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« Reply #25 on: April 10, 2004, 01:57:02 AM »
In the last league I had a very effective but risky tactic of getting the ball to my human blitzer (with Block, Dodge, Stand Firm and Guard) as quick as possible and running him through the opponents line towards their end zone. He would be blitzed by many many people but Block, Dodge and Stand Firm along with very lucky rolls made him very difficult to knock over. Then, he would dodge out of the enemy's path to score a touchdown. When I didn't have the ball, I would kick it somewhere near his position on the feild and when the opposing catcher or whatever picked it up I would run the blitzer through the line and take the ball from him and score a touchdown. I usually got 3 touchdowns per game.

I'm starting up a new mini-league now, I've got 5 players with a few more looking into playing which should be fun.

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Thought I'd bump this thread. I'm attending the 2004 Bloodbowl next weekend (8th-9th) to anyone who is interested. Should be fun and give me an insight to the more serious tourny players.

Another great online resource. Bloodbowl is playable online with skijunkies bloodbowl client. For any that interested in playing bloodbowl, check out http://fumbbl.com . Here you can create several different teams nd play lots of games within a short space of time. Its free, check it out.

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