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Hoosier Challenge GT Report by Atchman
« on: October 17, 2005, 03:55:03 PM »
Tourney Report:  Atchman at the Hoosier Challenge

This weekend was one of those milestone weekends.  It was 30 years ago this week that I first started playing war games!  I was a lad of 15 and started playing D & D and Fantasy.  On of my friends, Paul Simpkins took me down to the Yankee Peddler Hobby Shop and I’ve been hooked ever since.  We started playing Fantasy Miniatures with the original Chainmail rules, and we used the Emerald Tablet rules for our magic system.  Our friend Wayne Gildroy wrote up a point system, helped with rules, and blended this concoction into something semi-playable.  

Another milestone for this week is my 45th year on Earth.  Though none of the other club regulars could come, I wanted to do something special for my birthday.  Birthdays in my family aren’t celebrated all that much for some reason.  In my wife’s family they are a pretty big deal and I get a lot of cards from them!  

The Hoosier Challenge:

The Hoosier Challenge is another stop on the Indy GT circuit.  It is located in Evansville, IN and was sponsored by Hobbytown USA and ran by the uber nice Robert Lesh.  This year the event was held at the Evansville Day School in their gymnasium.  The tables were regular 2.5”x 6” tables with a painted luvon (very thin plywood) as the tabletop (in regulation 4” x 6” size).  

The terrain pieces were very nice.  A lot of them were loaners from local players.  Warhammer Empire’s Jlutin made many of the nice centerpiece terrain models.  I must say that the tables turned out looking pretty nice.  If I had a complaint, it was there was a little too much terrain on some of the tables and that some of the pieces were just a little too large.  It was common though, just on selected tables.  

My List:  

Warlord Skar’s Clan

Warlord Skar RATchamon
Warlord, Halberd, Heavy Armor:  102 pts.

Engineer Snerk
Condenser, Warp Blades, Accumulator, Dispel Scroll, Sacred Eye of the Horned Rat: 135 pts

Engineer Squawk
Condenser, Warp Blades, Accumulator, Dispel Scroll, : 110 pts

Engineer Querpa
Condenser, Warp Blades, Accumulator, Dispel Scroll, Storm Daemon :  135 pts.

Characters: 4 (482 pts)

Core Troops:
Iron Icons
24 Clan Rats. Standard, Musician, Warp Fire Thrower:  210 pts.

Rat Skullz
25 Clan Rats. Standard, Musician, Rattling Gun:  200 pts.

Humie Skullz
25 Clan Rats. Standard, Musician, Rattling Gun:  200 pts.

Goblin Killerz
24 Clan Rats. Standard, Musician:  135 pts.

20 Slaves, musician:  44 pts

20 Slaves, musician:  44 pts

20 Slaves, musician:  44 pts

20 Slaves, musician:  44 pts

5 Night Runners with Additional Hand Weapons:  35 pts

5 Night Runners with Additional Hand Weapons:  35 pts

5 Night Runners with Additional Hand Weapons:  35 pts

3 x Giant Rat Packs:  90 pts

3 x Giant Rat Packs: 90 pts

3 x Rat Swarms:  135 pts

Core Troops: 1341 pts.

12 Plague Monks with extra hand weapons:  96 pts.

5 x Gutter Runners Tunneling Team:  85 pts.

4 x Jezzails:  80 pts

4 x Jezzails:  80 pts

Special Troops:  341 pts.

Rare Troops:
5 x Plague Censer Bearers:  85 pts.

Rare Troops:  85 pts.

Comments on the List:  

After my experience at the Necromicon, I had to power up a bit to handle chariots, Bret cavalry and “big stuff”.  A lot of folks complain about Skaven including myself.  The truth is they hit like a Styrofoam paperweight in combat so you’ve got to use the magic and shooting to at least reduce the numbers before combat.  I was simply run over by a Bret cavalry army at the Necromicon, and Nidal’s chariots and Giant won him our practice game. I resolved to at least have some answer for these types of models and armies.  Therefore I added three Jezzails, bringing the total up to eight, and divided them into two units.  I also dropped the Assassin, which though I liked, was the most expensive model in my army.  It was replaced with a third Engineer for magic protection and offense.  At the Necromicon I had the “Twins” and they simply couldn’t do anything with everyone seeming to have three scroll and 5-7 dispel dice.  I needed something to “burn” through the magic defense early in the game before melee impact.  

Lastly, I was going to drop the Warp Fire Thrower and replace it with something else.  The problem was I didn’t have anything else to replace it with!  I’ve been distracted by painting Flames of War models.  If I had the time, I would have perhaps painted another unit of Gutter Runners since they are so useful.  I do have a third rattler, but I doubt I will ever field it because I find that two or even one is more than sufficient if you have magic.  I think were Skaven armies go bad is when they try and max out both phases. If I had to give a fair power level to my Skaven army I would say that I could make it much worse, even marginally worse, so on a 1-10 scale it is a solid 8, when ranked against most tourney Skaven armies I’ve seen.  

Game One:  Tomb Kings

I have a theory that nobody else wanted to play Skaven the first round so they made Robert play me.  Robert was the “wringer” to make up for an odd number of players.  He was also the very nice gentleman that ran and organized the tournament.  

I have started playing Tomb Kings and truly enjoy that army.  Our scenario, since it was Indiana, was to take the Basketball Court!  Robert’s army was all speed, it either tunneled, flew, or rode in a chariot.  As you can see from the photo, there was a LOT of terrain on this table.  

On the left flank, I set up a trap for Robert’s Heavy Cavalry.  The moved forwards near that big rock and were victim’s of a flee and flank attack by the rat packs and eventually the Plague Monks.  He had charged a unit of Night Runners that were going after his Hierophant, but destroyed them with magic so they couldn’t overrun!  It was my turn next and the trap was sprung.  One of his Liche Priests died in that melee as well as that huge unit of Heavy Cavalry.

On the right flank the Tomb Prince’s unit of Chariot’s opposed one unit of Night Runners, a unit of Slaves, and a unit of Clan Rats.  The Night Runners took one for the team and Robert did the same thing casting his attack spell and killing the Night Runners!  In my turn a 25 strong unit of Clan Rats charged the chariots in the flank, destroying them all eventually.  

The middle was where the real action was.  On turn one the Tomb Giant ambled forward trying to get into terror range of “Normal Joe” one of my Warlock’s.  He was met with a hail of Warpstone and Lightning and melted on turn one!  His Ushabti were following and eventually got into combat with my swarms, destroying them over several turns.  The Ushabti would not survive though, because just as they killed the last swarm, the Plague Monks charged them in the flank causing them to crumble.  

One of the Scorpions came up early and destroyed one of my Jezzail units.  This caused a ripple of panic tests, and of course my General’s unit rolls an “11” and runs away TOWARDS the Tomb King and big chariot unit!  Fortunately, they not only rallied, but they rallied behind a series of small stonewalls that would protect them from a chariot charge.  

Later in the game, Robert did the famous Tomb Kings “burn turn”, meaning he used all of his incantations and finally his Hieratic Jar to charge with his chariots trying desperately to break into my backfield.  His Chariot unit was simply too wide and it was illegal charge and a “take back” meaning we just started the phase over and let him decide.  His path would have made his chariots either hit a woods or one of the stonewalls.  

Because his chariot force was choked by terrain, one of my flanking units of Clan Rats charged it pinning it on one flank.  My General’s unit, charged out of difficult Terrain to add even more combat power.  Over the course of the next turn, the Chariot unit crumbled away.  Robert shook my hand on turn five with only the Hierophant remaining.  

Win to the Skaven!


It was the terrain that really choked both of our armies.  There wasn’t a nice lane for him to use his speed to impact my army.  On a more open table, I think the result might have been different.  He thought that a SSC would be a good idea, I agreed with him, but because of the terrain, it wouldn’t have had a dominating field of fire.  
Though I won a convincing victory, it could have went another way in just one turn.  When my General’s unit fled the Jezzail melee, it could have ended up just in from of five TK chariots and a TK!  I think one lucky rally test is what actually won the game for me.  

Game Two: Ogre Kingdoms

Mike had a beautiful Ogre Kingdoms army that was highlighted by not one but THREE Rhinox Riders!  I had never played against these before and would soon learn how simply wrong these guys are when deployed.  

A couple of comments before the rest of the report, we did the Leadbelchers entirely wrong.  I didn’t know that they still rolled to hit, and Mike was treating them like a min-Hellblaster meaning an auto-hit weapon, which clearly they are not.  I haven’t played against Ogres enough to know all of their rules like I do most other armies.  Playing them the wrong way, made the Ogres disproportionately strong, so I seriously struggled in the game.  The other thing was this was a classic Atch dice game.  My magic should have gone off, but I simply could not roll to cast, and a miscast during the game cost me because it allowed him to cast Trollguts on the Rhinox Riders right before my shooting phase.  

Here is how it went!  The forces on the left flank rolled forward to attack the four Leadbelchers.  Because we were playing them wrong and I didn’t coordinate my attacks very well, they ended up destroying my left flank but also destroyed themselves on the last turn of the game with misfires!  This let his Gnoblars that hid in the forest to hold a table quarter.  

An interesting side battle happened on the far right flank.  My tunnelers came up on turn three and over two turns killed one of his spell casters.  That very same turn, because his Rhinoxen were large targets, and his Ogres were in melee the other magic user was gunned down by a rattler!

Between regenerating, having a 2+ armor saves, and an incredible 6 wounds per model, it took my entire right flank, and most of my shooting and magic to take out the Rhinoxen.  It was like fighting three giants with full plate armor riding a chariot!  Mike tried a weird charge that instead of hitting my unit was ¼” outside of stand and shoot range so I rolled four dice for my rattling gun speedbump destroying one of the beasts!  It was a risk but one that paid off.  

Also in the middle I had a chance to win the game early on.  His General’s unit charged into a unit of slaves and destroyed them, overrunning into my WFT.  In my turn I slammed him with a full unit of slaves and a unit of Plague Monks in the flank.  Between ranks, flanks and some good dice for wounds, he need a “4” to stand and got it!  

It was turn six and the game was REALLY tight, but mostly because of the mobile Hellblaster shooting which shouldn’t have been as effective as it was.  I was pretty certain the game was a win to Mike when a couple of bizarre things happened.  Firstly, he shot at my Jezzails with his Leadbelchers.  He destroyed the Jezzails, but also destroyed his own Leadbelchers!  Not only did this give me some precious victory points, it gave me a table quarter!  Also on his turn six he charged a Clan Rat unit with an intact unit of Bulls.  His dice went total terrible, he bounced and his unit was destroyed.  His Leadbelchers also charged a unit of Clan Rats, but did not break though they lost melee.  His General tried to take out a unit of Slaves by himself, and only a good dice roll kept him from running on the last turn.  

Victory to the Skaven!

Like I said in my commentary, this game shouldn’t have been this close because of the misplayed Leadbelcher rules.  However, that last turn “gift” that Mike gave me was what turned the game.  I was running around with all of his standards in his army as well; two units of bulls and the Rhinoxen.  If he hadn’t charged with those Bulls on the last turn it would have been a draw.  After the game, Mike and I laughed about the swings of fate, and I was relieved that I survived the infamous “Atch Dice”.  

Game Three:  Empire

It was a bitter irony that I re-read my very own defeating the Empire tactica that morning!  My opponent had a good draw fighting two low magic Demonic Legion armies and he had a lot of shooting.  

It is my personal opinion, there are three really good army builds for Empire, the Steamtank and cavalry build, the TVI-style lists, and the classic Gunline.  This army was a gunline, but with three really hard infantry units intermixed, a Griffon Standard unit, a large unit of Flagellants, and a unit of Greatswords.  

The Scenario was a pitched battle and to try and kill the Indiana Skeletons Basketball team!  Whichever player killed the most basketball players got a bonus point.  The bad thing was they moved like fanatics.  While this only affected my army a little bit, it was a disaster for his as they kept stumbling into his handgunner units.  

On my right flank I dispatched a unit of night runners, a rat pack, and the Plague contingent to attack 10 archers, 20 flagellants, and a Great Cannon.  Over the course of the game, my contingent destroyed all of these units securing that flank.  

The Left flank was a little more interesting.  I tunneled my Gutter Runners under his mortar.  He protected it with a full 10-man unit of Huntsmen.  Thinking I could easily overrun this position, I sent a Rat Pack, some Night Runners, and hoped the Gutter Runners would find their way.  As the game evolved he got off a timely charge with his halberdier detachment into the flank of the Rat Pack.  He killed only one Giant Rat, but the combination of Outnumber and the hill bonus, made it a tie.  It was the very next turn that the Gutter Runners emerged.  I considered charging the Mortar, but figured that I would get it next.  The Gutter Runners with their poison attacks, elite WS, and in conjunction with a Pack Master, totally annihilated the hapless Halberdiers. This left the Mortar crew in a bad way.  The very next turn they were destroyed as well.  

The terrain choked me up a bit in the middle.  I sent a unit of Slaves into a melee between his Handgunners and a Basketball Skeleton breaking the unit and running it down.  Eventually they turned around and got a combined charge into his Greatswords.  A failed stubborn test on a “9” and the Greatswords were off and running, only to be later charged and destroyed by a unit of Jezzails.  

My Swarms held him up a bit, but he got in a couple of good grapeshots to whittle them down before his archers destroyed them.  They had done their job though keeping his shooting from engaging me as much as he wanted.  

Just to the other side of his Griffon Standard unit was yet another unit of Handgunners.  Surviving a barrage of Handgun shots, a unit of Clan Rats destroyed them and eventually moved into position to flank charge his Griffon Standard unit.  A unit of Slaves which, were adjacent to his Griffon Standard unit, charged his free company detachment in the flank, which fled and never rallied despite the nearby Elector Count.  

Though he had excellent magic defense, I eventually got a rattler and all three wizards lined up on his Griffon Standard unit. Over a couple of turns (and lost Warlocks from their owns spells), the once proud Elector Count’s unit was reduced to a scant 8 models. With a great cannon, two Handgunners and his Elector Count’s depleted unit, turn six came to a close.  

Victory for the Skaven!

My worthy opponent had gotten a good draw earlier on and beat up some lists that really had no defense against his shooting.  My 275 rats were just too many models to try and kill with shooting.  He usually had from 8-10 casting dice per turn, but my magic defense was pretty strong, and he rolled poorly on spells.  His best spell did 1D6 ST 4 hits, which weren’t going to be effective against my army.  I think his Life Wizard rolled Mistress of the Marsh and Howler Wind.  Howler wind wouldn’t have had that much of an effect, and I wouldn’t have allowed him to cast it to slow my advance.  I ended the game with one of my scrolls left over.

Day One Summary:

My army did about like I would have expected.  The addition of the other mage made all of the deference in the world.  He gave me better magic protection against two strong magic armies (Empire and Tomb Kings), and some decent offense in the game against the feared Rhinoxen of Mike Pf.  In the first and third games my losses were negligible losing really nothing of significance.  It was the second game where I lost over 1600 pts of stuff, but mostly to the misplayed Leadbelcher rule.  Mike is a helluva nice guy, and I’m certain that it was just because he hadn’t played that army for long.

Hoosier Challenge Day Two:

Game Four:  Savage Orcs

After a night spent watching exciting NASCAR racing, I was well rested and ready to start the second day of the tournament.  I knew that I would be matched against a tough opponent, and I wasn’t going to be disappointed.  I had looked at Tom’s Savage Orc horde and hoped that I would get to play.  He was my next opponent.

I totally forgot to tke a picture of the army setup.  This was probably turn two.  

The scenario was a really harsh magic flux.  You picked up the number of dice you wanted to use to cast.  On a 1-3, you lost the dice. If you cast the spell, the other guy picked up the number of dispel dice he wanted to use and on a 1-2 the dice were lost and the spell cast!  With so many high toughness and high attacks, I was in trouble because I needed my magic to chip away at some of his units.  He was equally nerfed because his army was a classic Big Waaagh horde.  

On the Left flank all we managed to do was jump around.  I charged a lone unit of Savage Orcs with my Gutter Runners in the rear and a unit of Clan Rats.  When we quit the game I had finally beaten them one round of melee, so the Frenzy was beaten out of them.  My Giant Rats beat his chariot and destroyed it, while the Gutter Runners destroyed one of his bolt throwers earlier.  
On the Right flank, all I managed to do was kill one of his Goblin Wolf Rider units and reduced the other down to a couple of models.  His Giant succumbed to Jezzail fire and a lucky Warp Lightning.  I annihilated his Savage Orc Boarboyz, but not before the last one slew my Ratling gun in an incredibly lucky suicide charge.  Over there my mage with the Stormdaemon killed himself.  I lost a unit of Night Runners, and a unit of Slaves, plus the one unit of Jezzails fled off the table from Terror.  

In the middle, I burned up his Trolls reducing them to half.  The last one suicide charged the WFT and killed it and ended the game with one wound.  

I sacrificed a unit of Night Runners to try and kill his Mage Lord, but they only did one wound.  The Swarms charged in and did another wound, but were eventually destroyed by the Savage Orcs.  Eventually I charged a unit of Clan Rats into the unit, which held.  That was pretty much the game, as time ran out.  

Draw to the Skaven

What might have happened?  

This game was really too close to call.  I’m pretty certain he would have charged his rallied chariot and the far unit of Savage Orcs into the far Clan Rat unit.  I would have fled even if it meant their destruction and then charged him in the flank with the remaining Clan Rats and Giant Rats.  

With the Frenzy beaten out of his Savage Orcs and me with outnumber and more ranks I think I would have held out another turn there, or even won the melee.  In the melee with his Mage Lord, I think I could have held during his turn as well because my General was nearby to help with the morale test.  If not, he would have had to pursue and probably would have ended up about 1” in front of my rattler.  

In my turn the Giant Rats would have charged into whichever melee was still going.  This should have broken that particular unit.  I’m pretty certain it would have been the one with his Mage Lord.  

With me fleeing the charge on the right flank I think I would have sorted the other Savage Orc unit eventually.  I had no intentions or desire to confront his Savage Orc Big Unz.  I would have just fled away from them the entire game.  Since it was so late in the game I would have just pushed a unit of Slaves in front of them.  

Still, I thought the game was too close to call.  I felt good about my chances, but Tom doesn’t make mistakes so I don’t know the true outcome.  He also has an insane ability to roll a “6” for a ward save. J  


I was sorry we didn’t get a chance to finish the game.  The draw was a fair way to end it because my army rarely wins that early in a game.  I think he may have been ahead on VP but it was hard to tell.  He managed to kill a few things that were expensive for my army, the swarms, a rattler, the WFT, etc.  However, I think that the next couple of turns may have given me some points back in the form of his Mage Lord and hero, that unit had about 500 pts worth of models, magic, and characters.  Still, it was too close to call.  

Game Five:  Wood Elves

I have a played exactly one game with the new Wood Elves before this game-and I was the player playing with the Wood Elves.  Though I didn’t see his list he had Lord on a Dragon with the Bow of Loren, two units of 10 Wardancers, two units of 10 Dryads, two units of 10 archers, and an amazing 20 Waywatchers in two groups of 10!   Backing up his Dragon was two level two-scroll caddies.  

The Scenario was some sort of dawn attack.  The player that got the first turn rolled three dice and that was how far you could see.  This scenario not only nerfed shooting, but also the reduced range limited magic as well.  Well since I got the first turn I rolled the dice to see how far we could see “5”!  So turns one and two we could see 5” we added another dice at turn three (I rolled a “3” for that one so 8”).  On turn four the sun came up and we could see as normal.  

With low visibility the game went quickly in the early turns.  My army moved at high speed to take advantage of the reduced LOS.  Allowing 275 rats to close, to close range was going to be bloody, both ways it turned out!  There was 11 pieces of terrain on the table, most of it impassible, and then he added his woods!  

On my right flank, the Giant Rats and Night Runners, plus a unit of Slaves took out the Glade Guard unit on that flank.  That was pretty much the entire battle over there with one exception.  The Dragon flew over behind my army.  On the critical turn three, the sun came up slightly revealing it to the Plague Censer Bearers!  Due to their frenzy they had to charge the Dragon Rider.  I directed all of the attacks at the Elf Lord and he died to a combination of fumes and flails!  The Dragon didn’t even break the Censer Bearers!  I moved my Swarms over there and charged the Dragon, which passed its Monster Reaction.  Over the rest of the game the Jezzails and magic destroyed it.  
Over on the Left Flank, I made an error charging the Wardancers. Over the rest of the game, they eliminated over 75 models!  They killed two units of Slaves, a unit of Giant Rats, and a unit of Night Runners.  I think the Giant Rats could have broken them, but I foolishly charged the Night Runners into the melee as well.  

In the middle left, my Gutter Runners destroyed a unit of archers and eventually one of the mages.  With a unit of slaves they charged one of the Waywatcher units, but only rolled a “4” for fleeing and they were cut down.  The rest of the game they hid from the Wardancers, they wanted no part of them!  A unit of Dryads charged a unit of Clan Rats in the flank, and eventually a unit of Waywatchers as well.  The valiant rats held out for two melee rounds eventually fleeing causing both of my Engineers to flee as well.  They eventually rallied but died over the course of the rest of the game.  

When the lights came on my magic and shooting came into their own.  I had pulled all of his dispel scrolls in turn three.  Between magic, shooting, and melee, I destroyed his army down to only the 10 Wardancers from Hell and a wounded mage.  

Victory to the Skaven!

When we finished there was only one more game going on.  It was Tom with his Savage Orcs against Mike Pf.’s Ogres.  I knew Tom would struggle against this army because the Rhinox Cavalry would have a field day against an army that can’t flee!  A good 20-30 minutes after the rest of us had finished, the game raged on, ending in a draw.  I knew then I had the best battle record at least, and thought I would win overall.  

When we did the awards ceremony, Jlutin from the Empire Board got the Misfire award.  I was really happy for him as he had brought his version of the TVI list and finished 2-2-1.  I told him afterward that is my usual record with that list at places with such hard armies.  

A very nicely painted High Elf army won the best-painted army award.  I was happy because he voted him my #2 best army.  My vote for number one was a nice looking Nurgle army, with Tom’s Savage Orcs in third.  

Well it was time for the two top awards, and when they called my name I knew I wasn’t the overall winner.  I suspect that my comp and legendary sportsmanship (insert tongue in cheek) may have defeated me for that award.  Still I was happy and got lots of good comments on my army.  I won an Indy GT Best General plaque, a hat that says Best General with a Medal on it, and a box of Clan Rats!  That almost made up for my entry fee alone!  


Well I won four games at a tourney for the first time ever!  I'm going to adjust the power level of the army down I think for Borderwars probably replacing the third Warlock with a BSB.  It actually fits my playing style a little better than having a lot of magic.  The shooting will also go down, dropping a jezzail and the WFT to get down to 2150 pts.  Heck I may even paint my Stormvermin. :)
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Hoosier Challenge GT Report by Atchman
« Reply #1 on: October 17, 2005, 04:11:42 PM »
Congratulations Randy!  Nice to hear you finally got that albatross off your neck.  You need to bring a new set of dice for every game, like a ritual or something.


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Hoosier Challenge GT Report by Atchman
« Reply #2 on: October 17, 2005, 06:38:22 PM »
Great Work Atch...Thanks for the report!
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Hoosier Challenge GT Report by Atchman
« Reply #3 on: October 17, 2005, 07:06:00 PM »
Thanks for all the kind words Atch, it was a fun weekend.  I'll get my report up soon.

You were right about the terrain, we had too much on the boards.  As a group, we tend to use lots of terrain in any of our battles (you ought to see a 40k board :) ).  Next year we'll probably tone the terrain down a bit, hopefully more will come and we will have to spread it out.

So there's the challenge for you.  Come to the next Hoosier Challenge or those that do show up will face even more terrain!

What did you think of the scenarios?  Robert attempted to create a tournament where any army that was "maxed out" in one phase would have a hard time.  Plus some that were just fun.

I will say, the night fighting one was VERY interesting.  It created a very quiet turn 1 and 2, some suprises in turn 3 and a complete furball in turn 4 on.  During turn 4 we were shooting, charging, overruning, fleeing and dying like crazy.  I really liked it, but I can't say it's friendly to my army, but then again, it wasn't friendly to any army.  It just made for a lot of uncertianity and a real melee when things did start.
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Hoosier Challenge GT Report by Atchman
« Reply #4 on: October 17, 2005, 07:17:02 PM »
Nice going, Ratchman! Judging by the pics, there were some really nice armies around, including yours of course. Glad to hear you had a good time!
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Hoosier Challenge GT Report by Atchman
« Reply #5 on: October 18, 2005, 09:17:22 AM »
Hah! Read the first part yesterday at TWF and the rest over here!

First of all congratulations on your win!! Strut proudly with your new Avatar! :-D

Second, now let's see you do it with the Empire! :biggriin:
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