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The Brush and Palette / Knight riding a hog!
« on: March 02, 2013, 03:20:33 AM »
A friend of my recently purchased this,  and I was reminded of some similar models that I recall seeing in The Brush and Palette a few years ago. Steveb in particular had a few models with pigs either as mounts (I think?). So I tried to find the original threads for either some awesome threadomancy or at least links, but no luck.

Anyway, I confess to being quite impressed with it! :) The "finger" on the tip of the staff is especially amusing.

Sorry if this has been posted already, but does anyone have this model, and have you painted it yet?*

*EDIT: I just noticed it came only few days ago, so probably not! LOL

Warhammer 40k Discussion / Fun with mysterious terrain
« on: February 06, 2013, 07:51:36 PM »
Have you guys had any fun (or funny/odd) situations occur with the Mysterious Terrain tables in 40K 6th ed yet?

I had a Lone Wolf start the game in a treeline. When I rolled to see what was up with the woods, Mr. Lone Wolf found a nest of razorwings that shredded a wound off of his hide. And to make it just comedic gold he didn't roll high enough to clear the woods, and the razorwings almost took another wound! Yeah, so my storm-shield wielding, Feel-No-Pain, Eternal Warrior Lone Wolf stumbles out of the bushes into battle all cut up and bleeding 'cause he disturbed a nest! LOL

WHFB The Electors' Forum / Ultimate Warhammer Map
« on: March 15, 2010, 03:43:09 AM »
I've not seen this posted anywhere on here yet (although if it has I'll apologise for the repost). Here is a link to Andy Law's 'unofficial' definitive Empire Map that will blow most of you away. This link is to his discussion thread on the topic which I found quite informative and insight (particularly in regards to WFRP) and the map is still NOT done is a work in progress. Anyway, check it out:


I've also posted the link to the Reikland close-up map in the Reikland Province Guide on this forum.
I've been frustrated with the Empire maps for years, and I'm thrilled to see this come to fruition.

The Imperial Office / THE SHADOW'S EDGE
« on: September 25, 2009, 04:32:58 AM »
Welcome to the spin-off to THE TALE OF TWO GUARDS (link: http://www.warhammer-empire.com/theforum/index.php?topic=23573.0).

Warlord and I have discussed spinning off a character or two, and although we'll probably be doing this in the same way as Tale of Two Guards was done, (one person writes a chapter, then someelse writes the next, and we respond and react accordingly). However we've decided to leave the rules far less structured. If you want to contribute, by all means feel free to.

So, I'll kick it off, Enjoy Chapter one!

The Count's Tavern / Warpstone 29
« on: September 23, 2009, 02:04:30 AM »
The latest and penultimate issue of the WFRP fanzine is now out. Issue 29 is sports a great Ian Miller (Original Realms of Chaos books) cover and at 112 pages is the largest issue yet.

Check out http://www.warpstone.org/ for more details.

I got my copy from Dragon Trove. It's $14 US, but since FFG has ceased putting out any new 2nd ed WFRP material, and this is the 2nd to last issue, this may be some of the last support for the 2nd ed game. This one has an article on Zoats in it (who remembers those?)

The Count's Tavern / Warhammer Fantasy Role Play 3rd edition
« on: August 16, 2009, 12:17:38 AM »
OK, I don't know how many of you play or have played WFRP but Fantasy Flight Games announced the new edition over a few days ago at Gen Con, and, well, the announcement as flipped out a lot of the old players (1st ed purists and 2nd ed players alike) on forums such as Strike to Stun, BoLS and FFG's boards. Mainly because of the new game's price tag and board game like look.

As a 2nd player, I'm reserving my judgment, but I doubt I'll be enticed to switch. Game does look interesting, particularly the way the dice system is supposed to work, so I'll wait until I see some reviews once it's actually released. 

here's some links:


WHFB The Electors' Forum / The Most Complete Map of the Empire?
« on: August 05, 2009, 02:34:13 AM »
So, I was looking through Sigmar's Heirs, only to be baffled by the various Province's Gazetteer listings of towns and villages that don't appear on the map! My biggest complaint about the book actually. So, coming over to this site's glorious reference's guides, I was pleased to find a lot of towns and villages on those maps, but still, I've not found the most conclusive and complete map yet.

Over the years, there have been a lot maps drafted up for all editions of Warhammer, WFRP, as well as campaigns for both systems, supplements and BL books. Where is the absolute most complete map of the Empire?  Is it online? Does it even exist at all?

The Count's Tavern / Ratcatchers rejoice!
« on: August 04, 2009, 02:06:57 AM »
Finally, one of the most thankless, and often ridiculed profession in the Empire gets some much needed love:

http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_minisite.asp?eidm=89&enmi=A Ratcatcher's Tale

It's apparently, but not confirmed yet, a spin off of Warhammer Fantasy Role Play. I guess like how Rogue Trader and Dark Heresy are related. I will be watching this one closely...

EDIT: And while you're there, check out the Daily Altdorfer: fluffy!

WHFB The Electors' Forum / Siege
« on: March 20, 2009, 09:56:13 PM »
So there I am sitting there working on Death Castle, and while doing so visualizing how it will work in games. These daydreams led to me looking around for the latest version of the siege rules, which I haven't seen in quite awhile. I recall a White Dwarf article from way back that had Brettonians defending a castle which used simplified siege rules. The 6th edition BRB had an updated and condensed version of the 5th edition Warhammer Siege book in it that seems like it might work well with the current rules.

I guess the question is, who has played siege games in the current edition and what rules did you use? Pics and Battle Report links would be nice to see if you got them!

The Count's Tavern / Cringe worthy names
« on: January 10, 2009, 07:15:33 PM »
I haven't seen a character name this lame since Sly Marbo! I had thought (hoped) GW had finally grew out of this phase:


The Count's Tavern / Tater Titan
« on: November 13, 2008, 06:45:53 PM »
Have you guys ever seen this?
My brother sent me this link today, and I have to admit, it looks fantastic! I never would've thought to use a Mr. Potato head as the test-bed for an Ork Stompa, but wow!

The Imperial Office / New BL novels coming soon
« on: November 02, 2008, 01:03:45 PM »
Here's a link summing up some of the titles coming out next summer by the Black Library:

Of particular interest to Empire players:

Reiksguard, by Richard Williams. First in the new Empire army series Ė novels that focus specifically on different aspects of the Empire's many armies. In this story, a Reiksguard knight faces the full horror of an orc invasion.

Gotrek & Felix: The Third Omnibus, by William King and Nathan Long. Omnibus edition containing Giantslayer, Orcslayer and Manslayer. Also includes the William King novella Redhand's Daughter.

Grey Seer, by CL Werner. First of a brand-new Gotrek & Felix spin-off series, starring the skaven grey seer Thanquol, who is surely everyone's favourite villain. Yes-yes!

Time of Legends: Empire, by Graham McNeill. The supremely talented Mr McNeill continues the heroic story of Sigmar, started in Heldenhammer. A Chaos invasion threatens the lands of the Empire, testing the resolve of Sigmar and his chieftains to the limit.

The Imperial Office / WFRP scenario design contest
« on: October 30, 2008, 05:05:49 PM »
This one slipped in under my radar. I don't know how many WFRPers actual inhabit this board, but just in case you are one, and would like a shot at writing a scenario and getting published, here's your chance:


I would be all over this if I had more spare time...

The Count's Tavern / Golden Demon LA '08
« on: September 01, 2008, 04:15:05 PM »

Seems to be a lot of ogres this time around. It was nice to see the 'spirit of warhammer' was a warrior priest. Have you ever noticed the 'honorable mention' items tend to have the most outlandish and crazy ideas? The Eldar Jetbike ramming the Grey Knight for example.

The Count's Tavern / Warhammer: Battlemarch
« on: August 24, 2008, 06:11:25 PM »
This just snuck up on me! The Mark of Chaos game is coming to XBOX 360. I guess it's hype is way overcast by the impending arrival of WAR. I'm looking forward to this, as it can be played online and probably isn't as dire a threat to my free time and (alleged) social life that WAR will be.

Anyway, I've not seen it discuss on here anywhere, so forgive me I'm the only one who thinks this is news! here's the link:

The Imperial Office / BL's short story competition
« on: August 24, 2008, 03:35:31 PM »
I just found this on the BL site, looks like it could be fun! We certainly have enough talent on this board to pass this on too.


Tight deadlines though. The only rule I dislike is that the time-period must be 'current' Karl Franz era; I'd have loved to have seen someone get a Crisis in Marienburg story canonized in print!

The Count's Tavern / The Fanatic's last whirl of the ball
« on: July 30, 2008, 03:13:02 AM »
A bitter sweet news perhaps, but the promise of better support for the games should make up for it.

From http://www.specialist-games.com/

Regular visitors to the site will have noticed a lack of updates recently. This has been because of some behind-the-scenes changes that are now slowly coming to fruition.

As American readers will probably already know, thereís a brand new Games Workshop website thatís gone live recently. This is just the first stage of a global web launch. As part of that plan Games Workshopís Specialist Game support will be integrated the new site, giving it a much more prominent status than the range currently has.

Thereís also other changes afoot Ė the recent global range review that has been carried out means that Specialist Games products are now widely available in all parts of the world. A feat that has eluded us until now as the many hobbyists in Australia will attest to. Weíre also building the range back up again, with Blood Bowl players being the first to gain with team booster packs that will be coming in July. Theses are 4-man blisters with a selection of positional players allowing you modify your teams. Thereíll also be a Goblin Secret Weapons blister for all you cheeky greenskin players. The other Specialist Games will also get similar packs in the future.

The new website has no forum provision, however, as these areas on the current site have developed a community and unique character of their own they are also moving to a new home. Under the guidance of Lex (the head-moderator) and with invaluable help from EpiComís Cybershadow the forums will be migrating to a new place with the only difference being a change to the URL. Many of the Moderators and Answer-Mods who look after the forum on a voluntary basis will be also making the move to the Specialist Games forumís new home. I wish all who post and sail in her well!

So, thereís loads happening for the Specialist Games and more to come in the future. However, this point effectively ends the ďFanaticĒ era of support. This website will no longer be updated as all future material will be published on the new sites. On behalf of Jervis and myself Iíd like to thank all the contributors, Fanatic team members from the past (Steve, you're still remembered), and, most importantly, you Ė the players of the Specialist Games.

For now,
Andy @ Fanatic

The Count's Tavern / The link that doesn't exist
« on: July 23, 2008, 04:58:30 AM »
The link that doesn't exist about things that don't exist.
Honest! Swear to Sigmar! In fact, what ever you do, don't tell a witch hunter anything about this, I mean why would you...? RIght? It doesn't exist!
And the newest issue is out (number 4).
I like that ram.


The Imperial Office / THE TALE OF TWO GUARDS (Epilogue)
« on: July 04, 2008, 10:04:50 PM »
Hereís a fun exercise. Years ago, I was on a BBS and from time to time we wrote a creative piece where one person would start a story and then, entry by entry, others would add to it. I figured this would be perfect here, and Iím not sure something like this had been done here before or not with exception to the Rufas Letters from last year.

The rules are simple: Iíve started a story. Some one else continues where I left off. So on and so forth. You can totally change the tone and add what you like by throwing in whatever curve ball that you wish.

However Iím going to ask that you adhere to a few guidelines:
Stick to the genre (no Space Marines landing and nuking the world please).

Keep the two protagonists in character and alive (relatively).

You can only post again after at least one* other has posted after you, or if a week* has passed without activity on this thread (regardless to whether you posted last) but you donít have to post again if you choose not too.

*Changed due to low participation at this point.

Every post that adds an episode to the story should start with a CHAPTER number. Length is up to you, but as a participant Iíd appreciate a conservative length.


Alright, lets have fun!

The Brush and Palette / Scratch-built Helms Deep & other projects
« on: July 04, 2008, 03:23:29 PM »
In responce to my latest Death Castle update, I was sent the following blog for inspiration.


I wish I'd seen this a few months ago! Damn impressive!

Also check out the other projects.

The boat dock is facinating. It's not too late to start on a Marienburg project afterall...

Welcome to Death Castle. Death castle is 20 years old this year and to celebrate that birthday Iíve decided to restore it. It was created by my best friend of 20yrs Trevor, while we were both High School students at Woodbridge England. He made this castle before he met me when he and his friends discovered Warhammer 40,000.

Itís construction was simple yet an ingenious use of the materials available.

The basic design is a series of shortened toilet paper tubes over-layed with strips of Styrofoam with the front veneer using stone patterned sheets of Styrofoam that his Dad found at a D.I.Y shop somewhere locally (Ipswich?). Soon after some application of carpenters glue, the project was finished and we had a basic, yet very cool, castle to play with!

My very first table-top battle was fought using this castle so the nostalgia I have for this piece is intense. Intense because I soon learned to hate it! The crenellation less walls were too high, so in order to fire from it, or achieve LOS, you had to position your models at one of two preciously small openings or set your models on top of the wall. Both of those options removed the cover the wall provided thus making your defense redundant. Many units of marines were blown off the walls of this castle. Back in the Rogue Trader days, the weapon ranges were extreme and a target standing on the highest point on the table with no cover was sure to die. Yet we kept playing with this castle! Over the course of many games if became clear that the only way the defending force could win with this castle was to abandon it. In one game a force of eldar abandoned the castle just at the marines stormed it and the marines took the castle only to be slaughtered by the eldar from out side. It was clearly a death trap, and thus we named it Death Castle.

Death Castle has seen some abuse over the last 15 years. Trevorís early attempts to paint the castle were quite devastating to it. We didnít know the horrible reaction that black spray paint would have with Styrofoam. The castle became his test bed for other painting experiments as ultimately he was unsatisfied with it and when Trevor left England, he gave it to me. When I left England it was used as packing materials! During that point it was cut in half. We still used the castle though, but usually as wall pieces for Mordheim or as a ruin. Much damage has occurred, and you can see from the pictures that some ad-hoc repairs have been attempted. Iíve replaced some of the holes that have been punched into it over the years.

Recently, I rediscovered it, and was inspired to restore this castle to the greatness it has always been denied and finish it!

This is my restoration blog, and over the course of time I shall update it with my repairs and improvements. I intend to make it a full warhammer piece. I imagine that this castle is a small boarder fort that has seen quite a bit of action, so Iím going to attempt to maintain a weathered and wearied look about it while embellishing it with marking of the Empire. Listed below are the steps I need to take:
∑   Add a base. A lot of the damage the castle endured was a result of a lack of a stable base.
∑   Crenulations. The castle needs this to be usable as a defendable position. Also enlarge the opening above the gate to be able to support artillery and/or siege defenses.
∑   Make a real gate. The castle never had a proper one thus making the opening, which was big enough to let a Rhino pass through it, far too inviting to attackers.
∑   Repair wall sections. I have enough left over foam pieces to be able to fully restore it.
∑   Enlarge the upper deck. Reviewing the siege rules that have came out over the years, it seems that the upper walls are too narrow and although they easily support one model are just too small to support two. Iíll need to enlarge this to accommodate combat on it without risk to our models.
∑   Add an internal building of some kind probably a tower.
∑   Add stairs. However I may skip this if I go with a tower that abuts the wall.
∑   Level the top of the wall. The melting caused by spray paint has caused stability issues that can result in some models easily falling off the walls. Iím considering making the top magnet friendly.
∑   Finish this by December. Iím not exactly sure which month the castle was built, but my first game using it was in December of 1988.


The Brush and Palette / Oy! Show us your huntsmen!
« on: March 16, 2008, 05:44:08 PM »
I've just started throwing together a unit of huntmen from my leftover milita and Mordheim models, and they look great. But I'm a little stuck on a paint scheme. The 6th ed Empire book has a pic of 3 models, that although they look okay in that scheme, I'm wanting to see more. While putting together my unit, I'm thinking that I'm going to enjoy painting this unit simply as an alternative to my Reikland army. I'm hoping some of you thought the same thing and did some wild conversions and paint jobs on them. I searched the site before I started this but I only turned up passing mention of them, mostly list inclusion/exclusion and effectiveness debates.

So, this is an open call for huntsmen pictures please! -the more diverse mix we get the better.



The Count's Tavern / DICE!!!
« on: March 03, 2008, 11:49:47 PM »
In the spirit of trying to come up with a reasonably ďnew topicĒ, I'm bringing up a fairly universal topic: DICE.

When you meet with someone to game, do you share dice? Or do you bring your own? Do you distrust people who won't share their dice (especially when they roll 6s and 5s a bit too often)? Do you use the little GW dice that we've blessed with over the years? A friend of mine uses them for slingshot practice and they do get good results in that capacity.

Iíve seen it all over the years when it comes to dice. Players can be strangely zealous when it comes down to their personal dice rituals. Especially role-players. And they really freak the F out when some factor restricts them from using their own dice.

So, what bizarre ďdice-ritualĒ stuff have you witnessed or have practiced yourself?

Iím renowned for only using the cheap GW dice simply because I feel that they roll fairly-sometime bad, sometimes good-I donít care if I lose any, and I often play armies that require LOTS of dice (mostly 40K armies) and they are, to me, easier to transport. Oh, and if I roll them on a table they invoke minimal risk to my painted minis. They also have resulted in some very strange luck moments for both me and my foe.


The Count's Tavern / Black Industries to close
« on: January 29, 2008, 02:17:12 AM »
Well, this news SUCKS!


"28/January/2008 - Black Industries Announcement
Black Industries regret to announce that Dark Heresy: Disciples of the Dark Gods out in September will be the final product to be released from Black Industries.

Kevin Rountree General Manager of BL Publishing said ĎAs a result of the continued and impressive success of our core novels business, which we have built around 40K and Warhammer, we have decided to focus all of our efforts on growing this part of our business. Black Industries has seen fantastic success, most recently with Talisman and Dark Heresy. This change does not take away from that achievement rather it allows BL Publishing to focus on producing the best novels we can. This is a purely commercial decision and will enable us to carry on the huge growth that we have recently been experiencing with our novelsí

For the time being Black Industries will continue to post articles in support of the products on their official website, which is a fantastic resource for scenarios and gaming tools for GMís and players alike. "

I'm about to start a WHFRP game with my gaming group. We're abandoning D&D with the launch of 4th edition and going for the dark, low fantasty of WHFRP. Another group I play with is about to go full-throttle into Dark Heresy when it's released. This news comes as a major blow to us...very disappointing.

The Count's Tavern / Sterile Dwarf.
« on: January 02, 2008, 04:10:27 PM »
The Dwarf has been sterilized!

Iím referring to our old friend, the White Dwarf.

Awhile back, GW chose a new editorial direction, concentrating more on the new releases, and focusing less on the hobby per se. This became painfully obvious to me when I went back and looked through some issues from just 2 years ago. Those issues were pretty much packed with content as opposed to what weíre presented with today. They had the White Dwarf divided into a LotR, Warhammer and a 40k section. It was decided to streamline things a bit and move the U.K. team section to the front of the mag and the content provided by other support staffs to the back (i.e. the U.S. team etc.). Iím not so sure about other countries, but the U.S. editions showcased conversions, themed armies, unique scenarios, and other more invigorated ideas, though ďunofficialĒ usually, than the stuff produced by the UK team. This seems to be gone now.

What we have now is A LOT of white paper, with A LOT of pictures of new miniatures. Yes, we all want to see the new stuff, but letís include some reusable content please! The news section is now 20 pages long! The battle reports are rarely exciting, and some of the articles are very bland. I get more useable content from the Black Goblin it seems. Looking over the past few issues makes me wonder if there has been a major staff reduction on the White Dwarf team? There appears to be an obvious struggle to fill the page count the past few issues really propels that notion, as they have been lean on content and high on photos. Itís painful to see any issue without Golden Demon coverage, as the team truly needs those photos to fill their page count (which seems to have gone down a bit over the year by about 20 pages). I would love to see them stick some Specialist games content back into White Dwarf, as the content on the Specialist Games site, though sparse lately, has been fairly good.

I am happy the White Dwarf is using painted art on their covers again instead of dioramas.

Thatís my $6 observation, I just hope the dwarf bounces back.


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