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Headless Badger games
« on: July 02, 2007, 09:33:20 PM »
Ok.  Now that Headless Badger Saturday has come and gone,  lets get some battle reports in here about their experiences.

Here's mine.  For background,  the Chicago Battle Bunker ran it totally differently than the official rules with the justification that they are a battle bunker and all the other chicagoland stores were running it normally. 

Main differences.  No point limit.  Plus they split it into 2 separate battles with anything dying not carrying over to the main battle.  No expendable magic items that were used carried over either but all multi wound models healed to full between battles.

The first battle was a meeting engagement between the 2 sides with 3 8x4 tables worth of players with each table being independent of the others with respect to magic and combat.  On my table was my 5000 point Empire gunline (which was designed around the original scenario with me being the defender of the badger), a 2000 point empire with a tank and a big knight block on my left and a 2000 point tree spirit list on my right.  My opponents were a 2000 point skaven facing the other empire player and getting relatively nuked, and a 9000 point Beastmen army that was mostly khorne with a crapload of slannesh casters and a DoW Canno.

Game started at 12:30 and ended at 2:45 (official end time 3pm but a half turn ended at 2:45 and the table voted to end there, which as you will see probably really screwed up the second game)

Evil goes first. Chaos guy moves everything up and manages to pot my war altar with a bouncing cannon shot (went through the detachment that was in front of it).  The skaven player moves up (a kid who doesn't get much done outside of dying and draining dispel scrolls.)  Good players turn, WE guy treesings up a little bit (20 dispel dice on the chaos side nukes pretty much everything magic wise for us the whole day) and with massed artillery fire we pot a shaggoth, a dragon ogre, some khornegors and his demon prince.  Evil,  4 beastherds ambush, 1 fails leadership and comes in on op's side.  3 come in, 2 behind the 2k empire gunline and 1 behind mine.  rest of his stuff moves up.  Good 2,  I helblaster off the herd on my side and Casket steal a crappy spell. The Khornegor unit gets reduced to 7 men thanks to the Goblin Hewer.  Evil 3,  the ambushing herds charge a cannon and a handgunner unit,  breaking both, and something charged my Cursed company, doing 2 wounds in total and fleeing due to losing and being outnumbered by fear.  At this point 2:45 has hit and the vote is to stop here.  You see the problem now?  Evil got 3 turns to good's 2.  I was also about to charge a couple things (mainly a non ambushing herd with the skeles and a couple spawns with my beatstick units, and would have shot mroe stuff up).

Terrain gets reset.  Outlying tables get a couple buildings and the Headless Badger gets put in the good deployment zone on the  center board.  Armies also redeploy.  The WE player moves to the table to the right since that flank collapsed due to it being kids. On my table, the skaven kid leaves and gets replaced by another skaven with a Bell and a bunch of Jezzails.  At this point we are informed that dispel scrolls and the like are NOT renewed.

Good got first turn this time but because of the loss of the WEs on my flank and Tittilating Delusions (WHY DOES THIS SPELL WORK ON IMMUNE TO PSYCH UNITS??????) and better amushes, the chaos player ended up rolling completely up the flank and taking the badger.

Overall,  it got a little frustrating in the end.  General consensus from most of the veteran players is that they should have limited it to 2k per player in the end if they were going to screw with it.  As it is,  the Hanging Tree scenario at the Chicago Bunker is ALSO going to be unlimited points.  Because of this, if I can make it to that one,  I will have a dozen cannons I think if I can scrounge that many up.

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Re: Headless Badger games
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2007, 01:50:23 AM »
I'm tempted to show up with 10K of Empire (and only 12 Knights in the entire army), just to screw with things.  I'll take so long setting up 500+ infantrymen that the game will end before we're ready to fight...
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Re: Headless Badger games
« Reply #2 on: July 03, 2007, 02:40:16 AM »
Played at Arizona GW store, with a total of 10 players.  Good had too many players so I had to switch sides, to balance it out (the rest of good were all gaming buddies).  So I have a loss now due to switching sides  :icon_cry:

Well good set up, high elves, lizardmen and empire were the reinforcement units with the parent army holding the inn were dwarves.  Evil consisted of empire (we got lost due to fog of war), nurgle, dark elves, orcs and tomb kings.  Both sides got pretty spread out, not a lot of room to maneuver or even set up.  During 3 turns of ineffectial shooting and magic we finally got stuck in it, Orcs were getting slaughtered after their giant was defeated and fled through two units of boyz and black orcs (breaking all of them).  Dwarves dropped an oath stone in courtyard of inn, which proved to be a game winning move as we were unable to remove the dwarves.  My knights slammed into some foolish silver helms and dispatched them and another group was supporting nurgle chosen knights...by accident I assure you.  Captain Von Schadel (personae NE) hid in some woods and picked off organ gun crews, dark elves and tomb king skeletons took tower but were slaughtered by comet of cassandra.  After 4 turns everyone realized that to win we needed to have the highest unit strength unit in 12".  became a mad scramble to move but it was too late, we had to end the scenario 3 turns to soon cause of time.

time was supposed to start at 1pm but didnt swing into action till 230pm.  Overall it wasnt fun.  5 people on each side caused lots of confusion, no one (well except for 2 of us) wanted to follow orders or use a battle plan.  For anyone playing this locally, get a tough unit inside the courtyard and hold.  Keep your other units in the area to counter anyone moving on the courtyard.  Get troops in the tower that can shoot and get artillery on top of the tower (ie 10 crossbowman in tower + great cannon on top of tower), you should be fine.

If your assaulting the inn, I suggest you send multiple units at the courtyard, flanking and direct assualt.  Use other units to fend off your opponents other units.
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Re: Headless Badger games
« Reply #3 on: July 03, 2007, 03:38:40 AM »
Quick heads up I was the other Empire player there (the older of the two, which brough 1000 points). My table had the oh-so-brilliant of idea of setting up Bret Cavalry behind my infantry (I can't believe I didn't forsee those problems on time :eusa_wall:). Following that, my army failed every single break roll and caught in the pursuit, so I was left without an army after the first battle. Went and redid my list afterwards (I put some cav support of my own). Also, we had an unguarded flank, so our warmachines were crushed.
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Re: Headless Badger games
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My experience was a little better as there were only 3 players to a side and 1,000 points each. It was done at my local retail store during the annual Games Con, which just happened to be the same day. We only played 6 turns, but a couple of the players were totally played out by then because of the time issue. I think the unit strength rule was a little off, because the good side ended up winning, but there was a Skaven Clanrat unit inside the inn at the end.

I did have some good highlights: rescuing a Brett unit who was about to be flanked by some Dark Elf Fast Cavalry. The guy even bought me a soda pop later on because he relied on my shooting to save his flanks on numerous occasions. We let our Dwarf player start in the Headless Badger because of the speed, or lack thereof of Dwarfs. He actually had 2 units survive the onslaught of Dark Elves, Skaven, and Tomb Kings.
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