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Knights of the flaming orb
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I have been thinking on and planning a knightly chapter called the knights of the flaming orb(the name is not absolute). the chapterhouse is located on top of a rock inside a large crater, built around a sigmarite shrine. I'll give you a bit of the time line i have being trying to write.

1150   The priests of Sigmar builds a shrine on top what is thought to be a large old meteor possibly from the days of Sigmar himself, seeing it as a holly place the priest make the shrine grand for its size.

1220-1360 Between these years the shrine is withstands over thousands skaven raids, most results in bloodbaths, were the priest and the other servants of Sigmar are butchered, the shrine sacked an the holy rock itself losing chunks of its divine flees. It only takes fore the local militia to show up and the ratmen disappear. Priests son start to gather in the shrine to defend the heritage of Sigmar, the orders movement in borne.

1380   After having defended the shrine successfully for 20 years, the shrine falls again and the meteor is desecrated again, the skaven forces doesn't leave until a arch lector arrives whit his army and forces them to leave, costing him his own life. A fortres is built around the shrine a top the rock, and nobels starts to join the newly founded order of the Flaming Orb, swearing to safe guard the shrine, those who dwell in it and all of Sigmars heiress.
It is about this time rumors starts to spread around, saying that the rock is cursed. Rumors that the troop that fought in and around the shrine were all hidden away after the battle there faces swollen and cracked up like bark. It was said that the Arch Lector himself was vomiting as he fought. It is said that light can never be seen in the windows of Blackhill as it is called by the locals.

what do you think?         
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Re: Knights of the flaming orb
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Re: Knights of the flaming orb
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1450   The order fights in Araby, gaining much respect and glory, but also strikes fear into the hearts of the other knightly orders knights. The knights are said to be as big as two men, never showing their faces and newer uttering a word. In battle fighting as men possessed, not caring if they die or not. But after the battles hiding, never planing with the other grand masters, just showing up in the middle of the fighting. The rumors from the battle of Blackhill and from the battlefields of Araby start spreading through out the Empire, whisperings of the cursed knights.

1470   It was about twenty years after the return from the great crusades that the priests of Sigmar started to leave the shrine, soon only one lone warden was left. As the train of servants of sigmar left the hill, the local population sided the road to get a climes of what the priest would look like after such a long time at that cursed place. They saw nothing, all the priest wore black hoods hiding every inch of the face in a dark shadow, the column was so dark that i seemed that it swallowed al light around it. As night fell and more and more of scared farmers saw as their torches went out as the priest went past. It was now that the castle at blackhill fell into the hands of the Knights of The Flaming Orb.

1547  the order still being loyal to its founders in the priesthod of Sigmar swears to protect and obey the church above al in, the time of the three emperors this was needed indeed as it prevented fightings among the knights of the order, helping them to play a decisive role in the safe guard of the sigmarite religion. The alliance with the priest was and would be the best protection for the order, not their armour or their sword and not their blind faith in Sigmar.