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New 9th Age Army Book. 1000 points
« on: November 04, 2015, 07:09:22 PM »
So there a new Empire Army Book out for 9th Age:

Im going to a non competitive tournament in january, and would like some feed back. I know I probably bring too many characters, but I think the models are cool, so Im going to keep them  :biggriin:

Captain BSB 123 points (Go with knights)
Plate Armour
Horse (The army book doesn’t mention I can give it barding, so I assume it has it?)

Captain/General   98 points  (Go with knights)
Plate Armour

5 Knights         100 points

18 Halberdiers      138 points
Full Command

10 Swordsmen           50 points

10 Handgunners    80 points
(Detachment in some battles. Regular unit in others. Depending on adversary. Against Wood Elves they will be a regular unit, allowing the Halberdiers to leave them in the deployment zone etc.)

Cannon 100 points

Witch Hunter 60 points
Go with halberdiers

Warrior Priest 70 points
Great Weapon
Go with halberdiers

5 Pistoliers     98 points
Champion with repeater pistol (Can I do this? The army book doesn’t mention I can equip him separately, but I assume this is a mistake, since the champion of the handgunners can do this)


So that leaves 83 points of magic items and pistols  :dry:
I could upgrade the knights, give them full command, or both. But it is expensive...

Others models that I have are:

- Mounted wizard
- Dismounted wizard
- More knights
- A few pistoliers
- 10 more swordsmen, including models with banner, musican and champion
- A mortar
- A captain on a pegasus

I would also like suggestions on what I should include, if the tournament becomes 1200 or 1600 points. Not clear yet. I would like to use as many models I already have, so I don't have to buy and paint more.

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Re: New 9th Age Army Book. 1000 points
« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2015, 11:04:34 AM »
Looks like a fun list :)

the version 10.1Beta list is up for the Empire - so that's what my comments will be based off and I assume that your tournament might use the latest version?  So if they do...

Barding is +15pts - in the mounts section,

As you've got more than the 25% core already, if you've got bow armed models take a unit of imperial rangers instead of the handgunners - only 20pts more for the same number but BS4, scouts, skirmishers and have multiple shots(2) - eat that wood elves :)

the pistoliers I don't know what you've equipped them with but as far as I can see you can't give the champ anything extra, a unit with a brace of pistols each and a muso will be great fun again for 95pts with the fire on impact rule on the charge :)

Other tweaks - few more bodies for the halberdiers? muso for the knights is a must,

Love the swordsmen - bring them back I say!

Cannon is meh... but definitely needed still,

Good luck!