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Empire vs Warriors of Chaos 2
« on: August 15, 2015, 04:02:09 AM »
Played another game tonight against John and his Warriors of Chaos.

We set the terrain up and John won roll for dividing and he went for an L shape.I choose the side with the Watchtower.

Chaos army:

Khorne Exalted Hero(KEH)- general

Khorne Lord on Daemonic Mount(KLDM)

Chaos Lord(CL)

Daemon Prine of Tzeentch(DPT)

Sorcerer Lord on Mount(SLM)

Sorcerer Lord

Battle Standard(BSB)

3x10 Khorne Warriors

10 Khorne Chosen

5 Khorne Chosen

5 Khorne Knights

5 Marauder Horsemen

Empire army:

General Battle Standard(BSB)

General on Pegasus(GoP)

Balthazar Gelt(BG)

Amber wizard on horse

Amber wizard


20 Swordsmen

10 Swordsmen

20 Hangunners

5 Reiksguard Knights

2x Cannons

1 Hellblaster Volley Gun

John deployed 1st and choose to go 1st

Chaos turn 1:

Hero phase: KEH uses Bloodlord,he mystic shields the DPT and a unit of Warriors who also get Daemonic Power

Movement: SLM,2 units of Warriors and a unit Chosen advance towards my right flank

The rest of the army advances on my artillery bunker

Empire turn 1:

Hero phase:General BSB uses Hold the Line, Mystic shield on the GoP and the Swordsmen protecting the artillery

Movement: Rieksguard move to my right,Handgunners with their Swordsmen shield advance to close the range,General BSB garrisons the Watchtower and the GoP moves into charge position

Swordsmen move to protect the artillery

Shooting: Cannons kill the DPT,Hellblaster puts some wounds on KLDM

Charges: GoP charges the SLM and locks down the Chosen and a unit of Warriors

Combat : GoP fails to wound the SLM and takes 2 wounds in return from all the Khorne dudes

Empire turn 2:

Hero phase: General BSB uses Hold the Line,mystic shield on the 20 strong Swordsmen unit

Movement: Handgunners and Swordsmen move a bit forward to get in range

Shooting:Cannons take out the KLDM,Hellblaster jams,Handgunners put 5 wounds on the Chosen

Combat: GoP kills a Chosen and only takes 1 wound in return


Chaos turn 2:

Hero phase: KEH uses Bloodlord,Orracular Visions on Warrior unit in with my GoP and mystic shield on Warriors on my left.He arcane bolts a handgunner

Movement: John directs everything towards my Handgunners and my General BSB in the Watchtower,Marauders move to harrass my Swordsmen near my artillery

Shooting: The Marauders kill a Swordsman

Charges: The unit of Warriors charges my Swordsmen shield and losses a couple of models to stand and shoot

Combat: GoP kills another Chosen and survives the round unscathed,his Warrior unit in with the Swordsmen fail to wound

Empire turn 3:

Hero phase: General BSB uses Hold the Line,Amber Wiz on horse arcane bolts the last Chosen fighting my GoP

Movement: Swordsmen move to charge the Marauders

Reiksguard move to charge the unit of Warriors on my right flank

Shooting:Cannons and Hellblaster and Handgunners wipe out the Warrior unit in with my Swordsmen and leave the Knights with 1 left.

Charges: Reiksguard charge the Warriors

Swordsmen charge the Marauders

Combat: Swordsmen only do 1 wound on the Marauders,the Rieksguard fair no better against the Warriors and my GoP finally falls

Chaos turn 3:

hero phase:KEH uses Bloodlord and a Daemon Prince of Tzeentch is summoned back to the fight

Movement: Everything that can bears down on my Swordsmen shielding the Hangunners and the last Knight heads towards my artillery.The Marauders retreat from combat only to line up another charge

Shooting: he forgets to

Charges: Swordsmen get charged by everything that can and take out 2 warriors with their stand and shoot

His Marauders charge my Swordsmen and the lone Knight charges 1 cannon

Combat: I loose my Swordsmen and  half the Handgunners to the Khorne assault.The Reiksguard loose 2 Knights to the Warriors who loose 2 themselves.I kill 4 Marauder Horsemen and the lone Knight kills 2 cannon crew

Battleshock: I loose my Handgunners

Chaos turn 4:

Hero phase: He fails to summon another 2 Daemon Princes

Movement: he moves his last Chosen unit and his KEH and CL towards my General who is garrisoned in the Watchtower and ultimately towards my artillery.A warrior unit moves to charge my Amber Wizard who is holed up in cover.He retreats the remaining Marauder who lines up a charge into the other cannon crew.

Charges: Warriors charge the Amber Wizard and the KEH and CL charge the Watchtower.Marauder charges the cannon crew.DPT charges the Reiksguard.

Combat: Amber Wizard suffers 2 wounds.My General dies.

The lone Knight fails to kill the last crew of 1 cannon while the Marauder fails to wound any of the other crew who kill him in return.BG can't kill the lone Knight

Empire turn 4:

Hero phase: Amber Wizard on foot arcane bolts the lone Chaos Knight,BG Searing Dooms 2 Chosen

Movement: Amber Wizard on horse retreats

Swordsmen move to protect the artillery and BG moves out to close the distance

Shooting: Cannons and Hellblaster take out 5 Chosen

Empire turn 5:

Hero phase: BG arcane bolts the BSB

Movement: Swordsmen move into a better position to protect the artillery,Amber Wiz on horse runs and joins up with the artillery

Shooting: Cannons and Hellblaster take out the Chosen

Chaos turn 5:

Hero phase: Fails to summon 2 Daemon Princes

Movement: everything hides from artillery

Last Turn
Empire turn 6:

Movement: I move everything back in the woods

Chaos turn 6:

My buddy has realised he's not going to win a minor victory without taking out a couple of my dudes but he only has 2 Hero's in possible range so he trys and manages to get the Chaos Lord in with my Swordsmen!

Combat: He fails to wound!!!! My guys pile in just for the fun :)


game over and Empire minor victory! :)


2nd game with my Empire in AoS and I wanted to try a shooty/infantry army and for a 1st go I think I did pretty well.The artillery is awesome,cannons are much better than they were,the Hellblaster is good but not as good as it was but the 3 together with an Engineer were awesome. The Handgunners were really good too and the Swordsmen shield worked wonders,they really are a tough unit to shift. Rieksguard didn't perform but they were the last unit to go down and I should have probably put another 10 Swordsmen down to help protect the Handgunners instead.

Great game tho and very close..only 1% difference in final scores too :D

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Re: Empire vs Warriors of Chaos 2
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2015, 04:48:10 AM »
An interesting game again!  Really appreciate the level of detail being thrown into the report. :eusa_clap: :::cheers:::
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Re: Empire vs Warriors of Chaos 2
« Reply #2 on: August 15, 2015, 08:11:54 AM »
Nice report again!
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Re: Empire vs Warriors of Chaos 2
« Reply #3 on: August 15, 2015, 08:39:57 AM »
Excellent report...are your troops from Nordland?

Your friend is unlucky with his summons, I think if he wants to change up result he could not deploy the Warriors to hopefully get sudden death then make his general a chaos lord on foot. During his turn he could then summon the Warriors to any but board edge on a 4 (even they should get that) to get past your gun line and attack artillery. Just my opinion as never played warriors and although they probs get win the fun factor would decrease and I think that really is the best thing about your games they all seem really fun.

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Re: Empire vs Warriors of Chaos 2
« Reply #4 on: August 15, 2015, 02:55:37 PM »
Yup Nordland and thanks for the compliments :)

I've played loads of games of AoS with my VC's and TK's against my buddys Warriors of Chaos and he has used the Chaos Lord almost exclusively and a huge pain in the butt he is too but there are times when he just doesn't make the 4+ and the generals ability is wasted the whole game.We are both still very much working thru different styles of army and trying to work out best synergies etc

I'm going to using my VC next game when he gets back off holiday,is it ok to post non empire games on here?

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Re: Empire vs Warriors of Chaos 2
« Reply #5 on: August 16, 2015, 05:45:39 AM »
I like how you went through the trouble of re-basing everything. Something I haven't bothered to do. Can you say where you got the bases? Especially the oval cavalry bases.

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Re: Empire vs Warriors of Chaos 2
« Reply #6 on: August 16, 2015, 02:07:24 PM »
I got 500 25mm rounds off ebay and all the ovals and bigger rounds are from GW.

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Re: Empire vs Warriors of Chaos 2
« Reply #7 on: August 16, 2015, 02:23:59 PM »
It is hard for me to see myself rebasing all my Empire figures.  I have enough to do just to paint more, and once I've started with the square bases, using round for anything new doesn't seem to make much sense.  Although maybe I could do some round bases that can be inserted into rectangular bases.

Anyway, I admire the effort made to rebase all these figures and go all in to something like W:AoS, even though it is path I find difficult to walk.  It looks good! :eusa_clap: :::cheers:::
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Re: Empire vs Warriors of Chaos 2
« Reply #8 on: August 17, 2015, 08:51:56 AM »
Awesome battle report,  your soldiers really held the line like true men of the Empire! :::cheers:::   
(I do feel sorry for your friend though, his daemons seem to refuse to arrive on the battlefield when summoned. Maybe he needs to remind them that the End Times vacation is over and that they got work to do. :laugh:)

All the models in the report look amazing! Your rebased army is really nice and very inspiring. Thanks for the base advice by the way, never had to think about that before.
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Re: Empire vs Warriors of Chaos 2
« Reply #9 on: August 17, 2015, 02:55:17 PM »
I bought a 100 pack of 20mm steel washers (they are "fender" washers, which have a smaller hole than other washers). They are idea for basing basic infantry models. They also have a pleasing weight to them which helps with balance, and are magnetic and inexpensive!
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