Author Topic: 2,500pts(ish) All comers Empire army 8th Ed  (Read 852 times)

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2,500pts(ish) All comers Empire army 8th Ed
« on: January 04, 2016, 05:48:45 PM »
After some time away I've seen the light and am coming back to my faithful Empire and their gunpowder, leaving Khermi's bows behind! Here's a 2,400-2,500pts list I've scrambled together. Not looking for uber-competitive, I normally play against friends for fun, but don't want to be walkover. Also including models I've already got/painted and some personal favourites....

Arch Lector (159pts)
Heavy armour, Great weapon, White Cloak of Ulric

Battle Wizard Lord (225pts)
Level 4, Dispel scroll (Lore will depend on opponent, but I generally like Shadow/Heavens/Light)

Captain (121pts)
Full plate armour, BSB, Dawnstone and Enchanted Shield

Captain (123pts)
Lance, Full plate armour, Pegasus, Charmed Shield (I spent a long time making/painting my Cap-sus and enjoy using him as a pain even if he's not long destined for this world!)

Witch Hunter (105pts)
Brace of Pistols, Sword of Swift Slaying, Other tricksters shard, Dragonhelm (again, the models rules are too cool not play him!)

Battle wizard (115pts)
Feedback scroll

10x Knights (250pts)
Standard knights will full command

38x Spearmen (220pts)
Standard with full command

36x Halberdiers (246pts)
Standard with full command

10x Archers (70pts)

Cannon (120pts)

Mortar (120pts) (Could be swapped for a HBVG but I love putting down the large blast template...)

6x Pistoliers (118pts)

4x Demigryph Knights (242pts)
Lances, armoured up, musician

Steam tank

TOTAL = about 20 points under 2,500

AL and BSB go with Halberdiers, Witch hunter with spearmen, Wizard lord with archers and other one.... fits in somewhere?! Capsus is just a pain and the two infantry blocks act as anvils with Knights and Demi's hitting hard.

Thoughts most welcome and appreciated!