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Baron Czartoryski- The man. The Legend. The Hero
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Part 1: Battle against Averland

The grass shifted under the hidden weight of the wind, the steady breeze causing the Banner above his head to wave towards the men on the opposite side of field. The smell of a fresh spring morning, the smell of life and cut grass surrounded him. He breathed in deep, only Morr knew if it would be his last morning and only Sigmar would be able to protect him. The sun was rising above the Mountains to his left, its gaze creating a Halo almost enticing its observers to enter and journey through its passes. At least I do not need to fight in the shade was all he thought on the matter. It was a beautiful day.

Someone behind him coughed, another adjusted his sword, two whispered together, the sound of their voices carrying in the eerie silence before the cataclysm. These were merely distractions. Things far below his notice yet distractions causing him to loose his concentration and today of all day’s concentration were needed. Today was a day in which history would be written either for Truth and Justice or for Selfishness and Greed. It was an important day.

His gaze shifted from left to right and back again. Shifting constantly, looking for changes in what lay before him, hoping he had planned well enough, hoping his subordinates would follow his directions, hoping his men held, hoping he would see the day victorious for his liege. A rider approached behind him, “Your Excellency, your dictations are required.”

Yes it was a beautiful day to die.


Called upon to give his directions he gave them in swift answers, either accepting suggestions from his Captains or refusing proposals from the group. They had fought long enough to know the Baron stood by his first decision, for good or ill. He claimed it was what made a good man and general, the ability to stand by his decision and either rise or fall with that decision. It was a reason the Baron was a Baron not a Count and the reason why the Baron was a General not a Captain, he had fallen many times and risen into the sky on just as many.

With quick sharp words he dictated the order of battle, Cavalry to advance, Infantry to support the Cavalry attack, the Halberdiers in reserve with the Crossbowmen supporting the flanks. The grand Artillery from Nuln, Rocket Batteries and Cannons of unrivaled size were deployed in strategic locations throughout the line, placements chosen by the Captain of Artillery.  They all felt confident.

With the invent of gunpowder weaponry and the ability to finally afford a decent number of guns military strategy had changed, some said for the best, some said for the worst. However many relied on the powdery substance, even if they didn’t realize it. The Baron knew the potential of his guns and was always in awe of the Avatars of Death. However he relied on the strength of men’s hearts to win his victories, much like they relied on his judgment for their victories.

“Sire, the guns have begun firing. It is starting.” Another self-important noble, sent here under duress to become a man ignorantly claimed. The Baron ignored him. Putting his spurs into the flanks of his horse he rode to the top of the nearest crest. The sound of the Cannons next to him was deafening, drowning out the sounds of the drums and trumpets of the regiments below him. Continuously they belched forth fire and smoke, the round instruments of Sigmar’s fury landing amongst the enemy troops on the far side of the valley. He thanked the God that he had blessed them with such a strong wind today, it cleared the view of the battlefield so the Artillery were able to correct their aim, although at this range it was impossible to target particular regiments later on they wouldn’t need an observer directing their fire.

Along the left of his position the red lacquered knights of the Fiery Heart began to trot forward. Their pennants snapping against the wind the glare off the silver points of their lances was blinding. They began to Canter.

The enemy realized that death was upon them and they halted, even at this distance the Baron could see and feel the enemies fear. The knights spurred their horses into a Gallop, lowering their lances.

The sound took six seconds to travel to the count but when it finally reached the hill the sound of the charge eclipsed even the roar of the guns. With lances down the knights pierced the enemy line, breaking the enemy regiment apart and riding through the disordered infantry, enjoying themselves and reveling in the adrenaline rush that only the threat of imminent death can provide. It was magnificent. Amongst the Artillery crews and Crossbowmen on the hill a ragged cheer went up as they saw the victorious knights run down the enemy. The cheer was swiftly dropped as the knights reeled back, charged themselves.

“It was a trap…” muttered the Baron as he watched his knights get encircled by the enemy infantry and cavalry. The Order of the Fiery Heart attempted to break out, turning their Stallions around they charged back the way they came. However the way was blocked by fresh enemy knights in armour just as strong as theirs. Less then a quarter escaped alive. The men on the hill unabashedly shed tears as they watched the slaughter. A quiet conviction growing in each man that the men of Averland would pay for the deaths inflicted on the Stirland Nobility.
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Re: Baron Czartoryski- The man. The Legend. The Hero
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Nice story.. where's the rest of it ? Come on, get writing already....
Have one  on Midaski's tab.  :::cheers:::
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