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Updated: My empire fluff
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This is a work in progress, and I would like feeback, recommendations, etc.  Don't worry about being negative, I can take it.  Keep in mind, the format is rough, and I've included comments I plan on later embellishing.

Name: Heralds of Tethys
Founded by Tethys Schultz (1st King)

-Ostermark has never fully recovered from these calamities, and even today the south of the province is severely under populated. (Good place to settle the Heralds)
*(look at map to embellish and add detail)

- Add history of founding by Tethys Schultz (all later kings were given the name/title Tethys and the lands named the kingdom of Tethys)

Situated North of the Eastern Steppes beyond the reach of the Darklands and Northen Wastes lies Tethys, a land of mighty kings and heroic deeds.  The great seer council has long guided the land to victory at war and prosperity in peace.  The prophecies of the council are as sure as the mountains are immovable.

75 years ago the council forsaw many horrible visions of a distant land plagued by all manner of evil races.  They saw an Empire of men make a brave last stand as they were overwhelmed by the forces of Chaos, Orc, and Skaven.  They saw elves come to the humans aid too late...and they too fell to the hordes of chaos.  The dwarfs fought hard along the humans side, but their pride was crushed as they were pushed out of their mountain strongholds and forced to accept the charity of the Empire.  After the lands of the old world were ravished, the council saw the great tide of chaos exact a similar fate in the deserts of Araby, the jungles of Lustria, and other distant lands, until at last the eye of chaos turned toward Tethys, the last of the unconquered lands.

However, the council also had other visions.  In many of these visions they saw the banner of Tethys arrayed in full glory among the war torn banners of the Empire.  They saw their brave knights and soldiers fighting off the forces of chaos.  Their vision complete, action was taken.

Aided by the wisdom and visions of the council, the great king Beorhtric Tethys created an army of his bravest knights and most stalwart soldiers, led by his son and heir, Beorngar, giving them the title "The Heralds of Tethys".  The heralds of Tethys were first charged with aiding a clan of dwarfs living in the world's edge mountains.  The dwarfs were fighting a losing battle as both skaven and goblin armies threatened to exterminate the dwarfs and claim their ancient halls as their own.  The seers had forseen the dwarfs as key allies.

Beorngar gathered his forces and marched to worlds edge mountains.  Scouts reported a large goblin force pushing their way into mountain holds.  The dwarfs held a good defensive position, but their numbers were few when compared to their enemy.  Beorngar sounded the advance and lead a devastating assault into the rear of the goblin forces.  Hundreds panicked only to be cut down by sword and steel.  Pinned between a dwarven wall and shield of men, the goblins fell.  Beorngar mounted his Griffin and took to the skies viewing the goblin forces and swooping in for a kill when presented with the opportunity.  Nearest the mountains the battle raged fiercest.  Frenzied by the assault the largest goblins led by a powerful shaman pushed hard against the dwarven defenders hoping to break through their line.  Beorngar swept in behind them and pierced three with his lance.  His Griffin tore into the rest causing panic by many of the surrounding gobos.  It was then Beorngar made eye contact with the dwarf lord.  Recognizing the Lord's position, Beorngar advanced on the goblin shaman but did not attack.  The dwarf lord advanced and took the head of the shaman in combat.  The rest of the goblin force had already panicked and those who were faster than the men escaped.

Lord Dłghall of the dwarf clan invited Beorngar and his captains into his hold for feast and friendship.  Dłghall and Beorngar swore an oath of friendship, and the dwarf lord granted the Heralds of Tethys passage through the mountains to the Empire lands.

Beorngar camped his armies in Ostermark nearest the world edge mountains.  Fearing misunderstanding, he quickly sent envoys to the capital of Ostermark and Altdorf conveying his intentions.

- Knights of Grimbold
- background: When Tethys was still young, a large orc warband threatened to overwhelm the land in a green tide.  Unlike most orc armies previously fought, this army consisted of several large black orcs.  Even tougher and stronger than the standard orc.  The militia was unable to damage these hulking beasts and although the calvary would inflict serious casualties on the charge, they would quickly be overwhelmed.
During the siege of Wareham, when the town's blacksmith, Grimbold, witnessed the fall of his son to the horde, he brandished his armour and a large blacksmith's hammer and joined the battle.  His success against these orc elite gained him much renown in the empire.  The great king Eormanric, commissioned him to train an entire unit of calvary knights who specialized in combat with the deadly calvary hammer.  It is rare to see an army go to battle without the knights of Grimbold.
- additional notes: I created the fluff for this unit near the end of 6th edition rules.  I almost always fielded a unit of white wolves with the inner circle upgrade as my heavy hitters.  With the changes to the calvary hammer and inner circle counting as a special choice, I may not field this unit very often.  I plan on creating fluff for normal (nilla) knights.

- Beorngar's Shield (uses greatswords rules)
- background: When the king called Beorngar to lead his armies into the old world, many of the nobles' sons swore an oath to bring the prince home safely.  Pleased with their display of courage and loyalty, the king granted them the title Beorngar's Shield.  Their wealth affords them the best weapons and armor available, and their upbringing has given them training as elite swordsmen.

- Acolytes of the seer council (warrior priests)
- background: Acolytes are identified in their youth by the seer council as those possessing true sight.  They are trained in both mind and body.  Once an acolyte is ready, he must face the council and be judged.  If he is found worthy, his training continues and he will join an elite military force that serves as the councils personal bodyguard.  The most promising of the acolytes is given the title "First Acolyte".  A fearsome man is he who carries this title for When a council member dies, it is the First Acolyte who is ordained to take his place.  A single acolyte will often accompany the armies to battle, in an unprecedented move, the seer council appointed the First Acolyte and five other acolytes to join the Heralds of Tethys.

- First Acolyte Laude (arch lector)
- background: Although most acolytes are inducted before their eighth birthday, Laude was discovered by the council in his 17th year.  Laude grew up on a farm on the outskirts of the capital.  Before his sixteenth birthday he started having terrible nightmares of orcs and goblins burning his village and killing his family.  He told his family of these nightmares, but because of their ignorance they wouldn't listen.  Fueled by these visions, in secret he forged himself a mighty warhammer and practiced fighting in his free time.  However, his visions grew worse and not only came at night when sleeping, but haunted him during the day.  He told his story to many townsfolk and was laughed at and ridiculed.  Guided by premonition he cast his thoughts and energy toward the council.  He hoped and prayed they could see what he had seen and would send help...it was good that he did.

Under the cover of a dense fog, a small orc and goblin band raided his village at night.  It was unusual for any size orc or goblin force to make it this far into the land without the border patrol's notice.  The attack was swift, the village burned and all but one person feel to orc blade and goblin spear.  Laude had prepared a place of defense where the enemy could not use their numbers against him.  However, cornered and unseasoned, it was only a matter of time before he would fall.  Even in his condition, as Laude fought the orcs and goblins he felt a sense of peace, and it seemed as though he was able to will those fighting him to slow down just enough so he could stay one step ahead.  He fought through the night and when morning came he heard a trumpets clarion call---aid had arrived.

The advance force of knights quickly ran the remaining offenders down.  Laude buried his family and friends and returned with the knights to report to the council.  The council was impressed by Laude's account and inducted him as an acolyte.  Since then, he has been a mighty force against evil and his visions have led those under his guidance without fail.
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Re: My empire fluff - comments encouraged
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Sounds like a pretty cool kingdom.  You've put a lot of thought into this and it really works well together.  I don't see any issues with what you have established as of now.  I like the wise council that forsees the future, very cool.  When you get a chance feel free to post more.
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Re: My empire fluff - comments encouraged
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that's a pretty cool background. Please post more.
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Re: My empire fluff - comments encouraged
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Very nice

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Re: My empire fluff - comments encouraged
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Here's some more on the founding.  This is only my second draft, so comments/critics are welcome.

Before the birth of Sigmar, Tethys Schultz led his tribe against the orcs and barbarians that frequented the lands of the empire.  His tribe was nestled in a valley near the world's edge mountains in what would latter be called the province of Ostermark.  Although skilled in warfare and agriculture, these were dark times, even for the Schultz tribe.  The orc threat was growing, and man was divided.  It was during this time Tethys' visions began.

He awoke on a calm spring night sweating profusely, his nightmare so real.  Visions of bloodthirsty orcs and numerous goblins slaughtering his people and burning his farms and homes.  The nightmares continued for weeks, each one more distinct than the last.  The tribal chieftain grew ill with worry, and searching for answers, left his people to climb the world's edge mountains.  Days later he reached the summit of a peak and pleaded to the gods for meaning.  On the twelfth night his prayers were answered.  Tethys witnessed the sign of the coming of Sigmar---the twin tailed comet.  While his eyes followed the comet through the night's sky, he beheld visions of a boy born to the Unberogen tribe.  He witnessed the unification of the tribes of men and the defeat of the orcs by Sigmar, but was again troubled, for he did not see his tribe joined with the Unberogens.  His visions lasted through the night and into the morning.  When the first off the sun's rays crested the earth, his vision changed.  He saw himself leading his people away from the old world, over the mountains and to a fertile land far from man, dwarf, orc, or any other beast.  The vision was clear, it was as if he had not just seen, but lived, his visions.  He knew what must be done.

When Tethys returned to his people, he returned a changed man.  Some say his eyes no longer held a single color, but the stars of a midnight sky, and clouds blowing through the wind.  He summoned the other tribal leaders and explained what he had seen.  They were to gather all they could and begin their journey to an undiscovered land.

Trade was frequent between the dwarf and human tribes.  Because of the close proximity to the mountains, the Schultz tribe's contact with the dwarves was even more frequent, and trade was great.  The fertile farms supplied much food for the dwarves, often giving the food not for money, but for an oath of friendship and assistance at times of war.  When the entire Schultz tribe arrived before the dwarf stronghold, they were welcomed.

Tethys spent three days in council with the dwarf lord.  He described his visions and received counsel from the old lord.  The dwarves agreed to guide his people through the mountains.