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Re: Elves?
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Or we could just have a chaos lord on a dragon with a flail.

The dragon also has a flail.  :icon_lol:

But that would be "Too convenient".

You enjoy the "Whose is bigger" debates, I do too at times but I think we're doing this thread a disservice already. As much as one can to a thread about... elves....

Anyway, it is blatantly obvious that the Chaos Lord is a better fighter, but is plagued by a lack of decent magic items, whilst a High Elf lord, if tooled specifically to fight a Chaos Lord, might survive, even win.

In the end it is down to the dice. We merely stack them.
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I thought he should act responsibly and just kill himself.

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Re: elves?
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They live in Laurelorn - near the Nordland area I believe (though I could be very wrong)

Do they live there with the permission of the local authorities? (read: do the local authorities know they are there  :icon_biggrin:)