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Borgut battle report
« on: February 06, 2006, 04:57:00 PM »
Well seeing as how I made such a big deal about Borgut I tried him out on Saturday against the Tomb King, 2150 points.  My brother had said he was going to make changes in his army, he dropped the queen to my surprise, and went back to his old army list.

Tomb King in a unit of chariots, Tomb prince in a unit of chariots, 3 units of archers, carrion birds, 3 Ushabti, 2 Tomb Scorpions, catapult, and the casket of souls, plus 2 priests.

I took Borgut in a unit of 19 orcs, 20 black orcs, 20 savage orcs with level 1 savage shaman, 30 night goblins with 3 fanatics, 3 trolls (stone), 2 wolf chariots, 1 with a level 4 shaman, orc chariot, 5 wolf riders with bows, 12 wolf riders with spear, full command armour/shields, not fast cavalry, catapult and doom diver.

The outcome was never in doubt after turn 2, because I got the stomp off killing his high priest and forcing him to crumble.  To add insult to injury, my catapult shooting at his casket on the same turn drifted 2 " and hit it other priest dead on, killing him and wiping out the casket.

I'll just give some of the highlights, as all he could do is fight for points.  My "heavy" goblin wolf riders charged his Tomb King's unit (better to charge, than be charged) with the wolf goblin chariot set up for a flank charge.  The chariot fails it fear test and the wolf riders fail to do a wound and ran away.  My next turn the  chariot hits in the side and kills 2 chariots, forcing the tomb king to go on foot and capturing a banner after a battle with the 3rd chariot.

Later he would shoot his catapult at my trolls advancing on it, drift and take out the chariot, there goes one captured banner.

His tomb prince unit charges my black orcs and breaks them, fails to run them down, I turn the savage orc to make a rear attack, next turn they fail their animosity test and fight among them self.  The Prince rides off to kill my catapult and my other wolf rider unit (when they failed their 3rd animosity test).

His Ushabti charged my trolls and did 6 wounds, my only troll vomited to get 1 wound, but he had rolled a 12 on his crumble, so it kill one.  The trolls regenerated 3 and one pops back up.  I loose by 2, roll 7 for my break test, but Borgut is near by and they pass.  Next turn both the orc chariot and Borgut unit charge in and finish them off.

The night goblins foolishly release their fanatics on a weaken skeleton unit, one goes 6", 2 go 3".  We laugh that I am doom, and I beg him to shoot the fanatics before they hit his unit.  He ignores me, next turn 2 go through his unit and wipes it out, the other spins off away from me.

On turn 3, 1 scorpion comes up and wipes out the doom diver after 2 turns of combat, but not before the bully gives him 1 wound.  The other never shows up and I get the victory points.

Due to stomps, his Prince is down to 1 chariot, the King is on foot, he had joined one of the archer units, but the orc chariot killed them all before the King destroyed itt.  Last turn, his catapult shoots, get's a misfire and destroys itself.  I had just finished stating this is a 1st, a catapult that survived the whole game.

Final score, I won by over 750, solid victory.  I was disappointed because I won by magic and luck, not combat with Borgut, but his leadership saved the trolls, plus he stopped the night goblins from failing their animosity tests twice.  The trolls did fail 1 stupidity test, even with Bogut's leadership, but they would have failed another if not for his 9 leadership.

I'll have to play a few more games before I decide if he is worth it or not.