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New Tactica in the War Room: Advanced Anti-Skaven tactics
« on: May 26, 2006, 02:16:50 PM »

Greetings all!  You may have thought the Atchman has forgotten the Empire, but you would be wrong.  After watching Empire armies struggle recently in tournaments and locally, I've decided to do a couple more tacticas to help our forces.  Though 7th edition is just around the corner, I feel that good tactics will work despite the rules changes. 

My first of the new tacticas is about the hated Skaven.  Unlike a lot of Empire players I enjoy playing against Skaven.  The tactical challenge is like no other.  Regardless of your feelings about Skaven, balanced Skaven armies take a lot of tactics and know how to use sucessfully.  My four year old could beat me with the heavy magic/heavy shooting versions.  A Skaven player that uses the horde version with medium shooting and medium magic is actually the hardest version to beat. It is much like the TVI list in that nothing in it is worth many points.  Regardless, I hope you enjoy some tactics that I've worked up against Skaven.  Some of them seem self- explanatory, but they were learned the hard way in many battles against Bigrin's Skaven.  I lost some, I drew some, heck I may have even won a couple, but they were always great games (except for the three games I lost in 10 minutes due to some brutal Bell rolling).  I'll get Bigrin to move this article into the War Room, but until then you can read it at the link below. 


Brave Empire wizards defend the army against the worst of the Skaven magic phase
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Re: New Tactica in the War Room: Advanced Anti-Skaven tactics
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Very nice - I'll try some of those ideas out next time I face the rats.

One thing - the formatting on a couple of the pages means that the picture overlaps with one of the text boxes.

Also, I'd suggest using fewer abbrevations - I know what they mean, but a new Empire/Warhammer player will want to know what they are. Perhaps linking to the TVI tactica when you mention it is also a good idea.
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