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Reality strikes!
« on: July 25, 2006, 07:29:25 PM »
Well, i was desperately trying to make myself paint my empire, instead of a slayer army, i decided i was going to model it clashing with an orc army, with a fanatic being smashed by a doomseeker, trolls being duffed up, a slayer being stuff down a giant's pants, aswell as one having his hand cut while holding a slayer by his feet. I have a lot more ideas, and if anyone likes the ide, i shall share them (might put this over on bugman's). However, sigmar saved me from ruining my business spending all my time with orange paint, just as i cracked open a blister of doomseekers, it struck me....dwarves are short! I suddenly realised painting small people, aswell as modeling them, was far too hard for me to do while still maintain a business, and the tiny bit of sanity left.

I shall update you with more pics of the green and purple batalion when i paint them.
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