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WHFB The Electors' Forum / Next Purchase
« on: June 04, 2012, 05:56:10 PM »
So, I have a bit of disposable income, and need to purchase the book, and I can purchase maybe one other set from the new Empire minis.

The question is, without having the new book and not knowing what to order, which should I purchase in conjunction.

I have nearly 4k of Empire as it is.

Have: About 50 Halberds, 20 Greatswords, Stank (or will have plastic Stank soon), 32 or so Knights,26 Archers, 80 Militia, 30-40 Flaggies, War Altar, About 10 Wizards, Mtd General, General on Griffon (Old metal one), 30 Swordsmen, 4 Engineers, 2 cannon, 2 mortar, 2 Hellblaster/Rocket Battery,  10-12 Pistoleers, 2 Warrior Priests.  (And that's all I can remember for now, I will have a bit more if I use the unit fillers I plan on making)

So, what should I get from the following;

1.)  Book, and Demigryph Knights?  (I am doing Reikland/Bogenhafen, so it would be fun fluff wise to get these)

2.) Book and Hurricanum/Luminark?  (If I did this, I would have enough left over to get another state troop box or something else)

3.) Book and New Karl Franz kit? (I would have enough left for a new Captain or WitchHunter)

4.) Book and ...?

The Imperial Office / Famous Regiments of the Empire *Updated - 2/14/12*
« on: February 14, 2012, 02:59:34 AM »
We were discussing famous regiments of the Empire in a thread in the Electors Forum and thought that they should have a thread or Library entry where it lists all the different famous regiments of the Empire.  I'll start, and if I can think of any others, I will add them here.  If anyone else can think of any, feel free to add.  (Note these are from "official" publications and not home brew rules or fluff...


Altdorf’s Company of Honour – Easily recognized with the yellow plum and black steel armor, their reputation precedes them.   They have a long established history of glory on the battlefield, traditionally led by the youngest son of one of the city’s noble houses.  Current Captain is Otto Helstein.

The Westgate Halberdiers – A unit who guards the Imperial capital.

Altdorf Blackbolts – A regiment of crossbowmen who get their name from the jet-black bolts made from the wood of the Imperial Drakwald Oak.  Led by Felix Rudfeather is an expert shot.

Captian Uberst’s Regiment of Foot – The unit of Swordsmen are more than willing to die in places far off from their beloved home for the glory of the Empire.


The Mountainguard  - stubborn, implacable veterans with the highest level of training, favouring the halberd and the handgun as their primary weapons.

Von Kragsburg Guard – Led by Duke Bertold von Kragsburg, seeking rich pay and the spoils of war.  When the price is right, you will find the Kragsburg Guard safeguarding merchants along the Old Dwarf Road.

Averheim Black Guard – Well known throughout the Empire, they have never let their Black Sun standard fall.

Averheim Matchloques – A unit of Handgunners from Averheim that serve as a detachment to the Averheim Black Guard.


The Katzbulger Patrol – Halberdiers led by Captain Katzbulger whose name has been heard across the depth and width of the Empire since he singlehandedly slew a Minotaur in close combat.
Gunderman’s Surefires – Led by Durz Gunderman who bears a famous Hochland Long rifle.


Swords of Ulric – This unit of swordsmen train by leading war parties and patrols of the surrounding areas of the city of Middenheim.  Initiates hoping to join the unit must accompany such excursions, and those that fight with honor and survive are admitted.  Each solider must equip himself in the official colors of the city.


Zeigfried’s Sharpshooters – A unit of handgunners in the service of Baron Zeigfried of Middenland.

Guard of the Golden Cross – A regiment of Middenland Spearmen whose banner is a revered heirloom, with the mark of the Imperial cross bordered in gold.

Krubner’s  Freemen – A small contingent of Militia of Middenmund from The Lone Wolf Pub.


The Sea-Devils – Used in defense of the coast in Nordland, this unit is well versed in fighting on ship and shore.

Nordfort Guards – A regiment of swordsmen that were garrisoned at one of the many border forts that line the trade routes of the Empire.


Grundel’s Defenders – This unit of spearmen were first formed by Baron Albrecht Grundel after the disastrous battles of the year 2421 of Grom the Paunch’s Invasion through Blackfire Pass, when he savagely ransacked Nuln.  At the time there were little to no coordination between artillery and infantry.  In the wake of the devastation, new units were formed and trained and fought together with artillery units.   The Defenders have never lost a war machine to a foe.

Schwarzspears – Founded in the time of Magnus the Pious, the became famous in the Great War against Chaos.  They are currently led by Gunther Dirkwald, a emboldened warrior with a thirst for glory.

Gunther’s Sootmen – A detachment to the Schwarzspears, they revel in a not so friendly rivalry with their comrades the Zweishots.

The Zweishots – A second detachement to the Schwarzspears.  So named because of their claim that they can fire two shots for each one fired by other units.

The Swords of Nuln – A regiment under Direct control of Countess von Liebewitz.  Although they are currently led by Captain Froderick Fronkenburg.

The Marshal’s Rifles – Nicknamed the “Hawkeyes” by their comrades, they are recruited and paid for by the Grand Marshal of Nuln.  (Currently Ludwig Gutman)  Their Champion, Nathaniol Bumpo has the camp record for hitting the bullseye at the greatest distance thanks to his Hochland Long Rifle.

Erwin’s Marksmen  - A regiment that has long served Ludwig Gutman even before his promotion to Grand Marshal.

Black-Reik Guards – One of the many regiments that are responsible for defending the Nuln Bridge. 

Black-Reik Guns – A small detatchement formed to give protection to the Black-Reik Guards, typically they defend the towers of the Great Bridge of Nuln.

Long Tom – The crew of this cannon are extremely proficient, upholding a great tradition of Nuln.

Wicked Lucille – A mortar named after a particularly celebrated barmaid of Nuln, it has served in many battles.


The Death’s Head Regiment – Formed out of the city of Essen by men whose lost loved ones to the wars of the vampire counts, they dress in black and burgundy, and conceal their identities with skull masks.


Fireloques of Ferlangen – Deadly with the handguns, they have fought throughout Ostland and often under Elector Count Von Raukov himself.  Wearing the black and white of their home province, they bear no formal insignia.  They do however superstitiously decorate their uniforms with bones of fallen comrades and other good luck charms.


Carroburg Greatswords – It is well known that these greatswords changed their uniforms from white to red in honor of their fallen brothers.


The Scarlet Guard – The personal bodyguard of the current Elector Count of Stirland.

The Deathjacks – Expert  Scout Archers who recruit from the Great Forest.  Often called “Theivenjacks” by their own comrades, as supplies mysteriously go missing in their presence. 

Van Helhunten’s Redeemers – From Seigfriedhof, the unit wears black and tan, and all members have experienced loss at the hands of the undead and have vowed revenge.  They often wear armor that covers their necks.


Scarlet Guard – (Not to be confused with the Scarlet Guard of Stirland) The Elector Counts of Talabecland’s personal bodyguard.

The Sons of Taal – A unit of Pistoliers  that recruit from noble houses in and around Talabheim.

Taal’s Fury – The crew still hold a grudge with the Leitdorf family after Marius Leitdorf suggested that they change the name of the artillery to “Leitdorf’s Fury” or “Lil’ Marius”.

Taal’s Wrath – A mortar that was just requisitioned by the elector Count of Talabecland just before the storm of Chaos.


Von Brumderhack’s Line Breakers – Over 70 years of service to the Noble Von Brunmderhack.  Led by Sergeant Hans Blecher who lost family members to maurading Beastmen, and is anxious for revenge.

Von Brumderhack’s Blackpowder Brigade – A detachment to fight with the Linebreakers.  Often refer to the Linebreakers as “windbreakers” preferring to march upwind rather than downwind of their parent unit.

Hammershields of Black Tower – A swordsmen unit of the Tallbastion Gaurds, who are garrisoned in the towers along the great Crater Wall.

Jaeger Company – One of the many Talabheim patrols that traverse the Great Forest. Forest-savvy and great scouts, they can track down signs of approaching enemies with ease.

The Three Thunders – A trio of Nuln Forged mortars with crews answering to Master Engineer Gurd Pfumphenstomph who is accompanied by his beloved Hochland Long Rifle, “Gertrude”.

The Sterntower Marksmen – Newly formed unit of crossbowmen out of Steingart.  They are garrisoned as part of the line of sentry posts and signal towers that guard the low foothills of eastern Wissenland.  Currently the leader is Hans Schwarzblut, the tower officer, likes to keep his troops in line with harsh discipline.

Van Klumpf’s Bucaneers – Also known as the Murderers from Marienburg, they are a band of sellswords that patrol the rivers through the Empire.


The Red Redemption – a large band of Flagellants that wander the paths of the Forest of Shadows.

Prophets of the Great Doom – Flagellants that travel between Hochland and Otsland.

The Stir Watchers – Battle Hardened experts that navigate the wilderness of the Empire with ease.

Sardello’s Stickers – Luigi Sardello and his regiment of crossbowmen hail from Tilea, but have been in the pay of numerous Nobles of the Empire, the latest being Duck Grazmont of Averland.

Taken from "WD 353" and "Uniforms and Heraldry of the Empire"

The Parade Ground / Need help for 650 points! (Yes, you read that right!)
« on: January 26, 2012, 04:03:44 PM »
Need help, too much cool stuff to take!

Here is the situation- I am playing my 2nd game of 8th on Saturday with my mates, just for fun, nothing too serious.

I am familar with the rules, and have close to 10,000 points of Empire to choose from, with no unit being much over 35 strong.  (Though, I do have multiple different units, not all are built or painted yet!) 

Halberds I do not have built yet.

We are playing 650 points, so I am having trouble deciding on what to take, since I don't know against whom I am playing yet, so it needs to be a "take all comers" type list.   :blush:

I  was thinking;

Lvl 2, 2x Dispel Scroll

5 Handgunners

25 FC
25 FC



The Town Square / Blog Roll
« on: December 20, 2011, 04:54:18 PM »
Sure, there are plenty of other blog rolls out there, but can we have a thread here that lists user's hobby related blogs and links to them?

I for one like a "One stop shop" where not only can I see what people are working on, and discuss with them about the hobby and non-related stuff, but would also like to see their current thoughts/ projects that they don't always post here.  (ie; a blog) 

I am not sure where to put  this proposed thread since, it is hobby related, I had thought about the Back Table, in the Count's Tavern, but what if there are some good Empire related blogs that should be highlighted?


The Brush and Palette / OOP Barbarian from Heroquest
« on: December 11, 2011, 05:20:31 AM »
I am doing some commission work for a client and figured I would see what you guys thought.  He wanted the characters from the Heroquest game painted according to how they appear on their cards.  I painted this tonight in just under 2 hours.

C&C Welcome, and it may help to know, that I didn't get paid that much for this job, so I didn't want to "fully invest" in it...

WHFB The Electors' Forum / No hordes?
« on: November 10, 2011, 01:45:36 PM »
First off, allow me to say, I am more of a collector/painter and fluff enthusiast than a painter.  That being said, I am not a great tactician.  I think I played a total of 2 games with 7th ed.  Now, in 8th, I have played one so far.  But I got to thinking.  Are large units really the way to go?  They do get some nifty bonuses and such, but there are a few drawbacks.

Just as a small scale example, if I am playing a Skaven player who has 2 units of 40 clanrats, and I put down 2 units of Halberdiers, with 2 10 man militia detachments, and am able to pull off a flank attack, isn't that a bit better? 

It makes sense to me to want more maneuverability, no matter what army you play.  Reason being, you are more apt to get in a flank charge aren't you? 

Do the bonuses you get for being in horde formation outweigh those from having mulptiple units?

In other words, why take a few big units, as opposed to lots of smaller units?   One of my favorite tactics was to have a small 5-10 man unit of free company do a dance in front of my opponents line, and draw out any frenzied units, or hidden things.  Sure, they will die or flee, but that puts me in a good flank charge position usually.  Besides, it is only a few points, in order to bait the enemy into making a mistake, and if they ignore them, then they will get off a few attacks, possibly taking a small part of the opponents unit with them, but more importantly, tying up the unit until my "heavier" stuff can get there.

Bottom line, multiple smaller units, or fewer bigger units?  And before you answer "He's nuts!  Hordes always!"  Think about the possible advantages for smaller units...

The Count's Tavern / I'm back!
« on: September 29, 2011, 03:42:46 PM »
I am back everyone!   :biggriin:

Finally, after being in an auto accident that was very bad, and my wife and I both losing our jobs, and house, not being able to even lift a brush/mini for quite some time, and my medical expenses climbing, my luck has finally turned around.

I have a really good job now, that pays my monthlies, and keeps a roof over our head, and food in our stomachs. 

Unfortunately, I still don't have money for hobby stuff, but I have been trying to get some commission work going so I can get some stuff for myself.

Since I was doing an Averland army before, and I had a very long string of bad luck. (See above) I thought I would change it to Talabheim.  (Which fits in with the campaign that my old mates are running.)  We plan on working up to a 10,000 point per side battle...just outside the "Eye of the Forest",so it should be lots of fun.

I am very glad to be back among the Imperial Citzenry!

Cheers  :::cheers:::

The Brush and Palette / Appropriate Stank for Stirland
« on: July 30, 2010, 09:10:35 PM »
Just take out the dwarves, and you have your self a "poor" province steam tank...

The Brush and Palette / Show us your..."book club" minis
« on: July 28, 2010, 09:20:52 AM »
A friend of mine started what he called the "book club"  for a while, he only collected minis that had a book open on it.  Then he started collecting minis with any book on it.  (Open or closed.)  So, show us your book club minis.

Thought this was quite impressive, and thought I would share.


The Brush and Palette / Show us your...worst painted mini
« on: July 14, 2010, 10:34:48 AM »
It has been a while since we had a "Show us" thread, and I will be updating when I get home to include mine  :happy:

Show us your worse painted mini.
(at least 3 colors Base at least painted.  No, a primed or un-primed mini does not count.)

This should be humbling...or humiliating  :biggriin:

WHFB The Electors' Forum / Quick stupid question
« on: July 03, 2010, 08:23:06 AM »
What size bases are Marauders on? 20 or 30mm?

WHFB The Electors' Forum / Useless magic items
« on: June 18, 2010, 02:33:21 PM »
What is THE most useless magic item in the Empire book as it stands now?


The Count's Tavern / Unhappy Random thoughts...
« on: June 18, 2010, 07:18:59 AM »
Based on the popular happy random thoughts thread, this is a thread to vent some bad things that have been going on in your life.  Not to be pessimistic, just to vent.  Not that it will matter much, but it may help you feel better.  I'll start. 

I got into troube at work for the 5th time for doing my job!  Management says one thing, then when you do what they say, you get a write up.  I want to quit, but can't because I have a family to help support.

I love the Imperial background.  (Even if it does change from time to time.)  It seems to deepen my games of WH, and creates a "feel" for when I play.  I love to pour over "history" and maps.  I have seen most of the maps that are available for provinces, and a few cities.  Namely, Nuln, Middenheim, Altdorf, Marienburg, and Mordheim. (The more detailed the better.) Which leads me to my question.  Are there any detailed maps available of Talabheim, Averheim, Wurtbad, or any other of the "famous" cities or province capitals?  (Again, the more detail, the better off they are for doing campaigns.)

The Brush and Palette / Wacky Units
« on: June 01, 2010, 09:26:06 AM »
One of my favorite things about this game is just that, that it is "just a game", and we have freedom to go outside of our own fluff for our army.  That being said, I sometimes like wacky unit fillers/units in the Empire army.  (like Steveb's pygmy unit.)  I have wanted to do a Dr. Who in my militia unit for a while, complete with Tardis as a unit filler.  But an idea I recently had since I am doing Averland is about a obscure path on the outskirts of Streissen.  This path is paved with yellow bricks and leads to a very powerful wizard.  Sound familiar?  I was thinking about doing an alternate "wizard of oz" trio of characters.  Not too much unlike Todd McFarlanes twisted Oz figures.  I would have a sexy Dorothy.
http://www.reapermini.com/FigureFinder#detail/02986 (with some conversion work obviously.)

A Lion warrior.

A freaky looking Scarecrow.

And a mighty steam powered/magic automaton.
Obviously, I need to flesh out the paticular background of each character.  I figured they could count as a variety of things in the Empire army.  They would fit in nicely in a free company unit.  Then I got to thinking, why not use other fairy tales as inspiration?

Like have a Red Riding hood (with some conversion work)

and her wolf guardian.

Or Snow White?  (Put her with 7 dwarves from WHFB range, and you are all set.)

Just some thoughts on a wacky idea.

Since I finally got my camera fixed...here is the first in hopefully many to come posts of my Averland army in progress.

Test fig for RnF spearman.


front again


wow, the camera really brings out how much I suck.  :dry:

The Brush and Palette / quick question about monkey face
« on: May 11, 2010, 07:52:44 PM »
Has anyone tried sculpting facial hair on him with GS?  Does it improve his ridiculous face?  I plan on trying it depending on the response here.  I will take pics if I do.

WHFB The Electors' Forum / How do you like your Empire?
« on: May 10, 2010, 03:18:50 PM »
We all know there is a ton of fluff for Empire out there.  We also know the basics, human land fighting a war on all fronts, and from within...blah blah blah...
I was pondering the different interpretations, and wondered what everyone's thoughts were.

How do you like your Empire? 

For example;
Dark and gritty fantasy setting where the lowly citizenry have no hope of survival, and the masses are starving, cities falling into ruin, and despair... meanwhile Karl Franz is desperately trying to keep the Empire together from tearing apart from both outside and inside influences?
A rich, and populated land, each province having strengths and weaknesses, and the highly populated areas are well developed cultural centers. (Theatres, museums, etc...) and even though there is some in-fighting, for the most part they will come together for a common cause.
A typical fantasy world, where man is in a constant struggle between good and evil, with magic and some technology.
A steampunk/ fantasy Empire, where the Empire is constantly creating new technology, and magic and not always for "the good of mankind".  (Like when your Helblaster blows up)


Inspired by the "how to kill a daemon thread..."
How do you guys deal with ...

1.) Plague Censer Bearers

2.)  Hell pit abomination

The Parade Ground / A bit looney, and an interesting notion.
« on: May 04, 2010, 10:43:42 AM »
So, I played against Skaven this last weekend, and combat was more effective than was shooting.  I even took some good artillery.  (The only thing that actually earned its points back was the helblaster.)  So, it got me thinking, our greatest strengths are flexibility, artillery, and detachments.  What if one were to compose a list of strictly combat troops and no shooting?  Just play them like o&g and charge in.  Here is what I came up with.  It is a 2000pt list, for a friendly game, (We typically allow up to 5 points under/over.)

General - 219
Laurels, BardWH, Holy Relic, Full Plate Arm, addl hand weapon.
(goes w/ knights)

Battle wizard - 150
lvl 2, scroll caddy

Battle Wizard - 130
Lvl 2, VHS
(goes w/ swordsmen)

30 Swordsmen - 205
15 Free Company detachment
15 Free Company detachment

15 Knightly Orders - 480
command, inner circle, banner of daemonslayer

40 Free Company - 208

30 Spearmen - 170

25 Halberdiers - 170

12 Flagellants - 120
(Act as a tough detachment to Haldies)


The Count's Tavern / "Stupid" Warmachine
« on: April 24, 2010, 06:13:48 AM »
So, I needed a bit of a "vent" so to speak.  I have been away from Warmachine for a while now, and my friend who plays regularly has "sucked" me back in.  (Granted there was not much arm-twisting going on.)   I was so close to finishing 2K of Empire (Built anyways.) and now, I am on a Cygnar kick, completely distracted from my Empire army.  (I didn't have much time to hobby before, now I have two games to worry about.)  So, I would like to work on Empire, but lack the motivation lately, and I defintely want to work on my Cygnar force now, but, not until my Empire is done...so to rectify the situation, I had thought about giving my friend all my Warmachine stuff to hang on to until I finish my empire army.  But, I am afraid that if I do that, I will lose all interest in Warmachine again....


WHFB The Electors' Forum / VHS + Mace of Helsturm
« on: April 07, 2010, 08:04:13 AM »
This may have been discussed, and it would take quite a bit of threadomancy to resurrect it, so forgive me if this has been discussed, and I couldn't find the thread. (If it exisists.)

So, how does the Mace work with VHS?  I would think that I would forfeit all "normal" attacks, to make the one special attack, then swap with the VHS, thus it would deny the enemy an attack back since I already forfeited it, and I strike with "attacks"  or is it you swap, then forfeit those attacks you just swapped to make the one special.
I am not quite sure what order it would work in, and it is just the basic stat line, so you would not get bonuses if the enemy has a weapon that adds to his stat line.  (Ie; additional hand weapon +1Atk)

What is the best weapon for an character to take with the VHS?

WHFB The Electors' Forum / Next Purchase?
« on: April 01, 2010, 09:14:14 AM »
I recently had a bit of a windfall come my way, and would like to use it to buy some more gaming stuff, I have 6k worth of points so far, and don't really "need" anything.  Below, there are things that I have yet to buy, and why I have not bought them.  The other thought is, since my MP3 player broke, and I need a new charger for my camera, I could just replace them, and not buy any minis at all...what do you guys think?  (Or I could go really off the wall and get some terrain building stuff from Hirstarts.)

Plastic Stank - I have the old metal one still unassembled
Halflings - they are cool, but sooo expensive just to use as archers
Greatswords - not much use, I have 10 old metal ones still MIB

If I did buy a camera, charger, I would finally be able to post in the B&P  :happy:

So, I want to have a 10th Doctor figure from Heresy miniatures standing next to a Tardis in one of my free companies as a unit filler. I am thinking on a 40mm base.
So, I would like a scratchbuilt Tardis.  (As opposed to spending a lot on the Black Tree design one.)  Shouldn't be too hard, but I feel I lack the skill.  Advice?

10th Doctor mini

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