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Engineer Army in the works (Pics...)
« Reply #75 on: June 03, 2004, 05:36:18 PM »
Quote from: queek
"you feeelthy unprimed kaniggits!"

Send out the unprimed minni hunters!  :twisted:  :lol:
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Engineer Army in the works (Pics...)
« Reply #76 on: June 03, 2004, 05:40:08 PM »
Actually...I seemed to roll better while playing with an unprimed army  :oops:
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Engineer Army in the works (Pics...)
« Reply #77 on: June 16, 2004, 02:12:57 AM »
Hi there Vimes,

You have certainly impressed the folks here with your design, model work and painting.

I also find the photos to be impressive.

I find the best painted models are often given the best camera work.

Would it be possible to pass on a few tips here as to what you used for lighting and camera lens?

Thanks again.

von Frundsberg,

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Engineer Army in the works (Pics...)
« Reply #78 on: June 16, 2004, 10:26:23 AM »
Wow, well done Vimes the army looks great, very original.
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Engineer Army in the works (Pics...)
« Reply #79 on: June 16, 2004, 01:32:07 PM »
Wow, that truly is an army to be proud of Vimes!

How long have they taken you to paint and convert from start to finish?



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« Reply #80 on: June 16, 2004, 02:03:27 PM »
OH MY GOD!!!!  Thats a ubergreat job!!!!!  Please, keep us informed of your progress.

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Engineer Army in the works (Pics...)
« Reply #81 on: June 17, 2004, 10:13:36 PM »
Thanks again!

I apologize for my late response, but I'm unfrequently online...

@von Frundsberg
Thanks! I still have to find a way to get sharper pics...
I use a Cannon Powershot A20 digi cam and rework some of the pics with Microsoft Picture it! 2000. So, my tools are not very new (or professionell).
I'm not an expert photographer, and so I use some basic rules for my pics (the main light source has to be behind me, the detail modus of my digi cam is activated and I try to use daylight (no flashlight!). I also check the light modus of the cam and change it, if required - aritifical light, daylight or clouded etc., but these are minimun effects).
I hope this information is somehow useful...

It seems to be a little ironic, that I dare to give some photographer tips, when none of my pics from my first tournament are useful (they are all far to blurry, but I can't really recognize it, when I first check my pics on the mini screen of the camera. Later, on my computer screen, they look awful...
So, I'm sorry for showing no new pics...   :(

The tournament wasn't that succesful (no surprise, as my game experience is is not that great).

In the first game I met a nightgoblin army (about 18 fanatics, 2 snotling pump wagons, a great shaman with 3 shaman apprentices, wolf chariots, spear chukkas and so on...). The nightgoblins won the initiative.
Nice player (in the end he placed second in the tournament) with very disciplined goblins and lucky dice (he managed to cast WAAAGH! two times in the game with total power!)...
I lost (nearly a massacre), but the game has been funny nonetheless...

My second opponent fielded skaven (with 20 Jezzails, about six ratling guns, 2 warp cannons etc.). The skaven won the initiative (no surprise...  :? )...
A boring game, a nice player (but he managed to play even lousier than I did, so it ended with a minor victory for me).

In the third game I fought against dwarves (a really nice army list, with fluffy regiments and magic items, but I don't remember the composition anymore). The dwarves started the battle (even dwarves have beaten my army on initiative! ) :shock:   :-x
The game was funny, the player really nice and the dice gods have been on my side, so I managed to end the game again with a minor victory).

My last opponent in this small tournament (50 players) fielded mercenaries (many light and heavy cavallery units, cannons, ogres, 3 duellist units etc.).
The game was ok, the player has been a little bit grumpy (he wasn't very pleased with his accomplishment on this tournament so far) and the army looked horrible. The mercenaries got first (as usual  :roll: ).
I managed to hit both mercenary cannons two times with my cannonballs and rolled a "1" each time when trying to wound them (four "1"s for wounding!).
The mercenary cannons in return destroyed my stank and the war-balloon (my opponent showed great guessing skills) . In the end it has been a minor victory for the mercenaries...

At the end of the tournament I placed on position 28 and won the Best Army contest (the price: a 20€ coupon for the gw-shop).
I have shot many pics, but, as I allready said, I totally screwed them up, so my tournament report is very scarce (at best), sorry for that...

At the moment my army can be seen in the show-case in an GW store in Germany (Oberhausen) and some guys from the german White Dwarf editorial staff allready took there some pics of it. I got a mail from GW Germany with some questions (about my composition decisions, conversions, background etc.), with the possibility, that they invite me to visit the german HQ in Duesseldorf for better pics and maybe a publication on their web-site (or even the german WD). But nothing for sure.
I'll see...

I'll still go on posting my army progress in this thread (but there's no time at this moment for much painting)...


Thanks for your interest!


@CM Dante

About three months with about 4 hours of painting a day (with some work breaks of a week or two).
But this information is not very precise, because the half my army consists of reworked models of my old army (I just changed the uniform colours, but the skin and the wepon parts have been finished allready).


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Engineer Army in the works (Pics...)
« Reply #82 on: June 17, 2004, 10:47:06 PM »
Major congratulations on a richly deserved best army. I am happy to join everyone else in saying what a fantastic job you have done. Some how I feel you deserve more than 20 euros :roll:
Biggs Hancock

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Engineer Army in the works (Pics...)
« Reply #83 on: June 18, 2004, 10:10:27 PM »
Seems like the justice league didn't need to come to that tournament after all. :biggriin:

Well done Vimes, you played against other engineer/warmachine armies didn't you?

Disiplined goblins? Wonder what they have been eating...  :roll:

Once more, lovely army. ;)
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Engineer Army in the works (Pics...)
« Reply #84 on: July 07, 2004, 09:45:31 AM »
Hi, again!

Well, I've nothing really new to show, but there's an online article about my army on the german GW-Homepage. The pics there are better than my selfmade fotos. It's in german, but maybe you want to take a look on the four pages there nonetheless...

Here is the link:


Thanks again for all the nice feedback. When working on this army it has always been very helpful to read some answers in this thread, so I thank everyone for the motivation...  

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Engineer Army in the works (Pics...)
« Reply #85 on: July 07, 2004, 01:03:32 PM »
Wow, well done Vimes.  Liked the GW pages, well done for getting your army there and in a GW showcase.
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Engineer Army in the works (Pics...)
« Reply #86 on: July 07, 2004, 01:11:15 PM »
How about a translation of that GW article?  :biggriin:

I'd like to see your army feature in White Dwarf. Maybe even in a battle report. That would be awesome.
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Engineer Army in the works (Pics...)
« Reply #87 on: July 07, 2004, 01:17:03 PM »
Sure, here you go:

Page 1:

Break crack, it know already, steam strength and in such a way...


Hammer is indications Imperiums, which weapon, on which it is based, the speer. But where would be the imperial armies without the often moved inventions of those innumerable Techikusse? Hell fire salvo cannons, of Meinkopts famous whirling Kavalkade of death and Leonardo di Miraglianos wondrous steam tanks are only some of them... present here we to you an army, which stands for more in the service of such Technikusses and still in Petto has.

Alex: In the preparation time before the storm of the chaos GW shop the inquiry came from the Oberhausener whether one was cool converted technique US army something for the web page „Klar, if we knit enough material gotten around an article draus to koennen!“ the answer and no week were later had we the following article in the hand. Immediately a Fotoshooting arranges, and here it is now … The technique US army by Christian petrol!

Whole army increases indicates (cutouts increasing by you on the troops click)

From where does the idea come?

 Christian: The thought to arrange a topic army formed, when I had read the outstanding article in the German White Dwarf 98, in Paul Gayner its first-class Nachtgoblinarmee presented among other things and besides a few mental impetuses to punkto army topic supplied. Particularly the idea, well-known, fascinated me mandatory (and thus actually erwartbaren and boring) units a completely new to give unusual Gestallt (e.g. in the mentioned article "wolf chariot shown", which were represented as enormous monsters).

So inspired, the desire packed me to likewise carry out for my Imperiumstruppen a continuous topic and alternative, but nevertheless suitable to find change possibilities.

Is there a connection to the storm of the chaos?

Two different … On the one hand I that with the initiating SdC campaign my Spielpensum would snap up, knew still in addition at public places, and there there was the incentive to naturally arrange a fresh and new army (which came to meet my sudden enthusiasm for topic army).

On the other hand the storm of the chaos affected the emergence of my largest change project, since I broke myself the head over the fact in what respect my own small, averlaendische Baronie led from a noble (and easily moved) Meistertechnicus, which I had already positioned myself as foundation of my topic army beginning, could affect the scale pan of the arising conflict with own achievements. Me already a particularly developed war machine floated forwards, but I did not want to sketch house rules, but remain absolutely rule conformal. Thus I had to give a new shape to an existing unit, and the thought of the imperial Greifs was sudden in form of a war balloon geboren…

It was ideal a vehicle, in order to undertake thereby for a long time and far handing investigation missions at the edges of the mountains and borders of the Imperiumsregion. For the later inevitable enemy contacts also a few slight modifications a martial variant could be built.

The remaining ideas grew then like automatically around this topic …

Page 2:

Part II.

How and why was this army in this form arranged?

As described already above, I looked for the rules appropriate, imperial army topic and decided for the Technicus armed force.

I already several Imperiumsarmeen with a certain topic had seen (mainly the sigma rite and Middenheim and/or Ulric cult armies), but an army with a continuous Technicus topic was not yet under it.

Well, a quantity bombardment-strong Imperiumsstreitmaechte exists, but such armies mostly exclusively appeared in the long-known and fire line battle formation without Technicus Charaktermodelle, equipped stated by a Meistermagier, with cannons, and/or led too many knight units, in order to follow still another Technicus topic.

A topic army should mean also painful (and sometimes of the tactical point of view causes useful) list forms, if the first question should read: "which fits the topic and must be thereby?" and not: "which is most effectively?".

Thus I wanted to use everything, which has to somehow do – with gun powder; evenly everything that can bring an Technicus academy out. Each kind of war machine should occur at least once. A considerable number mash ketene contactors would form the core, in addition for Pistoliere, character models with gun powder weapons, a steam tank ("of Zeppel" the variant, there it full special weapons was natural), a few additional variant changes (e.g. the "war balloon") and naturally Technicus Charaktermodelle.

A Magier would have however also into the army, because one cannot do really completely without magic, even if one liked to remain only rudimentarily competitive. This might use then naturally only the theory of the metal, which I only introduce myself as magic helpful when tinkering at iron war machines.

The background alone began now to dictate the army list and no matter how large the actual score of a play would be, the units specified above should be always represented. In addition I expected my opponent with offensive units, e.g. the war balloon to be able to offer an approximately interesting play in which my enemies did not have to approach simply only on a fire line and which would consist only question of whether first would be sufficiently gradually shot either, or nicht…

How does it strike itself?

Next question asks!... No, already well. As already Paul Gayner in the WD 98 wrote: "in the first plays, which I out-carried with the Nachtgoblins, the opponents with me wiped the Boden…"

I can have a feeling for these experiences, since I used calculated a small tournament, in order to little play practice with my army list to get.

Briefly and well, I lost my first play decisively. Second I could terminate with an undecided and my third was my first, correct victory (I increased as it were with play practice *). in the final result landed I nevertheless in the lower, middle participant field, but that was probably less my army composition to owe than my moderate player nature.


* Anm. D Web team: … and that rather fast! From the Mopp to the triumphing jet man in 3 plays is not bad for a topic army!

Into that few private plays against some friends I struck myself on the whole well and could book most battles for me.

Up to the storm of the chaos I have me probably with my Mannen eingespielt… sooted by the powder; * g *

So far I could defeat already different Skaven -, dwarves -, dark eleven-EN and Orks & Goblins armies.

Page 3:

Part III.

Is that all GW of models?

Jawohl! I am an absolute purist, if it can around my being hammer hobby and use excluding GW models for GW Spielsysteme.

The only "strange" materials originate from the tinkering need shop and cover such general things such as Balsaholz, polystyrene, material, thread, plastic cardboard, wire etc.. In this way I keep the official validity for all my Modelle…

Which changes?

All in front the war balloon is to be called, which is to place the eyecatcher of the army and which represents largest change in my army.

I used a set of parts from my Bitz box. Among them are e.g. some car wheels, lance points, banner seaweeds, sign, Spalta blade, barrels, buckets, the steam cannon dome of the steam tank and much other remained remaining GW individual parts.

The majority of the change consists however of Balsa wood (balloon car), polystyrene and stoffstreifen (balloon) as well as plastic cardboard (various parts, stop offering metal rails and practically all recognizable rivets) and A. … but in addition in other place more.

A crew from particularly trained Halblingen should in the case of dying the Meistertechnicus the autonomy of the „Reittiers“ War balloon explain. Since half Inge need not much place and are relatively easy, they would deliver perfect a choice as an assisting crew. An old Halbling command unit should be sufficient for the change.

Painting was operated at erwartbaren expenditure.

A further unit brought into new form should represent my heavy Kavallerie with experimental weapons, since this is in its origin form in my opinion only with difficulty compatible with the topic. My Technicusritter uses the rules of white wolves in the play and presents themselves as somewhat strange Kavallerie with still stranger weapons. Long-known variants e.g. the Hakenhellebarde and the death collars associate here with an adventurous combat platform, on which Halblinge (I have weakness for this small Mootlaender) with springs operated speere to swing.

The basic structure for this unit offered actually the imperial knight box, in addition came individual Imperiumsbitz (more gediegenere heads, Lorbeeren, specially sign, a large banner etc.), to Balsaholz, Blood Bowl Halblinge and Kurt Helborg.

Otherwise are to be called only a few smaller changes, e.g. my converted master mash ketene contactors and Technicusse with high land long cans to show (in order more variance) or the Pistolier master contactors with bundle pistol.

To my future projects among other things hunter with light hunt cans belongs instead of the usual long elbows (the change is already finished, is only missing painting) and a solution for my Pegasusprojekt (whether I develop a kind flying wire donkey there am located still in the stars).


Otherwise I could tell naturally inch-long about the meant background of my character models and the actual Baronie in the Averland, but this article became already very long, and I do not want times uebertreiben…

Thank you anyhow for the interest!
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Engineer Army in the works (Pics...)
« Reply #88 on: July 07, 2004, 03:56:33 PM »
well done, Vimes!   :ohmyy:

Engineer Army in the works (Pics...)
« Reply #89 on: July 07, 2004, 06:43:51 PM »
Nachtgoblins? I think someone has had a meeting with good olf Babel fish.

Engineer Army in the works (Pics...)
« Reply #90 on: July 07, 2004, 07:00:13 PM »
Wann ist das Nunstück git und Slotermeyer? :?

Engineer Army in the works (Pics...)
« Reply #91 on: July 07, 2004, 07:09:48 PM »
Ja! Beiherhund das Oder die Flipperwaldt gersput!

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Engineer Army in the works (Pics...)
« Reply #92 on: July 08, 2004, 09:22:13 PM »
Yeah I used Babel fish to translate it.  Some of the words are still German...
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Engineer Army in the works (Pics...)
« Reply #93 on: July 27, 2004, 09:53:29 PM »
I don't know, if anyone is still interested in this stuff, but I translated the text of the article on the german GW homepage.

One guy of the editorial staff of the german GW HQ asked me to translate the text aswell, and so I killed two birds with one stone. Maybe my translation is less confusing than the babelfish version (thanks, nonetheless, Kyle  :wink: )...

Here it goes:

How I got the idea?

I've got the idea to build a themed army as I read Paul Gayners excellent article in the german WD 98 which presented his awesome night goblin army and gave some inspirations for finding an army theme.

Especially fascinating was the idea to give well known, obligatory and maybe a little bit boring units a completely new and unexpected form (like e.g. the wolf chariots of Paul, shown as huge monsters).
This read, I've got the notion to also create my empire troops after a theme and find alternative but fitting conversions.

Is there a relation to the STORM OF CHAOS?

Two things… First I knew that with the beginning of the SoC campaign near my gaming frequency would go up miles and so there was a motive to build a fresh and new army.
Second my darling conversion project was influenced by SoC because I speculated how my own little averlandish barony led by a noble (and slightly crazy) master engineer which was the heart of my budding theme army would fare in the rage of the dawning conflict. There was the vague idea of a newly developed warmachine, but I did not want to play by house rules. So I had to find a new form for a standing unit and the imperial griffon as a war-balloon was born…it was ideal for long, far reaching exploring missions  of difficult terrain and the borders of the imperial influence. For the inevitable enemy contact there could be a more aggressive and warlike version with some minor modifications.
All the other ideas, units and conversions more or less simply grew around this central theme.

How and why was the army build in this form?

Already I've seen several empire armies with a special theme (like e.g. the witchhunters or the Ulric cultists), but there wasn't one with a carried through engineer theme.
Though there were lots of imperial armies with strong firepower most of them were old fashioned, led by a wizard lord, with much cannons only and without engineer heroes (or they had too much knights to follow an engineer theme.)
A themed army should sometimes use tactical less useful compositions if the first question is: "What suits the theme and should go there?" and not: "What is most effective?"
I wanted to use everything with gunpowder – everything an engineer academy could develop. Every kind of warmachine should at least appear once. A respectable number of handgunners would be the core, plus some pistoliers, heroes with gunpowder weapons, a steam tank (of course a "Von Zeppel"), some conversions (like the war-balloon) and no surprise… engineers.
A wizard (with strictly the lore of metal useful for the building of iron warmachines) simply had to be in the army, nobody can completely go without magic, if he wants to have the least bit of success in a competition.
I hoped to give my opponent an interesting game with my offensive units, like the war-balloon, not only running to the gunline where the only question would be who would be shot in sufficient numbers.

How does it fare?

Next question!... Oh, well, like already Paul Gayner wrote, the first games I fought with my new army the enemy wiped me from the table.
In my first game (which took place in a small tournament) I was utterly defeated. The second ended with a draw and the third was my first real victory (getting better with time and praxis). In the end I placed in the low middle of the competition, but more due to my average gaming talent than to my army composition.
Later in some private games I fared moderately well. I managed to defeat different skaven-, dwarven-, dark elven- and greenskin armies.
Till SoC I hope to be getting used to my powder blackened men. *g*
Are that all GW models?
Yes, I'm a purist when it comes to my warhammer hobby and I only use GW models for GW game systems.
The only "alien" materials were balsa-wood, Styrofoam, cloth, string, plastic carton, wire etc.

Which conversions?

First there is the war-balloon, centerpiece and eye-catcher of the army, and most ambitious conversion. I used some pieces out of my bitz-box, like waggonwheels, lances, banner poles, shields, choppa-blades, barrels, buckets, the steam cannon turret and more…
A crew of specially trained halflings should declare autonomy in case of the death of the master engineer. Halfling don't use much room and are light weight, so they are perfect for a balloon crew. An old halfling commando unit was sufficient for the conversion.
Another new unit was my heavy cavalry with experimental weapons, because in its orginal form it's hardly suiting my theme. My engineer knights use the rules for white wolves and are presented as a strange cavalry with even stranger weapons (e.g. a horse tormenting, extravagant fighting platform with spring-loaded spear wielding halflings). I used the imperial knight box with some other empire bitz, balsa-wood, Blood-Bowl halflings and Kurt Helborg.
Further there are some little conversions, like my marksmen and engineers with Hochland long rifles and my pistolier marksman with repeater pistol.
I'm planning some huntsmen with light hunting rifles instead of the longbows and a solution for my "pegasus project"…
I could blab on for hours (e.g. about the background of my barony), but the article is long enough and so I only thank you for your interest!

The war-balloon

Cockpit & blade-wheel

The cockpit was made out of balsa-wood pieces glued to each other to create a ship-form (I left in the stern side and the last third of the right rail an opening for the steam-boiler.) Two long and broad pieces of balsa-wood near the middle of the cockpit guaranteed the stability of the balloon. Plastic-carton clasps were used to support the rail on both cockpit sides. A wagon-wheel with choppa-blades served as front weapon. A small plastic rail-wheel (I took one from LEGO) has been glued behind the choppa-wheel for the rope of the propulsion device…

Steam-boiler & propeller

A small Styrofoam-ball was used to build the steam-boiler. The surface has been treated with glue (to hide the unfitting Styrofoam structure.) I had to leave some room in the steam-boiler (which was attached on the right stern-side of the cockpit) for the propeller-thread (about 15% of the boiler has been removed to make place for the thread-barrel.) Plastic-carton clasps stabilized the steam-boiler, the head-pieces of two charging poles served as steam-pipes and two straws were used as steam-boiler-pipe leading to the balloon.
The propeller (attached to the thread-barrel) consists of three pieces of balsa-wood, which have been glued in a star-form to another rail-wheel. Triangular pieces of cloth serve as propeller sails. Another barrel was attached with the support of balsa-wood below the cockpit. Two rail-wheels have been glued to both sides of the barrel and completed the rope-circulation – propeller, side-wheels, choppa-wheel…


A big Styrofoam-ball, with several cloth pieces glued to its surface, was used as balloon. The steam-cannon turret of the steam tank was attached below the balloon (a knightly lance extends the cannon-barrel and serves as front-mast.) Several ropes stabilize the whole war-balloon (one rope divides the balloon into six segments.)
A collection of different parts out of my bitz-box (shields, banner-poles etc.) were used to decorate the warmachine…

Engineer Army in the works (Pics...)
« Reply #94 on: July 28, 2004, 02:15:42 PM »
So your not only bad and nationwide, but going international as well soon? :)

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Engineer Army in the works (Pics...)
« Reply #95 on: July 29, 2004, 04:02:49 PM »

Hehe... :twisted:

Today Germany! Tomorrow the whole world!!! BWARRHARHARHARHARR!!!

I don't know what those guys plan to do with the article. They just asked me to translate it, because there could be the possibility, that some other GW website has interest in it. Nothing for sure...  :?

For me, the whole engineer theme thing is nearly finished (there will be a display base project in the future, but that's it...)...

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Engineer Army in the works (Pics...)
« Reply #96 on: August 31, 2004, 02:08:26 AM »
What sort of rules are you using for the War Balloon?
You put HOW much powder into the cannon?!?

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Engineer Army in the works (Pics...)
« Reply #97 on: August 31, 2004, 03:08:21 AM »
Quote from: Azoth
What sort of rules are you using for the War Balloon?

EC on a Griffon, iirc.