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A yet-to-be-named story.
« on: March 08, 2008, 11:55:29 AM »
I said I may write another, so for those of you who care, here is the beginning. Critique is, as always, most welcome.

Some say evil is in all men. A seed of corruption, a sliver of darkness. A small whispering voice, telling us all to commit unspeakable deeds. This may well be true. Many men over history have heard this sinful voice, and acted upon its hateful words. How many more have heard this malevolent tone, and not heeded its wicked words? Who can say? Who can look into the hearts of man? Even the very wise cannot tell all ends, and all thoughts.

It may be true, it may not. But to be sure, all men are capable of evil things. Although, committing an evil act, does not always condemn you to being an evil creature. What is evil? Who determines what is evil, and what is good? Who has that right? Murder to one man may be evil, but to another, may be a necessary thing. An occurrence that must happen. A natural arc, in the eternal circle of life.

A man must make up his own mind to what is good. He must decide within his heart, and his soul, what is the right thing. He must discover within himself, the line between genius, and insanity. Right and wrong. Good and evil. Some may not like what they see, or like what they discover. But all men must complete this act of self examination, and judge themselves accordingly.

Then, after understanding what he has discovered, he must do but one thing.



It was a gruesome sight. Blood was splattered in a thick layer on the floor. It spread out like some evil disease, staining the other wise pure ground. There was not only blood. There was also bodies. Dozens of them. Some were whole, some in pieces, others flayed. And in some sick examples, eaten. They were in a rough circle, in the middle of an other wise spotless room. There was not a speck of dirt, nor a drop of blood outside of the circle of bodies.

A man was crouching down, examining of the eaten ones. He had long, blonde, dirty hair, and a creased face. He looked like a nice man, who had seen things that had turned him into something else. Not quite good, but not quite bad either. He was dressed in a soldier’s uniform, but was without amour, or weapons. Just a small dagger, thrust into this belt.
“We got ourselves a nasty one this time, Corp” he called out in a gruff voice. The man he was addressing didn’t answer. His face was hidden by shadow, cast by a wide brimmed hat. He sighed and slowly reached up, and removed the hat from his head. It revealed short dark brown hair, with specks of grey. A hard, stubble covered face, a strong chin, and cold, grey eyes. The eyes told a tale. They spoke of hard days, dreadful deeds, and unspeakable sights.

He was frowning. Apparently, deep in thought. He was dressed plainly enough, a long flowing dark brown jacket, covering most of his body. He was wearing black pants, and a shirt, that may once have been white. He had a fine belt, of hard leather. On it, were two leather holsters, each containing a pistol. He also had a long sword strapped to his belt. He wore long boots, of the lace up type, and had a watch fob hanging out of his pocket.

“It would appear so Mark.” His voice was clipped, and cultured, with an air of superiority about it. It had a strange accent, not quite noticeable, but there none the less. He placed his hat back on his head, and turned around.
“We’ve seen enough. Tell the stable boy to fetch my horse. We have a long journey ahead of us.” He walked across the room, around the ring of blood and bodies, and through the door. There was a soldier on the other side. The soldier started to move towards the tall man, but he simply flashed a pendant at the soldier. On it, it read:
WH Division.
Precept. Carpathia.”
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Re: A yet-to-be-named story.
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nice! finally a witch hunter story  :icon_mrgreen:

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Re: A yet-to-be-named story.
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 hehe, using your own name :icon_wink:
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