The Electors' Forum / Enemy In The Way
« on: April 23, 2009, 12:23:23 AM »
This is a subject I see coming up alot on multiple forums. It came up on TWF a few days ago, and some of the responses confused me. Also, how some of the players who used to go to my LGS before it closed down played it somewhat contrary to the rules too.

Now, here is a diagram to help with the explaining:

C charges B. B flees. B will now look like C as it is pivoted to face directly away (simplification, if the enemy unit was horizantal instead of slanted slightly, B would look like C in the diagram due to the angle anyway). The unit is then moved 2d6 inches.

Now, the enemy has to follow the unit, as I read it, that means anyone falling in the lines in this diagram below, can be eligable for EITW:

Well, not exactly, but something like that. Anyway, this clearly would mean that A is unchargeable due to EITW. My issue comes from this:

I've seen it argued that in the same circumstances A would be charged as it was "Capable of being charged at the beginning of the turn" (what).

I've also lost games due to this to deathstar vamps when I thought I was being tricky.  :icon_mrgreen: I did note that whenever one of the others did this, they'd specifically say "I'm redirecting into that unit then"

So, am I getting the gist, even with my poor as hell diagrams?

The Count's Tavern / Napoleonics/American War of Independence
« on: April 13, 2009, 07:54:03 PM »
Now, I'm heavily into the wars mentioned in the title of this thread. I'm going to copy a post I made on my local clubs forums (as they can be a bit dead. And by a bit I mean totally), asking for help  :mrgreen:

I was wondering if anyone here played or knew of any decent rulesets for either of these wars, designed for either 28mm or 10/6mm (not sure if it's 10mm or 6mm) sized miniatures.

I'd also be grateful to know of any places where I can purchase models for said wars/scales.

Lastly, does anyone play these?

Edit: also, can anyone hazard a guess as to the models used here?


I will admit the main thing I want to know is the models used there. I want to know all involved, but I felt the wider knowledge of this much larger forum with people from around the world, people might recognise those models. Hopefully.  :icon_redface:

The Count's Tavern / VC or Daemons
« on: April 10, 2009, 01:15:38 PM »
Now,  considering the sheer amount of flipflopping I do with army selection, what usually happens is on the day I get my money to buy said army, I finally choose then. Sometimes this provides hilarious and sad results (like the poor tomb kings who sit there...crying... crying sand).

Anyway, I've wanted a hard army for awhile, and I've actually managed to narrow it down to two armies (and styles).

Vampire Counts:
Combat heavy list, not as much magic as people commonly see, probably capped at 8 dice and a bound spell or two. Probably be an army themed around somewhere in the empire (but not Stirland. Never Stirland. Even in Undeath... well... maybe I could paint the zombies as Stirlanders  :icon_mrgreen: )

Nurgle Wall of Depressingly Unkillable Yet Fully Tangible Entites of Harm. Basically a bunch of Plaguebearer blocks with heralds, making everyone else strike last and removing flank/rear bonuses. Also each casting Miasma of Pestilance to reduce the enemies stats to 1. Pair of Flesh hound units, possibly a unit of 3 flamers (two if I face other hard armies). Wow, as I write this I realise how utterly horrible that list is.


Also Eight wont try to kill me for VC, might be a factor.

The Count's Tavern / DoW 2000
« on: April 03, 2009, 10:25:06 PM »
Now, I know there's an army list forum, but I'm squeamish of posting non empire stuff up there. Thus, I have a copy pasted post from Dogs of War Online, as I know people here will have input too.

Well, I've spent a few years flirting with the idea of Dogs of War, and with the release of Warlord Games English Civil War models, I think I'm going to take the plunge in 2 weeks and order a ridiculous amount of them.

I've made a very simple army list I intend to try out in a week with proxys for a campaign:

30 Pike, Heavy Armour, Full Command 360

30 Pike, Heavy Armour, Full Command 360

10 Crossbowmen 80

10 Crossbowmen 80

10 Duellists with Pistols 90

10 Duellists with Pistols 90

5 Heavy Cavalry with Barding, Muscisian 120

5 Heavy Cavalry with Barding, Muscisian 120

Cannon 85

Cannon 85


Paymaster Heavy Armour Barded Horse
Brace of Pistols 83

Hireling Wizard Level 2 Warhorse 109
Scroll 25

Hireling Wizard Level 2 Warhorse 109
Scroll 25

General Heavy Armour Shield Warhorse
Morning Star 123


There's 56 points spare to do additional magic items for my Lord. I'm actually, weirdly enough (coming from Empire/Chaos/Delves) swamped by the lack of magical items to choose, and thus have far more troops than I would normally. Smile

Final thing, I utterly love giant units of pikes. They'd be arranged 6 wide and 5 deep.

The final push was the campaign over at the Warpath, that combined with ECW by Warlord games and I could not resist.

By the way, I will have around 120 handgunners from buying 6 boxes, around 60-80 of these will be spare.  :icon_mrgreen:

Edit: Unless I go down Renegade Miniatures. But I don't get how many are in a blister.  :icon_confused: And do their pikemen come with pikes?

The Count's Tavern / Warhammaer: Mark of Chaos
« on: April 01, 2009, 10:27:12 PM »
So, an open shout to all who read this, who here has it and is at all interested in multiplayer games?

I bought the Gold Edition with the expansion in it (I think).

The Count's Tavern / Praise be to Menoth!
« on: March 29, 2009, 08:57:14 PM »
Ok, first proper Warhammer Ancients battle, 1000 points each. Not exactly a battle report, and has musing at the end. (and the mistakes I make are many)

His List:

No Idea. I know he had a gigantic block of warriors with great weapons, a chieften, a BSB, and 3 units of 20 each, skirmishers. 2 with bows, 2 with slings.

My List:

4*10 Trained Longbowmen
Ribauldequin with 2 extra crew
General on warhorse with full plate, shield and lance (no need, all I do is hide him behind my big blocks and use his leadership bubble)
5 Heavy Knights with lances
27 Billmen with light armour, full command

Only I have appropriate models, and only one unit and general painted, we just got into this so be forgiving  :engel:


First turn few turns for us involved mostly his skirmishers moving forward and having missile duels with my longbowmen, his Skirmish penalty to my hit evening out the duel.

His vile skirmishers pelted 2 of my brave knights to death, fortuitously, they refuse to care.

The 3 Knights heroically charge his skirmishers. And win, breaking them.

At this point the knights had lost another in close combat, but were still continuously running the cursed slingers off, and eventually, off the board. His archers finally lost the duel, and fled. The necron archers however, obliterated the mere 10 Longbowmen facing them, and then eyed up the Ribauldequin.

However, it was to no use, merely looking at it prevents nothing. And in what turned out to be a frightening display, the Ribauldequin fired on the approaching behemothian unit.

This killed a mighty 7 of the huge block, combined with the shooting of the victorious longbowmen killed a total of 11. This was a panic test, but sadly, on leadership 10, the block laughed, as blocks often do (Breeze Blocks are the worst for this)

A much depleted block of celts seemed a lot less frightening especially crawling through that difficult terrain towards me, but all those strength 5 attacks worried me, so I backed off to prevent a charge in his turn (which consisted of his archers moving towards the Ribauld), and fired the mighty Ribauldequin one last time.

I was starting to feel bad now, and was somewhat pleased when his archers cut down enough crew to prevent it firing every turn, and when it tried to fire, it misfired and lost the last turn of shooting. (we saw what would've happened to his archers had it fired again.. 1 died  :icon_redface: )

The final moment went unphotographed, his slingers dead, one archer unit half dead, one archer unit threatening my general (who cowered behind my large block), the Billmen charged. They cut down 3 celts, and lost 2 of their number, but due to my superior rank bonus after cutting down his with fire, I won by 2. He rolled a 9, fled 5 or so, I ran 10 or so.

End result, he had killed/half killed 220 of my points, and he had 150 left.

At first, his mass screen of archers worried me, as per turn Iwas only killing 2. With 40 longbows, only 2. Luckily, in later turns this upped alot, sending one of them fleeing, whilst the other skirmisher-archer unit won it's duel due to most of my longbowmen being on one side. this was partially due to plan, I moved the archers to screen the Ribauld from their fire.

The slingers being broken and pursued repeatedly by 2 knights provoked laughing from all involved and watchers.

Now, one point I didn't like. The Ribauldequin. I've spent ages hyping it up as an awesome machine of death to everyone who would listen at our club, and annoyingly, it turned out to be exactly that. I felt too damn good, and it will not be a staple in my list. Also, I might take a foot general.

Edit: Also, the terrain was so much in my favour it's silly. It's mainly due to us being told repeatedly to have nice open battlefields for WAB by the beards (older members), with some difficult terrain for spice.

Please inform if I should not be posting this :ph34r:

Right. I'm busy doing my best to avoid getting down to doing an assignment due in tomorrow. It's based on normalisation and it's mind numbingly boring. So, I painted some Longbowmen. That took 10 minutes. Damn coloured sprays and washes making my job take no time at all.

Well, the longbowmen are drying so I can't show them, so while I waited, I got bored. Looked at assignment. Saw my camera. Then the wind blew my door open and I saw my cabinet of painted models (well some of them, I have loads more scattered around in boxes). Idea. Take pictures and waste time uploading them! Excellent! Well, here goes:

Crocodile Games Eater of the Dead Army

These are Nehekeru (or something) Archers, evil creatures who have no god because they were disowned for well being evil. Thus only usable as mercenaries by bad guy warbands (each warband needs a harbinger, and only races with a God have one).

These are mummies. Not warriors at all. They're basically the zombies of this army, except better than zombies  :icon_confused:
Excellent tying up unit, and my favourite spell with my necromancer is to cast Corpse Explosion (not it's name, but same thing) on them. d10 mummies explode violently  :icon_mrgreen:

Mummy Warriors. Excellent soldiers, as good as the best normal base size rank and file in this game. Have been charged by enemy harbingers (these guys are hard) and won.

The boss guys. Starting from the left. Sorcerer Crypt Lord. Crypt lords each get a random power from when they were alive, and amusingly this model, with a scroll and staff, rolled magic ability at a tournament. Next Combat Dude Crypt Lord. Usually chills with Spearmen and kills people for laughs. Next out in front is the big bad guy, the Undead Harbinger. Starts of at rank 1 with the ability to one time raise a unit from an area on the battlefield which has had people (who were alive) die. Next, a Nehekeru Necromancer (fluffwise only humans are necros, as it's so evil none of the animalpeople would do it, but they're the guys from Dark Crystal! They're evil!), essential model as it's the only one with lots of spells. And some of them are just nasty. The one where he vomits a cannon ball of darkness which spends the entire game moving straight forwards really hinders peoples movement. If it touches anyone, it's a arcane test or automatically die. Oh yeah, I had 6 of them on the board at once one time, was good. And last of all, the assassin Crypt Lord. Amusingly he got the power to do double wounds. I swear the tournament organiser saw my models before he rolled.

And now for something completely different:

Alternate Events World War 2 by Darkson Games. I love their models, I bought them just for the models. Also bought the rulebook out of curiosity. I quite liked it, but I couldn't get anyone to play it. Oh well. Germans are awesome, getting Sturmaffes (10 foot tall gorillas with powerfists), zombies, mad doctors and mini-The-Hulks with MG42's or Panzerfausts as a sidearm. Other factions sucked, Russia and it's boring psywarfare and Americans with their clockwork robots, power armour and tesla coils, yawn, nothing compares to the Germans in this.

This is an Arch Lector from Ar Ulrik. That is all. I hate my cameras flash  :eusa_wall:

And now one of GW's main competitors. Or not, as to be honest in my eyes nothing compares too well to GW. Either too small, or too small and different, but that's for another thread!

My Skorne Warband. Two Cyclops (animals chained into armour and trained to kill, have prescience), a Titan Cannoneer (Think bipedal elephant, with two pairs of upper arms, with a cannon), and I've forgotten his name but he loves torturing people.

A -very- small piece of my Warmachine Khador force (the russian based ones!). Some Grey Lords, The Witch, Commander Irusk, some Commandos, a Juggernaught, The Behemoth, and Karchev (the robot which has a human in it)

And veering back to Warhammer!

Dragon Ogres. I love these models, but apparently most people don't  :icon_cry: I need more of them  :icon_confused:

And finally

Subject of one of the most well known RPG books of the Iron Kingdoms (I loved the book), Alexia. Crazy girl who is magical and can control the dead/raise them. Whenever someone dies within a certain distance, she auto raises one of those glowy guys (I painted them ghostly as a test of a quick painting method when I bought the washes), and can sacrifice one to create the big one at the back with a giant sword (he hits like a train). Of course she has limits on how many of each, which is a shame.

Anyway, there's more, but I'm not even sure I should be posting this, so I'll just leave it at that  :icon_mrgreen:

The Count's Tavern / Playing against "different" Vampire Counts?
« on: January 29, 2009, 12:10:48 PM »
Now this is perhaps an odd question, but I'm asking if anyone here has played against a VC army which didn't max out/go very high in powerdice. A few reasons for asking this, I'm wondering what is it like to play against that kind of army, which doesn't rely on as many raises as it can, how the army played, how you felt it was competitively, and the main thing, was it fun to play against? I've seen a few VC players claim that without the huge magic element, the army is unable to win against a small teddy bear called Huggles. I agree, VC need magic, but so much?

This is still a spur of the moment question, that came about after my usual look at almost every single warhammer forum on the net of the day, I checked VC, and the 3 top threads were well, amusing in the context of the current "complaints" division of warseer. It then reminded me, every single game I'ved played featured a minimum of 14 powerdice/bound spells.

So I'm wondering if anyone has played them with a more average amount of PD/BItems and if they found them merely competitive instead of repetitive.

Ok, to start, no-one should know me as ever since I registered on this site a year and a half ago I lurked. I think I posted a grand total of 5 times or so over a period of 1 and a half years. In that time I played Empire, and with the tactics and tips I read on this site, did incredibly badly. Just kidding, as everyone does, I started off poor. In time though I got good at the Empire, even being the only one to beat the Vampire Counts in our local league (of course, horrible war altar and one tank combo versus 14+ powerdice and bound items).

Anyway, I could ramble on forever, short thing is after awhile I got a different army. Then another, and another, and another. Gamers ADHD some call it apparently. I'm now clearing out my room for a redecorating session in Feb, and found most of my old Empire characters. Lost all the troops sadly. But ah! The nostalgia! Now recently some might've noticed I've posted a bit (though not much), and the talk of the good old empire on this forum, along with this recent finding and several people in real life saying I should go back to empire (Basically "Wow, you're playing crap with DarkElves/WarriorsofChaos/ChaosDwarfs/Dwarfs/Goblins/AnythingElse, you used to be good with empire") I've decided to repaint the things I've found, and then later on, purchase an army again.

So, after that small wall of text, my original Elector Count on Griffon (it's not a General. It's a goddamn Elector Count  :biggriin:)

And here is the slightly repainted version:

Now, the question about the Elector Count, who you may have noticed is lying down inebriated by the joy of being noticed again, has a cut off plastic banner from the General/BSB plastic kit. I'd like peoples opinions, put the Elector Count on solo, or have that behind him, looking all impressive like (except when the griffon flies and it falls off due to the wind).

(I know about the horrible greenstuffing on the top, it doesn't show much once the count is properly seated and I put a Tea Cosy over the model)

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