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Ahh, I think my error was due to using the quartermaster app to build my army. I referred to the character stat lines in the app and didn't reference the book for that info. No wonder I could never find an explanation in my searches.

I'm a new player and thought I would bring this up as a partial whine/complaint and sounding board to see if I should expect rules wording like this in the future.

Greatswords have STR 3 but because they use a Greatweapon attack at STR 5.

Halberdiers have STR 4 but as I understand it don't get any boost for using a Halberd (I think the rule book has Halberds at +1).

Since neither unit can be equipped with other weapons, why is the STR increase included in the Halberdier but not the Greatsword.

Because of this I played my first game ever, rolling my Greatsword wounds at STR 3. Needless to say I was wondering what all the hype was about for Greatswords!

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