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Winners of the Conversion Contest!

There was a good deal of discussion about contest and entries (3 pages worth!), and judging was quite close in both skill categories, however, the judges have arrived at their decisions. 

Winner of the Engineer Acolyte category (and the regiment boxed set from Grutch) is:


Winner of the Master Engineer category (and the custom terrain by Marcus Leitdorf) is:


Once again, great thanks and congratulations to all who entered!  You've all done a terrific job, and have contributed a great deal of creative energy to this community.  We here at Warhammer-Empire.com now strongly encourage you to write your entry up into article form, and submit it to the site's "Workshop" as a how-to/conversion/sculpting article.



Great things are in the works at Warhammer-Empire.com.  The updated forum and (multi-updated) gallery means that a site art and design update is just around the corner.  As the Imperial and dwarven engineers cut, test, fit, fine tune and convert the old site into something new and spectacular, you are invited to convert something spectacular of your own.

By Imperial Decree:

A Conversion Contest!

Convert, sculpt, create the most original Elector Count on foot, or Captain on foot.
("On-foot" seneschals, boyars and grandmasters may also be entered)

The Prizes:

The prize for the winner of the Master Engineer category is an amazing scratchbuilt 12" x 12" piece of terrain by Warhammer-Empire.comís Marcus Leitdorf.  The terrain will be of the winner's choosing - tower, house, temple, rocky outcrop, bridge, etc.  For examples of Marcus' recent work as itís being built, click here (and to see what some of his other masterpieces have looked like, click here).

The prize for the winner of the Engineer Acolyte category is a boxed regiment set provided by Warhammer-Empire.comís magnanimous Emperor, Grutch.

There will be two skill categories for entrants:

Master Engineer
This category is for folks whoíve participated in or won painting contests before, and for people who know (or at least think they know) that their converting and painting skills are at a highly competitive level.

Engineer Acolyte
This category is for all general submissions to the contest.

The aforementioned skill categories are voluntarily self-assigned, but we ask that all entrants adhere to the spirit of the contest and good sportsmanship and choose the category that they best fall under.  The contest organizers reserve the right to combine the categories if the overall number of submissions is small enough to warrant it, in which case the prizes will awarded as first and second place prizes.

Entries must meet the following criteria to be legal:

  • All work on the piece submitted for entry must be done by the entrant.
  • The converted figure must  be accompanied by 1 or 2 work-in-progress photos (preferably more) showing the fig in its development, as well as the final photo of the finished piece.
  • Entries submitted elsewhere on the web for contests prior to this one are not permitted.
  • Entries must be new conversions created especially for this contest.
  • The entry must be completely painted.
  • Modeled or elaborate bases are permitted, but bear in mind that the model must still be in the spirit of representing an Elector Count or Captain on foot.
  • Entries must be accompanied by a written description of the figure, the theme, process of creation, and so forth, as well as a note stating which skill category the entry falls under.
  • One entry per person.

Entries will be judged primarily upon the originality/creativity of the conversion and how well the conversion is executed and constructed.  It is, after all, a conversion contest.  However, since models need to be painted to be submitted, an excellent paint job will give the figure extra consideration.  

Special note:  take the best photos that you can of your model throughout its construction and of the final piece!  A dark, fuzzy photo will make it difficult for the judges to determine how well your conversion turned out, and the judges will only be able to score it based upon what is clear to them (meaning you may lose out on some deserved points if your photoís bad).  Therefore an excellent, clear photo may give you extra consideration.  For more information regarding photographing miniatures, hosting your images online for free, etc. click here.  Don't wait until the last minute to arrange for access to a digital camera or scanner!  You will need to take work-in-progress shots, so get started early.

All participants have 30 days from the start of the contest to complete their conversion, and to submit all their photos (work-in-progress pics, as well as final pics) to the judges. 

All entries must be received before September 30th.

The entries will be posted for the Warhammer-Empire.com community to view and comment upon.  Based upon that feedback and the opinions of the judges, the winners will be declared and the prizes will be awarded.  Additional details will be provided as needed, and as they become available. 

Questions and submissions:  send a PM to PygmyHippo.

Good luck, and start delving deep into that bitz box!


Some further clarifications based upon questions thus far:

Sept. 3 - You needn't keep your modeling project secret if you so choose.  Feel free to make posts in the Warhammer-Empire.com forum showing your works-in-progress. 

Sept. 3 - Taking a photo of the components that go into your converted model isn't a bad idea, and those pics will be happily accepted.  The main idea of the work in progress shots is to show others the process you used, where part "A" appears in your fig, to give a clear view of what you were trying to accomplish artistically.  Photos of these work-in-progress stages are needed prior to painting so as to give the viewer (and the judges) a good idea of what the conversion entails.  So don't be afraid to enter as many good photos as you have.  Taking photos of each step along the way, along with the description you will need to provide with your entry, may later be converted into an article for this web site.

Sept. 3 - At this time, once your conversion project is assembled and painted, and you've taken the required before, during and after photos of your piece and all of that material is ready to be entered, just PM PygmyHippo (me) and I'll give you further instructions (such as where to post your entry on this site, or whether to email me the material, and so on).  Should the manner in which entries are collected change, this post will be updated to reflect that information.  The last day to submit entries is September 30th, so judging won't begin until after that.

Sept. 6 - One entry per person.

Sept. 11 - Seneschals on-foot are permitted as an entry, as are Kislevite Boyars.  The easiest way to think of this contest is that an Empire martial hero or lord on foot is to be converted and entered.  No magic or priestly heroes or engineers (like priests, archlectors, wizards or engineers), only combat heroes on foot (captains, elector, seneschal, grandmaster on foot, boyar on foot).  The electors do not need to be one of the official electors, it can certainly be one of your own creation.
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Winners announced ^ 10/20/06