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I'm planning on using a Kislev army for the NC crown campaign. I'm not much of a fluff writer but since no one is writing fluff for Kislev I though that I would take a crack at it. This fluff is the first part of the multipart story that I plan on writing for the campaign. I am also using expanded Kislev rules which I have written and have been approved by my gaming group if you are interested in this list I can post it as well

Part I

A blast of cool night air accompanied the opening of the large oak doors at the entrance of the great hall. Two large men walked through the doorway towards the large rectangular table that sat at the far end of the hall. At this table sat a man who look of middle years with a graying beard and hair and a large pile of papers stacked in front of him. The papers rustled in the breezed allowed in by the opened door and some of the papers fluttered to the floor. All around the hall the torches flicked in the rush of fresh air entering the room, casting long shadows of over the two men as they approached the sitting Boyar.

“Father” called the taller of the two men.

The sitting Boyar looked up, a grin crossed his face and a twinkle entered his eyes at the sight of his son. “Alexi, I hate doing paper work” he said.

“I’m sure you do father but the work of a Grand Boyar like yourself is never truly done” the son replied with a grin on his face.

“Indeed it is. And who is this that accompanies you” the Boyar inquired as he gestured towards the other man.

“He is Nicholev Rastov, a messenger from Kislev.” Replied Alexi, “He claims that he carries a letter for you from Tzarina Katarin but he insists on delivering it to your hand only.”

Turning to the messenger “Very well, Nicholev, Here I am, if you would kindly hand over you letter I’ll let you get on your way.” 

“My lord, I am ordered to wait here for your reply and immediately ride back to Kislev with it.” Replied the messenger. “I have also been instructed by the Tzarina herself to emphasize this point. This letter hold secrets of the most dangerous kind and it is for your eyes only and not for any others.”

“I see.” replied the Boyar the twinkle is his eye flickering slightly in the torch light. “Well, go down to the kitchens and get yourself a hot meal while I read this message and decide upon a reply. I will summon you when it is ready”

“Yes sir, thank you sir.” Replied the messenger as he stepped forward and handed the ceiled envelope to the Boyar. The messenger brought his fist to his chest in salute and turned toward a door at the side of the great hall and he quickly exited.

Holding the letter in his hand the Boyar looked to his son. “What do you think Alexi, is the Ice Queen going to give me a promotion?” he said with a grin.

“I think not father” Alexi replied shaking his head. “Do you want some privacy while you open the letter?”

“No it will only take a moment to read” replied the Boyar as he reached for a gold hilted dagger and slit the envelope open, breaking the official seal of the Tzarina.

Alexi watched as his father read the letter. As his eye crossed the page the benign grin that was on his lips slowly disappeared as did the twinkle in his eyes until his face was set in stone his eye becoming cold and unfeeling.

“Alexi,” he said finally his voice had lost all of the warmth from earlier “I want you to go to the stables, and send out riders tonight to find Valdimir and his men, I need to speak with him as soon as possible. Then I want you to summon all of the regimental commanders from my pulks have them report here immediately. Finally, I want you to summon the messenger Nickolev and tell him I have a response for him to send to the Tzarina”

“Yes father” replied Alexi bringing his fist to his chest in salute and quickly running from the great hall.

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