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Unofficial Empire rules and lists
« on: September 22, 2006, 09:27:37 PM »
Alisandril was kind enough to forward a link to a web site with a number of unofficial warhammer rules and lists.  Of specific interest was a Halfing Army list, rules for the War Wagon, and a more complete Kislev Army list (predates the allied contingent rules).

The link: http://www.strike-to-stun.com/WFB/index.html

The queston for the Town Square is would it be possible to see about adding a section to the library to collect such unofficial Empire related rules?
Web sites do not always survive and it would be a shame for these gems to be lost.  Clearly we would need permision to post these, but it would be a fine addition to the library.  This could also provide a location to post other "House" rules developed by our members
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