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Atchman's JimCon Report: Skaven
« on: September 25, 2006, 10:25:04 PM »
JimCon Tourney Report:

Team Tennessee

(From Left to Right standing: Randy Atchley (Atchman), Dave Brown (Chaos Dave) Allen Eubank (Coach)
Kneeling from Left to Right: Carl Cannon (Carl), Sean Detrick (Racticus), Craig Bornemann (Redawg)

Six members of Team Tennessee made the trek north to Lexington, KY.  All of us made it safely, but the weather was horrible with four locals getting killed by flooding.  We are happy to be in the safe environs of Albrights: a totally excellent gaming store!

Armies of Team Tennessee:

Randy Atchley:  Skaven
Chaos Dave: Chaos Mortals
Allen Eubanks:  Wood Elves
Carl Cannon:  Bretonnians
Sean Detrick:  Empire
Craig Bourneman:  Lizardmen


·   Players-based army composition done pre-game
·   Loss was 4 pts
·   Draw was 8 pts
·   Win was 16 pts
·   Up to 4 pts for scenario objectives
·   Painting?  I’m not actually certain. 

My Army:

Warlord RATchamon's Horde

Warlord Skar RATchamon's Clan

Warlord Skar RATchamon
Warlord, Halberd, Heavy Armor (102 points)

Engineer Inky Blaz
Condenser, Warp Blades, Accumulator, Dispel Scroll (110 points)

Engineer Snerk
Condenser, Warp Blades, Accumulator, Dispel Scroll, Sacred Eye of the Horned Rat (135 points)

Engineer Querpa
Condenser, Warp Blades, Accumulator, Dispel Scroll, Storm Daemon (135 Points)

Characters: 4 (Total Characters: 482 Points)

Core Troops:
Iron Icons
24 Clan Rats. Standard, Musician (135 Points)

Rat Skullz
24 Clan Rats. Standard, Musician (135 Points)

Humie Skullz
24 Clan Rats. Standard, Musician (135 Points)
Rattling Gun (60 Points)

Goblin Killerz
25 Clan Rats. Standard, Musician (140 Points)
Rattling Gun (60 Points)

Gravel Grinders
20 Slaves, musician (44 Points)

Crumb Catchers (44 Points)
20 Slaves, musician

Boulder Bashers (44 Points)
20 Slaves, musician

Pea Gravel Pasties (44 Points)
20 Slaves, musician

The Grapplers (42 Points)
6 Night Runners with Additional Hand Weapons

Midnight Mole Rats (42 Points)
6 Night Runners with Additional Hand Weapons

Rotten Ratz (90 Points)
3 x Giant Rat Packs

Really Rotten Ratz (90 Points)
3 x Giant Rat Packs

Smarmy Swarms (135 Points)
3 x Rat Swarms

Total Core Troops (1240 Points)

Purveyors of Pestilence (96 Points)
12 Plague Monks with extra hand weapons

Tiny Tunnellers (85 Points)
5 x Gutter Runners Tunneling Team (Poison Weapons)

WallyRatShooterz (100 Points)
5 x Jezzails

WoolyRatShooterz (60 Points)
3 x Jezzails

Total Special Troops (341 Points)

Rare Troops:
Puss Pockets
5 x Plague Censer Bearers

Blinkin Cannon!
Warp Lightning Cannon 100 pts

Total Rare Troops (85 Points)

Total Models: 271
Casting Dice: 8 (Level 4 Bound Item as well)
Dispel Dice: 5

Game One:  Night Goblin Horde Army

Truly there were over 500 models on the table!

I was playing Rob Rank, his list was quite friendly and unexpected. 

Night Goblin List:
3 x Level 2 mages, each with a Dispel Scroll and a Power Stone.
General, Goblin Hero, Club of Crumpin
Goblin Hero, Sword of Hackin
BSB, Bad Moon Banner
4 HUGE units of Night Goblins 39 models each, Full Command each with Fanatics
3 20-man Night Goblin Archer units each with Fanatics
5 Snotling Bases
3 Trolls

This entire game was about Panic.  My magic smashed into his large units with no effect.  His magic smashed into mine with no effect, especially after the WLC nuked one of his mages.  The GIANT went down to some shooting, magic, and was finished by the Plague Censers. 

Once I engaged his forces, I had a nasty scare when my Warlord’s unit whiffed and had a case of paper armor!   I rolled a nice safe four and held. The adjacent unit though caught a Giant Rat Pack in the flank and some Slaves in the front and bolted.  This started a cavalcade of panic that left him with only a single unit. 

Game Points:  16 +4 Bonus Points

Game Two (Messengers):  Tomb Kings

I was playing my old foe Robert Lesh. He and I played in last year’s Hoosier Challenge for the first game. 

Skaven and Tomb Kings on an Ice Table? Must have been "dry ice"  :P

Tomb Kings List:

Tomb King, Crown of Kings, Chariot of Fire, Spear of Antarhak
Liche Priest, 2 x Scrolls
Liche Priest, Jar, Cloak of the Dunes

5 Chariots
27 Skeletons, Full Command
15 Skeletons with Bows
12 Heavy Horse

4 Ushabtis
4 Ushabtis

Bone Giant

I was out deployed in this game and had to play my way back into it.  I left my shooters vulnerable and Robert put his fast chariots in front of them! 

On the right side, I managed to kill his 4 Ushabtis, and the Liche Priest, plus the Heavy Horse with a combination of magic, shooting, and massed CR.  I couldn’t reach the Skeleton archers. 

My middle held up his middle for a long time, until I broke through his Ushabti with a flank charge from my Giant Rat Packs, and into the flank of his Skeleton infantry.  A Clan Rat unit in the front, and the Rats in the Flank, destroyed the unit in short order.

Using my swarms, I held up his Chariots for one vital turn.  A unit of slaves backed by the Warlord’s Leadership, managed to crumble a couple chariots until the Tomb King came over.  My slaves were being depleted quickly, but I was patient sending yet another unit of Slaves into the rear of the melee.  I kept firing the WLC through the mess (getting ST 2, but I did kill two chariots over the course of the melee).  His spear kept bringing stuff back, but in one fateful turn he whiffed and they all crumbled. 

Game Points:  16 +3 Bonus Points (I got my messenger off the table, but failed to kill his despite a TON of shooting at him)

Game Three (Kill the Wizards):  Skaven

Oh no a Civil War!

Folks that know me know that I despise a Civil War, but Jason Johnson is such a nice well-mannered young man, that all thoughts of that were quickly dismissed. 

Skaven List:

Grey Seer, Twisted Crown, Eye of the Horned Rat, Dispel Scroll
Warlock, Storm Daemon, Dispel Scroll
Chieftain, BSB
Master Moulder

Core Units:
3 x Clan Rats, 2 x Rattlers
3 x Slaves
Giant Rat Pack
2 Plague Swarms
6 Night Runners

5 Tunnellers
7 Jezzails
16 Plague Monks
6 PCBs

I don’t remember much about this game, but I do remember sweating all the way through my shirt!  On the right flank I killed his Master Moulder’s unit.  His Plague Swarms killed my danged PCBs. Later they died to my Plague Monks and some Giant Rats. 

On the right side, his Plague Monks and PCBs, just kicked my ass!  They rolled my flank and were only stopped by a late game LUCKY hold from a combo charge.  Once my Giant Rats came to the rescue both units bolted, but they had killed a LOT of points. 

My magic and shooting just shredded his middle.  His Grey Seer bolted several times as units were depleted, once even running for the table edge and barely rolling a the “six” needed to rally. 

Once he did rally a Plague and a bunch of bad dice reduced my General’s unit to only TWO clan rats.  However, it was my turn for a lucky “seven”, and my General held. 

I didn’t realize that his Stormvermin had rallied since they were in the middle of his dead pile.  Not doing something about them cost me the win, but it was a fantastic battle!

Draw:  8 points

Game Four:  Dwarfs 

Nice Dwarf army

I got to play Mike Stevens great Dwarf army.  I thought I was in real trouble since Skaven have a hard time breaking units. The terrain didn’t help a bit and the Scenario hurt a lot.  Both of us had to deploy 2 core units and 1 Special unit off the table! We then had to roll where they came on.  This wrecked his army, while I deployed a 3 man Jezzail unit and two units of Slaves off board. 

Dwarf List:
Dwarf Lord, Great Weapon, Master Rune of Challenge, Master Rune of Gromril, Rune of Preservation

Thane, BSB, Rune of Stone

Thane, Great Weapon, Rune of Stone, Shield, Oathstone

Thane, Great Weapon, Rune of Stone, Shield

20 Warriors, Full Command

20 Warriors, Full Command

12 Warriors

12 Warriors

10 Thunderers with Shields

18 Hammerers, Rune of Stoicism, Rune of Battle

10 Miners

2 Bolt Throwers S7

Organ Gun

The game came down to Mike rolling badly on his reinforcements and they came as far away as possible.  Mike deployed on the right side of the table and about 4 feet away was where his other guys came on. 

My shooting and magic simply destroyed his army.  I managed to attack his artillery hill, which was protected by his BSB and Thane.  It finally took shooting into melee to eliminate these two models! 

On the right side, his Hammers were shot up badly by a rattler.  His Miners came on the board and were totally destroyed by shooting and magic.  I charge a unit of Night Runners into the flank of his Hammerers and they panicked and were destroyed.

Some Swarms kept the Dwarf King busy.  The entire time I was circling a Giant Rat Pack behind his army.  On turn 5 the Rat Pack charged his King’s unit in the rear.  With +5 CR in my favor and a roll of a “10” they ran off the table. 

Game Five (Logan Rook): Dark Elves

MSU Dark Elves

Logan and I had squared off before at the Colonial with him easily coming out on top.  My Screaming Bell blew up on turn six when I made a desperate try to gain some points back on his quick army in that STUPID scenario 4.  Would I have my revenge?

Dark Elf List:
Level 4, Wand of Kharaidon
Level 2, Black Staff
Noble, Great Weapon, Heavy Armor, Sea Dragon Cloak, Shield, Dark Steed
Noble, Great Weapon, Heavy Armor, Sea Dragon Cloak, Shield, Dark Steed

5 x 12 Dark Elf Warriors
4 x 5 Dark Riders
4 x Cold One Chariots
2 x Reapers

I got the first turn and did some serious damage to his chariot force. In fact by turn three none of them remained.  However, he would have his revenge with some deadly magic (I lost my wizards to some miscasts I think) and my General’s Clan Rats and a mage ran off the table!  Oh no! 

The forces on my left flank easily destroyed the two units of Dark Riders, and several units of Warriors, plus the Reaper positioned there. 

In the middle, a charge into a stranded chariot, put a unit of Clan Rats into his backfield!  I thought the game was wrapped up then. 

His magic continued to panic my troops and I was despairing.  A unit of four Night Runners charged his Level 4’s unit in the hopes of putting some wounds on her.  Four hits, three wounds, and the magic phase re-balanced!  Still he had a level 2 and I only had three dispel dice. 

The Level two continued to panic units off the table!  She panicked and rallied several times, but I was able to keep enough units intact and table quarters to seal the deal.

Game Points:  16 +4 Battle Points (Enemy General, and +1 points for no BSB in his army)


I knew that I was near the top in points.  Jason was playing my friend Craig and we had identical records.  I want to thank Craig for helping me out (though he didn’t know it at the time) by hiding his General so that Jason didn’t get the Bonus Points for the Scenario. 

In the end, our friend Sean Detrick (Racticus) won the Best Painted army with this beautiful Empire force (displayed on my TVI  “original” board).

Sean's Excellent Army!

When they called my name for “Best General” I knew that I didn’t win overall.  That didn’t matter to me all that much since it is foremost my goal to win Best General.  Jim Emerick, won overall with his Dwarf Slayer army.

Final Thoughts:

I took a really tough army to the event realizing that at some point I would encounter other tough armies with good players.  With the exception of having to play a Civil War, all of my matchups helped the cause.  The terrain level at the event was PERFECT.  I've never seen such fair terrain at a GT-level event.  The venue was great and the hospitality of the Kentuckian's was fantastic.  Jim Livers ran a class event, by far the best GT I've been to this year (Colonial and Necromicon were the others).  This isn't to say those were bad, just that this one was exceptional with no "nerf" scenarios, fair levels of terrain, and excellent judging and supervision.  Great event!
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Re: Atchman's JimCon Report: Skaven
« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2006, 05:22:38 PM »
Looks like your biggest mistake was not cheating against the other Skaven player!

Quote from: Atchman
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Re: Atchman's JimCon Report: Skaven
« Reply #2 on: September 26, 2006, 06:07:28 PM »
Great report Ratch - looks like you had challenging match-ups but did well. I also didn't read many complaints about dice :biggriin:

Congrats on landing Best General!

Judging by the 4-wide units, you lot are still playing 6th?
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Re: Atchman's JimCon Report: Skaven
« Reply #3 on: September 27, 2006, 12:09:38 AM »
Yep, we are still playing 6th edition until after tourney season is over.

I left my Empire behind for this one, but I probably would have done just as well with the new list I created after the Necromicon.  In fact I probably would have won against the Skaven playing with my Steamtank.  I would guess actually given the matchup I had, I could have won all my games with my new Empire list and probably in a more decisive fashion. 
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Re: Atchman's JimCon Report: Skaven
« Reply #4 on: September 27, 2006, 12:19:10 AM »
Congratulations on best General, particularly as your Skaven list is a lot better than many top-table Skaven armies I've encountered.
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Re: Atchman's JimCon Report: Skaven
« Reply #5 on: September 28, 2006, 11:55:33 AM »
Way to go  :eusa_clap:

I alway enjoy your battle reports and pictures!


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Re: Atchman's JimCon Report: Skaven
« Reply #6 on: September 28, 2006, 09:01:38 PM »
Very nice reports, and all excellent looking armies.

Looks like a really good time, too bad I have an irrational fear of waac lists (thats all I played against for a few years at my lfgs) otherwise I would probably hit up some of these more friendly tournies.

Seems like everyone had a good time!